Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

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The last thing new parents can find time for is quiet reading, so many helpful books on infant care rely on bullet points and a "let's get to the point" writing style. Tracy Hogg, a neonatal nurse, teacher, and mother of two, uses these techniques to good effect in Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Focusing on newborns and their parents, her simple programs are a blend of intelligent intuition and methods based on years of experience. The first half of the book is devoted to E.A.S.Y--her name for creating a structured daily routine for you and your baby that makes the most of your baby's awake times and also leaves time just for you. These concepts aren't designed to force your bundle of joy into not following her body's needs, but rather to create a feasible middle ground between total rigidity and on-demand food and sleep (and no time for mom to shower). If it still strikes you as too regimented, keep reading. The author makes room for differences in personal style and includes short quizzes to determine whether you're a "planner" or a "winger", and what level of daily structure you are likely to find helpful. In the same chapter, she identifies five general temperaments of infants, how to get an accurate feel for yours, and what methods of care are likely to be the most effective for his temperament. Her statement that babies prefer routine is backed up by research from the University of Denver. While most of the book relies on anecdotes to get the points across, Hogg does find room to back up some of her statements with quotes from various researchers and institutions. Included at the end of the book are assurances that E.A.S.Y. can be followed even with a colicky baby or one who's been ruling the roost for the first few months. Frustrated parents might like to read the last page first: "all the baby-whispering advice in the world is useless unless you're having a good time being a parent" is an excellent reminder to enjoy this time with all of its ups and downs. --Jill Lightner


It's an insidious myth that all new parents must give up not only their sleep but their entire lives for the first year of a baby's life. Codswallop, says British-born Tracy Hogg. Having worked with more than five thousand babies over the past twenty years, and dubbed "The Baby Whisperer" by her grateful clientele, Tracy has the unique ability to understand a baby's every coo and cry. She can tell instantly whether a baby is hungry, tired, in real distress, or just in need of a little TLC. But her most amazing gift is her ability to teach parents how they too can "whisper" to their babies.

In this groundbreaking book, Tracy concentrates her vast knowledge (and huge doses of uncommon sense) into simple, accessible programs that parents can begin as early as the first weeks of a baby's life. With these programs you will learn

???E.A.S.Y.--how to get baby to eat, play, and sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household's life easier and happier.
???S.L.O.W.--how to interpret what your baby is trying to tell you (so you don't try to feed him when he really wants a nap).
???How to identify which type of baby yours is--Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited, or Grumpy--and then learn the best way to interact with that type.
???Tracy's Three Day Magic--how to change any and all bad habits (yours and the baby's) in just three days.

But perhaps the most important part of Tracy's philosophy is contained in one word: respect. Tracy advises treating your baby as you would any human being--think twice before shaking loud toys in a baby's face, lifting a baby's legs over her head with no advance warning, or even letting a baby cry it out. At the heart of Tracy's simple but profound message: treat the baby as you would like to be treated yourself.

Reassuring, down-to-earth, and often flying in the face of conventional wisdom, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer promises parents not only a healthier, happier baby but a more relaxed and happy household as well.

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Customer Reviews:

  • a great guide for a first time mom
    This is a great book, but like anything, you have to make this book work for your family and your child. My favorite part of the book is the sleep section, and the section on scheduling is helpful too. I was able to teach my son to fall asleep on his own without crying due to this book, though it took a lot of effort. i don't know if I will have the time to follow this book when I have 2 children, it is very labor intensive (ex. you have to put your child to sleep at the first sign of tiredness in order to get your child to fall asleep on his own without crying, like a yawn or rubbing the eyes, with 2 children this isn't always possible). Secondly, I don't agree with the pick up/put down method. When my son was 5 months old, even though he could fall asleep on his own, he would still wake up every couple of hours during hte night. I followed the advice in the book "healthy sleep habits, happy child" and let him cry it out. It took 1 night and he sleept through the night the next night. He is a wonderful sleeper as a result. Finally, the baby wisperer gives interesting insight into your childs personality with the baby quiz. my child was very sensitive or "touchy", so it was helpful undersand his unique personality. Overall, this is a great baby book. Many friends of mine suggested that I read babywise, and after reading it, this book worked for me much better. It is the same idea as far as "eat, awake, sleep" which I think is really important, but it is not a rigid and I don't know if "crying it out" is appropriate for a newborn baby like babywise suggests. As far as baby books go, I recommend Babywisper, Baby 411 and Healthy sleep habits, happy child....more info
  • Another British Know-It-All
    I'm sorry. I heard all the reviews about this book and thought I'd give it a try. One question I have is, "Why do british women think American women are helpless twits?". Not to be harsh, as I'm not that type, i am very disappointed with this book. Seriously, do you really expect me to ask my 4 month old for her permission in order to pick her up? To me, her reaching her arms up to me is permission enough. I actually ran a dialogue like the author suggested when I was changing my daughter's diaper in a british accent "Oh is okay with you that I take your pants off? Are you sure? Is it alright that I undo your "nappy" now? Shall I do the right flap first, or the left? Oh please, you just let me know if I'm disrespecting you in anyway?" Needless to say, my daughter giggled throught the diaper change, and I realized I wasted my money. ...more info
  • Looking for ways to fail at breastfeeding? Get this book.
    If you are hoping to fail at breastfeeding and get some advice on how to fail then this is the book for you.

    It is unrealistic to expect a young child to sleep through the night and not be cuddled and fed - it is not normal. There are infant sleep studies from around the world to back this up. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has warned AGAINST scheduled feedings and advocated demand feedings for breastfed babies. I have personally worked with mothers who have had infants that we not gaining with scheduled feedings and when they threw the schedule out the window the babies gained appropriately. They were lucky to catch things early enough to turn things around, but scheduled feedings can lead to worse things including dehydration etc. ...more info
  • This book helps me understand what my baby needs
    I just simply love this book. It gave me a very good idea what my baby needs from me. When I need to calm my baby, I mainly use techniques from "The Happiest Baby on the Block". But when I try to figure out what parenting style is the best for my baby, I always use ideas from this "Baby Whisperer" book.

    I read some negative comments from other reviewers. One thing I want to point out is, Tracy is NOT trying to list/compare all possible parenting methodS in the book. She is trying to tell us what she believes and how SHE handles babies from her experience, the ways that work for her. If you think other approaches work better for your kid, go ahead. After all, every baby is unique.

    But I'm telling you, I have a 20 days old baby in my arm now, and I think I understand my baby very well thanks to this Baby Whisperer book.

    ...more info
  • The only behavioral-type baby book I needed
    I skimmed a few other newborn advice books, and found them too extreme. Tracy Hogg's approach (if not voice, "luv") was the most in tune with my natural instincts about parenting - that babies prefer a routine (not a schedule) - and gives you practical advice on how to set a course for your baby. My experience is that when I get a little off-course with my now 6-month old twin boys, I skim the appropriate chapter in the book and we all get back on track. My twins both had different personalities - one is an Angel or a Textbook baby, and the other is more of a Touchy baby - and her techniques are working for both of the babies. Within eight weeks of bringing my premature sons home from NICU, they were sleeping for 6-hour stretches at night, and within 12 weeks they started sleeping 10-12 hours at night, all because of the tips that I gleaned from this book. Learning to distinguish my babies' cries and responding appropriately has critical to my success. I recommend this book to all my new mother friends....more info
  • Good stuff - I hope it works
    This book came highly recommended. I read it and the advice seems pretty solid. It was clear and easy to understand for someone starting with zero baby knowledge. I am still pregnant so I don't know how well the advice will work, but I do believe it is better than going in blind and just trying to wing it. ...more info
  • Yawn
    Rather boring. She says alot of what is common sense to most moms and there are no "secrets" to what mother nature gave us. I would not recommend it to friends or family. The one positive - its a really cheap book!...more info
  • Makes very good kindling
    I won't restate what others have done so well. In short, this book is for parents who don't really like their children.

    Oh, and did you know that she abandoned her own children? Not a great source of information. ...more info
  • Good in theory, hard to implement
    I read this book back-to-back with Babywise, and both books recommend the same EASY approach. The basics are worth following, but I found some of the specifics in the Baby Whisperer laughably hard to implement. Specifically, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything she says to do.

