Natural Hormone Balance for Women

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In Natural Hormone Balance for Women, Beverly Hills obstetrician-gynecologist Uzzi Reiss makes it clear that he believes in hormone replacement therapy for women, but not the "chemicalized hormonal substitutes" usually prescribed. "I emphasize natural hormones that are precise replicas of your own hormones," he writes, which can increase energy and memory, decrease symptoms of menopause and PMS, improve skin and mood, and enhance sleep, sexuality, and well-being. But neither the widely used hormonal medications, such as estrogens derived from horse urine, nor the "natural" hormonal products derived from soy or yams replicate the hormones produced by a woman's body. Rather, he recommends a natural estrogen formula balanced with natural progesterone, both available through compounding pharmacies (with a doctor's prescription).

Dr. Reiss and talented cowriter Martin Zucker explain why, how, and when to use natural hormones. This is not a snappy, one-size-fits-all program--rather, you, with the involvement of your physician, learn how to analyze your needs and individualize your treatment for your own optimal hormonal balance. Reiss describes the benefits and uses of natural estrogen and progesterone, then discusses other natural hormones that might be helpful: testosterone, human growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, and pregnenolone. This is a provocative book that's worth sharing with your doctor. --Joan Price

A pioneering gynecologist and antiaging specialist with a successful Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Uzzi Reiss shows the way for women who want to turn back the effects of time through natural hormone therapy, but who wonder: is it safe? Does it work? Is hormone therapy right for me? NATURAL HORMONE BALANCE for Women is Dr. Reiss's breakthrough, step-by-step program for women who want to take control of their lives by restoring hormonal balance. This revolutionary, commonsense natural hormone replacement program is designed to meet the individual needs of most women looking to rejuvenate body and mind -- and offers astounding benefits for women of all ages: More energy and stamina * Improved memory * Healthier, more youthful skin * Balanced moods * Less depression and anxiety * Stabilization of weight and more muscle definition * Better sleep patterns * PMS and menopausal symptoms reduced or eliminated * Enhanced sexuality Dr. Reiss takes the confusion out of the medical information you need to know. In clear, nontechnical language, he thoroughly explains: the important difference between standard chemical hormone prescriptions and natural hormone replacements which hormone replacements are best for you and how to adjust them to your maximum individual benefit how to take hormones without worry how to choose the most effective hormonal gel, cream, pill, or sublingual drops, and when to use them. Dr. Reiss has helped thousands of women transform their lives by achieving natural hormone balance. Now you can tap into the replenishing "fountain of youthfulness" that is not only essential for better life, but easier and safer to achieve than ever before.

Customer Reviews:

    Dr Reiss obviously LOVES women...I have read over 25 menopause books and this is the BEST. It is written for all women to understand with great patience and caring. He has separated the hormones and clearly explains what each does and the symptoms of their imbalance. He includes contacts to locate a Dr in your area to help with the tests you will need to find out what you will need...not a "one size fits all" approach, but a customized just-for-you regimen of health to truly grow old gracefully....without the hot flashes, weight gain, fuzzy thinking, and loss of interest in your romantic life.
    I would also recommend T.S. Wiley's book "Sex, Lies, and Menopause" which explains why we are seeing so much female cancer and how to protect yourself and your daughters from the problems our generation is experiencing.
    Women who breeze thru menopause have had low estrogen levels all their lives, so the absence is not much of a shock. If you are contemplating a hysterectomy and your Dr does not do saliva hormone testing and have BIOIDENTICAL hormones ready for you to take afterwards, FIND a Dr thru the Women's International Pharmacy. You will avoid all the symptoms that are joked about....they are NO JOKE. These BIOIDENTICAL hormones DO NOT CAUSE CANCER!!!!!! They cause good sleep, weight loss, and finding yourself again. ...more info
  • Menopause the safe & natural way
    This book is a necessity and should be used as a handbook along with your doctor to help understand your body during the transition of menopause. I found it to be extremely informative and a real eye-opener. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for the safest and easiest route through menopause using only natural products, along with your doctor's help. ...more info
  • So Helpful for Women Searching for Answers
    Dr. Reiss's book is so helpful for women entering menopause and seaching for answers. His knowledge and empathy is so welcome. The information about loss of desire and how to enhance sexual response is excellent and useful. Since reading this book I have tried estrogen and testosterone cream as well as the nonprescription Viacreme. I highly recommend this book to all women....more info
  • Don't be held hostage by your hormones
    A very easy to understand book that every woman should own. Easy to use. A good reference to manage hormones. A must for mid-life changes yet highly suggested for young women to take ownership of their bodies....more info
  • Regain control over your physical and mental health
    This book is a must for any woman looking to take control of her health and well-being. I found myself, at 43, suddenly suffering from severe mood swings and debilitating depression during the latter half of my cycle, despite exercise and dietary changes. A friend of mine had recently been advised by her naturopath to read this book when she sought treatment for depression. I followed Dr. Reiss' supplement recommendations for PMS and noticed relief within a week (he states it could take several months to notice results.) My doctor's normal course of treatment for my symptoms would have been to prescribe SSRI's but she agreed to give the natural progesterone a shot. We are both pleased with the results. I am no longer dreading the hormonal changes that lie ahead- with Dr. Reiss's information, most women should be able to navigate middle age with ease....more info
  • Very informative book
    This book helped me give information to my doctor to help in my diagnosis. It was very good. ...more info
  • A Must Read for Any Woman Over 40
    This book, this doctor, changed my life for the better. I've purchased 8 copies for my friends to read. It's easy reading. I actually visited this doctor and within two weeks almost all symptoms of menopause disappeared. This is a great alternative to synthetic hormones....more info
  • Concrete and Detailed
    I will add my voice of acclaim for this valuable book. I was looking for someone who could tell me what the symptoms were of too little estrogen, too little progesterone, too much progesterone, etc. and could not find that information anywhere on the internet. Lab tests are expensive, often inaccurate, and ultimately irrelevant if you have "normal" values but are still experiencing symptoms. Dr. Reiss explains in wonderful detail what various symptoms mean and what hormones to take, when and how, and where to get them. There are sections for women approaching menopause as well as in the middle of it and all the way through it. He shares a tremendous wealth of experience!

    My first impression was that he was perhaps a "fringe" doctor, one of those who think they've solved some common problem but they can't get other doctors to listen to them. But the more I read, the more I became convinced that he really knows what he's talking about and has solid research studies to back up his opinions. And my doctor was the one who recommended his book. I'm sure his approach will become more and more mainstream in the next few years.

    I have been recommending this book to all my perimenopausal and menopausal friends and they have been as excited by it as I am....more info

  • saved my life, teaches you how to talk to a dismissive doctor
    This book saved my life, that's how bad my hot flashes, insomnia, mood swing & fatige were... made worse by a woman internist who wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine (my BP is normal) or a male gyn/ob who told me my symptoms were 'normal' and they'd be 'gone in 10 years' & then offered anti-depressants. Instead, I demanded bioidentical hormones, showed him the author's (board certified gyn) chapters on how to tell your MD what blood tests you need, then with the help of my compounding pharmacy, he was able to write a prescription for tri-est gel (which is covered by insurance) & progesterone caps and within 24 hours, my mood swings vanished, the hot flashes stopped, I was able to sleep, the mental fogginess went away & I was my happy self again. OTC DHEA (every AM) also helped. I've recommended this book to many women. Menopause is a hormone deficiency & there's no reason it shouldn't be treated as one... the problem is, US MDs don't study this in AMA run medical schools. Bioidientical hormones have been studied in Europe & Canada for decades & are being studied in Japan. Since Big Pharma controls/funds research in the US, and bioidenticals can't be patented, there's no research in US medical schools because there's no money to be made from it. As someone who was unable to tolerate Fosamax, my bone density scans showed a 3.3% increase in bone density after 3 months on bioidenticals, DHEA, liquid calcium & 1000 IU of vitamin D. The bone density specialist did a dance & asked me for the name of this book....more info
  • A different approach to hormones
    I found this book very informative about the subject of female hormonal issues for women "of a certain age". It is designed to help you be completely proactive about the declining hormones in an apparently very safe way.
    There is a drawback however. After reading, I was very eager to use the information, but found it had a limited value unless a doctor is known and available who will prescribe the natural hormones in the way it is detailed in the book. It is apparently radical enough in technique that getting your doctor to see it the same way may be a challange.
    Most of the information about what to use and how requires the agreement/prescription of a medical doctor to be able to use.
    ...more info
  • Saved my SLEEP!
    I am now a happy, WELL-RESTED 40 yr old due to this book (and another book: What your Dr may not tell you about PreMenopause) Both of these have saved my LIFE, most importantly my SLEEP!

