Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks, Cherry Berry, 0.75-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24)

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Product Description

100% Crunchy fruit and nothing else. Cherries; blueberries; strawberries; apples. All natural; Fat free; Gluten free; Good source of Vitamin C; GMO free; No added sugar; No preservatives. 100% Fruit. Equivalent to 1/2 cup fresh fruit. The Sensible Story. The seed that sprouted into Sensible Foods was planted in Sonoma County, California, by Bob and David, two sensible guys who are committed to healthy living for themselves and their families. Their quest was to create a munchy crunchy snack that was both delicious and nutritious, that everyone would enjoy. The goal was realized when they perfected the unique Crunch Dried process for fruits and vegetables, and the results were extraordinary! An intensely flavorful snack that's naturally sweet, crunchy, convenient and so incredibly sensible! Here at Sensible Foods we are pleased to offer delicious and nutritious snacks from our family to yours. Product of USA.

  • Case of 24 0.75-ounce pouches of 100 percent real dried fruit mix (total of 18 ounces)
  • Mix of apples, cherries, blueberries, and strawberries; each pouch equal to 1/2-cup fresh fruit
  • All-natural; no fat, gluten or GMO; no preservatives
  • Shelf life of more than one year; unique process removes water and preserves nutritional value and natural flavor
  • Product of Sonoma County, California

Customer Reviews:

  • a great snack
    i tried this about two months ago and really loved it. i love the crunch and natural sweetness. i also made corn chowder with their corn product. i recommend this for any one who loves healthy natural snacks....more info
  • Sensible Snacking
    The Sensible Foods Cherry Berry snacks are great. I keep them at my desk and anytime I need a little something they are perfect. No drips or dribbles on the keyboard. I have ordered some other selections of the dried fruit, but be mindful that there are more apple pieces than berries. The pouches average about 2 blueberries, 6 strawberry slices and 2 cherries. ...more info
  • Great
    These are a great treat without the guilt. I would prefer more cherries in the mix though. I'm definitely going to order another box of them....more info
  • My mom loves these!
    I was pleasantly surprised by the simple goodness of these snacks. They remind me more of fruit that has been "freeze-dried" (like the ice cream at the Air and Space Museum in DC, if you are familiar) than of conventional dried fruit. They are light and flavorful with "nothing else" added to the fruit (as the ingredients state). They might take some getting used to if you are familiar with sugary (or high fructose corn syrupy) dried fruit, though. They are a great addition to organic cereal and low-fat ice cream, too. Yum!

    ...more info
  • Fantastic snack, reasonable price
    I've tried both this brand and "Crunchies". Crunchies uses a lot more berries than this brand. This is about 80% applies. Which is not bad, as apples are wonderful for you.

    Both brands are good. This brand has fantastic packaging and a lower price, so more people will buy it.

    I would recommend both brands....more info
  • Great Product
    My family loves these snacks - healthy and easy "on the go" for them! Great for the toddlers and my older kids!...more info
  • Healthy snack everyone enjoys
    I was looking for a healthier snack since I am trying to lose weight. I keep this in my office and at home and even eat a pack for breakfast. It is great and my kids age 5 and 2 love it. ...more info
  • Tastes good, but Don't Inhale
    This is a good tasting snack, but I should have read the reviews more carefully. It's called "Cherry Berry" but it should be called "Apple Cherry Berry with more Apples and some Apples on top". The apples are fine, but I expected more berries.

    Also, I don't know if this is an effect of shipping or what, but there's a lot of "fruit dust" in the bottom. Be careful if you tip the package up over your mouth (which you will do since your hand doesn't fit in the narrow package) because it's easy to inhale it....more info
  • Sensible Foods Crunch Cherry Berry
    Think freeze dried and you have the consistency of this product. You actually re-hydrate it in your mouth. Very convenient way to have 87 calories of real fruit. The longer it is in your mouth, the more the flavors come thru. I will buy again -- I just wish there were more cherrys and less apple in the mix....more info
  • The Best Dried Fruit
    This is the best dried fruit I've had. There are some big whole berries in there and it's great tasting. Contains only fruit and nothing else. No fat or extra sugar. And it's crunchy instead of chewy like most dried fruit. If I had one complaint it would be once I added up the cost (no shipping cost for Prime) it comes out to $1.11 per bag. Still, good for you snacks never come cheap. ...more info
  • Good gluten free snack
    Good sweet crunchy snack to have on hand wherever. Purse, car, office. One (1) WW point! High Vit C (22%), low cal (84) 2 grams fiber. They also come in organic but are more expensive. Good mixed with cereal and yogurt as well as by itself. I keep buying this by the case. ...more info
  • Cherry Berry is my #1 snack!
    I love all the Sensible foods crunch dried fruits, but I think Cherry Berry is the Best!...more info
  • So good.
    My teenagers eat these like crazy. They are just dried fruit with no added sugar and they are delicious!...more info
  • Promising, but flawed
    In principle, this is a great product: It's actual fruit, with nothing added, dried to a crisp and put in a packet that only has 85 calories. If you're looking for light, healthy-ish snack foods that are still tasty, this is a great choice.

    But there are a couple of problems:

    1. The packets are very narrow and long, which makes it virtually impossible to reach into them to get the fruit out, once you're past the top third or so.

    2. There's a decent amount of fruit dust inside -- which, as these are berries and cherries, is red, and just waiting for a bit of added water to stain up any fabric it lands on.

