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Directions 1) Sit or stand with leg straight and thigh relaxed. 2) Place tubular section of strap just below kneecap. 3) Fasten behind knee for snug fit. 4) Adjust strap as needed. Helps relieve knee pain from frequent running and jumping. This adjustable strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. The tubular insert provides uniform pressure and helps provide pain relief from Chondromalacia, irritated kneecap, Patellar Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter's Disease.

  • One Size Fits Most - Up to 18" Knee Circumference
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Comfortable For All-Day Wear
  • Relief for Runner's Knee & Jumper's Knee
  • Packaged in either Poly Bag or clamshell.

Customer Reviews:

  • does what it's supposed to do
    just like the title says...does what it is inteded to do.
    does it well.

    material doesn't get too sweaty...when it does...it's easily cleaned.
    ...more info
  • Good Deal
    In sporting good stores one strap runs about $15 so this is definately a good deal. I've always worn this brand and never had a problem....more info
  • Simple yet effective product
    This Mueller brand jumpers knee strap is great for individuals who have a history of Osgood Slaughters and Tendonitis in the knee. I was diagnosed at about the age of 13 due to the rapid pace at which my bones were growing during my growth spurt and the fact that I was very active at that young age as my bones were growing rapidly, caused the Osgood Slaughters to greatly impede upon the overall health of my knees. I only need the strap for my left knee. I am a runner and running is the only activity that I utilize the strap for. The strap is one of the best I've ever used. Its a great price. I have the PT brand one as well and I like to switch off depending on the pain level of my knee or whether I have ran more in a shorter period of time. ...more info
  • This thing simply works
    This product is a solution to a problem that I thought could not be fixed. For years after a hard run I had what I thought to be shin splints. I think what I had was to be more accuratly described as patellar syndrone. The cliff notes version is there is a tendon that is attached to your knee and runs the length of your shin and if you knee cap is out of alignment it hurts really really bad to run or do anything if you aggrivate it.

    To me it felt like there was some bone shards or something that were just poking out from the bone. It was not a disabling pain, but it was painful enough to where walking was uncomfortable. I could not run because the pain was too much. I described this to one of my friends one day and he mentioned products like this one were being advertised in runners world. On a whim I order 3 different types and this was one of them. I thought that to be fair I should evaluate some other products before being sold on them. I also did not want to get caught up in a placebo effect.

    This was my favorite strap of the three that I ordered. I also ordered a gel strap, and futuro knee strap. The Mueller knee strap is very simple. It feels like there is a rubber hose that is surrounded by a very soft padded form. Its strechy and simple. You can wrap it around to where it is very tight and it remains comfortable. That is why I like it the best. It does not irritate the knee or cut off circulation. To date it has not slipped on me and it works. The hose that I described above puts pressure on the patella tendon and that keeps you able to run.

    This is not a fix for the problem I have, it only makes the pain bearable from what I was told. I have not had the problem with my "shin splints" since i have used any of the straps. This was the cheapest of the three and my favorite. I have no idea what sort of black magic it uses to make it work, but it is worth the $7 you will spend to try this thing. It works....more info
  • Works great
    The strap works great. The only reason why I didn't rate it at 5 stars is because it doesn't have a belt loop to keep it in place when you put it on or to help make it tighter. ...more info
  • Great product
    Works as advertised for me to relieve knee pain while running. Definitely seems to help my patella track. This is my 3rd purchase of this item, previous ones lasted a couple years each before the velcro gave out, which is an acceptable life span....more info
  • Mueller Knee Support
    I can say is that this product works perfectly. No more knee pain when jumping!...more info


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