Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Slim & Lean

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Studio: Razor Digital Ent Release Date: 07/18/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Very thorough high-rep low-weight workout
    I have done this workout quite often and find that it is very effective in slimming and toning the shape of your body. You should alternate this with cardio to really get good results.

    After repeated use, I will be honest, the video can get tedious with endless reps on each track. I sometimes resort to playing other music in the background just to jazz things up. Jari is a good instructor, not overly perky or obnoxious.

    It is a good solid workout that you can grow with without having to constantly be switching equipment around all over the place, going crazy....more info
  • Good work out
    I am such a fan of Jari; this was actually the first Ripped workout that I purchased. The nice thing about this one is that your really focus on one area at a time, as opposed to doing the compound moves in some of her other DVD's. I actually alternate out this one with Ripped 1000 and it really works. I would recommend combining this workout with some cardio- it's a good workout, and you'll definitely break a sweat, but it doesn't so much get your heart rate up and doesn't work as well if it's the only workout you are using. Jari Love is my favorite, I would recommend Ripped DVD's to anyone- just bought another one, in fact!...more info
  • Disturbing
    I started to watch this video so I could be familiar with it before I try the workout. I was shocked to see how unhealthy-looking and skinny Jari Love is. And I am not a out-of-shape person who is put off by very fit/thin people; I'm normally a size 0 or 2. About 10 minutes into the viewing, I had to shut it off and have never tried the exercises because she doesn't appear fit, she appears almost anorexic which, as the title of my review says, I find disturbing. I'll stick with Cathe Freidrich; try her Muscle Max for a really good total body workout. ...more info
  • Full-body endurance workout that is more challenging than the original Get Ripped
    I recently discovered Jari Love and am greatly enjoying her workouts. Although her original Get Ripped is my favorite so far, Slim & Lean, the second in the series, is also an excellent workout. As with all of the Ripped workouts, Jari and her three background exercisers vary not only in the equipment they use (eg, dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates, plus optional equipment like a stability ball) but also in their individual weight loads, which are helpfully shown on screen at the start of every new exercise. Slim & Lean also has a couple of new features: 1) in addition to the weight loads, rep totals are also show on screen, and 2) Jari adds pulsing repetitions.

    For every exercise, Jari performs a high number of repetitions, but her varied counts (eg, 4-4, 3-1, 1-3, 2-2, pulsing, etc.) keep things interesting. As with the other Ripped workouts, the Slim & Lean DVD is chaptered so that each exercise is its own individual track. The 12 total tracks, each about 5-6 minutes in length, are as follows: warm-up (5-minute overview of various exercises using light weights), squats, front-back lunges, chest presses, bent leg deadlifts/deadrows, push-ups/rotator cuff, tricep dips/overhead extension, biceps/hammer curls, single leg squats/wide squats, overhead press/lateral raise, abs (5-minute series of 4 exercises repeated once), cool-down.