    Either of these in isolation is no problem, but put them together, and you've got a product that you MUST pour out, and yet a product that you CAN'T pour out. I guess maybe if you had a bowl or something, it wouldn't be a big deal, but that sort of takes away the portable-snack nature of it, no? As much as I liked the fruit, the inconvenience of the packaging is going to keep me from buying more.

    Oh, and one more caveat: Despite the "Cherry Berry" name, this is at least 50% apple. I suspect that apples are to dried fruit mixes what peanuts are to mixed nuts, the inexpensive and unobjectionable filler. The apple tastes fine and all, but I wouldn't mind more cherries and berries, and fewer apples....more info
  • Definately a good between meal snack or add to cereal
    Its tough finding 100% real fruit snacks that low in calories, and these are pretty good. These work well on there own as a snack, good with cold cereal, or even tossed into oatmeal.

    At a bit over $1 USD per bag, I think they are priced accordingly, but wish they were about $.80 USD per bag generally.

    There is sometimes alot of fruit 'dust' at the bottom of the bag that obviously weight (sack is .75 OZ), where you wish there were larger pieces. Also, the pieces range from easy to pick up indivually, to small pieces (like blueberries or 'dust') that can't easily.

    The bag does not have a re-seal, but they are really built to be a single snack.

    ...more info
  • Yummy and only one point...
    Weight Watchers point that is. The bag is one point. A great, healthy snack to incorporate into your WW diet, or any other healthy lifestyle.

    I haven't had a problem with crumbs and powder in the packets I've tried, no more than any other dried fruit I'd buy from Trader Joes or the Gerber ones. It's definitely a small bag for the price, so if you're near a Trader Joes, you should really buy their dried fruits.

    Amazon does have a great price for this item though... I paid $1.79 for one packet at a major chain!! That's insanity....more info
  • falls apart
    This mix was very sour, and because of the way the fruits are dried, there were a LOT of crumbs inside the packets....more info
  • Love this product...and so do the kids!
    This is the best dried fruit product we have tried. Sweet and crunchy, totally portable, great for toting around in your bag and a super quick and easy snack. A good choice for people trying to reduce their calories because it is portion-controlled and very satisfying, as well as delicious. ...more info
  • Great snack for the road
    These dried fruit snacks are great for camping and hiking. The seal is waterproof and the fruit is always crunchy. I eat them with lunch almost everyday! The price is a great value...more info
  • A lot going on here
    THere is really too much going on here, too many sizes and textures to make for a good blend. Some of it is really crunchy and dense (strawberries) and some of it is light and puffy (blueberries). THe flavors are OK, though it's on the tart side. I'd go for the Orchard Blend instead; the fruit is uniformaly cut and the flavor works a little better.

    I'm a fan of Sensible Foods to fight afternoon cravings, and for 70 calories any of them do the trick. (I lost 6 pounds when I started keeping them by my desk, so I wasn't eating candy instead). But this is the least successful of the blends. ...more info
  • Tasty & Healthy
    Tasty, tangy. The only drag is how crumbling the pieces can get. When you get to the bottom of the bag you can't pick up with fingers anymore too tiny. But, you can still eat by just tipping the bag straight into your mouth :-D...more info
  • YUMMY.
    CRUNCHY and great tasting. A bit pricey, but hey, you gotta treat yourself once in a while!...more info
  • Great snack on the go!
    Great flavor and a pleasure to eat. I find it is easy to get fruit in my diet by carrying these around with me for a healthy snack. Only 84 calories per bag!...more info
  • Delicious, portable snack
    I love these snack packs! They're surprisingly satisfying, really crunchy, and have and lots of fruit variety. For less than 100 calories, I find they REALLY satisfy my hunger pangs and help me wait till my next meal. So easy to tuck into my bag to take with me on-the-go. I will DEFINITELY repurchase. I'm a big fan!...more info
  • A Crunchy Delight
    This is my favorite topping for cottage cheese each morning. Being diabetic, using a pre-measured envelope ensures that I eat the correct amount. The variety of taste and texture, as well as the quality of the fruit makes Cherry Berry a great product. The ratio of cherries to apples has improved, so those who wanted more cherries should be pleased. Enjoy!...more info
  • Food fruit snack
    Very good product to have on hand if you need a quick on-the-go snack. Good tasting and easy to eat. I keep a couple in my car to snack on if I can't stop for a meal right away. ...more info
  • Yummy Healthy Sensible Foods Snacks
    These individual snack size bags are perfect for moms on the go. A nutritious snack everyone can enjoy. I saw them at the store for $1.75/bag, and these are just over $1/bag from Amazon. No sugar added, and very tasty fruits inside. Even my picky 3-year-old loves them. I only wish they had more strawberries in the mix....more info
  • Great snack
    This is a very tasty & nutritious snack! No fat, sweet & crunchy, a great alternative to running out to the vending machine at work!...more info
  • Love Em!
    Not a big "dried fruit" lover by nature, THIS has changed my thinking. Fresh fruit flavor in nicely dried form. Not at all leathery, very light texture. No additives is a big plus! Easy to grab and go, great for snacking or taking the edge of a "sweet" craving!...more info
  • Quick and yummy!
    Easy to pack around for a serving of fruit without the unhealthy extras! We love it!...more info
  • Yumm!!!
    If you haven't tried these, you must. I have to have these and the other varieties in my home at all times. Only around 80 calories, and 100% fruit. Great snack at home, and great for travel snacks....more info


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