Heartstrings: Visualizations for Pregnancy
Heartstrings: Visualizations for Pregnancy

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Product Description

Heartstrings: Visualizations for Pregnancy is a program of music-evoked visualizations specifically created for use during the prenatal period. Each visualization and spoken affirmation was carefully created by Board Certified Music Therapists to induce a peaceful and relaxed body/mind/spirit connection. When used in conjunction with regular prenatal medical care, a woman can feel confident she is providing the optimal environment for her baby's health and development.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Soothing
    I love this CD. It's great to sleep to, to aid in meditation, and especially to help me calm down when I'm upset. This is my first pregnancy, and I need all the help I can get staying relaxed and worry-free. I especially love the affirmations!...more info
  • Soothing CD helped my wife
    I purchased this CD for my wife when she was 6 months pregnant because she was having pre-term contractions. Because she was placed on bedrest this CD was very helpful in giving her a focus beyond feeling anxious. Listening to The Peaceful Sea meditation gave us both a relaxed state of mind. Our son was born healthy and we even play it for him in his crib when he's cranky! ...more info
  • Excellent Pregnancy Relaxation CD
    I bought this CD to practice relaxation in order to prepare for a natural childbirth. It was toward the end of my pregnancy but I listened to it almost daily and really enjoyed it. It is calm, not annoying, and I liked the verbal imagery the lady uses. I was indeed able to have a natural childbirth. It is definitely worth getting during pregnancy. I plan on using it in the future and even think I'll use it right now with my newborn when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Great CD....more info
  • Wonderful Help for Pregnancy and Childbirth
    As a doula, I highly recommend using this CD throughout pregnancy and even during childbirth. I recommend it to all my clients. Many of them come back to me and say they couldn't imagine having gone through the experience (both pregnancy and childbirth) without it....more info
  • an essential tool for prenatal, labor and postnatal support
    When I became pregnant with my first child so many emotions came over me. I was elated but also worried about everything that could go wrong. I described my anxieties to my OB and she suggested meditation. I wasn't sure how to do that so I found this CD. The guided mediations and relaxing music helped me to de-stress, enjoy the beauty of pregnancy and connect with my baby. During labor, it helped me through rough contractions. The CD was very useful during nursing as well so I could relax and let-down. I would recommend this CD to any newly pregnant mom. Makes a great gift too!...more info
  • love this!
    very relaxing. I'm not a granola type, but those affirmation are really nice... Some of them made me cry, and them calmed me down! Yes, I'd def recommend it!...more info
  • A soon-to-be Mother's MUST!!
    I was given this CD as a gift, and I call it my "God-sent gift" because it helped me overcome all of the "fears" I had about becoming a new Mommy. The meditations helped me focus on my breathing, and I remembered the music and visualizations as I was going through labor. When my baby was very young, she hated travelling in the car...I play Heartstrings and it calms her (and I) down immediately!!...more info
  • this cd is so helpful!
    this is my favorite cd for pregnancy and labor. i used it for two births already and will use it for my third. my only complaint is that i wish they made one for post partum and also one for the father (my husband was more stressed out that i was). ...more info
  • good for bedrest
    I bought this cd for my wife because the doctor put her on bedrest and said she needed to reduce stress. She says it was a great support for a difficult pregnancy....more info
  • Very relaxing
    This program has saved my sanity! I've been using these meditations for about 4 weeks and already I can feel a positive effect in my mood and stress level. I didn't know what to expect when I bought it, but after a few days of doing one meditation plus a couple of affirmations every morning and night, I was hooked. The music is pretty and melodic, and the voice is friendly and soothing. When I use this CD I feel like I'm being proactive in the healthy development of my baby. I highly recommend buying this CD and making the committment to yourself to take 5 or 10 minutes out of every day to bond with your baby. It's made my pregnancy experience much happier and less stressful!...more info


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