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Product Description

Cosequin for cats is a flavored nutritional supplement to help cats maintain healthy joints. As cats age, it is common for their joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. COSEQUIN is an exclusive formula to support and maintain the health of your cat's joints. Each natural chicken & tuna flavored sprinkle capsule contains 125 mg Glucosamine HCl, 100 mg 95% Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 5% Mixed Glycosaminoglycans, 8 mg Ascorbate and 1 mg Manganese.

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Patented scientifically researched nutritional supplement to help cats maintain healthy joints
  • Natural chicken and tuna flavored sprinkle capsules.

Customer Reviews:

  • Really works!
    I have two older cats who are beginning to show hip and knee pain of arthritis. The vet recommended this item and it really works! All symptoms disappeared after just two days of pills. It is easily mixed in with a bit of wet cat food. I keep giving the pills for an additional three - 5 days and then just wait for another episode. It really works as the cats are their usual mobile selves again; climbing stairs, hopping up on chairs and laying in their usual pretzel like cat positions!...more info
  • Very pleased!!
    My vet recommended this product. My cat actually eats her entire meal with this powder mixed into her dinner from the tablet each night. Thank you ! ...more info
  • Best stuff there is for cats!
    First of all, if you have a finicky eater, be sure to grab a package of Greenies Pill pockets along with these and then give them to your cat. The pill pockets are a Godsend to cats - you can put anything in those things and they'll gobble them up. They're like cookie dough so you can form them around any shape pill you have to give to your cat. God bless the man who invented Greenies! That said, mine wouldn't eat these or any other joint medicine before I used the greenies. The cosequin works so very well on my young arthritic cat, that he's finally able to run, jump and play once again. Great, great product, will be buying for the rest of his life. Can't recommend this medicine enough - got my cat back! Highly, highly recommend!...more info
  • Terrific product!
    My 14 year-old cat has been taking Cosequin for about a year and a half. When she started taking it she had a stiffness in her hips that was causing her to move very slowly and she was unable to jump up on all but the lowest furniture. After less than a week she was showing a marked improvement. Now I give it to her every other day (1 capsule mixed with a small amount of canned food), and she is running around like a kitten. She likes the taste too....more info
  • I am not a vet but... was recommended by my vet for my cat's urinary infection. My cat has a stone in her bladder and was in a lot of pain, so the vet recommended that she takes this every day with her meals. Ever since we started this, the cat hadn't been crying out in pain unless it's something really serious....more info
  • Cat arthritis
    Recommended by my cats' vet for some arthritis in their hip joints. The two cats are 15 years old; one has mild arthritis; the other's is more severe. I noticed improvement almost immediately....more info
  • Extremely happy with truly amazing results
    I started using Coseqiun (capsule form) for my cat of now 17 years two years ago when she was diagnosed with deteriorating hip joints and arthritis. She had slowed down on playing, and was lying around more so than normal. One day I even noticed her starting to struggle a touch when wanting to just get up. Since using this Cosequin "tuna flavored capsule form" she now runs, plays, and jumps around freely just as she did 10+ years ago... I give my cat a good heeping tablespoon of tuna every morning, and sprinkle and mix this with it, and she laps up every last bit of it... ...more info
  • Cosequin for Yorkies
    We raise Yorkshire Terriers for show and use "Cosequin for Cats" on them. It works very fast on our older "retired" Yorkies, usually within 4 to 6 weeks. We have never had any side affects and they eat it readily with one of their meals each day. After 6 weeks we reduce the use to every other day which helps to maintain good joint health. We have tried other products but have not had the good results we have with Cosequin and the price is very reasonable....more info
  • Cosequin turned my tired old Tabby into a frisky little kitten!
    I'm amazed at the difference Cosequin as made in Patrick, my senior cat. BC (Before Cosequin) this old cat would just sit around all day. Moving for him was obviously very painful and he would growl if you touched his butt. After a couple weeks I noticed a difference and now two months later I just caught him RUNNING up the stairs the other night.

