HAYWARD Phantom Robot Cleaner w/o booster pump

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Product Description

The world`s only total pool cleaner has finally surfaced! Introducing the Hayward PhantomTM, designed to totally clean the pool bottom, walls, steps, and automatically rises to skim debris from the pool`s surface. In auto mode, Phantom cleans the bottom and sides for approximately 13 minutes, then the Phantom automatically rises to skim the pool`s surface and steps for approximately 7 minutes -- then dives down repeating the cycle until your pool is amazingly clean. Additionally, the Phantom is equipped with a 41% wider vacuum nozzle for faster cleaning, a large 6-quart debris bag that you empty less often, a sweep hose that doesn`t spray out of the pool and with programmable AquaDriveTM water jet propulsion, it covers the pool better, spends less time backing-up and eliminates wear on the pool surface

  • total pool cleaner
  • rises to skim the pool`s surface
  • Your pool will be amazingly clean.
Customer Reviews:
  • AVOID this product
    I bought the Hayward Phantom pool cleaner against the advice of my trusted pool supply guy (sorry Don). According to the description, it sounded like a great pool cleaner: cleans the bottom, then skims the top--perfect for my pool which collects a lot of leaves. It worked GREAT (for about 2 months), then it would get caught in every corner, step, etc because the backup (spinout) mechanism stopped working. Customer service said it was because I recently changed the DE in my filter and this jammed the mechanism; they sent out a repairman to fix it. Worked good for several more weeks, then stopped again (and I hadn't changed the DE since the previous time). This time customer service sent out a replacement part (they said it was redesigned to fix the previous problems). Again, worked great for a short while then the spinout stopped working and it got stuck all the time rendering it useless (and its starting to wear the plaster away on the step because it sits there for hours in the same place). I've learned how to fix it to make it work, but again only for a few weeks at a time. Time to go back to a Polaris....more info
  • Junk
    I've had two Hayward pool cleaners. Both are now broken and pretty much junk. One lasted two seasons, and I just threw away the one I bought a year and 2 months ago (just missed the one year warranty window :( ) The best I can tell after dissecting the mechanisms, the cheap plastic internals are tight tolerance and appear to have a very narrow pressure range that the unit will work in. Also, the plastic internal parts seem to warp. Why? I don't know but as soon as they do warp, it's trash time, the mechanism quits cycling and it will just sit at the bottom of my pool and spin. To pour salt on the wounds, Hayward is out of stock on repair parts and even my dealer can't get them. So I am dead in the water. NO MORE HAYWARD FOR ME!! I am going to try the Polaris 280. ...more info
  • Don't buy it.
    The Phantom is overpriced and really poorly designed. We just had ours replaced after basically every part of it (hose, housing, wheels, jets) had broken - our pool expert (NOT a Leslie's employee pushing the Phantom) confirmed that the issues we had occur widely among his other customers and shared some other horror stories.

    We also had similar problems to Franklin (see other Phantom review), where the Phantom would get twisted up and generally stuck in anything even closely resembling a corner...

    We ended up switching to the Polaris 380 instead. We had a Polaris model at our last house and were really happy with it, based on initial results I'm very happy with our decision. ...more info
  • Works better then ever
    i think this cleaner is perfect for my needs. I gave it 4 stars, only because the first 2 i had, ended up not working correctly due to a manufacturing error. The one I am using now is perfect. Comes to the top and scoops up the leaves, then to the bottom to get those that floated down to the bottom. This is the 3rd type of cleaner I have had over the years, and so far the best. ...more info