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E-Book Extra: Cheat Sheet: Fast Facts on the Fabulous Fourteen SuperFoods

Sure, everyone knows that an apple is a better snack than potato chips, but do you know that a daily handful of walnuts or a bowl of blueberries can actually improve your well-being and longevity? Steven Pratt, M.D., witnessed the positive results that occurred when his patients changed their diets to include certain powerhouse foods -- those he has identified as SuperFoods. Backed by proven research on fourteen of the most nutrient-dense foods, this book puts these tools in your hands, and on your plate, to give you more energy, greater protection against disease, and a healthy lifestyle now and for the future.

SuperFoods Rx is based on a simple but profound premise: some foods are dramatically better than others for our health and longevity.

Sure, everyone knows that an apple is a better snack than potato chips, but do you know that a daily handful of walnuts or a bowl of blueberries can actually improve your well-being and longevity?

Steven Pratt, M.D., witnessed the positive results that occurred when his patients with age-related macular degeneration changed their diets to include certain powerhouse foods -- those he has identified as SuperFoods. Backed by proven research on fourteen of the most nutrient-dense foods, this book puts these tools in your hands, and on your plate, to give you more energy, greater protection against disease, and a healthy lifestyle now and for the future.

Whether you're 63 or 23, now is the right time to start eating the SuperFoods way. By making these foods part of your regular eating habits, you can actually change the course of your biochemistry and stop the incremental changes in your body that lead to diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, obesity, and Alzheimer's.

What are the fourteen SuperFoods? Many may already be part of your daily meals, while some may make occasional appearances. But all are supermarket-friendly nutrition powerhouses:

Beans • Blueberries • Broccoli • Oats •
Oranges • Pumpkin • Salmon • Soy • Spinach •
Tea -- green or black • Tomatoes • Turkey • Walnuts • Yogurt

SuperFoods Rx not only outlines the amazing health benefits of these fourteen foods, it also includes delicious recipes, kitchen tips, and shopping suggestions that will make the SuperFoods lifestyle simple and irresistible.

Don't like tomatoes? Not to worry; almost all of the SuperFoods have sidekicks -- or substitutions -- that you can enjoy instead. Have some lycopene-rich red watermelon or pink grapefruit instead of tomatoes. Can't bear the thought of spinach? Choose from a list of other dark leafy greens, romaine lettuce, or orange bell peppers.

In SuperFoods Rx,

Customer Reviews:

  • Compelling delivery of life-altering information
    This book should be mandatory reading for every American. You shouldn't be able to graduate high school without reading it. Hell, health insurance companies should send you a free copy when you enroll in a new plan!

    A couple of years ago, I discovered that I suffered from severe allergies to dairy, eggs and wheat. I'd had eczema my entire life, but not one single doctor in 28 years ever mentioned it was probably caused by food allergies. (The nutrition-wise personal trainer I had at the time was the first health professional to ever suggest I investigate dairy as the source of my chronic inflammatory/autoimmune illnesses!)

    Anyway, old habits die hard. My version of avoiding allergenic foods was to get the chicken nuggets at McD's instead of the quarter-pounder with cheese, which does remove the wheat, eggs and dairy, but then there's still a nice fat helping of oil and other nasty elements in those foods. I was limping along trying to change my diet. Try reading labels on processed foods in your average supermarket and see how hard it is find one without wheat or dairy. It's nigh well impossible. You'd be astonished how many places refined flour is hiding: vegetarian soups, oat-based cereals and every TV dinner ever made.

    Then, one day, while at the local Borders, shopping for my dad for Christmas, I spotted Superfoods Rx. I guess I picked it up for two reasons: (1) I'd been hearing about "superfoods" in the media and figured I should try to understand them, and (2) the cover. That beautiful cover is so tantalizing and delicious I practically wanted to eat it! Many props to the food designer or the cover designer or the photographer or whoever put together that cornucopia of lovely food. Little did I know then, though, that picking up a book with pretty cover could improve my life so much!

    After "digesting" Superfoods (hee), I've learned to love good food for the first time in my life. I have learned how to truly nourish myself--and genuinely gratify myself with food in a way that's simply impossible with Hostess Cupcakes and their ilk! My cooking skills are picking up quickly, and I never go out for expensive lunches at work anymore, because I've always got my homemade boxes of spinach salad with avocado and grapefruit, bean-lentil-onions-and-tomato soup, or a healthy serving of salmon sashimi from the local Japanese market.

    My eczema has receded almost entirely. I no longer have bags under my eyes that make me look 15 years older. My skin looks frickin' fantastic, actually. I have fewer mood swings, and very few food cravings, because I just eat responsible, reasonable-sized portions all day long: a handful of apple slices here, a few rye crackers with almond butter there. (Most of the superfoods are also high in filling, satisfying fiber.)

