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Paws & Claws Pet Vet

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Pet Vet lets you become the owner of your very own Paws & Claws Pet Clinic! Grow your vet clinic into a thriving business and become every animal's best friend. What are your favorite animals? You'll get to treat them all, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more. Design your own clinic -- choose what kennels to build and expand existing buildings to provide more services to your patients. Become the best vet and you'll grow your business into the biggest pet clinic in town!

  • Play as the owner of your very own pet clinic in this fun game
  • Become the best vet in town and grow the clinic into a thriving business
  • Build new kennels; expand existing buildings to provide more services
  • Nurse all the animals back to health in over 20 cases
  • Lovingly care for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty good but...
    this is a pretty good game, but I hate how much things cost. also, i can't give the budgie in my care any food or water, AND all the horses look the same; brown w/brown mane(2) and brown w/white mane(1). This is other wise a pretty good game, aside from 3 flaws. ...more info
  • Paws & Claws Pet Vet game
    I thought it was really fun. Because unlike other vet games where you click "treat" and that animal is healthy again, you actually get to make sure your giving him the right shot, (or cream)and you get a choise of where to put the medicine (on the pets) like upper body, head and lower body. Also sometimes a pet is so sick it can't go back home right away so you get to keep it overnight. And you have to make sure it stays healthy. You can also own your own horse and go riding on the trails!! There is a lot of responsibility in this game . Because if you do something wrong, that owner won't come back for a while!
    I would highly recomened it! Mostly for kids 10 and up. :)...more info
  • Pet Vet Review
    I was tricked into buying this game because of the descriptions it gave on the box, it sounded like a lot of fun, but really all I did was throw away twenty dollars. The gameplay is slow and the graphics are terrible. When you treat animals, it's not like you can decide what to do about it, the computer just tells you what to do, so there's not much of a challenge in this game. Even though the box says it has over twenty cases, they are repeated over and over and it got so old. I wanted to treat all kinds of animals, but the game starts you out with hamsters and birds, and you have to pay like seven hundred dollars to take a class so you can treat just one animal. Overall, this game was a major disappointment....more info
  • Fun, but frustrating
    I really like this game but it takes a lot of planning. I am not sure that children under 12 can plan and manage the money necessary to stay solvent without some help. Of course some adults can't do that either. The fields and beaches are not open. I understood that you had to reach a certain level before they would open. There isn't much time to ride with all the animals you have to treat and when they are in hospital, you end up spending your resources without guarantee of getting paid. Sometimes all you can do is not enough and an owner takes the pet to another vet and doesn't pay you. It just needs to be a little more user friendly. also if you try to speed things up by holding the shift key and the arrow key Windows will complain bitterly and kick you out of the game. There needs to be another way to make her you can do with the horse....more info
  • Major bug in game -- don't buy it!
    I would not recommend buying this game. There is a fatal error in that various parts of the game do not unlock so you can never beat it. The fields and meadows never open up, and you're stuck there for the rest of the game. Very very frustrating. I've written the company asking for a full refund. We'll see how that goes....more info
  • More Info!
    I love horses most, but love all animals and i want to know if this game has good voice acting, if you can still play it after you do all the missions, if the horse riding is realistic, and if the animals act as they should. (i.e. dog bark and wag tails) If you have any info on this game that is useful, post a replay! Thanks...more info
  • Very Fun But...
    This game caught my eye at best buy and since I love animals, I had to have it!

    The installing part was very diffucult for me. My mom had also very trouble installing it and we have a 98. I deleted my other games because we thought we needed room on the hard drive ot something but we didn't and I wasted all the games I worked hard on.

    We tried the lap top and it seemed to workng fine at the start but it kept crashing every once in a while. :(

    The game is very fun itself.. from what I played anyways... but i'm not too crazy about the graphics. It is a challening game, I agree but we couldn't keep it cause it crashed too much and messed up our computers.

    If you want to risk buying this game for that price than go ahead, but my tip is to wait till it's cheaper so even if it didn't work, you would not have lost as much money as we did (19.99)

    Thanks for reading :)...more info
  • Pet Vet ("rocks the house down")
    I got this game for my daughter for Christmas and she plays it all the time!! She loves to take care of the animals (in real life as well) and it has given her new insight into all that is involved with caring for animals. I wouldn't be surprised if she grows up to be a Pet Vet!! ...more info
  • Pet Vet Player
    Players who are interested in animals and future veterinary careers will enjoy this game! It is easier to earn money by treating pets for simple issues; ringworm, fleas, etc, and then deduce when pets have a more serious issue - mildew rashes and such. Playing as a vet, you have to decide when to purchase more supplies, and it is best to have them ready before issues crop up. Gameplay itself is pretty good - sounds are realistic (those of us who own guinea pigs will recognize that obnoxious squealing) and the graphics are pretty good. Once a few cases come by, players quickly learn which signs to look for to diagnose a pet's problem - scratching, missing patches of fur = fleas.
    It can be hard to play with the camera - and for a vet, you'd think she'd be able to RUN. She is soooo slow. But hey, if you like animals, dream of being a vet, and are familar with these types of games, this one is one of the best on the market....more info
  • Fun but full of BUGS
    I bought this game for my 8 yr old daughter. The game is fun. It is hard because of the big words for kids. BUT the riding areas do not unlock and its a in-game BUG! I've contacted ValuSoft and there reply is "they are talking to developers about the issue". They have graciously offered me a full refund. That is good of them! Another bug is taking care of in patient horses. The horses are healthy and the owner still comes and sais they are not well and they leave. Time wasted and no $! I hope they fix the BUGS, it would be a great game otherwise!...more info
  • Not very fun at first..
    It is really hard to keep money in this game without going down the drain. I just want to bond with dogs,cats and what not but it takes forever to unlock everything. I hope it gets a little more fun over time so i don't regret actually wanting the game in the first place..but i bet it will...more info
  • fun game
    My 7-year-old daughter got this game for Christmas and loves it. She plays it nearly every day. It is educational and teaches money management....more info
  • Patch infor
    For those of you who can't access the feilds, here's the link to the patch that fixes that so you can ride your horse in the meadows: info
  • Great game! Wow!
    Aside from the little bug with the outskirts.. it's a great game. Not for children really.. but for kids 10 and up. If your kid is younger, you should play with them at first and help instruct them. Simple as that....more info
  • Would be great if they came out with a fix.
    I think it is a good game but as it is now you can not finish the game until they come up with a fix for the fields & meadows not opening up. I wrote to valusoft about it & this is the response I got:

    Dear Paws and Claws Pet Vet Customer,

    Thank you for your recent communication. We are looking into this issue
    and have contacted the developer. We hope to have a resolution soon.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Tech Support

    I see people have been having this problem since June, you would think they would have came out with a patch or something by now. I would recommend that everyone who has this game write to valusoft & keep writing, maybe if enough people bother them about this they will come up with a fix....more info
  • SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love this game, when i bought it was like OK, it was cheap so i will give it a try. But now i absolutely love it! It is a little hard which is fun, it keeps you playing. walking is a little tedious though, the animals look realistic compared to other games I've played. Although its not very "educational" its very fun. All in all, i love this game, you really should buy it!...more info
    Its a good game but the person cant run The riding areas never unlock
    and even though i doubt suzette steel will ever read this teach your daughter how to read and she will be able to read the treatments required. ...more info
  • A Fun Game But there is bugs
    It was fun but the fields and meadows never unlock like there suppose to. By the way to run hold down shift. Its in the manual. If you can't figure out what to give an animal look under diagnosis at the bottom of the file it will show you what to give it. Without the bugs its a fun game. (IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THE FIELD AND MEADOW PROBLEM PLEASE POST IT!!!!)...more info
  • Fun and educational for kids
    I bought this for my daughter, for her 8th birthday. I agree with some of the other reviewers, that it is challenging for a young child; however, I have been playing with her, to teach her, and she is catching on. She loves animals and we are both really enjoying this game. I have not become aware of the 'bugs' because she is mainly interested in treating the animals and gets excited when she gets to keep them overnight. The 'vet' functionality of the game works just fine as far as I can tell. Also, my daughter is learning about money planning, and making sure she has the right medicines on hand, so it has been very educational for her. My only complaint is that the instructions are not very detailed - we have had to figure out a lot 'as we go' (such as how to get to town and the various stores there, where to go for water for the overnight animals, and holding down 'shift' to make the vet run), and that's why I only gave the game 4 stars....more info
  • Game would be better if you could open the other areas.
    Bought this for my 8 yr old Granddaughter;she treated all the animals, made money went through schooling and still could not open the restricted areas. You need to save the levels during play because it locks up and if not saved during the play it will go back to the previous level. Even with this my Granddaughter still played but unfortunaltely because she could not open the other areas she is no longer playing the game. I see that many folks have had the same problems; game needs to be fixed!...more info
  • How to....
    If someone asked about how to buy an ultra sound machine you have to buy
    the Practice Building Expansion for 1000.This is a Cool game! my sister got t for Christmas and then I wanted to start playing it!!You just have to catch on to the game as you go!!Really Good!!COOL!!This is a 5 star game!!!!!...more info
  • Great Game, but brief instruction
    My daughter, who just turned 10 & I love this game!! The only problem we've had is the riding areas (forest, beach, ect.) never unlock for us to ride in. By the way, you can make your vet run, if you push shift & your directional buttons at the same time, also you can speed up exams & bloodtests' if you push shift after you push the exam or bloodtest button. Another tip, if you are in town at 20:00, you will receive a message to go back home & get ready for the next day. If you then go home your day will be extended until 22:00. It gives you an extra 2 min. if you have a busy clinic, to get extras done. If anyone knows how to unlock the riding areas,please let us know. I have looked everywhere & I can't find the answer....more info
  • Riding Areas
    They really dont open!! The feilds and meadows dont open the first time and you never get to do any other tasks. Maybe if they get it fixed, we can all get new games. And if you are healing a horse with a broken leg, you have to run it on the mats everyday until a pop-up tells you to stop. Everyday, after u run, a pop-up will come up and say "Godd Job, ____ is already walking better." After you do that, a couple of days later, another pop-up will come up and say "_____ Can walk normally again." ...more info
  • patch problems
    Does anyone else notice that when you download the patch to fix the fields and meadows glitch, some other things in the game are messed up or change? For example, when I try to use a broom, it takes quite some time to position myself so that it will work, also, the horses look a little different. I don't like the new look of the horses too much either....more info
  • Thia Game is SOOOO Dumb
    This game was a good game then it deleted my cousins file and nobody pushed the delete button!...more info


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