Bissell 7340 Flip-It Select Hard Floor Cleaner with Heat

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Product Description

Combining power with versatility, this bare-floor cleaner features three modes of cleaning-dry vacuum, heated wet vacuum and drying. The Flip-!t Select offers heat for superior cleaning. Get your bare floors sparkling clean with this versatile and lightweight Bissell dual-function cleaner. With one quick flip you can switch back and forth between heated wet and dry cleaning for a complete floor cleansing with one 10 pound machine. The dry mode picks up crumbs, pet hair and dirt. Switch to the heated wet mode and a fingertip control dispenses cleaning solution while the soft-scrub brush and an interchangeable pad does the job on various floor surfaces. The built-in heater with on/off switch allows you to select heated cleaning for sticky, hard-to-clean areas. Other handy features include a cord clip, quick-release cord wrap, carry handle, filter, cleaning solutions and separate clean and dirty tanks. Brush and pads are machine washable. Includes trial size hard floor cleaner, trial size wood floors cleaner and an extra pad.

The Bissell Flip-It Select promises two hard-surface cleaners in one: a dry vacuum for picking up crumbs and a heated wet-mop for sticky spills. Replacing broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, mop, and bucket in one fell stroke, this slender, lightweight cleaner effectively simplifies and saves space, especially in crowded spaces like kitchens. Start by using it as a regular stick vacuum to clear away small debris. To change functions, simply turn the unit around, switching on the built-in heater for added cleaning power. The Flip-It has separate clean and dirty water tanks, so unlike the traditional mop-bucket combo, you're always working with freshly heated, unsoiled water, and it leaves floor dry once they've been cleaned. It also comes with two different wet cleaning surfaces, a soft brush for tile or other surfaces with grout and crevices, and the Gentle Clean pad for babying delicate surfaces like hardwood or laminates.

The Flip-It's dual-function cleaning proves especially convenient on smaller areas and for touchups, but mastering the wet-mop function can be tricky, and many users find it hard to push in wet mode until the floor has been saturated with liquid. Technique (and practice) help the process considerably: press the trigger down on the forward stroke to spray cleaning fluid, then release it as you pull back so the squeegee dries the floor. The Flip-It Select is easy to maintain; both filter and brushes clean up easily under running water and the Gentle Clean pad can go straight into the washing machine. It even stores ready to use with water and cleaning fluid in the tank. Weighing in at just ten pounds, the unit is powered by a nine-amp motor when using heat, three amps without, and includes trial sizes of hard-surface and wood-floor cleaners as well as an extra Gentle Clean pad. The power cord features a quick-release wrap as well as a clip for storage. Compact, maneuverable, and ergonomically designed, the Flip-It Select is 44 inches tall, with a base measuring 11 inches long and 8 inches wide, and comes backed by a limited one-year warranty. --Mary Park

  • Lightweight and maneuverable hard-surface cleaner combines wet and dry functions
  • Dry vacuum picks up crumbs and dust; heated wet-mop cleans sticky spills
  • Built-in heater maximizes cleaning power; interchangeable brush and pad are safe on all sealed surfaces, including marble, tile, hardwoods, and laminate
  • Includes trial-size wood-floor and hard-surface cleaners plus a spare cleaning pad
  • Measures 11 by 8 by 44 inches; weighs 10 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Flip-it versus Hoover Spin Scrub
    I was torn between the Hoover and Bissell models - each seemed to have good and bad points. So I got both, with the idea that I'd return the one that was less capable to do the job. What I found was that both have different pluses, and ended up keeping them both.

    The Spinscrub has the advantage in cleaning power. The spinning brushes do a better job on getting tile floors clean, especially rough surface tile. It's also more sturdily built - feels more solid (although that sometimes does not translate into longevity). It's the one I use for large tile expanses, such as in the kitchen and basement. But, the 15 inch width is a drawback in tighter spaces, such as bathrooms.

    The Flip-it excels in maneuverability - perfect for getting around obstacles (such as the toilet). Although it lacks spinning brushes, it has the advantage of a cloth pad which does a great job on smooth surfaces. The heat also helps out, especially with sticky messes. It doesn't turn the water to steam, but clearly kicks up the temp (I believe the spec's say 25 degrees).