    I now keep a list of all the superfoods (from this book and the "sequel" Superfoods HealthStyle) on my fridge. And I buy as much fruit as I can carry home and/or afford from the nearby produce market that I now patronize weekly.

    Superfoods is one of the best-written, smartest, most understandable, realistic and potentially transformative books written in the food and health category in a very long time. Get it today.

    P.S. Once you've read Superfoods and HealthStyle, you might want to check out, which is kind of like graduate-level superfoods studies....more info
  • Healthy eating
    This is a super book for people wanting to make good food choicies. What set this book apart is that the various foods listed are accompanied by what diseases and conditions they help to prevent or combat. And, suprisingly, none of the foods are exotic foods!
    A surprise benefit of has turned out to be weight loss. I am assuming it is from the low glycemic index....more info
  • GREAT BooK
    This book is filled with the nutritional information that we all need to be healthy. It's sad how lazy our society has become when we won't even take the time to throw a few things that are healthy together and instead eat processed death food at Mickey D's. Great Book, easy to read, interesting all the way through, easy to put into practice and comes with not only recipes but lists of suppliers for healthy eating....more info
  • Great book though I disagree that some are really superfoods...

    I loved the simple and enthusiastic style of the author, especially as he compares (in the introduction) the hypothetical 68-year-old who is on pharmaceuticals with the 68-year-old that is still physically active because he ate right.

    Dr. Pratt somehow chose the top 14 superfoods, based on all kinds of studies which he cites. Though I have researched nutrition a lot, I learned plenty of gems and pearls from this book, such as the value of eating (organic) orange peels for the limonene, the importance of eating the orange pulp (high in Vitamin C), rolling a citrus fruit before juicing to get more of the juice out, low calorie ways to get high amounts of nutrients (ex: pumpkins), squeezing a teabag to get much more of the flavonoids released, and that spinach is an unequaled superfood.

    I gave only four stars because a few of the foods he recommends have a strong downside. For example, while yogurt is the least indigestible of all dairy, most people simply can't handle dairy and (as proven in The China Study) the casein protein actually increases the odds of cancer. Also grains--whether whole or not--are not the easiest of foods to digest. He also lists "fluoride" on the ingredients of tea as if that were a good thing, whereas it has been proven toxic (read The Fluoride Deception, which is packed with research) and it is unfortunate that the tea plant (which in itself is a great superfood) absorbs this toxin from the environment. Even soy, unless eaten sparingly, can present health problems due to the excess of phytoestrogens. And Dr. Pratt suggests on several pages that we microwave food, though microwaving has been proven to create toxins in food. Eating microwaved food was found to cause abnormal changes in human blood and immunity in a study done by Dr. Hertel of Switzerland, and microwave ovens were even banned in Russia.

    ...more info
  • Excellent book to promote healthy food choices
    This is an excellent book to help learn more about making beneficial food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is not a fad diet or gimmick to lose weight fast. In addition to the 14 suggested "Super Foods," the author identifies "sidekicks" for each, which offer similar benefits. The author also provides recipes, offering guidance on how to prepare these foods using healthy cooking choices, too. (I've already tried a few and they're fabulous!) Finally, throughout the entire book the author supports his information with research-based evidence, with references, from peer-reviewed journals.

    Although the focus is not on losing weight, when you take the advice of the author and begin to eat all of the foods necessary for a long, healthy life, you have little room left to eat the garbage that keeps on the extra pounds!

    This is not just a book I recommend to friends and family - this is one I've already purchased several copies of for friends and family!...more info
  • Great guide to important foods
    I wanted a comprehensive list of the Superfoods because I have been trying to include them in my family's daily diet. This is a good book for this purpose. It gives good explanation of the value of eating each food. I definitely recommend this book if you want to eat better....more info
  • Super Foods Rx,
    Super Foods Rx, Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your LifeThis is one of the best books on nutrition I have read. I have been using most of these foods, I will be incorperating the rest of the super foods as I am tring to lmprove my health. ...more info
  • Very good addition to healthy living collection
    My husband lost 60 lbs following the Sugar Busters diet several years ago, but since then we have not followed any one particular "diet", per se. Instead, we try to eat lots of fruits and veggies, moderate amounts of meat, and just eat healthy in general... still working on the exercise aspect!

    This book offers a lot of good information, and not only is it practical advice for a healthy lifestyle, but it is also just plain interesting to read~at least, it is to me. The SuperFoods named are easy to find in the supermarket, and are easy to incorporate into an every day diet.

