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Self-improvement guru Phillip McGraw knows you're looking for "something that melts fat off like sun melts ice," but, he reminds you, "losing weight is not 'quick and easy' and you know it." McGraw, one of Oprah's favorite sidekicks and host of his own television show, promises that you will succeed with his methods, because you will change "from the inside out." McGraw's 7 Keys are sound--not quick. First, you have to understand and face your "personal truth"--what you think about yourself and your weight--and replace toxic messages with positive thoughts. Next, step by step, you learn how to counter emotional eating, change your environment, master impulse eating, choose foods, adopt an exercise habit, and assemble a support circle. Each step is clearly explained and personalized with case studies, fill-in charts, and self-tests. His nutrition plan emphasizes foods with high nutritional yields for few calories, and that cannot be eaten quickly (generally because they're high in fiber), so you're less likely to overeat. McGraw is the author of Life Strategies, Relationship Rescue, and Self Matters. Here he offers his unique, , tell-it-like-it-is, take-no-prisoners style to help you change "what you eat, why you eat, where you eat, when you eat, and how you eat," all in an individualized approach that's bound to be effective. Highly recommended. --Joan Price

You have a decision to make. Those are the opening words Dr. Phil uses in his new and groundbreaking weight loss book. You know he is talking to you if you are among the millions who have chased one fad diet after another, none of which ever works. Dr. Phil is talking about the decision you have to make to change all of that. You know those crash diets never last, and you have to quit lying to yourself and get real about making the ultimate choice to finally take control of your weight and your life. "If you are overweight, you are out of control. That's not a natural place to be," says Dr. Phil. The Ultimate Weight Solution will give you the control that you crave. Dr. Phil wants to lead you to weight loss freedom. He's spent over thirty years working with overweight patients to get results that last. Now, in The Ultimate Weight Solution, he sounds his loudest wake-up call yet, giving the bottom-line truth and his unprecedented 7 Key approach to permanent weight loss. You know all too well that the "diet" experience can be bitterly disappointing. The Ultimate Weight Solution will change the way you behave and think about food, weight loss, and, ultimately, yourself. In this landmark book, Dr. Phil delivers an action-oriented plan to give you immediate results, results that will last a lifetime. Forget counting calories or tracking carbs or fat. You'll get the real reasons you've lost control of your weight, with tools to identify what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and why you eat when you don't want to. Knowledge is power, and you're about to "break the code" on how to get off of the weight loss roller coaster and fix this problem once and for all. Dr. Phil hands you the keys so that you can finally be in control of your weight instead of your weight being in control of you. Congratulations! When you picked up The Ultimate Weight Solution, you took the first important step down the road to weight loss freedom. It's your health, it's your life, it's your decision. Want to challenge you about your weight and yourself in a way that you have never been challenged before. We both know that the endless string of fad diets has done nothing but leave you heavier than before. The Ultimate Weight Solution is a book that is the product of thirty years of working with overweight patients and figuring out what really works. Giving you the real tools to permanent weight loss will change your life and its quality. I am determined to get you immediate results and do so in a way that will last a lifetime. Permanent weight loss is about changing many things in your life, and The Ultimate Weight Solution will help you do just that -- change yourself, change the way you think about dieting, change the way you think about food, change the way you think about your health. The 7 Keys that are in this book will open doors to a new life for you. -- Dr. Phil

Customer Reviews:

  • Why would anyone take weight loss tips from a chubby guy?
    Why would anyone take weight loss tips from a chubby guy?

    I really don't get it.

    But Dr. Phil is smart, he knows people will buy ANY book he writes....more info
  • too fat to write about dieting
    Look at him, he is fat, he obviously does not know a thing about going on a diet. This book is valuable only as a gag gift....more info
  • Ultimate Weight Loss Solution; Dr Phil
    We looked for this item on CD for a long time before I got smart enough to look on Amazon. We got a great price and speedy service.
    Thanks...more info
  • 42lbs and counting
    I have lost 42 lbs and am well on my way to a healthy weight and lifestyle. This is the only program I have ever used that I could stick with and enjoy. Give it a month and you will be a hooked....more info
  • Please pay attention! Please actually read the book before
    I have just started reading this book and I am already impressed. Unfortunately, I think Dr. Phil is one of those personalities people love to hate. Those who say he is overweight need to get a life. Have you actually read the book? He talks about how BMI and height charts are inaccurate. He also talks about not being perfect and that this is a LIFE style and THINKING Style change. This isn't about who is right or wrong but about what works for you. People really need to stop and think. Please don't put Dr. Phil down for trying to help people love themselves and helping them realize why past programs haven't worked for them....more info
  • Spectacular Book
    This Book has changed my way of thinking about losing Weight. I would recommend this book to all. I lost 12 Pounds in 2 1/2 weeks and still losing . I only wish I would have bought this book way before I did. You will not be disappointed in this book. ...more info
  • An o.k book
    While this book defenatly has it's Moment, The odor of Dr.Phils
    Self-glorification clealry smells....more info
  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
    The book arrived in excellent - like new - condition. The book itself is excellent as well. This is the first weight loss books that I've actually read from cover to cover. Great book. Solid information....more info
  • Move over fat boy Phil.. take a lesson from Sly Stallone
    I read Dr Phil's life strategies which I thought was a pretty good book. However, once Dr Phil decided to write a book about weight loss, I started losing respect for him. It is quite clear that Fat boy Phil, decided a buck was to be made and he jumped at the opportunity.

    First, naming a book the 7 keys to weight loss is like training to make weight loss seem like such a tremendous challenge. The way to really lose weight is just 2 things. (1) eat reasonably healthy which means including a fair amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut down on eating out.(2) Exercise regularly building up to at least 4-5 hours a week. Be patient and within a few years you will lose weight. It is that easy. There is no more psychology in it than that.Period.

