Inconceivable: A Woman's Triumph over Despair and Statistics
Inconceivable: A Woman's Triumph over Despair and Statistics

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A memoir of hope for the thousands of women struggling with infertility, from one who beat the odds by simply tuning in to her body and tapping her well of sheer determination.

At a time when more and more women are trying to get pregnant at increasingly advanced ages, fertility specialists and homeopathic researchers boast endless treatment options. But when Julia Indichova made the rounds of medical doctors and nontraditional healers, she was still unable to conceive a child. It was only when she forsook their financially and emotionally draining advice, turning inward instead, that she finally met with reproductive success. Inconceivable recounts this journey from hopeless diagnoses to elated motherhood.

Anyone who has faced infertility will relate to Julia’s desperate measures: acupuncture, unidentifiable black-and-white pellets, herb soup, foul-smelling fruit, even making love on red sheets. Five reproductive endocrinologists told her that there was no documented case of anyone in her hormonal condition getting pregnant, forcing her to finally embark on her own intuitive regimen. After eight caffeine-free, nutrient-rich, yoga-laden months, complemented by visualization exercises, Julia received amazing news; incredibly, she was pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy girl.

Unlike the many infertility books that take a clinical “how to” approach, Inconceivable simply professes the wisdom of giving expert status back to the patient. Julia’s self-discovery, and her ability to see her body as an ally once again, yield a beautiful message about the importance of honoring the body’s innate powers, and the power of life itself.

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Customer Reviews:

  • A nice memoir, but advice can be dangerous
    This subject matter of this book appealed to me because, after 5 years of infertility, I finally had my son. Unlike the author, this wasn't years spent taking my wheatgrass shots and doing acupuncture - this was years spent in the hands of Western medicine and finally doing IVF, which worked.

    Here's what I liked about the book: it is highly readable, and a nice and inspirational story about a woman suffering secondary infertility who won't take no for an answer when the medical system tells her that her FSH numbers are too high to have a baby on her own. She did her own thing, was determined, followed her instincts, and in her case, it worked. I like the idea that people need to be proactive about their medical history and path they're on. That people need to listen to their gut instinct and that they know the best thing for themselves.

    What I didn't like is her general tone that it's perfectly okay to turn your back on Western medicine and go it alone, and you'll have a baby. At the end of the book, she talks about a friend of hers who has "unexplained infertility" and she can't understand why this friend is still drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, etc. Well, maybe these things contribute to this woman's infertility, but I'd say it's highly unlikely. Ahem, what about all the chain smokers/ alcoholics who get pregnant? All the crack addicts?

    Then, there are tales at the back of the book of people who got pregnant following alternative regimes. One woman picked her own herbs and thus felt very "connected" with nature. Another had some kind of cranial massage and let go of all her negative emotions. I'm glad these women got pregnant. But, these women were in their 40s or thereabouts. If you really, REALLY want a child, you'd be ignorant to ignore Western medicine in those situations. I'm scared there are people out there who will follow a regime of acupuncture/ herbs/ diet changes, and will miss the boat when they don't fall pregnant by their mid-40s.

    I'm not saying these things don't help. They do. But, statistically, more infertile people are helped through IVF. Also, if you are an infertile woman trying a bunch of things, and you get pregnant, you are liable to put it down to whatever you were doing at the time. As well as pursuing IVF, I personally tried Chinese herbs, a Native American healer (!), chiropractors, etc. When I fell pregnant on IVF, I was also doing acupuncture, diet changes and guided imagery. Did these things get me pregnant? Maybe they helped. But if I had fallen pregnant another month, I would have thought that other things helped. I think, more likely, my number was up - IVF is a numbers game. I should add that I had an earlier pregnancy a month after I started taking Chinese Herbs. I immediately thought, "Wow, Chinese herbs are the answer!" But I miscarried later on, and even though I took herbs for the next three years, never fell pregnant in that time again. I'm not saying Chinese herbs don't work for some people, but for every person they work for, there are also tales of people who have a different history.

    The author acts as if she has stumbled upon the truth behind infertility, when in fact she should just stick with talking about her own personal story. I like this as a read, and I hope people take out of it the essence of the story - that you should follow your instinct, be proactive, be determined, and never give up. But to take her specific advice, when time ticks against most women who are infertile, would be dangerous. I was 33 when I started trying to get pregnant, and had my baby at 38. I really didn't have any time to waste.

    Some things really made me mad in this book, mainly other people's stories at the end. Here are some examples:

    "I was also concerned a bout the fibroid on the outside of my uterus, and I found a book which...said that people get fibroids when they reject their feminine side, which is what I had been doing for a long time."

    Huh? I've heard about blaming the woman for not getting pregnant ("If only you just RELAXED, it would happen for you"), but I've never heard of blaming her for fibroids, too.

    "My friend Lisa went to Julia's workshop...I don't think she had a major problem and she actually got pregnant very quickly."

    Wow, what an endorsement!

    And there are other stories of people who decide not to go the Western medicine route and take things like pulsatilla, instead, because "it's appropriate for people who had a hard time making decisions."

    All very well and good - but this is supposed to get you pregnant? Dangerous, dangerous information if it's supposed to be used INSTEAD of Western medicine as a surefire cure, instead of as an adjunct.

    Also, a lot of these testimonials were by women who apparently weren't that infertile. A lot of them started trying to conceive very late, after years of being ambivalent, and some of them had past histories of pregnancy. I'm sorry, but if you're part of an IVF group and meet enough infertile people - people who've been trying to get pregnant for over ten years with story of hideous losses - these testimonials almost read like an insult.

