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Superman Returns was inspired by the hit film & tries to recreate the wonder of being the legendary superhero. Explore the game environment not only horizontally but vertically as well: Revolutionary new flight mechanics give you full command of your aerial maneuvers. Use them to explore a Metropolis that is not only expansive (80 sq. miles and more than 7,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically based on how you play. Experience what it's like to be Superman like never before Protect Metropolis from seven of the most notorious villains in the world, like Metallo and Bizarro Conquer more than 40 monstrous missions only Superman can overcome

  • Go anywhere in Metropolis right away, exploring the first open-world game that extends from the street all the way into the atmosphere
  • Non-linear gameplay and innovative flight, rescue, and combat mechanics let you create your own experience
  • Play through missions inspired by over 6 decades of Superman stories, plus film-inspired events with voiceovers by Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey
  • Master and upgrade Superman's unique powers - Flight, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Breath, and Freeze Breath are all available to you, so get creative
  • Superman's success depends on Metropolis' health - Will you stop pursuing a super villain to prevent a tornado from wreaking havoc? Make critical decisions to save the city, but choose wisely or its citizens could pay the ultimate price

Customer Reviews:

  • Do you enjoy punching robots and putting out fires in a bland jaggy cityscape that looks like a hotel on a cliff?
    Then you'll love Superman Returns. To be fair the developers did a great job w/ the flying effects, unfortunately taking off and landing are as cumbersome as some PC flight sims.

    EA created an "open city" in the style of GTA, only they forgot to add any style and personality to it. What results is a sandbox without any toys to play with. You've got super powers, but the game forces you to repeat tasks like shooting meteors down and blowing out fires ad nauseam. ...more info
    This is the greatest game ever. I can't seem to stop playing, the moves and graphics are perfect. I vote this game "BEST GAME EVER!!!"...more info
  • Not quite there.
    Superman, as a character in a video game, hasn't worked yet for 1 main reason: Superman himself can move in any direction at any time. Getting this to work realistically and properly in a video game whereby the user has full and perfect control is daunting, to say the least. When flying, fighting, etc, it's near-impossible to move around successfully with good control. You just sort of hope for the best that you don't hit all those cars or burn all those people. Also, Superman has a lot of powers, and getting THESE to work intuitively is a diffcult task as well. This game tries a "lock-on" approach which really isn't as helpful as you'd think. Gameplay is weak too, there's no real plot. You just sort of save the city over and over and over again. It's not that much fun. Graphics suffer too, in that because you ARE Superman, you can move with incredible speeds so that when you move from spot to spot, the buildings still better look good when you get there. The graphics in this game are weak to compensate for this very point.
    Let's review:
    "Go anywhere in Metropolis right away, exploring the first open-world game that extends from the street all the way into the atmosphere": So what - the graphics are weak because of this very point. Plus, there really isn't much to do in this "open-world" game. It's a pretty boring world.
    "Non-linear gameplay and innovative flight, rescue, and combat mechanics let you create your own experience" - over and over and over and over again. Non-linear is right, but it's still the same thing repeatedly.
    "Play through missions inspired by over 6 decades of Superman stories, plus film-inspired events with voiceovers by Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey" - some of these missions are entertaining but quickly become tiresome. Hey, at least we got Spacey's voice in a videogame finally!
    "Master and upgrade Superman's unique powers" - like Superman normally would, right? Wrong. Upgrading is the only way they could tie-in some sort of achievement into the game.
    "Superman's success depends on Metropolis' health" - SO TEDIOUS to keep saving the town over and over again. ARG.

    Rent it. You'll see what I mean....more info
    I am an avid gamer. I have played a wide range of games of all types from shoot em up, to role playing for over 2 decades. I would be hard pressed to find a game of lower quality than Superman Returns. From the get go, you can tell that the makers of the game tried desperatly to get it finished and packaged to be on store shelves in time for the christmas season, much to the dismay of anyone who buys this game.

    The loading of each scene is choppy. When fighting, it is difficult to target in on your enemies. As you find yourself fighting through the center of Metropolis, if you hit any civilians or vehicles (which there are many of) it counts against you. The destruction adds up quickly.