    First, why has Dr Phil written a book, he clearly is not equipped to write. For instance, recently I ran a half marathon. I was never a runner and having done it, I am considering running a full marathon. Am I qualified about writing a book on how to run say the Boston Marathon? I would need to have run at least 11 marathons, before I can responsibly decide I am qualified enough to write a book on marathon running. Fat Ass Phil deciding to write a book on weight loss is a lot like some one who has run a 5 k deciding to write a book about running a marathon.

    The more I see Dr Phil, the more I realize that some things just don't add up. I used to regularly watch his TV shows and at times thought he made some good sense. But I do not see any consistency in the man. If you notice his style, 3 things become evident.

    1. Public Flogger: In the old days, if a women was unfaithful to her man, people would throw stones and every body would watch. Now,people watch Fat Ass Phil wiping the floor clean with his victims. Once he has pummelled them to the ground, he will then start his therapy.

    2.High Financier: Sure, Dr Phil can afford to send people on vacations or rehab centres to straighten out their heads, but that is not a practical form of therapy for ordinary folks.

    3.Clever Manipulator: Dr Phil will steadfastly stay away from issues that are complex and problematic. Some of his new shows are a second rate version of Jerry Springer. Once he talked about how one man made 2 women pregnant at the same time. Jerry, maybe you can send some of your guests to the Dr Phil show to get some therapy.

    I guess the main thing that really baffles me, is how he justifies this BS. First of all, therapy is supposed to be private and showing the dirty linnen of people in public is not therapy, it is crude entertainment. Does it ever occur to Dr Phil, that the victims once they leave the show have to endure the humiliation they got on national TV and they generally become the laughing stock of their neighbourhoods? Far from improving their self esteem, he has made the lives of the victims who saught his help far worse. Of course, we the audience, a lot like the Jerry Springer show enjoy the rap.

    Next, did it ever occur to Dr Phil that as a physchologist, in word and deed he is supposed to keep his patient information strictly confidential. This does not mean planting cameras in the rooms of his victims for 10 million viewers to watch. If he really is commited to the ethics behind his practice, he would not have taken up this show. What he should have done, is make the show like a decent discussion forum, where he can talk about issues that are important to him like life strategies etc.

    Of course, Dr Phil will tell you the reason why he does this show in this highly intrusive, often vulgar and crude manner, is that many people are being benefited by his therapy. Not true. First of all Dr Phil will have about 5-7 minutes of therapy out of 45 minutes. The rest of the time, we are watching the problems of Dr Phil's victims and we thank ourselves that we are not as crazy as them. Second of all,most people forget the details of the shows except for the sensational chessy one's. Finally destroying the lives of the victims after they leave the show may send some viewers cheering for Dr Phil, but should do little good for the heart of a phychologist who is meant to help his victims and not hurt them.

    If Dr Phil played tennis everyday and works out as much as he claims, then he should be in great shape instead of carrying that gut everywhere he goes. Of course, as a fat boy, he is in pretty good shape, but still I must add a fat boy. Perhaps if Dr Phil wrote a book called the " Fat man's guide to weight Loss" it would be somewhat more accurate though not fully so as Dr Phil is still fat and still needs to lose weight. I guess it is a perfect testimony to the fact that Dr Phil, even if he practices what he preaches, is not really qualified to write this book as it has not worked for him.

    Speaking of practicing what you preach, I recently picked up "Sly Moves" which is Stallone's book on health and exercise. I bought the book in a heart beat cause I know Stallone is a real expert on weight management,building mucles etc and when he tells you like it is, he is the real deal. Dr Phil, please take a lesson from fellow celebrity Sly Stallone and write a book you are qualified to write.

    I think you are qualified to write a book on Life Strategies and I give you high marks for that. But not weight loss.Yes, I know there are a lot of gullible people out there who will listen to your psycho babble about weight loss. I am not one of them.

    ...more info
  • Programming Yourself for Success
    "Prioritize exercise in your life. It is just too powerful a fat fighter for you not to have it on your side. There is absolutely no way you can control your weight for a lifetime without it." ~ pg. 199

    If you are tired of fad diets, there is a better solution. Dr. Phil promises success if you are willing to change your diet permanently and exercise regularly. First, he shows you how to break free from destructive behaviors and your reliance on willpower. Instead he explains how you can program yourself for success. This involves getting a handle on your internal dialogue, tackling emotional eating and dealing with overeating.

    The section on High-Yield Nutrition is interesting. Sample meal plans show you how you should be eating. This is more than just a diet it is a program that identifies areas of your life that have been causing you to fail at weight loss. The program relies heavily on exercise and getting your eating under control. For the most part this book is encouraging and will help you to reach your weight loss goals.