    I will say, however, that it is good to be in charge of your own medical history and make proactive decisions. So, if readers get that out of the book, fantastic. Western medicine is certainly not infallible, and does not hold the answers to all ills. But neither does holistic medicine. For a good book about striking the balance between the two, I would recommend "Spontaneous Healing" by Andrew Weil. ...more info
  • Very Informative
    This book is a great read for those going through infertility. The author shares her story in an understandable way that I could relate to, given my experiences with the process. I highly recommend....more info
    Although I am not dealing with secondary infertility I still really related to this book. The book was excellent I couldn't put it down. It gave me hope and made me think of alternative ways of treating my infertility. After 2 failed IVF's I was looking for hope in other areas and this book definitely help. I highly recommend this to anyone dealing with infertility regardless of if its primary or secondary....more info
  • Good read
    I read a lot of infertility books and enjoy reading personal sagas about infertility - -particularly success stories like this one. It gave me hope and made me realize how much we need to take charge of our health. I would like know more about what happens next! ...more info
  • Extraordinary and honest
    This is a beautiful book. In a powerful and yet gentle way, it has changed my life. I read it in it entirety the evening I purchased it and have reread portions many times. This is not a how-to book with a strict regiment to follow. Instead it is one woman's heartfelt story of the pain of infertility and her personal quest to find answers and solutions beyond the fertility clinics. Julia tells her story with remarkable honesty and feeling. I strongly recommend it to anyone willing to use the book as an inspired guideline with which to begin their own journey towards enhanced fertility and overall well being....more info
  • Positive reinforcement that women over 40 can take control over their fertility
    Someone bought me this book as I've been working with a fertility clinic trying to conceive a second child. I'm 43, and the clinic doctors are all extremely negative about my chances, even though I conceived my first child at age 40 very easily. When I went in for my IVF implant, my Doctor advised me, "Now you know, the chances of this being successful are still only 10% for women your age." I don't know when I've ever felt so deflated. Here I was, no turning back (eggs already harvested and fertilized, $15,000 in cash paid in advance, months worth of hormone injections) and he was telling me right at this moment this probably wouldn't work. When I got the book, I thought - "Oh no, another depressing book about women struggling to get pregnant." However, the book was nothing like I imagined. I could not put it down. The author's story was so similar to my own, and she provides hope and stories about real women who conceived - naturally - over age 40 by getting in touch with their bodies through acupuncture, herbs, yoga, diet, etc. Nothing that the fertility clinics even talk about! I read the book in one night and I've since recommended it and bought it for many friends who are going through the same thing....more info
  • Excellent book about not giving up
    First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Julia Indichova for writing this book and sharing her personal journey out of secondary infertility. This is an excellent yet simple book for those of us sick to death of doctors and their opinions, medicines and poking on us!Secondary infertility is a little written about subject and less talked about. I found a lot of comfort in and courage from reading Indichova's story. Read this book if you are fed up with people telling you you are too old or unhealthy to have a baby- or a second one. Get healthy, take charge of your body- treat it well and you will get pregnant! ...more info
  • Worthwhile...but read with a HUGE grain of salt
    First of all, don't read this book if you are looking for in-depth info or specifics regarding a story of infertility. The reader is given pretty vague details about the author's "infertility"--only her age, FSH number, and a previous pregnancy, and no details on when the FSH was even taken in her cycle (we presume 3, but it isn't confirmed), and no other numbers from her testing, and the reader is then led to believe that a woman with an FSH of 42 (with her lab assay indicating 20 being limit for normal) can't conceive--at all.

    The premise of this book is false. In reality, if you read up a lot on infertility, then you are probably aware that numerous women with higher FSH can and do conceive. Even if a woman has poor egg quality and quantity, that doesn't mean that every once in a while, she can't kick out a decent egg in a given cycle and achieve pregnancy. Not common, but it happens. The difference is that assisted reproduction techniques, especially IVF, depend on a woman being able to produce a decent number of quality follicles after drug stimulation. Women with high FSH and age typically are poor candidates for IVF, because they can't generate many follicles, of a decent size, and even if they do, the eggs sometimes are too fragile to withstand the IVF process and die upon retrieval, or subsequently fail to implant. So, while it makes sense that the author was probably refused admittance to IVF programs, it seems to me that the author misconstrued this as meaning she could never have a child. If the author was literally told that women with high FSH NEVER conceive, then the doctors or their assistants were just morons. Which is also possible.

    In any event, I have to agree with "Bookcrazed" that this book is a tad dangerous. Not all women with infertility are going to be able to take yoga, go vegan and organic, and reduce stress, and then suddenly become pregnant after serious diagnoses and problems. And I was also very unimpressed with the anecdotes from people visiting workshops who got pregnant. A lot of them were young compared to most infertility patients or had minor issues to overcome or no diagnosis of infertility or diminished ovarian reserve. If this program really worked, we could anticipate seeing women 40-50, conceive with very high FSH numbers, after years and years of Western infertility treatments failed. And that's not what most of the anecdotes are. So, I think this book has to be careful in terms of not trying to sell snake oil to women who are desperate to conceive. And the author apparently does workshops on her regimine, so there is a financial stake in all this. If you have ever looked at fertility seminars/retreats around the country, you will note that some of them cost thousands of dollars!

    I also think that few people could really do this regime. The woman gives up all alcohol, caffeine, dairy, and meat. One of her big things is daily organic "juicing." This women did not have a full time job. So, it's a totally vegan and organic diet that would be incredibly expensive and time consuming. People with full time jobs or budget limitations would have a very tough time with this. And she wasn't stressed out like people who have no kids, because she already had a toddler.

    She also had a much younger husband (7-8 years?) which is worth noting because many women with infertility issues may be using donors, or if they are over 40, have husbands even older than themselves, and this can affect outcomes.

    Having said this, I think it's a worthwhile read if you read this in the frame of mind that: 1) it is good to question doctors; and 2) getting in touch with your body and radically improving your health overall in terms of stress, counseling, some physical activity, and big nutritional changes could possibly tip the balance for some women, and even assuming it doesn't--and you should not expect it too- you will be in great shape.

