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Superman Returns was inspired by the hit film & tries to recreate the wonder ofbeing the legendary superhero. Explore the game environment not only horizontally but vertically as well: Revolutionary new flight mechanics give you full command of your aerial maneuvers. Use them to explore a Metropolis that is not only expansive (80 sq. miles and more than 7,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically based on how you play. Experience what it's like to be Superman, like never before! Protect Metropolis from seven of the most notorious villains in the world, like Metallo and Bizarro Conquer more than 40 monstrous missions only Superman can overcome

  • Go anywhere in Metropolis right away, exploring the first open-world game that extends from the street all the way into the atmosphere
  • Non-linear gameplay and innovative flight, rescue, and combat mechanics let you create your own experience
  • Play through missions inspired by over 6 decades of Superman stories, plus film-inspired events with voiceovers by Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey
  • Master and Upgrade Superman's unique powers - Flight, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Breath, and Freeze Breath are all available to you, so get creative
  • Superman's success depends on Metropolis' health - Will you stop pursuing a super villain to prevent a tornado from wreaking havoc? Make critical decisions to save the city, but choose wisely or its citizens could pay the ultimate price

Customer Reviews:

  • It's not as bad as the reviews would lead you to believe
    It's a decent game but rather repetitive. The flying is enjoyable but could be faster. A lot of the tasks are rather simplistic such as killing some aliens. Not too many of the missions are challenging. The 3 blimps being attacked by the dragons was hard until you figure it out then its pretty easy. No way would it have been worth $59 but for the price I paid at amazon ($9.99 at the time) it was definitely worth it. I've played much worse for the 360 and though this isn't a great game its a decent game and one kids would like and adults may enjoy unless repetition drives them insane (Assassin's Creed, anyone? lol).

    ...more info
  • Super Cool
    Don't believe the Superman/EA haters, this is a really cool game. The flight is incredible and the chaos of the fights is great and unique. The other reviews say the game is repetitive, but it is as varied as you want it to be. You can make your own combos and play with some crazy physics. I think it is short but there seems to be a lot of replay value since the game is different each time you play it....more info
  • What i expected from a game developed from a movie.
    Come on now, we all know when games come out that are developed from movies are unsuccesful, except a select few. But this one follows in the foot steps of bad superman games. You may find the game to be short and repetative but NOT glitchy, there something positive. This game does have lots of potential, just seems like it was rushed. The graphics are nice and contols are not bad. The villins and game play tend to be very repetative making for an uninterresting superman adventure. The side activities are unclear and hard at times causing major bordom. Lets put it this way, I played the games for a total of 2 tiresom hours, had 45% finished and popped another game in my 360, have not touched it since!! Please rent the game like i did first, because for the amount of money your just buying a new game not a GOOD new game. Your just getting a hole in your wallet. O and the 2 stars i gave the game are for Graphics, smoothness game play, and the little vidio clips through out the game. Plus the one thing that made me mad was the classic superman sound track is not on this game, cant have superman without that sound track....more info
  • Against the Odds...
    First off, I'm pretty confident in saying that Superman Returns: The Videogame is the best Superman game to date. Now gamers will quickly tell you that's a big feat in it's own, but that doesn't make it a good game by regular standards. From the get go Superman Returns has two things working against it, the fact that it's a Superman game and the fact that it's a movie tie-in game. Usually either one of those is enough to ruin a game right off the bat.

    As a Superman game I would have to say that for the most part this game has succeeded. You do in fact feel like the Man of Steel overall while playing. As most know by now one of the most entertaining aspects of the game is flying, which I believe is done quite well. They seem to have really nailed most of the signature Superman flying poses that mirror what you've seen in the Superman movies. Powers in the game are handled quite well in my opinion also, you can quickly access three of the classic powers and they all have their varying degrees of usefulness. As far as the strength is concerned I think there really is the sense that you are, at least on some level, pretty close to Superman's power. You can pick up anything from cars to tankers or even fishing boats that can be used several ways in combat; anything from simply throwing them at your enemies to batting at them or hurled like a javelin.

    As a game however, and an "open ended" game at that, I'd have to say I really wasn't all that impressed with Superman Returns. The missions you'll find yourself in follow a very simple formula. Once in range of a mission you generally have the same objective (save for fire missions, boss fights, or a handful of unique scripted missions) you'll have to dispatch a number of bad guys who are attempting to destroy the city. You'll pretty much have about five or six different types of enemies that you'll fight throughout Superman Returns, ranging from robots to cloned flying dragon esque creatures. The numbers will vary generally depending on your progress through the game, although the highest number you'll fight at any given time is usually around 15, save for your fight with Riot ( a villain that is able to duplicate himself). You'll quickly get tired of missions as they all pretty much start to seem the same, the game will simply mix up the types of enemies you'll fight, i.e. sometimes just robots, sometimes robots and clones, sometimes flying robots and clones, etc. So although the travel may be open ended I feel that by no means are the missions. Aside from a few mini-games (playable Bizzaro, high speed races, and finding 100 kittens) the game is pretty linear and doesn't give you much else to do.

