Threelac Probiotic Dietary Supplement, Natural Lemon Flavor, .053-Ounce Packets (Pack of 60)

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Product Description

This dietary supplement contains live lactic acid bacteria. Three types of live microorganisms support your healthy life. Living, life-filled lactic bacteria support your daily health and beauty. Threelac is a lemon-flavored, nutritional food supplement composed of three live bacteria: bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis. Additionally, Threelac contains fiber, yeast (as food for the bacteria), and vitamins, all added to support your daily health and wellness needs.Threelac is recommended not only for the maintenance of your daily health, but also to help address the digestion of those whose normal meals tend to be irregular and off-balance. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Threelac is manufactured in Japan.

  • Case of 60 0.53-ounce packets of lemon-flavored dietary supplement (total of 31.8 ounces)
  • Lemon-flavored, supplement composed of 3 live bacteria: bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis
  • Contains fiber, yeast (as food for the bacteria), and vitamins
  • Helps aid digestion and treat a Candida or yeast disorder
  • Made in Japan

Customer Reviews:

  • So far so good
    My daughter has only been using this product for a few weeks but so far it seems to be helping. ...more info
  • Great Product! Highly recommend!
    I purchased this product to give to my 16 year old son who has Autism. I decided to try it myself prior to giving it to him since I have some "potty" issues as well. I have to say after 3 weeks, I am very pleased! (without going into detail!) I will now order more and begin to give it to my son as well! If you have issues with yeast or your bowels, this product is well worth the one dollar a day cost! ...more info
  • This product saved my life in 2003
    Back in 2003 i was really sick. Was on Antibiotics for 7 months. My Dr. was going to give me a pill ( that would do damage to my liver) for all the yeast i had in my body. But went to the health store and a women told me about this. My Dr. said i could give it a try and 1 month later and after a blood test confirmed it the yeast was gone. Great product. ...more info
  • It Works!
    I tried it...first two weeks were tough..itched more each night I continued to use it.....I did not give up..By week three..I noticed a BIG difference in my awful candida symptoms. Today..(one month later)...I have no itching issues like before. I also see a difference in my skin tone....and I can sleep at night! I have not slept well in YEARS...I say try it..for a month (at least)..before you give up on it...Initially..your symptoms may get worse before they get better.....more info
  • Getting "friendlies" back
    A year of very heavy antibiotic use for a series of staph infections had
    decimated my "friendly" bacteria, and left my MD warning about blood
    pressure in the 150+ and 90+ areas, and congestive heart failure. Since I
    tested way over the top on candida overgrowth, I elected ThreeLac as a
    conservative therapy. After two months my bp is back to 120 and lo-70's,
    and other therapy talk has passed away. A cheap and easy "back to friendly"
    levels, I figure....more info
  • I hate the fact that this stuff is so expensive...
    ...and that it's the only thing that seems to work! At least for me. I've use quite a few probiotics but usually you have to take on an empty stomach, at a certain time, etc. But I like that it doesn't matter when you take this product, before eating, while eating, after eating - it always seems to work. And I can see results in a matter of days by looking at my tongue. I would give it 5 starts but the price stops me short of that. There's no reason this product needs to be priced that high. I would probably buy more frequently if it wasn't for that.....more info
  • My stomach is so flat!
    I have been taking ThreeLac for almost a month now and within the first week I noticed that my stomach was smaller than it has been since I had my son (now 2 1/2) People have been commenting on how small I am - I love it! I started taking it for bloating/IBS symptoms and possible yeast and it has exceeded my expectations so far. I have recommended it to a few people that are taking it and getting similar results. In my case it gets 5 stars - tastes good, works great! :) ...more info
  • Wonderful!! Try it!!
    I noticed a difference the day after I took it! My sinuses cleared up and my brain fog lifted. It's an amazing product and for everything it does for your health the price is well worth it! I want everyone I know to try it. Our digestive health is sooooooo important. I guess from other reviews that it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked wonders for me. My whole family is taking it and feeling great!!...more info
  • Threelac works
    Threelac works and Fivelac works slightly better. However, I think Fivelac was a little too strong for me in picking up the same dosage (2-4 packets a day) so I have discontinued it for its slightly less expensive version....more info
  • Persistent Rash Gone
    If you have a rash that won't go away, you might want to try this product as I did. I tried several topical ointments to no avail. The rash started disappearing the first evening. I don't know if it was related to a yeast or fungus infection, but I do know that it worked....more info