    If you have tried everything and still can't lose weight (you are eating right and exercising) then there is a chapter that deals with some of the reasons you may be weight loss resistant.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Ultimate
    Using this book as a guide, my husband and I went on a healthy diet instead of something that would create more of the yo-yo effect. The book is filled with sensible advice. Over a 3 month period without increasing exercise, together, we lost about 75 pounds!!!...more info
    No surprise here --- as usual, Dr. Phil's writing is hard hitting, no nonsense and intelligent. The program works and I'm here to testify! It even works for a woman (myself) over 50! Pamela D. Blair, Author The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Mid-Life And Beyond...more info
  • Great Book, Great Service
    THis book came so much faster than it was supposed to! It was a great book at an AMAZING Price!...more info
  • Are you kidding????!!
    Hey Dr Philly, show me your 6 pack abs and then maybe this book might be a relevant addition amongst the abundance of fad diet literature that is piling up on the coffee tables of the same overweight sexually neglected housewives that you persuade while they watch your daytime show while holding on to a bucket of Haagen-Daas. By the way, the jacket does cover up or deter from the laughable physique of a wanna-be diet guru.
    2 stars for brilliant marketing!...more info
  • I'm so greatfull that I finally got this book!
    I watched the Dr. Phill special about a year ago to kick off this book. I was unimpressed. Still, I thought I might buy the book any way,after all I have read every other diet book in the world, but when I thumbed through the pages, I thought "I don't want to do all this introspection, I just want to loose weight" so I went to Jenny Craig and promptly lost 20 of my 50 lbs. wich I do at least yearly-(plus about $2,000) I was very pleased with my self. Until stress began to build up in my life again, then I gained back my 20...Like I always do. last week I was ready to do something different. I have only read up to the second key, but already I have figured out some things about myself that I have been trying to understand for 40 years. It was such a relief to get my life back and start working on the person I know I can be! The most important thing I have fixed is my relationship with my family and friends. I know I have heard all these things before, but for some reason, this time it clicked. Maybe it was the sequence, the timing, or just his down to earth words that hit me, but it really worked. If I don't loose a single pound, It will still be worth it-but I know I will because I don't need the extra food anymore. And Dr. Phil is not fat, he looks like a football player. Maybe his large...bald.. head makes him look bigger than people think he should be. Thanks Dr. Phill!!!...more info
  • Satisfied
    I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was a very quick delivery and the book was in excellent condition....more info
  • Dr Phil's weight loss book
    This book was very informative, and helpful. It was enlighting to me in a number of ways, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone is tryng to loose weight permanently....more info
  • This book is great...
    Dr Phil's book helped me change my "lifestyle"...I would recommend to anyone who is sick of trying the "fad" diets.

    After reading this book I grasped a new outlook on life and the decisions I was making. I lost 50 pounds and am happier than ever!!...more info
  • I lost 63lbs and KEPT it off!
    This book changed my relationship with food and my body. I had always been challenged by my weight. We all know the stories of the ups and downs of weight loss. I understand now that my battle with weight loss is over. FOREVER. This book is the ultimate solution if you want it to be. Dr. Phil tells you that you have to be ready to commit to the 7 keys. You have to be open minded and if you aren't... it simply won't work for you.

    I went from a size 16 to a size 2!!!! An honest size 2 in jeans even. I am a HUGE believer. ...more info
  • I highly recommend it!
    I personally have read the book and think that it is just good common sense advice concerning eating and portion size. He speaks about not "banning" foods and learning how to eat average portion-sized foods in moderation, including your favorite foods (i.e. cake). He also helps you to evaluate yourself so that you can try to figure out why you are possibly overeating so that you can solve the real problem. This book also includes a pretty thorough list of healthy foods and foods to really exercise true moderation. I have exercised and controlled my eating using different methods, but this just seems like the no nonsense way of doing it without deprivation.

    In addition, I think that you can't look at his shape and determine whether or not he's healthy when you aren't 100% sure about your own health. Besides, he's not 20 years old and maybe his goal isn't to look like Adonis, just to live longer than him. In the end it won't be looks that will help to protect you from the wear and tear of gravity and time, it will be GOOD HEALTH. Also, he never said that he was the complete and final authority on weight loss, he's just offering his ADVICE. You can follow it or not. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't work for you, accept it and continue to search for a method that WORKS FOR YOU, PERSONALLY.

    I like using this site which allows me get some idea about the books I purchase; however, I wish that people who find it mentally challenging to offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY would stop using it. This is not a form of personal therapy so that you may vent about your problems/failures in your own life by criticizing a book you've most likely never even touched. Since most of us don't know you, and therefore can't sympathize with your situation, you leave us no choice but to question your age and/or level of intelligence. So please leave us with a good impression of yourself. "Your review is a reflection of you"

    Anyway, I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent Weight Loss Guide

    A visit to a doctor just over two months ago revealed that I was obese, with a high body fat percentage and low muscle mass level. It was made clear to me that unless I reduced my weight from 80 kg (176 lbs) to at least 70 kg (154 lbs), I was at high risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or stroke. I had to reduce my weight and hence I needed a good book to guide me through the process. "The Ultimate Weight Solution" is among the best book that I got hold of.

    The book provides realistic and well researched advise on how to reduce weight. The book teaches how to behave and think about food and the appropriate exercises to lose weight on a lasting basis. The book explains how people often lose control of their weight. Methodically and step-by-step, the book explains how to identify what to eat and when to eat and the right kinds of exercises that help to burn the fat and develop muscle. The book has a number of questions for you to answer and help audit yourself which I found very illuminating and useful. The comprehensive food list in the Appendix is also an excellent bonus that you can use as a quick reference guide

    Well, I followed Dr Phil's instructions and now I have got into the habit of eating the right kind of foods in the right quantity consistently, I have an exercising schedule and I consistently engage in habits that avoid harming my body such as not smoking or drinking alcohol.

    Thanks to the advice in this book, I am on my way to the optimum weight, and I now experience high level of health, energy, vitality and control over my life.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding Seller
    The book I ordered was exactly as described in the selling window and I received it in a timely manner and in great shape. I would do business with this seller again in the future and recommend others take advantage of this site as well as this seller. I have had great luck with Amazon and the sellers they allow to sell his or her wares on this site. Overall, great experience....more info
  • Unique point of view, but same old low-fat diet advice
    "The Ultimate Weight Solution" purports to give 7 "keys" to losing weight and managing it for a lifetime.