    First, she recommends the mother nap from 2-5 every afternoon. If a breastfed baby eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, how is that possible? If a feeding takes 30-40 minutes, then active time takes another 30-45 minutes, and it takes 20 minutes to calm the baby for her nap (all her time estimates), the mother is simply not left with a three-hour block of time at any point in the day.

    Second, her evening schedule leaves virtually no time for a parent to prepare and eat dinner (or any other activity, for that matter). She advocates two evening feedings, two hours apart, along with a daily bath and massage routine, which takes another 60 minutes (30 minutes for each activity), and then a "dream feed" when the baby is asleep before the parents retire for the night. Following the time estimates she gives, don't expect to eat until after 9 pm, and good luck trying to squeeze anything else into your evening.

    If I had a dedicated maid, chef, and baby nurse, I could easily following the EASY plan. Without such a staff, however, I'm having to pick and choose what works with my six-week-old. Overall, I'm glad I read the book, but I could have done without the anxiety caused by trying to follow the full approach....more info
  • must have!
    This book saved my sanity! The author may seem a bit eccentric or extreme, but as long as you follow the basic principles and stick with it, you will see results! I love her gentle approach.. she completely disagrees with letting a baby cry it out, and in truth, I noticed a dramatic DECREASE in the amount of crying from my boy (he was 2 mths when I read the book). He's much more independent and happy overall. When I tried to follow the cry-it-out theories from other books (like Babywise), he only got more fussy and clingy, not to mention it will break your heart to listen!...more info
  • Another Success Story...
    This book was SO helpful! I read it cover to cover and reread several sections whenever I had questions about sleep training, breast feeding, temperment tips, etc. I read this along with Suzy Giordan's 12 Hours Sleep in 12 Weeks and found both books together to be very helpful. I felt that Suzy's book helped tell you when to start sleep training and how to lengthen time between feedings best. Tracy's book really helps you zone in to the signs and symptoms of fatigue so that you can really get your baby off to bed before all hell breaks loose.

    What so many parents don't understand is that the baby WANTS you to help them figure it out. They don't understand that they are getting tired and that rest fixes it.

    Our now 6 month old has been sleeping through the night since 5 months old. She sleeps in her crib in her own room. We can put her down when she is sleepy but awake, turn on her music player, give her her binkie and bunny and leave the room. She settles down without fuss. She naps well, too.

    We are much better parents now that we are all getting our rest.

    I highly recommend this book in addition to Suzy Giordano's 12 Hours Sleep By 12 Weeks Old....more info
  • Wish I would've read this BEFORE she was born!
    Even though a friend of mine did not send me this book until my daughter was 2 weeks old, it still really helped me. Although, I think I would have been much less stressed in the beginning if I had read the book BEFORE I delivered. The first two weeks of our baby's life was more like being in "survival mode", but Tracy's advice on "Starting as you mean to go on" is definitely helpful. Every baby is different, but I couldn't get my daughter to let me put her in her crib to sleep until I used Tracy's techniques. It worked in one afternoon for us! I'm giving this book as a baby shower gift from now on. Even the moms who turn their nose up at a book about this will be reaching for it after the 25th night in a row of no sleep!...more info
  • Best guide for new mommies
    Could not be better! 5 years ago, I received this as a gift from my aunt while pregnant with my first child. As a result of taking the advice in this book, my little boy slept 6 hours a night by the end of week one and was a healthy eater and sleeper the rest of his infancy. My friends and family were in awe. I bought this book for a friend of mine who is currently pregnant. Great as a gift, great reference book, great for all new mommies who are unsure of the 'how tos' of infancy....more info
  • Terrible for New Borns
    Unfortunately the author never mentions that her practices and tips aren't reasonable for newborns. I would suggest to any parent that if you are going to use the methods outlined in this book that you wait until your baby is at least four months old when they are developed enough to have a scheduled routine and when their sleep habits are more predictable. Until that time, forcing a routine as she suggests, interrupts sleep and is not practical.