    The story of Superman Returns: The Videogame has little to do with the movie. Which from my experience with movie tie-in games they usually turn out to flop for generally the same reasons. The main reason being that it's difficult to make a 6-10hr game where you take control out of a in this case 2hr + movie. More often than not you'll find the tie-in game trying to drag out parts of the movie, that may have not been entertaining in the first place, so to counter this they take liberties with the story to basically fill in the game. So where an actor in a movie may have opened a door, in the game you may have to kill 20 guards, steal a nuclear sub, and hijack a helicopter to open the will definitely fill that level. This isn't always a bad thing if done right, but more often than not it just feels like the whole game is being thinly drawn along to the next cutscene. Superman Returns seems more like a game set in the Superman universe in general, that happens to have a couple of cutscenes from the movie. Which you honestly can't bash them too much for adding in all of this extra content because Superman Returns the movie didn't have that much action. Much like many first movies in a series (X-Men, Lord of the Rings, etc.) it's meant to establish or in this case reestablish the characters.

    From a technical stand point I may not be the best to listen to for a review of this angle of the game. I recently purchased a 360 (just for this game, that's how big of a Superman fan I am) so I haven't had much experience with what the system is capable of. Although from the other games I've played what I've seen from the system so far Superman Returns does seem to be graphically sub par. Now I'm no game designer so there may be tie to the amount of what the system has to render at any given time, keep in mind the Metropolis in the game is around 80 square miles and has over 9,000 buildings in it. So although I was pleased over all with the graphics, it doesn't seem to be up to the full or maybe even near full potential of what the 360 is capable of.

    The game's audio seems to be pretty solid, nothing really stands out from a standard beat 'em up type game. The flying audio bits are great, the subtly of the cape flapping while flying around and the sound of the wind rushing past and eventually a sonic boom while speeding about are very satisfying. I have mixed feelings on the score however. My biggest issue is that the game doesn't draw from the Superman soundtrack, neither that of the new work done by John Ottoman...or the original work done by John Williams. This was really disappointing, Superman has such a march to it that seems to be ingrained with the character that's it's hard to think of Superman and not hum the Williams fanfare. I guess for non-Superman fans this could be related to playing a Star Wars game and not having the Williams theme included. Now in the defense the original score done for the game isn't bad, although at times it can seem somewhat generic. One of the nice touches that really helps the feel of the game is the change of pace of the music while flying. While flying lower near the streets and weaving through skyscrapers the games plays a pretty peppy fanfare esque tune, as you move higher past the rustle of the city into the skies above the music calms and shifts to a much slower melody.

    Now although I'm trying to be objective as possible I can't say that I didn't like the game. I myself am a Superman fan, and a big one at that...there are still pictures from Christmas day of me in my Superman outfit standing proudly. So for me any opportunity to take the wheel of the Man of Steel (excuse the rhyme) is something I enjoy, and so far this is the most entertaining opportunity that gaming has presented. To be honest if all you could do in this game was fly around the city I would have still bought and not felt cheated. Obviously there are many that aren't able to take this much joy from certain aspects of the game so if you're looking for an XBox game that allows free open ended game play, challenging and engaging enemy fights, and a great your money. For fans of Superman who have been waiting for a chance to experience a taste of what it might be like to step into the big red boots, this is for you....more info
  • Exploitable Bug Found?
    Nothing I could add to the reviews that hasn't already been said so on to the bug. I only have the demo so hopefully this will work even on the full version. The bug is when a building is burning you don't have to put the entire fire out. You can just reduce it to say 5%. Then, because a new objective won't occur until the fire is out, this leaves you time to find all the cats or run around and do whatever you want. At first the fire meter will show correctly when the fire has grown a bit but after awhile it won't so you have to keep an eye on it and cut it back down to a small fire. Doing this you should have unlimited time to mess around. If the fire truck gets too good at putting the fire out move it so it doesn't have as good a shot. Also, I think you might be able to throw a robot down onto the sand and leave it there which may indefinitely hold the objective but it might come back if you go too far away (haven't tried this yet). Or maybe just leave one enemy somewhere where they can do little damage so you have more time to mess around.

    One thing that bummed me out was I couldn't put all the cars and people on the roof so the city would be clear and no real damage could be done. The cars and people disappear off the roof once you go too far away. ...more info
  • Stay Away
    Too much money, it carries the name of the movie, however has absolutely no content from the movie excepts 5 minutes worth of game clips. Non-interactive. You fight the same enemies over and over again. Side missions are impossible when you are constantly dragged into fights with crappy enemies. Combos are not the easiest or most reliable. Find someone who bought it give them 2 bucks and borrow it for the 5 hours worth of gameplay. ...more info
    First of all this game was supposed to be released back in June, it's the reason I bought the 360. In this game the only time I felt like superman was when I was flying. They created this large city and you never even use it.All the fights take place in local areas. OH and in the fights yeah you never feel like superman,you get your butt handed to you by some robots immune to your powers or some mutants immune to your powers.How hard is it to understand that superman is the baddest of the good.If you must play this game ,which i understand, either rent it, or buy it at Rhino so you can trade it back for a desent game.Anyone else could take this game and have a blockbuster in 8 months ,its all there.errrrrrrrrr ...more info
  • Utter garbage..
    Superman Returns is based off the movie of the same name, with a little bit of added goodies. The story is basically Superman must take down Lex Luger while fighting off other villians of the Superman universe... interesting right.

    Anyway, you control Superman (obviously). You can jump high into the sky and fly as high and fast as you like, but you can not just do a normal jump (lame). Moving on you can use heat vision, super breath, and freeze breath. You can throw enemies, fly, beat up more enemies, throw cars, fly..... yeah. Thats the whole premise for the game. There are these mini games with that. Mr. Xplyztk or whatever his name is... basically all it is is racing around metropolis, collecting 100 kittens (uh huh..), and playing as Bizaro for a limited amount of time to destroy Metropolis... it makes no sense, nor is it really fun.