    I think there are some more realistic books out there on this issue that are also worth reading. One I recently enjoyed is the one "Waiting for Daisy" by Peggy Orenstein. Well written. Funny, relatable, frank. Orenstein eventually conceives despite a lot of odds--one ovary, cancer, miscarriage issues, a husband 10 years old and she's almost 40, but unlike this author, Orenstein ultimately conceives when she isn't really trying, and Orenstein is frank about how acupuncture and alternative medicine did NOT work for her, and is equally critical of how Western doctors are frequently trying to sell the product more than oversee the care. I also like, Liz Tilberis' "No time to die" about her unsuccessful fertility treatments, as well as Ann Taylor Fleming's "Motherhood Deferred"--she was also ultimately unsuccessful. Makes you realize that if you aren't successful, you aren't alone.

    ...more info
  • "Patients" of all kinds need to read this book
    This book fell into my lap at an opportune time. Several lactation consultants and I had recently been discussing arrogant, "fertility experts" who were cruel to their patients, badgered them, reduced them to tears with every visit, forbade them to see lactation consultants- but yet, parents were grateful because the "expert had given them their baby"! Egads! Parents, parent hopefuls and everyone- stand up for your rights and don't let the specialists own you!

    I am also on a personal journey toward greater health through yoga, Nia and improved diet, (but not quite back to the heyday of my vegetarian days). My aches and pains have decreased and my energy levels improved. Julia just reinforced what I already knew but was having a hard time putting into practice.

    Julia had to write this book. Anyone with health issues would be well advised to read it. People need to learn to be responsible for themselves. Doctors need to understand that they are human too, and can have a profound impact on their patients, beyond the obvious. Julia won't tell you how to improve your fertility. She will tell you what she did and what she learned along the way, and help you find the beginning of your own work. That is much more valuable than a guidebook because you need to own your health.

    This is a very quick read. I read it in mostly one night- I was hooked. I wanted to find out more about how she was helping herself. I knew she would end up pregnant and I was eager to learn what she and her husband did- I hoped for an unassisted pregnancy.

    I would have liked to hear just a tiny bit about her birth and babymoon with her new daughter. Culturally we need to hear more about breastfeeding, especially following infertility....more info

  • A Success Story
    The title of this book hit home and I tried everything else, so I bought the book and followed the recommendations as best as I could. A few months after I started, I did an insemination, went to the doctor (who originally felt my chances of getting pregnant were slim to none) and found out I was already 8 weeks pregnant! (What I thought was my period the month before was apparently blood from the embryo attaching to my uterine lining.) My doctor, who still couldn't believe it, recalled all my bloodwork from the month to retest, called me in for a sonogram the next day and, lo and behold, found and embryo with a beating heart. This doctor (one of the most respected in the business) said he'd never seen anything happen like this. I'm 42, have had 5 miscarriages and, as I've said, had a pathetic prognosis. The doctor said he'd be talking about my situation in his lectures and writings and he'd be sure not to mention my name.

    I now have a 7 month old girl who is a joy every second of everyday.

    I know how tough trying to have a baby can be when EVERYONE is telling you to pack it in, but believe me, if the advice in this book can work for someone like me, it can work for you too....more info

  • A Disappointment
    After reading and hearing about this book on a number of infertility websites, I was excited and optimistic to learn about how the author achieved her miracle. What I found left me empty and angry. While I admire the book's ultimate message - that women need to be their own advocates when it comes to health care decisions - the book offered me little on either an emotional or substantive level. Ms. Indichova already had one healthy child at the time she embarked upon her infertility journey. While secondary infertility must be very painful, that pain is not the same as that experienced by infertile women who are unable to conceive even a single child. As one dealing with primary infertility I could not help but wonder, as Ms. Indichova went from specialist to specialist, who was staying with her young daughter. The author also seemed to have an unlimited supply of funds to finance her forrays into various types of alternative medicine. Most of the women I know suffering from primary infertility not only lack an understanding of the trauma of secondary infertility, but also the funds to engage in all of the experimental treatments in which Ms. Indichova participated. I found the author's struggle to be self-indulgent. I also felt that implicit in the book was a condemnation of women who must use forms of assisted reproductive technology to conceive. The message I came away with was that if more women took the time to explore the various dietary, physical, and spiritual alternatives the author did, they would not need ART. Infertile women do not need another reason to feel inadequate....more info
    I stumbled onto Julia's books and her website while browsing on Amazon. She had commented on someone else's book, and it brought me to read about her books and website. I am generally a slow reader and rarely finish a book. I started reading "Inconceivable" and found it an easy read and highly enjoyable! I carried this book every where I went and read, read and read. I finished it in one week! - which never happens for me. In general, we eat very healthy and organic, but this book, Julia's story, brought me to another level. It is soooo worth the reading! Now, I am almost halfway through "The Fertile Female" her second book, and again, am carrying it around with me every where I go! It's one of those books that you can sit down and really, really get into and you feel like you're right there in the story, too. I highly recommend BOTH of Julia's books. I've also ordered her Imagery CD and some Conference Tapes from her website Fertile Heart. They just arrived yesterday. I have not been struggling with infertility, but more "obstacles" in trying to conceive our second child. I've had a miscarriage and my second ectopic pregnancy this time around, meanwhile, I'm just getting older... now 42! So, anything I can do to preserve my fertility, and in general just be the healthiest I can be - is well worth doing. Besides all of that - I've just really, really, really enjoyed reading her books and following the exercises. They're very peaceful exercises - I LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Looking for inspiration, look no further!
    This is a must read for anyone who is trying to conceive and is in need for some inspiration and comfort. This book called out to me in the bookstore and I am glad I took it home with me. Quick read! I laughed, I cried...I also gained a new understanding of the power that women hold within themselves. Julia's book motivated me in ways I cannot explain. Coming from someone struggling with the anxiety and reality of infertility, I have to say that this book gave me new hope and optimism....more info
  • High FSH
    I have high FSH, and Julia's book was wonderful!! I tried to conceive for 2 years with 1 miscarriage. After reading Julia's book I completely changed my eating habits, took up Yoga, started acupuncture with traditional Chinese herbs, and took various other herbs. I used positive imagery, and also did inversion. I got pregnant within 6 weeks of starting this regimen and had a very healthy baby girl. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Julia!!!!

