Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love

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Are you forever rushing around, fending off chronic exhaustion? Are you desperately overcommitted, afraid to say no? Do you have fang marks from being bled dry by energy vampires? Does the onslaught of violence in the news leave you drained? If so, you're the victim of a hidden energy crisis. To resolve it you need more than traditional solutions such as eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, and exercising. Here at last is the complete prescription to stop you from feeling constantly drained and enables you to live a more vibrant life: the Positive Energy Program created by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Dr. Orloff is the pioneer behind Energy Psychiatry, a new field that addresses the subtle energetic components of health and behavior. Energy Psychiatry blends the practice of mainstream medicine with an emerging scientific understanding of subtle energies, revered by many cross-cultural healing traditions as our life force. In Positive Energy, Dr. Orloff explains this exciting new discipline and how it led her to formulate ten essential prescriptions for boosting energy, improving relationships, and combating energy vampires. The prescriptions are:

• Awaken your intuition and rejuvenate yourself--and learn the cure for technodespair and overload from emails, computers, and phones
• Find a nurturing spiritual path that fits your own beliefs and inner stirrings
• Design an energy-aware approach to diet, exercise, and health--and learn how to avoid the "energetic overeating" that sabotages attempts to lose weight
• Generate positive emotional energy to counter negativity
• Develop a heart-centered sexuality
• Open yourself to the flow of creativity and inspiration to achieve greater joy
• Celebrate the sacredness of laughter, pampering, and the replenishment of retreat--it’s not selfish to take care of yourself
• Discover how to attract positive people and situations
• Protect yourself from energy vampires with specific
shielding techniques
• Create abundance and a continuing flow of energy

The purpose of this program is to make your life easier. Each prescription has clear instructions for practicing the simple, powerful exercises Dr. Orloff gives her patients and uses herself--plus, there’s a "Treat Yourself" section to help you relax and enjoy the program’s full benefits. Following each chapter are Dr. Orloff’s interviews with luminaries who share their personal secrets about how they use a specific prescription to generate more energy. You'll discover how Quincy Jones’s intuition opened up after brain surgery, Larry King honed his interviewing techniques, Naomi Judd recovered from hepatitis C, and Jamie Lee Curtis deals with draining people.

Dr. Orloff says, "We can't stop the negative circumstances of our time--our cell phones will keep ringing, e-mails will keep coming, people will be rude, our children will be demanding, and bad things will happen in the world. But we can learn ways to protect our energy so that we can stay centered in dealing with the stresses that arise." Positive Energy shows you how to slow down time to match your natural rhythms, allowing you to be fully present for your life. Learning this can make the difference between an exuberant life and one you're always recovering from. Filled with Dr. Orloff's warmth, humor, and compassion, Positive Energy is your tool kit for transforming fatigue, stress, and fear into an abundance of vibrance, strength, and love.

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Thank you so much
    Dr. Orloff,

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for changing my life in such a POSITIVE way.

    After reading your book ("Positive Energy") I feel like a new person, with a refreshing outlook on life. After taking the time to read and understand your book, I'm in a great place NOW.

    Thank you so much. You should be very proud of what you do!
    ...more info
  • Positive Energy: Coping with Stress for a Happier Life
    Veteran psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff ventures to spotlight practical Energy Psychiatry, her expertise, a blend of traditional medicine and subtle energies of body and mind in her latest book Positive Energy (Three Rivers Press, New York, 2005). Grounded mainly in the deep-rooted mystical traditions, Energy Psychiatry is a scientific transformation of abstract energy principles for the treatment of a range of everyday problems like anxiety, maladjustment, mood swings, sexual discontent, and the general stresses of life. That makes Positive Energy a book for almost everyone.

    Dr. Orloff divides her book in two parts: Building your Energy and Creating Positive Relationships and Combating Energy Vampires. The first part offers seven prescriptions each showing a window to utilizing and boosting one's subtle energy resources. The second part involves three prescriptions on creating positive relationships, tackling energy-draining people (the Energy Vampires) and tuning in to the abundance of joy all around. Personal experience and stories of her patients make an interesting vista of healing with positivism. What attracts more, perhaps, is the voice of celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Larry King, Shirley Maclaine, and others commenting on their encounters with energy-draining situations. The essence of Dr. Orloff's advice is her emphasis on staying in the Now that can be procured by some simple exercises, meditations, and mantra.

