Winix Air Cleaner - 5000B

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  • 99% filtration clears the air of most allergens and other problems
  • Quiet, simple operation with Smart Sensor and PlasmaWave technology
  • 3 power levels allow you to customize operation to match your surroundings
  • Side air intake aids in air circulation
  • Easy maintenance keeps your air cleaner running at peak efficiency
Customer Reviews:
  • unexpected surprise. fantastic cleaner.
    I purchased this unit in a closeout sale out of desperation. I've looked at other filtration systems and haven't been impressed with any I've seen to date. Reviews are often mixed or conflicting. The night this came up for sale I had reached the end of my rope with the air quality in my cabin and bought one.
    I wish I'd bought two.
    I didn't have very high expectations for the Winix 5000 cleaner so I am constantly being surprised by how well it works. within a day I noticed the air in my cabin smelled different. Gone was the musk and dusty odors I've gotten used to. Gone was the congestion in my chest and clogged sinus.

    Our cabin is a prefab log cabin situated between a river and the highway. We get copious amounts of dust from each. As the water levels lower in the river, algae dries up and blows in the wind into the cabin. We do not have windows that are designed for screens so the cabin is pretty much open to the elements a great deal of the time. Add to that 3 large dogs and a wood stove used for heat and you've got a very dusty home. I often joke that by the time I'm done dusting in the afternoon it looks as if I'd never even started. I have allergies for dust mites and other things that love this kind of situation so I've been miserable.

    This air cleaner has changed all that. I washed the filter today and was again astonished at the amount of dirt it has pulled out of the air in my cabin in only 3 days. I've noticed that as the first filter becomes overburdened by dirt the cleaner tends to stay on high more than it does otherwise. I opened the machine 3 days ago to see the filter completely covered in dirt. I washed it and turned it back on again. Now 3 days later it has pulled so much crap out of the air that I've had to clean the filter again. No doubt the wood stove is a large contributor to the dirt in the air. I'm astonished that it is dust covering the filter and not dog hair as I'd expected. To know there was this much stuff in my air verifies what I had suspected all along. The air quality in this cabin really is as bad as I thought. I dont' mind washing the filter for two reasons. I don't dust as often as I did and the dust isn't thick as a carpet. It is far easier to rinse out the filter than it is to clean everything else in the cabin that would have otherwise been covered in this mess on the filter.

    It does a fantastic job cleaning odors out of the air as described by other reviewers. How it detects odors is a mystery to me. I thought at first it might just be a gimmick but one evening after a particularly garlicky dinner I found myself standing in front of the cleaner when.... well to put this as delicately as I can...the machine cranked into high gear upon detecting odors that had yet reached my dogs nose, and which caused him to glare at me and run from the house. The reaction of the dog I'm used to but the reaction of the cleaner left me in hysterics. It really does detect odor.

    All this is to say that I am exceedingly pleased with my purchase. I really wish I'd bought two of these. My cabin is 500 sq ft and the unit is only rated for just over half of that. even so, it has cleaned the entire cabin far better than i thought it would. I definitely recommend this machine. I plan on buying another as soon as I can afford it.
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  • Amazing Quality
    I own this product for 2-3 months now. I still get surprised how intuitive, sensitive, care free and eco-friendly this product is.
    1. Odor sensor. It senses any offensive odor (often before I can smell it myself) and turns itself to a speedier mode (depending on the concentration of the odor). Whether its my neighbor offending perfume, or my babies gases / poop, it takes care of it. How it does it you can read at the specifications section above, I don't care.
    2. Sensitive to the dust too. When I make my bed it detects little dust , and readjust itself to a slightly higher speed.
    3. Very quiet. I can not really hear it on its automatic mode, unless it goes to higher speed to wash the air. Excellent for the bedrooms.
    4. Dims the lights for the night mode.
    5. Remote control neatly hides on top of the unit - love the idea - never need to search for the place to put it.
    6. Air exhaust is also on top of the unit, which means you can place the unit directly against the wall - saves plenty of space.
    7. Easily washable filters. Saves money and time.

    The only think my wife (I have none) dislikes about this unit is that the light, although dimmable with the "night mode", does not completely go off - and that bothers her sleep. I sleep fine, though! :)

    I tried a multitude of air filters / purifiers, but I highly recommend this product.
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  • I can breathe...
    I have a long hair cat and considered getting rid of her. But now, I can breathe again. i do brush her daily and vaccum every weekend still. But the air cleaner does make a noticable difference....more info