    Lisa...more info
  • Inspirational
    I read this book over and over trying to find out why anyone would have anything negative to say. Many women today are diagnosed with infertility and they put everything in the hands of their doctor. Many women get the scary statistics- 5-10% chance of conceiving and think of a donor egg. It is very easy for people to say this who have a genetic link to their own children. But in one sentence, a doctor can tell someone to give up the chance of having a genetic link to your child. Many women are turned away from from fertility clinics because their numbers are too high and it will ruin the success rates of the clinics. Fertility clinics are graded on their success rates. If a woman is able to utilize a fertility clinic and western medicine, then this is a great way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and eastern medicine into the regime. There is definitely something to be said between a mind/body relationship. For those women who are unable to get medical care because they are turned away, then they have no choice but to make things happen on their own. If you are suffering from infertility or need a great inspirational story, this is a wonderful book that you will pick up over and over again....more info
  • Thirty-something
    I wanted someone to connect with, someone who's been where I have, I suppose. While I felt for her and her husband, it's just her situation which didn't match with mine. I thought I would be reading about someone who went through IUIs, IUIs with meds and IVF cycles.
    The author is much older than me and has a specific situation with FSH levels. For most of us women in our thirties that's a non issue.
    The healthy diet and nutritional information sparked my interest however I still believe everything in moderation is key.
    If you're on a journey where male infertility is an issue or your on the IVF path, this is not for you.
    ...more info
  • A wonderful book for anyone struggling with infertility.
    This book changed my perspective about my ability to conceive. Ms. Indichova shares her unique experiences and gives hope to anyone who has had to deal with the often myopic and discouraging world of reproductive medicine. After reading "Inconceivable" I became more aware of my body and ways to naturally increase my fertility. I never felt better than when I was trying to get pregnant naturally! I now have a 4 month old son (conceived naturally), and couldn't be more thrilled. This book started me on my journey to motherhood, and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • A Godsend! It worked for me!
    I?m three months pregnant today (at age 43) and I have this book to thank for giving me hope when everyone around me said ?most unlikely.? To begin with Julia Indichova not only gave me an enormous amount of specific information about how to proceed in the face of all the negativity, the book is so beautifully written, that reading it was for me a transforming experience. I cried and laughed and I read it over and over again especially when I felt discouraged. Of course her pregnancy was a miracle! Every pregnancy is a miracle, but Julia shows the reader who is willing to open her eyes that we can do something to help create miracles in our lives!!! What a lesson that is!!! Bless you, Julia!!!...more info
  • Deceiving, if somewhat inspiring.
    Although I found parts of Indichova's story inspiring, overall I found this book more annoying than enlightening. Women who are struggling to conceive their first child should be warned before reading this book. Indichova's struggle is about secondary infertility. As someone who is still hoping for one child, I found it difficult to read page after page of Indichova's angst about trying for her second child. It made me feel that she didn't really appreciate the gift and miracle she already had with her first healthy child. I know secondary infertility is a serious problem for many women and I respect that it is, but for women who have not been able to have any children, this book can be an odd and unsettling read....more info
  • Inspiring, but exhausting
    While I found this book inspiring in that it promotes the philosophy you know your body better than the best specialists, it was also exhausting. I commend the author on her unyielding strength and search, but the book focuses mostly on all the remedies she tried, when in the end her miracle child was conceived in what doctors considered an "infertile" month. It is more conceivable to believe her child was a miracle, not necessarily a result of the efforts this book showcases....more info
  • Also remarkable
    Julia's book was very well written, entertaining and poignant. It reaches above and beyond infertility and into the general art of healing. She showed that getting well doesn't begin and end with western medicine. I was touched by her chapters on soul searching, which illustrates that when it comes to wellness, every part of our life counts....more info
  • Inspirational Book - Highly Recommend
    I read this book in 1 day and it was like listening to my own story. The lesson in this book is to trust in yourself and believe that all things are possible. Never say Never for you never know what is in store for you! ...more info
  • Gave Me Hope
    My husband found Inconceivable while searching for a book that might help me deal with the devastation and hopelessness I was feeling after 3 failed in-vetro attempts. When I first started reading it, I was a little bitter because the author already had a child and was just frustrated because she could not seem to get pregnant with a second child. Being desperate for a first child, I wondered how someone who already has a child could possibly help me, but I kept reading, and after a couple chapters, I realized what her real message your instincts, your eating habits DO matter, and open your mind to actively research alternative options in addition to the conventional. The bottom line is to do what you think is right for you. What an empowering feeling!...more info
  • This Book Helped me Heal Severe Digestive Problems
    I came upon Julia's book when I was dealing with severe digestive problems while trying to conceive. While traditional doctors were pushing me to use injectable drugs, Julia helped me realize that I need to regain my health before trying to conceive. I followed her juicing instructions and got myself a juicer. The green juices did what two former surgeries had failed to do. Cutting diary, coffee and white flour helped me to lose weight and become more energetic. I also joined a yoga class and my body feels more ready for a pregnancy. I feel stronger. I used to be very angry at my body for not being able to conceive. Julia's work has made that anger go away. Now I feel great about myself. I also try to do imagery exercises.
    Julia's book was truly an inspiration to me. I don't want to use injectable drugs. My strategy is to do everything I can to get a healthy body and then leave it in God's hands.
    Julia has given me all the tools I need!...more info
  • Great read. A wonderful story of alternatives!
    I bought this for my sister-in-law, but since I'm a pregnancy/birth junkie I read it before sending it to her. I think it's a wonderful reminder that western docs do not know everything there is to know about fertility and infertility, but they tend to act like they do and present no alternatives.