    Given all the good points of the book, Positive Energy has its slack slots. The subject matter is not free of serious speculation. Myths of flowers blooming on the statue of a goddess in South Korea and intuitive premonitions of energy-sensitive people raise doubts. Some of the personal stories are redundant and sound like thrumming on the same string. The narrative mode too feels rather preachy with repetitive reminders of `I'll teach you', `I'll show you', `You'll learn' and so on. Above all, it is the view of existence through the hazy Lens of Energy that puts the author's viewpoint to question.

    A reference guide, brief overview, and an index aid the reader with choice passages.

    Positive Energy's interested readership is wide and varied. For a Type A person, it is a thing to seek. For a hard-shelled scientist, it is one to answer.
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  • A whole new perspective on my life.
    Reading this book has given me the practical tools to get the most out of every day, energetically speaking. I have tried some of Dr. Orloff's approaches to centering, meditation, silence and reading other people's energy -- and I already feel the difference.

    This was one of the few books that I did not want to end. I'm buying 4 copies to give as Christmas presents.

    Arik ...more info
  • Loving wisom
    In Positive Energy, Judith Orloff,MD gives lovingly of herself in translating infinite wisdom into practical ways of developing your intuition and capacity for love and growth. This mind body approach to medicine is the future. Positive Energy is about opening your heart to the energy in the universe for optimal health. Judith Orloff incorporates interviews of people who are inspirational,trusting,aware,live in the present, and put into practice a knowing that all people are connected in this life. Positive Energy encourages readers to proactively remove energy blocks and transform them into successes.I highly recommend that you read Positive Energy cover to cover and then some....more info
  • Great Book
    This book is excellent because of the empowering information. It opens up new perspectives and ways of thinking. Very positive and motivating on the journey to becoming a better human being. Highly recommend it as part of self growth and self help library.
    Risa...more info
  • Positively Read Positive Energy!
    Judith Orloff's Positive Energy presents common sense, spiritual advice to fuel your good energy! If you have ever felt fearful, angry, tired, anxious or lonely, this book will help you realize and grasp personal success as you ease into Positive Energy's process! I ought to know because after reading Judith's book, I interviewed her on my stress-management radio show. You can listen to Judith speak about her book and get many helpful tips on www.turnonyourinnerlight.com ...more info
  • Practical help
    This book is one of the most helpful and informative I've read in ages. Dr. Orloff gives us tools to deal with stress and daily living in a down to earth fashion. Also a great aid for analyzing overeating.
    ...more info
  • Inspiring take on self-care!
    I passed on this book the first time because it seems to simplistic but on second look, I really like it. An inspiring take on self-care!

    Jennifer Louden
    more info
  • ok advice if you can get past the fluff
    shorn of the california celebrity name dropping and in language, this actually has some ok advice for dealing with energy vampires which is what I wanted it for, but the fluff to nugget ratio may be too high for most to stomach....more info
  • Review from Sweden!
    Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love
    Dr. Judith Orloff's book has given me so many important insights about myself! One of the most important is how to act in order to maximize my positive energy. This has an impact on practically everything I do AND the things I choose not to do! Sometimes when my awareness of my true needs are a bit clouded I use one of the other things that the book has taught me: my intuition. It's so amazing that all the answers to our questions are within us but sadly enough most of us never listen to our inner voice. Earlier, I could hear my inner voice from time to time, but the voice was so faint that most of the time I chose not to believe it. After reading the book I now realise that it's the true me that is trying to tell me something important. Today its voice is a lot louder and I LISTEN carefully!
    Thanks for teaching me all kinds of wonderfull things, Judith:-)!

    Peter Rahm
    Malmo, Sweden
    ...more info
  • A book of life transforming wisdom...
    As a psychiatry resident doctor, I am immersed in negative energy from both patients and health care personnel. The limited viewpoint of modern medicine often leads to both groups feeling stuck and at an impasse. An understanding of energy medicine has helped me find new roads toward healing in both myself and those around me. Dr. Orloff's book is incredibly useful to help understand the invisible web of human interactions constantly going on around us. As someone who is sensitive to these energies, I have found her book a necessity. It confirmed some techniques I had already discovered and gave numerous new ideas of how I can combat the fatigue that I find associated with my work.

