Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, The

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In her most provocative book yet, Dr. Laura urgently reminds women that to take proper care of their husbands is to ensure themselves the happiness and satisfaction they yearn for in marriage. Women want to be in love, get married, and live happily ever after. Yet disrespect for men and disregard for the value, feelings, and needs of husbands has fast become the standard for male-female relations in America. Those two attitudes clash in unfortunate ways to create struggle and strife in what could be a beautiful relationship.

Countless women call Dr. Laura, unhappy in their marriages and seemingly at a loss to understand the incredible power they have over their men to create the kind of home life they yearn for. Now, in The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Dr. Laura shows you -- with real-life examples and real-life solutions -- how to wield that power to attain all the sexual pleasure, intimacy, love, joy, and peace you want in your life.

Dr. Laura's simple principles have changed the lives of millions. Now they can change yours.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Book...All women should own one.
    I love this book, I bought this book for myself and now I am sending a copy to my married daughter. It reminds me of how simple a relationship can be and how to be the best wife I can be. I love it!...more info
  • A must read!
    In my opinion, this book is a "must read" for any one looking at getting married, male or female. Any married woman that is feeling "not quite satisfied" in her marriage would do well to give this book a try. If I were a man, I would buy a copy for my wife and encourage her to read it, maybe even read it together. A lot of good information. Save the money on the marriage counselor, buy this book and act on it! ...more info
  • A must read for all wives!
    This is a book that all wives...both the newlywed and the seasoned wife should read. Read it with an open mind and heart and you'll see the truth it contains. Don't waste your time reading all the nonsense in the magazines at the check out line...what you gain from this book will make a difference in your marriage, your life and the lives of your children....more info
  • Dr. Laura at her most Dr. Laura-ish: no surprises here!
    Excellent no-nonsense classic Dr. Laura, telling women how to stop whining, complaining and being focused on themselves, and instead start to notice, care about and treat their husband right. The narrative is thickly padded with sizable excerpts from Dr. Laura's radio conversations and even letters from her listeners; however, the excerpts certainly serve to illustrate her points. Altogether a great, fairly quick read that helps to change the reader to get a "new attitude". ...more info
  • Top Notch
    Any woman who is having concerns about her relationship should read this book. I guarantee that it will do wonders to open a person's mind to a whole new way of thinking and, in the vast majority of cases, a MUCH happier relationship. This book changed my life and I have recommended it to countless others. Makes a PERFECT gift for a bridal shower or wedding!...more info
  • Even my husband thinks this book is stupid
    The basic premise of this book is that women are manipulative creatures who should only be interested in cooking, sex for their husbands, taking care of children, and keeping all negative thoughts to themselves. I thought that I was missing something from this book, so I gave it to my husband to read. He was actually insulted that Dr. Laura called him "simple," and thought that the book was way off the mark. Only buy this book if you are also willing to get a lobotomy so that you can become a Stepford Wife, too....more info
  • No Nonsense Sense
    Dr. Laura always shoots the straight goods & this book is no exception to her track record. She's not intending to solve all the world's problems, but she does speak directly to the heart of MANY problems our American families struggle with in today's culture. Proper Care is a practical, kick-butt, inspiring book that ANY woman would benefit from. It's also a great gift book!...more info
  • Every woman should read this book!
    This book has been such an inspiration for me to follow, it's the ideal gift for every woman. Society in general would benefit greatly by the changes women can reflect after applying what we've learned in this book, I can't say enough on how much I enjoyed reading it- it is an absolute keeper, one I will sure pass on to my daughter for her family's benefit and all cherished girlfriends. ...more info
  • An interesting display of wisdom and ignorance
    This book is bound to both entertain, delight and irritate people of both genders, for very different reasons. It is unlikely that after 40 years of feminist misandry, women are likely to change the habits they've picked up. There's no hope for that lost generation, but today they're reaching retirement age, and now it's the younger generations of women that matter most. What is pleasing is the number of young women I meet who've clearly rejected the attitudes of a generation of women who are now nearing retirement age lonely and single. The problem with books like these though, is that they always present stereotypical men and women who seem about as lifelike as Ken and Barbie.