    Someone mentioned that it was ludicrous to expect that eating any particular food(s) would change your life. Perhaps. But it is also ludicrous to expect that we will continue to have a healthy body with the way that so many people (especially children) eat these days. The fact that good food and excellent nutrition habits lead to better health should come as a surprise to no one. This book serves as a guidemap to help those who are "lost", and even some who aren't... find their way back to good health and a healthy lifestyle.

    That is not to say that those with existing health problems will be miraculously cured or otherwise by following the suggestions in this book. But eating healthier is certainly not going to hurt anyone's well-being... and it might just help!...more info
  • Superfoods Folley
    Great book! Not alot of reading needed for this 'reference' book, but very informative with that beautiful cover for visual stimulation! After reading this book, I can actually remember all 14 foods and why they are important....more info
  • Super Foods
    This is a very informative book. I am not in a position to compare this against others like it but this is a great reference and has tons of good information and recipes to get you pointed in the right direction. I am enjoying it....more info
  • Nothing short of OUTSTANDING
    This book is current, up to date, very matter of fact. I couldn't put the book down because it captivated my attention after I had read Green for Life by Victoria. WOW! I would advise anyone to read this book and apply the principles...more info
  • Start here to change your relationship with food
    This is the first book I read when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last spring. It gave me a strong platform from which to rebuild my daily diet without wheat, rye and barley, and helped me discover the joys of simple, powerful foods. This is NOT a diet book, but an extremely valuable tool....more info
  • Good info
    After reading this book I have tried to change my diet.Hard to eat everything in this book that they claim are the super foods for a long period of time.I eat better than I did before with the info in the book....more info
  • A worthwhile read.
    The best thing about this list is that, to my mind, only three of these foods (oats, soy, and yogurt) are uninteresting. I personally find all the others to be range from being pleasant (broccoli, salmon, spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes, beans, and turkey) to being positively delightful (blueberries, oranges, tea, turkey, and walnuts). One great thing about the tasty foods such as blueberries and walnuts is that they can brighten up the taste of the bland stuff (oats and yogurt especially)....more info
  • Surprising and different
    What I like most about this book is that it stresses healthful eating and not dieting. It's a book for everyone. Folks, listen up: there are plenty of skinny people out there who are unhealthy (I knew someone who lived on a diet consisting of diet coke, candy bars and cigarettes and had quite a trim figure but who ended up with a bunch of other health problems that weren't visible on the outside to the layman's eye). This book gets into the best foods for the human machine - for what ails you or for what you can prevent from ailing you in the future. I read it because I was feeling tired and looking pale and I wasn't keen on choking down a fistful of supplements every day. The 14 foods are actually quite good - oranges, pumpkin (I always was partial to orange food), broccoli, turkey, nuts, oats, wild Alaskan salmon etc... The recipes are really good too - not like other books that substitute artificial ingredients for calories' sake (there's no splenda here thank heavens). You use real sugar (but a lot less of it and most of the time brown sugar), real flour (regular and whole wheat), real eggs... well you get the idea. I made the oat bran muffins that were sweetened by grinding an orange in the blender combined with a little brown sugar and I couldn't believe how good they were. I also made the apple crisp which was very good (made with walnuts) and am planning to try the pumpkin pudding and the salmon burgers next.

    The other excellent thing is that the book gives shopping lists of the really good brands/products and all are items that anyone can purchase in a regular supermarket or Trader Joe's (except the eggs - I couldn't find the eggs he suggests so I just bought organic). This is about making better choices and living healthier and if you approach it that way, you will automatically be healthier and feel better. I felt better after only the first few days. I have more energy already and my skin looks really nice too.

    Oh, and I hear the sequel includes dark chocolate (my favorite) and red wine (my favorite). Something to look forward to after I eat my way through this one.
    ...more info
  • Superfoods Rx
    This book is now my food Bible. Three years ago, I lost 125 pounds. This book helps me maintain and stay fit. ...more info
  • Take Time to Read
    This is very interesting ! Read the whole book once then go back and read again.This time take your time and make notes. Now, go through your notes and implement them in your life....more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I too, loved this book. You will absolutley love this diet. There are NONE that come even close to this book. I also tried a book recommended by another reveiwer and was highly disappointed. Stick with what you know....more info
  • An Eye Opener
    I've been a vegetarian for 21 years and thought that I followed a balanced diet... well, this book opened my eyes. I loved it because it explains how each of the superfoods contributes to your health, the recipes are very easy to make and since I started putting it in practice, I feel a lot better and more energized :-) Great purchase !...more info
  • Think about what you are eating.
    I used to never really think about what I ate. I used to eat stuff that tasted good. I would eat some fruits and vegetables here and there because "they were good for me". After reading this book, the 14 superfoods have now been the staple of my diet for the last 4 months or so. I now feel great and look great. I lost like ten pounds in a couple of months and I was not even trying to lose weight. I guess if you are eating the right things and getting some exercise your body will naturally get to its prime weight. Fad diets now look ridiculous compared to this book. If you are eating the right stuff in the first place you won't need to go on another fad diet. Read this book and stop eating the crap that the big food companies and advertising agencies are forcing down your throat....more info
  • Informative and easy to follow
    This is an EXCELLENT book for anyone interested in the ins and outs of health and nutrition. The book goes in depth on the various nutrients that each of the 14 superfoods provides and what those nutrients do for your body, why they're necessary, etc. And, what I REALLY love are all the RECIPES he gives USING each of the 14 superfoods! They're easy, delicious, and nutritious. If this book doesn't get you to start eating more healthfully, then nothing will. GREAT!...more info
  • Learn To Eat Healthy