  • Overpriced
    I buy a bottle of Dr Shahani's Probiotics,- which are known to contain the best lactobacillus acidophilus,- that only costs me 17 dollars and works wonders. Those interested in getting the best acidophilus can visit Dr Shahani's website and purchase from them.
    I am not saying Threelac does not work. I am saying we can get the same thing -or even better- for a much lower price. ...more info
  • The best Probiotic I've ever used- Love it!
    This is the only probiotic I've found that has really been able to keep candida in check. I love it not only because it's so effective but also because of it's pleasant taste (kind of like tart/tangy pixy stix) AND it doesn't need to be refrigerated! How convenient is that!? I've tried many others and have always come back to this. It is well worth the money, more cost effective in a long run....more info
  • This saved my GI Tract!
    I have struggled with IBS and other digestive woes for years. When I take the Three Lac I have about an 85-90% reduction in my digestive problems. It is so amazing!!! And I know if I don't take the Three Lac then it all goes back to the way it was before. Thank you, thank you to whoever makes this stuff--it had helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!!!...more info
  • Don't suffer with yeast again!
    Threelac Dietary Supplement, Natural Lemon Flavor, .053-Ounce Packets (Pack of 60) If you ever get yeast infections from antibiotics, diabetics eating too much sugar, or any other reason, this is the answer. My doctor recommended I search for threelac on the internet, to help me. It is available other places, but Amazon has prime shipping. I take 3 packets a day if anything is flaring up, or you can take 1 or 2 packets per day for maintenance. I even give it to my dog, when his skin gets yeast infections. (one a day). Both my dogs love it, even though only one needs it. It is a lemony powder packet, pour it in your mouth and then swallow water. It is not bad tasting, did take a tiny bit of adjusting to. But, if you're in misery--it's worth it. My doctor did me such a huge favor. Kathy Teff....more info
  • It works for me!
    Due to longtime job stresses I had developed a substandard immune system. A difficult infection developed, and I also had developed a chronic case of irritable bowel syndrome. I was fatigued, depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. I happened upon threelac as a result of one other infection-sufferer who shared time on a forum regarding the disease...he told how he got his life back through threelac. I'm always skeptical of such an easy fix, but in desperation I decided to try some. I felt better in a matter of days. Now, after a couple of years of taking threelac I have a completely active life, normal bowel movements and am grateful for the product. I had tried several other types of probiotics sold in local stores and none helped at all. I've tried to eliminate threelac from my diet and found that I do lose ground, energy-wise, so unless something else cheaper proves effective, it will continue to be a part of my daily routine. I'm grateful for having found it....more info
  • ThreeLac?
    So, I bought the threelac because I was having some problems caused by an excess of candida albicans in my digestive tract. I had already experienced incredible relief from these symptoms from just changing my diet, which makes it hard to say if the threelac really helped at all. The lemon flavored one tastes nice, but I keep thinking about how probiotics are sensitive to heat and I have no idea what temperatures they are stored at in the Amazon warehouse or in the shipping process. Or if they were in the sun for a while and the product was already dead. Who knows! They could be helping a tremendous amount, but because I've changed my diet so much (in a very healthy way) I just haven't noticed the effect of this product. If you're considering buying it because of yeast, just get a book called "Feast Without Yeast", get a good refrigerated probiotic, and schedule yourself some colonics. Seriously. They help to remove the yeast from your large intestine. Also, whole coconut milk and/or coconut oil. They have a high lauric acid content which has been found very effective in treating candida, as well as many other problems that affect your immune system. ...more info
  • Big Hype!!!!!
    I used this product for a few months and at first I was feeling really good, but after the month wore off I had to take more and more and it seemed like a constant expensive circle

    I did take the advice of one of your reviewers and went to the health food store and bought a good probiotic and that made a world of difference and I did save a lot of money and got much better results...more info
  • Indifferent
    I ordered two boxes of Threelac (60 pack) plus GHT Oxygen Elements (1 oz.). I took 1 packet/day for 1 week and then 2 packets/day until completion.

    I noticed no discernible difference in my health, although I have to admit that I have more issues I'm dealing with than just a high yeast count. Personally, I did not experience any issues with stomach cramps etc, as others have suggested and I would not consider my stomach to be among the stronger ones (perhaps beginning slowly with 1 pack the first week helped).