    Before I bought Cosequin I thought it was probably a scam but Patrick was doing so bad I was willing to try anything. I'm so happy that I took a chance on this product. It's made such a big difference in his ability to get around that I couldn't imagine ever taking him off it.
    ...more info
  • Recommeded by my vet for elderly cat
    Actually, my vet prescribed the first package and it seemed to make a difference in the mobility of my 18-year-old cat. Since it does not seem to need a prescription, ordering on-line is easier to ensure she has it continually from now on....more info
  • Prescribed for Hip Dysplasia
    Our 5-year-old orange tabby was a 2-year-old when saved from a cat collector's flooded trailer with 50 other kitties. Among other problems that cropped up after he adopted us was a problem jumping & running. It turned out he has early hip dysplasia (which we thought mainly applied to dogs)and knees that popped out. The vet suggested Cosequin, 2 caps. every other day. He's been on that for over 2 years and has shown dramatic improvement. Now, we have to search for him "High" as well as low, and his activity level has been sustained on the Cosequin....more info
  • Palatable and effective
    I started my cat on this product when she started showing signs of arthritis in her hips at age twelve. I can't say she adores the taste, but she certainly didn't seem to care that it was sprinkled over her food. She still eats all her food. I feed dry kibble, so I have to moisten the food a little to make sure the powder goes down the hatch with the food. It doesn't stick perfectly, but she misses very little of it. Those who feed wet food can probably mix it in for even better delivery.

    I did not see dramatic results, but her arthritis was not advanced enough for that. She is able to jump up onto some things, and moves more confidently across shifty surfaces (the squishy top of our futon couch, for example). High-angle, high-altitude leaps are still out of the question for her, but Cosequin seems to have lessened the symptoms and slowed the progression of her arthritis.

    Don't expect it to cure your cat's ailing joints--it can't reverse time and aging. But I recommend this product for those who want an effective arthritis treatment that can be delivered via their cat's food. ...more info
  • It's a miracle!
    My vet, who claimed a vast improvement in her own elderly cat's mobility with this product, recommended it for my 18 year-old cat (then 17). My cat went from being wobbly, cranky (I imagine from joint pain) and barely able to manage stairs to being her old sweet self (most of the time), steady and skillful on the stairs again. Some months ago I skimped and didn't get more for a month or so when I ran out but as my cat gradually deteriorated I put her back on it again and will continue her on it indefinitely (best price here on Amazon!). I've been glad to see such a great imporvement on such a safe product, with no adverse side effects, and which on top of it helps with urinary tract health. ...more info
  • Works great!
    We give this product to two senior cats who have arthritis. Before they started taking Cosequin, they were in pain and not active. After being on Cosequin for a few weeks, they are playing, running around and acting like 3 year olds instead of 13 year olds. We just sprinkle it on a little canned food, mix it up and they love it....more info
  • Miracle medicine
    Great product, great price, great service. The difference in my 16 year old cat has been like night and day. He is able to jump on the bed on his own power now and is a much happier kitty....more info
  • Great Product!
    This product works! My picky 18+ cat can actually handle the taste. I pour the powder from the capsule in a bit of tuna juice and she laps it up before she gets her dinner. Without it, I don't think she would be able to get up any more. She is no spring chicken but at least she can still get up when anyone moves towards the kitchen in hopes of a little bit of food....more info
  • Trudy says thankyou
    My 22 year old cat Trudy doesn't get around as easily as she used to. On Cosequin her gait is more normal and she appears to be able to move more freely and without pain. It's a difference that is quite remarkable. She's been on Cosequin for about four years. This cat is a quite finicky eater and rejects most supplements. We mix the contents of the Cosequin capsule in her morning food and she eats it all down without hesitation. This beats having to fight her every morning to force a pill down her throat. I suspect Cosequin contributes to urinary tract health as well because Trudy used to get UTI's but hasn't had one now for several years. I know my geriatric cat's quality of life has been improved by Cosequin and I'm thankful to have found something to ease her joint discomfort in her old age. It's definitely worth it to comparison shop for pricing on this product....more info
  • If only I could get my cat to take it
    I read all the reviews and talked to my vet about this product. It sounds AMAZING and so perfect for my senior kitty! The bad thing is that he REFUSES to eat it. I've disguised it in his wet food. I've tried mixing it with the hairball formula he likes. And I even put it in baby food (chicken only, no preservatives or additives or etc... a treat I learned from the breeders) but he can smell it a mile away!