    I found the best way to use it is to start with the cloth pad attached. That helps even out the water distribution and also helps capture crumbs, pet hair, etc. After one pass with the cloth attached, remove it and put in the scrubby pad. That helps get the floor 99% dry (smooth surfaces) or 90% dry (rough surfaces).

    The cloth pad really shines (no pun intended) when it comes to hardwood or laminate floors. Does a far better job than the Hoover in cleaning and water suction. I don't use the Hoover at all anymore on smooth floors regardless of the size of the room. It may take a bit longer with the Flip-it due to its smaller size, but the end result is much better.

    Both are about equal when it comes to disassembly and cleaning - a few parts to take out and clean, but nothing major. Cleaning the unit after using it is very important to keep the crud out of the seals to prevent leaks and clogs. Both have a washable filter, and both require that you dry the filter before using it again (tip - get an extra filter so you're never without a dry, clean filter).

    I tend to favor the smell of the Bissell cleaning solution, but the Hoover stuff is pretty good - both have a nice "fresh" smell. Both brands clean equally well, and are priced about the same. Lowes carries the Bissell brand; Walmart carries Hoover (at least in my area).

    Bissell tends to be a nicer company when it comes to support. They offer replacement parts and supplies on their website at reasonable prices, and answer emails if you have questions. Hoover is not as responsive, and their direct-purchase prices are rather high.

    One nit with the Bissell is that the cord is rather stiff - wish it was more flexible. Also, the water cups (both clean and dirty) are smaller on the Bissell, so you need to fill-up and dump out more often than with the Hoover.

    Regardless of which one you get, get one! You'll be amazed at the amount of dirt that wet mopping leaves behind. Once you start using one, you'll never pick up a mop again....more info
  • disappointing
    This cleaner is not very maneuverable and is very noisy. It leaves streaks from the rubber squeegee on the floor. The vacuum option is not an option as the range for the suction is limited to the dirt directly aligned with the entry hole - otherwise the dirt is pushed along or missed. My standard vacuum and an electronic steam mop (with micro fiber pads) was a much better solution. I apply a floor cleaner from a misting/squirt bottle where needed....more info
  • 5 Stars, No question.
    If this item is used within its operating parameters it can't be beat. Keep it clean, dump out the dirty water when it needs to be instead of being lazy and this thing will do wonders....more info
  • Nice idea, very poor performance
    After reading numerous reviews for both this model and the model without heat I finally decided to take the plunge and try this floor vac/mop (with heat) on my laminate floors. I have a puppy and two cats so needless to say I am constantly vacuuming and moping my floors. I already have the Swifer Wet Jet and that does a pretty good job but I thought that this product might be even better since it had a built-in floor vacuum and would eliminate the need to haul out the hardfloor vacuum cleaner everytime I had to sweep up pet hair (which is several times a day since I'm a bit OCDish about my floors) and then mop with the Swifer.