    For the past few years (after having a 3rd child) from age 37 onward, I could no longer fall deeply asleep, nor get REM/Delta SLEEP and NOTHING would work! (except Ambien)

    Well now I've learned about natural Progesterone cream, and other helpful necessary hormones the body may need (and mine did): DHEA and Melatonin, I now use all three of those nearly every night at bedtime: One tiny dab of a natural progesterone cream, (2 sprays equal to 10 mg) of a DHEA spray called Biosom, and a half of a pill (1 mg or less) of Melatonin Plus by Schiff (Found at Sam's, it also contains Vit B6 and L-Theanine,also very important additions to helping Melatonin work).

    NOW, I sleep like a baby, every night!
    No more Ambien!:)

    THIS regimen works for ME, PLEASE do NOT follow my steps WITHOUT checking with your doctor/Naturopath, FIRST!!!

    Buy this book (and the other one I mentioned).

    OB/GYN's disappointed me by recommending HRT or even hysterectomy, ALL because I simply had hormone-imbalance-related Insomnia and Adrenal fatigue.
    ...more info
  • Toast 'n jam in Taos
    Good explanation on hormones. But the Dr.s assumption that American women's imbalances are due to not having several children I find insulting. I think rather than menopause being easier for women who have had several pregnancies I think it more likely to be more related to diet and lifestyle. Nevertheless I was able to use his information on the several hormones (not just sexual hormones) and their interrelations to good use. If you are struggling to balance your hormones (and thus return to feeling normal) I would also recommend you read books on how hormones are produced in the adrenal glands such as "Adrenal Fatigue" by James L. Wilson....more info
  • an excellent resource book about hormones
    This book was recommended by my longevity physician, and I can understand why. It is a great guide to anyone using or considering natural hormone replacement therapy (which is a gift from God and Nature by the way...) This publication is not just about menopause, it is about female (and male) hormones across the lifespan. It helps you to self regulate by learning your own symptoms. And at these prices, everyone should have a copy in the family medical library!...more info
  • I have given this book to all my friends!
    I stumbled upon this book while researching relief for my menopausal symptoms & what a find! I've since learned that Uzzi Reiss is well known as an expert in this field. This book is chock full of accurate information & useful advice. He is a huge advocate of Natural Hormone Replacement & openly abhors conventional hormone replacement (Premarin, Premphase & Prempro) with rationale that makes perfect sense to the lay-person. Immediately after reading his book 6 months ago I saw my doctor & began Natural Hormone Replacement & it has truly changed my life. 99% of my menopausal symptons are gone & I feel human again!

