Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Joel Osteen presents his signature multi-million copy book in trade paperback.

Houston televangelist Joel Osteen is well qualified to write this book, having used the seven principles he shares to achieve his own "rags-to-riches" story. At the heart of Osteen¡¯s message is that achieving a successful, prosperous life of fulfillment can only occur when we stop worrying about the past or future to make the most of each present moment by using our God-given strengths and talents to achieve our goals. The key to doing so are the seven steps Osteen outlines: Enlarge Your Vision, Develop a Healthy Self-Image, Discover the Power of Your Thoughts and Words, Let go of the Past, Find Strength Through Adversity, Live to Give, and Choose to Be Happy. Mixing biblical teachings with his own personal experiences, Osteen explains each of these seven steps in an encouraging, optimistic manner that makes them accessible to anyone interested in principles of personal growth. Although written with a Christian slant, the seven steps Osteen shares will have value to anyone wanting to know more about practical steps of self-betterment, regardless of their denomination.--Larry Trivieri Jr.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book
    This is a wonderful book that minister to your soul and heart in more than one way. This book have so many scriptures in it to back up what he is trying to explain to you about the situation of which he is referring to....more info
  • Amazing!
    I have to tell you how eerie (sp?) the book was in timing! Each chapter I read seemed to address something taking place in my life at that very moment. There was a chapter that addressed not putting question marks where God puts periods...which diverted me off of a downsliding path that could have led to real destruction. I recommend this book to EVERYONE....more info
  • Thank you Joel Osteen for love, light, power, wisdom
    I am grateful for someone like Joel Osteen, a funny and warm-spirited person, who writes and preaches the word of God in the style that he does. His book is uplifting and his absolute faith helps the reader to remember that God really is in charge. Joel is funny and witty and the way that he writes makes this book an interesting and an easy read. I appreciate that Joel doesn't keep repeating rhetoric. He is refreshingly modern, spiritual, tuned in, and I feel that he bridges the gap between people of all faiths. Thank God there is someone out there who does not create separation (my religion is better than yours mentality). Yea for Joel Osteen's books, preaching and just being on earth preaching the WORD in the way that he does. He brings hope, increases faith, and just makes it easier to live life!
    Ruth Frances Hoskins, Ph.D., LCSW, Author, Dream Moments, The Voice in Your Dreams, Prophecy and Intuition...more info
  • It has helped me
    As a Christian, sometimes I lose hope and find it hard to believe that God really does want the best for me. I pray and pray and my prayers never seem to get answered. Since God cannot appear in front of me like an earthly parent and explain why some things have or haven't happened, it gets to be a lot of frustration, challenging, and I lose hope. This book has done a lot to restore my hope that maybe I need to keep faith instead of expecting God to answer my prayer, THEN I'll consent to have faith. I need to have the faith first. It has helped me to change around my thinking....more info
  • Same ol' same ol'
    This book is the same ol' same o' that his other books were. He just rearranges the order of the stories. If you have read 2 chapters of any book Joel has put out, I believe you have read all he has to say....more info
  • Fantastic, Must read book!!!!
    This is sharing the GOOD NEWS. Christ came so that we may have life and have it more abundently and I am not talking about money here although that could be if God wills. I am talking about being blessed, being grateful each morning for this beautiful life that was given us. This book is wonderful and I really admire Joel for stepping up and spreading this message. ...more info
  • Most People Miss the Point
    The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written
    Most people miss the point. In your face selling of any idea, religion, product, or philosophy never works. That's why so many people selling religion fail and why Joel Osteen has the largest church in the country. He keeps his books and his TV ministries "light" as to light the spark in people; a spark that has always been there but needs fuel. That is why Joel has touched more lives and deepened more peoples commitment than others in the same profession. Most Americans are unaffiliated and "un-religious". Most of the negative commentators take an approach of stating their beliefs and then arguing with people. A great teacher or salesman asks questions and gets people thinking. A great teacher and salesman inspires people to take action. They don't slam people with their ideas, they inspire them. As people are touched by Joel and his positive message of hope, many will decide to start studying the Bible and as they do they will naturally become more spiritual and religious. Most people miss this point and never spark anyone to do anything....more info
  • Excellent book
    Excellent book. The kind of one you should not miss reading. Do NOT hesitate to buy it and make of it a good advisor in times of difficulty.
    Personal/human growth assured....more info
  • Must read
    Fantastic book, I have read and reread it and have purchased many copies to give as gifts - everyone has loved it....more info
  • Amazing Book
    I have read this book before, but I brought this one for a friend of mine and he loved it. Truly inspiring and encouraging....more info
  • Christianity Basics Reviewed
    I was skeptical when I opened the first chapter of this one. I'd heard good and bad things from those who'd read it before I. However, I was very plesantly surprised that the tone of the book was so uplifting, encouraging, and positive.