    Well, as I said, I read the reviews and based on the mixed opinions I had my doubts that this would be worth the time, money, and effort and unfortunately, those doubts were more than confirmed. The unit is hard to use, clunky, and does poorly at the jobs it is supposed to do. I would agree with the other reviewers who said the exhaust air blowing from the fan hinders any actual vacuuming because it just blows it out of the way before the front of the vacuum has a chance to suck it up. Then on the flip-side, the mopping function doesn't leave the floors dry and it doesn't leave it streak-free either. In fact, I had several areas where dirty water pooled at the head of the vacuum and had to be mopped up by hand because the machine wouldn't suck the water into the dirty tank despite going over the area several times. So basically, I used the thing once, hated it, cleaned it up, and put it back in the box to ship it back to Thankfully, is a great place to buy and try new things and have always been quick with shipping and returns. If I would have had to pay for shipping either way I would definitely have felt a lot more ripped off and less inclined to try new things, but since that wasn't the case, I found this experience to be pleasant but disappointing. Like I said, it's a great idea in theory but this product simply doesn't perform like Bissel would have you believe....more info
  • Something I Would Not Be Without
    I recently purchased a new home with all hardwood floors. After using this product, I wouldn't be without one. It was raining the day I moved in so you can only imagine how much mud was brought into my home on the wood floors. I was able to use this machine and it brought my floors back to new condition. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • a time saver
    I've had mine about a year and am very happy with it. I have 6 cats and a dog and a busy life, so my kitchen floor is often dreadful. I generally sweep the big chunks before using the vacuum function and that works well. The actual scrubbing part works like a dream and cleaning my large floor area (tile) is twice as fast as manually mopping. An extra pass or two cleans what I would have had to be down on knees scrubbing. I am also delighted at how dry it leaves the floor when I am done; no wet patches, no puddles that have to be picked up separately. It makes my life easier and I am grateful!...more info
  • Pretty Good product
    This product is pretty good for floor cleaning. It does not come with much cleaner so make sure to order or buy a bottle of the type you need. The only drawback is there are no rotating scrubbers when it uses the wet cleaner side. I have a friend with a different brand whos has the scrubbers and she says it picks up a lot. On the plyus side it is great to never have to whip out the old broom, dust pan and mop! ...more info
  • It's good and does a decent job.
    I bought this floor cleaner because I have travertine tile throughout my home and I HATE having to mop it. It does a decent job of cleaning the floor and absorbing the dirty water. However, it doesn't do that good of a job on dried stuck on dirt. I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old so you can imagine what they do to my floors. So what I've done to resolve the problem is that I spray the area with 409 and let it sit for a minute or so then I run the machine over it and it works wonderfully. I know the instructions say not to use any other type of cleaning solution, but so far I haven't had any problems.

    One more thing, I've noticed that if the filter is dirty it will really affect the suction. So I now clean it after 2 uses. I really wish they would've included an extra filter and cleaning pad. I just ordered the extra kit from Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Flipit
    I gave the Flip-it to my mother as a gift and as far as I knw she loves it....more info
  • Love that Flip-It!
    I love my new Flip-It for cleaning hardwood floors. The heat option really helps get out ground-in dirt and makes the floor dry faster too. I have read reviews that the Flip-It leaves small puddles of water. I found this to be true on eneven surfaces of older floors, but not on smooth newly installed floors, so I think it's more a matter of the floor surface. Also, pumping out a little less cleaner onto wood floors keeps puddles away. It also works well on vinyl tile floors. I have not tried the dry vacuum mode yet. If you have a lot of hardwood floors this is a real time-saver....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    I just received this and used it on my ceramic tile floors. The great advantage is that you vacuum an area and then flip the unit over and mop it. It took some getting used to because the suction works great! My floors really got clean and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to save time. I had previously used a Swifer mop and found it so lightweight that it didn't do any deep cleaning of the floor surfaces. Glad I got this!...more info
  • Handy and a Great Cleaning Tool
    I have 25 cats and ceramic tile flooring. This product works great to mop the floors. It gets the fur and other cat problems clean. The tile sparkles after cleaning. And the water that this product picks up is just plain dirty. It's a joy to dump the stuff down the drain. Also, it is not a chore to use this product. It is light weight, easy to maneuver, and scrubs and picks up the dirty water in one pass over. However, do remember to prop safely when you're changing water as it will fall easily, but this is because it is not heavy weight: which is a good thing....more info
  • Had a floor mate, this sucks better
    my floor mate wouldn't switch back to wet/dry exactly 93 days after purchase. ( 3 days after warranty expired) this one does suck much better, it even pulls the vinyl up a bit. (don't have any wood floors) I've only had it about a month but so far so good! Anything to get off my knees....more info
  • Junky and performs poorly
    Does a poor job of cleaning floors and is not worth the price.
    It's a mess to add liquids and a pain to clean the unit.

