Fatass No More! How I Lost Weight and Still Ate Cheeseburgers and Fries
Fatass No More! How I Lost Weight and Still Ate Cheeseburgers and Fries

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Is this you? You go on a diet, you lose a little weight, you stop dieting, you gain back more weight. Do you go through an endless cycle of counting calories and watching everything you put into your mouth but nothing ever seems to work? What if you knew that there was a better way to lose weight that is relatively painless and easy? What if you knew that you could do it on your own and that you can even eat cheeseburgers and French fries or whatever else you like while you're doing it? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Fatass No More will show you how to lose weight by simply rearranging your eating habits. This is not your ordinary weight loss book. This one actually works.

Customer Reviews:

  • I just don't agree
    Am I the only reviewer here who just "doesn't get it"? First off, this book will tell you nothing you didn't already know (eat less and you will lose weight, DUH!!). What bothers me is how much this author says she eats in order to lose weight and maintain it. A handful of nuts for breakfast, lunch is whatever she wants--cheeseburger, fries, whatever...then comes dinner. Popcorn or a chicken strip or two??? You've got to be kidding? Nobody can survive on that!! Absolutely no snacking is allowed. It just doesn't seem like a very healthy way to lose weight....more info
  • Not very healthy or practical
    There is no way anyone could keep up the kind of lifestyle described in this book. If they could, why would they want to? I suppose this diet is supposed to appeal to people with crazy sugar or junk food cravings, but what about the rest of us who actually like to eat REAL food that's actually good for you?

    This plan goes against everything that I've ever learned about a healthy diet. She basically tells you to starve yourself everyday. "Eat a very light breakfast, whatever you want for lunch (your cheeseburger, fries, pizza, etc.), then a very light dinner, and NO SNACKS." She even goes on to tell you that you should always leave yourself a little hungry and that even now, 9 years since she started her plan, she still struggles with cravings. I don't want to have to struggle with cravings a decade from now!

    This might work for some people, but I for one don't like the idea of limiting myself. I'd rather find healthy alternatives to the fattening foods I like instead of indulging in a teeny, tiny portion of the real deal. I recently checked out The Most Decadent Diet Ever (bought it at the same time I bought this book), and so far I'm really liking it. The recipes are easy to follow and pretty yummy too.

    After saying all of this, good luck to everyone trying to be healthier and struggling to lose the weight! ...more info
  • A bit trite
    I decided on this book over another one based on the reader reviews. It sounded like it would be a great read and that I would get a lot out of it. Unfortunately that just wasn't the case. It was extremely trite and written as though the author was speaking to a teen instead of full grown women/men. I just really didn't get anything new or inspiring from it and quite frankly I wish I could return it for a refund. ...more info
  • Weight loss plus social commentary.
    The thing I liked about this book was that it wasn't just about losing weight, it had lots of social commentary--my favorite being the whole "it's genetics" routine. The author really hits upon some major hot spots within the book and takes on cooperations who help make us all "fat".

    Sure, the program is relatitevly easy and does seem to work--oddly enough, who would think that eating less could contribute to weight loss? But the real reason to read this book is the comments on the weight loss industry. I have to totally agree and say that the diet industry doesn't want any of us any thinner. If they did, wouldn't a few of their diets work?

    All in all, this is a good book not only because the program can actually help people to lose weight, but because it might even open a few eyes and ears. Just thinking about all the things that conspire to make us eat more and more makes me sick. Therefore, I am very glad I read this book....more info

  • Weight loss doesn't have to be hard.
    It really doesn't. This book tells how much easier it can be once you set you mind to it. It's mostly willpower and sticking to a plan. This is as good as any of the others out there....more info
  • No solid advice and promotes unhealthy eating
    Kim Rinehart did not do a great job on this book in my opinion. She says it's ok to eat cheeseburgers and such all the time if you have a smaller meal later, but it's not healthy. She uses vulgar words and it is not necessary because she is neither funny nor insightful in this book. I tried to finish the book as fast I possibly could because it was dull and the advice she gave was not sound. Would not really recommend this book for anyone who is seriously thinking about losing weight or eat healthy. I don't think you can really lose solid pounds of fat with this book....more info
  • If you're serious about losing it, this books tells how!!
    I'm done with dieting for good!!!!!! I can't believe how I've overlooked this common sense approach. I can't beleive how I've been fooled. This book deserves to be right up there with the best of them. It's not gimicky and it's not starvation and it's not eating a million pounds of bacon. It's just good advice to be had. If everyone would stop and open their eyes like this book advises, there would be NO overweight people in America! Time to wake up, everyone! And, no, there is no simple plan in this book, it just tells you to eat what you want but don't gorge!!! That's the problem, we can't stop feeding our faces or having an immese fear of starvation, just like she says. I'm just so glad I found it. I'm serious. If you want to lose weight, like I did, read this book. If you're happy being fat, skip it cause her advice WON'T sit well if you're in denial!!!...more info
  • This book saved my waist line!!!
    To the author of this book, I just want to say a big thank you for being so honest with us.

    I bought into the low carb craze, starting with a popular food combining plan, then to Atkins. I know these plans work for some, but not for me. I started suffering from severe fatigue, chronic mood swings that were hard to control (this from being so darn tired all the time), never lost weight, but what was my breaking point was when I started having irregular heart beats, my arms would tingle and go numb, my hands would swell and icth (that, and being on bi-polar meds when I knew something else was wrong). Turns out I was reacting to Splenda. I thought I was having heart attacks! Scared me to death! Then I realized, how do you low carb if you can't use sugar subs, when the whole point of the diet is to be sugar free. Well, a light bulb went off and something clicked. We think low fat diets are bad because they emphasise replacing fat with sugars and chemically enhanced foods, so low carbers won't touch low fat stuff because of the hidden sugars and chemicals, yet they will eat low carb stuff with chemical sweeteners, this makes no sense!
    At that point, now that I will never touch a artificial sweetener in my life, I needed to learn how to balance foods so I can eat real foods, including fat and sugar, to be healthy and lose weight, and this book did that for me. It makes so much sense. It is hard to learn portion control, to eat only when hungry and to stop when full, not stuffed, but everyday it gets easier and easier. I do make good choices over bad (whole grains over processed, fruit over desserts, etc, but now that I eat from all food groups, I get full with less food, something I never experienced with low carb.

    Its nice to be free of the "diets". All the money spent on diet cookbooks and special ingredients never did anything for me, but taking the advice of this book has done a lot, and it cost me nothing more than the cover price. No specialty ingredients, no plan to follow or lists of foods I can eat or need to avoid, just good old fashioned common sense.

    Thank you!!! I wish more people could read this book. Especially all those suffering from 1 diet to the next.
    And by the way, since I have stopped doing low carb and eat like a real person, no more mood swings. Gone, all of them, and no more fatigue! I'm able to work out daily now and live my life, something that seemed so out of reach just 2 months ago....more info
  • Just okay.
    I bought this book mainly because of the great reviews. I found the book to be just okay. It was easy reading about a subject I am interested in. I didn't think there was any great insight found in this book. Most people know that to lose weight you have to eat less calories and work out. That pretty much sums up this book. I didn't learn anything new, but more importantly to me I didn't get any motivation nor was inspired by the words in this book....more info
  • Thank you, Kim!
    This is what I thought Secrets of a former fat girl would be from
    all the good reviews. This is a much better book in that the author
    shares her story AND...unlike lisa delany's book tells you how she
    did it. Bravo Kim!...more info


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