    My sister-in-law just had her first baby a few months ago after 10 years of trying. The few years of Western fertility treatment did not work and she hadn't yet gotten around to the acupuncture I was urging her to get. It happened naturally after they came out to visit my hubby and daughter and me....more info
  • What a powerful book!!!
    I finished reading this book 2 weeks ago, and it is unbelievable the changes I have made in my life in such a short time.
    I've been able to focus more in taking a better care of myself (physically and emotionally), changing my eating habits, relaxing, making conection with my body, and at the same time looking at other alternatives to try to conceive for the first time. Julia's story is very inspiring and gave me a lot of hope. The information she is sharing is tremendously helpful for any woman trying to conceive. We need more books like that. It is very powerful! Thank you....more info
  • Amazingly hopeful, beautifully written, a must-read for anyone struggling with infertility
    In the midst of my own struggle with infertility, I luckily came across Julia Indichova's beautiful book, Inconceivable. Her story of hope has touched me like no other book I've read on this subject and it was this book which allowed me to discover the author's support circles, workshops and website community which I have found to be an invaluable resource on this difficult journey. I highly recommend this book for anyone, male or female, who is struggling with infertility. I also highly recommend her second book, The Fertile Female which provides hands-on techniques for practicing what Julia calls her "Fertile Heart" tools. Incorporating these tools into my daily life has transformed me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. While there are many tools regarding diet, exercise and relaxation, the most valuable and unique tools are the mind-body imagery and body talk tools. Deep within each of us who travel on this confusing, often scary journey through infertility, there exists a powerful and magnificent life force that is yearning to be heard. We can tap into this force more easily by listening to our bodies and connecting with our true self. The Fertile Heart tools exist to help us to this, and I am so grateful to have found them. The Fertile Female: How the Power of Longing for a Child Can Save Your Life and Change the World...more info
  • Great Infertility Story
    This book is the inspiring story of a woman in her 40s the doctors said would never mother another child. She took matters into her own hands, made some lifestyle changes, read up on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and eventually became pregnant and mothered her own child. It's an easy read, and opens the doors for you to learn more about alternative treatments. If you've been through every Western fertility treatment with no success, read this book....more info
  • Nothing like someone else who understands.
    Although the author is struggling with secondary infertility she still is suffering, as we all are. I saw I was not alone in what I was feeling and she opened up my mind and heart through her journey. I found it very helpful and I read in 24 hours cover to cover....more info
  • Amazing!!
    It's really amazing. It helps me a lot to find myself and try to be nice with my own body. Maybe I could not get pregnant, maybe yes, but it really gives me comfort.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Book!
    I was able to relate to Julia completely! This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to achieve, not just a pregnancy, but ANYTHING! She inspired me to 1) take a closer look at the "garbage" I feed myself and to prepare my body as a clean & healthy home for my future baby. 2) to believe in myself when pursuing my goals, to use my own common sense, and not to hold so much weight in what my doctors tell me. I recommend this book to anyone who is undergoing the stresses of infertility. It is excellent. Thank you, Julia, for sharing your story....more info
  • Exceptionally powerful!
    As soon as I read this book, it changed my way of thinking. I found Julia Indichova's book by an extraordinary coincidence while I was walking through a bookstore in Boston. After my infertility doctor told me I had no chance of conceiving, I went to that bookstore to browse for adoption books. Like many other women, I suffer from high FSH levels, the same infertility condition Julia Indichova suffered. This book came to my life at a moment of absolute despair, depression and anger at Western medicine. There are many books out there on infertility, but I hadn't seen one about high FSH levels, which made me feel like I was such an exceptional case, with no solution. I bought this book in May shortly after my FSH test revealed 25.5 level. I have followed the path she describes in the book particularly those she recommends for naturally boosting the body, believing in my mind that I could lower my FSH levels if I wanted to. Maybe just coincidence but I got pregnant in June. I strongly believe that her book made a big impact in my mind, and how my mind and body communicated. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and hoping that in February I will deliver successfully.
    Julia is an exceptional writer. She communicates the exact feelings women experience when struggling with infertility. She has a natural way of giving hope, and making changes in someone's life. She made me realize that I did everything I could to conceive and if it hadn't happened, then I was emotionally ready for adoption. I recommend this book to women with high FSH levels and everyone sharing their pain....more info
  • Unbelievable
    Inconceivable is unbelievable. Offering hope to anyone,
    any age, trying to have a baby.
    It's smart, funny and inspiring.
    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!...more info
  • A valuable perspective!
    There seems to be some vastly differing opinions on this book and what it actually says.

    I did not experience this book as someone trying to tell women experiencing fertility to give up on doctors or IVF. Julia actually had her FSH tested frequently and continued to approach fertility doctors looking for new treatments until right before she got pregnant. She kept hoping the FSH number would come down enough that she would be a candidate. Her goal was to get pregnant with her own eggs and IVF has close to 0% success rates with women that have an FSH level like Julia's. So, IVF was just not an option for her unless she wanted to use donor eggs and that decision wasn't in the cards for her yet. While she was waiting for her FSH to come down she was having sex with her husband and she happened to get pregnant.

    Julia followed her own path and one thing I found interesting was that the tone of the book is that she simply stated her experience -- she was not pushing anything. It found it odd that reviewers felt more broken and more confused. She talked about the experiences she had, the things that came across her path. She didn't prescribe. I felt at times like I was reading her journal.