    After the first use my wife complained about the product. After the second use she put it in the closet and there it remains.
    She now grabs and inexpensive old-fashioned sponge-mop and gets the cleaning job done in minutes....more info
  • Did not meet my expectations
    I purchased this product because I thought it would be better than using a mop on my vinyl flooring. I was wrong. This machine does not dry vacuum well. It blew the dirt, etc. around instead of sucking it up. The wet side works for a while, then before I can get all my vinyl flooring done, the suction stops working. I read on the bissell website that this could be due to the fact that the filter is wet. Duh! The filter is going to get wet! I also had problems with water squirting out of the dirty water tank while I was dry vacuuming. I had high hopes for this product. I could vacuum and mop with heated water with one machine. This product was a waste of money. I will go back to my mop until I find something that works better. I gave it two stars because the idea of using one machine to vacuum and mop is a good concept but this product needs some fine tuning....more info
  • look for better product
    I was looking for a vacuum that can do all the job. I was so tired of doing the same old type of cleaning at my apt's hardwood floor, since nobody cleans except me I was expecting that this would lessens the job. But I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE of buying this product. At first, It was ok. A little bit hard to push forward when you are using the wet vacuum side and the floor is not that wet. And it has the worst vacuum suctioning that I've ever seen.You need to use another vacuum that would do a good suction on the dirts on the floor.And when your doing the suction for the wet vacuum the water leaks on the sides. So It's really a waste of time and money when you buy this product. I sent it back for my refund. I should have trusted the comments before I decided to buy this product. It's really not worth it....more info
  • Bummed
    I purchased this item for my laminate floors as we have laminate throughout for the purpose of a wheelchair. The idea of being able to vac and then wash was great and thought it would be easier on my back than a mop. I found this to be true. The issue with it standing upright I found to be true as indicated in a previous review. Most importantly though, the trigger that lets the solution out onto the floor died after a month.The closest place that handles their product warranties is 45 minutes away from us (and I live in a big city). In addition, the place that does handle the warranties told me this problem is common with this product. Needless to say, I opted not to get this fixed and am out the money I spent on the product. The hassle of carting it 45 mins. to have to go back again to pick it up when done brings me to a total of 3 hours on the road with no guarantee that the next trigger will be any better. ...more info
  • Loved It !!! Great on my Pergo floors
    I read all the reviews and decided I would try it anyway. We have about 800 sq. ft. of pergo flooring and it was very hard on my back to clean with a mop then hand drying with a towel.

    I went through my house with ease and efficiency. It left no streaking or water marks behind and the floors looked as good as the day we put them down The suction was very good and took up all the water. I used the floor cleaner solution that came with the machine, it left a clean scent behind, but will also try just using vinegar and water next time as recommended by Pergo.

    I'm very please with the machine and no longer dread cleaning my pergo floors.

    ...more info
  • Good for small spaces
    I was amazed that this mop picked up hair from my long haired dog with ease. It was easy to flip from one side to the other. You have to use the dry side before the wet side and not flip back and forth because the wet pad will make the dry items stick instead of being vacuumed up. It was very difficult to push the vacuum when it was on the wet side. The cleaning fluid left the floors dull and some liquid was left behind. I gave this item three stars because it works well on small spaces and allows you to clean up spills in a pinch. I wouldn't recommend it for large spaces because pushing it becomes tiresome and the cleaning head is small. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This Machine
    My machine has been replaced by the company twice now because the sprayer stops working. The company has a no refund policy so they just keep sending me another one, which stops working after 2 months. I will never buy another Bissell product....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I just got my Flip It yesterday and after a trial run I am very pleased! I have Pergo laminate floors and I have tried everything out there from different mops to steamers and every cleaner under the sun and no matter what I have to wipe them with a towel or they are streaked with water marks. Even my ceramic tile in the bathrooms needs to be wiped or I get water marks. Well, NO MORE!!! I can tell that it takes some trial and error to use the machine correctly but after testing it yesterday my floors were shining! No streaks or water marks! The vacuum part is not the best so I will continue to use my regular vacuum beforehand. Not a big deal I think, since you have to vacuum using a conventional mop anyway. But washing the floor was just like "vacuuming" it to a shine! Finally, I don't dread washing the floors!!...more info
  • Save your money
    Very little to no suction on the dry side. Wet side had good suction but difficult to push forward making the task more difficult. Sprayer stopped working after just 2 uses. Since I hate repackaging for returns, the unit is sitting unused in a corner. I thought I had found the perfect lightweight cleaner but I am still searching....more info
  • Too much work to get it to work
    I have carefully analyzed all the reviews (positive and negative) before deciding to buy this product in order that the right level of expectation may be set. My need is very simple. I have almost all hard floors in my house, either tile or hardwood. So floor keeping is a relatively low maintenance chore. I know Flip-It serves both as a dry vacuum and wet mop. Knowing that both dry and wet debris are going into the same place and I want to eliminate the messy task of cleaning out the wet gunk, so I opt to use the cleaner solely as an electric mop.

