Doctor Kracker Flatbread, Organic and Artisan Baked Klassic 3 Seed, 7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Doctor Kracker organic and artisan-baked Klassic 3 seed flatbreads, 8 whole grain flatbreads

  • Case of six 7-ounce packages of all-natural crackers (42 total ounces)
  • Made from organic whole wheat flour, oats, and sunflower seeds
  • Certified organic by Texas Department of Agriculture
  • No cholesterol or trans fat, .5 grams of saturated fat per serving; a good source of whole grains
  • Made from domestic ingredients and packaged in Dallas, Texas

Customer Reviews:

  • Now all I need is a great hummus
    I love the seeded flatbread and hummus that is served at Tu Tu Tangos, a restaurant in Orlando that I always visit whenever I am in that area. The 3-seed flatbread from Dr Kracker is a close to this as I have found (and may be what they serve). All I need now is their tasty hummus! I eat these flatbreads as a snack alone or with cheeses (a warm brie is divine!). They are very satisfying, healthy and delicious. I deducted one star because as another review said, these are quite hard. Also, they are not arriving in the nice boxes as shown, but in a clear plastic bag, more like bread than a packaged cracker. Still they were fresh, and we will reorder....more info
  • just what I wanted
    Taste is highly subjective. For me the combination of the firm cracker with the sunflower seeds and sesame seeds is excellent. I ordered a second set recently. I tried the ones with cheddar cheese and pumpkin seeds but did not like them nearly as well....more info
  • Acquired taste
    This was not what I expected. The flatbread I have eaten before was thinner and crispier. I have acquired a taste for this now since it was a 6 pack deal. I do like the nutty flavor....more info
  • Great Crunch! Great Taste!
    Wow! These are an excellent alternative to bread for tuna salad or other spreads. Are also great just eaten plain....more info
  • A Staple In My Diet
    In a short time these have become a regular part of my diet. There is nothing else quite like them. I alternate between the flat bread and the bite size. Sure, they are a little hard, but breaking up the flatbread is no problem. Considering the reasonable cost, it is well worth it. A couple of these a day and forget any concern about getting enough fiber....more info
  • Great tasting...
    Very, very good crackers. Fresh tasting! The flavor is excellent, I will definitely buy them again....more info
  • Expiration Date
    I love the crackers;however, I did not like the fact that I bought 6 packs of these and the expiration dates are within 2 months of the date I purchased them. I had to give some away because I could not eat - nor would I want to - that many crackers in that amount of time....more info
  • Best Cracker Ever
    These crackers are bursting with flavor and are very crispy and crunchy. My favorite is the cheese pumpkin seed. If you live near a Jason's Deli, these are on the salad bar so you can give them a try before you buy in bulk....more info
  • Dr. Krackers-Sunflower Cheese
    From my perspective the 6-7oz Krackers are slightly better in freshness than the smaller squares in the plastic tubs, as I have tried both. Hope this helps the and Dr. Steven M. Greer. Peace....more info
  • Firm, tasty and aromatic
    I first had these at the Green Festival last year and was thrilled to find them offered by Amazon. I've gone through 6 boxes, but am now switching to another brand for variety. The seeds on these are yummy, overflowing, and the crackers are very hard, creating a bed for softer items like cheese or smoked salmon. I've found that they break along the same way crystals break, so I don't tend to put much on these crackers at all. I usually use them more as a dipper or have a bite of this followed by a bite of that. I keep the opened box in the refrigerator because even though they are consumed over a period of days, I don't like to leave sunflower seeds exposed to the air or heat. I'll buy these again after I go through the case of Ryvita Dark Rye Crackers I just received. BTW, Jason's Deli, a Richmond, VA based restaurant chain offers these crackers in little individually wrapped packages with their salad bar....more info
  • best healthy crackers
    Dr. Kracker are the best ever crackers. This flavor is among my favorites.
    The best thing about them is that they are suitable for a lo-carb lo sugar diet, without sacrificing any crunch or delishous-ness....more info
  • Good but too hard & too crunchy
    I found this cracker to be healthful and better than the run-of-the-mill grocery store crackers; however, they're almost brutal on teeth because they are simply way too hard. Lighten up, Dr. Kracker....more info
  • I love this cracker.
    This is a perfect product for a diabetic. Only 8 grms carbs per slice, lots of fiber and protein. Fabulous crunch. Earthy flavor with the multiple seeds. I have almost completely given up bread in favor of this. It's good with everything from roasted vegetables to peanut butter. I have ordered it multiple times and will keep doing so as long as it's available....more info
  • Favorite Krackers :-)
    Love these crackers...different than any others I've tried...and Amazon has them for the best price....more info
  • Meets my needs
    Dr.Kracker has met my need for something crunchy and sightly salty while being an overwhelmingly healthy snack. I am on a weight-loss diet and have found that judicious use of this product in no way interferes with my goals....more info
  • yummm
    THese are very good and seem very healthy. THe only thing is you better like super crunchy because these are kind of messy because they are so very crunchy (thick crunchy to boot). BUt they have great flavor and go great with spreads and cheeses....more info
  • Name of product is misleading
    Okay, yes, I know the brand is Dr. Kracker and maybe that should have been a clue as to the texture of this product. However, I have had flatbreads made by other companies that were actually the texture of a pita. These are VERY crunchy and don't have a whole lot of flavor. If you are shopping for a super-healthy cracker, this may be it. If you are looking for a whole grain flatbread with the texture of a pita, keep shopping - this is not it. My next venture for this product is to grind it up and use as bread crumbs on top of broiled tilapia....more info


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