    First, the book can have value to anyone who is struggling with food from a psychological perspective. Dr. Phil's doctorate is in psychology and this comes through in his book. If you are a binge eater or otherwise overweight because you can't "stick" to a diet plan, then Dr. Phil does have some good information on overcoming those problems. Some is common sense information - such as getting the junk food out of your house, and some is not so common - such as taking a bubble bath when you are tempted to eat. If you fit in this category the book is worth the read. It's worth the read even if you don't think you fit in this category.

    The book also contains many "audits" that help you gauge where you are in life and therefore helps you know exactly what issues to work on. You'll need a pencil and a notepad. These audits are useful if you are brutally honest with yourself during them. one but you will ever know your answers!

    However, I have some bones of contention, which is why I am only giving it three stars. I'm knocking off one star because it's a good book, but not great, and another star for the horrible, 30-year-old dietary information he gives.

    For example, he exalts canola oil over coconut oil. Why? Simply because coconut oil is a saturated fat. It doesn't matter that studies have shown it's healthy and useful for managing weight. Canola is not nearly as healthy. The only oils I use for cooking are olive and coconut.

    Two, he takes a swipe at all other diets, and says his program is not a diet, yet it is - it's got lists of good and bad foods and what proportion to eat them in. Furthermore, he says that when you go off other diets, you regain the weight. Well, duh. All "diets" should be lifestyle changes. If they are not, then yes, the weight will come back. I just recently hit goal on my chosen diet program. But if I go off it and start eating the way that made me fat, then I'll get fat again. That's common sense. It's a lifestyle change. His diet or any other has to be that.

    What is his eating plan? One part lean protein, one part veggies, one part fruit (or a second serving of veggies), and one part starch. And after bashing other diets as quick fixes and fads (which would include all low- and controlled-carb plans), I came across this gem: "For greater fat loss, you may wish to reduce your intake of starchy carbohydrates...A slight reduction in starch intake is known to help your body burn fat." I would think a greater reduction would burn even more fat, but he won't take that step.

    So on the one hand, he says these are fad diets, but on the other hand, he admits that reducing starch results in greater fat loss. Which is it? Am I the only one that sees this as a contradiction?

    He also makes the statement that saturated fat causes insulin resistance. Um, no. According to a nutritionist I talked to, this is only true in a certain percent of *morbidly obese* individuals who have been morbidly obese for a while (and this applies to all fat, not just saturated). The rest of the time (which is the vast majority of cases) fat doesn't do anything to raise insulin and therefore cannot cause insulin resistance.

    So, in summary, the book has its uses, but it my opinion Dr. Phil needs to stick with his specialty. Dr. Phil giving nutrition advice is like Dr. Atkins giving psychological advice - it just doesn't work because neither knows much about the other subject. Dr. Phil is a psychologist and should stick with the psychological aspects of diet. Leave the nutrition to those trained as medical doctors.

    Read the book, but for God's sake, skip key #5 on nutrition. Read a book by a nutritionist or a medical doctor or two.

    Three stars out of five. The psychological advice IS good and I've found things that can help me that the more traditional books (focused only on what to eat) ignore. It's worth the read as long as you skip key #5. I recommend Jonny Bowden, Dr. Atkins, or Dr. Michael Eades for advice on food....more info
  • In defence of Dr Phil
    Once a person reaches a certain level of celebrity two things are likely to happen.(1) They are held to an unsually high standard of competence (2) People look for imperfections and throw potshots at them. So here goes my take on this...

    Dr Phil is using his platform and considerable resources and power he has by being associated with Oprah to educate, empower and bring awareness to several issues that need addressing. He is a PHD holder and has therefore paid his dues in the education field. His direct approach though initially a little intimidating is effective.Sometimes the painful truth needs to be told and we have to be strong enough to take action to improve ourselves. Although some people may say that therapy should be private, there are probably a lot of people who are too scared to take up therapy due to the negative connotations associated with taking that up. So many people are actually being benefited to an extent.

    Dr Phil may not be the fittest guy in the block, but that is irrelevant here. I think some one compared his book to Sly Stallone's one. For one thing, Stallone is an exceptional athelete and Dr Phil does not claim to be any where near Stallone's fitness. Sly's book is terrific, particularly for those who want guidance in terms of how to exercise... but so is Dr Phil's book which looks at the psychology behind weight loss. Well researched and well documented, the book talks about common sense ways in which to lose weight and perhaps it's only main weakness is accentuating the importance of exercise towards the end of the book than at the beginning. Dr Phil also does not claim to work alone on the book but does use the help of other experts in the field of medicine.

    Soemwhere else, some one thinks that Dr Phil was a divorcee so should not writing a book on family first. Is it at all possible for some one to get it wrong the first time round and then get it right? About half the people have had a divorce some where in their lives... does that mean that their perspective is not valuable in terms of raising a family? The fact that Dr Phil has a delightful wife, Robin and excellent well adjusted sons in Jay and Jordon is proof that he does know to a fair extent what he is talking about.

    Some argue that Dr Phil is making hay when the sun shines... tell me who isn't? At least he has got a doctorate and works pretty hard for the 25 million or so he makes. At least 60-70% of the books that he writes is his own unique perspective. For some books like self matters and life strategies... you get about 80% of Dr Phil's own perspective. The fact that he has had to think about complex issues during his PHD and later in his practice is well presented in his books.

    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and sure when Oprah came in, Dr Phil was ready.There is no denying that he has some substance and some justification for being where he is. His books are useful and his show is informative... and yes he is not perfect, but he does not claim to be. For the simple, everyday man, he can be a good life coach or teacher and even if 10% of the people who watch his shows or read his books are benefited that is still pretty darn good in my opinion....more info
  • It really works. I can't believe there are negative reviews out there.
    I'll keep this brief. I never write reviews. I just noticed that there were some negative reviews on this book, and I was amazed.