    The physics are not very fluid. When flying from area to area, the speed at which Superman flies is a help. When in combat, the same physics apply, so when trying to circle or approach an enemy, he swoops around wildly and almost asks for a beating.

    I would say that the game designers were about 70% complete in making this game. The concept is a good one. If they just spent more time refining the individual elements of the game it could have been a half way decent game. Do not buy this game. It is not worth the agrevation. ...more info
  • Hard but fun
    Superman on the ps2 is hard but fun sometimes you have to protect the city sometimes you have to go some where but its fun! ...more info
  • Infuriating!
    Perhaps the most aggravating thing about this game is the fact that it could and should have been so much fun. I was really looking forward to this one after hearing promises of a Superman game to rival the Spiderman series. Unfortunately it seems the game was rushed onto shelves - or perhaps just poorly conceived - and it doesn't take more than an hour or two of play before it becomes readily apparent that the game is just a great big mess.

    First off, the controls are horrible - completely unresponsive. I'm sure the designers will say that there is a "learning curve" to playing the game, but don't be fooled. The controls just don't work. Second, the graphics are shoddy to say the least. Detail seems to have suffered in place of scope, but that scope is rendered meaningless as every part of Metropolis looks pretty much the same. And finally, the play is repetitive and boring. Granted, this may be due in part to the unresponsive controls, as you find yourself having to play and replay even the first few levels.

    You have been warned... ...more info
    Ok,so being the die hard superman fan I am I have waited and waited to play this based on the bad reviews. This game was sitting at blockbuster for me for days and I finally picked it up due to the special of rent 2 games for 10 bucks. Normally 8 bucks a peice that's a deal. So I got it home and after I took out the asteriods I thought this is pretty cool, then I got past the level with all the aliens and I fell in love with the game. I think if there were more levels like that one more people would have liked it. But still the levels of saving the city are super fun, most people hate this game cause it's REALLY HARD! Once you master the flying (which I use control number 3 cause it's the easiest) and the super powers you got this game down. I always crash into buildings cause I'm flying so fast, but man the graphics are awesome and once you blast into "sonic boom" that's when the flying is so awesome. I understand the repetiveness of the game everyone is mad about, but if you can get past that, then you will love this game. It's one of those games you will either love or hate, I love it. Rent it first, then decide for sure. I'm trying to buy this game under 20 bucks if I can. If the game was more like level 2, this game would be a 5 rating, but based off the repetivness, it's a 4. But overall this game is very, very awesome....more info
    Well I learned my lesson...never, ever buy a video game before reading reviews from magazines and fans. Had I done that I would have saved myself $30 on Superman Returns. Superman's history on video games has been pretty abysmal and this game does nothing to change the poor track record. First of all, despite the title this game has little to do with the film it is named after. Lex Luthor does make an appearance (barely) and Superman will find himself battling villains like Bizarro and Metallo. That is just the beginning of this maddening game experience.

    You get to use Superman's powers like flight, superspeed, heat vision, superbreath, and frost breath. Only the heat vision is really useful in battle. Superbreath just blows your enemies backwards with minimal or no damage. There's also several combo attacks that you begin with and gain throughout the game but the best attacks seem to be the simplest ones such as just grabbing a guy and hurling him into a nearby wall or slamming him on the ground.

    First I really hate the controls. While it may be fun to soar around the skies above Metropolis the control is clunky. Trying to fight while flying is a royal pain. It starts with zooming around trying to save Metropolis from a meteor storm. You'll still be flying around trying to find the meteors as they crash down on the city, and this is all on the first level! It's also damn near impossible to control Superman when running at superspeed as you go crashing into buildings.