    If you are trying to eat in a more healthy way this book is a must. This book discusses each of 14 foods that in one way or another help prevent heart disease, cancer and other health problems. A discussion of each food and its healt benefits is written in a way that anyone can understand. Information about what to look for when shopping for foods as well as menus and recipies make this book a must.

    ...more info
  • Simple, intelligent, proven and invaluable.
    Pratt is not advocating faddy diets, speedy weight loss nor any other such eating plan you will stray away from in days because it's dull, uninspired and useless.
    Quite the contrary, he supplies you with clinically researched evidence that indicates how and why these super foods are good and why you should get more of them in your diet. None of them are difficult to introduce into your diet in great quantity and none of them are insipid, tasteless nor a chore. The other outstanding benefit is that it works! You WILL notice an energy increase and a general improvement in day to day functioning.
    This is how all self help books should be designed and published, with sound clinical research and evidence at it's foundation and the desire to improve health at it's core.
    Most help only those who write them, this is far better than the average and genuinely works!...more info
  • Good news- I love all fourteen foods (mostly)
    Superfoods RX provides a good summary of some of the best foods to eat in a healthy balanced diet. One of the best things about this book is that the foods listed also come with sidekicks. Most of the foods are not only nutritious, but delicious as well. All of a sudden, something like a turkey sandwich with spinach leaves, tomatoes, and made with oat bread is a superfood buffet. Another delectable delight, vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries, walnuts, and oats is an ideal, filling and tastey breakfast.

    The inclusion of pumpkin is a little problematic for me because I have mostly ingested pumpkin in pastries and in pies. Winter squash will probably do in meeting the pumpkin requirement though I'll take the challenge to find more creative uses for pumpkin. (Anyone have a good pumpkin soup recipe to share?) The inclusion of soybeans and beans is a little duplicative though I have to admit that nothing goes with beer as well as edadame. Except in high sodium Chinese soups, I don't do tofu so I might have to find other ways for using edadame if I'm going to follow the book's soy recommendation.

    The authors by including tea as a superfood makes my former Mormon self chuckle a bit. Evil tea listed as a health food? Joe I guess you messed up on that one. As for salmon, it's a good news bad news situation. I love salmon, but try finding affordable wild salmon in Utah. The farmed, color added stuff just doesn't cut it health-wise or taste wise. I have made salmon salads from canned Alaskan salmon on a bed of spinach leaves, mixed with tomatoes, broccoli, walnuts, and orange slices. It was actually quite tastey. I might have to take a trip to Alaska every summer to meet the Superfoods recommendation, but I'll give it a go.

    All in all, I found this book a pretty good nutritional guide. The only thing better would have been if he added a good cold lager as a superfood.
    ...more info
  • Simple, Easy Changes
    That's all your diet needs really. Just read the book, and then start introducing these Superfoods into your diet one at a time. You don't need to give anything else up (though over time, you may find yourself giving up a few things willingly), as this change should be gentle and gradual. I haven't given up pizza or chocolate chip waffles (yikes!), but I have made berries, soymilk, salmon and spinach a part of my regular diet. This is a HUGE improvement compared to what I was eating a few years ago. I'm not eating ALL of the Superfoods with regularity yet, but I'm working on it.

    Good news: The authors provide alternate choices in the event a listed Superfood doesn't sit well with you. Truly you have every chance for success here. :o)...more info
  • Eating Better for a Longer Life
    The author starts out telling us where the American way of eating has gone off track. His list of food problems makes a lot of sense:
    *Increased portion sizes.
    *Decreased energy expenditure; people just don't exercise enough.
    *Unhealthy balance of fats in the diet:an increase in saturated fat, omega-6 fatty acids, and trans-fatty acids, along with a huge decrease in omega-3 fatty acids.
    *An increase in consumption of processed cereal grains.
    *An overall decrease in fruit and vegetable intake from historical standards.
    *A decrease in lean meat and fish intake.
    *A decrease in antioxidant intake and calcium intake (especially from whole foods).
    *The unhealthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats,which is associated with a long list of chronic diseases.
    *A marked increase in refined sugar as an overall percentage of caloric intake.
    *A decrease in whole food consumption, which has led to a marked decrease in phytonutrient intake.
    *A decrease in the variety of foods eaten.