    I absolutely loved that Julie discussed the quacks that she came across. Regardless of whether one is seeking an M.D. or an acupuncturist, we experience the same challenges. Will he/she listen to me? Does he/she have the skills to treat me or help? She talked about her less-than-positive experiences with both types of practioner -- MD and non-MD. And she talked about how she located practioners.

    I think it is fantastic that Julia got the point across that it can take months and years of serious effort to resolve a major health issue and that it can take many different approaches. Some approaches work and some are a waste time. Julie and the rest of us really have nothing to lose by taking care of ourselves and making ourselves as healthy as possible whether we are trying to get pregnant with IVF or not.

    Thank you, Julia, for an absolutely wonderful book!...more info
  • Inconceivable
    Best fertility book 'hands down'. I found this book inspiring, honest and full of helpful information. If you are looking for an alternative fertility route to the medical assisted model, I strongly suggest this book. That said, that is not the message of this book, it's just they way it happened for the author. I'm now taking many of her suggestions on my fertility quest. I've never felt better....more info
  • Understanding Inconceivable
    Julia's book is a fantastic, inspiring and empowering journey. If you have also been lucky enough to do her workshops or support group, you will find a woman who is dedicated to facilitating every woman's journey to the child for which she longs. But, there are no magic recipes, and perhaps that was disappointing to some readers. I found it otherwise. I like that she does not say "drink this _______ and you will get pregnant". Instead, Julia teaches you to listen to and love your body, prepare it to receive the best and most appropriate treatment for your issues. She teaches personal empowerment, something that counters the helplessness in the fertility maze.

    It is work, personal work. It is hard, but it yields a result that is far far greater than you will believe.

    Buy, the book. Go to Julia's website and get her imagery tapes, and start your journey. You will NOT be disappointed....more info

  • Hope!!!
    This book, is great !!! I read it in two days, I couldn't put it down is just what I needed to know, all I can say is that so far I lost wheight, my allergies are gone, my sadness and anxiety are better, no babies jet .. but I feel am getting closer to my miracle.... ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is a wonderful book that seamlessly combines an inspiring personal story with detailed, practical advice on conceiving and living a healthier life in general. I am ordering my third copy because I have given this book away twice! Through the author's experience, the reader learns about diet, exercise, stress, health supplements, and medical treatments, and how all of these relate to fertility as well as overall quality of life. Great for older women trying to conceive, but I am young and read this book while I was trying to conceive (with no infertility problems) and found it entertaining and helpful. A sensitive, useful book!...more info
  • Incredibly Valuable
    So much of the "infertility" world is about the medical profession preaching at you and not empowering you. What Julia Indichova teaches is so wonderful and valuable. She is a godsend in a maze that is terrifying and often energy draining. Julia teaches a personal discovery that enhances any treatments you choose along the way.

    It is also about the miracle that is a baby. A miracle that is possible to each woman, in many different ways. Julia's techniques and teachings are inspiring, valuable and ultimately comforting. It is not an easy answer or foolproof equation. It is a light in the dark maze of infertility, and it is about finding your own way.

    The work is powerful. Nutrition advice , imagery, dreamwork, notes on various infertility treatments and much much more! Her group and webiste are equally powerful and I encourage anyone struggling with this journey to buy this book. If you do and you do the work, you will gain so many beautiful and miraculous things in your life.

    Julia Indichova is someone who is devoting her life to teaching a way of life that encourages health, centered and informed decision making and a strength in knowing what is right for your body. An environment that is ideal for a baby....more info

  • Not as helpful as I'd hoped
    I agree with the other reviews that Julia's story is compelling and well-told. I expected to read an inspirational story that would be relevant to my situation (ttc 1+ yrs). I have normal FSH levels, and we will be starting AI, hoping we don't have to proceed beyond that into other techniques not covered by my insurance. Julia's FSH levels were elevated, which is why she was told she wasn't a good candidate. If you also have elevated FSH, this book may provide more inspiration to you than it did to me. If your FSH is normal, this story probably won't help you that much....more info
  • Don't try to deal with fertility issues w/o this book!
    I am pregnant! 17 weeks. Via IVF. My second attempt. My first attempt after reading Inconceivable. Julia's book gave me a sense of power and direction to approach the situation my way. It rekindled my energy at a very bleak time. It gave me a sense of control when I felt like I had not control. I highly highly highly recommend this book....more info
  • a treasure for anyone dealing with infertility
    This book brought me full circle in my journey to become pregnant. It is the ideal complement to the many books out there that deal with the more clinical aspects of infertility and is a true inspiration for those who have given up hope. More importantly, its impact extends far beyond the quest to become pregnant; it serves as a enriched template for living. Read it and be changed - I am now 6 months pregnant with twin boys!...more info
  • Enjoyed this book
    I enjoyed this book. I found it very inspiring and encouraging. I loved reading the stories at the end of it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is feeling a bit discouraged and needs
    a pic- me-up. I am 6 weeks pregnant and got pregnant after reading this book through my third artificial insemination/chlomid combo, perhaps I relaxed a bit. Thank you Julia for writing this book. Another book that I recently found very relaxing is a book about living in the moment, it's called Working on Yourself Doesn't Work by Ariel and Shya Kane....more info
  • we can do it too.
    julia indichova and her wonder book are a big inspiration to me, i felt that i can conceive on my own despite the doctor's words "you can't" and after I read the book Iknew we have to trust our instincts than the doctors "NO". We have to trust our body, follow our souls, heal our body and soul, work with our body and soul and be at peace. Then we shall overcome all odds and have our wonder. She DID IT and WE CAN DO IT TOO. Thank you for the inspiration Julia and God Bless You....more info
  • A true inspiration...
    I was feeling both frustrated and helpless about my fertility. Luckily, I found this book and it helped to turn me around. It was so gratifying to read about someone else's personal experiences and success!
    Once I started reading, I couldn't stop- Julia Indichova's writing style is direct and personal. She has a sense of humor amid all of the negativity she encounters- and that is a true inspiration.
    I was so inspired by her exploration of holistic processes that I decided to change my approach and implement some of the ideas she discusses. I started feeling more positive and empowered and decided to take a workshop with Julia. That really helped to solidify my trust in myself as an expert about my body and my fertility.
    I am so grateful to have found this book when I did, I really needed a boost and a sense of possibility again. I found a renewed sense of spirit and adventure while reading Inconceivable. This book is, by far, the most engaging book about fertility that I have encountered and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Wonderful book
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis about two years ago and had laproscopic surgery
    six months later. I tried to get pregnant for about two years, before and after
    the surgery, to no avail. I did two IUI's, which didn't work and finally
    decided on my 37th birthday to move on to IVF. My husband and I went to see a high-flying
    fertility doctor in Manhattan and he gave us a pep talk about IVF, saying that I
    was an ideal candidate. He did some routine hormone tests and I resigned myself
    to doing the procedure, though my heart wasn't in it. I did a day 3 FSH test
    on a Sunday and got a call later that day from a nurse who reported back to me that
    my hormones looked fine except for my FSH, which was worryingly high. I didn't
    even know what FSH was and she said that all she could tell me is that I may have
    "premature ovarian failure". I just about dropped the phone. What? I asked
    her to please give me more information because I was very disturbed to hear this
    out of the blue. She said she couldn't tell me anything else and my doctor was
    not available until midday Monday. I asked her what made her think it was ok to
    phone someone on a Sunday and give them half-baked information without being able
    to explain exactly what she is reporting. She replied curtly, "What did you
    want me to say, that everything was just fine?"

