EdgeStar 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater

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The EdgeStar Extreme Cool line of portable air conditioners offer the perfect combination of cooling power, quality and style - a combination unmatched by any other unit on the market. We recommend this pint - sized powerhouse as the best choice for cooling rooms from 275 to 400 sq. ft. This units ranks highest in customer satisfaction because of the its long lasting durability, its powerful two motor design and its extreme cold airflow.

  • Designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling & heating to any room, with no permanent installation
  • Upgraded Plastic window kit included - 52" maximum length
  • 400 sq. ft. Manufacturer recommended maximum room size
  • Washable prefilter and one activated carbon filter included - pre-filter collects particulate matter and activated carbon filter absorbs smoke and odors
  • Warranty: One year limited parts and labor. 90 days labor; 1 year parts
Customer Reviews:
  • OK...unless you want it to cool on HOT days...
    CAUTION! Do a search and read the manual on this unit. The manual indicates unit will not operate above 97 degrees(compressor shuts off for safety reasons). Well, it shuts off well before you reach 90 degrees(along with the exhaust fan). The unit just does not work well when it gets hot, simple as that. Certainly, NOT worth the premium over a window unit. The unit is rated for 400+sq feet, and it will NOT cool my area of 200 sq feet when its over 90 degrees. Just a pathetic excuse for an "air conditioner". Spend your money elsewhere....more info
  • Edgestar brakes easily and they have no parts
    I bought a washer dryer combo only to find out that the mother board broke after only a year of use. I called Compact appliance and of course it was out of warranty. The same happened with Edgestar. ANd the best part is that they don't have any technicians around the country to service their appliances other than their plant in texas.

    Shipping only costs [...] bucks for a round trip of the appliance!

    And the best part of all? the plant that manufactured this crap in spain is closed so these idiots dont have any more parts for the appliances when they brake.

    I wasted my money $[...] dollars for this piece of crap.

    And dont expect that they technicians will ever tell you what can be wrong with the machine. they always respond that they never heard of anything like that...

    Bull....more info
  • It cools, but not much...
    I did some research, saw the reviews, and thought... nah, how bad can it be?
    So I bought it.

    I purchased this unit for my two car garage which I like to tinker in. Based on the reviews, I also bought a $100.oo Insulated Exhaust pipe kit. I also spent $60.oo on insulation to insulate and seal my garage door.

    If you are standing directly in front of this unit, you will be in fine shape and it feels quite nice. If you venture off to the side of this column of air however, you will not feel anything. On a 91 degree day, I could not get the temperature in the garage below 88 degrees after 3 hours. Whoooooo! (sarcasm).

    It does create a column of cool air, but will not cool my garage (which is very insulated and sealed).
    It does remove moisture from the air, so this helps in comfort.
    It does dissapoint.

    By the way, the exhaust tube gets terribly hot if you use the plastic non insulated one that comes with the unit. So the unit cools the air on one side, and creates a nice radiating heat pipe on the other.

    Buyer beware....more info
  • edge 12,000 btu portable airconditioner
    I was very disappointed with this product. The salesperson said it was a excellent, but in my experience it provided very erratic cooling. During the day, the room was only a few degrees cooler than the outside temperature. At night. the room was much colder than the temperature it was set at. In addition, the unit was incredibly loud.

    After about a month of use, it started blowing out hot air in the from and nothing from the back. I was told by edgestar that it is not defective ... it does not work if the temperature is higher than 90 degrees.