    It shouldn't be too hard to add the superfoods into my diet (Beans/Blueberries/Broccoli/Oats/Oranges/Pumpkin/Salmon/Soy/Spinach/Tea/Tomatoes/Turkey/Walnuts/Yogurt
    ...more info
  • an incredibly valuable resource
    I saw this book at a friend's home and after inquiring about it, I borrowed it from the library. The information is so important and well-delivered that I immediately purchased it. In fact, it has made such an impact that this is the first purchase I have ever felt compelled to review. A healthy approach to eating as a means of preventing disease or promoting wellness, this book should prove useful for anyone. As someone who already ate fairly healthy, I used it to move to the next level. The book offers a lot of great information on adjusting your diet, which you can apply all at once or gradually. I am gradually making adjustments and feel better already. Even though it's not really marketed as a diet book, I'm sure eating this way would have any extra pounds come off fairly effortlessly....more info
  • Awesome book
    This book is full of great nutritional info, shows the benefits of many different foods and it is full of wonderful recipes....more info
  • A solid, general rubric for proper eating
    SuperFoods is a great leap in the right direction for anyone looking to improve his or her diet.

    Positives: the format and suggestions are some of the best in the diet class. It's easy to follow, the suggestions are not too expensive, and the book includes a great deal of scientific explanations and references.

    Negatives: the author suggests consuming beans, oats, soy, and dairy. These foods are generally beneficial for one's health, however after reading The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat by Dr. Cordain, I learned that human bodies are not properly engineered to consume such foods.

    Conclusion: this book is a tremendous foundational guide to proper nutrition. For those who want to take it to the next level, I would recommend The Paleo Diet instead. ...more info
  • $7.99 to take to work
    This book has good information for when you are eating outside the home. It makes you think about what you are ordering. ...more info
  • great resource!!
    i have only perused this so far and it is an exceptional guide for living and eating well!!...more info
  • good education on nutrition
    Normally I don't like books on nutrition because they can become a bit "preachy". This one caught my eye because the author lists 14 foods that are excellent for your body. I happen to like all 14 foods, but they also have alternative choices for each one with basically simular nutrient profiles in case you don't like one on the list or so you don't get bored with eating the same thing over and over again. I like that it's basic and I like that he has a chapter on each food explaining it's benefits. It was perfect for what I needed....more info
  • Good Resource
    The book was in excellent shape and has turned out to be a good resource for a class that I am taking....more info
  • Superfoods comments
    The book contained a wealth of information on healthy foods and their benefits to the human body. Consequently, my husband & I have changed our eating habits and are losing weight and feeling better for it....more info
  • SuperFoods Rx : Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life
    I found the book laid out well in its presentation of the 14 Superfoods. The nutritional information and guidelines on the daily requirements for each food category has helped me focus on a more balanced diet. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be more conscious about what they eat and why they eat it....more info
  • Super Foods
    Good information in the book, though some of it is a bit outdated. All in all, it is well written, easy to understand. I would suggest this to beginners who need a crash course in the power of natural food, or those just looking for an extra bit of information....more info
  • Exceptional!
    I have to tell you that once I began this read I could not put it down. The information that is packed inside of it to help us promote better health is superior to most that I have read.

    Dr. Pratt gives us fourteen foods that will definitely bring us closer to a healthy body if we will incorporate them in our diet. These are: Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oats, Oranges, Pumpkin, Salmon, Soy, Spinach, Tea, Tomatoes, Turkey, Walnuts and Yogurt. Not all on your 'favorite list;? take heart, the good doctor also provides some alternatives in each group for you to chose from. He dedicates an entire chapter to each one, clearly defining their benefits for our bodies.
    He winds down this outstanding educational read by giving us some wonderful recipes and some important nutrition facts and slam dunks it with a chapter titled, SuperFoods RX Shopping Lists, that will allow you to take the guess work out of which product has what , and which is the best to buy (something I always have trouble figuring out); and for those hard to find items, he includes their email or street address.
    This really is a useful, informative book; especially for those who wish to improve their health by adding foods that are readily available. Dr. Pratt does an outstanding job, writing in a clear and concise manner, bringing to light just the right amount of information you need to know without boring you. This book is a keeper, and one you will turn to time and time again. Recommended.
    ...more info
  • Great!
    The suggestions in this book have really stuck with me for a couple of years now. I've always noticed that spinach and tomato juice, gave me an extra surge of energy, that I always had a sense of wellbeing after eating oatmeal, got a kick out of brocolli, never had a bad thing to say about beans, felt fortified after having my yogurt. The book made me think that I should be paying attention to those feelings and capitalize on them. Put some of each into my shopping basket each time I go to the store and eat them instead of junk when I'm hungry.