    With this book's help, I was able to channel my own dedication and committment to lose 35 pounds. My whole life was changed for the better. In fact, after going through infertility treatments for 3.5 years prior to the weight loss, we had given up on having a baby naturally. Well, after I lost those 35 pounds, I got pregnant accidentally.

    The main thing about this book that is so revolutionary, is that it takes a psychological approach to weight loss. Weight loss can't be done by having "will power" or doing fad diets. It takes emotional maturity, introspection about your motives and environment, and constant reprogramming of your thoughts. I would look at cakes and donuts during my weight loss phase, and honestly feel, "It really isn't worth it." Owning that type of feeling, rather than just mouthing it, makes the difference between those who lose and those who don't....more info
  • Worked for me!
    With the help of this book, I finally decided to change my body shape for the first time in 15 years. At 41 with two small children, I know that there is no magic bullet to changing the shape of your body. It takes a lot of hard work: exercising, eating for better health and not using food as an emotional comfort blanket. We all "know" all the things Dr. Phil goes over in this book -- but obviously if you're reading this review you too have never stuck to them. His discussion on emotional eating really changed how I view food. So maybe we all know how to lose weight already but the tools have never really been presented this clearly, with such wonderful motivation. You have to be ready to make such a change in your life -- you are still the one that has to do all the work. My extra motivation came from going from a size 12 to a size 6 in 5 months. If you are ready for a change and willing to put in some hard work, buy the book -- believe me, the payoff is huge....more info
  • Oprah Cult Running Amok
    This guy is overweight, let's all buy his diet book. This guy is a divorcee, let's all buy his raising-a-great-family book. When this bald guy releases his eventual hair care book, let's all buy it! Why? Because Oprah says so! Yaayyyy!!!...more info
  • Solid and realistic information
    The book has diagnostic questionnaires that help you pinpoint where you need improvement. This method helps you tailor the program to your specific needs and goals and does not force you into a one size fits all approach like some other programs. The most effective concept is that not matter what advice he gives you, you have to want to help yourself change. The book relies on your internal motivation and then provides the tools you need to sustain it. ...more info
  • Excellent in Dr Phil's Voice
    This is the first book I have ever gotten on CD. It is like Dr Phil is talking only to you. It is informative, different and makes you think about weight loss in a totally different mindset. It is an excellent listen. ...more info
  • worth its weight
    I have always liked Dr. Phil's approach to things and was very excited to see what he had to say about the subject of weight loss. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the book. Without going into a lot of detail, the forte of this book is its emphasis on the often neglected behavioral strategies needed to lose weight. We all know to stop eating so much, but this book makes you think about such things as enlisting a circle of support and eating for emotional reasons. All in all its a great book and I give it 5 stars easy.
    I enjoyed this book [...]...more info
  • Better Than Expected
    I'd like to start off by saying I was biased against this guy like many people are. I mean, solving people's mental breakdowns between commercial breaks, who's kidding who? But, I have to admit, this is really a pretty darn good book about weight loss.
    Let's start with the first two obvious objections about Dr. Phil's weight loss book. 1) He's fat (at least chubby). 2) He knows nothing about nutrition. The rebuttal to these two objections kind of work together. I'll address them by quoting from the book. "There was an eight year period in my career during which my work focused particularly on people who were 100, 200, 300, or more pounds overweight. . ." So he's had lot of experience with weight control, but mostly (if not only) with people who were "grossly" overweight. In his world, when you compare him to someone 100 pounds overweight, he's thin. You could say that the book is aimed at people who are extremely overweight rather than the type of client I often see, who is about the size of Dr. Phil and wants to go down from there.
    I wouldn't say that that makes the book unusable for those who want/need to lose 25 pounds or so. I think the "principals," the basic ideas of the book, still apply. Also, it's interesting to note that, according to the 1999-2000 National Health and Nutrition Survey, about 59 million Americans (31%) are obese, with 64% of Americans (about 120 million) counted as either overweight or obese. [...]A hundred million people is no small market.
    Mostly what the book is about is the psychology behind eating. Most people agree that this is no small thing. Often people have a good idea about what they should do to be thinner, but actually doing something about it is the hard part. A lot of people (including me) put Dr. Phil down because he seems to encourage a quick fix, but that's clearly not what he's suggesting in this book. I think this quote from the chapter "Weight Is Managed, Not Cured," will make that clear. "You must go through many years of maintaining your weight loss to get over so many years of staying so heavy. What your weight is five years from now will be a function of how well you actively manage these things from now until then."
    I think synopsizing the "seven keys" will give you a good idea of what this book is about.
    1) Right Thinking. A lot of really sensible ideas abut self-talk, self esteem, and other internal tricks and attitudes that can help people change their mind about food and exercise.
    2) Healing Feelings. A lot like right thinking, but more focused on the emotions that surround food, exercise, and body image.
    3) A No-Fail Environment. I really liked this one. Clients often tell me they want to stop eating junk food, and then later confess that their house and cupboards are full of the stuff.
    4) Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating. This chapter contains a lot of really good, practical concepts teaching people to look at how and when they eat.
    5) High-Response Cost, High-Yield Nutrition. This chapter is similar to many other diet books, identifying the difference between high caloric, and high nutritive food.
    6) Intentional Exercise. This chapter contains some good, common sense reasons to move the body, however not quite enough time or intensity for my taste.
    7) Your Circle of Support. I thought this was a really good chapter. This is often overlooked when helping people with weight loss. The basic idea is that you have to gather people around you who will support you in what you're trying to do, and sometimes those who don't will have to go.
    So all in all, despite my reservations about Dr. Phil, I'd recommend the book. I don't think it should be the only diet/weight loss book someone who is serious about losing weight should buy, but it is certainly a good one to have around.
    ...more info
  • Why, just look at how well it's worked for Dr. Obese!
    Haha, I can't stand this guy, so I'm already biased, but after Al Roker was tired of being daytime television's favorite fat laughingstock, Dr. Phil was quick to jockey for the position! Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure this is a dieting book written by the fattest man on daytime television. God bless Oprah's razor sharp litterally instincts to hammer off another winner! I can't wait until next month, where she endorses Michael Jackson's book: 7 key ways to not molest children. 3 cheers for hipocrisy! ...more info
  • The book is mostly about self esteem and not weight loss
    Dr Phil in the start of his show says " If you are gonna talk to me you are gonna have to be honest". I wonder why that statement does not apply to Dr Phil.