    This book is a gift to women everywhere!...more info
  • Excellent!
    Easy to follow and easy to understand all-you-ever-wanted-to-know regarding hormonal balance and treatment. A must read for every woman!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent resource for anyone using bioidentical hormones. It helps you know how to dose yourself and how to tell if you are taking too much or not enough. I will always use this book as a reference tool....more info
  • I feel like ME again, but with more knowledge and wisdom
    Having suffered from significant hormone imbalance for over ten years, this book helped me logically identify my symptoms, explained hormone production and function in consumer language, and then very specifically told me how to go about implementing and monitoring natural hormone therapy with my doctor. I have referred many of my friends and acquaintances to this book, and thank the lady who recommended it to me. I refer to the book as my "hormone bible". Dr. Reiss' 20+ years of experience using natural hormone therapy in all stages of a woman's life cycle is invaluable, and gave me the confidence to try what he recommends. Adding a chapter to the book for women who have undergone bilateral ova-hysterectomies would be the only thing that would improve this book for me. I thank God for answering my prayers for relief from my hormone imbalance!...more info
  • a woman's best friend
    Dr. Reiss is a pioneer in the field of hormone balance for women. THis book is really every women's best friend when trying to understand the complicated effects of hormone imbalance. But even better than that, he tells you exactly what to do to make it better! This book stands the test of time and should be a continous reference and reminder for each one of us....more info
  • Wouldn't be without this Reference Book!
    I've had this book for over 3 yrs., and as I am now 53 and have clearly experienced many unpleasant menopausal symptoms, I can say unequivocally, that I would have gone crazy without Dr. Reiss' expertise on this subject.
    I was able to educate myself and present my case to my own wellness physician, mapping out a hormonal strategy that works! How do I spell RELIEF? Bio-identical hormone therapy! We, as women, and also the men who love us, should thank such a pioneer in women's health for providing us with the information that will make our "best years" truly great. ...more info
    I am so excited about this book!!! I think every woman who is interested in natural hormone therapy should read this book! I have recommended it to all my female friends....more info
  • Natural hormone balance
    Didn't find this book real interesting. I've read other books on this topic that was easier to understand....more info
  • A terrific book providing a good understanding of synthetic vs bio-identical hormones
    Dr. Reiss clearly presents how important the hormones are to health, and how your understanding of them can help. This is a very accessible book, and a must read for anyone who has an interest in health (does that leave anyone out?)...more info
  • Natural Hormone Balance for Women
    Bravo!!!!!This is the best book on the subject. I just bought 10 copies to give away. Dr. Reiss you are a hormone angel.Thank You....more info
  • Natural Hormone Balance
    I found this book to be highly informative and detailed. Most doctors do not go into this kind of detail or they don't know enough about hormones. My doctor is limited to only the what pharmaceutical companies tell them. I highly recommend this book to any female premenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal....more info
  • All the info you'll ever need or want
    Being 45 and in perimenopause, I started to become depressed and found I cried very easily which is the opposite of what I'm normally like. This book was recommended by a friend and has truly changed my life. Hormones play a big part in mood, weight, fat distribution and many other things. I learned enough in this book to ask my gynecologist for a prescription to give my pharmacist, who does compounding, for hormone replacement in a cream form. I use Progesterone and Testosterone and feel much better. I was the first person my gynecologist prescribed hormonal cream for that had not gone thru menopause. This is truly a subject that you need to learn and personalize for yourself....more info
  • Agree, But Disagree
    I agree with Reiss that if we take hormones at all, they should be natural hormones, and unfortunately, so many women suffer from menopausal symptoms that hormonal replacement seems to the the only answer or relief. I suffered from day and night hot flashes, skin conditions, and a lousy mood as I entered menopause. I actually went to a western medical doctor, something I totally disagree with. They wanted to put me on premarin, and/or anything else I would take to fatten their kickbacks. Luckily, I was referred to a holistic health consultant trained originally by Native Americans. She showed me how to get in balance without hormones, and I'm fine. This book, and many like them, should be read with caution. When doctors write books, it's the same to them as writing a prescription. Forget the cures, find the cause. When the cause is eliminated, there's no need for a cure. Read Gangi, then add this as a follow-up....more info
  • When hormones are flaring and you don't know what to do
    NATURAL HORMONE BALANCE FOR WOMEN can provide you with wonderful insights on rebalancing your hormones naturally. As a naturopathic physician who works with women experiencing hormonal imbalances, I find this book to be like a breath of fresh air. It is clearly written, practical and highly readable, providing detailed guidance for understanding your own hormonal imbalances and learning to deal with them naturally. I recommend this book to my clients, and refer to in constantly as I work with clients to optimize their own health. Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman, author of MY DOCTOR SAYS I'M FINE...SO WHY DO I FEEL SO BAD?...more info
  • If you read only one book this year, make it this one.
    My nurse practitioner asked me to read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" so I came to Amazon to look for it and read the reviews. While reading the reviews, I found this book and read the reviews here. I decided I would read the Dr. Lee book and this one to begin with. I believe the books balance each other nicely. For some reason I trust this book more. I have gotten the short end of the stick from the medical community, but I still wouldn't go into a store, buy hormone cream of any kind and start rubbing it into my skin because a book told me to do it. I have finally found a doctor willing to listen and I am using this book to help me be sure I am educated about the topic he and I are discussing when I visit. These books will tell you far more than your doctor can during a regular visit. My previous doctor, a DO, put me on Zoloft and Welbutrin, told me she wouldn't be able to let me stop the medication and told me I would just have to get used to it due to my age (I'm 39, but 37 when she prescribed the meds). It is infuriating that this kind of stuff goes on, so read up on the topic and ask everyone all over town until you find a doctor or nurse practitioner specializing in women's health and hormones. ...more info
  • ALL women should own this book, it's the "Female Bible" !
    Great book, and I have RESEARCHED menopause and have read 4 books now on this subject, because I am going through a hell of a menopause, at the age of 45! I am saturating myself on this subject because woman need to know the truth about NATURAL, BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES to get help! NOT the synthetic, cancer causing horse-urine (yes, made from pregnant mare urine) crap that has been offered in the past. These NATURAL hormones mimic a woman's own estrogen and progesterone, etc., that she has lost during menopause; that is what is happening here. Lost estrogen and progesterone must be balanced and replaced at menopause, regulated through blood work to get a woman's hormone levels back to as close to "normal" as possible.