    The Main Menu of the Slim & Lean DVD offers the following options: Introduction-Full Workout-Exercises (chapters)-Interview with Angela (a registered dietitian)-Credits-Preview "To the Core"-More Ripped Workouts. I found Slim & Lean to be more challenging than the original Get Ripped for several reasons, including the pulsing repetitions, the increased repetitions of more challenging exercises (such as many more squats and push-ups), and the longer overall length (Slim & Lean comes in just over an hour). Also, I didn't think Jari's cueing was quite as good as in the original, as she sometimes cues a bit late (similarly, the screen showing the weight loads is sometimes a bit late as well). Still, this is definitely an excellent full-body endurance workout for intermediate-to-advanced exercisers, and it is likely to appeal particularly to those who are looking for a greater challenge than the original Get Ripped. My overall rating: 4 1/2 stars....more info
  • I lost 20lbs
    I loved everything about this DVD. I got it as a gift for christmas from my mother (I guess she was trying to tell me something). I did the video every other day for 6 months. I started using 5lb weights and later went up to 8lbs. I lost a total of 20 pounds and went down 1 or 2 sizes in all my clothes. It's not as quick as a lot of people wish, but it was a healthy way to shed off the extra pounds.
    ...more info
    I bought this DVD because of the good reviews and I love it!!!! It's very challenging; I even asked my husband to join me (I doubt he'll be able to do it completely ) lol I recommended it to anyone who really wants to tone their body....more info
  • Nothing but Love for Ms. Love
    Love this dvd. I have over a hundred dvds, but lately these are the only ones I do. I never thought I would like an hour long sculpting routine. I always thought, cardio, cardio, cardio and then a bit of weights to get results. Not true. This is the first time I can really see results and I know they are from this dvd. I can never get any real muscle tone in my arms for some reason, even if I do tons of pushups. I finally see toned arms. And I can definitely see results in my butt and thighs. I am not a beginner exerciser. I have always done pli¨¦s, squats and lunges. Although my legs have always been strong, they have never been this toned before. I do this dvd and her first one two times a week. I find the first one a bit too easy, however. I will soon be buying her other workouts to include in my rotation. ...more info
  • Need to add weight resistance to your program - this is the one.
    I do lots of aerobics but lacked upper body strength. I wanted to add a weight resistance program to my work out routines to build strength not bulk up. This one was a good choice. The workout is interesting with great instruction. You can start with no weight or light weights and build as you get stronger. I already have increased to a little heavier weights in parts of the video and have only been doing this three weeks. This is a keeper and I plan to keep it incorporated into my workout routines at least twice a week. ...more info
  • Good workout
    Slim and Lean is a good straight forward weight training program. No cardio in it though so you need to supplement with a cardio program. it is a full hour. Not suitable for beginners however you could start some of the routine with no weights and work your way up. Definite value add to any exercise library....more info
  • Best workout I've ever tried
    I'm 21 and after I met my now husband over the course of about 5 1/2 years I packed on about 30 lbs. I've tried other videos but rarely find ones I like, they either don't seem very hard, are boring, I hate the bubbly/fake instructors, or they have terrible form. Not so with this one. I loved it and best of all it is the only thing that has worked for me. While I have not lost any weight, my husband kept commenting that I looked like I had lost a lot of weight. Then one day I didn't have any clean pants and on a whim tried on a pair that hadn't fit me in at least 2 1/2 years fully expecting them to not fit ( before they wouldn't even come halfway up my butt ) and they fit! I was so excited! Then I tried on my smallest pair of jeans ( which before wouldn't even come halfway up my thighs) and they now come about halfway up my butt. I still have some more to go but I love this. Especially since I have only done it maybe 4-6 times in the last month and a half and have made no changes to diet ( that's my next thing to do) and have not done much cardio or other exercise. This is the only thing that has worked for me and I have tried a lot. Oh, also I have a very weak upper body and I have noticed definate strength gains there and my muscles feel quite a bit harder although I still can't get through all the push-ups. Would highly recommend this workout, best thing I've ever tried. Some of the lines do seem a little fake/scripted but it was rare. Also they break down form and modifications before every exercise. ...more info
  • Best Exercise DVD!
    I'm brutally lazy and have quite a workout DVD collection because I'm often too lazy to drag myself to the gym, but this is the only one I use regularly. The full workout is pretty long, and I'm not going to lie, it's painful to get through every time, but it is so worth it. I've always been kind of lanky and wanted a video that skipped all the aerobic hoopla and got straight to strength training. This is it (although the nonstop weight-lifting provides a great cardio workout anyway). During a recent visit with my parents my mom's eyes popped out of her head as she told me, unprovoked, "I see definition!!" for the first time ever. I don't think this video will ever leave my weekly routine because as I get stronger and the workouts become easier I just up the weightload and it's as challenging as the day I bought it. If you stick with it this video WILL bring you results. ...more info
  • Absolutely one of the best workouts available
    Jari Love's Slim & Lean is exceptional! It's not easy to find a workout this good. Jari's style is fantastic -- she's friendly, not annoying in any way, not overly perky, just incredibly solid and motivating. She exudes a gentle confidance that is contagious. And the actual workout is amazingly good. You truly will have results. You will know you've worked out -- no fluff here. :) I love all her workouts. ...more info
  • boring, cheesy not well put together
    I like the get ripped 1000 but it hurt my knees so i bought slim and lean. Yuck cheesy set not as well put together as get ripped 1000. Too much emphasis on the arms and not enough on lower body. Don't waste time or money on this better spent on get ripped 1000. I returned this one the same day i bought it...more info
  • Jari Love is Great!!!
    Jari is fantastic. I am a huge fan of her style of working and her videos make me feel like I am taking my fitness to the next level. She has great form and her videos are clean and well-organized. She is not sloppy at all which I very much appreciate. I always feel great after doing her workouts and try to rotate through each of them through the week. Her workouts are advanced, but if you have not spent a lot of time with toning and weights you could also work your way into the workouts. ...more info
  • holy workout!
    All I can say is holy workout! Lots of reps to get the muscles worked and the heart rate up. No real cardio, just lifting. Great workout. I really liked it...good and tough....more info
  • advanced strength training video! yay!
    Let me tell you how fabulous this video is! I actually got a workout! Let's face it; there are very few serious srength training videos out there. This one is just great! My only complaint is that it isn't split ino upper and lower. I like to divide my strength training rather than slaving away for an hour. Regardless, this is one of the best videos out there for people who don't alternate weights with soup cans! So much better than the Firm!...more info
  • Full body workout with real results
    I was looking for a full body workout to build muscle. I am 39 and starting to notice a loss of muscular strength. I love aerobics workouts but not so interested wieght building so I needed some motivation also. Lucky for me several people shared these good reviews of this DVD and I decided to try it.