    I like the idea that while it is mopping, the machine can also take care of the small amount of debris that I missed in my "pre-mopped" vacuuming. It does take some practice to get the machine to do the job right. Although I don't have the problem of puddles of water as other have experienced, I have other issue such as the cleaning pad kept sliding out. I find the maneuvering quite exhausting due to the squeegee design. Also, my finger gets very tired from squeezing the solution release button. I don't find the cleaning result dramatic perhaps because my floors are normally quite clean. The machine will not get to the wall edges so it won't eliminate manual laboring. I'm also not sure if the heating feature does anything to produce a cleaner floor since the water temperature does not felt very warm. After two days of experimentation, I decided that the machine is going back to the store. For light mopping, I am going back to my Swiffer Wetjet. It is cheaper, quiet, lighter, easy to use, and best of all, no cleaning up required.
    ...more info
  • Good Product
    I find this product very useful. It cleaned my laminate floors beautifully. I also like that you can store the fluid in the clean tank for the next use and the pads are machine washable. The only downside I can see is it's a little difficult to push forward because of the squeegee. It does take some practice before you get the hang of it's action, but once you do, it's quick and efficient. Spray on forward stroke, return stroke is the fluid take-up. I think a good tip to offer is to also buy extra pads as you can then switch before hitting the next room since the pad will be rather dirty from the previously washed floor. I did not use the dry vacuum as I figure it works much like an electric broom, which doesn't work in my home since I have 3 rather large, shedding dogs. I just whipped out my Dyson and vacuumed with that first. ...more info
  • Sooooo Disappointed!
    I too did my research before I purchased this, thought the heat option was worth the price. Based on the reviews, I was very excited to start using my machine. I have travertine floors downstairs, with no pets or kids. When I started the vacuum the first day it seemed okay. I thoroughly cleaned the filter and thought okay, not so bad. But, then two days later, when I tried the vacuum again, it just did not want to pick up anything. Ladies, let me tell you, I was literally chasing down anything hair, string, to the down feathers from the pillows. I did however sort of expected that from the reviews.

    The reason for purchasing this product was for the cleaner, for those little spills in the kitchen. I hate the idea of pushing dirty water around and then not being able to go into the room until the floors dried. Once I got the hang of the motion, I noticed that it was leaving huge puddles of water that leaked at the end. I would continually go over the puddles, even though the floors where clean and I was done, the puddles would keep coming back. I didn't mind the bending down and whipping the floor dry with a paper towel, but then I thought, what's the use! I would have to do this throughout the entire downstairs portion of the house which is over 2000sf!! This may be okay for apartment usage. I gave it two stars because the intention was there, but the product well ya know. Please do not waste your time, there has got to be a better way....more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful!!
    Being physically challenged with severe RA has made this cleaner indispensable for me! I can't bend over to clean up spills & messes so I keep this "flip It" right near my kitchen which has a bamboo floor and it always looks fabulous. Its lite weight makes it usable by someone with limited strength. I love it.

    Initially it was a bit difficult to get used to. I tried vacuuming with the wet side & couldn't imagine why it was so hard to push--duh! I also had to learn that when washing the floor you need to release enough water to wet the pad at the start or else it is too difficult to push. My bathrooms have ceramic tile floors and they have never looked so clean. I always use the heater for tile.

