Oster 3001 12-Inch Frying Pan

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Product Description

12", Electric Frying Pan.

  • 12" Nonstick frying pan
  • Skillet lift draine excess grease for healthier cooking
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • High domed tempered glass allows for easy monitoring and larger volume
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Oster Skillet is Awesome
    My new Oster 12" electric skillet is just what I wanted. My old (38 year-old) electric skillet had seen its last days! I wanted a skillet that was not too big, yet provided the features I was accustomed to in my old one...temperature control easy to regulate, easy clean-up, and reliability. The Oster fits the bill. I especially like the glass top so I can see what is cooking. Also, the quick release plug is a great addition. I recommend this skillet to anyone who is looking for a functional, yet attractive addition to his/her kitchen. Good buy....more info
  • The numbers on the temperature dial rub off!
    I thought I would put in my two cents, having this skillet for about three years. The good: It has served me faithfully and continues to do so on (almost) a daily basis. It cooks well and it is the most-used of all my electric kitchen appliances. I would recommend this product to anyone, minus ONE small detail. The numbers rub off the dial after a while, rendering the multiple temp settings nearly useless. I have adapted to not having numbers on mine, however. I just guess at it and have had no problems cooking anything. I have considered making new labels for mine, but I am afraid they would melt, given the heat that comes from the element....more info
  • Great for the RV!!!
    I bought this to use in our 5th Wheel Trailer--have hardly used the stovetop since purchase. Pancakes, Grilled Garlic Bread, even Broccoli Cheese Soup turned out great. Sherry R....more info
  • The Good and the Bad
    I purchased the 12" Oster electric skillet to replace my 2 year old Villaware Electric Skillet.
    The Good--The Oster cooks evenly, no non-heating spots, easy to clean. Large side handles keeps control from getting very greasy.
    The Bad -- The control unit is very hard to put in place and keep connected, my husband has to do it for me,
    and I'm an able bodied woman. ...more info
  • Excellent main pan
    We love this because it's so easy to use and easy to clean. The food actually slides off with minimal effort. We can use it to make just about anything, including a deep fat fryer, so we only need one appliance on the counter or stove....more info
  • Oster Electric Fry Pan
    I wanted a replacement, because the electric skillet I had was really heating unevenly. I read many reviews and settled on this one because of all the testimony for even heating. I was worried about the problem that everyone complained about with the numbers wearing off of the temperature select dial. I thought of a way to solve the problem. I bought a can of clear engine paint. It withstands high temperatures and is very inexpensive at Pep Boys. I covered the cord and insertion rod with foil so that the only thing that was exposed was the temperature control dial. I sprayed it with the clear engine paint out in the garage. So far, so good! I have cooked with it and the numbers on the dial have not changed....more info
  • Very happy so far
    I bought this to put in our RV. I might have to get another one to keep at our house! I've used it for about a week and I am very impressed so far....more info


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