    One strange and wonderful thing is that I now can't go without having spinach and yougurt with a glass of tomato juice in the morning for breakfast. I can't even figure how much my spinach consumption has increased- If i don't have it I get withdrawal symptoms. I puree the spinach and yougurt with a squeeze of lemon and I'm ready to go. If you like spinach dip it sort of tastes like that. For soy intake I use Revival Soy products. Google it. Have you ever tried puree of Orange and pumpkin? One orange to a half cup of pumpkin. This will fill you up and I dare you to try to be hungry afterward. If I have the soy, orange and pumpkin for lunch I am not hungry for hours. I don't like pumpkin too much but this is easy and good, which is why my appetite is curbed. Oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts and vanilla soymilk is great. Who could be hungry after that? Just eat these foods and you won't gain weight. You'll feel great, physically and mentally!...more info
  • Excellent
    I was raised on hot dogs, cola, and candy. This book was a real eye-opener! The authors make a coherent case for the 14 "Superfoods". Some are fairly common (like tea), others obvious (broccoli, spinach). I was surprised by the inclusion of pumpkin (and its substitute the sweet potato).
    The authors outline substitutes for each food (except tea) and explain why the food in question is so beneficial, including the antioxidant content of the food and the part of the body it benefits (e.g. spinach is good for the eyes). The authors then back up their claims with citations to scientific studies. If you want to have a healthier diet, read this book!...more info
  • Excellent book
    This is an excellent book. Not did I find it informative but also very insightful on super foods. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in living a healthier and more vibrant life. I recommend it highly. ...more info
  • Great guide for eating your way to good health
    This is a very good and thorough book detailing the 14 foods necessary for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Sadly my two staples, chocolate and coffee didn't make the cut but most of the other foods are things I eat on a regular basis so adding more of these things won't be a huge lifestyle change. You wouldn't think a book about 14 foods would fill a book without putting one to sleep but the author has written the book in such a way that it is easy to skim over the more detailed health benefits of each food and move on to the recipes. I skimmed initially to get a quick idea of what foods I should be focusing on and quickly scan the health benefits and later went back and read the nitty gritty details. For anyone wondering the 14 superfoods are: beans, blueberries, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkin, salmon, soy, spinach, tea - black & green, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts and yogurt. For more specific info. you'll need to grab a copy of the book ;) ...more info
  • Straightforward and Delicious
    I'm new to books about nutrition and found the information presented in this book about the 14 healthiest foods easily understandable and free of too much medical jargon. Dr. Pratt tells why he has chosen each food, and it's health benefits based upon many studies. At the end of the book one will find an extensive bibliography of books and articles upon which he has based his choices. There are also helpful hints on how to incorporate these 14 superfoods in your diet, healthful recipes developed by the chief at the deluxe spa, The Golden Door, daily menus and a list of the best products readily available in supermarkets containing the superfoods....more info
  • Missing an important component
    Yes, these foods are good for you...and there are many more that are as well. However, many of the 'recipes' or suggestions are time consuming and require much mixing, boiling, daily shopping. Yes, the author provides references to canned, frozen and "healthy" pre-packaged alternatives, but I felt there was one glaring problem with this book: the author does not emphasize enough the dangers of sugar consumption. There are way too many refrences to yogurts, juices, etc. with minimal or no regard to sugar content. Some of the "shopping list" products have way too many grams of sugar per serving to be considered "healthy" regular choices. When was the last time you looked at the sugar grams in a measley cup of fruit yogurt? Try 27gms! Even Yoplait's blue label yogurt has corn syrup in it. For those of you who have been keeping up on the latest studies, sugar is quickly surpassing fats, salts, and lack of fiber as the most damaging element to our health. It wreaks havoc on our vessels, converts into triglycerides, lends to type 2 Diabetes, and is, unfortunately, found in almost every pre-packaged food known to man. Read your labels! In the author's list of "healthy" breads, he lists dozens that contain too much sugar. He does the same with yogurt, juices, frozen desserts, cookies, etc. Just because an item is processed "naturally" deosn't mean it should be on your shopping list. He should have emphasized fruit, fruit, fruit. Keep on eye on sugar studies. Although this book is a good starting point to improve choices for helthy eating, it should be accompanied by other books on busting sugar habits as well. Along with consuming more "superfoods", watching salt content and incresing fiber, take it from a reformed sugar junkie: watching your sugar content is the fastest way to drop pounds, increase energy, and improve your health & well-being. ...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book is full of a lot of important nutritional information and how to maximize nutrition when we eat. It is full of recent research findings and has incorporated them into a very user friendly, readable format....more info
  • Perfect
    Gave me a lot of good information, for taking care for our Health