    Next your transported to Mongul's Warworld. What this has to do with Superman returns I have no idea other than explaining Superman's five year absence from the Earth. Here you'll battle various gladiators in Mongul's arena including a maddening guy named Outcast who changes size from man-size to gigantic. When in giant form he can only be hurt by throwing objects at him while he sends waves of energy out in a full circle at you. Superman?'ll have to grab an object, then quickly run away to avoid his blasts and hope to have a two second opening to hurl your projectile at him. Superman's health bar is actually a "favored gladiator bar". I never did figure out this thing. My bar was going down even when I wasn't being hit. I guess the crowd didn't like my duck and running for cover in between trying to find an object to throw. Making it worse, there is so much clutter in the arena that half the time you throw something it never makes it to the target because it hits something else. It is frustrating beyond all belief! To Top things off, once your health expires, you have to start the whole stinking thing over, even after defeating several foes easily.

    The game on the PS2 doesn't really look so good...yes Metropolis is huge to explore but who would want to? There's no character to the buildings really, you can't go inside structures making the whole setting lifeless. The music? The music is ok..fairly dramatic an all but guess what...that familiar John Williams Superman theme is no where to be found. What a disappointment!

    There is just nothing much to recommend in this game. I wish I would have rented it first...I debated between this one and Marvel Ultimate Alliance and I think I made the wrong choice.
    ...more info
  • Truth, Justice, and a game the American Way
    It's fun. Fly around Metropolis beating up everybody....more info
  • Superman Should've Never Returned to Gaming
    Here's a rule of thumb for gamers. Superman games are always bad. Superman 64 is constantly cited as being one of the worst games of all time. When Superman Returns came out, the first thing that came to mind was that it could not be nearly as bad as Superman 64. The good news? The game really isn't as bad as Superman 64. The bad news? The game is still bad. Not for all the same reasons, but its still bad.

    The first thing that gets me about the game is the overall story itself. It's just sloppy. There's a lot of stuff thrown in, but it doesn't make sense. I didn't see the movie, but I'm pretty sure it didn't have dragons running rampant. I'm also certain the plot of the movie made sense. Here it really doesn't.

    Superman Returns takes on the sandbox approach. That means its like Grand Theft Auto. You'll spend a lot of time flying around Metropolis looking for things to do. Most missions have you either saving someone or a building or something to that effect... either way you're saving Metropolis or a part of it from something. The game introduces a new health bar for you too. Superman doesn't have a health bar... but Metropolis does. So the game really does take saving Metropolis seriously. However, the dilemna with this is that it takes the fun out of the free-roaming aspect of the game. You can't have too much fun in Metropolis because doing something to a building, or harming one of its citizens causes its health to drop. What's the fun of having all these super powers if you can't a little fun with them?

    Throughout the game you can use Superman's powers. His heat vision, freezing breath etc. Its great to have access to his powers, but again, you can't have too much fun with them because if you hurt Metropolis you're only making things harder on yourself.

    The boss battles give the game some variety but not much. The objectives are never actually explained... and when they are they're pretty vague. The biggest frustration, however, is that if you fail a boss fight or something, you've got to do the whole objective over again. It's annoying. Especially when you're in the midst of a fight and you don't know what to do!

    The game doesn't even look all that great or run well. It lacks detail overall, which is really sad considering this game spent more time in development than originally planned. They could've taken time to vamp up the graphics or fix some bugs. There's no excuse for a PS2 game to lack detail. The camera is also terrible. It often gets stuck behind objects or something... the camera is just annoying.

    The sad part about all this is that Superman Returns may very well be one of the better Superman games. Its got bugs and glitches, along with some boring gameplay and yet it still manages to be better than previous Superman attempts. It seems Superman, like Batman, was not meant to have a good game. Its time Superman leave the videogame realm, and this time he probably shouldn't return. ...more info
  • Barely what you would want out of a Superman game.
    This game is very passable! The flying is pretty fun, but why do side missions pop up and interupt the exploring. Also, whats up with a Metropolis health meter? LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! In addition, the graphics aren't that good. The XBOX 360 version of this game looks better. The sound is good, but Brandon Routh sounds doorky!!! Don't even mention the story, it is a confussing mess. The menus are good and well layed out. The map is also pretty well layed out. However the game is way to short. Superman Returns is very average and barely what a Superman game should be. Its a start for a free roaming Superman game, but people who want something like Spider-man 2 or 3 should keep their [...] $....more info
  • ..............................
    ok look i have beaten every spiderman slash super hero game that was even a little bit popular and omg this game sucks BAD i mean i rented the game and it seemed like they seriously rushed it cause it seems like grass water buildings at first then i land on the ground where the first medior is and my foot gets jammed into the medior and i have to reset the game then i walk up to the thing and i can just walk through it and i say it was a real dissapointment it might be better on 360 but i personally thought the thing really sucked and according to the other reviewers we all agree!!!! so rent it if you really want to try it but after u beat the game your goin to think why the crap did i waste 6 bucks on renting that gay game..........more info
  • So much and so little.
    This game is exactly like the movie was: Lots of flash, with a great moment here or there, but ultimately falls short. Significantly.