    The unit costs 4 times as much as a window unit to operate and can not compare with the performance. ...more info
  • Bulky and Loud, Heater Not Useful
    UPDATE (2007-12-03): Now that it's mighty cold out, was time to give the heater side of the device, (for which I paid another $100-150 over the straight AC only version) a test. Unfortunately, the heating is only a reverse air flow from the AC, (as opposed to a more standard area heater) so if you don't vent it, you'll be firing at least as much cold air into the room as warm, (feels like more! :( ). Don't know where you live, but here in New England, leaving an uninsulated, loose-fitting piece of plastic in the window in the winter is never a good a choice, so the heating function basically becomes useless. Save yourself the $100-150, buy the AC-only version, (still a decent unit for that purpose) and if you want, use the delta to get a much smaller and quieter area heater for the winter. Very disappointed with the heater.... :(


    As of right now, have only used it for 2 days in a room roughly about 300 sq ft, and it works quite well - i.e. yesterday, the room was at about 81 or so, and muggy, and was entirely comfortable in about 15-20 mins or so, (actually started getting cold soon thereafter, so used a fan to start moving some of the cold air into the rest of the house to help the air conditioner on the other side of the house). The temp range is 61-88.

    The only 2 downsides I'd really say there are are a bit to be expected:

    1) It's fairly big and bulky, (though that's more a function of portable air conditioners rather than this particular unit).

    2) It's _definitely_ loud. I'd still much rather have it cool and loud than hot and quiet, but in comparison to an 18,500btu wall unit that I have on the other side of the house, it's roughly 4-5x+ louder for about half the cooling power. More concretely, it's near a TV in my bedroom, and with it off, the TV volume is generally set at 1/4 - 1/3 of its total range. With it on, to hear at the same level, it's up to ~2/3 - 3/4 of that range.

    Other than that, there's a minor nit in that the digit display on even the brand new unit that I received is flaky, with some of the LED's flicking in and out, but I'm not shipping it back to TX, (i.e. Compact Appliance) for that.

    On the whole, recommended, but at a -1 for the excessive volume, and another -1 for useless, (at least in the North) heater function, (s/b 2 stars at the end, but can't seem to change the star rating in Amazon's review editor)....more info
  • This model is nice
    This Edgestar 12000 BTU unit is powerful and works nicely. My only gripe is that you are stuck with the temperature reading in fahrenheit, and cannot change it to celcius. I bought this from Compact Appliance, with free shipping, and the product arrived fairly quickly. Installation in the window was a snap, and reading the manual helps if you are not familiar with PAC's. The plastic panels of the window kit slide to fit, and can be taped or screwed to hold their position.

    I have so far bought 4 different PAC's from Compact Appliance. All were made by Edgestar. I did have a problem with one model -a Koldfront (which is also made by Edgestar). This Koldfront would not blow any cold air, as it had a bad compressor. When I called Compact Appliance, they directed me to Edgestar.

    Do not bother calling Edgestar customer service - you will not get the phone picked up, nor will you get a call back. The best way is to e-mail them. You actually get a reply in 1 or 2 days, and sometimes within a few minutes.

    They diagnosed the problem by e-mail, and agreed to replace the defective unit. Even though I was outside the time period for free return shipping, after I pled my case, they agreed to send me a pre-paid shipping label. I am so far very satisfied with the quality of their customer service by e-mail....more info
  • caveat emptor...
    Unit arrived banged up and non-funtional. After having hauled this 85 pound junker from the Fedex facility and have it not working was really upsetting. I called Compactappliance to have the unit returned for a refund and to my sheer amazement they directed me to Edgestar to sort it out??!! Edgestar was also a joke. 5 emails and 8 voicemails and threats of legal action before I was contacted. I should have done my homework before buying. check out other edgestar/compactappliance reviews for similar horror stories....more info
  • Excellent product, but with a little aesthetic work first.
    I was very wary of buying this, as it's very expensive and I've never had experience with a portable AC. I needed another AC to supplement my tiny window unit, but didn't want to block another window, especially my living room windows! It works wonderfully, but I just want to report that you totally need a grounded, single-circuit outlet dedicated only to the AC. I had to have one installed, a single circuit not shared with any other outlets. Before that, I was using an outlet that had a series of other outlets coming from it and I had a lot of brown-out issues. Now, no problems at all. My biggest issue was the ugly window kit. I couldn't stand it, and since it fits into the inside main window and not the outer storm area, most of the vented heat just went up in between the windows instead of going outside. So, I created my own storm window with .125 Plexiglas and actual storm window framing (I would have just cut the hole into the existing storm, but I rent the apartment and they wouldn't have appreciated me doing that!). I cut a 6" hole into the Plexi to fit the vent into. Beautiful! Now it vents completely outside, and I still have a nice window to look out of. It was a lot of work and extra expense, but well worth it for me. I've used it for about a month now. The AC does a great job reducing the humidity and cooling very quickly. I have a 750 square foot apartment - so with my other window unit in the bedroom and this one in the living room, it's perfect. It is loud, though, no matter what setting or mode you have it on. And, it would be great if Edgestar created the kit with a damper or louvers in the 6" vent hose adapter - I worry about birds flying into the hose! Also, Compact Appliance is a good company. I had ordered it directly from them (not via Amazon), and paid no shipping and it was on sale. I got my AC quickly, and had no problems at all....more info
  • Great portable air conditioner - Recommended!
    I am SO glad I got this Edgestar 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner! ***FLASH*** (early August) Today the temperature is about 97F. This little beauty is keeping the temperature fifteen degrees cooler inside that outside - and that is in a room that is two rooms removed from where the A/C is located! In the kitchen where I have it located, it is doing even better! ***END OF FLASH NEWS*** As an update as of mid-summer after using the unit for a couple of months I must say it is a winner. I have had no problems whatsoever with it. It has kept me quite comfortable thus far.

