Pretika ST197 Lightsonic Pulsating Light Therapy System

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Product Description

Pretika ST197 Lightsonic Pulsating Light Therapy System

  • Pulsating Infra-Red Light energy at a wavelength of 660 nanometers per second to improve collagen production and cellular rejuvenation
  • Exfoliating action gently removes dead skin cells, restoring youthful radiance and skin tone.?
  • Advanced anti-aging complex with Light Reactive Nano Technology to deliver and release ingredients deep within the skin's cellular level
  • Stand for convenient storage when LightSonic Tool not in use or for hands-free use
  • An advanced anti-aging complex with Light Reactive Nano Technology used after the LightSonic Tool Treatment.

Customer Reviews:

  • It works great on killing my acne!
    I haven't had it long enough to tell whether or not it makes my skin younger, but it kills the cystic acne I've been fighting, by drying the lesions. It helps to slough off the top layer of skin, gently, and flattens acne cysts on my face.

    Whoever gave this product a bad review, didn't give it time to work. If you don't know what the abbreviation for "centimeter" is, then I imagine any instructions will be difficult for you, lol.

    I'm very happy with the product, and if it does make my skin look younger in the long run, great. For now, the acne killing aspect alone is worth the price all by itself....more info
  • it works !!!
    i really like this, my face looks and feels younger and ive only been using it a week. i cant wait to see what a month looks like. i had a fine line or maybe it was a slight scar line but its almost dissapeared. my sun sopts are lightened too. def. worth the money. great product for less. you have to put 2 batteries in them and mine have lasted the whole time ive been using it. it feels like a vibrator in your hand but you can hold like your shirt or something around it so your hand dont feel the buzzing. i highly recommend this product. i like the cream that came with it too....more info
  • Great for acne
    This treatment has really helped with my acne breakouts. If I get a really nasty spot, I'll just carry it around with me all day and use it whenever I think about. It really reduces swelling quickly....more info
  • WOW Really Works
    I am amazed by this product. You can feel it working. Best of all, in only 2 weeks I can see the difference. ...more info
  • Can you say, "Piece of JUNK?"
    Can I just say the Pretika ST197 Lightsonic Pulsating Light Therapy System is the biggest disappointment since the AMC Pacer! I have had, and used, the Pretika ST197 Lightsonic Pulsating Light Therapy System daily for 7 days. I changed the batteries daily, to make sure it was ready and raring to go. Well, on day seven (today) I went to use it, put new batteries in, and turned it on to use it... Well, it worked for a good 3 minutes, and then died. I even changed the batteries, AGAIN, and NOTHING. This thing is a piece of junk, and that is an understatement. I might as well have lit the $40 I spent on this, on fire. Save your money for something that actually works, and lasts....more info
  • For the price it is worth it!!!!
    I bought a Pretika light about three months ago. My friend owns a spa so I knew about the light therapy.I love it, it lasts about one month following the directions. It does take time so to do while watching t.v or reading.I bought rechargable batteries and change every other day. I'm on my Pretika #2. For the price it is worth it!!!! My skin looks great,toned and freckles and age spots have gone away.People tell me all the time my skin looks great. I do not see my friend she charges 60.00 a visit and on #5 setting about the same as the Pretika.The bottom line is it takes some time and for the price it is worth it!!!...more info
  • WONDERFUL product!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I had discovered this a few years ago! I am 43 and have gotten the wrinkles around my eyes and lips (ex-smoker). I ordered this producand went to a Med-Spa before I used it for a professional microdermabrasion treatment. I then used the light (for a week now) and am SHOCKED at the results. I did not expect it to do much of anything for the price, but now my fine lines are diminishing...couple of facial cysts diminishing...under eyes are filling out again...AND my lips are getting fuller like they were 20 years ago. I even had my neighborhood store owner mistake me for my 22 year old daughter! I am hooked!...more info
  • Vibrating light therapy systen
    Was a bit disappointed in this item as I thought the LEDs would
    actually pulsate with i.e. 'frequency'. They do not, as the device
    just gently vibrates like a massager. But still useful....more info
  • Disappointing
    Great price and good customer service, but my advice is to save up money and splurge on a better product. This unit is very small and unpleasant to use. It is loud and vibrates in your hand annoyingly. I stopped using it after a few weeks because it was unpleasant. It really needs an internal timer as well. Stopping and restarting my timer each time I moved to a different area of my face was bothersome. The face products included contained some good ingredients but the smell was terrible and so I discontinued using those as well. I haven't seen results but I also haven't stuck with the program. For me, spa and beauty treatments need to be both pleasant and effective and this just wasn't pleasant. I think if I were to give light therapy a try again in the future, I would invest in one of those screen shaped LED machines that you just sit in front of and have your whole face treated at once. Of course, those cost 10 times more than the Pretika (but considerably less than spa visits). Oh well, I knew the product was a gamble. I sure was optimisic, but ultimately I was disappointed. Well, hope that helped. Best wishes for your beauty, health and happiness whatever you decide to do!...more info
  • does work!
    I got this because i know that once youre over 40, collagen decreases, thus making our skin look thin, saggy and without fullness or firmness. Facial fullness is actually better for those of us over 40 because it makes us look younger. Ive been using this for around 3 weeks now and i must say it works.

    First thing..every month, i get this really annoying acne (yes i still get pimples even if im over 40) on my chin, in 2 EXACT spots. Every month, no fail. Whether its before my period or just right after. Whether i cut down on chocolates and oily foods..that annoying pimple just keeps coming back in just one or 2 spots on my chin. it runs the whole cycle of growing, popping and draining, and flattening out. Ive also had it injected by my dermatologist with steroids when it shows up. but believe me, it just keeps coming back! but eversince i started with pretika, it hasnt come.absolutely nothing and im quite shocked. (which is what motivated me to write this review because ive had this monthly acne problem for YEARS) Ive read that its the BLUE light that prevents acne but somehow, I have to believe that this product must really work at some level because it prevented my monthly pimple to start up. So if its works on preventing pimples, then it must really somehow be getting thru the layers of my skin.

    Second thing..though its only been around 3 weeks and there are some nights im too lazy or tired to do this routine, i have been seeing some fullness in my skin. Youre supposed to use this product 2x a day for collagen renewal, for about 2 minutes per area. Im too lazy to do this 2x a day so i jack it up by just doing this once a day but at 5-10 min per area. I do this while watching tv. And so far, its looking pretty good. my skin looks a bit tighter and my cheeks are less sunken. I shall wait once ive used this product for over 8 weeks to see if there will be better results.

    But like i said, it must work. For it to prevent my chin acne (and i havent changed my diet or skin care routine) then its got to be worth something. Plus its not as pricey as the other products out there....more info
  • Its ok
    I have not seen any real results with is light therapy but I can say Pretika is a great company with excelent customer service! I had questions about the product and they responded quickly. They also sent me a free gift which was their dermabrasion kit! The lightsonic is great to reduce inflammation--I suffer from cystic acne and it has helped with those issues. I dont see any difference in anything else. The fact that this product has helped me with inflammation is enough for me....more info
  • Works well
    This item works well. It seems to take about 30 days after you use it (not 30 times but once or twice) until you see the result. I've heard, but am no expert that it takes about 20 to 30 days to start producing collagen again after your body stops producing it. My daughter in law says it got rid of the wrinkles in her neck and my face is looking good, neck got really nice....more info


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