    Overall, I think there are better books out there such as "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" that cover a lot of the same parenting practices (soothing a baby, etc.) but the material includes different strategies for different ages which is much easier to follow....more info
  • Whispering to???
    I was so excited when my neighbor lent me this book, I read it in one night. I could not have been more disappointed! It did not avidly encourage breastfeeding suggesting that we should put ourselves before our wee ones (breastfeeding will make your breasts pancakes)! Hello, if we wanted perfect boobs and a perfect body, perhaps we wouldn't have had babies to begin with. We all want what is best for our lil ones, and this is where I hated this book. The Hitler approach may work for a select few (you should see how your baby should be scheduled BY DAY 3!!!), but not in this house. I like the EASY approach (eat, activity, sleep, you) and treating your baby like an actual person, but I didn't need this book to tell me that!! All in all, a let down of a book!!!...more info
  • High level book that's plenty good
    High level book that's plenty good in terms of managing expectations for newborn care. For the details/theories on why/how/physiology, you'll need much more time to read the many specialized books that abound. In retrospect, it might have been nice to read this book *before* I read some of the others so that I could more easily pick and choose the topics of interest and have some basic clue as to the different philosophies available (e.g. Ferber vs Sears) without having to read a ton of Amazon reviews. :) It's available in many libraries and while I made some notes out of the book, the messages are straightforward and easy to remember; so it probably won't qualify as a must-have reference book....more info
  • Life Saver!!
    My husband and I received this book as a hand-me-down from a friend. My first thought was, "Oh jeesh, isnt this campy!" Of all the books we read and tried to apply, however, it was the only one that really "worked" for us. And it is short!

    Hoagg is the most level-headed and even keeled advisor I have found. She is truly non-judgemental and provides seriously effective, grass-roots advice for parents. We found it hard to believe until we tried her suggestions and they worked like a charm every time. No book has ever been written for "your" specific child, but this one is the most unassuming and contains the most flexible and generally applicable information I have seen.

    If you are radical in any aspect of your child rearing ideologies, you will probably dislike this book because it is not. There are no favorites here except flexibility. Ms. Hoagg does not mess around with fads, fashions, and band wagons. She teaches you to watch and respond to YOUR child. You are not meant to use this book as a manual, but rather as a guide, which you modify to fit your specific needs (it gives you the basic principles).

    We constantly have friends and colleagues asking us how we managed to get such an "easy" child; HA! If you read this book, you will literally understand the secret to EASY. This book is one of the best new mommy secrets I can share. I am now purchasing the toddler version to assist with potty training. Good luck!!...more info
  • The best baby book out there!
    This is the absolute best baby book around. I used the tips with all three of my children and it worked like a charm! They all became great sleepers and eaters. The best part is not having that overwhelmed feeling because you don't know what your bay wants or needs. With this book I was better able to understand what their cries meant and therefore could meet their needs. A must have for any new Mom!! ...more info
  • great for new and old moms
    Great really helped me understand my baby's cues and loved the fact that its principles are common sense.Also it saves you from guessing what your baby needs with all the detailed descriptions of baby's signals.
    I definitely recommend it. It's an eye-opener even for a second-time mom like me...more info
  • the Bible
    we call this book the Bible. of course parenting ultimately comes from instinct and common sense, but this book helped direct us towards trusting our instincts, and helping us make a decision when we didn't have strong feelings one way or the other. like any other baby book, with this one you have to take what you want and leave what you don't want. we recommend this book over any other baby book, but we definitely didn't agree with everything she said or all of her very strong opinions. what we liked most was how Tracy taught us to implement a predictable routine. that way the baby knows what is coming next and is therefore at ease. we all do better when we know whats coming next, don't we? bottom line: best baby book, take what you want, leave what you don't want....more info
  • Recommended
    This is the most comprehensive book I have seen on taking care of your new baby. There are tables with information like how to tell if your baby is tired, what to do when he/she is overtired, and other practical things. The book has great information on avoiding trouble spots, like the baby being dependant on being carried or driven around in the car to sleep.
    I used this book myself and bought it for several friends who are having their first or who had a hard time with their first and are on their second. ...more info
  • Most Excellent for First Time Parents
    I can't say enough great things about Secrets of The Baby Whisperer. As first time parents both my husband and I highly recommend this book. Tracy Hogg is a Godsend! The book shows E.A.S.Y a technique we used from birth-18mos currently. Also, the S.L.O.W technique helped guide our awarness of our childs needs. These are just two of the techniques included in this book. The book is full of useful information and easy to implement methods.Included in this book are useful charts such as eating, sleeping, diapering...5 stars all the way! If you ever want to get some much needed sleep and peace of mind get this book:o)
    ...more info
  • so far, so good
    I borrowed this while I was pregnant with my first child and found it to be a more middle of the road version of Babywise. It follows the same type of cycle (eat, wake time, sleep) but seemed to allow more flexibility for different babies' temperaments. Our daughter loved her crib from day 1 and slept beautifully through the night by 2 months. She still loves sleep and loves her bed.