    The sets for each muscle group provide a mix of exercises so I don't get bored. I love how the reps are mixed up by slowing contraction and extension between 1 count and 4 counts. The exercises selected seem to target all the right areas to give an overall body workout.

    This workout is so well put together and thoughfully composed that although I always feel a tightness the next two days in my muscles but I never end up so sore I can't move. This is one of the few workouts that delivers on its promises.

    I should mention if you are not already in decent shape you should start with the first Get Ripped which helps build a base. I have some friends who have knee problems so I will say there are a lot of squats, lunges, and deadlifts in this DVD that are not in the first DVD....more info
  • Very Boring...... but I got great results
    I did get amazing results using this dvd, that been said, I found it very, very boring, so after doing it for about 3 months, I doubt I will be using it often if ever again. A good workout for me is one that's fun, effective, and challenging, one that will keep you coming back to, this to me was not that workout. But If you can stick with this workout, and eat clean you will get result that you will love....more info
  • Amazing!
    I love this video! Jari Love's routine is professinal, engaging, scientific, and very challenging. I love it and look forward to it everytime. I feel my body changing and pounds dropping very quickly. After trying a lot of duds, Jari Love is the instructor I'm sticking with. Buy her DVDs, I promise you won't regret it!...more info
  • what is going on?
    This is by far the worst video I've ever purchased. Jari Love walks you through a 5 minute workout and that is the only time she is in this video. After the warm up, it turns into an instrustional video where some random man will do a basic move (like a push up) and a voice will explain the move. They dont even do reps that you may perfrom to, they simply explain the move and begin a new move.