    Too bad its in a powder formula because I will not subject him to having me shove a whole pill down his throat every day. =( I only wish they had samples or even smaller boxes of this stuff so that my purchase wouldn't go to such waste.
    ...more info
  • Cosequin helps
    My cat is 10 years old. She started having a problem with her left foreleg @ 18 months ago. The Cosequin seems to keep her mobile enough to move around comfortably. We also bought her "doggy" steps to help her get up and down in the higher areas of our home, and this helps her as well. She takes at least one Cosequin mixed with a small amount of canned cat food each morning. If she seems to be having more of a problem with her legs, I increase her dosage to two capsules for awhile. ...more info
  • Has changed my cats life!
    I've been shopping on Amazon for 5 years and this is the first review I've written. This product has completly revolutionized my cats life! My little boy is FIV+ and is two years old now. Around 1 year of age, he stopped walking almost overnight. After a few weeks we had an appt. with a specialist who said he has permanently dislocated hips, knee caps and a right shouldar blade. Surgery was not an option since the problems were so widespread. I was devestated! They believe it to be caused by some congential birth bone defect, with not much hope for any sort of improvement. The Dr. said to just keep him comfortable and try to encourage him to walk as much as possible. Well, I worked as a vet tech for a year a while ago and remember the doctor using cosequin with cats with arthiritis. I picked some up and after a few weeks my little kitty was JUMPING again! He went from not walking basically at all (only to eat and use the littler box) to JUMPING! He now runs and chases his brother around like a kitten again. I owe it all to cosequin, it truly has 'saved' his life! ...more info
  • My cat loves it
    My cat loves this on her food, and she has been more active since she started taking it several months ago. This is my second box. She's 12 years old, going on 13, and has slowed down a lot in the past year. She has the precursors of arthritis, but no sign of actual arthritis yet, but my vet suggested starting her on this early. I've seen a difference - she's more active and picks on the dog more. ...more info
  • One of the Best Over the Counter Pet Medications Around
    Cosequin was highly recommended to me on the advice of my cats primary care veterinarian.

    Before my gray tabby was given Cosequin on a regular basis, he was hobbling around on three legs in a great deal of pain. Within a matter of days, his pain subsided and he fully regained his quality of living.

    ...more info
  • Vet recommended
    Our Vet suggested this for our kitty with not very healthy bones. I got 2 boxes for the price of what the Vet charged. I have not idea yet it if helping. They shipped it very quickly....more info
  • great product
    This was recommended by my vet. Bought from vet first time, now from Amazon, cheaper!...more info
  • sr cat med
    My two 13 y/o cats are much more active with this daily cosequin. Order arrived in a timely manner. Thanks....more info
  • Great price
    Even with shipping included this item is half the price that my vet is charging for it. The capsules are very easy to mix into my cats' food each morning and they seem to like the taste just fine.