    I thought I'd remember all the principles when daughter number 2 was born, but quickly realized that I had forgotten most of them. At 7 weeks, she slept well at night (waking only for a 2 am feeding), but WOULD NOT sleep in her crib during the day. As soon as her peaceful, sleepy head hit the bed she would lose it. I bought the book a few days ago and skimmed it, heading straight for the sleep advice. I implemented the author's suggestions yesterday morning, and she took 3 long naps in her crib with almost no tears (and no crying it out). Same thing today. She also slept better at night, going 5 hours between feedings. I'm sold on her idea that a predictable routine during the day makes for a happy, well rested baby. And mom......more info
  • Good Book for Establishing Sleep Routine
    "If you follow a structured routine, you will solve all your baby problems" is the idea of this book.
    The routine explained in the book is called E.A.S.Y. (Eating, Activity, Sleeping, You). The author explains that the times of the individual elements of the routine will vary according to the baby, but every baby should have a routine if you want to have a life. Eating, Activity, Sleeping and Making Time for yourself are very well explained in the book in an easy-to-read way.
    If you are breastfeeding, you may not feel any support reading this book, and I can even say that you may get discouraged reading some sections. Although I do not agree with the author's ideas on feeding, I would recommend this book if you are looking to establish sleep routines for your baby. I would not use this book as my only source of information on topics mentioned in the book.
    ...more info
  • Best baby book
    This is the best baby book--and I read them all!! Why?
    1. All the books say "put baby in bed drowsy but awake"--she's the only person who actually describes what that means, and how to get there. AND THAT is invaluable insight.
    2. The dictionary of baby cries, and baby body language is so helpful and useful, especially for first time parents.

    My daughter has colic, and some of the advice here really helped reduce it, but mainly helped me deal with it. The advice on breastfeeding is excellent, and she's not presumptious or holier than thou about it. With time, and following the routine as much as possible, my baby has been sleeping through the night (ie 7 hours) from 8 weeks...

    Two thumbs up
    ...more info
  • The Baby Whisperer
    Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby

    Hyped by Random House publishers as "this groundbreaking book,"
    readers are enticed by offers of "Tracy's Three Day Magic--how to
    change any and all bad habits (yours and the baby's) in just three
    days." Which mother would not be happy to "get baby to eat, play, and
    sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household's
    life easier and happier?" The very unpredictability of babies is what
    makes new mothers' lives so chaotic. Mothers don't get coffee breaks,
    lunch breaks, or go off duty at 6pm. It is plain, hard work taking
    care of a baby.

    Look in any bookstore or library and you will see pregnant women and
    new mothers searching eagerly for advice on child raising. I remember
    doing this myself, devouring every morsel. Think how many editions of
    Dr. Spock's book have been sold over the years! Fashions change in
    child rearing as in all things. We have gone from strict scheduling to
    permissiveness and now we are back to scheduling again. Tracy Hogg's
    "Secrets of The Baby Whisperer" is the latest in a long line of books
    purporting to know "the right answer" to parents' concerns. As any
    experienced parent will tell you, there is no "right" answer. What
    works for one child will not necessarily work for another. Listening
    to your baby is the first step towards understanding him.