    Besides that, the author obviously felt compelled to offset her unpopular message to women by belittling men at the same time, as if to cheer her female readers up a little. She claims that man is a "very simple creature," who needs only "direct communication, respect, appreciation, food, and good loving'" to respond with devotion, compassion and love. What she means is that, compared with women, men are emotionally uncomplicated. No argument there. But could we call Thomas Edison a very simple creature because his emotional needs were uncomplicated? A very simple creature would have been unable to change the world with his inventive and creative genius, or have an intellect that has doubled the world's population in a few centuries. If that is a simple creature, then what name to give a creature which has shown and shows no creative drive or gift of invention, despite occupying 60% of university study places in the USA? 'Extremely simple'? 'Unbelievably uncreative'? Or 'Just plain stupid?'? In a perfect world, a person making such a claim would be condemned to one month living only on female inventions, although admittedly, that may qualify as a cruel and unusual punishment.

    Besides her own prejudices though, this is a book which offers some interesting food for thought. Ultimately, everyone has to work out their own unique relationship though, and should just use this book for tips rather than as some kind of relationship bible. Perhaps the biggest failing of this book and many others like it, is that they lead people to the false conclusion that happiness is to be found through another person. No system of spiritual advancement has ever advocated finding strength and happiness through someone else. It is up to all of us to ensure that we spiritually grow, which is our main purpose as human beings, be that with a partner or not. The western fantasy of romance has caused so much unnecessary misery. It is interesting and revealing to note that women from cultures where romantic relationships are the exception, and marriages are more practical affairs, that these women are made of far stronger emotional material than western women, many of whom remain children inside, looking for a man to replace their parents, or the security of their family homes. Remember to always keep your own spiritual development in mind, that the western concept of romantic love is artificial, not naturally evolved or the only form of relationship, and that a guarantee for eventual unhappiness is to seek strength in another....more info
  • You are a disgruntled wife? Huh? Then read this book, it will HELP you.
    My wife read this book and my marriage has SIGNIFICANTLY improved. I feel much better about my marriage and my wife even smiles at me and hugs me and enjoys being around me.

    If you are a wife, please please please read this book with an open heart. And please don't be too put off by the urgency/tone of the author, she REALLY DOES have a lot of good things to say if you are willing to really listen.

    Also recommended is: "For Women Only" and "For Men Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn.