    This may be the style that some people want (I could see men enjoying this style), but I prefer to workout along with the instructer. I did not like this video....more info
  • This is an excellent Video
    I have only done this video 3 times and I already am seeing and feeling a difference. I have just returned to weights so I'm working my way back slowly but I know in the weeks to come I won't be disappointed.
    I really like how each section emphazises the form. I appreciate all the angles that Jari and the participants are shown at. It constantly makes me think of my form and ensure I'm doing the exercise correctly.
    I also really enjoy Jari's sincerity. Thumbs Up from me....more info
  • one of best weight videos available
    This is an excellent weight training video. Jari emphasizes good form and is a great instructor, always encouraging but not overdoing it. I have been doing this one for three weeks and have noticed more strength and more energy already. If you're thinking of getting this one, get it, it's a great one....more info
  • The Best
    Best of the series! I'm begginer - interm. & I did just fine but it's a Great workout....more info
  • Great Workout!
    I don't usually work out with weights,but I saw this DVD in SHAPE magazine and decided to give it a try. Usually I just do treadmill or aerobics, but I lost 30 pounds with it, I love Slim and Lean get's straight to the point. Once you get comfortable with the weights it's time to increase the weight. Great for you if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, Jari works every area of your body=) Stick with it! You will see results=)...more info
  • Great Deal
    A friend suggested this video and it's a great find. The workout is fantastic. Just like the weight classes at 24 hour fitness. You can do the whole workout or go to the chapters and just do specific ones. I use the chapters to change up the order and keep it fresh. She's really motivating while your working out. Its great for a home workout because you don't need a lot of equipment. Just some hand weights and a step. The step you can even trade out for a stair or chair. Good find....more info
  • workout videos - Get Ripped Slim & Lean
    One of my favorite workout videos! It is comprised of 5 minute segments of body sculpting exercises. The entire workout is about 60 minutes. I like that it is straight to the point, simple, effective exercises.
    This is also one that would be great for men and women!...more info
  • Fantastic for upper/good for lower
    There are twelve sections including the warm up, abs and stretch. The warm up is interesting, as it is really a mini-workout with very light weights, and does not involve stretching. The first section is squats, second lunges and dips, and so on, including a push up track, a bicep track, shoulder track, tricep, etc. Each track includes graphics as to the weight load each participant is using (total weight load means both weights combined), and the number of repetitions. Jari does suggest that if the weights you are using are not challenging, to overload in order to get results. I work out every day and thought that I was in great shape. I have quite a few Firm workouts, which are fantastic, but they do not push you like this DVD. Jari is pleasant to listen to; she is not perky or condescending or mechanical. However, this is not a workout for the beginner. The workout is extremely challenging; but, if you use light weights and continue to progress, there is no question that there will be results. While there are lower body exercises, they are not emphasized as the upper, and the ab workout is extremely disappointing....more info
  • Top-notch light-weight, high-rep total body workout!
    After a few of months of working out to the original "Get Ripped" DVD, I felt it was time to move on to a more challenging workout to gain further results. In just one month of using "Get Ripped: Slim & Lean" I have toned up considerably more and my muscles are becoming more defined. I actually enjoy doing this workout more than the former, as not only does it contain more extensive and challenging abdominal work than its precedessor, but most of the accompanying electronica music is actually very good. I especially love the song towards the end of the workout that's playing during the overhead presses and lateral raises.

    Jari Love's instruction and queing is so clear and precise. She never wastes time performing silly moves that "look" impressive yet offer little results. In fact, her entire routine serves as proof that a workout can be very challenging and super effective without being difficult to learn or follow along. The basic concept of "Slim & Lean" is the use of light weights (anywhere from 3 to 10 pound dumbells - or you can use a barbell for most of the exercises) while performing very high repetitions of mostly well known exercises (such as squats, lunges, over-head presses, chest presses, bicep curles, hammer curls, etc.) and by varying the speed of the exercises. There are also a lot of pulses and isometic holds performed throughout to create ultra lean, defined muscles. Jari Love's own physique is a testiment to that.

    Jari is joined by three background exercisers, including one man, a woman who demonstrates many easier modifications, and another woman who demonstrates some more advanced modifications. This is definitely an intermediate-to-advanced exercise program. While beginners can modify by using very light weights and omit the more difficult pulses, the excess number of repetitions alone may still be too challenging for some. I would recommend that true beginners start with the original "Get Ripped" workout first, which can be more easily modified for a beginner level yet will still keep you feeling quite challenged throughout - then get this DVD once you've mastered the former.

    Although I workout using a variety of exercise DVDs, "Slim & Lean" is currently the staple of my exercise program and has given me the overall best results so far. Bonus features include trailers for "Get Ripped," "Get Ripped to the Core" (will be trying that one next!) and an interview with a dietition. Highly recommended!

    Rating: Excellent...more info
  • Very effective!!
    I have been an avid fitness chick for about 5 years now and have done everything from the gym to home videos to personal trainers. This video is the most effective workout I have ever experienced for tightening and toning muscles. It is an excellent workout that keeps your heart rate up because of the high number of reps, so you know you are buring calories while you are tightening and toning.

    It is about an hour long, but they time goes by quickly becuase it is broken up into several tracks - one for each muscle group. This also makes it easy to navigate in case you just want to work specific groups that day.

    The DVD also shows modifications for an easier or more difficult work out. This is great for beginners and experts alike.

    My only complaint is that it is not very visually appealing and that Jari has almost no personality, so she isn't very motivating. But at least she doesn't annoy her watchers with over excitement!