    First about weight loss. Bob Green, the author of " Get with the program" got it right when he said that you have to kick start your metabolism by exercising and then you can adjust your eating habits etc. In my opinion, in the case of weight loss, 3 things are most important and in this very order.

    1. Exercise vigorously anywhere between 6-8 hours a week depending on your weight.
    2. Eat reasonably healthy
    3. Try to spend 10 minutes a day to improve your self esteem.

    Dr Phil, goes the other way with this and tries to explain why you need to get your internal dialogue right. I would imagine that these ideas are probably lifted out of "self matters", and though I agree they are important in their own right, they are not as central to the discussion of weight loss as Dr Phil would have you believe.

    The danger in going from an inside out approach, is that the process of trying to improve your self esteem is a life time job. We all live with hurt, have all experienced injustice and will at times grab that brownie to medicate ourselves. The important thing to remember is that you can eat what you want as long as you are willing to burn it off with vigorous exercise. This means that if you occasionally have that chocolate cake,
    just make sure the next day you walk an hour and a half to burn it off. Program your self to work out 4 hours cardio and 2 hours weights every week. Taking 2 rest days in a week is fine. Eat sensibly and be patient. That is what is really involved.

    Why I find the book lacking in credibility is the fact that the author is not qualified to talk about weight loss. I think he mentioned on his show that he has some 30 years of counselling overweight people. I really do not know how true that is. I am not in the habit of checking any one's facts, but a simple time line of his career shows that between 80-89 he was a phsychologist, following which he worked in court room sciences inc where he met Oprah and of course the rest we know is history. I am not saying that he has not counselled overweight patients, but saying he has done it for 30 years sounds somewhat tenuous.

    In another area of the book he mentions that he has been an athelete his entire life. I just don't buy that. If he exercised as an athelete all his life, he really would be in excellent shape. By the way, I also do not buy his being 240 pounds in weight. I myself am over 200 pounds and if I was standing next to Dr Phil, I would look like half his size. In my estimation he is about 265-280 pounds that makes his pretty overweight.

    I remember the days when Dr Phil was a refreshing new face in the world of self help. His book, "Life Strategies" was refreshing as it was not a rip off from the Classic "Think and Grow Rich". Some of the chapters, like "we teach people how to treat us" were very original and useful. I have not read "Self Matters", but I am sure it is a good book as Dr Phil is qualified to write about it.

    However with his foray into the world of weight loss and his hastily prepared new book Family First, it would seem reasonable to even the most die hard Dr Phil fan that he is making a lot of hay when the sun shines and is writing about subjects he not completely qualified to write about.

    I would have no problem if he wrote a follow up to Life Strategies and made some good money on it. But writing about weight loss when you cannot walk your own talk is in my opinion not right. I guess there is no end to chanelling your limited expertise into a broader market and making a lot of money in the process, but is it responsible? I am not so sure.

    I am forever indebted to a friend of mine who taught me that a man must have principles. If you are not fully qualified for a job, you should not do it at a very high pay. I do not want to sound judgemental, but people do look up to Dr Phil as to some extent a moral compass. I think it may be necessary for Dr Phil, to take that phrase out " If you are gonna talk to me, your gonna have to be honest" as I think that same standard does not apply to him.

    ...more info
  • The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 keys to weight loss freedom
    Non shaming, compassionate approach to weight loss. Workable plan, practical suggestions...more info
  • A Total Look
    I feel that Dr. Phil looks at all of the issues surrounding why a person is overweight. Understanding these issues gives us power to deal with them and fix them/ change them.

    I'm only embarking on this journey myself. I've read it, now I have to put the plan into action--food is unlike any other addiciton. People addicted to eating, have to learn to deal with it and eat food moderately. When I stopped smoking, it wasn't easy, but I could stop entirely, I didn't have to learn how to have 3 cigarettes a day, but I do have to figure out have to use food wisely.......more info
  • Fat was "safe".
    I enjoyed Dr. Phil's no-nonsense approach to weight loss. I also discovered what was holding me back from "getting thin". The food I was eating wasn't the problem - the problem was within my belief system. As Dr. Phil says "what you're not aware of, you can't fix". Now that I "get it" I can fix it. So far since listening to the CD's, I've lost almost 9 lbs. in a month and will go on to lose the rest [22 lbs]. Thank you Dr. Phil....more info
  • does self-help even work?
    Does Dr. Phil have any business writing diet books in the first place? Is Phil McGraw really the best person to be guiding consumers through life's major decisions? Is self-help in general cost-effective? If so, where's the proof? Which types of self-help are worthwhile--and which are outright scams? Is it possible that self-help can do more harm than good to you and the people you love? Do its basic premises make sense...or do they break down under deeper scrutiny? Is there a downside to being uplifted? What have been the wider social costs of self-help to society, industry, and American children?