    While your fighting enemies, the city of Metropolis can take damage and lose health.. yeah, the city you are in can actually be destroyed and guess what? Once it loses all its health, your game is over and you have to start over. Thats real fun when a tree catches fire, cars are being blown up, citizens are being hurt and need to be brought to a nearby ambulance, and you have to fight about 500 enemies who seem to all have kryptonite all at once. In otherwords this games difficulty is ridiculously hard.

    As you progress through S.R., you can gain experience which lets you gain levels. When you go up a level you get stronger heat vision and all that stuff.. Also you unlock different outfits which are all lackluster anyway and you probably could care less for them.

    And the enemies you fight.. oh boy. First your fighting robots, then robots and dragons, then robots & dragons & some monsters. What the f.... whatever. It makes no sense... I mean, DRAGONS!? Come on.

    The graphics are blarf besides the Superman character model & the city of Metropolis. Besides those two, everything else is just bad, blurry, and smudgey. Terrible for a 360 release.

    Music.. is terrible and so is the voice acting. The only cool thing is when you're flying for a bit and you break the sound barrier... thats it. Otherwise, once again, terrible for a 360 release.. even a game.

    To be honest, I had higher hopes for this game but sadly it fell flat on it's face. How can EA make such a smash hit like The Godfather, then make & release this vomit? Not even worth a rental.
    ...more info
  • Just like the movie....very mediocre
    I believe it was in 97 or 98 when I attended E3 in Atlanta. One of the booths I was excited about was Superman 64. So when I attended the event I found the Titus booth and immediately went to play Superman. My first task...flying through have got to be kidding me.....RINGS!!! What the ???? Okey, I thought after this ridiculous start that it would get better...oh no it got worse...much worse. Several times I found myself stuck in the wall. Alarmed I asked one of the people who represented the company who was making this horrible game that I got jammed in walls an awful lot. The lady scowled at me and acted like it was no big deal. She might as well have had on a T-shirt that said "I don't care".

    You know when you get gum on your shoe and you lift up your foot and you give it a dirty look. Yep, that's how the lady looked at me. Like, how dare I breathe the same air as her. After playing the game for a few minutes more I left really disappointed and when the game did come out...well you know the drill. The reviews were downright abysmal. I believe it's listed as one of the worst games ever made next to ET for the Atari.

    Anyway after that experience I still kept up hope that maybe someday we will get a superman game that truly gives the character its due. When I heard that they were making a superman game for the xbox 360 I could hardly wait. The screenshots were incredible and the premise seemed promising. Will this be it, the superman we all have been waiting for.....?


    Like the movie itself it misfired badly. I do agree that the first hour is very encouraging and has moments of video game bliss but after fighting my 30th robot and realizing the game is about as deep as Paris Hiltons personality, I was left cold and unfortunately I can't recommend this game for purchase. As a rental......definitely!!! That's it, that's about as far as you need to go. Play it for awhile call it good and than forget about it. Its not even close to super....I cant even say semi-super, I can only say average and it's only a few ticks from being below that.

    The sad part is that this game had potential, the ideas were there but unfortanately after the first hour of the game it becomes a monotonious, uninspired mess. It says on the back of the game box that the game was taken from over 60 years of comic book stories and the movie itself. Uh...okey since when did Superman fight dragons and robots endlessly day after day after day. If he did, would you want to read those comics? I would rather read home and gardens. Alot of wasted oppertunity...this game if given more time to be cared for like Halo or GTA, than this game could have been EPIC...easily. Instead, its just been made to accomdate the crappy movie.

    I guess we must all still be patient for a really good superman game. However it's nice that I didn't have to fly through rings this time or do those stupid clark kent stealth levels in the PS2 superman. And SR is the best superman game out now but really is that saying much? Uh no.

    ...more info
  • More like SuperDud than Superman.
    Oh how I looked forward to this game. I followed through screen shots and trailers that were released. I also accepted the delay when EA said they were tightening up the game quality. Man I would have hated to see it before they "tightened up the quality". Like another reveiwer said, there is great potential for this game that EA failed to find. For one, yes, the game is terribly short. That may be good or bad, depending on how you feel about the game in general. You can beat this game within 6 hours. The game was fun for the first hour or so, and I still enjoyed playing it just for the feel of flying around. EA caught that pretty good. If you ever played the Spiderman games just to feel the sensation of swinging through the city, you may have more tolerance for this Superman game. I bought this the day it came out before the reviews came out. Had I waited, I would have only rented this game.

    The game loosely, and I mean loosely, follows the plot line of the movie. One of the coolest moments in the movie was when Superman had to rescue the jet liner. I would have thought for sure this could have made it into the game but alas, it wasn't to be. I would have been happier if EA could have followed the movie plot more than just throwing in repetitive boss fights that happen again and again and again and again. I hope you see the point in reiterating again and again. You can't even really just enjoy flying around the city without a fight beginning. I don't even consider the graphics to be worthy of a second generation game for the 360, not with titles like Gears or War or the incredible Rainbow Six Vegas.

    If you are a true hardcore fan of Superman, then I recommend a rental and if you could care less about Superman, just plain stay away from this game. I play it still just to have the freedom to fly around but I normally switch to another game as soon as the fights start up.

