Fujitronics Whirlwind 4-in-1 Portable Swamp Cooler

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Product Description

Swamp Cooler w/ Humidifier, Ionizer FH-776T

  • Solve your air quality and temperature problems with one solution
  • 4-in-1 unit includes fan, air cooler, humidifier and ionic air purifier
  • Built-in negative ion generator to attract allergenic particles and pollutants
  • 3 selections of fan speed and mode
  • Washable strainer for maximum efficiency; adjustable air vents
Customer Reviews:
  • works great
    This is a great little cooler for a room where a portable air conditioner is impossible (no way to vent)...It noticeably makes the room cooler and is quiet (Lisa's must have been defective). Though I have to admit there doesn't appear an easy way to empty the water, filling it is pretty easy. Comes with a remote and has several different settings. Overall a great item! ...more info
  • Noisy and awkward
    I am sending this item back. It made a loud moaning sound. The directions were very difficult to understand. It was hard to put water into the tank and letting the water out was equally difficult. The unit is also very large....more info