    Superman's powers are nearly all accessible, and are very fun to use. The most basic ones you'll be using are flight and super-speed. There's nothing quite like creating a sonic boom over Metropolis on your way to the next mission, but once the joy of freedom to use his many powers wears off, the game has very little else to offer you. This is increased by the fact that the damage Metropolis takes is essentially your health bar. It falls low enough, game over. This means you COULD throw a car at your enemy, but the damage it could cause makes that a bad idea.

    The game is very repetitive, and not very interesting in the use of the cast members. I don't recall ever even pretending to be Clark Kent during the game, nor any other very interesting points at all. This game is definitely a rental- I wouldn't recommend buying it....more info
  • It's a shame
    I only want to say that it's a shame that EA have the most incredible licenses like this for Superman or the FIFA license and the games that they made most of the time are very boring, with FIFA Konami has teach a lesson about how to make a real soccer game and in the case of Superman I really hope that the next game will be development by another company. I'm a big Superman fan, but this game is not what I expected for so long. I only have one last question, why they took so long to realese the game? It looks that they loss their time, I don't understand how they took so long and this is the result of all that work....more info
  • Surprisingly fun!
    So in spite of all the horrible reviews that I've read for this game, I picked it up on a competitors site for a low price. I'm 24 years old and the hardcore gamer in me is struggling with the Superman fan that I am. Let me tell you why.

    From a gamers perspective this game is poorly executed. The controls have a high learning curve and during combat they can be slightly unresponsive when executing certain moves. Also combat can be repetitive. Theire is only a handful of enemy types and tasks in this game and you will find yourself doing the same thing quite often. Destroy all enemy's, rescue a few civilians in the process, end mission. Put out 5 alarm blaze, end mission. Fight enemy's while putting out 5 alarm blaze, end mission. That's really where the game falls flat. It's repetitive.

    However the good part about the game is that you really do feel like Superman. Flying for place to place is a blast and easy to learn. Whoever said that you can't free roam is completely wrong. If you fly all the way up to the "Skies of Metropolis" you get a full overhead view of the city. From here super-hearing icons appear that tell you where you can start a new mission. Simply come back down to earth and stay away from these icon's and you can free roam. Once you start a mission, there is a sense of urgency that you are supposed to feel when playing Superman. This is executed fairly well by utilizing a lifebar for metropolis instead of one for the man of steel. If metropolis takes too much damage it's game over.

    In closing from a gamer's perspective, this game is crap. However if you're a die hard superman fan or even a younger gamer, give it a try. It may be a rental at best, but you may be like me and decide you want to keep it.

    ...more info
  • NOT like Spiderman
    I bought this game thinking it would be great fun posing as Superman. I enjoyed the Spiderman 2 (given it's not the best game, but still fun), so I thought Superman would be great too. Wrong. Unlike Spiderman, there is no "real" free roaming where you can save random citizens or perform acts of heroism. There are missions that pop up on the map, one right after another that kinda follow a plot. The plot is really confusing and unrealistic. Most of the missions and even the bosses can be easily defeated by button smashing or throwing cars at them. However all of the missions are "timed" to an extent that if the bad guys cause too much damage to Metropolis, you'll have to restart the mission. The game also seemed really buggy, with sound and video both stuttering and cutting out. Camera angle is horrible. The only good things about this game is the score and the ability to fly. The score isn't movie quality, John Williams music, but it is well done (when the sound isn't cutting out). Flying is the best part, hitting Mach 4 is really fun. But even though you've broken the sound barrier several times, you don't seem to be going any faster than when you first take off.

