Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent, Case Pack, Four 100 Fluid-Ounce Bottles (400 Fluid-Ounces)

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Product Description

A powerful detergent that is tough on stains, but gentle on skin. Contains no perfumes, dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners -- additives that typically remain on your clothes even after rinsing and can cause skin irritation. Perfectly suited for people with sensitive skin and for washing your baby's clothes

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Certified Biodegradable
  • Unscented & Uncolored
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Power

Customer Reviews:

  • I love this product!
    I ordered it and it arrived in just 2 days! Its a GREAT product, washes and cleans really well . . . and with no damaging effects to the environment. Can't recommend enough. ...more info
  • Great Quality
    Works great. Just as good as Seventh Generation. Excellent for those with allergies or sensitive skin....more info
  • Great Product!!!
    We have been using this product for six months now and we are very pleased with it. It really cleans the clothes well, and it is good for the environment. If you get it on autoship, you will really save on shipping and get a secondary discount, making the product cheaper than anywhere else you can purchase it from. I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • Eco and Skin Friendly Laundrey Detergent
    Planet products are great for the enviroment and they actually work. I know alot of people who shy away from eco friendly products because they are afraid they won't work as well, but this actually does. It is gentle enough for your more delicate laundrey will but will still clean the hardcore dirt; I've used it successfully on dog beds and clothes soiled from heavy yardwork. Another thing that is great about this is it is totally safe for people with sensitive skin. I have skin allergies and occasional eczema (I can't use alot of harsher detergents), but this has never bothered my skin and is totally fragrence free....more info
  • Clean AND Eco-Friendly
    The detergent cleans and freshens well without harmful chemicals or smelly perfumes. It is a little pricey but I do not mind paying slightly more to insure a greener earth....more info
  • save what's left of the planet
    My wife always buys laundry detergent that she thinks will be less harmful to the environment than your standard commercial products. I thought that I would be a good guy and buy her case of this stuff. So I did. She immediately said, hey, this stuff isn't scented! She likes her laundry to smell "clean." I said fine, I'll use it myself. You see, I do my own laundry. She likes that. The soap washed just fine. Very clean results. I think I might add a little scent of some sort just so the wash smells WASHED. I understand now. That's why she does the shopping!...more info
  • A great all natural HE detergent!
    Planet gets everything clean and doesn't leave any buildup or harsh scents behind. I have an HE washer and I barely have to use any detergent. It is great and a great deal!...more info
  • It's not scented for a good reason!
    I personally LOVE the fact that people are coming out with huge bottles of 'regular' detergent that have no scents! That's what my daughter and I are both allergic to, even lavender! Up until recent years I have had to buy the expensive 'delicate' cycle detergent. I also love how it's good for the environment, that's all the products we use, I just wanted people to know how bad and irritating 'good smelling' clothes can be. I can even smell other people's clothes while I'm out and about (which irritate my nose) and what's even worse is I can't even take a walk when someone's doing laundry in the neighborhood without my nose getting irritated. UGH!
    Thanks you guys!
    ...more info
  • The best health and environment friendly detergent soap.
    For the health and environment concerns regarging safety and purity this is the best, has more bubbles than regular liquid. I bought it for cloth diapering but now using for the whole family's needs...more info
  • Love it...can't bring myself to use anything else.
    I switched to using Planet detergent about 7 months ago. I switched to cloth diapers and it was recommended by the company I purchased the diapers from. My local supermarket carried it, so I figured I would try it. I was really impressed by how well it cleaned all my laundry, not just the diapers, and it was really great for both my husband and my son's sensitive skin. My son had rashes since birth and I used All free and clear, but once I started using Planet it finally cleared up completely (he was nine months old). My supermarket stopped carrying Planet a few weeks ago, so I tried to use Purex free and clear, and Arm and Hammer Essentials instead....and there is just no comparison. My clothes smell annoying, my diapers are stinky, and my son has a nasty rash. I was so excited to get my shipment of Planet in today-never thought I would get excited over laundry detergent! It's a great price with the automatic delivery too, and it arrived in just three days....more info
  • Great product!
    This is great product. We use it to clean cloth diapers for our 3 month old. It cleans great and is gentle on the clothing. It smells good too! I wish Amazon had it in stock more often!!!...more info
  • I'm satisfied.
    I started ordering this laundry soap after I could no longer get the 7th Generation soap I was previously receiving by Amazon subscription.
    I was hesitant at first to use unscented soap, because I kind of like a good scent, but I have been more than satisfied. Half a cap full cleans a very large load of laundry.
    I love Amazon's subscription service for this. I haven't had to buy laundry detergent at the store for a long time. Dish soap either. And I'm satisfied with the price for items I don't feel as guilty about sending down my drains.
    ...more info