    I highly recommend this item. ...more info
  • Good floor cleaner, bad vacuum
    This is a great hard floor cleaner for any type of hard floor. It does not however vacuum rugs very well. As long as you don't need it for rugs, it's great. Great price as well....more info
  • Worst cleaning product ever purchased
    Before I purchased this product, I read several reviews, many of them very favorable. This product was also recommended by the grout cleaning/restoring company I recently used for my tile floors. Imagine my surprise and disappoinment when I discovered how utterly useless this product actually is. It does a very uneven job of distributing the cleaning solution onto the floor, and an even worse job of sucking it back up, leaving many puddles of dirty solution over the entire floor. I literally have to remop the entire floor every time I use it. I've tried other Bissel products which were fine, but this one is an expensive dud. Don't waste your money...more info
  • Quirky but does the job
    For the price am not too surprised at the quirkiness of this machine. As others have mentioned, there is a tendency for it to push out a lot of water at one time and to not do a great job at sucking it back up. This being said, however, I've developed a few tricks to minimize these issues.

    1)Getting the right angle of the handle takes a while but once I get into a groove, I find that holding the handle at certain angles helps the suction problem.
    2) If a lot of water comes out at once then I just push that around instead of trying to keep just one small part of my floor wet at one time. It's from the clean water tank so I don't feel like I'm just pushing around dirty water. And then with the handle trick I'm able to suction up the water over the larger area at a fairly quick clip.
    3) If I don't have the patience or time for dealing with the larger than desired volume of water I just fill the clean water tank half way from the get go and this seems to prevent the problem.
    4) I do use Murphy's oil soap for my wood floors. Here, the trick is to use a fraction of the amount required of the Bissell recommended cleaner. I use maybe a quarter of the amount if I'm using Murphy's with the full tank of water. And I'll use an even smaller amount if I'm using a less than full tank of water. Do not use too much Murphy's; it is an oil SOAP and too much causes the dirty water tank to fill and overflow with bubbles (yes, I've learned this from experience).

    Despite the quirks, my wood floors do look great after I use this machine and for the price I'm not sure I could expect a quirk-free machine. If I had the space I'd buy a heavier duty and more costly machine, but for my 790 sq ft apartment with mostly wood flooring this is ok. ...more info
  • Convenient and Light!
    I used to have the Hoover Floor Mate and one day it fell apart. When I bought it, it was pretty expensive so I decided not to replace it and went back to regular Quickie mops. I always hated rubbing dirty water around and the mop heads kept disintegrating so I started to think maybe I wanted another Floor Mate. I was walking through Target and saw the Flip It and thought it looked nice and compact so I came home and started researching on line.

    I decided to get the 7340 Flip-It with Optional Heater. What I really like about it is that it is lightweight and compact. You will need to be careful when you aren't using it that you stand it up so it doesn't tip -- just one of the side effects of having such a lightweight hardfloor cleaner.

    I have a lot of ceramic tiles in my house and I find it much more convenient to use this than the Quickie. It dries the floor as I go so when the kids and dog come in, they aren't tracking across a wet floor. Yes, it sometimes leaves a little pool of water, but I just wipe that up with a rag -- not a problem for me.

    In my opinion, it does a pretty good job. The Flip-It is definitely better than using a Quickie mop and not as much work as getting down on my knees with a scrub brush. I find it a happy medium. Good enough and not back breaking work! Also, because it is fairly small, it stores in a smaller space than my old Floor Mate which is an asset. ...more info
  • Not as Reviews rave!!
    This product in surely not what they all rave that it is! I bought it thinking it was going to be the best as they said. This product is not at all that and the vaccum part will not even pick up the smallest crumbs and my floor is soaking wet when I am done. Also if you even bump it will tip over. ...more info
    I have twins in high chairs throwing food on the floor for every meal, so I was really looking forward to this. You are supposed to push the button for fluid when you push the vac. forward and the suctioning happens when pulling back.

