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The Street Fighter Alpha Anthology brings five prized fighters united for the first time. This is an arcade-perfect compilation of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Choose from a cast of 13 characters from the collective Street Fighter Universe: Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Charlie plus 9 more. This title introduces the use of super combos and alpha counters to add new dimensions to fighting. As an added bonus the "pint-sized" Super Gem Fighter MiniMix (released on consoles as Pocket Fighter) is also included.

  • Choose from 25 characters - 13 from classic Street Fighter games and 9 new ones
  • Players' choice of either X-ism, A-ism and V-ism fighting styles
  • New Custom Combo system for performing devastating multi-hit combos using the super mete
  • High and low Alpha counters were also introduced to increase battles
  • Play Super Gem Fighter MiniMix -- fight fierce battles & collect power-up gems to perform an array of special attacks and powerful combos

Customer Reviews:

    I love this street fighter game! I was lucky I got this game for a low price! I 't wait for the next SF game to come out!...more info
  • Precious Memories ..... : ' ' ) tears of joy
    FINALLY!!!! WHEW I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER GET THESE GAMES BACK....BEING A HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIM , I LOST ALL OF MY "STREET FIGHTER" STUFF ..... I am so thankful to capcom .... i remember when i was little when street fighter alpha 2 brings back fond memories....

    capcom all are truly phenominal .... and um one more thing....thank you so much for making the resident evil series....its off the chain...more info
  • Bring back the memories...
    There's really not much to say about the game, except that it you're typical Street Fighter Series, a straight ahead fighting game. If you've sold these games and want them back, or never owned them but had the joy of playing them, it's a great purchase. It contains Street Fighter Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 2 Gold (just like Alpha 2, just with returning original characters, and bit harder), and Alpha 3. It also has Gem Fighter, which was released a Pocket Fighters.

    For any Street Fighter fan, bring back the memories with the tunes and moves that got you addicted to the series since Street Fighter II!...more info
  • I love Street Fighter!
    This game is the shizzle! I love the "alpha" series of Street Fighter the most. The artwork and game play is raw. I love Marvel vs Capcom 2 but Im an old schooler when it comes to fighting games and nothing beats Street Fighter Alpha 3. Thank You Capcom and Amazon!!!...more info
  • Great street fighter game
    Great combination of the Alpha (Zero) street fighter games. Its especially nice to fight both M. Bison and Shin Akuma....more info
  • 5 awesome games on one disc . . . can't beat it
    I've been a fighting game fan for years and this anthology is a dream come true. I had been trying to get my hands on Alpha 2 for a while, but could never find it for a reasonable price. With this release, I was able to get 4 additional games along with Alpha 2. This is a great product for any fighting fan or some good offline competition....more info
  • Great Game
    This is a Great game for all street fighters fans, a must have, you would not regret it...more info
  • This is so worth the money
    I had all of these games on the original Playstation so I didn't think I needed this collection. But after playing it on the PS2, I realize just how great it is. The graphics are arcade perfect. You see things you don't see on the PS1. There are no load times between matches. It's just a much better experience. This and Anniversary Collection are must haves for Street Fighter fans....more info
  • Brings Back Memories...
    Oh man what can I say.....from viewing the opening sequences to the gameplay this game is just like the arcade versions. I remember I was in the 7th or 8th grade when Alpha first came out in the arcades, followed by its sequels and I have to say this brought back many wonderful memories. I still have a very difficult time finding Alpha 1 but nevertheless.... Great game, awesome gameplay, fantastic art - you will easily see why Street Fighter is the supreme fighting game of all time especially after playing this one - 3 games & a bonus all in one can't beat that deal!!!...more info
  • The Perfect Street Fighter Alpha Collection
    If you were into the fighting genre, no one has to tell you what Street Fighter is, especially if you were around in the age of the Super Nintendo. After Street Fighter II came about, Capcom released a prequel to it. Street Fighter Alpha. It quickly became a huge hit. While never being as good as the original Street Fighter series, Street Fighter Alpha was still a fantastic series. Bring up younger versions of some characters, as well as having a big selection of characters. The arcade versions of these games have been ported to the console. They are fantastic ports as well.

    There are five games in the collection. The three original Street Fighter Alpha games, Street Fighter Alpha II Gold, and a game called Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix, which is basically a Puzzle Fighter game. There also aren't any huge differences between Street Fighter Alpha II and Street Fighter Alpha II gold.

    What's unique about this collection are a couple of things. For one, it still looks beautiful. For a game as old as it is, it certainly holds itself together rather well. The character models and backgrounds are still as beautiful as ever. I'm still awe struck at the fantastic look of Street Fighter.

    Of course, these are the arcade versions. Not the home versions. So there might be a few differences. Only hardcore fighting fans will find them, however. Any other gamer will more than likely overlook these differences without giving too much thought.