    I especially found part two useful in helping keep my own energy positive and making some future career decisions. My husband even picked up the book and realised that in spite of our mostly healthy relationship, he was involved in some patterns that were energetically draining me. Our relationship has been much more fulfilling and mutually supportive since then. I admire Dr. Orloff's courage in sharing her knowledge in a medical culture that balks at anything that is not supported by scientific placebo-controlled studies. I would also suggest to readers that healthy psychological boundaries are the first step to healthy energetic boundaries. ...more info
  • An excellent book
    This is simply a wonderful book. I am a personal trainer and lifestyle coach based in the UK and Judith Orloff's Positive Energy is exactly the kind of book that I want all my clients to read.

    Her approach is wonderfully nurturing and the content touches on all the areas in life that will make a difference. From food to sex to laughter - certainly my idea of a good time!

    The inclination of the book is toward a practical application of what works for you. By following even some of Judith's excellent guidance you will nurture creativity and happiness in your life.

    This book has jumped right to the top of my top ten. it speaks to me every time I open the pages....more info
  • Changed my life- renewed my energy!
    This book changed my life. Orloff's writing just flows on the page. I didn't want to put the book down... ever! In fact, there are lots of opportunities for reflection, meditation, etc. so it isn't recommended that one ZOOM through the book. I just felt so energized I couldn't bear to take my time. Rest assured, however, the book teaches a new way of thinking and a new way of living. It wasn't long before I listened and began to savor each page, stopping along the way to follow Orloff's recommendations. I can't say enough about this book so I'll leave you with this sentiment- READ IT!! I guarantee it'll be some of the most valuable time you devote to yourself....more info
    The book "positive energy" is refered to as a "make you feel beter" book... but after reading it, it is obvious the knowledge is so thorough and to the point that you can realy call it an advance book on the subject of energy healing.

    It is obvious that dr. judd speaks from experience, this is why the practical aspect can realy be taken to practice.

    I read many books on the subject, this is realy an exeption as it talks about the small very important neuances... I think it is worth much more than its prise.

    Very easy to read, gracefull and rich in content, this book is a treasure.

    Dr. judd allso turned out to be very friendly and caring, she e_mailed me back regarging a question I've had...

    What more can I say ? a great book...

    ...more info
  • Positive Energy
    I loved it! Judith's book is an impressive work that provides important tools for staying balanced in this chaotic world. She is a beacon of light teaching with love, compassion and a good dose of necessary humor. What a great gift! I highly recommend it!
    Gwendolyn Awen Jones Author of "A Cry from the Womb - Healing the Heart of the World."...more info
  • Transmits Light of a Pure Emerald
    Through her writing, Dr. Orloff transmits information as if through a jewel, similar to the light shining through a pure emerald. I have also heard her speak in public and her voice has a jewel-like quality. This is a book & a physician not to be missed!

    The ideas in this book are on the cutting edge! This may be the Psychiatry of the future. Do not miss it! I have found techniques here which are of enormous value to my patients and myself. Most phenomenal is Dr. Orloff's instruction in meditation on the heart. This unusual technique will change the consciousness of modern psychiatry....more info
  • Perfect
    What a perfect book at the most perfect time. I was skimming bookshelves and thought..."this looks good, give it a try". My intuition was right on. Dr. Judith Orloff presents in a very easy to understand and conveyed way multiple ways to promote positive energy. She is unique in her approach and dares to enter the world of sexuality for which I truly applaud her. It was such an easy and enjoyable read and I actually feel better for it. Being a therapist myself I know that I will use some of her techniques with my clients and most definitely with myself....more info
  • I gave this book to MY therapist!!
    It changed my life. I own a New Age shop and it is flying off the shelves. This book is not only good for empaths and healers but for anyone who has to leave the house and deal with anyone!!...more info
  • Intuitive Empathy: Understanding your past, present, future
    I used to believe I was different or weird. After reading Judith's book, I realize I'm normal. I also understand why people misunderstand me and why sometimes I feel energy drain. Using her techniques, I explored my past to understand why certain events happened. I understand that my feelings for others is my reading of them, and I'm right about those feelings. I've developed my intuition better, I ward off negative vampires better, and lead a better understanding of my life with positive energy. I highly recommend this book for people to understand themselves better, and lead a more positve intuitive filled life. AWESOME book!...more info
  • Positive Book!
    I read this book several years ago and was presently surprised by its eye opening content. In addition to the wonderful information provided, I like the fact that Orloff has been trained in traditional ways of practicing medicine as well as alternative. I recommend it to all HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) and all those looking for a deeper understanding of the unseen and how it affects us. ...more info
  • WOW!!
    I recently read Positive Energy by Dr. Judith Orloff while at work in two nights. What a remarkable book and woman! Just reading her book (along with seeing her photo on the book) gave me so much energy, I found myself going back and re-reading. I've recommended it to my family too (I understand now just how much negative energy is in my household...it's like lightening bolts constantly striking).