    Bottom line: rent it or just play a demo, but don't pay full price for this bad game. EA should be ashamed of themselves....more info
  • Awesome
    When you are thinking about buying this game, ignore the other reviews. I am an avid gamer, and I think this game is even better than the games in the spiderman series. The graphics may not be that great, but graphics aren't the most important part of a game. The most important part is to have fun while playing, which I certainly did. So give it a chance. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • Come on....
    I didn't like the new movie compared to the old ones and I didn't like this game. I mean imagine this, the save menu has the fortress of solitude to choose from but you never get to go there at any point of the game. If you have seen the movie the climatic scene takes place in the fortress of solitude. The game has no option to go there or fight there. I play the whole boring game waiting for this battle against Lex Luthor and his goons in the fortress just to get out of the city of Metropolis that never materailizes. They do the whole scene via cut scene. Ridicuolous! They could have at least shown him falling back to earth or something.

    I would talk about the mindless game play and camera angles but I think those shortcomings were well addressed in other reviews. Don't buy this game! ...more info
  • the most boring game ever
    Save metropolis over and over again, ?? yes is fun at the beggining but when you find out this is the only thing you are going to do in the whole game, you find out that you pick up the wrong game to play.
    I have play it over 4 hours or less and I am at 40% of the game already and I haven play against any real enemy, just a bunch of robots. I think the guy who made this game was a real big fan of Grand Thief Auto, and try to copy it.... but guess what ... It didnt work out.
    the only good reviews of this game are from kids . so you can imagine how good is this game.... and EA, stop making any other game than Fifa please....more info
  • awesome!!!
    well this game is just incredible because you can fly out of space and also you run at superspeed and fly at superspeed. i dont really care about graphics that much now if this game got playstation 1 graphics im not buying it at all.
    ...more info
  • Superman Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just recieved this game today as a birthday present and hugged my mom and grandma three times because I was happy to own this game.This game is so much fun,except,the viewing around thing is hard to do,but I got the hang of it.Some people say that this game is so bad and maybe its just because that they couldn't beat it in one hour.Well,guess what,I am already past the first AND second level and now I am on level three.This game is so much fun that I played it for 2 1\2 hours of fun!I think this game deserves full 5 stars because it deserves it and from what people say bad about this game,DO NOT and I mean DO NOT listen to people who gave it bad reviews.Iam a huge superman fan and I'm thrilled with this game and it is highly recommended....more info
  • Bad, just bad
    It's funny that the most invincible super hero ever created has never translated well to the video game world. Superman Returns seems as if that may change, but alas, this is just another licensed, mindless beat 'em up, and yet another lame Superman game. The game starts off promising enough: you fly around Metropolis, and the city is gigantic. All at once memories of the Spider-Man 2 video game surface because you get the feeling that this could be the type of do anything, anytime gaming that the aforementioned game was based on, but this is not the case. As all kinds of chaos explode in the city, the more the city gets damaged, the more it's own life bar is drained, and once it's drained all the way, it's game over. Now, it's a nice change of pace that Superman himself doesn't have a life bar, but why are his powers (heat vision, super breath, etc.) still have to be so limited and only attained after completing boring, repetitive objectives? The fighting system is boring, and for Metropolis being so big, there's hardly anything really to do. There's a nice list of villains to take on; including Metallo, Bizarro, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and of course, Lex Luthor. After that, it all goes even further downhill. The graphics are blocky and just plain ugly, even for a PS2 game, and the camera really does want to jerk around and work against you. Yeah, Superman Returns is a just plain bad licensed crud fest that had more than enough time to get the kinks worked out (the game was originally slated to be released alongside the movie's premiere in theaters this past summer), but what else would you expect from EA? Thanks again guys. ...more info


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