    I don't have to tell you that Street Fighter Alpha is a fantastic game. The Anthology speaks for itself. The price is also pretty cheap. In other words, if you're a Stree Fighter Alpha fan, pick this collection up!...more info
  • Shun Goku Satsu!...Delivering KO's like in the old days.
    My favorite game in the entire catalog of games available across all consoles and arcade machines is Street Fighter Alpha 3. My PSOne copy was one of my most prized possessions and unfortunately for me, it got stolen and I immediately sought a replacement. Of course, nowadays getting a good copy of SFA3 is challenging in many respects so in my search I stumbled upon Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. This discovery led to the following comparison points:
    1) This is a much cheaper alternative than the original PSOne version of SFA3 and of course, it is new.
    2) This is a PS2 game, which offers better compatibility with my PS2 Slim. I play some old-school PSOne games on that console and sometimes it has a little trouble reading the older disks.
    3) The PS2 disk has several of my favorite fighting games piled together.

    The characters have not changed their appearance at all in each of the corresponding games in the disk and their moves have remained intact. Also, the timing and rhythm of the fights is the exact same found in the original releases of the games featured. Costume changes, secret characters and levels, cheats, character stages, super combo finish screens, game options, among other goodies we love from the old games are there. Most of the original music is featured except in SFA2, where in some levels the music is the same but with different sounds and this is not a big deal at all. The story-lines, the rivalries, and the character endings are the same as in the original games as well.

    Yes, some things have changed. If I am good at any game, it would be any of the games in the Alpha series so believe me when I spot little differences from the original in terms of gameplay, artificial intelligence, graphics, music, you name it. Across all games, the first thing you notice is how much more difficult it is to fight the CPU than in the original games. Even at the highest difficulty I was able to dominate the CPU except a few characters (Shin Akuma, Evil Ryu, and sometimes Zangief) in my PSOne version of Alpha 3 for instance. In Anthology, every round is a struggle for survival and a great challenge and I love it. I haven't felt so challenged by a fighting game in a long time and this increased difficulty is quite delightful. Also delightful is the amount of game modes you can unlock to eventually get all the game modes featured in all of the original games and more (such as the Hyper Street Fighter Zero, Dramatic Battle Survival Mode, among others). Ironically, most of the changes have been done in the latest installment of the series, SFA3. I am sorry to say that the World Tour Mode is gone and with it, the ability to customize your character and use it in battle. Also gone are the vital stats of each character (weight, height, age, etc.) shown when you select your favorite in the original release...very sad because I liked that feature but I'll get over it. In an effort to simplify the game a little bit, the health bar is now of only one solid color (remember how in Alpha 2 and 3 the health bar when full spans from green to yellow? it is solid yellow), which is ok with me. The animation for each of the hits onscreen has changed across all games, making each of the hits more noticeable with a starburst effect when they land on the opponent whether he/she is guarding or not (this is a cool improvement I think because the hits look more dramatic). Some of the entrance animations of some of the characters have changed slightly but in a good way, giving the characters a fresher look right before the fight.
    Am I happy? Absolutely. This is an excellent compilation of games which features classic fighting action, more challenging gameplay for advanced players and wonderful VS action for those occasions when your friend needs to be taught a lesson....more info
  • Perfect, flawless port
    The Alpha Anthology, is so far the best port of any Street Fighter collection. It includes five games (SF Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 2 Gold, Alpha 3, and Gem Fighter), as well as two unlockable games (Hyper SF Alpha and a "bonus" version of SF Alpha 3).
    The graphics and music of the five titles are perfect, just like the original arcade games themselves. If you have a wide-aspect ratio TV, you'll be treated to full arcade goodness - if not, you can modify the aspect ratio so that it fits a standard TV. Controls are also flawless, much like those of the Anniversary Collection.
    The unlockable games are as follows:
    "bonus" SF Alpha 3: It's SF Alpha 3 with more fighting styles, and all (most?) the Street Fighter characters, drawn Alpha-style. This includes characters that have never before made it into Alpha games - like Balrog and Fei Long, and some that are brand new. When played alone, this game is very difficult.
    Hyper SF Alpha: Very similar to SF Alpha 3 (in fact, I'm not sure what the exact differences are, in terms of gameplay), but can only be played against another opponent. Includes the same characters as "bonus" SFA3.
    In addition, all Alpha games include a Versus mode with full win/loss tallying, a Dramatic Battle mode - in which two players (Human/Human or Human/CPU) simultaneously take on a single CPU player and a Survival mode, which places you against opponent after opponent, refilling only a portion of your life bar after each match.
    To sum it up, the Alpha Anthology is the best SF collection Capcom has released. Here's to hoping that the Darkstalkers and Marvel series will follow a similar suit....more info
  • Calling all SF fans!
    If you are a Street Fighter fan, then this the game for you! This is a must for any PS2 fighting game fan collection! I highly recommend it....more info
  • kickin' it old-school
    I remember playing these games when they first came out. Now to have them all together is good. Particularly good is Street Fighter Alpha 2, and SFA2 Gold. These games have a few more characters and the movements are a lot more fluid, making the gameplay most enjoyable.