    For quite some time I have been struggling with a lot of stress in my life. As a divorced mother of two teenage boys with no help from my ex, time at home with my children has been limited due to work (sometimes overtime), and I have found life at times to be difficult, stressful, and most recently almost unbearable. Reading Dr. Orloffs' book was truly inspiring and just what I needed at this point in my life. I had been wondering how much one person could take, and Dr. Orloffs' book helped me to see just how much negativity has consumed me and my life. Her prescriptions are easy to follow, and her radiance is an influence all should have in their lives.

    This book is a must read for everyone, and I highly recommend it to all. Thank you, Dr. Orloff. I wish you love, continued energy, and much happiness....more info
  • Interesting, informative, and useful
    Dr. Orloff's book entices its readers into simple changes and small, incremental steps that add up to make a significant difference in life. Her book is full of pertinent stories about her patients and workshop participants, each of which clearly illustrates the point she is making. Celebrity interviews round out each of the ten sections, and further support her recommendations. And although the things she suggests do add up to potentially profound changes, she is wise enough to make each step fairly small. For instance, she offers several meditation techniques that even I, who have always flirted with the idea of meditation but never had "enough time," can use because they take only a few minutes. What a wonderful approach!

    That said, I have to add that there's something oddly -flat- about the book. I haven't been able to identify what it is, because Dr. Orloff is clearly passionate about her subject and loves teaching it. Speculating, I wonder if it is an attempt to keep the book as practical as possible in order to appeal to people for whom the concept of energy work and intuition is not immediately understandable?

    That being said, if you are interested in learning more about energy work, energy psychiatry, and intuition, I definitely recommend the book. Perhaps you will find in it the enthusiasm and passion that I wasn't able to!...more info
  • Positive Energy
    Do not overlook this book! Judith Orloff transends the hypocritical preconceived concepts of both psychiatry and religion and gives the true spirit of practical healing.
    'Positive Energy' presents one with tools to truely integrate intangible spiritual ideas into one's own life....more info
  • Positive Energy
    Dr. Orloff tackles issues dealing with difficult people and situations in everyday life. She shares how these situations stress us and lower our energy levels. With exercises and discussion, the reader is lead on a path toward a healthier life. The book is interesting without a dull moment. Anyone reading this book is sure to benefit...more info
  • "Positive Energy"- will positively help you get rid of "energy vampires!"
    Dr Judith Orloff's new book that is now also available in soft cover -"Positive Energy"- will positively help you get rid of "energy vampires!"

    Book reviewed by: Dr Maryel McKinley Radio Show Co-Host/Field Reporter for "Living Luminaries Radio Show"

    "Positive Energy" By: Dr Judith Orloff M.D.

    Positive Energy is the best yet of Judith Orloff's 3 amazing best-selling books which include the autobiography Second Sight, Dr Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing which covers the essential 5 steps to intuitively heal yourself body mind and spirit. Positive Energy has great interviews with celebrities from all genres who have utilized her principles and have had life changing experiences. This impressive celebrity list includes people like John Densmore (The drummer for the band "The Doors") Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosa Parks, Larry King, and Quincy Jones, to name just a few.