    Dr. Uzzi Reiss has loaded this book with ALL, MUST NEEDED info; he covers EVERYTHING needed to know about menopause and hormones and how to regulate and talk to your own doctor and it is just a necessary book. Natural hormones must be replaced for a woman's health and sanity, for bone loss, sleep, mental clarity, weight gain, sex life, numerous reasons to own this book. It has helped me beyond what I could have imagined. It is the best, most informative, out of all I own on this subject. Now, if only GYN's would get up on the subject and learn about natural hormones and menopause, because I found out, calling to make an appointment, most of them know nothing, and admitted that only a few hours of hormone information is required for them in school. How horrible that this is shoved unded the carpet like this! The quest is to find a decent doctor who is willing to learn and help with this horrible time of life; most of them say you just have to "live with it", which is not true! It is difficult to find an up-to-date GYN, who cares to learn the truth about natural hormones, but take this book and all information and show them and tell them what you need to do. An "endocrinologist" would also be in the category to help with natural hormones. Armed with this great information from Dr. Reiss, middle-age women now have a chance at a happy, healthy, harmonious life. I wish I could move to California and have Dr. Reiss as my personal doctor. ...more info
  • Incorrect Customer Testiment!
    I am writing in regards to the customer who commented on this book and did NOT know what they were talking about! The customer's "A Reader" comment was "Do NOT trust anything you read in this book. HRT kills women!" My best guess is that this customer did NOT read this book, or if they had, they at least didn't understand it. Traditional HRT DOES kill women. The natural hormone replacement therapy discussed in this book is NOT the synthetic hormone replacement therapy which can and does create illnesses in many women. The Natural Hormone Therapy (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) does not cause illness, rather it causes well being that fights illness! The hormone replacement therapy discussed in this book mimics our own natural hormones and actually replaces lost hormones and keeps our hormones balanced. It is people like these who have their defenses raised so much that they cannot allow themselves to learn about new medicine and new ideas. I just hope no one is paying attention to this kind of ignorance! But, I know that people do,which is often the problem in relaying new and great information. Luckily, it seems obvious that most women who are learning about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are excited and thrilled and are spreading the news word of mouth. Thank Goodness! I am only 27 years old, but by the time I reach menopausal age, I know that this literal cure of menopause and andropause (male menopause)will be the average treatment for all who are aging and losing hormone balance. Probably even within a handful of years! Some things that come with this new era really are GREAT!
    ...more info
  • A Must-Read For Women
    Dr. Reiss does a great job of explaining to women what is going on in their bodies and how symptoms can be safely mitigated through balancing hormones without getting too technical or dry. I'm giving my copy to my former GYN who prescribed synthetic hormones me. The side-effects were horrible (severe headaches, rashes, hives, and depression.)...more info
  • Superb Reference Book!
    This book is user-friendly for laypersons, yet sophisticated and detailed enough for healthcare professionals. Dr. Reiss has clarified a confusing, sometimes worrisome subject and gives specific, easy-to-follow information. He is an experienced clinician and focuses on what actually works. I unreservedly recommend this book to any woman of any age to better understand how hormones work and how strongly imbalances can affect health....more info


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