    I have never been a huge EA fan. I felt that Need for Speed Most Wanted was a great game. Aside from that, EA has always been a mid quality publisher and developer. I consider the top games to come from UbiSoft. Just look at Madden, when EA got the exclusive contact with the NFL, there went the competition and Madden is now the only NFL licensed game out there and the lack of competition means you get the same pitiful game year after year now. I think EA has gotten to big for the pants and should focus more on game quality than just shipping out game after game. Hey, it works for UbiSoft. Also, if you want to see how EA is only interested in making the money, just check out Battlefield 2142. LOL.

    As for Superman, there is a great game hidden under the trash that EA made available. Maybe next time someone other than EA can have the chance to make a great Superman game....more info
  • Never Knew Metropolis Had So Many Robots :l
    i loved this game. the graphics are awesome and i can not express how much FUN it was to fly around such a Large world, inbetween buildings, underpasses, along bridges and then dive from about 500,000 feet in the air straight into the ocean and skim along the water at TOP is truly an amazing thing and has made me LOVE this game since iv played the demo and then rented it...but something buggs me...

    too many robots :| youd think youd be able to save some people...put out a some fires...stop some thieves...a couple shoot outs...meteor showers...stop a plane from falling out the sky...maybe even a few spats with Lex Luthor wouldnt hurt. and things that Superman does in everyday life. but for some Dumb reason...every 10 seconds, the city is being attacked by what? Robots :| annoying...hard to kill...wayy toooo mannyy of themm....robots. after about the 10th battle with a STREET full of robots, youll be tired of it...

    then i heard something about Dragons from one of the reviewers on here as well. thats just too much Stupid for me :| i dont want to fight anymore robots...and definately not Huff the Magic Dragon and 100,000 of his friends.

    Buy it used at Gamestop for 20 bucks and return it in 7 days for something else...ill stick to Spiderman 2 on the original xbox for my superhero high...

    iLL ....more info
  • Great Game. Great Game Disc Quality.
    There's allot of button mashing. Other than that, this game is great like Grand Theft Auto for children under 6 years old. Not recommended for adults who already played Grand Theft Auto. This game is strictly for children whose parents will not allow children to watch realistic violent games like GTA series....more info
  • Save your cash.
    Flying is the ONLY pull of this game. Besides the awesome flight and superspeeding, the rest of the game is a repetitive mash of robots and your money, and buy Spider-Man 2 for Xbox...or Gears of War for 360, those deserve your cash....more info
  • Good gamerscore source!
    This is exactly what you would expect from a movie tie-in; weak story and choppy gameplay.The achievements are easy (you can pick up 650 easy) which I like.If you like superman or free-roam style game then you should like this game.I payed $10 which is good for this game but much beyond that is poor value.
    Overall 7.0 ...more info
  • This game had such potential....
    ...but failed to deliver! Superman is arguably one of the best comic book super heroes. I had such high hopes for Superman Returns. Unfortunately this game is by far the worst game I've played on Xbox 360. Viva Pinata and Lego Star Wars are better than this game. In fact I can honestly say this is the worst game I've EVER played. (and I have a pretty sizeable game library) I'll start with the good, since there is so much wrong with this game.

    Pros: 1) Breaking the sound barrier while flying. Hands down this is the best part of the game. If you want to experience this, download the demo on XBL.
    2) Huge open ended city. This city is designed to be seen from a distance. If you look closely you'll notice the programmers used copy and past for a lot of buildings and textures
    3) Easy Xbox 360 achievement points. You can unlock all of the achievement points in about 12 hours of gameplay. (even less than that if you don't go for the "12 hours of gameplay" achievement)
    4) Ummm... that's it!

    Cons: 1) REPETATIVE!! The bad guys in between bosses are all the same! There's no variety! The main bosses all have about 3 lines that they repeat over and over and over again! To quote Will Ferrell from Zoolander, "They're all the same!! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"
    2) Not fun! This is the greatest sin a video game can commit! The game started off fun, but after 6 hours of playing I'm so frustrated I can't take it anymore. My wife even commented that it's not even fun to watch.
    3) Poor controls. The controls are great if you're just flying around exploring the city, but once you get into a battle things quickly devolve. The lock on system is terrible. If you lock on to the wrong thing (a pedestrian or car instead of the bad guy) you can't just cycle through the available things to lock on (like every other game where you can lock on to things) you have to unlock, get your curser right on the guy you want and try to lock on again. As bad guys are constantly moving this quickly becomes a game of trial and error. The super speed button is great when you start flying and want to go straight up. It's also great for flying far above the city, but trying to use it while close to the ground or during a battle is horrid. For these situations it needs to be more of a gradual speed up. You're going 20 mph one second and 200 the next. It's very easy to fly right past your target and run into cars and buildings. That's another complaint! If you're superman, the man of steel, flying faster than the speed of sound and you run into a building, that building won't stop you. You should fly right through that building, not the case with this game. You simply leave a small dent in the building as you come to a complete stop. It's the same story while running and being completely halted by cars.
    4) No story! In between fighting the same guys over and over you see clips from the movie. (They're not really from the movie; it's animated but the voice acting sounds like the stars from the movie)
    5) Did I mention how repetitive this game is?

    To sum things up, breaking the sound barrier is fun; everything else about this game is NOT! Now that Superman Returns is in the bargain bin, it MIGHT be worth it if you're really hard up for quick easy achievement points. But those points come with a price; it may be the longest 12 hours you spend in front of your TV. For the same monetary price I'd recommend Lego Star Wars. It's a lot more fun! The achievements take a lot longer and are a lot harder, but it is a truly fun game.
    ...more info
  • Wondering
    Haven't bought it yet. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if..can you fly around without doing missions?...more info
  • Mediocreman Returns
    Now, historically speaking, Superman games, in every single incarnation, haven't been worth the materials they were made with. From the old 16-bit piece of crap for the Nintendo, to the flop of epic proportions on the N64. This game breaks that trend, but just barely.