    BUT my favorite chapter is the chapter about energy Vampires! What is an "Energy Vampire?" As Judith Orloff coined this term it is someone who when you get near them your energy level drops, you feel like the life force and joy is being sucked dry from you, and you have a heavy feeling when you are around them. I was living with an "Energy Vampire" myself when I got a hold of Judith's book, and THANK GOD I learned about how to protect myself through meditation techniques and being aware of subtle energy fields, so that I was able to be strong enough to leave the environment I was living in OR -rather DYING in - as this persons energy was so heavy people could literally feel the thickness in the house as if you could cut through it with a knife.

    I became so physically ill and so depressed, but anti-depressants did not help. After reading in her book about how even sleeping next to these types of people can actually drain your life force and leave you exhausted the next day, I started to sleep in a separate room in the house and I NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE! But that was not enough, so I did leave and my health came back to me, I didn't need as much sleep, and my intuition abilities increased!

    It felt like a ton of bricks being taken form my shoulders! Dr Orloff's book literally saved my life and I have learned through the techniques in her book how to recognize these energy drainers and how to protect myself form them as well as how to stop attracting them into my life. Today my life is SO vastly different now a few years later after reading her book and implementing the suggestions, tools and techniques in her book which are easy to learn.

    Such as the 3 minute mediation that can help you recharge and rebalance no matter where you are or what environment you are in, you can do this meditation and know will even knee it and you will feel great! I recently had the opportunity to see Judith do a guided meditation at UCLA in the Semel auditorium where she spoke while John Densmore drummer for The Doors, and Hani Nasser played the OUD and the audience went into a silent trance during them meditation. It was so powerful you could hear a pin drop.

    I got to interview her for my national radio show "Living Luminaries" and I asked her if she ever gets a reaction to something that comes at her from left field that she may not be prepared for, how does she balance herself right way and maintain her cool and composure? Judith admitted that she does the 3 minute meditation herself! So all the meditation and Positive Energy techniques in the book are original and are designed and utilized by Judith Orloff herself. Thank you Dr Judith Orloff for sharing your secrets to positive energy with the public! ...more info
  • Excellent Work
    Judith Orloff's, Positive Energy, is one of the best books I have encountered on this subject. The book is grounded in solid, no-nonsense routes to understanding and utilizing all components of energy medicine. The book helps us generate positive energy in our lives. By the same token, valid practical routes are presented to deflect and/or remove negative energy from our systems, lives, and relationships. I believe that because Judith Orloff is all of an intuitive, a physician, and a psychiatrist Positive Energy has a healing component lacking in many books in this field. In addition, these factors plus Orloff's "having been there" credibility creates for me a legitimacy I insist upon for any works that delve into the more ethereal realm. Positive Energy makes me think of Sonia Choquette's work. Work and writing I have a lot of respect for. Orloff adds new dimensions taking us well into the psychological healing domain. Absolutely necessary for a whole, spiritual, energy-based life. Rainbows, both writers. Orloff's prescription/behavior as antidote approach resonates with my sensibility. In Positive Energy I see many things. I see, clearly, cases where I have let others abuse my energy field. I see, further, where victim-trauma/post traumatic factors have endangered positive energy inducement within my system. I see skill sets that will better empower me to counteract these forces. Interestingly, I also see where I have allowed myself to abuse my energy field or to place myself in personal energy-vulnerable situations .This is a fine well written work. Very accessible. Down to earth. And loving....more info
  • Release the dead weight
    Dr. Orloff is brilliant---this has helped me get rid of dead weight/bad energy in my life and feel better both emotionally and physically.
    Get connected and be a better person---it will make your life more rewarding. I did it thanks to Dr. Orloff.......more info
  • Self-healing approaches
    Judith Orloff identifies herself as an energy psychiatrist, indicating that she addresses subtle energy aspects of her patients' issues. While Orloff's earlier books focused on her use of medical intuition in psychiatric practice, this book focuses much more on self-healing approaches.