    ...more info
  • Common sense, fair-minded marriage advice
    Many have a knee-jerk negative reaction to any book that flies in the face of current feminist "wisdom," but if the naysayers would really read and listen, they would see that what Dr. Laura is advcating is equity (NOT sameness) and fairness in the home. Example: if a woman says she wants to be treated like a queen and be pampered by her man, she's encouraged and praised. But if a man expresses a desire to be treated like a king, he's labeled a sexist jerk... Or if a woman complains about her husband not helping around the house or not doing t well enough, she's just expressing her needs, but if a man is upset because of her lacking in that department, again...sexist jerk. If she wants a spa day, she's just getting some well-deserved "me" time, but if he wants to golf with his buddies, he's being selfish and demanding. Hmmm. doesn't quite sound fair to me. Dr. Laura makes the assertion that most men are basically decent people with basic, simple needs - respect, a good meal, admiration, praise, sexual fulfillment - who will walk through fire to please the wife who meets these needs. On the other hand, wives who disrespect and dismiss their husbands and their needs shouldn't expect to be rewarded for their behavior. This is a book filled with common-sense advice that will make for some very happy marriages if readers will just listen with an open mind rather than jumping to wrong conclusions. Every wife should read this book....more info
    If you are having troubles in your relationship, I recommend this book. From a woman's perspective, it gives insight on how to treat men in a way where we, women, won't push them away with our misconceptions, plus, we get a look at what we are doing wrong in the relationship to contribute negatively to the arguments or to create them. I love this books and it saved my marriage. Men are simple creatures and this books outlines their simpleness. If we women pay attention to what really matters instead of worrying about the little things, the relationship will grow. The book helps focus on what counts and emphazises the importance of communication. Please women, listen to me and buy this book, our men deserve better, they are not the guilty parties as we always want to make them seem and this book made me realize this!!!...more info
  • Have an open mind & it makes sense
    If you're worried about slipping decades back in the feminist movement by following Dr. Laura's advice, then you'll probably skip right past the common sense advice. Dr. Laura promotes celebrating the differences between husbands and wives. Generation X and all that came after have been brain washed into thinking that there is something wrong with being a woman. This book points out the beauty of how men and women can compliment each other. Men have their roles - they are men. Women have their roles - which are no less valuable to the world or marriage - they are women. This book can truly change your marriage....more info
  • Entertaining and helpful
    Dr. Laura is quite entertaining and much of her material is right on. We men now just need a book on how to get our women to actual do what she recommends in the book....more info
  • good price and good service
    This book came quickly and in excellent condition. I would purchase from this seller again. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I was hoping this book would have some more info for those of us that are 2 income households. This book is geared to a 1 income household. ...more info
  • wow - if only women would read this book !!
    .... ladies ... its a real good read . it's what real men need want and desire .... nice work Dr. laura !! ...more info
  • Right On
    I found this prospective refreshing in today's world. It is eye opening to read men's comments about their feelings toward their wife's disrespect and selfishness. Any wowan who doesn't take this seriously is in serious troulbe in their relationship....more info
  • Look no further
    Well, for the last years, men and women have been fed up with looking for this elusive and strange beast called "Happy marriage". There have been people telling they have seen it but, as Bigfoot or the Yeti, these reports come from strange lands or ancient times and most scholars tend to think that this creature is only a figment of our imagination. Sick and tired of trying to chase this mythical beast with no result, people have given up and start settling for substitutes. Men have adopted one-night stands, meaningful affairs and video games. Women have adopted single motherhood, entitlement attitude, male-bashing and shopping. Both sexes have also settled for ersazt marriages (marriage-for-the-kids, open marriages, doormat marriages and other kind of unhappy marriages) which have bring a lot of misery. But all these replacements have not made us forget the mythical beast we long for. Because in the core of the human heart there is a need for a happy long-term connection with another person and nothing can replace that.

    Look no further. This book tells you all what you must do in order to have a good marriage. It is not rocket science: in fact, everything that it is explained here is plain common sense. But it is a sign of the decadence of the times that common sense is so extremely uncommon. So this book was badly needed. Of course, this flies in the face of all the BS which media and so-called "pundits" have told us for the last decades (because this is what we wanted to hear). This is not wishful thinking, fairy tales or how things should be. This is how things are and what to do about it. This is the truth, plain and simple, with the good and the bad.

    For women: If you want to have a happy marriage, please read this book and practice what is taught there. You will have a great marriage and a husband that gives you a hundred for one. Please read this book without prejudices and with an open mind.

    For men: Give this book as a present to your girlfriend and examine her reaction. If she tells you sincerely: "This book is what I have always thought", you probably have a keeper (for marriage). If she tells you sincerely: "I thought otherwise but this book has made me think", you may have a keeper (but you will have to check that). If she tells you "This is book is nonsense. Why isn't there a book called "the proper care and feeding of wifes"? (the book explains why), please leave her PRONTO. Don't let her misery ruin your life....more info
  • Stay out of divorce court
    If more wives listened to Dr. Laura the divorce rate would go down, down, down. ...more info
  • good read
    Basically Dr. Laura tells us that we need to shut the hell up and cater to our husbands in order to get them to treat us well.

    While it seems like a smack in the face, I guess having a relationship as such is what all men dream when we give them that, they feel good, and in turn - they give us what we want.

    Seriously though, I think it's important that we treat our men how we want to be treated - and not nag them or irritate them with neverending, meaningless ramblings. (we'd hate it if they did that to us)

    So, I guess she makes some good's worth reading if you're a woman who's wondering why her husband is annoyed with her or stonewalling all the time.

