Synflex Pets-Liquid Glucosamine Arthritis Formula For Pets, 8oz

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Product Description

Just as in humans, and Synflex can easy your pet's pain. It is typical that after just one month a dog or cat suffering from arthritis will show signs of improvement. We even give liquid glucosamine to one of our older dogs who doesn't show any signs of arthritis simply as a preventive measure. From our past experience with Flexicose and Syn-flex, we can highly recommend both for pet owners with older dogs or cats.

  • The pharmaceutical quality liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL combine with twelve other ingredients in a formula designed to: Effectively treats and prevents arthritis while stopping articular join pain.
  • Stimulates the production of synovial fluid while restoring joint health.
  • Rebuilds and rehabilitates damaged cartilage
  • Reduces inflammation and improves mobility.
  • Synflex helps lubricate, nourish and clean the cartilage.

Customer Reviews:

  • Syn-Flex
    My 16 year old cat was really having a hard time getting around. She stayed in bed and I could tell she was in pain when she walked. I had been using Cosequin for Cats for the past year when I came across this product. I swear within a week or two she was limping less and was off the bed more than before. She seems to have less pain when she is walking and jumping. ...more info
  • Easy & Fast Delivery
    Ordering could'nt be easier. The order arrived well before the promised date....more info
  • It works
    This stuff works for me. I tried it for my arthritic cat and was impressed by the difference it made. I had major problems with my knee so I tried it and it really worked. It significantly increases the use I have of my bad knee....more info
  • It workes for my boy!
    My German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix, Stridor, suffers with more than the already painful hip dysplasia. Both of his hip joints never developed properly and the head of the femur is virtually gone from one hip, and severely malformed in the other, so that neither joint fits correctly into the pelvic socket. Surgery is not an option, as there can be dire consequences arising from that as well. I have tried over-the-counter medications and meds prescribed by his vet. Absolutely nothing worked until I came across Syn-Flex. It contains not only liquid glucosamine (which, having done a little research, seems to be the best way that it is absorbed into the system -- as opposed to powders or pills), but also Yucca extract for pain management. The combination of these ingredients (read the label for all contents -- it's loaded with good stuff) seems to be the one supplement that is genuinely helping him. The onset of his symptoms was well over two years ago (he's only 8 now and I have never had a GSD suffer from hip problems so young before), so I have been trying everything suggested to me short of toxic meds like Rimadyl, which I refuse to use as it caused serious liver problems with another GSD I had.

    Stridor's response to Syn-Flex has been remarkable. No, not every dog will have such improvement, no, it will not cure him, and yes, if he overdoes the exercise he still experiences discomfort. But the Syn-Flex has given him considerably more mobility and flexibility and freed him from a significant amount of discomfort. I will say that he gets a dose twice a day -- once a day didn't give him the improvement I'd hoped for but twice does. He's 114 pounds and gets a dose with breakfast (mixed with a bit of canned food), and a dose with dinner (also mixed with canned). I am not sure it would be as palatable were it put in with only kibbles, so if you feed your dog only dry food, you might have to change up your feeding routine and mix it in with something like canned. I use the beef flavor. Do NOT get the human formula for your dog as it contains white willow bark, which is not recommended for use in dogs. The Yucca reduces the pain in dogs -- the white willow is in the human formula for pain management.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. I'd suggest giving it at least a three months' try. If it doesn't work for your dog, at least you gave it a try. I hope you experience the good luck with it my boy Stridor and I have....more info
  • I think this is a good product, easy to administer
    So much easier to give my dog than the pills were. I just mix it in his food and he doesn't seem to noitce it's there. Of course he is one of those dogs that will eat anything. The odor is fairly stong so a dog that's a picky eater might turn his nose up at it. I think it is probably helping with his arthritis. He has also been taking some herbs (Channel Flow)for some time and that alone has made a BIG improvment. I just recently started giving him the Synflex also, so I can't say if the Synflex is improving his condition or if it's the herbs. ...more info
  • Synflex Glucosmine - A Miracle
    We did not know that Lady,our beloved dog's back had become fused with calicum, until it broke apart. She was in so much pain she was unable to move. Our vet put her on Rymidal. I looked it up and the side effects of it were frightening, sometimes causing death. I continued research and Glucosamine sounded like a better alternative. She has been on it now for almost a month and is moving around, going up and down stairs, on walks, and running with our other dog Luya when they go outside. She has an appitite, and when it's time for food, she is the first one to the food bowls. What a change. She will always need to be on something for her back and we will continue with the Synflex Liquid Glucosamine. We even give it to Luya as a preventative....more info
  • I order this all the time.
    I order this product all the time, both for myself and for my dog. I really like it. Good price....more info
  • Puppy Power
    After only about two to three weeks of administering the required daily dose of Synflex to my 18-month old Great Pyrenees, who has limped pitifully and painfully since he was 6-months old, he shows no signs of limping or discomfort. Before, he would place no weight on his right front leg and would often groan as if he were in pain if anything touched it. Now, honestly and miraculously, he bounces around like a newborn puppy, powerfully galloping with our other Great Pyrenees, guarding the perimeters of our property with no difficulty or apparent discomfort. I am so grateful for this product, which really works, and plan to continue his daily dose, which he readily laps up if I mix it with his usual food. ...more info
  • No results after 8 weeks.
    My 10 year old cat has hip problems. He will no longer jump on the sofa or bed but he will climb his way up (not good on the furnishings). My vet recommended glucosimine so I researched the brands and I chose synflex because of the reviews. Unfortunately, I have not notice any change with my cat after 8 weeks of use. I have 8 more weeks left in the bottle and plan to continue until it is gone. I will not continue to use it if there are not any noticable results when the bottle is empty. Synflex may work for others but it is not working for my cat at this point. Side note: My cat doesn't seem to mind the orange flavor of synflex; it smells like baby asprin....more info
  • Mighty Fine Stuff
    I tried this product not really thinking it would work, but hoping. After trying all sorts of pain medication from the vet that made my pet very sick and never really helped his arthritis, I tried this and now he is flying around. I'm not saying that his arthritis is gone, I know it isn't, but he can go up and down stairs and runs with my other dogs. I'm not really sure how glucosamine works, but Quinny, my 11 year old dog, is much, much happier with his life now. ...more info
  • Synflex is a great, as advertised product
    I used Synflex Liquid Glucosamine on my 4-yr old Rottweiler when he was diagnosed with severe arthritis. He couldn't run with me any longer because of the arthritis in his legs. I used it with him, my 7-yr old Rott, & me for a year. The limp disappeared in my big dog within three months and I started running with him soon thereafter. He'll be 10-yrs old in May. He ran with me with extreme eagerness until my wife & I had twins 15-months ago. It isn't that he couldn't run with me any longer, but the running ended for some reason - called time. This a great product that does what it claims. My dogs & I also liked the flavor. They would drool upon seeing me pull the bottle out to pour on their food. I luckily avoided the drooling part....more info
  • synflex
    product is very good however our dog likes the human formula much better. mu next order will be for the human formula. the product does make a marked differance in oud pet...more info