    I definitely recommend this product and will be buying more of Jari's DVDs in the future....more info
  • This is what it says it is "Slim and Lean"
    I love this workout, it's straight forward with high reps and boy do you sweat. The best part is you see the results happening so quickly. I'm thrilled with this workout and look forward to her two new ones coming in October. This is broken down into 5 minute segments with there being 10 segments in all, plus a warm up and cool down. By the time I'm to the end I'm sweating and my heart rate is elevated. Muscle burns a lot more calories then fat and with this workout and you using weights between 5 and 10 #'s you should be feeling it by the end. Jari is a great instructor and I've already recommended this to several friends. ...more info
  • Tough endurance workout...
    As a new fan of Jari Love really enjoying her Ripped workout, I was excited to pick up her new workouts. This one is definitely more advanced and intense, lots of reps here. I am not used to this type of training as I generally do higher weight/lower rep workouts like the Firm and others, so I was wasted the first time I did this one, had to go majorly light on the weights too.

    Jari is joined by Laurie and Krista, who were in the first Ripped workout along with Brian. The transformations that Laurie and Krista have made since Ripped are quite inspiring. You will need some dumbells for this workout, barbells and plate weights are also used by some of the participants. This workout contains 12 tracks including warmup and stretch, each track has it's own song. There is a preview for each exercise so you know what's coming, plus they show each exercisers weight load plus display the number of reps that will be performed. I found this quite helpful. Here is a listing of the exercises...

    squats (76 reps plus pulsing)
    lunges (front/back, 94 total plus pulsing)
    chest presses (64 plus pulsing)
    bent leg deadlifts/deadrows (30 deadlifts, 54 rows plus pulsing)
    pushups/rotator cuff (45 pushups, 32 rotator cuff)
    tricep dips/french press (24 dips, 56 french press)
    bicep/hammer curls (46 curls plus pulsing, 36 hammer curls)
    one leg squats/wide squats (44 one leg plus pulsing, 38 wide plus pulsing)
    overhead press/lateral raise (34 overheads, 28 lateral)

    The warmup consists of some of the exercises you will see throughout the workout with really light weights. Krista shows beginner modifications for a lot of the exercises, plus there are other options given throughout such as doing the lunges in a static or stationary position, which I do myself. I used a range of 3-10 pound dumbells for this workout and it was plenty tough for me, as you can see there are lots and lots of reps, for some exercises maybe a few too many. The chest track was especially tough for me.

    Still, I give this workout 4 stars, I think over time and once I get used to this kind of training, I will like the results that I see. Plus alternating light weight training with heavier weight training will shake things up a bit and keep things interesting. For those who thought that Ripped was too easy, Jari has come up with a challenge here. She has done a nice job in this one, I have this one and her 2 other workouts, I do them all and look forward to the new ones she has coming out late this year/early next year....more info
  • Love Get Ripped
    This is a great workout. The short sections make it fly by. The routine is great. I own many fitness DVDs and this is my favorite. Jari Love gives easy to follow detailed instructions....more info
  • Fit Body
    Ok, I had done this work out about 3 times now and it is challenging. I like how they use free weights for the entire work out and if it gets easier, just add more weight. By adding weight and digging into the excercise, there is NO excuse why this work out will never be challenging as time goes on. The instructor is ok, her voice somewhat annoys me, but that is personal. The workout is effective to do at home or anywhere for that matter. Great!...more info
  • Carving it up with Jari!!
    Jari's workout will make your muscles burn. The first time I did the workout I was sore for 3 days. My favorite thing about this workout is that you can make it as hard or easy on yourself as you want. She recommends you move slowly up on weights and encourages continual and gradual progression. Jari's cohorts demonstrate beginner to advanced exercise levels so it is very easy to follow the model of your choice, or just follow Jari through the whole thing. Jari is not a chatterbox (Denise Austin) and she makes appropriate, not overbearing or annoying motivational statements throughout and at the end of each segment. The setting is muted and the music reflects the intensity of the exercise, the focus is most definately on proper form and technique combined with high reps which will get you slim and lean in no time....more info
  • Excellent workout!
    I just tried this dvd and loved working out to it. It is a great workout whether you are a beginner or advanced exerciser. The body part workouts are broken out into sections so you can work on your biceps, abs, or whatever parts you wish to work on. You can either choose sections or workout to the whole dvd. I'm going to get more of Jari Love's exercise dvds...from the reviews they are just as good!...more info
  • Wow! What a great workout!
    I did a little preview of this dvd the day I purchased it and was disappointed by the dark set, what looked like unnecessarily long breaks at the beginning of each set (where the move is demonstrated with proper form) and generally what seemed like low production values, however, I gave it a try the following day and I was NOT disappointed.