    ...more info
  • Makes us look at how selfish we've become!
    This is a really great book for anyone married: men and women. I think we forget to look at things in our lives from the other persons viewpoint. We start getting stuck in our "hurts" and our "feelings." We as women forget men have feelings too.

    This book will help you appreciate your husband more and realize why you married in the first place.

    If you don't like the book or the author, don't follow its principles. If you want a healthy and happy marriage: read this book! It could save your marriage!...more info
  • Common Sense
    This book is not as bad as some people have reviewed it to be. Although, I found a lot of the content to be common sense. You respect, making the other person in the relationship feel wanted and needed. Plus, it implies that if you follow all this advice, your husband will be putty in your hands. I gave it a shot and did not really see any difference. ...more info
  • A little disappointed
    Can't get all the way through this one. Not what I expected. Dr. Laura has a tendency to generalize every situation. Doesn't take into consideration variables in each caller's situation....more info
  • Proper care and feeding of husbands.
    Excellent information. I want to be prepared with the right knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Laura is "real". Her words are very truthful and liberating....more info
    I always thought that there was nothing I could do to "change" my husband's mood and such. This book proves you can!...more info
  • Wonderful advice for a happy, stable home!
    Every married woman should read (and follow) this book. The information in here is so common sense and enlightening at the same time. You will notice a difference in your husband from the very first day you start to put Dr. Laura's advice into practice.

    I am a very headstrong, professional woman, who works full time running my own law office and teaching college as an adjuct professor. If I can make the time to read this book and put in it into practice, anybody can.

    While we generally have a very happy marriage, I know that I can do better. Dr. Laura uses a lot of examples from her show to illustrate the "ruts" we can get into as women, especially busy women. As much as I hate to admit it, I can see myself in a lot of her "examples." I have not made it to the extreme of most of those women, but without changing anything, I could see the road ahead, and it would not be as happy and healthy as it could be:)

    At first, the information she gives you sounds like it won't work. It is basically this: alter your behavior and go the extra mile and your husband will react in a positive way. It almost sounds too easy. She is right. You will be happier in your marriage than you ever have been and your husband will feel like he is your hero:) You will feel like his queen:)

    My next read will be her book "In praise of the Stay Home Mom." I am ready to be a full time mom and take on the most important job a woman could ever have:) Thanks, Dr. Laura!...more info
  • A Better Idea
    I found this and kept an open mind, but I just couldn't get past the negativity this book was full of. I absolutely agree that women do silly things to their men - nag, complain, whine, withhold affection, and so on. And I agree that women oftentimes would have happier husbands, happier marriages, if we stopped.

    However, Dr. Laura seems so hell-bent on showing us how mean, critical, emasculation we women can be that she misses the whole aspect of - "Ok, got it, how do we change?"

    Yes, "Stop nagging" is simple advice - and Dr. Laura does say that. But if I'm nagging it's because SOMETHING NEEDS TO GET DONE AND HE AIN'T DOING IT!

    Dr. Laura advises we "give it up" more often to our husbands - I agree, having children, a busy home, work puts a huge damper on romance. But that alone doesn't repair the damage done or replace bad habits with good.

    I would have appreciated more concrete advice on how to stop doing the nasty things that can break down the marriage by replacing them with POSITIVE action.

    I found that in The Surrendered Wife: A Practical Guide To Finding Intimacy, Passion and Peace, which, while absurdly patriarchal at times, did offer solid ways I could improve our marriage. I'm a do'er - what can I *do* to fix things - and "The Surrendered Wife" was a great well of ideas (some of which I laughed at, but many of which I found value in).