    The installation was simplicity itself: I just taped the round air exit jig to the round air exit vent in my kitchen and within minutes this unit was supplying cool air. Better yet, it was the start of some the hottest weather we've had so far this year - just over 90F - and the spunky little unit has performed admirably.

    It cools the kitchen and does a good job of cooling an additional two small rooms nearby! (please note: I am happy if a room airconditioner gets the temperature under 80F - I do not expect a room airconditioner to cool several rooms to 70F or less!) These units are just for small to moderate sized single rooms!

    I must say it is very quiet compared to all room air conditioners I have ever had! It has a japanese made rotary (not piston) air compressor. The microchip controlled control center (and remote) have worked fine. Don't plug it in the same circuit that has your: refrigerator, toaster, dehumidifier, hair drier, microwave, PC, big screen TV, or 500 watt entertainment center! All those devices would steal enough current to deprive this unit of the power it needs to work right.

    The unit shuts off automatically if the internal moisture recovery tank is full. It needs to be emptied at least daily. That's the price you pay for not having it mounted in a windowsill. By the way, this unit vents the hot air it takes out of the room and vents it through a six inch flexible vent to a jig that fits in a window so the heat goes to the outside. If you don't do this, it will NOT cool your room! This is not a magic device. It simply takes the heat from inside and MUST put it outside through the vent supplied.

    It would be worth while to read the owner's manual, too. It's not nuclear physics, but it might help you to know how to use this excellent device. If you haven't yet figured out how to set your VCR to record your favorite show on TV yet, maybe you shouldn't stretch your abilities too much and destroy your confidence in yourself.

    This is the best room air conditioner I have ever had! It will not cool a whole house or apartment. It is a ROOM airconditioner, and at that it does a great job. RECOMMENDED.


    The above was from summer 2006. This summer I bought another! The extra unit in another room now cools the whole first floor! The installation was simplicity itself. Ran perfectly from the start. Quick shipping via UPS. Edgestar does it right.

    Highly RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Do NOT buy this unit.
    I ordered this unit through Compact Appliance as stated above. Upon arrival and installation, the unit will not blow cool air. I tried contacting Compact Appliance, but of course they referred me to Edgestar. Beware of both of these companies. You will get charged shipping back to an "authorized" repair facility. Also, good luck getting them to honor their return guarantee or the warranty. Please do not buy this unit, or any other unit from Compact Appliance. A box fan from Wal-Mart works just as well and much friendlier and honest employees will take care of you at Wal-Mart....more info
  • power concern
    my place was built pre-1980s and the wiring may be somewhat dated, but this a/c doesn't appear to have the cooling power of an air-conditioner, feels more like an air-cooler. Also using it causes my circuit breaker to trip every couple hours. may want to consider something else if you have an older home....more info