    So who is this wonderworker who can tell instantly whether a baby is
    hungry, tired, in real distress, or just in need of a little TLC?

    According to Newsweek magazine (...)(Feb 26, 2001 issue):
    "A registered nurse in England, Hogg left her two daughters, then 8
    and 11, with her mother and moved to L.A. in 1992. Unable to use her
    nursing license here, she began taking care of babies. She had, as
    they say in the movie industry "great word of mouth" and soon Hogg
    opened her own baby-equipment store in Encino, CA. Her book and her
    Web site claim that she got a Master's degree in hypnotherapy from the
    University of California, Irvine. But a University spokeswoman says
    they have no record of her. Earlier, according to her book and Web
    site, Hogg was "assigned" to the Great Orman Street Children's
    Hospital," an apparent reference to London's famed Great Orman Street
    Hospital, where she, in fact, attended a three-weekend-long training
    course. And a "stint with the World Health Organization in India"
    turns out to refer to a two-week trip she took there in 1989."

    This leads us to ask, how good is the advice she gives?
    Not very.

    Despite being endorsed by celebrities like Los Angeles stage actress
    Kate Mulligan who can afford $250.00 for "1 Hour Intense Consultation"
    or $350.00 for "Baby's First Feed," the information offered by Ms.
    Hogg is out of date and inaccurate. While she is entitled to her own
    personal opinions, they are not based on any scientific studies or
    research. Moreover, much of her advice conflicts with that given by
    the American Academy of Pediatrics who advocate feeding babies when
    they indicate hunger rather than on artificial schedules.

    Ms. Hogg's theories on infant sleep are also unfounded. They owe much
    to the teachings of Gary Ezzo, the discredited author of "Babywise"
    and "Preparation for Parenting," which have also been heavily
    criticized by the AAP.

    Do we really need another parenting book that tells us that our
    instincts are useless and if we would only follow this author's
    theories all of our problems would be solved?

    Rather, mothers - and fathers, too - are the real experts on their
    particular baby because they live with him 24 hours a day. What we
    really need are more books like "The Baby Bond: How to Raise an
    Emotionally Healthy Child" by Dianna Hine and " The Baby Book:
    Everything You Need to Know about Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, "
    by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears. These books help new parents to
    meet their baby's basic needs through a loving, nurturing, attachment
    style of parenting.

    ...more info
  • Parenting 101 Book
    Preparing for our first newborn, I read many many books, and had made this book to be one of my favorite reference baby books. I read the book since I was 4 months pregnant, and had been using it for months until my baby is one year old. Thanks to this book, that I was able to differentiate my son's cries - whether he was hungry, wanted to be cuddled or in pain. I also learnt his feeding schedule and made the daily journal, which was very helpful for his Nanny when I was back to work....more info
  • Really helped me understand my baby and get some sleep for all the family
    I found Tracy Hogg's approach the best so far, it gives clear guidance while allowing flexibility as she acknowledges that every baby and every family are different and therefore any advice needs to be tailored to each specific case. I could not bring myself to follow any variation of the cry-out-method or Ferberizing but I really needed to get some sleep, so I tried the Pantley method (Elizabeth Pantley) which claims to be the opposite of the CIO but I felt it was a total flop and would take months to encourage a baby to fall asleep without the breast/rocking/patting. On the other hand by following Tracy Hogg's advice I was able to get my baby to fall asleep on his own within a week without inflicting lots of crying or anxiety on him.
    I am a breastfeeding mother and I feel Hogg respects and encourages breastfeeding but is also respectful of those who choose not to breastfeed, after all her book is not about advocating a particular feeding method but about understanding your baby and helping all the family have a good night sleep, a calm and happy time with the baby and for each (mother, father, baby) to thrive as individuals....more info
    i read this book on a car ride home from New Hampshire and I love llove love it. our daughter is a a little older than the ones she is dealing with, (not in the 03 month stage) but it's all applicable.
    i love her middle of the road approach, i love the basic routine information.. I think it's all fabulous. Today is day one of our EASY attempts, and it's working like a charm.
    There is a lot of insight here in this little book. It's something I wish i had when i was pregant, or when our little one was just born. But it's fabulous.

    in response to the post about bad breast feeding advice... I think she spends so much time making the case for formula because there is such an innundation of information on on breast feeding. I didn't feel like she wasn't making her argument. On the contrary, i felt she was taking into consideration that the reader was already semi educated about breast feeding. What she did say about breast feeding I think was important to say - that it has to be learned, that it has to be a mother's choice, that it is a good thing to do. BUT that formula is good too, and that the guilt trip that comes with every mother who chooses to formula feed over breast feeding needs to stop NOW.