    By the way, I earn all the income for our family and am a far cry from traditional and/or religious values, but I so still see that men like to be treated like men, my husband included, and I'm willing to use what I can from books like these and leave the rest. My being a little softer, a little kinder and even a little less of a b*Tch, is never a bad thing....more info
  • Truth for living
    This book confirmed my own belief on how a woman should care for her man, and in return he will meet all her needs. What could be more of a truth on giving then real life experiences. I highly recommend this book for all those who want a meaningful life. ...more info
  • Complete waste of time
    I found this book sensationalistic and the title in particular designed for shock value, of which Dr. Laura is a master. Dr. Laura puts the onus of responsibility for the relationship on the woman when the reality is anything but that. It takes two responsible, respectful individuals to make a relationship work. Period.

    Anything "helpful" Dr. Laura has to say is flat out common sense that you can aquire for free. Everything else is mindless fluff that's at best useless and at worst offensive and misleading.

    Bottom line: if your marriage or relationship is in trouble, this book won't help. If it's not, then this book won't do you any good and you don't need it anyway....more info
  • The biggest issue
    We find in relationships when we have problems that respect is really the biggest issue. Dr. Laura's book " The Proper Care and feeding of husbands" is a mind changing book. Dr. Laura is an in your face kind of gal. When I was in highschool I was first introduced to her by my Latin teacher during a free-period when I helped grade tests, and papers. I was shocked as I had never heard anyhting like her radio show...a strong woman...I was amazed.
    I came to read this book years later when I was struggling with a relationship. Everything in this book clicked with me. When you're in a bad way in a relationship- as much as you want it to be right- you create your own barrier most times. It taught me to be respectful, gratuitous, and to remember the hard work that every person commits to the relationship. Instead of nagging about what you don't like- cut some slack and appreciate what you do like.
    Dr. Laura also addressed the issue of insecurity. She made me realize that part of why I was not happy with my significant other was because I was not happy with myself. That alone gave me the courage to do what I needed to do for me. It's a book about respecting the ones you love, and respecting yourself. ...more info
  • How to live miserably ever after
    That should be the subtitle. Within the pages of this book is advice that will, if you follow it to a 'T,' help you to become the miserable you-know-what Dr. Laura already thinks you are.

    The following are a few of the more pathetic pieces of "advice" she vomits out:

    1) Don't talk to your husband about your problems, talk to your girlfriends. You husband is only here to meet physical needs (his more than yours), not to listen to you "whine."

    --I suggest you ask your spouse about this before swallowing it hook, line, and sinker in the name of wifely submission. It might sound good to him on the surface, but mention that it means you'll be complaining to your friends about him as well. If he's any sort of human being, he probably won't like it.

    1b) Women don't want their problems solved, they only want to whine.

    --Really? News to me, as well as to most reasonable women. Now, there ARE women who don't. There are women who just want to whine, I'm related to a lot of them. They are not the type of woman who will read this book. They type of woman who will read this book is the one who feels there is a problem in her marriage and wants to solve it...uh, I think I'm beginning to see where Dr. Laura's "logic" fails.

    2) What a woman wants out of a marriage is what she sees on a soap opera, without the affairs.

    --This, of course, assumes that all women waste their time watching soap operas in the first place. I would presume that when (ha-ha) she gets around to writing "The Proper Care & Feeding of Wives" she will advise husbands to spend time watching these types of shows so they can be better husbands.

    3) You have "let yourself go" (ie you are now fat) and you dress like a bag. Dress sexy and get in shape, then your husband will like you.

    --Another assumption of Dr. Laura is that fat women never get married. The only type of bride Dr. Laura has ever seen is a skinny one. Of all the advice she offers this is, hands down, the most damaging. There are going to be women out there who are already skinny, already doing all the other crap she suggests in this book, and they are going to think, "If only I become thinner, then he'll respect me." Our culture's obsession with weight isn't bad enough, Dr. Laura wants every woman to essentially starve herself until she's thin enough to please her fickle husband.