    Street Fighter is a great game to just invite a fellow gamer over to play for hours at a time. Thus it has very high "replay" value in that sense.

    I will say that if you are a big graphics person, then this may not be the one for you. However, in terms of playability, this game lives up to the Street Fighter legacy pretty well....more info
  • A game for my nephew
    I bought this game for my nephew and he really enjoyed playing. I have not played the game, but from what I saw it looked like fun....more info
  • Excellent Collection
    The games are all great and Gem Fighter is really fun to play I found my wife enjoyed playing it as well. You really need to play with two people instead of the game AI to enjoy it....more info
  • A game for my nephew
    I bought this game for my nephew and he really enjoyed playing. I have not played the game, but from what I saw it looked like fun....more info
  • Since Day One!
    If you havent played a Street Fighter yet...this is for you...*SLAP*

    Street Fighter is the TRUE "King of Fighters" in the 2D AND 3D world! Ive been enthrawled with Street Fighter since day one. And now for all of you that have livin under a rock since the late 80's heres your second chance to get up to speed.

    SFAA gives a Perfect Emulated arcade port. Quick, Responsive conrtolls and Bright colours, (noth that there werent any in the console versions). The only thing i'm dissapointed in is since its the Arcade version...for SFA3, that means NO GUILE!, no EVIL RYU!, no Eagle, and so on. Kinda depressing being a Guile fan, but thats what Charlies for right!?

    If you havent played a SF game, pick this up! Nows you chance to creat some Classic 2 on 1 battles you never could befor. A few added modes adds to the replay value.

    This is a Classic times 3!
    Buy or Die...more info
  • For 2D fighter enthuaist here you go!
    If you followed Street Fighter you are likely famaliar with Alpha. The first two games were supposed to be a prequel of sorts to SF 2 only with better anime inspired sprites and smoother game-play. The third game could be debated to be a remake of SF 2 only with more characters while being re-vamped in the Alpha art style.

    Regardless all the games in the collection are smooth and arcade perfect. In addition to getting Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 2 Gold, and Alpha 3 you also get gem fighter which is a cute chbified mosh of SF alpha, dark stalkers, red planet, and SF 4 thrown together. I say this because there are characters from all those games. The only gripe is there are not as many characters as you may like and compared to the alpha games gem fighter is fun but a bit shallow.

    You can unlock Street fighter Alpha 3 upper by beating the original SF Alpha 3 that has more characters but still not as many cameos as SF Alpha 3 Max.

    The pros are obivous. In this collection you get the whole story line in the alpha universe. You get to see how beloved characters such as Ryu,Ken,Sagat, and Chun Li grow up and confront their demons. In addition you have interesting new comers such as the psychic telepath woman Rose and the spunky Ryu admirer Sakura. It's also great the character designs got an overhaul. Fighters such as Ziegnief, Vega, and Bison look alot better and have alot more personality then they did in SF 2.

    In addition every character has many moves and the ability to charge adrenaline gauges to unleash more powerful variations of those moves. For the most part the fighting mechanics are very balanced. Even if you begin losing at the beginning of a match you can still bounce back with well planned enough strategies. Unlike King of fighters that is heavily combo-centric Street fighter often encourages trade offs of cat and mouse. For example some moves can be used to lure someone to get closer at which point you execute a hard hitting combo. Also you are encouraged to switch up between attacking high and attacking low. Besides for the Hadoken clones everyone plays very differently so do not expect the same tired tactic to win you every match.

    I found overall I could beat each game with any character however admittedly it was much easier to defeat Bison with some characters than it was with others. Ryu,Akuma,and Ken are as ever the hard hitting perfect balance fighters whereas others such as the fast but weaker bunch like Cammy,Juli,Sakura,Karin,Chun Li, Vega,Gen, and Guy require more brains to use and more finnesse. Balrog,Ziegnief, and T hawk are the same heavy damage behemoths they were before. When you land hits it is awesome but since they have no projectile attacks or easy combo chains you have to be cautious so you don't get whittled away but the smaller quick combatents. My only gripe in the roster is Guile and Charlie have not evolved much. Their sonic booms and flash kicks are pretty pathetic as if capcom improved everyone's techniques except Guile's. You can combo with them but it's hard as hell. Then again maybe I'm just not good at using them.

    By now you should know what you have here. Many good games in one collection that chronicle all of Alpha's story lines from humble beginnings to epic ends. Every game is fun to play by yourself or with friends that come over when you have a competitive urge to prove your gamer geek dominance. The only down-side in the PS-2 version is there is NO online play. To some that might be a big deal.

    If you love 2D fighters you should have this in your collection. These games are on par with the quality of SF 3 third strike and they are not simply tired remakes of SF 2. If however you prefer 3D fighters such as Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5 there is nothing here that will impress you or convert you to the 2D faithful crowd.

    ...more info


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