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EVO Cat and Kitten Canned Food contains all of the grain-free natural nutrition and benefits of EVO Cat and Kitten Dry Food in the convenience of a can. EVO Cat and Kitten Canned Food is based on ground chicken and turkey meat, bones, fat, cartilage and connective tissue. It includes whole, raw fruits and vegetables which contain health promoting phytochemicals and micronutrients.

  • 24/5.5-oz cans

Customer Reviews:

  • Innova is the best!
    This cat food is just the best! I don't read ingredient lists for my own food nearly as often as I should for myself, but I read it for everything I feed my cats. This is a great product and has been consistently good for several years now. ...more info
  • Innova EVO Cat & Kitten Canned Food
    Both my cats Love this food. I have tried many brands of canned food, and my two cats just nibble at it, then walk away. However, they gobble up this EVO food. I like the fact that it not filled with cereal and fillers, like so many other cat foods, and that it is OK for kittens as well as cats....more info
  • Great product
    This is the only canned cat food, that I know is safe for my kitty to eat. The communication was poor and shipment was slow, however this product is great!...more info
  • Life Extender for Geriatrics
    I have 4 cats that are all 18 years old. My vet continues to be amazed that they are as healthy and spry as they are, at their age. They are all rescued animals who had very rough lives before coming to me. I attribute their amazing health in no small part to their food. I've always given them food with no by-products (Wellness and a few other brands) but when they hit 17, I started noticing a marked decline in their energy levels and appetite. It wasn't until I tried Innova that the trend reversed itself completely. They've always had incredibly soft and glossy coats, but the EVO has even improved that too. My half Bengal's fur truly feels better than silk. They've been eating the Innova for a year now and play like kittens again. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the food or the results in my babies' quality of life. You can't go wrong with Innova....more info
  • Anne Stewart, RN -AKA Cat lover
    I have 4 cats and one of them is a 14 wk old kitten. Great to have one type of food that is GOOD for any age cat. / They took to the food without any complaints. 2 of my cats are very stomach sensitive and have allergies but with this NEW food we've had no adjustment issues./ Despite the higher costs for this food.... it is worth every penny. To know that this food does not have the wheat gluten present that has killed so many other animals. I love my pets and it would just be the the worst thing I could imagine to serve them some food that would cause them harm or death./I HIGHLY recommend this product!!! ...more info
  • Love it!
    This and the EVO dry have been a life saver for my older cat. She loves them both and it really agrees with her tummy. ...more info
  • This Food Will Change Your Cat's Life!
    When my cat suffered severe weight loss due to vomiting after a misdiagnosed case of bladder stones, I did extensive research on what the best possible food would be to nurse him back to his former self. EVO dry, Orijen dry and Nature's Variety dry were the three foods that I chose, and both of my cats preferred the taste of EVO (though I'd recommend any of them as excellent grain-free choices). I wanted to integrate canned food in order to help him keep up the best urinary health I could. Unfortunately, he is not a fan of canned food. Until I tried the EVO canned formula! He loves it, especially when I add an extra half can of warm water to the food. It's packed full of nutrition, protein and lots of all-important moisture. Try it and you will definitely see an improvement in your cat's health (skin, coat, energy level -- everything). The first time my other cat tasted it she meowed at me for 15 minutes while licking her chops as if to say, "Yum!"...more info
  • Has made such a difference in my cats' health
    For years I struggled with trying to help my obese cats lose weight -- they were very restricted in how much they were allowed to eat, but just couldn't stop gaining the pounds. I was feeding them what I thought was a high-quality food, Nutro, especially given the price. The vet suggested I switch to all wet, which I did but they still didn't lose any weight. Finally the vet suggested a grain-free diet, and I began purchasing Innova Evo. WOW, what a difference! It did take about 2 months to adjust the cats to the new diet...which I did by feeding them a mixture of Innova (non-grain free) and Innova Evo grain-free, but each week scaling back the amount of non-grain free. Both cats have really started dropping weight at a healthy rate. But that's not even the most amazing change. One of our cats had always had bad dander, but after switching her food the dander has completely cleared up, and her fur is so soft! Our other cat had episodes of not only chewing her paws, but of throwing up her food. The chewing has stopped and she hasn't regurgitated once since the food change. The only down side is how strongly the food smells, but they use the litter box less, so it's a trade-off....more info
  • Great product but none of my cats would eat it :(.
    When I decided to give my cats canned food I tried this excellent canned food but none of my four cats cared for it. The food would sit there and they would sniff it and turn their noses. I gave it four stars because the ingredients are excellent. Three of my cats liked the wellness canned food, and the last one only likes dry food....more info
  • Extremely picky eater loves this food
    My cat is extremely picky when it comes to food - I had to get a new brand of cat food each month or two, and he would only eat wet food that's sliced or cubbed in gravy. After the poisonous wheat glutten incident I had to stop feeding him those cuts and gravy style foods because all of them contain wheat glutten. Even if they are not contaminated I still feel uneasy about it. So I research all of the web and found this unique food. It's not available in regular stores so you have to go to their website to find specialty stores that carry them. Anyway, I was so happy to see that my cat loves this food, both the dried and the mushy canned version. I now feed him 1 can of EVO wet food and some dried EVO kibbles plus low-sodium chicken stock (he won't drink plain water) each day. It's been 3 months since I switched his food and he still seems to love it. In fact, he's getting FAT on this diet because I over fed him (he asks for food whenever I go to the kitchen, and he gives me that sad look so I feel guilty if I don't feed him). I am starting to cut down on his ration and minimize my trip to the kitchen. I also hope the cooler weather will encourage him to go out more and burn off those extra calories.
    I read a lot about benefits of this food but honestly only my cat knows. His fur is very soft but not really shiny (don't remember if it was ever shiny). Don't know about litter box odor because he goes outside. Energy-wise, well, he's a lazy cat and sleeps a lot and nothing can make him run a marathon.
    ...more info
  • Great food, very late delivery
    I have a diabetic cat and this food is awesome. I also thought, how nice to have it delivered to my house for close to the same costs as I was paying in a very smelly pet store. BUT my main complaint not about amazon but that this is coming from another associated did NOT arrive during the estimated time but 5 days later than that. In all total from order to delivery it took 17 days to receive my order!!! Had I know that I would have either ordered MUCH earlier or not at all! The final complaint is that this does not qualify for free shipping even thought the cost is over 25 dollars. Maybe again because it is an affliated company or due to the weight. This too made my wait and the costs to wait less appealing....more info


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