    She told me my FSH was 17.8 and that the "cut-off" for IVF was 12 or 14.
    I looked this up on the web after talking to her, desperate for information, and
    read numerous reports confirming this. What I read turned my blood cold. "You're
    as good as your highest FSH, even if the number comes down later." "No live births
    above an FSH of 17." "Premature menopause." I went into shock. My husband and I
    spent the day crying, feeling like someone just read us a death sentence. Then at
    one point I got up off the couch, marched over to the health food store, got myself
    a huge green juice and made up in my mind that I was going to fight this. On the
    way home I passed Barnes and Nobles and floated up to the childbirth section to
    look for any shred of information on high FSH. Julia Indichova's book Inconceivable
    caught my attention and I immediately bought it and brought it home. This was the
    beginning of an extraordinary process that would change my life and affirm to me
    the potential of my own power to change and create circumstances in my life, even
    beyond pregnancy.

    I raced through Julia's excellent book, which was arresting in its honesty,
    candor and straight-forward telling of her incredible story. The book was full of
    excellent information, sometimes deceptively simple, but what I now know to have
    been the key to what later shifted the course of my life. I was extremely impressed
    with her emphasis on trusting your own resources and treating doctor's advice
    as just guidance, and not the word of god. I learned, to my immense relief (there
    is no way now to capture the desperation I felt at the time, I think it amounted
    to trauma) that high FSH as an obstacle to conception is overdiagnosed and misunderstood
    and that many women like me got their own little death sentences from hot-shot doctors
    happy to dismiss their chances of motherhood in a two-minute cell phone conversation
    (I was on 12th street and University in Manhattan when mine told me I would probably
    never have children without an egg donor).

    I immediately logged on to Julia's website [...] and found out that
    she was having one of her workshops the very next day in Manhattan. Yippee! I cancelled
    my plans and showed up to a room full of women at all stages of experience -- some
    were pregnant, some had just happily adopted, some were just embarking on the conception
    route and some had been at it for a while. In the center of this circle was a small,
    Eastern European magician with a disarming, irreverant manner that I instantly loved
    -- Julia Indichova. What she taught me that day and in the one-day workshop my husband
    and I subsequently attended in Woodstock will last me a lifetime. Her well-considered,
    intuititve, intelligent and extremely powerful techniques are described in her soon
    to be published book, The Fertile Female, How the Power of Longing for a Child can
    Save Your Life and Change the World, which I encourage everyone to read.

    To sum it up, Julia believes -- and is able to transmit that belief -- that the
    power of creation lies within us and while there are of course medical considerations
    in the process of conception, our own ability to create a child in the world is
    too often undervalued and unrecognized. This basic premise is coupled with loads
    of practical advice about how nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and numerous other
    factors influence the body's power to conceive, so don't think this is just
    wooly advice on "positive thinking". It's also not just valuable for
    women -- my husband learned a tremendous amount from Julia as well. Julia's
    wisdom addresses all levels of body, mind and spirit and most importantly, accepts
    that the deep longing for a child is not something to be repressed but rather bottled
    and utilized as rocket fuel to bring your baby in to being. She speaks to those
    of us who are more zen about creating change in our lives, as well as those who
    tend to be highly motivated "doers" -- whoever you are, there is something
    for you in her toolbox. Also, and I am convinced of this, what Julia teaches will
    become commonplace at some point in the future. It's just taking a long time
    for doctors to catch up with her vision.