    She also doesn't come across and say Attachment parenting is bad. She doesn't. But the goal in the book is to raise an independent child. A child that can fall asleep on their own. A child that can get to understand te routine in the day, their role in the family.
    I know for me, we were doing semi demand feeding, but then nothing else got done. The baby HAD to be held so much of the time. and as much as I love it, practically, it's not going to work. So she shows you (or she showed me) how to work routine in to the mix with the EASY method, how to play, how to take care of yourself and how to get your baby to sleep.

    So I Love this book. I would recommend it to anyone. I think it's worth the read and is full of great advice.

    ...more info
  • Not Ideal for Newborns
    Reading this book in the months before my son's birth gave me what I later realized was a false sense of security. Hogg's EASY system sounds so practical and logical on paper: feed child (Eat), do an Activity with your baby, put the kid to bed while s/he's sleepy but not yet asleep (Sleep), get in some You time while the baby slumbers. By structuring your day around a series of EASY episodes you can then learn to differentiate hunger cries (which your baby should only make when s/he awakes) from other types of cries. The end result is a well-rested baby (and parent), clear communication between parent and child, and a moderately flexible routine that gives baby a sense of security. To someone completely new to parenting, this sounds absolutely foolproof and makes perfect sense.

    The day after I brought my son home from the hospital I realized how useless this system was for a newborn. A 6-8 week old infant's appetite isn't regulated into 3 hour cycles and shouldn't be - especially if breastfed. They often clusterfeed during certain parts of the day and then go for longer stretches during other periods. You WANT to feed your baby when he's hungry, instead of according to some rule that meals must always follow sleep. It's withholding and forcing feedings according to a schedule that leads to misunderstanding your baby's cries, not lack of structure. After a while we realized what it takes to "interpret your baby's cries": the baby cries and you offer milk, if he isn't interested in nursing then it's either the diaper or he's ready for sleep (which he will be if he's been awake for 1-2 hours). Honestly, this is so much more sensitive to a baby's needs than EASY. Yes, parenting requires some guesswork (especially early on), but taking the time to figure out what your baby requires at the moment is so much better than bulldozing over their needs in the name of a system.