    I enjoy The Firm a lot and really hadn't yet found anything that challenged me as much as my The Firm - 5 Days Abs / Upper Body / Tough Tape 2 / Standing Legs (Boxset) yet (but I'm getting tired of the cheesy 80s sets and hair). I have to say that this workout surpasses it.

    I'm not a person who like "dancey" workouts -- I'm so uncoordinated that I feel like I miss some of the workout trying to figure out what foot to start with. This workout is more like a straight bodybuilding, weightlifting workout, nothing at all choreographed, just very basic exercises very well demonstrated.

    One thing that this dvd does really smartly which I wish all workout dvds using weights would take notice of is that when the demonstrators pick up weights, they show on the screen the weights each participant is using. This gives me a really good idea of what I should be picking up. Many dvds tell you to pick up "light" or "heavy" dumbbells at various points, but this is so vague and I often have to change in the middle.

    The people demonstrating the moves also are showing various modifications. For instance, one of them sits on a balance ball for some. Some of them use a barbells when others are using dumbbells, etc. This is great and shows us some modifications without spending a lot of time on it.

    I was initially annoyed with the breaks at the beginning of each set which show proper form and some modifications, however, I learned to live with them. In fact, each set is so vigorous that I really could use the short break every time.

    More than anything, though, this is a VERY TOUGH workout (which beginners can still use, but with lighter weights, of course) that took my muscles to absolute exhaustion on every set. It was wonderful and I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment when I was done.

    Get this! I still feel my workout from yesterday (in a very good way)....more info
  • Jari is Scary, back to basic exercises
    First of all, I want to preface this by saying, I think these are good basic exercises that will get you results. You are doing low weight (well, whatever you choose, really) and high reps. The fact that you are doing so many reps may force you to go lower on the weight. I personally only do 5lbs at this point... that's because my normal exercise routines usually consist of mainly cardio, so my muscles aren't so developed.

    Now, that being said... the video is straight up boring. I don't get excited to do this workout at all. I dread it, so I end up only doing it about once a week instead of the reccomended 2-3 times. The set is dark and boring looking. The background exercisers demonstrating advanced and modified poses never talk. Jari has no sense of humor.. not much personality, and frankly her looks are kind of scary. Her face looks as though she has had some plastic surgery. What a great message to send to people trying to get in shape the right way. The few times she does talk it's pretty cheesy. Personally, her style does not really motivate me, but maybe it works for some people.

    The abs section and stretching section are too short. Abs are your body's powerhouse. They deserve more than 4 minutes of isolation. Stretching after almost an hour of hard work should constitute more than 4 minutes too.