    "In Energy Psychiatry, part of my work is waking the dead. I don't mean the dearly departed, but the parts of us that become comatose to the abundance right before our eyes. Our society's shameless con is the belief that wealth and fame equal happiness. True, if your heart's in the right place and your ego isn't the size of Godzilla, affluence can be magnificent. Still, that's a big "if." Frequently, my patients who "have it all" are the most miserable. What makes them even worse off than others is feeling, "With all my success, why am I so unhappy?" The reason: They experience an emotional poverty that damns their ability to appreciate what they've got. Until I can help my patients resuscitate their hearts, they cannot grasp their gifts, material and more. " (p. 321)

    Ten sections, titled `Prescriptions,' address the following issues (p. 12-13):
    Awaken Intuition and Rejuvenate Yourself
    Find a Nurturing Spiritual Path
    Design an Energy-Aware Approach to Diet, Exercise, and Health
    Generate Positive Emotional Energy to Counter Negativity
    Develop a Heart-Centered Sexuality
    Open Yourself to the Flow of Creativity and Inspiration
    Celebrate the Sacredness of Laughter, Pampering, and The Replenishment of Retreat
    Attract Positive People and Situations
    Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires
    Create Abundance.

    Each section explains the issues involved, has a variety of relevant exercises, and is rounded out with a discussion by a prominent personality.

    This book is warmly recommended for its clarity and helpfulness in dealing with a broad spectrum of dis-eases.
    ...more info
  • Positive Energy tops my Christmas Wish List!
    Sleepless in Akron one Saturday night, I discovered Judith Orloff on a talk show discussing her book, POSITIVE ENERGY. I heard just enough to keep me awake until 3 a.m. and to know I had to have her book! It outlines a Positive Energy Program of prescriptions and tools "to harness the power of positive energy."

    Recently, at a Keeping Life in Balance Retreat. I tested her 8th prescription-Attract Positive People and Situations. I scanned the faces at my table and, sure enough, there sat a perfect example with a paperback copy of POSITIVE ENERGY someone had just loaned her.

    After renewing my library copy 3 times, I concluded it was time to add it to my Christmas Wish List. "Thank you Dr. Orloff" for this excellent self-help resource written in candor and layman-friendly language....more info
  • Absolutely a fantastic book!
    Fascinating book! I highly recommend that you read Emotional Freedom cover to cover and then some. It mad me aware of a world I never knew existed but always suspected. It has given me a practical language to understand things I have been feeling but never could explain. The book is filled with information.

    There's a lot to explore and absorb in this book. I found it to be the perfect companion in my quiet, reflective times this month and thoroughly enjoyed its gifts.

    Thank you Dr Judith, your book and website has helped tremendously! You are an angel! ...more info
  • Vitiligo Help
    Fascinating book. It mad me aware of a world I never knew existed but always suspected. It has given me a practical language to understand things I have been feeling but never could explain.

    I am a professional artist and I am a very creative person. I have been suffering from Vitiligo for over 15 years now and I have a friend who used to drain me emotionally. The Vitiligo appeared when I used to hang out with this person. He has it too but for him it comes and goes all over his body like magic. But for me I have never been able to get rid of it. It almost seems to me like these negative energy cords make themselves visible on the skin. Like a disruption in the aura appearing physically. Almost like a vampire bite. I have always suspected a negative entity but could never prove it or find any info on it.

    Thank you Dr Judith, your book and website has helped tremendously. By doing some of your prescribed exercises - like surrounding myself with white light and visualizing cutting negative cords- my Vitiligo has already greatly improved. Your exercises have actually worked much better than any medicine I was ever prescribed by skin doctors. After over a decade you have given me hope that I can defeat this. Once again thank you....more info
  • Positive Energy
    I heard Judith Orloff give an interview on radio. The book was in depth and was an excellent resource. ...more info
  • What has been missing from allopathic care - !
    Judith Orloff, M.D., has--within the pages of Positive Energy--accomplished something remarkable. She has relegated conventional medical diagnostic procedures to the Dark Ages because they do not consider a patient's intuition, energy or spirituality. This means that no conventional diagnosis will ever be complete; and without a complete diagnosis, the practitioner is only getting part of the picture. This is especially true of Intuitive Empaths--those who are highly sensitive to energies and vibes (both positive and negative). In the past, and probably currently, Empaths are mis-diagnosed as being depressive when they are not. It will be a wise practitioner who reads this book, pays attention, and then implements Dr. Orloff's suggestions into his or her practice....more info
  • A Wonderful, Helpful Book
    I love Judith Orloff's books. She is a great writer, very well informed, and extremely helpful. This book gives the reader great advice on how to stay positive, focused, and joyous in everyday life. I know the value of maintaining a positive attitude, given my own personal health crisis for the past year or so. Judith Orloff's book essentially confirmed my own beliefs about staying positive, and dealing with negativity.

