Winix Air Cleaner 9000

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  • Enjoy clean living, 99.99% True HEPA Filter captures smoke, dust, pollen and mold spores
  • Energy Star and AHAM certified; special technology attacks viruses and bacteria
  • Smart Dust and Odor sensors adjust fan speed automatically
  • Sleep Mode provides quieter and more energy-efficient operation
  • Programmable remote control for your easy control
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product
    My wife has severe allergies and even though she is a clean freak, up until now we could not find anything that could help her. We own two dogs and the combination of the odor and dander was just debilitating. We bought this product about 3 weeks ago. After the 3rd day the change was noticeable. Our house does not smell like dogs and she has not sneezed once (she used sneeze at least 50 times from the time she entered the house in the afternoons until she went to bed!) She also used to take 3 different allergy pills, now the combination of just Zertec and this product has literally eliminated her allergies and asthma....more info
  • So far so good
    Well I just purchased this air purifier after extensive research on-line--this machine seemed like it was the best value and quality for its price range. There are other machines ranked a bit higher but they will cost at least $100-$200 more and it didn't seem like you would be
    getting that much more value. I decided if we liked this one in our bedroom it would still be cheaper to buy a second one for our living room than to buy one of the other brand's larger and more expensive versions.

    It came today and within an hour my boyfriend and I both seemed to already notice a difference. The air feels fresher and cleaner--and smells better. Not to mention it is really quiet--even on high. The only mode that is a bit more noticeable is Turbo and even that just sounds like a fan turned on high. It was easy to set-up and is easy to use. I will have to check back in again after a longer period of use to report on whether we experience a long term noticeable difference on our allergies. ...more info
  • Stylish and highly regarded
    I don't own this air filter, but I've done some research online and this model appears to be very highly regarded. Personally, I give it 5 stars for looks alone -- it's a shame that manufacturer's don't put more thought into the design and aesthetics of their everyday products. I currently own and use 4 Hamilton Beach Hepa Air Filters (we live in a very smoggy area), and while they are serviceable and reliable, they're also ugly as sin. I hate looking at them every day: they're bulky, boring, and an offense of taste to every room they're in ... except maybe the garage. Anyway, if you're in the market for this particular Winix 9000, my very favorite warehouse type store (begins with "cost" and ends with "co") has this one on sale for two hundred and ninety nine bucks. Shipping included. That's quite a savings. Cheers!...more info