    The good news first- Superman Returns is a free roamer, much to the effect of GTA or more genre appropriate Ultimate Spider-man. You can go wherever you want to go accross the vast city of Metropolis. And let me tell you, the city was beautifully designed. You can tell great effort was put forth on this engine to make every detail of the cityscape worth exploring. The characters look great, including the main one Superman, whos cape is beatifully rendered, and the detail on his outfit is phenominal. The gameplay is unique in the fact that the developers took into account Superman's invulnerability, and made the city itself with a health bar. This is a unique idea, but this also brings me to the bad news.

    The bad new- The city's vulnerability makes some missions in this game down right frustrating. When you have 5 or 6 robots scattering at super speed in all different directions, its more than a chore to have to round them up and take them down without doing damage to the city yourself. This also brings to mind the control problems. While you may act and work in super speed, your camera doesn't, often hindering you, espcially when taking on threats in flight. You spend much of your time with the camera trying to locate the threat, only to be outrun because your camera doesn't respond very quickly. And when you finally do get to lay the smack down, the combos have awful responses, especially the bigger ones, which often leaves you using the same attacks over and over just to beat the threat. The story, while loosely based on the movie, is very 1 dimensional, and you find the FMV sequences to be more of an annoyance than helpful and fun. Also, you'll find that it takes you about as much time to complete the game as it does to actually watch the movie.

    The game is definately one you want to rent before you decide to buy. While its a definate treat for the die hard Superman fans (such as myself) the quality of game is sorely lacking, though not to the extent of previous incarnations. It's a game thats fun to go back to every once in a while to soar the skies of Metropolis and wail on some baddies, but its not the gaming experience I'm sure the die hard fans were hoping for....more info
  • SuperMeh.
    For a IP with so much available backstory you would think that this would be a sandbox style game with the flair and fun of one of the Spiderman games. That incorrect. The grey muted palette, half wit story lines and laughable combo system turns this game into yet another lame movie tie in. Another buck to be made of kids and unknowing gamers.

    Save yourself the money and rent or trade. This is not worth 60$. It is not worth the expenditure of energy to unwrap it....more info
  • Pretty lame
    I bought this because it was on sale for $15-$20 or something back when it was listed at like $60 (man did I get screwed!) It's kinda fun to fly around and stuff for a little bit, but the fighting is pretty lame. The way the whole game was set up seemed pretty lame. I didn't play it for more than maybe an hour or two. I wonder if Gamestop would give me $1 for it on a trade, that would be a good deal. I'm not a fan of GTA and I've never played the Spider Man games, so maybe it's fun if you are a sandbox gamer looking for a cheap fix....more info
  • Superman Returns
    If you ever wanted to be the man of steel buy this is your game....more info
  • super-d-duper
    yet another under-appriciated game. lots of fun but totally bashed by reviewers. but still a damn-fine game. based on the movie and decades of superman comics, movies and cartoons. a definate rent or buy must....more info
  • decent simulator.
    There is a a good foundation in this program for a really great game. It is unfortunate that the developers obviously ran out of time to put any of the game elements in. If you were to refer to this as a "Sandbox" game then "Grand theft auto, Saint's row and Bully" would be the playground that, that sand box was in. To give you a rough idea of my game experience with "Superman Returns"; approximatly 2 hrs 27 mins and 16 seconds into the game (according to the game clock) I had 65% of the game complete... and 95 % two hours later... Worth Sixty to you? Only if you go into this expecting a Simulator and not a game. The only gameplay elements i.e. fights and boss battles are more annoying than challenging... Electronic Arts obviously knew thay had a short game here so rather than adding more gameplay they opted to make Superman weak and boss fights tedious to the brink of making you want to throw your controller. I did buy this the day it came out and I will probably keep it if only to get a feel of what it would be like if I really could fly around metropolis. I highly recommend renting this before making a purchase. There is alot of potential with this engine, let's hope that EA/TIBURON makes use of it and expands on this.

    ...more info
  • Superman Returns
    Very good if you want always dreamed about being superman, as a game it needs more work, for superman fans is a must have...more info
  • Cool Game,... Could be better
    Cool game, could be better,.. a lot like the others, XMen, Spiderman, and I am sure IRON MAN,.. Fly around, shoot and things. Not bad....more info
  • Ends the Superman curse, says I.
    I discovered the Hero sandbox genre with Spider-Man 2 and grew to love it. Being a huge fan of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns movie, I was estatic when I found out someone was making a sandbox-style video game out of it. My enthusiasm died down a bit when I heard EA was the developer. Still, as a huge fan of Superman, I was willing to give EA and this title a chance.

    The final product isn't perfect, as expected. It doesn't have all the secret tokens and missions Spider-Man 2 had, and the structure of the main game is a bit linear for my tastes. Some of the missions are also quite frustrating and confusing.

    That being said, Superman Returns is actually a better game than some may make you think. Superman himself plays perfectly. He has all the powers you would expect him to wield, as well as a solid arsenal of combat techniques. The flying mechanic works fantastically: Supes flys like a jet, and the he controls flawlessly in the air. Metropolis is a huge playground, filled with all sorts of objects you can swing or throw at your enemies. (Or at the citizens of the city, if you feel like going kamikaze on your game.)

    Most importantly: the Man of Steel is actually invincible. He can be hit, knocked down, even KO'd. But he can't die.