    Overall, I think I'm going to stick with it as much as I can because I do believe it's going to help develop my muscles, but I'm not going to enjoy it as I do my other workouts. Jari makes me even more grateful for instructors like Billy Blanks!...more info
  • Love it!
    Most people thought this workout was boring...but I must say it works you to the max! Your muscles will definately be sore afterwards...and as you keep doing it, you can up your weights. She does many reps in this workout of each exercise, and I find them to be very efficient! I love Jari, she is great when it comes to weights!...more info
  • This is an excellent total body workout!!!
    I did this workout for the first time this morning at 5:00 AM. I love this workout! I sweat buckets! It was tough! I can't wait until Saturday to do it again (I have to skip a day). If you want a good workout, this is it! The great thing about it is if you want more of a challenge all you have to do is increase the weight. I will update as I get results....more info
  • DVD's are bad copies - no sound and video stops in sections
    I purchased Slim and Lean as well as Get Ripped to the Core along with 3 other workout DVD's from Amazon at the same time. The only ones that didn't work were the Get Ripped DVD's. Both Slim and Lean and Get Ripped to the Core are bad copies (both were NEW)and while playing either the DVD would stop and pause then resume or would play without the sound. Thinking it was my DVD player, I inserted one of my other DVD's purchased at the same time, and all 3 worked just fine, no pausing, no stopping, sound was perfect. I would have returned them, but I was passed the 30 days. I would not even give these DVD 1 star but that was not a choice given. Though the content looks like it would be a good workout, I wouldn't recommend buying them since the quality of the copy seems to be the issue. If two separate DVD's are having a copying problem, I assume that there will be issues with other copies during the production phase. I will be copying this review and sending it to Jari Love's website (if she has one) or the production company so they are aware of the situation. Again, too bad, the workout looked good, but I was so frustrated with the lack of sound and intermitent pausing and starting that I quit watching. If you need a decent workout and have a step, I would recommend The Firm....more info
  • Great Workout!! Jari's Get Ripped Series is the way to go
    So far I have added Slim & Lean, Ripped 1000, and Ripped to the Core in my workout collection. This S&L DVD was my 1st experience with Jari Love's Get Ripped Series and I am hooked. I am awaiting shipment of the original Get Ripped and can't wait. I find Jari's style refreshing: no-nonsense, no annoying cardio/dance moves, etc. Just awesome, intense weight sets that will really push you to your limits. I have had awesome results so far, much better results than when I was an avid Firm user. The S&L is great and hard and killer. You will be sore but the results are worth it. ...more info
  • Get Ripped
    I'd actually rate it 4 1/2 starts. Great DVD and workout to do in one hour. I sure felt it the next day if I used the right weights....more info
  • Hard on knees but wonderful.
    I purchased this video thanks in part to the reviewer comments on Amazon. My only regret is that in all my reading there was no mention of how hard this video is on someone with bad knees. I recently tore the ligaments in my knee and while it is healed, the number of squats, lunges, and dead lifts in this video are painful. That said, this video is well done and I find myself looking forward to the challenge of doing the workout. I highly recommend Jari Love and her methods, I just wish there was a variety of exercise for the legs....more info
  • You will feel slim by the time your done!!
    Another great video from Jeri. What can I say,every video I have of hers I enjoy doing. I now own 3 of her videos and use all of them each week. Its incredable how many reps you do of each exercise. The reviews are great to read thru and helped me to decide to buy her videos. YOu won't be sorry you brought these videos. I think she's a great instructor. I like how you stretch after each exercise, I think she explains things in great detail. I like alot of the music. I think with her help, I will finally achieve my fitnes goals....more info
  • Ouch she did it again! (a few good tips too)
    Jari Love is fantastic and so is all of her dvds. This one is a kicker lots of reps some fast some slow, you will feel it. As usual the rippers are in the background showing modifications. Here is a tip Im pretty ripped in the arms, back, and chest and the chest section can be a killer, pyramid your weights up. This means when the chest track start use 2-3 pounds for the first 20 reps, 5 pounds for the next 20 and 7-8 pounds for the last few.Or if you want you could pyramid down with the weights which means starting with the heavier ones first. Yes you will be shaking but it is so worth it. I would suggest you pyramid down with the triceps section too that one is a a killer.Jari also has you doing weighted squats and one leg squats. She once again hits every major muscle group. Very effective and the exercises are clearly demonstrated. ...more info
  • Solid and Fun!
    This has a lot of simple repetitions but with variations, so it's not boring and is quite fun and substantial. It's important for the exercize to be fun; otherwise, I won't keep doing it. It is broken down into many sections, and that makes an hour+ go very fast. I like most of the background music in this DVD, and also like that Jary Love is not overly bubbly, which many female exercize gurus are and can sometimes be ridiculous. Boy, she has some killer abs, and that is a good inspiration/example to aspire to. I've done many different exercize programs and this is one of the best. I really enjoy it and highly recommend it....more info
  • okay
    i like ripped to the core better. When looking at JL working out-her ribs stick out along her sides-that is not muscle its her ribs and photos supposedly make you look heavier than you are. Anyone can look ripped if they weigh 10 pounds. So don't go by her physique-the workout is okay. ...more info


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