    Thanks! ...more info
  • This book really has changed my life
    The total opposite of a deprivation diet. Now I work hard every day to eat the foods that are good for me, and now thanks to this book, I know what those foods are. This is surely better than spending my life trying to avoid foods I shouldn't eat. By the time I get finished with the super foods, I am so full, I couldn't even consider eating anything else. What I refreshing idea! Actually, I have never been able to find a way to consume all the superfoods in a day. Even with salads and smoothies, but what a neat challenge. I never felt better! Everyone says I look healthy, too. ...more info
  • Excellent book on nutrition
    I realize that every day we are learning more and more about nutrition, and possibly the book will change one, five, ten years from now, but the reality is that we have to rely on what we know thus far, and I feel that the SuperFoods Rx book is a great guide. I would like to see a small card with all fourteen foods and their sidekicks, something you can take with you shopping (just in case the author reads reviews!!). The book was so easy and enjoyable to read. I sent a copy to my son who is in college. I am hoping that he will read a few pages here and there. The point is that if you just make a couple of changes at a time, and slowly add these super foods to your diet and remove the ones that are harmful, you will be doing yourself a lot of good. I have been interested in nutrition for a very long time, and for some reason this book just hit me hard and made me think a lot about food and what it can do positively and negatively to your body and your mind. I wish I had been more motivated 30 years ago, but the present is always a good time to start. The only negative comment I have has to do with just a few (maybe a couple?) of the recipes. Personally, I would have removed all white flour and refined sugar from the recipes. Other than that, I think the book is a must read for anyone concerned about nutrition and health. It was very well written. ...more info
  • Solid Material
    I have been reading nutrition books for over a decade. This book relates back to studies that are proven. It really boils down what the best foods are and why. The book recommends how to cook and eat these foods.

    Best book I have read to date on nutrition for the lay person....more info
  • Superfoods Rx
    If you want to just have the facts and nothing but the facts you can get that. But if you want some details that is there and it is eazy to understand. I found the material useful and readable. I have felt great eating the foods recomended. I have always tried to eat "right", and I am getting quite a pay off using SUPERFOODS....more info
  • I guess this is supposed to be the magic behind the "Abs Diet"...
    About 2 years ago, I read a book called "The Abs Diet" that really gave me an education in nutrition and health. Or so I thought. I managed to lose quite a bit of weight by adapting my lifestyle to be more like the abs diet (e.g. eat their 12 powerfoods, eat six times a day rather than three, etc.), and it worked out very well. I did have a few unanswered questions about nutrition, however, and it was always my understanding that it could basically come down to the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbs you ate, and as long as you had a multivitamin or two a day, you'd be going by a nutritionally sound lifestyle. The thing that SuperFoods did for me was to come out and basically make these few points that there are things beyond macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals): they are called phytonutrients and are not all very well understood -- but if you've heard of things called beta-carotene, antioxidants, and other random things, thats what these are, and they are generally what make superfoods super.

    At a first glance, I wondered how this book could be anything beyond listing the superfoods themselves, but after reading the book, I did think there was value in it. Even though I don't/won't remember a lot of the facts that the author threw out there, I know that having read them I'm pretty sure that I'll be eating broccoli every day from now on!

    By the way, a lot of this book is really just confirming what I've been told from other sources, but for some reason it just makes the point stick a lot harder.

    PS I also learned that broccoli has 2 C's and 1 L =)...more info
  • I feel super human!
    7 years ago I moved to San Diego and was a ophhtalmic technician for Steve in his La Jolla practice. He was always stressing nutrition to his patients and to us. It felt like mom trying to get you to eat your veggies. In 1999 I was an overweight single mother overwhelmed by life and never really considered the direct correlation of what kind of energy-if any-that I was or was not getting from the junk that I ate. I remembered Steve telling a patient who wasn't thrilled with the foods on some of the liturature that we frequently distributed to our patients, he told her "if you can just commit yourself to 6 months of eating really healthy I promise it will never be tough for you to do it for life and you will feel so much better". I thought it was just another "trick" to get her to eat right.

    Low and behold there is something to all this super food stuff! Years after leaving his practice and getting fatter and fatter I finally decided it certainly couldn't kill me to commit 6 months to it. Five years after working with him or even seeing him those words still rang in my head. This book wasn't out yet but I was armed with tons of his litrature abd ready to commit myself.