    Instead of monitoring Superman's health, you have to keep an eye on a Metropolis life meter. This kind of makes Returns one huge escort mission. While that sounds bad in theory, it isn't so terrible in practice. Remember, Superman is invincible. You don't have to worry about wearing your own life out, so you can go all out in defending the city. This gives the majority of missions a feel that's similar to the 'Metropolis battle' sequence in Superman II, which is definitely a plus for me.

    While not the absolute best the Xbox 360 has to offer, Superman Returns is a solid sandbox game with a unique premise. It's worth a purchase for any Superman or comic fan, though certainly not before you've sampled the finest wines in the 360 cellar....more info
  • A game for the Superman in all of us.
    As far as games go, I can understand why this one has recieved such bad (at best mixed) reviews. I myself am a huge fan of the man of tommorow, and can't seem to put this game down. I've been waiting for a game to come along with just the right innovations to really make you feel as though you were playing the part of the worlds greatest hero. And for me, this game does just that.

    The flight is extreemly innovative and cool (surround sound is superb for breaking the sound barrier) and the whole environment comes to life as you fly through it.
    Sound design may well be the very best aspect of this game, as every little thing seems to make its own unique noise, and the soundtrack tempo changes with altitude and atmosphere.
    The fight mechanics unfortunately offer nothing new other than the strength of a thousand mortal men, which is just fine for me, though I will admit the cammera tends to hinder things.
    The biggest downside to this game is the short play time, and innevitable repetitiveness once the story is complete.
    While the greatest aspect is the true feeling of being the man of steel, fighting with vilians is a constant juggling act. Take for example a battle with mongul, blast him high into the air with your superbreath to bide time as you race around the city saving the civilians he's harmed and putting out the fires he's caused, then race back with superspeed to land a few punches just as he touches down.

    This is by far the greatest Superman game ever created, and yes I know that's not saying much, but it may also be the best superhero game I've ever played. If you are a fan of the man of steel, no matter how big or how small I'm positive you will enjoy this game, nothing delivers on the experience of being the big blue wonder better than this. (No not even strapping on a towel and belly flopping onto the couch.)...more info
  • The more I played it, the less I liked it ....
    Where to begin? Let me start by saying that ever since we were treated to ET on Atari, with rare exception, movie-based games have generally been pretty awful. The reason for that is simple, a developer knows that a product's name will entitle it to a certain number of sales just because of the name. There's no "extra-incentive" for you to inflate the budget of a product if you don't expect to recoup that dollar amount in sales. 'Superman Returns', I really thought, wasn't going to fall into that developer trend.

    My expectations were raised, oddly enough, when the game was delayed and the demo was released. 'Superman' was originally supposed to come out in May of '06 to coincide with the release of the feature film. When it was delayed, I mistakenly thought that was the staff at EA saying to itself, "OK, there's more interest here then we thought, lets sink a little more time and effort into this one." The game was subsequently pushed to November to match up with the film's DVD release. Then the demo for the game hit xBox live and I was legitimately impressed. Metropolis was huge, the environment was interactive, the flight mechanics were solid; it reminded me of 'Ultimate Spider-Man', just with Superman. The graphics and the combat system were a little below-average, but I wrote that off as a problem they're working on. It was just a demo after all, I expected it to be a little rough around the edges.

    While nothing that I enjoyed about the game was changed, I'm disappointed to say that none of these issues I had were fixed for the game's final release either. Not to mention, there's very little to the game outside of the demo I played. Instead of using the extra time EA took to get 'Superman' released to add content, EA seemed to just seem to multiply what was there already. Just for example, there isn't enough diversity in the enemies Superman will confront. You fight Metallo and his minions fairly early in the game. You'll be fighting those same annoying robots the whole game. There are only about five or six actual boss fights in the game, none of whom I found particularly difficult. One of which is the same character twice! I'd have loved to have seen more of Supe's rogues gallery.

    There aren't many side missions you have to distract yourself with either. It would have been awesome to involve more of Superman's supporting cast to pass along side objectives. As I said before, there's not more diversity, it's as if they just doubled what was already there.

    As far as the previous 'Superman' games go, this is definitely king of the hill. Some of those games were flat-out awful, this is at least playable. It's just that I wish they took the nugget of a good thing they had going and fleshed it out a lot more. For now, it's nothing more then a "... could of been." Rent it if you want to check it out....more info
  • Good gamerscore source!
    This is exactly what you would expect from a movie tie-in; weak story and choppy gameplay.The achievements are easy (you can pick up 650 easy) which I like.If you like superman or free-roam style game then you should like this game.I payed $10 which is good for this game but much beyond that is poor value.
    Overall 7.0 ...more info
  • Wondering if I bought the Bizaro version
    I'm still playing the game, I'm only about 3 hours into the thing and somewhere around 80% completed according to the game, and I'm not having fun any more, and this really bothers me. I just shelled out $60 something and I can't say I've ever had a feeling during this that I was doing anything meaningful other than saving a block of Metropolis idiots (they run into you while you're punching your opponents and are sent flying).

    I'm trying to do one of the side missions where I fly around and collect things, but Metropolis gets attacked every 10 seconds by a band of flying ice dragons and their companions the fire dragons. Or I'll get wrapped up in a fight with the guy who multiplies over and over again yet only manages to have 3 or 4 lines and they're so freaking corny it hurts.

    I really wanted to like this game... honestly, I got sucked in because of the demo being so short... I thought "there has to be more to this game, and it's probably frickin' awesome"... I'm really not finding the frickin' awesome.