    You won't find the answers to these important questions in books written by people named McGraw (Phil, Jay, or Robin), Gray, Williamson, Robbins, Schlessinger, or any of the other established icons or rising stars of the self-help industry. (And make no mistake: Self-help is an industry--to the tune of some $8.56 billion in annual revenues.) The more you feel that you want or need a little help in life, the more you owe it to yourself to take a look at my book, SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless. (You can find it right here on Amazon.) It's a painstaking, carefully documented look at the self-help industry. You have nothing to lose and much to gain (or at least save!)
    ...more info
    The ULTIMATE WEIGHT SOLUTION is worth a glance because Phil McGraw does more than repeat the basic rules - eat less, move more. Dr. Phil gives his down-home Texas style twist to the wise adage, "It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you."
    Until you accept and love yourself and the body you have, you will make wrong choices about your health and diet.
    Practicing Yoga is an excellent way to use movement and breath to bring your body into energetic balance and begin to accept and love it.
    When you love your body with all its imperfections - scars, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and all - you will feed it right, give it plenty of fresh water and air and make sure it has lots of joyous experiences.
    My French Canadian grandmother Mimi taught us the secret of good health and beauty decades ago; eat delicious food lovingly prepared in moderation, work hard, be active and do something for others and your community, love and laugh heartily and fill your soul with the "joi de vivre." She lived to her 94th birthday. Mimi read thousands of books over her lifetime, but I never saw her pick up a diet book....more info
  • Dr. Phil, although tremendously overweight himself, has a good weight loss plan for us.
    While all the other so-called weight-loss books out there concentrate on the old routine of ..healthy diet...exercise...discipline...blah..blah...blah.., Dr. Phil takes a significantly new approach which I find extremely refreshing and reaffirming. He does not concentrate on the old good-nutrition/physical activity bibble-di-babble. It's mostly about keeping a positive attitude about who you are. This is the only true path to weight loss freedom. As Dr.Phil has shown me, assigning some arbitrary numerical value to what is an acceptable weight for me would be absurd. Although the AMA literature may state that I, and even Dr. Phil himself, may be 60 or 70 pounds overweight, only we can make that determination for ourselves. If we are comfortable with how we look and comfortable in the knowledge that our so-called "excess" weight may lead to heart disorders, diabetes and a shortened life-span, then we have truly achieved Weight-Loss Freedom. Thank you Dr. Phil, for shedding this new light in your folksy, tell-it-like-it-is, no beatin' around the bush, no-holds barred, down-home Texas way on an issue millions of us have been so confused about.

    The only suggestion I would make for future printings is that the good, honorable doctor provide an address where we can send him some more money, so that he may run some kind of Dr. Phil Foundation, dedicated to the ideals of self-awareness, weight-loss freedom, tellin-it-like-it-is, tough love and all that. I would be the first contributor. ...more info
  • Memorize Chapter One and Chapter Nine...
    The most important idea in this book is in Chapter 1 (I'm a physician who treats people for obesity). Before I point out the idea, let me tell you the erroneous idea that infects most overweight people: "I know what to do--I just need more will power." (I'm also going to tell you why I think Dr. Phil is over weight).

    Over and over, I see people beat themselves up about lack of will power. Well, Dr. Phil got it right in chapter 1 with this idea: Most people have plenty of "will power." Most over weight people are lacking in skill power. You say you just need to eat less and exercise more. But what exercise do you do? When do you find time? What do you do with your children and your boss when it's time to exercise. How much less do you need to eat and how do you eat less and not make yourself miserable (you won't do it for the rest of your life if you're miserable)?

    Most people who are overweight don't have good answers to the above questions. Most people of normal weight answer the questions their lives and don't use time, job, children, or weather as reasons for not exercising. Read chapter 1 over and over again if you are over weight until you decide to learn how to increase skills so you need less will power.

    Chapter 9 also makes the book worth buying. Good research (multiple studies) show that most people will be over weight until they get adequate exercise. Chapter 9 drives home this point and should be read over and over.

    Now...why I think Dr. Phil is mildly obese...

    Though Chapter 9 should be read because it stresses the importance of exercise, it misses the degree to which most people need to exercise in order to keep their weight normal. Dr. Phil over estimates the calories burned in some exercises and recommends some exercises which just don't result in significant weight loss.

    Good research shows that most Americans would not be over weight if they walked 20 or more miles per week (that's with NO change in diet). Some can make it on 15 per week. Some need 25. But, the vast majority need at least 20 miles per week. If you're saying that seems like a huge amount (about 3 miles on the average 365 days a year no matter what the weather), then you're demonstrating why around 70% of Americans are overweight (including Dr. Phil whom I estimate averages less than 15 miles a week most weeks of the year and tries to use other exercises which are less helpful for weight maintenance).

    The most recent government revision of the food pyramid ( shows a person running up the side of the pyramid and the official recomendation accompanying the pyramid is 60 to 90 minutes of walking EVERY DAY (which at the average speed of 20 minutes per mile, implies walking around 20 to 30 miles a week every week). Over-use injuries escalate over 25 miles per week, and I've yet to meet the 21-mile-per-week-every-week person with a real weight problem; so, 21 miles per week should do the trick. Now, if you're still saying you don't have time for this much walking, try reading the appendix of Steven Covey's book "The 8th Habit."

    To try to break the 20 mile rule is like trying to figure out how to not be tired with less than 3 hours sleep most nights of the book, supplement, medication, or will power will keep you alert if you only find time to sleep 3 hours per night most nights. It seems that the analogy holds true for keeping a normal weight with less than 20 miles per week of walking (and by the way, if walking at work did the trick then most nurses, cooks, and waitresses would have a normal weight).