    Today I am 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy and girl (twins!). I did do IVF in
    the end -- after cleaning out my body and doing Julia's "body talk"
    and other techniques, I ended up bringing my FSH down to 5.2 -- a huge drop my doctors
    in London, my second home, said they had never before seen. They also told me that
    because the FSH level fluctuates, I may wish to do IVF right away, to take advantage
    of the low number. So I did and with extra phone sessions with Julia, I navigated
    my way through fertility treatment. For me, it worked the first time and I now feel
    like the luckiest girl in the world. Julia will say I just got out of my own way
    and let the power of creation take its course. And I think this is actually a good
    example of how combining self-belief and medicine brought me what I wanted so dearly.
    There are of course medical limits to the body but they are often overestimated.
    Julia's advice is also a formula for creating almost anything in your life that
    you really, really want. Conception can be a baby but it can also be an idea, a
    project, a political movement, anything. Julia is a gem in the world and way ahead
    of her time. I highly recommend both of her books and best of all, time spent with
    her directly in one of her workshops. What she has taught me will stay with me long
    after my children are born....more info
  • Exceptional!!!!!!!!!!
    Julia Indichova has written a book that is as much about empowerment as anything else. The fertility maze can be overwhelming, discouraging and terrifying. But Inconceivable reminds us all that our health and yes, our fertility is aas much in our hands as the "experts".

    There is no magic formula or exact equation here. Instead, there is a roadmap; one that promises a sense of self, a real path to health and ultimately a knowlege that your fertility is available.

    Julia had every version of "no" and "you can't" thrown at her by the "experts". With hard work and a dedication to what she knew was possible she conceived and bore her daughter.

    This book is so well writen , so deeply felt and so ultimately true. Do yourself a favor and read it!...more info

  • An incredible book
    I happened to stumble upon this book in the book store and so after trying for one year I bought the book. There's so many books out there all saying the same thing: get these tests, do this, chart this, here's what can help. What I really needed was a story of a women's journey with a success at the end. And I truly believe in the mind-body connection and had been sort of out of touch with that having been caught up in the "trying to conceive journey" It was an incredible, eye opening book. Thanks Julia!!...more info
  • Reads them all
    After reading all these reviews, I bought the book thinking I was buying THE infertility book must-have. It's OK. Not great, not bad, but not what the hype here led me to believe. I'll keep it in the library, but I'll be more careful about buying based on reviews here....more info
  • I threw it across the room when I finished it
    After 4.5 years of infertility and wondering if I will ever be a mother to a live baby I can hold and love, I feel that this book is a slap in the face to all of us undergoing infertility treatment.

    What Julia does is lend creedence to all those who say "just relax" or "meditate and do yoga". The quote about not being "so quick to put your eggs in a petri dish"? Quick? She must be crazy. Who does this without careful consideration?

    Throughout the whole book she runs from the dreaded IVF. Well, hooray for her if she can get a baby from herbs and relaxation. But, for most of us, that is just not our reality.

    Especially for people with anatomical abnormalities that no amount of herbage or mediation will fix.

    Thanks, Julia, for making me feel even *more* broken. ...more info
  • This book changed my and my husband's life
    This is a beautifully written and powerful book. I never could have imagined the impact this book would have on my family's life. I already had one child through IVF (after six years of trying because of my husband's undiagnosed fertility problems) when I came across this book. I wanted to have another child and hoped to do so naturally. The book had a profound impact on my thinking and my lifestyle. Julia's book, as well as her courses, also had an unexpected effect on my husband. He was so moved by Julia's story he made major changes in his diet and became open to alternative health. While we did see major improvments in our general health and well-being we did decide to try IVF again. While I was 42 at the time and did not receive very optimistic statistics for success, it worked the first time. I attribute my healthful and uncomplicated pregnancy and natural delivery to Julia's approach. The book, which I just reread, is by no means pro-ART. However, I was able to use the approach to become mentally and physically prepared to do IVF. Julia's courses and her web site are more integrative in nature--combining alternative tools with ART for the best possible outcome. You owe it to yourself to check out this book, her web site and courses....more info
  • What a powerful book!
    I finished reading Inconceivable 2 weeks ago and I am amazed of the changes I have made in my life ever since: changing my eating habits, taking better care of myself and open my mind up to explore other options to treat my infertility. This book has been a real inspiration to me and gave me a lot of hope and confidence in myself and my body. I am about to read it for the second time. It is a great book and I'd highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive. More books like this should be written. It is a very powerful book....more info
  • A MUST for anyone struggling with infertility....
    A friend told me about this book and I read it within 2 days of purchasing it. I was struggling with Infertility and found the book filled with hope and inspiration. Mostly, I loved how the message and tools in the book helped me regain some control and power over this process which made me feel so helpless and out of control.

    I was 39 when I was dx with high FSH and given a less than 1% chance for a natural conception and 3% chance with ART. The doctors wouldn't even consider IVF for me. After practicing these tools and attending the author's workshop, I became pregnant NATURALLY. I am now 40 and 6 mths pregnant. I became pregnant one month after attending the author's workshop which is an entire day of practicing these tools and being in touch with this process. It was a truly memorable day for me. I'm not sure why others feel that the author is "against" ART; I never found that to be true. There were many people in the workshop who were in the process of IVF or IUI and their course was embraced by the author. I think the message is to "trust yourself" and do what "feels" right for you even if it is contrary to what you are being told. This is an important message for life in general. I know one thing for worked for me!...more info
  • moral of the story--never give up
    This author really inspires with her tale of how she persisted through negative medical predictions to conceive her second daughter. Her story highlights the fact that averages and statistics are just that, and that we can participate in our own reproductive destinies....more info
  • My favorite "cheerleader" book... and so much more than that
    I discovered this book after three miscarriages. I was 39, and feeling hopeless..I had been through the mill of "conventional medicine" many times over, being a physician myself.

    This book is like a breath of fresh air. It has changed the direction of all my effort. It motivated me to improve my diet, and learn Yoga. I read and reread this book over and over. I laugh with it, and sometimes cry... I even travel with it.

    Now that I am pregnant again, I am trying the "imagery" exercises
    Julia recommends. Thank you Julia, for showing so many of us a different way, just when we thought we had reached the end of the road....more info


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