    Among many others, there is a powerful chapter on dealing with "energy or psychic vampires." These are people who, whether knowingly or not, simply drain energy from other people, and cause damage and destruction. They can literally control and devastate other people who fall under their sway. We can, unwittingly, be married to them, have them as significant others, family members, friends, work associates, and the like. Key advice: check on your own feelings when you have been around people you suspect are draining you. If you talk with them on the phone or are in their presence, and notice a shift of energy or attitude that is lowered, negative, or exhausting, you are probably dealing with an energy or psychic vampire. If that occurs, GET AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!

    Dr. Orloff shows how a negative attitude is a learned phenomenon, and how it impacts our lives through depression, illness, and the like. In contrast, positive attitude leads to health, positive relationships, business and career success, and generally a happier life.

    I give this book the highest recommendation....more info
  • Positive Energy: 10 Extrordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress and Fear into Vibrance, Strength and Love
    Dr Orloffs words are a catalyst for renewal and growth. Upon reading this book one instantly feels an intimate, comfortable rapport with Judith Orloff and is reminded of one's own potential to activate good in our world. The enclosed stars' stories and shared insights only further this point.
    Dr Orloffs exercizes help to move one off of stuck points on towards
    ones own passion and calling....more info
  • Excellent book for anyone thirsting for a positive change
    Judith Orloff's book, "Positive Energy: Ten Extraordinary Prescriptions," has transformed my life. It has awoken something deep inside me that I always sort of knew was there, but didn't really know how to access. I am a new person. I am now taking a meditation course and I feel that I have started on a beautiful new path. Her advice for opening your heart, practicing self-compassion, and learning to open up to creative energy has been far more useful than I could ever have imagined....more info
  • Great Book!
    I really enjoyed this book. Anyone out there that has problems with negative energy and needs help with lifting their energy level - this helps! I am very sensitive to energy changes and pick up on other people's energy constantly. It's great to know there are people out there that can help with the overload. Great Job Dr. Orloff!...more info
  • so far so good
    I am not finished reading this book, but so far, the part that has helped me the most is the part that says that we overeat to buffer negative energy. It has helped me to realize what I am doing when I eat when I am frustrated or unhappy. I do realize now when I am doing this and am able to curtail some of my snacking....more info
  • Very Disappointing
    The book was an ambitious project and I had high hopes. They were not met.

    Again and again Dr. Orloff writes that she is going to teach the reader effective methods to encourage and manage intuition, but the promise never really materializes. She spends too much time telling the reader how intuitive she was as a child and how empathetic she is now. I'm sure Dr. Orloff is an amazing person and physician and helps thousands of people, but the tone of this writing struck me as incredibly self-involved.

    If you are intuitive, chances are that you've already thought about nearly all of the solutions and exercises she proposes: live in the present, be around people who make you feel good, eat food that makes you feel good, be creative, revel in laughter, etc. The exercises are designed to bring about these states; activities are simplistic and somewhat banal.

    This book may be useful for someone who has never considered spiritual, creative, or holistic thinking. If you have, leave this book alone and keep searching. You probably already know what you need to do....more info
  • Positive Energy, a guide to intuition
    This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. I always felt positive vibes after I read it and thought about it from time to time. My favorite part was definitely the energy/intuition based diet. I haven't had any sodas or other foods that just make you crave them and addicted to them since I read the diet section of the book. There are also great, specific, techniques for dealing with just about any negative energy or situations that will come up throughout life! I recommend this book to anyone that has an open mind and heart to grow with positive energy no matter what your beliefs or religion. ...more info
  • Superb
    Heard the author speak and love the book.
    Am also a Psychiatrist and agree with her views....more info


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