    I went from about 240 pounds to 130 and have maintained it for two and a half years with little or NO effort. I feel fantastic, I have energy for the first time in my life, I am totally staisfied when I eat and have since learned to be quite a cook. I am actually far more obsessed with food than I ever was, but now I am obsessed with how I can use it to make myself and my family healthier. I get almost giddy everyday thinking "what can I make today!?" as silly as that sounds, it is true.

    Make the commitment to live longer, stronger and with more energy than you have ever had before. I feel younger at 30 than I did at 20. Thanks Steve!!! I am finally eating my veggies like a good girl, took me 5 years to do it but I finally did it and you were right all along! ...more info
  • Easy to do and great food
    We have been following the guidelines in this book for several weeks now and find the food to be great plus we feel we are eating better food that is also good for us. All the recepies we have tried were delicious. We are incorporating the foods in this book in almost all of our meal planning. ...more info
  • A worthwhile read.
    I purchased this book and it is the best ever. I tried books recommended by others and those books were thrash, this is a great book and you'll love it....more info
  • This changed my eating habits.
    This book changed the way I look at food. I had read 40 other diet books,Zone,Adkins,Volumetrics,Origen diet,40-30-30, low fat, etc. This was the first book that really came from an angle of eating food in a very fulfilling and positive manner. I started to think of spending my calories to get maximum health benefits and not waste them on foods that did not taste great and give me enough nutritional bang for my buck. The Super Foods are beans,blueberries,broccoli,oats,oranges,pumpkin,salmon,soy,spinach,Tea (green or black),tomatoes,turkey,walnuts, and yogurt. There are also side kicks listed as secondary super foods like almonds for walnuts or tuna for salmon etc.This is one of those rare books that actually changed my behavior. I rarely give 5 stars but this book is easy to understand,easy to read, and held my attention.I highly recommend....more info
  • good book
    I bought this book a week ago and have been following it closely. I dont eat all 14 superfoods since I am a vegetarian but I do have the other 12.It is a very easy book to read, and very interesting. I am already feeling better. There is so much food you are suppose to eat that it leaves you no room for junkfood, so I have even lost weight. ...more info
  • Informative and Inspiring
    This is a fantastic book about health and nutrition that truly impacts my eating habits and life!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I suppose if you are new to the whole superfoods theory this might be an okay start. However, I've read too many other good authors' works to have gone through this book and not say anything. The information is dated, at times misleading and inaccurate. I have three of this authors' Superfoods books. I should have bought only one prior to the other two. If you want to truly educate yourself, start with "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" by Jonny Bowden, then try "seasonal food" by Susannah Blake, "The Food Substitutions Bible" by David Joachim and "the new whole foods encyclopedia" by Rebecca Wood. ...more info
  • Saved my life!
    My doctor recently diagnosed me with diabetes in addition to my longstanding problem of high cholesterol and high triglycerides, which was also affecting my liver. I was quite overweight but didn't really care until that point - there's always tomorrow to lose it, right? He put me on a cholesterol and triglyceride lowering medicine and told me I needed to lose weight. This time I took him seriously, and I also read SuperFoods Rx and SuperFoods Healthstyle. I started exercising (walking) and eating healthy by following these two books' recommendations. So far I've lost 31 pounds without feeling deprived or going on some weird diet. I feel great, my diabetes is well controlled, and my cholesterol, triglycerides and liver function are in terrific shape now. The Super Foods have found a permanent place in my diet, and exercise a permanent place in my lifestyle. Thanks to these two books I believe I've saved my life and will enjoy better health over the long term. I've sent them to my brother to help him make the changes he needs for the same reasons. I highly recommend SuperFoods Rx and SuperFoods Healthstyle!...more info
  • Easiest diet ever.
    The book is easy to follow and the diet makes good sense. This is an excellent program to follow in order to attain target weight, and maintain good health....more info
  • Good resource
    I ordered this book based on a relative's recommendation. It is a great source of information. I really liked how it was set up and I am interested in incorporating some of the suggestions in my diet!...more info
  • Superb!
    This book is a masterpiece! It contains a wealth of knowledge on the foods and supplements we should eat to be our healthiest. It contains many helpful hints and brand names of healthful foods. I am sending a copy each to my two adult daughters....more info
  • Superfoods=Superenergy!
    Once I started reading this book I could not put it down! It is packed with so much information and I have been amazed at how good and alert I feel by changes I have made in my diet.I am a cancer survivor and this book is important to me to help prevent any other types of cancers or heart disease in the future. I also have heart disease in my family. I have been so impressed with this book that I bought 4 more books for my friends, one who was just recently diagnosed with cancer and the other who is a cancer survivor. I will be purchasing 4 more to give each of my children and siblings. So I say this book is a MUST READ!...more info


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