    In short, the gist of Dr. Laura's book is that, unless a man wants to have children, he would be better off with a cook, a housekeeper, and a prostitute. You are a worthless piece of crud who doesn't even deserve him....more info
  • A real life-changer
    This book literally transformed our marriage. I was lucky enough to read this after only 4 years of marriage; now I give it to everyone I know for a marriage present when they get married. It's so interesting, insightful, fun to read, and incredibly useful. Not everything in there applies to everyone, obviously, but there is so much that anyone can learn if they are open minded. WARNING: This book puts a lot of responsibility on women and some would call it anti-feminist. My answer to that: It works....more info
  • Every Married Woman should Read this Book!
    I know Dr. Laura's advice flies in the face of conventional wisdom among women's libbers. However, Dr. Laura very succinctly lays out that about all it takes to have a sincerely joyful marriage is to be nice to our spouses. Wow!! What a concept. This book tell you exactly how to be nice, something we may have forgotten after years of work, kids and marriage juggling.
    I really, really recommend this book and after I read it, I passed it on to my newlywed daugher who's 24. She gavve it kudos, as well....more info
  • This will help your marriage!
    This book has helped our marriage in more ways than one. Our relationship, our parenting, our intimacy, our friendship. This book was exactly what I needed!...more info
  • Excellent!
    This book is excellent and very helpful! I like to give it to my friends as a wedding gift!...more info
  • Thank you
    Great book for helping those who need to be told straight-up to stop thinking of "self"....more info
  • Understand the message, don't politicize it.
    The message of this book can be summed up pretty easily. 1. Women have all the power in the household, they have just forgotten how to wield it (as a guy, I have no problem with this). 2. Men and women have fundamentally different needs (why is this actually a surprise to some people?) 3. Men, in point of fact, are not women and should not have the same expecations placed upon them (we're not your girlfriends; polls confirm that men actually prefer dining on shards of glass to chatting for hours on end). 4. The nicer you treat us, the nicer we treat you (you'd think that one would be self evident, wouldn't you?) 5. Women who let themselves go to pot, deny us sex, and use nagging as their preferred method of communicatiion for years on end, and then think that we will respond to this wonderful treatment with tenderness, love, and faithfullness are in for a very big surprise (that being in the form of divorce papers and mistresses who fill those voids experienced at home (mind you, this is equally applicable to men as well)).
    I'm not entirely sure, but I think that Dr. Laura may actually be a guy; she seems to know them that well.
    Let me be very clear... this book has NOTHING to do with a supposed reversal of feminism. There is nothing here saying that women can't have fulfilling and successful lives in any arena they choose. Ladies, the choice you have is very simple. If you are in an otherwise healthy relationship, and you want a happy man, follow the advice in this book. If you are not that interested in a happy man, don't bother....more info
  • A must-have for all wives.
    Dr. Laura gives advice that many women don't want to hear, but that they desperately need. If you keep your mind open to her advice, you will find yourself having an amazing marriage....more info
  • Taking Responsibility
    A breath of fresh air is what this book is!
    To quote:
    * A change in attitude and a commitment to quality actions can bring such profound joy.

    * Take responsibility for you own well being; stay rested, don't over commit and then complain, stay in touch with friends with a positive influence.

    To quote me: Don't think for a minute that others find a hard working, faithful, loving man as being the schmuck- (you fill in the word) that you think he is.

    * Me:Don't put making love to your husband after all of your other commitments! That's just idiotic!

    There are literally thousands of women out there that would love to be my husband's wife. I have never taken him for granted or lessen him as a man.

    My husband is hardly perfect, but neither am I. But he is the man, as Dr. Laura says, I chose to be the father of my children and the man I made a vow to.

    How can I treat him any thing but kindness and respect. I what I get back for that effort is incredible! ...more info
  • Disappointing for me.
    I listen to Dr. Laura every work day, and I very often am blown away by her uncanny ability to pin-point the problem and present a very good solution. However, my description of this book would be that it is a disorganized collection of rants about how women do everything wrong. Each chapter is filled with conversations with women and men that belabor this point. The majority of these conversations are belittling and paint the woman a selfish fool. All the conversations with men are sympathetic to the tragedy that their wife doesn't do this or that for them.