    There's a large beautiful city here every 3rd building seems to have the same texture, in the distance you can see a giant dam which looks like it would be fun to fly over to, but forget about that. Metropolis is a huge series of islands with an unreachable mainland and no possible way the citizens could reach it. No airports, appears to be a sea-based town only. The mainland, if I am guessing right, has a cliff facing Metropolis that is roughly 25 miles high, which is about the same height as the unreachable dam that you also can't visit.

    And there're numerous problematic dichotomies - one example is you are charged with taking care of the city, keeping things from getting damaged, and yet you get achievement points for things such as ripping the globe off of the Daily Planet and throwing it down the streets. Another is you go to take a challenge and turn into Bizaro and have to destroy as much of the city as you can to advance.

    And for the Man of Steel, I feel more like I'm playing the man of pretty darn strong rubber. I can lift 60,000 pounds in this game, and throw it, and it bounces off any buildings it hits. I can hit a pedestrian while in a fight and they get right back up but if one of the opponents hits them, they go down instantly. I try and pick up the injured person to take them to the ambulance (where I then drop them 20 feet to their rescue) and will manage to pick up the wandering pedestrian who is walking through a burning car to get in my way.

    Metropolis takes a little too much damage and Superman drops to his knees and looks like he's crying. It takes the same amount of damage in two back to back fights and, well, for some reason it's fine.

    While playing I also learned that when the game spawns 15 flying enemies in certain areas the game will lock up for a while. Friend of mine was watching and said my XBOX had shut down due to overheating and I pointed out that you could still go the menu and to wait for a bit, and then it did whatever it was doing and started speeding up, and that it was always when there were that many flying enemies. Duplicated the problem a few times.

    I don't know what I did exactly, but I blew one of the bosses into orbit for a while, and when he came down he landed in the ocean. He did not move, nor could I swim or fly underwater. I tried using my heat vision to hit him but noticed all I was doing was damaging Metropolis. I was fighting Bizaro at one point and I knocked him into the one highway that exists... could not get to him. Both these incidents I had to reload the last save.

    I've gotten to the point where I save every single event due to bugs like these.

    I wish I had my money back, or the game I expected...more info
  • Experience flying like only Superman can!
    Hi, i'm a big Superman fan and have played many of the older and newer Superman games, with the exception of the Ninteno 64 version, in this review i'll get into some of the high and low points of the game and my overall feeling.

    High Points:

    You can't get much higher than flying Superman to the top of the world. The overall graphics and visuals on Superman Returns for the Xbox 360 are absolutely stunning. And the sound through my 5.1 digital surround system is amazing, (less impressive is basic TV Audio output). Between the stunning visuals and 5.1 surround, it truly looks and feels as if you're in a living breathing city. You can be standing on the sidewalk one moment, watching the city, vibrant and alive, people and cars passing by, then the next moment, super-speed fly as high as you can, looking down on the fabulous skyline. In super-speed flight, as you accelerate you make a couple of sonic booms like in the movies, which is a nice effect.

    The Super Powers of Superman that are rendered in the game are done very well, although you don't have command of "all" of his powers as you may have been lead to believe, you do still have most of his important / best known abilities. As you progress through the game the power and effectiveness of his powers increase. You can also vary the strength of his abilities, for example you can use Superman's super breath to cause a light breeze and gradually poor on the power using the right trigger till you're at tornado strength winds, or super-size his power with a charged up super burst of super-breath, heat-vision, or freeze-breath.

    Overall Gameplay:

    In this game Superman does not have a health meter, instead the city has a health meter and Superman has a "stamina" meter for when he gets hit or uses his super abilities such as heat-vision, super-breath or freeze-breath. If Superman completely looses his stamina he'll be down for the count for a few seconds then get back up. To prevent any down time you can fly Superman towards the sun for a quick stamina re-charge.

    You can lift up most any object in the game, people, cars, trucks, statues, signs, parts of buildings, heat them up, freeze them, use them as weapons, throw them, etc.

    The game is loosely based on the movie with the occasional cut scene showing off similar key moments which go in line with the Superman Returns movie. None of the enemies you actually fight in the game itself were in the movie. Some of these enemies include Mongul, Metallo, Bizarro, robots and other strange unidentifiable creatures.

    If you want to fight some baddies you can fly to the top of the world, looking down you will eventually see markers appear across the city indicating where bad things are / will happen when you fly to that location. You get to fight the above mentioned baddies, over and over and over again. For you button mashers out there it can get a bit tedious and more difficult to beat, but for those of you who think outside the box you can find many different and creative ways to tackle your foes, always keeping it interesting and changing up your attacks. My advice is to use some of Superman's better combo's as they become available, they're not difficult to master and much more effective. Also throwing cars, and other random objects are also highly effective against certain enemies, sometimes more so than just hitting them.

    When fights insue across the town you will have ample opportunity to rescue downed citzens and fly them to help. There are also the occasional 5 alarm building fires you get to blow out.

    They're races you can perform against Myxilplick (don't mind the spelling). The races add a nice little diversion from the normal game play. They're also 100 hidden kittens all over the city which will add powers-up's to the city's health and I don't know what else. You can also play as Bizzaro and have some fun tearing up the town or go bowling with the daily planet globe (which you can do as Superman as well)

    Low Points and Suggested improvements:

    The missions get very repetitive, but using some creativity in how you handle them or tackle your foes will help to break up the monotiny.