    The problem is the squeegie on the front makes it hard to push it forward. Also...the dry vac. portion is just o.k., not as good as I hoped. Once you switch from dry to wet, you can't go back to dry to a different area/room as water will drip everywhere. This was harder on my back than just doing it the old fashion method. I am returning it. And I so hoped this was going to make my life easier! oh well. hohoho....more info
  • Cleans very well but has cons
    I was impressed with the cleaning and I loved the hot water option.
    It has a problem standing up right, if you dont get it just right, down it goes.
    Suction is so so, I have seen better....more info
  • Could be better.
    This product serves its purpose, but it could have been built better. It is clunky, loud and difficult to control (spray and suction). It is not use-friendly. One has to play with it for a nunmber of times to figure out the best way to work it. It uses a lot of chemicals too. It does clean my tile floors and grout though. I am pleased with the ultimate result but so as not to lose my patience, I pay somebody else to do the actual floor-cleaning for me. We would not buy this product again....more info
  • WOW!! This is a fantastic product!!!
    I just can't believe that I waited so long to buy a Flip It!!! What a great way to make my floors look so good. I thought they were sort of clean but this machine proved me wrong. The dirty water was unreal!! I have a very large ktchen and the floor is very hard to clean, but the Flip It did a great job. I would recomend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • If you have animals, don't get this for hair removal!
    I was so excited after reading the other people's reviews. I read about the Swiffer and how it would "leak." This one doesn't leak. One good point. It just doesn't get up the the debris first -- before you mop. I have three dog's and they, ugh, shed. Another item that's a complete rip off to those of you in my predicament, is the "Shed Ender." It doesn't end it. If any of you out there have a solution to my dilemma, I'd be most appreciative. If you don't have a solution and hope this is it, DON'T! ...more info
  • Good Product
    I bought this item and was really pleased with it once I got used to it. It was awkward at first but once I got the hang of it I actually enjoyed using it and it seemed to take less time then mopping. I was shocked to see how dirty the water was when I got done using this. I had moped my floors only a few days prior to using the Bissell and the water was filthy. Apparently it does a better job then I do. ...more info
  • Great for my hardwood floors
    Whether I used a regular mop and bucket, my swiffer wet jet, or my hoover steam vac, I always ended up with a haze on my hardwood floors that I would clean off with a wipe or furniture polish. This is the first machine that leaves my floor shiny and without a haze. It is worth it just for that!!! I also like the job it does on my lineoleum. The first couple of times I used it on what I thought were clean floors because I had recently mopped them, I was surprised at how dirty the water was. After using this as my primary means to clean my floors (two maybe three times a week depending on traffic and what is going on in my household) I notice that my floors not only look cleaner, but also feel much cleaner on the few occassions when I am not wearing house slippers. This is so much better than the regular mopping.

    I have read other reviews on the flip-it regarding water being left on the floor; when that does happen, I just go back over that section so that it will be taken care of. For the most part I don't care about a little water on the floor because I would have so much more if I had the mop and bucket or used my steam vac. I am sold!...more info
  • Definitely worth it
    I used the Bissell Flip-It Select for the first time tonight. I detest mopping, but with a combination of both linoleum and tile floors in my house, it is a must. So in looking for an alternative to mopping, I hoped for the best with this product. I was not disappointed. Vacuuming first with the dry vacuum side is an excellent alternative to sweeping the floor. After using the wet vacuum side with the heated solution/water mixture, not only was my bathroom linoleum (which had a thick build up of sticky hairspray) cleaned marvelously, but also my tile kitchen floor. The unit is lightweight and easy to use. The filter did get clogged with dirt and hair, but the sound of the motor changed when the suction stopped, so I unplugged it and cleaned the dirty wet/dry container and filter, put it back together, plugged it in, and suction was completely restored. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase after only one use. I will recommend it to friends and family alike....more info
  • So easy to use and convenient!
    This machine is so easy to use! I love the option of cleaning my tile floors with heat or no heat, depending on the grime! The mop pad works very well on my sealed hardwood while the brush worked excellent on my grout! I didn't have to go over anything twice and my floors looked great when I was finished! The "flipping" action is also very easy as this machine is lightweight! I love not having to use a mop and bucket and its even better now that this product offers heated cleaning! Great job!...more info