Eureka Dust Cup DCF-10, 62396

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Product Description

Replacement pleated dust cup filter fits Eureka Optima bagless vacuum cleaner models 431A, 431AE, 431AX, 431AXZ, 431AXZE, UK431A, and other models from Eureka 430 series. Style DCF-10. Original Eureka part number 61825, DCF-10, DCF10.

  • For optimum performance replace filter every 12 months
Customer Reviews:
  • DCF10 is better than DCF14
    Filter Type Dcf-10

    I have two Optima vacumns, one for downstair and garage, one for upstair. I have two dogs. I replaced the original filter (dcf10) with the new
    Dcf 14. I like the Dcf 10 so much better. It is durable after many wash and much easier to install. Dcf 14 is made of some kind of fabric the catches the dirt and it is very delicate....more info
  • It worked fine
    It's an air filter. I needed it for my Eureka Optima. It was the right part, works great....more info
  • Vacuum
    I had no idea how badly my vacuum cleaner sucked until I changed the filter. Then it was sucking like a brand new machine. Amazing!...more info
  • DCF-10
    While I didn't get the notice regarding the backorder delay, I am now completely satisfied with the 2 DCF-10 items ordered....more info
  • Good for small spaces
    This is a great vacuum for small (carpeted) apartments. It is powerful and compact. I empty the filter after each use (I have a cat) and rinse it with warm water every third use. I replace the filter entirely every six months. I'd rather dump the contents of the vacuum after each use than let it sit in a traditional vacuum bag in my home. ...more info
  • Lots of attention
    I agree with the other person's comment that the filter cloggs fast but look at its size, of course it will clog fast. You will need to give the filter some TLC but you don't need to throw it away and especially twice a month. Get some canned air or a Bicycle pump with a needle valve to concentrate the air or better use a compressor to blow the dust and debris right out of it. ...more info
  • easy to purchase
    I have had hard time finding this filter replacemet, but I go online and there is, order it and it is sent to my door step, how much easier can it geet....more info
    Amazon, apparently knowing how passionate I am about such things, has asked me to review the dust cup filter I recently purchased from them.
    What can I say about the Eureka 62396 Eureka Dust Cup Filter, aka DCF 10? This thing filters dust! And it's in a cup shape that fits handily into the space that the old dust cup filter came out of, making it an appropriate replacement for the old Eureka 62396 Eureka Dust Cup Filter - DCF-10 that I had to throw out because it got moldy. Hint: if you have a moldy dust cup filter, do not turn your vacuum cleaner on. It will smell up your house real quick, I'll tell you what. Unless you want your house to small like an old wet towel that someone's left under the porch.
    Dust cup filter! Eureka!...more info
  • Just as described! Thanks!
    The items were just as described and shipped quickly. Thank you very much!...more info
  • Filter
    I love this vacuum, but the filters clog up very fast. I basically have to change them twice a month. Thank god they aren't too expensive!...more info