    Postscript: Now that my son is 5 months old, I can say with confidence that "The Baby Whisperer" isn't that much more helpful for older babies than newborns. In fact, there is so much in this book I now know to be flat out wrong. Hogg understands little about how infant sleep patterns work and offers little advise on getting your baby to sleep beyond insisting you put your baby in his crib while still awake (Marc Weissbluth's "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" is a much better resource). The excellent "The Nursing Mother's Companion" rightly warns women away from books like "The Baby Whisperer," since so much of her advice actually hinders successful breastfeeding. The list of problems with this book goes on and on. In hindsight, "The Happiest Baby on the Block" would have prepared us so much better for the realities of life with a new baby....more info
    This book was a HUGE help to me with my newborn. It was full of helpful hints and guidelines. Though some of Tracy Hogg's suggestions didn't work for my little darling, she still provided a good prospective and loving ways to respond. Tracy's E.A.S.Y. routine is a complete life saver! It worked great for us; and we are still in this routine a year later! Our daughter thrives on EASY and is a well-rested, happy little girl. I buy this book for all of my first time mommy friends! ...more info
  • Excellent Book for 1st Time Mommy!
    If you are a first time mom, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! It unlocked so many baby secrets for me, and made being a parent easier. I have given this book to all my girlfriends at their showers. ...more info
  • A MUST HAVE for new moms!
    As a first time mother this book offered great direction on starting and keeping your baby on a schedule. My husband and I love it and so does our son! Its also an easy read :-)...more info
  • Not for high need baby
    These ideas may work on the angelic baby but they just makes things worse for the high need baby. Much of what is said is counter intuitve and as it turned out for us and our high need baby counter productive. I am sorry I wasted my time reading it, and more sorry for all the weeks I attempted applying the so called EASY methodology. If what she is suggesting does not feel right, it is because it is not right. ...more info
  • excellent!!
    Absolutely wonderful book! Every new Mom should read this, gives you so much confidence in taking care of your new baby. Helps you to understand & read your babies cues, body language, identify cries etc. Has so much teaching and my baby did everything just as she said he would. Also helps you to get them to sleep through the night, my baby slept through the night at 8 weeks. We recommend this book to everyone we know!...more info
  • Has some useful information but there are better books
    I bought this book when I was still pregnant and read it cover to cover. The casual tone was a bit too much for me at times but over all, I found it interesting. However, there wasn't much that was new to me. And, there were some things I thought that were a bit over the top such as walking your newborn through the house "introducing" it to the rooms and furniture. I bought several books and this one was in the middle of the pack as far as usefulness. I got much more out of 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old and Babywise than I did out of this. That's not to say it's useless. There were things I picked up and have used. But, I wouldn't recommend this be the first, or only, book you buy....more info
    I highly recommend this book. While you may want to take a few pieces of it and discard it (I must admit her breastfeeding facts are not all that accurate) the important parts for me were learning how to read and understand my baby--it helped me in such a way that I use it as a reference guide!

    Those folks who gave it a poor review are AP parents who can't fathom having their baby sleep in his/her own bed and being on a routine. You can still do some AP with the methods in this book but AP makes for a tired and unorganized life!!

    I must attest that the methods in this book do in fact make a happier and healthier baby and gives you sanity during those newborn days that can be so exhausting!

    I can't believe anyone would dislike this book, it is so very helpful and I can help and understand my baby every day with the help of this book! I don't know what I would have done without it!...more info
  • Outdated Claims Regarding Allergies and Breastfeeding
    Several other reviewers of this book have commented about bad information about breastfeeding and about this book's generally negative tone about breastfeeding and I too was deeply dismayed by that aspect of this book. I would also like to suggest that other areas of error include claims currently contradicted by recent scientific discoveries. For example, the presence of pet hair, criticized by "Baby Whisperer" as leading to allergies, actually has been demonstrated in several studies to help prevent the development of allergies and asthma in children. There is clearly a need for a revised edition.

    This is definitely a parent-centric book in that it seems to care more for the parents' convenience than the baby's nature and well-being. The rigidness (sold as "flexibility") seems artificial and certainly does not fit for my son. I hadn't actually known much about "attachment parenting" before my read of this book sent me looking to learn more, and a modified version of attachment parenting seems much more appropriate for my baby. The general plan of "Eat, Activity, Sleep, You-Time" makes sense, but the truly rigid scheduling (which the authors tout while continuously denying that they are being rigid) is misplaced and likely to create more stress as the parents watch the clock and not the baby.

    And the constant "luv" comments drove me nuts! :)...more info
  • Good advice, but read before you have your baby
    This is a great book, filled with tons of excellent advice. However, I read this book when my baby was 3 months old and found that what I had been doing up to that point was all 'wrong' (according to the methods in the book) and it became overwhelming to try to change all the bad habits that were developed in the meantime. Reading this book made me feel like I had been doing a bad job in the first 3 months of my son's life....more info
  • My parenting Bible
    Tracy Hogg taught me how to take care of my baby! Without this book I would have been lost in the woods and my daughter have been much worse off :)
    The Baby Whisperer gave me confidence and helped me to avoid numerous parenting pitfalls. My daughter slept through the night at 6 weeks old, she was able to start sleeping 10 hours a night at 10 weeks. Oh joy! Because I was able to sleep at night, I actually enjoyed having a baby, and was able to balance my work schedule with my husband's.
    This book is absolutely essential! Don't leave the hospital without it!...more info


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