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Cats across the country have ecstatically reviewed this lively production. Murray in Phoenix writes: 'When my human gets home, I lead her straight to the TV. If only I had thumbs to operate the remote.' Mavis in Savannah raves: 'I'm positive it'll win this year's prestigious Hairball Award!' A continuous loop option means that your cat will never have to be home alone!

  • Featured in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and on the Daily Show
  • Keeps cats glued to the TV

Customer Reviews:

  • Six paws way up!
    It's a winner for three out of our four cats, entertaining them for hours on end. It's quite a feat to sustain a cat's attention that long. I put a comfy chair right in front of the TV, and they sit there like toddlers transfixed by cartoons. It's hilarious! Beware: the youngest paws and scratches the flat screen. This cat used to play with toys constantly, but now all she does is watch and paw at the TV, waiting obsessively for Cat Sitter to come on. She loves the dog sitter dvd too. It's turned a formerly active cat into a little kitty couch potato, so we're not going to let them watch it for a while. Cats being cats, it's a crapshoot whether or not it will engage yours. ...more info
  • Too Cute!
    We recently got a 52" television and thought this would be entertaining to our cats. Little did we know how well they would like it. Our two youngest cats think this video is the best thing ever (OK, next to hockey on TV)! They were completely captivated from the very beginning. The sights and sounds immediately got their interest and kept it. The youngest of the two boys even jumped up to sit right against the screen to watch the birds. It does get a little monotonous for the humans in the house, but this wasn't made to entertain us. For the cats, it's just great!...more info
  • Great Entertainment
    I have three indoor cats and they love the DVD. It has a video loop that allows the DVD to repeat itself continuously. When introducing the video, it is important to minimalize distractions and it may take a few viewings before your cat becomes used to it. The video includes gerbils, fish, birds, squirrels, etc. and a sound that seems to grab the cats' attention. In the morning, before I leave for work, my cats expectantly look at the tv; waiting for me to turn on 'their' DVD. I strongly recommend this product for indoor cats!...more info
  • It's a hit!
    My cat loved this DVD when I first got it. When I first turned it on, she darted over to the TV. After awhile, she settled down and watched it from the couch. Now she's seen it a few times she kind of tunes in and out when I leave it on for her. Still, I think she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. Definitely a worthwhile purchase....more info
  • Nice distraction
    It wont entertain hours, but it's a nice distraction from the indoor cat doldrums. They'll like it....more info
  • My cats could care less
    My cats took one look at this DVD and found something else to do. I had the feeling they would not like it as they are never interested in the TV, mirrors, phones or anything like that. If your cat shows any interest in TV, perhaps they will love the cats just didn't. It was too bad, I was looking forward to watching them paw at the TV:)...more info
  • These DVD's might just lower your blood pressure!
    Well first of all I'll talk about the cats! One evening while vegging-out, I noticed one of my cats watching TV. He continued to do this on occasion and since he can get restless sometimes I decided to purchase a DVD (not these). The only problem with that video is the sound. The cat really likes but it can get on my nerves. It can be found here and has the word PURR in it. In the meantime cat #2 would pay attention at times but otherwise be fairly unaffected.

    Seeing cat #1's delight I decided to try a few more DVD's and ordered the Cat Sitter DVD's, 1,2 and 3. Cat #1 LOVES them (of course we knew he would) but cat #2 seems to have turned into an even bigger fan than the #1! She won't leave the TV when these are on. When the butterflies come on she nearly goes through the screen! Once in awhile they're not in the mood for TV and require real interaction (which is great) but when they're awake but just chillin', they are mesmerized by these DVD's.

    All three DVD's contain a mix of birds, gerbils, hamsters, squirrels, rats, fish, butterflies and various eye-catching (and ear catching) surprises. "Cat Sitter" (1) has lots of rodent-type activity but includes all of the above. "Cat Sitter 2" has lots of birds (plus the other stuff) and "Cat Sitter 3" has lots of fish in aquariums (plus the other stuff).