    Overall I cannot recommend nor discount the possible benefits of the product. Sorry I can't be more helpful. ...more info
  • Sorry, but it is overrated and it doesn't work....
    I want to share (with everybody who is struggling with Candida) my experiences. Yes, I have Candida and have been looking for a miraculous cure to get rid of is easier to grow it in your body than get rid of it. I had been researching different diets and food supplements like Threelac for some time already. I have read a lot of positive things about Threelac and decided to go for it. Well, unfortunately after 2 months of using Candida was still doing very good in my body (but not me). To add something to it....I WAS (AT THAT TIME) ON A STRICT CANDIDA DIET (not eating many people do when taking Threelac). SORRY TO SAY....BUT THREELAC DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME FIGHT MY CANDIDA!!!!
    I turned to other products....and they seem finally to work. I am still on Candida diet...but fight it with ORGANIC PLAIN KEFIR (one glass per matter when) and 15 drops of GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT mixed in half glass of water (1 drink per day). MY CANDIDA STOPPED BOTHERING ME ANYMORE!!!!!! I STILL HAVE IT....BUT I DO NOT HAVE ANY SIMPTOMPS I USED TO HAVE.
    I discovered that diet, KEFIR and GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT is the only way to go. NOT THREELAC!!!!
    ...more info
  • I am seeing results
    I have been using ThreeLac on a monthly rotation with another probiotic and I am definitely seeing and feeling results. The shooting pains in my breasts have subsided (I'm a nursing mother). My thrush on my tongue has been gone for a couple of weeks, heartburn has stopped. My brain isn't foggy anymore. I did up the dosage to two packets a day and had to stop for a whole day altogether because it gave me bad intestinal cramping. Went back to one a day and doing well again. I have systemic yeast and was getting desperate. After being on this and Culturelle for 4+ months now I realize I've probably had systemic yeast for years. I also think the threelac is working better than the Culturelle....more info
  • Not Useful Waste of Money
    I bought this product on a recommendation I read in a best selling book. I didn't benefit from this product and will not recommend it to anyone. I switched to Pearl Probiotics and Activ Dannon yogurt/cheese which I find as very effective and cheap....more info
  • My Intestinal Candida is GONE!
    For those of you skeptics, I am a woman who works for a Bank in Bend Oregon (And was not Coersed to write this nor do I work for "The company"). I am a wife and a daughter and have many great friends. I also suffer from IBS, and Candida. I was tested for yeast in my intestines 4 months ago and it came back moderate-high. Although I have been on a very strict diet of no sugar and no carbs, and have also taken other anti yeast substances along with Threelac, I swear to you all that without Threelac, I would not have gotten completely rid of my Candida. That's right...I retested 3 weeks ago and my panel came back zero intestinal yeast! That's the best testimonial I can give. I am still fighting Candida in my sinuses (one of the hardest places to rid this beast), and will continue my diet and Threelac for several more months. The Price is well worth the results. ...more info
  • This product changed our family!
    At six years old, my daughter was starting to unravel mentally and physically. She was anxious all of the time, could not handle the smallest change in routine, was regressing in her learning, and would spend hours locked in her room, re-arranging everything in her room, and insisting on sleeping with very bizarre items. She would also complain of stomach cramps, and would periodically run high fevers and experience vomiting and diarrhea. I started to suspect a food allergy, and found information relating to Candida and leaky gut syndrome and the effects when combined with food allergies. When she testes positive for yeast, I immediately started her on ThreeLac, and cut gluten and casein from her diet. She experienced some withdrawal for a couple of days, but has blossomed since then. She is a child that we have never known - happy, relaxed, well adjusted, social, and confident. No more cramping or vomiting. Apart from her miraculous recovery, my husband and I are sleeping better at night, with fewer aches and pains that we thought were normal, I no longer have migraines or irregular cycles, and our other daughters have not been sick since taking this product. I recommend it to everyone and think it is more than worth the price. You don't have to refrigerate it, can take it anywhere, mix it in anything. I certainly won't hurt you to try it, you can only benefit!...more info
  • Effectiveness yet to be proven
    The upside is that the kid loves the taste and does not refuse it - startling by his standards. The downside is that we only know of this product by word of mouth and would have liked some honest user opinions. We have just started giving this to our kid, so it would be a while before we can send in our user opinion of the product itself....more info
  • Really seems to work
    I am someone with major gastro problems...after a bad bout with ulcerative colitis, I had a full colectomy two years ago and now have a reverse anastamosis (jpouch). Needless to say, I'm very finicky in the bowel area. I tried this product and have had good results - I am much more consistent and regular. I hope it keeps working. I will buy my second box this week....more info


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