    The city is beautiful and huge, but it would have been nice if you could have entered some of the buildings, maybe change to Clark Kent, maybe add some more interesting and diverse missions, puzzles or tasks rather than the same boring baddies over and over.

    Unlike the games claims that you have "All of Supermans powers" you don't. You don't have most of Superman's Vision abilities, which include X-Ray, Telescopic and Microscopic visions. It really would have been nice at minimum, to have had Superman's telescopic vision, so that I could be positioned anywhere in the city and zoom in on any location with his (unfortunatly non-existent) telescopic vision.

    The 100 hidden cats in the game that you can rescue can't be touched if bad guys suddenly show up unannounced or unexpectedly. This was a major irritation when I finally found some kittens and as I approached the kitten the game decided to throw some bad guys at me. When this happens the game doesn't allow you to save the kitten, so you're only option is to either fight or run, and hope you can find the kitten again when you get back. Again, this was majorly annoying and happened a few too many times.

    Superman can't dive into the water or land on boats or cars (although you can toss them). At minimum you should be able to land on to the boats at the piers. It would have been a great bonus to submerge into the beautiful oceans as well, but I guess we can't have everything.

    I don't like that once I pick up a car or object that the "only" way I can put it down is to toss it away, it would be nice to just be able to gently pick something like a car up, and place it back down again without wrecking the place if I don't want to.

    When you're trying to save injured citizens, if there happens to be a non-injured citizen walking by or standing next to them, Superman has often picked up the healthy citzen instead of the one that's hurt. This has happened a few too many times and can be quite irritating. This can also happen during a fight where I may have intended to pick up an enemy or an object and instead end up picking up a passing by citizen.

    The flying is great fun, though I would prefer a couple of changes in the control scheme, which would include being able to invert the up / down controls for flying. Also removing the necessity to press the "Y" button to take off or land. I'd much rather Superman automatically land when he aproaches / touches any ground surface, and using a tap of the Y to initiate a jump, (which Superman can't currently do) and holding Y to do the super take-off or maybe a super-jump.

    Once you're done with the game you can't go back and select any bad guys or chapters to go over again, though not many "sandbox" style games allow you to do that. It would be nice to be able to fight Bizzaro or Mongul again on demand, or at least make them randomly appear in the random happenings that go on in the game once the story line has been completed.

    I can see why they created a city "health bar" but at the same time it sucks if you just want to wreak some havoc and smash things, because if you do too much damage to the city (unless you're playing as Bizzaro) it ends the game. Thankfully there are cheat codes available to give the city unlimited health, as well as a code to play as Bizzaro.

    Final Conclusion and Summary:

    Overall I enjoyed the game, Metropolis looks spectacular and it's great fun to fly and use Superman's abilities, even if you don't have them all. Sadly though, the overall game play and missions become very repetitive with the only way of making them more interesting lieing in your ability to become more creative in how you tackle your enemies. It took me about 10 / 11 hours to complete the Story line, and about 12 / 13 hours for 100% completion (even though I didn't rescue all the kittens)

    A better overall Superman game was for the PS2 called Superman, Shadow of Apokolips, based on the Animated series, and utilized Superman's other abilities, gave Superman tasks to peform as both Superman and Clark Kent that were fun, interesting and challenging, some of which requiring use of his X-Ray Vision to see through things, not to mention being able to use Superman's telescopic vision to help with different strategies.

    For those of you who aren't die hard fans of Superman then this is only a "rental" quality game. But for those like me, I'm always going to have fun going back to the game from time to time so that I can have fun soaring the skys as Superman, (even though there's nothing much else of extreme interest to do when the story line's complete), then I would suggest buying it, either used or new. If the game had more elements like in the PS2's Superman Shawdow of Apokolips, it would have been a much better game.

    ...more info
  • Something wicked this way comes...this game is retardulous!
    Truly a masterpiece of schlock (sp). I was probably more excited than most when I saw the expo for Superman Returns in er.. I think it was Electronic Gaming. Anyways the screenshots were amazing the sheer immensity of Metallo was staggering and very impressive. To make what could be a long review short I must do two things with this: 1) tell all potential buyers not to, I will expound in a moment, and 2) create a new word to describe this game.

    To any potential buyers of this game, please note that a rental is far more worth it. The true and ONLY fun this game offers is the first hour or so during the prologue and immediately after during your first 10 minutes of exploration around metropolis. There is NO depth to the game. The combat system stinks to high heaven, the voice acting and music are terrible, the boss encounters mightily disappointing, and the variety of encounters/missions are .... well, they're not even there.

    Rent it, if you must, play it until your rational mind and dignity can't stand the beating any longer and send it to the mothers of these shameless video game producers who, once again, have duped some poor sap out of his (my) money.

    Lastly, to describe my utter loathing of this game. Superman Returns is ridiculous and shameful in its complete lack of loyalty to all the Superman fans out there. To think that this would do the Man of Steel justice. It is also very retarded, yep, that's right retarded. Therefore combining the ridiculousness and retardedness of this game is best summerized in the word RETARDULOUS...more info
  • It's not worth the money or the broken controllers
    THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE! This game has nothing to do with The Superman Returns Movie accept for the voice overs. It just an annoying copy of Spiderman 2, which was the original free raoming(sandbox) videogame. The bosses and enemies are tedious and annoying. The Combos are way to complicated and you have a health meter, which is stupid because Superman is invincible. The bosses are way to hard and this game had a small budget. The Graphics are terrible and this game will freeze your 360 badly. I returned it got another disc and that disc was defective too. Instead of Superman, buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance....more info


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