    I was hoping for a cute and insightful step-by-step "manual", but what I got was completely the opposite....more info
  • thank you dr laura
    i bought this book, half expecting to want to throw it away after reading the first page. i bought it before a trip to see my family with my husband, and brought it with us for the plane ride. i started reading it, with my husband looking over my shoulder, and was absolutely stunned (in a good way). my husband kept nodding and agreeing with everything she says- especially 'a good man is easy to find, just hard to keep' and 'men are simple'. i've put these quips and her suggestions to good use and my marriage has never been better. i grew up with a staunchly feminist mother, i went to a womens college that promoted 'unisexuality' and grew up with the mindset that my husband was to cater to me no matter how nasty i have been to him (example set by my mother and father). now i see things entirely different and appreciate my husband and our marriage more than ever. thank you so much dr laura....more info
  • Great Read
    As a young woman who has a relatively stressful job as an attorney (and about to get married), I really appreciated this book. Many women look at the title, and think, this isn't the 18th Century where I should have to care for/feed my husband. At least, that is what I thought. The book, however, was refreshingly more about woman empowerment. While my soon-to-be husband has little (well as far as those that are voiced) complaints, it was nice to read about ways to improve upon my relationship (and ultimately my life). We're often all too busy doing for ourselves when we should be seeking out how we may help and care for those closest around us. ...more info
  • Out of Control Women and Neglected Men
    "...women get married thinking largely about what their marriage and their man can do for them, and not what they can do for their men. And when there is so little emphasis on the giving, the nitpicking and pettiness chews up and spits out what could have been a good marriage." ~ pg. 3

    In "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands" Dr. Laura Schlessinger promotes traditional family values. It is no surprise then that she wants men and women to adapt to more traditional roles. Since men and women are quite different at heart, she encourages her reader to fit into the roll of stay at home mom or provider. Women are then expected to cook, pay their husband attention sexually and raise their children. Men are expected to be the main provider and are to be treated as the knight in shinning armor.

    While this may work for many people, you may find yourself in a less than traditional role. This book is truly for women with a dominant feminine energy and men with a dominant male energy.

    While reading this book I felt that Dr. Laura was mostly taking the guy's side. I noticed two main stories and how they played out. In a story about Valentine's Day, maybe Dr. Laura could try seeing it from a female perspective. It is devastating for a woman to be forgotten on Valentine's Day. End of Story. There is also a story about a man and how he deals with his wife forgetting his birthday. Both stories are sad but have easy solutions. Mark the dates of important events on your calendar once a year. For some reason Dr. Laura doesn't say to do this but it should have been something she advised.

    The chapter on sex is enlightening but doesn't address the differences in sex drive. Dr. Laura seems to promote sex whenever the husband wants it despite a woman's need for romance. If guys want more sex, give more romance. Why doesn't Dr. Laura give this advice in her book? I assume it is because this book will mostly be read by women since it is about taking care of your man.

    I liked the ideas about cooking since my husband says I keep him well fed. We have a little routine of going to the store for ingredients to try out new recipes. My husband will sometimes tear recipes out of magazines and ask me to try them. This works well because I love to cook. I also have a schedule which allows me to have time for cooking. Women who are working more hours are not as likely to have as much time. Dr. Laura recommends that women cut out some of their "to do list" to make room for their husband's needs.

    Overall this book has some good ideas about not being an "out of control" woman so your husband is not neglected. Mothering and nagging are to be avoided at all costs. Some of the stories in this book are a little shocking due to the level of abuse in some relationships. For the most part the people writing in have seen the light and agree with Dr. Laura's point of view.

    I was a little shocked actually that Dr. Laura recommended getting rid of a family pet just because it was hissing at the husband. Cats give a lot of love and can easily be trained to be more loving. How about a few kitty treats and a nice brushing. The cat was probably just a little jealous and could have learned to love the husband too. There is a solution for everything and sometimes it is easier than you think.

    ~The Rebecca Review
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  • Thank you Dr. Laura
    If you truly want a great marriage, read what Dr. Laura has to say. Selfishness is NOT the answer, giving is. Take personal responsibility about giving respect....more info


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