Nioxin Cleanser For Fine Hair, System 3, For Chemically Enhanced Hair, Packaging May Vary, 33.8-Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

Formulated with European botanicals and rich humectants, the Cleanser is a hydrating and energizing conditioner for scalp and fine hair. Made with vitamins, proteins and amino acids to nourish scalp for stronger hair, it relieves tightness and tension from dryness. With Eco-Correctives to remove pollutants and toxins from scalp and hair, this Nioxin cleanser leaves skin looking fuller and healthier.

  • One 33.8-ounce bottle of hair cleanser
  • Formulated with European botanicals and rich humectants to moisturize dry scalps and chemically treated hair
  • Relieves tightness and tension from dryness
  • With eco-correctives to remove pollutants and toxins from scalp and hair
  • Proteins and amino acids to nourish scalp for stronger hair

Customer Reviews:

  • Results Sooner Than Expected
    My hair looked and felt thicker much sooner than expected. As a woman, having thinning patches causes me much distress. Thankfully, this product works very well. ONE THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: I cannot use this everyday because it feels like my hair gets a waxy buildup. I alternate between NIOXIN and a clarifying shampoo....more info
  • Good Shampoo
    I have been using Nioxin products for a few years. My hair is very fine and I have hard water......the combination leaves my hair feeling/looking terrible. I don't know if it actually "thickens" a person's hair....however it does leave my scalp feeling great and my hair looking full because as all of the gunk has been efficently removed.
    If in doubt, give it a try for your self and decide. This large bottle lasts me approximately 4 months (I generally wash my hair once a day)....more info
  • Great product for thinning hair
    I have used this product before and was very pleased so I bought more. The fragrance is wonderful and fresh. This product works. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Nioxin system 3 Cleanser for chemically altered hair
    My hairdresser shocked me by recommending this product for thinning hair. Thinning hair? I had no idea, but I realized it was true because in the light you could see just how very thin it had gotten. When it was wet, I felt like I had just a very small amount of hair left. I was so sad. I bought this product as he suggested, and it seems to be working for me! I've been using it for just over 4 months now and I have new hair growth sticking up in places that I had not realized my hair had been thinning. Hurray. I am so pleased to see my hair coming back in! Good luck to all that try it- other reviewers did not always have the same results I had, so I feel very fortunate. I hope others that try it have the same results that I have had so far. (I also use this in combination with its companion product, Nioxin Scalp Therapy.)...more info


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