    But, for Chapter One and Chapter Nine alone, you should run or walk to buy this book: hopefully your store is about 1.5 miles away or 3 miles round trip. Better yet, buy it from Amazon and also buy the CD's so you can listen to the book while you go for a walk.

    Charles Runels, MD
    Author of "Anytime...for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, and Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation"

    ...more info
  • Are the complainers actually interested in losing weight?
    I'm somewhat amused by some of the ridiculous comments made by people who are clearly too foolish or lazy to consider and apply good, solid advice when they see it. They appear to be more interested in finding excuses for their overweight than in trying to lose weight permanently.

    Indeed, we now have the point that Dr Phil isn't as thin as a beanstalk. Would anyone else like to repeat this fact as if it's groundbreaking news? And yes, he does tend to engage in a bit of psychobabble. But the advice in his book makes good, solid sense. And it works! Many of us are applying his advice and are getting and staying thin.

    Then there's the enlightened comment that Dr Phil's advice is simplistic. What absolute drivel! The main thrust of the book is to point out that losing weight is about much more than willpower and food. Rather, it's about complex psychological issues, it's about your family background and history, it's about your self-esteem, and it's about whether you set up your environment either to succeed or to fail. And Dr Phil gives you practical advice to deal with each of these matters. How complex would you like his approach to be?

    So it's up to you. You can either join the group who have worked and continue to work hard and consistently to apply his advice - and SUCCEED - or you can join the other group who are quite determined to remain dogmatic (but also to remain huge) - they would rather exercise their big fat mouths than their big fat butts!
    ...more info
  • great book
    So it's up to you. You can either join the group who have worked and continue to work hard and consistently to apply his advice - and SUCCEED - or you can join the other group who are quite determined to remain dogmatic (but also to remain huge) - they would rather exercise their big fat mouths than their big fat butts! ...more info
  • Great info and a great read
    This book is full of good information as well as alot of encouragement. He knows his stuff and is willing to share!...more info
  • Diet Solutions
    Dr. Phil does hit the nail on the head on this one. If you are serious about weight loss and have had it with quick fixes and pills, this can really help you to get to the root of the problem.

    ...more info
  • Helpful tool...
    When I read this book I was excited to learn some new tools to help me. It has helpful guidelines and tools to get you through the normal blocks of weight loss.

    His track record of weight loss participants says it all!


    Pocket of Pearls: A 30-day pocket workbook to start hearing a softer voice inside of you!...more info
  • lost 150 pounds
    This book can end your lifetime struggle with weight if you follow it. I lost 150 pounds following the plan and highly recommend it. ...more info
  • This book is ok!
    I think this book is well-written and helpful, however, for someone who is very weak in the self-control department, they should seek other avenues to help them overcome their weakness. Self-Hypnosis, along with the education in this book helped me, but only after reading it 3x and practicing self-hypnosis...more info
  • Didn't keep my attention
    I don't know what it was about this book, they way it was written didn't keep my attention or help keep me motivated. I didn't get very far into it before I lost complete interest. I haven't picked it back up yet. Although I have managed to lose 20+ pounds without it....more info
  • Why would anyone take weight loss tips from a fat guy?
    Why would anyone take weight loss tips from a fat guy? Just doesn't make any sense. If he knew the secrets he wouldn't be overweight himself right? Dr. Phil should have stuck in psychology and not mixed with Jenny Craig's market....more info
  • He's right on!
    EVERYONE says that you can lose weight just by eating this differently or try this pill or wear this lap band. Maybe if I exercise long enough I'll get thin! I've been jogging on and off for the past 10 years and my body has remained 15-50 lbs overweight (fluctuates depending on the year! ha!). When I read Dr. Phil, I kept nodding with him because he FINALLY got to the root of my problem!! There's a REASON why I eat the way I do and why exercise doesn't solve anything.

    Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of the problem. If a person doesn't fix the root of the problem, he/she will continue to reap ROTTEN FRUIT. Dr. Phil helped me see the real problem in this book. Fix the root then you fix the fruit!

    Of all the ways to lose weight, this is the answer... *THE* ANSWER because it not only will fix your body but it will address the problems one might have that CAUSE the fat body. If you don't ever figure out the problem deep inside the perpetuates the fat, then you'll just stay fat. Fat thinking/fat issues/pain covered up with fat/etc. = fat person. Fix the issues, fix the fat!!

    Dr. Phil is dead on with this book and I recommend it to EVERY PERSON OUT THERE who struggles with weight. EVERY!!!!

    ...more info
  • After all, it is Dr. Phil
    I have mixed feelings about this book when I purchased it. While I didn't expect it to be the ultimate solution for my weight loss, and I was confident it would not be riddled with elaborate recipes, it was a very diffcult read...not because it wasn't good, but because it required me to think and take responsibility for what I had/was doing to myself. Dr. Phil only has 2 types of followers: those that like him and those that don't. If you don't like him, you don't because what he says is the truth and (as Jack Nicholson says, "you can't handle the truth"). If you like him, you do because it puts the burden on you to take action and change. Someone or something has to get your attention, and that's Dr. Phil. If it needs to be said, he'll say it. If you don't want to hear it, he'll pull your fingers out of your ears and make you listen. If you don't want to change, then move on...because there are other people out here who will take your 5 minutes of time with him and treat it like gold. When it comes to this book, be open to what it says, read it more than once, find someone to discuss it with, and then make a commitment to yourself to either do it or not. ...more info
  • Down to Earth Advice for Diet Strategies
    As usual, Dr. Phil McGraw is to the point in this lifestyle guide. There are some unique insights and strategies in the midst of information that many of us know but try to ignore. He does not cater to justifications for our habits and quick fix eating choices. I recommend this book as a good source of self-control strategies and what we should and should not allow to go into our bodies....more info


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