    If your vet has recommended this additive for your cats, I highly recommend buying it here, rather than paying the inflated prices at your vet's office....more info
  • New lease on life for elderly kitty
    My 14 year old cat suddenly started limping and when I took her to the vet she was diagnosed with patellar luxation (her kneecaps don't stay in place) and arthritis. Cosequin for Cats was prescribed and worked wonders! It did take a while (2 or 3 months I think) but her limp disappeared almost all the time and her activity level increased. Dosage starts with a "loading dose" for about 4-6 weeks I think and then is lowered to a maintenance dose. After a year or 2 the limp returned and she spent most of her time in the same spot all day so at the vet's instruction we re-loaded her w/the Cosequin and this time after only a few weeks she's back to normal! And the icing on the cake is that Amazon's price is half what my vet charges!...more info
  • Great Product
    I have an 18 year old hyperthyroid female cat and two 11 year old boys. The product is as good as it says. My 18 year old is giving the boys a "what for" when they are rude and the boys are as rowdy as ever. I am so glad I decided to try it. We're only on the second month, but I can see definite improvements already....more info
  • Good product
    My vet recommended Cosequin for my aging cat. It really has made a difference. She's moving around a lot more. I can tell she feels better....more info
  • Happy Customer
    This stuff works for our cat ! A must to prevent bladder blockage issues....more info
  • Cosequin for cats
    Have been using this product for several years and it seems to help our cat who walks a bit easier but still slowly. Amazon's vendor gave great prices for this product....more info
  • What a Difference!!
    My cat is 20 years old yes 20! I have seen her come back to life in ways I can not believe. She is jumping back up on the furniture again, and yes I am shocked to be happy about that!
    She seems like she has a second wind, and I feel that whatever time she has left is certainly improved by using this....more info
  • Nutramax Cosequin
    Excellent product. Was very concerned for my cats mobility - couldn't jump and was dragging her leg. Works fantastic and she doesn't seem to mind it mixed in the food....more info
  • Seems to make a difference
    Our 18 year old kitty does seem to have an easier time getting up from laying down and is more eager to jump up on to higher objects. Didn't seem to take effect until about 4 weeks. I only give one pill a day since he is not the easiest to give a pill to, and when mixed in with food he won't eat it. I will continue to purchase this product since any ease of mobility for him is worth it....more info
  • Vet recommended for aging cat
    Our 14-year old cat used to be a super-athlete, but recently started hesitating to jump and developed a mild limp in her front leg. Vet recommended trying Cosequin for Cats to see if joint function improved; it took a while (2-3 weeks) but now she jumps easily. Doubt she'll ever go back to climbing trees and shimmying down the 2nd story deck columns, but it's nice to see her more active. While she still has a bit of a limp which we'll need to work on more with the vet, Cosequin certainly helps -and being able to get it at less than half the price from Amazon makes it just that much easier....more info
  • fantastic everything
    I purchased this product on a last minute basis, praying it would get to me before i ran out of my last dose for the cat. not only did it get to me by my deadline, it came before that!

    This product has literally breathed new life into my cat's life. After breaking a hip bone and kneecap due to a genetic brittle bone disease, he was left unable to do anything but crawl with his forepaws.He has spent years crawling like this, the vets told us he should be put to sleep. But I held on as he has so much want to live. Then I find Cosequin.

    You should see him now! I doubt he will ever walk again because he is too frail but he can get around so fast now, with such ease! He manuevers his body around with so much more coordination, strength and comfort,so that he can go across the room and enjoy the outdoors. I credit that fully to Cosequin. Thank for the years this has given back to us and to him!...more info
  • Great med for arthritis in cats
    Our cat has hip dysplasia. Without cosequin, she just wouldn't make it. She still has some bad days but after 5 years on this med, she is still able to do some jumping and can still get around. ...more info
  • Great product for arthritic cats
    Our cat has been on Cosequin for over a year, since being diagnosed with severe arthritis in her hips and knees (13 y.o. Maine Coon female, 21 lbs at her heaviest...) By putting her on a restricted calorie diet and sprinkling Cosequin in her food, the reduced stress on her joints and the Cosequin have worked wonders on her. (She doesn't take pills well, so I open the capsule and sprinkle the powder onto her food, wet and dry. She has never not eaten it.) She is now jumping up on the beds and counters that she stopped trying to access. While the box and sleeves of pills are convenient, I would rather it be a bottle of loose pills to cut down on packaging. Highly recommend trying it for your older cat that is not getting around as well as it used to -- arthritis in cats is not as well known as it is in dogs, but believe me -- they get it too!...more info
  • Cosequin
    My cat loves to taste of this product and takes it without giving me any trouble. She licks it off her morning food and then eats her breakfast. This is a supplement for joint health but she is taking it for urinary tract infections. It seems to work and I have seen other reviews for this application....more info
  • Cosequin helps our cat's arthritis
    Our cat gets Cosequin daily, mixed with a scoop of canned cat food. She never even knows she's getting the medicine. Seems to us it really helps her move with less pain....more info
  • cosequin
    My vet recommended this for a cat with severe urinary problems. I sprinkle it in his food daily which he either doesn't mind, or likes... (?? he eats it fine, so who knows?) It seems to have made a difference. He has been problem free for about a year now except for right after a period of time when I had run out of it- and you guessed it- we were back in the vet's office. Its not scientific, but is suggestive, and its easy enough to keep him on it....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This product is very effective in older cats. Your price was the best I have seen online. ...more info
  • Much Better Movement for Our Siamese
    We received our Siamese just over four years ago after he had been hit by a truck. He was very small, no more than six weeks old, so the injuries he sustained, although serious, quickly healed. Or so we thought.