    The background sounds on these could not be done any better but the cats enjoy it without the sound too. The video quality could be a National Geographic feature - absolutely beautiful. I can't say enough about these videos. They are so visually beautiful that they truly may help YOU to relax as well. Personally I believe that these may be just as healthy for US to have on as they are for the cats! Our kids will definitely be getting these in their Christmas stockings for their little furry pets. I wish I could give these videos 10 stars.
    ...more info
  • Think twice before buying
    This is an average video to keep cats entertained, not as engaging as I had hoped. My cat seemed more interested in the Cat music video than the rest of it. Overall, I'd say that it keeps him engaged/entertained when he's in the mood to watch it. He prefers us to watch it with him-I was hoping for something that would keep him interested when I'm not home/busy....more info
  • Hours of Entertainment
    Both of my cats absolutely loved the DVD on continuous loop. Although the audio does get annoying to me, definately not to my Oliva & Penelope. They paw at the TV and turn their heads back & forth so cute! I wouldn't leave this running though.....might burn your player? Not sure just a thought....more info
  • BEWARE! - My Cat Attacked Me After Watching THis DVD
    Although my cat was very interested in watching all the critters on this DVD, I was pleased at first that he took such an interest. The next day, I left the DVD on Loop while I was away at work for over 9 hours. When I returned later that evening, within minutes, he aggressively attacked me--scratching my legs and foot and viciously biting my hand and arm. I was shocked at his ferocious behavior, and quite frankly, became frightened of this usually docile, male, neutered indoor house cat that I adopted from a shelter over 2 1/2 years ago. I had to run from the room and shut the door to escape his attack. He has NEVER acted like that in the past and I can only attritube this behavior from becoming OVER-stimulated, and perhaps frustrated, from watching and hearing all the critters on this DVD and not being able to interact with them. I have no other explanation -- so BEWARE! No where on this DVD, does it meaning a warning of this sort!...more info
  • worth it
    (written by the Mrs.) This video was wonderful for our otherwise dormant cat. Especially living in a state where winter time means snow, we are so thankful that this is available. Every time we put it in our cat chatters up a storm and goes right up to the screen watching every little movement. It is a sure way to get our cat out of her slumber and into something she really enjoys. Indoor life though safe can be a bit boring. Now there is something interesting we can offer when our cat when our schedules are busy. She is so happy watching it and every time we turn on the TV now, she has to check out if it is "her movie" or not. We are thankful for the joy it has brought her. Please make more!! ...more info
  • Excellent for Indoor Kitties
    I bought my copy at Petsmart and haven't regretted it. My two indoor cats are fascinated with it. You can put it on continuous loop (it's actually recommended that you play it while you are gone, since cats are distracted by your presence). ...more info
  • Great idea for indoor cats!
    I have only played this DVD once, and only one of my three cats was interested, but he was FASCINATED with the show. Gerbils, mice, birds, fish, butterflies, squirrels - he didn't care for all of them, and the audio seemed repetitive to me, but he didn't seem to mind.
    It was as much entertainment for me as it appeared to be for him! (I wish I could post a picture of him here; needeless to say, I took several!) ...more info
  • Cat-tastic!
    My two cats just love this video! They will sit for hours watching it with total absorbtion. Every once in a while, one of them will stand on their hind legs and stretch up to touch the TV screen with a paw. They don't use their claws when they do this, just the pads of the paw.

    It may take more than one try before a cat gets interested. The first couple times, they ignored it completely. Now they can't get enough!...more info
  • My cats watch it
    My older crabby female cat enjoys watching it very much. My three year old boy cat is almost to skitish for it though. The opening segment is gerbils and he really likes to watch them. The problem is, after the first set of gerbils there is a few sequences of birds. It might just be the big screen, but when the parrot comes on he runs and hides. (Its actually pretty funny!)...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    I have one very needy indoor cat. I am a very busy person and hate the fact that I'm not always around much to keep her company. My cat LOVES this DVD! I put it on just before I leave...and now she doesn't even notice I'm walking out the door...she used to lay in front of my door to block me from leaving! I put her cat tree in front of the TV and it puts her at the same height of the TV and she just sits there and paws at is so cute! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish it had more diversity...but my baby doesn't seem to mind....more info
  • Cat Sitter is Awesome
    I cannot say enough good things about this DVD. My cat loves it!!!! I highly reccommend it....more info


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