Going Native Paneer Makhani, Medium Maharaja Magic, 10-Ounce Package (Pack of 6)

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Authentic heat-and-eat Indian curry. Succulent chunks of paneer cheese, simmered in a rich & creamy tomato sauce. A real Delhi Delight! From the Moghuls and Maharaja's of the past to just about every Indian restaurant today, Paneer Makhani is a timeless North Indian classic enjoyed by all. Be Imagi-Native. Enjoy with steamed Basmati rice, or an Indian bread like naan, chapatti, roti or even its Mexican cousin, the tortilla! And if you feel like garnish with a swirl of fresh cream and/or chopped cilantro. Suitable for vegetarians. All-natural, no preservatives. No MSG. Kosher. Gluten free. No hydrogenated oils. No trans fats. Heat level: medium. Discover our groovy world curries and let them take you on a hip trip to epicurean enlightenment?across the planet, around the corner, back home or even on vacation.

  • Pack of six 10-ounce, two-serving boxes (total of 60 ounces / 12 servings)
  • Indian-flavored curry featuring paneer cheese and cashew nuts simmered in creamy tomato sauce
  • All-natural; vegetarian; no trans fat; no MSG; gluten-free; kosher
  • Heat-and-eat preparation; use microwave or stove
  • Imported

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious Everyday Meal
    I found the Paneer Makhani to be quite delicious. I also appreciated that it contained basic wholesome ingredients and no chemicals...and was so easy to prepare. My husband noted that, while he did not consider it authentic, he did enjoy it. I would -and have- purchased it again....more info
  • Not Nearly Authentic Indian Food...
    This was the most watered-down and nasty Paneer Makhani I have ever eaten. Granted, I am Indian and have eaten home-made Indian food for a good portion of my life. However, being a working professional, sometimes I don't have time to cook and this seemed like a good alternative to warming something up and being tasty. It's not at all that! Very watered down and tastes nasty to me. The "paneer" is really not paneer and even appeared "dark" in color, which made me wonder if it was still good to eat. I would not order this ever again......more info
  • A Tasty Change
    I have been struggling with my weight for years. Somehow flavor and goodness, and health don't always go together. I have been trying different cuisines to try to find a balance, typical chinese carry-out as well as most mexican foods are all a rehash of 6 or 8 ingredients. In my search I discovered India and Thailand. I am in love, I love heat and its there, I need low carb and high fiber, there again...And flavor...OK OK I know there is, or can be fats/oils but it's usually good for you
    vegetable oils or butter, no trans fat. ...more info
  • Great tasting meal
    This is an excellent product - it tasted authentic and was easy to prepare....more info
  • This is Happiness in a Bowl!
    I bought and made this product today.. it was delicious! It's creamy and perfectly spiced, and very filling. It is, however, a very small serving size, and is rather high in fat, so keep that in mind. However, judging by the review by an actual Indian below, it may not be all that authentic. It certainly wasn't apparent to little old American me! I would definitely buy this product again... and again, and again, and again......more info
  • crappy
    I don't understand how anyone can eat this. Its the worst thing I have tasted in my life. I won't even call it food. would have given it minus rating....more info
  • Salty and ridiculously high in sat fat
    Okay, the taste is fine...it's very creamy and rich. The paneer is the very firm type. My issue here is that it leaves me feeling very dehydrated afterwards. It's quite salty.
    Also, 1 serving (1/2 to 1/3 of the package) provides 55% of your RDA of saturated fat!! If you eat the whole package (easy, if there is no rice, and I am a 103 lb woman) you are eating something very, very unhealthy....more info


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