    Last summer he fell out of a tree (showing off as usual), and soon thereafter he began to limp. Within a couple of weeks, he could hardly move without pain. We began giving him Cosequin twice a day, and, within a couple of weeks, his limp subsided. Now, on only one pill a day, he moves freely again.

    It's a joy to see him charging around the yard and house again with the vigor and agility of a kitten. Thanks, Cosequin!

    Highly recommended for cats with arthritis....more info
  • Cosequin for Cats
    This is a great product. Our cat is 10 years old and was limping. The vet said it was arthritis and prescribed Cosequin. We noticed a difference in her gait within a few days. We bought it from the vet the first time but found it was much more reasonably priced thru Amazon. ...more info
  • happy kitty
    While not a miracle supplement, I have seen a definite improvement in my cat's comfort and happiness. He is moving more and easier within 2 weeks of starting 1 capsule per day. He won't accept it being sprinkled on his dry food, but happily laps it up when mixed with a very small amount of wet food (he's on a diet, so shouldn't have too much of it)....more info
  • Great Movement
    I love this stuff. My 9y/o cat broke his leg when he was a kitten and has a fused knee. This causes him stress and pain, esp when it gets cold. I put him on cosaquin a little over a month ago ans he is doing great. He now jumps up into the window seals and chases our other cat all over the place. All I do it sprinkle it on a little bit of soft food (he likes the flaky stuff, not the mushy stuff) and stir it in. I'm going to keep him on this for life now....more info
  • Nutramax Cosequin for Cats
    I'm on the 2nd box of this product because it was recommended to me by my vet for my male cat. It seems to be working because after he was taken off a special cat food diet he hasn't had any more serious bladder blockage problems. I mix it in with his wet food (once a day) and he eats it all up!...more info
  • Cosequin for Cats
    Amazing product. Since I started giving my elderly arthritic cat this product, she has been able to move around with greater agility....more info
  • Great Product / Great Supplier
    My oldest cat has benefited from taking Cosequin for the past several years. I used to buy it from the vet, but they've converted to a mail order supplier who charges $10.00 more per box than the vet. So I decided to look around since it doesn't require a prescription, and I'm so glad I did! Through Amazon, I paid $5.00 less per box than I did at the vet. The product was shipped promptly, arrived in good shape, and the expiration date was far in the future. I will definitely reorder through Amazon again. ...more info
  • Cosequin for Cats
    I was skeptical that Cosequin for Cats would work for my cat, Lucky. Lucky has arthritis in his left knee and had been hobbling around for a while. I'm amazed at how well he's getting around now. He is jumping up on counters and bed as he used to. I give him two capsules/day (he's about 13 pounds), one capsule sprinkled on his morning meal and one sprinkled on his evening meal. He eats dry food. It took about 3 weeks or so before I noticed an effect....more info
  • Best Price Around!
    Great price on this product! I open a capsule and mix into the cat food, and my cat takes it readily. He doesn't have arthritis, we are using this supplement because he has crystals in his bladder. The glucosamine helps heal the bladder. So far so good, no more problems in the litter box dept.!...more info
  • Really helps my cat's arthritis
    My older cat was starting to limp from a previous injury. I decided to try Cosequin for him and it really helped his limping. He gets it every day now and seems to do well on it....more info


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