    Joel has a way of presenting basic Christianity facts in a way that blessed both new and long time Christians alike. There are facts that we were taught as children that become brushed under the proverbial rug, and it is nice to read them and review.

    I found these seven steps very useful for everyday life, and the tone of the author is not "preach" or hell wrath and damnation. He is positive, and encouraging. By the end of the book, I felt as if he was a friend of mine. I felt as if I knew what was on his heart. He is easy to relate to, and gived practical real world advice....more info
  • good biblically based advice on living your life
    I actually attend Lakewood often. I listened to the audio book. I think the messages here are good ones. The guidance is biblically based. Pastor Joel Osteen refers to scriptures and bible stories throughout but he also weaves in real life stories and testimonies. As a Christian, I think what is need is encouragement on how to get through the valleys we'll all face and just generally how to stay positive in a world that can get your down. This book teaches you how to use God's guidance (via scripture and bible stories) to live a good life. This is not a book about in depth biblical study but don't discount it as fluff because it's not. For those considering the book remember, you can't please everyone and this book probably isn't for everyone but it's helped me and reinforced some things I've learned in my Christian walk and gave me a new perspective on things like the power of my words and thoughts and just helped me remember to view things in a positive light because God is good!...more info
  • The BEST messages for INSPIRING yourself and others!
    Joel Osteen has a wonderful, calming way about him in his speaking
    and this comes across beautifully on these CD's.

    They are not "sermons" but rather life lessons full of inspiration that we all can relate to and use every day.

    I found them very soothing during a difficult time in my life when I really just needed something uplifting to help me relax and regain perspective.

    I think most people would find his approach comforting and relatable. Whether you are feeling loss, struggling, or just looking for some inspiration in your own happy life, I believe he provides a little something to touch everyone.
    ...more info
  • A Great Deal of Value
    Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

    This is a great motivational book for anyone, whether they are Christian or not. Osteen has been criticized for his super positivism and theory of entitlement from God for good in life. Anyone that bothers can easily ignore those sentiments and still derive a whole lot of benefit from the book. I find no problem with anyone who encourages a positive attitude. This is one of the best self-help books I've read and I've read loads of them. It is an excellent gift book also. I've given several of them as gifts. The doughnuts in this book far outweigh any perceived holes....more info
  • Encouraging
    Fight The Good FightJoel Osteen is often critized for not preaching the Bible. This man writes a very encouraging book and preaches an encouraging message. Certainly not an expository preacher he is a great encourager and motivator. I thoroughly enjoyed the book....more info
    Joel has make a major positive difference in my life in all spheres. His scripture references, his stories and advisements to keep in the positive are always helpful. His emphasis on lifting ourselves up for having positive relationships with all people are needed worldwide....more info
  • From Chase von, regarding this book
    My mother gave this book to me a few years ago. Due to the fact that I was in the military and dealing with so many situations at the time and also the thickness of it... I put off reading it till when I thought my life would slow down some. War and all that goes with it sucks up some time. I now realize in hind sight, that was a mistake. I should have read pieces here and there way back then! I am also shocked, but not completely shocked... By the negative reviews this book has received. I am not a frequent church attendee... The negative reviews I took the time to read clearly tell me that there are people that study the bible so intently that they feel they can use that knowledge to prove people wrong, but that isn't what disturbs me the most about that... What disturbs me the most is that they would publicly do so without even conferring with the man to see if perhaps there was legitimate reason he wrote what he wrote and if so, if they could beef about that off line and perhaps reach a conclusion whether he was right or wrong, before it was splashed into the publics eyes!

    I, in my limited knowledge and I am willing to say so, do know a few things about the bible. But I also know a few things about life. As a two time war veteran and someone that has lived in various countries through out my life, I feel I have the right to say that. Joel Osteen has written a book here that deals with changing peoples negative perspectives and also is showing them that according to the bible, that they do, if they choose to change the thought patterns they currently have, have a chance to live a full and productive and fulfilling life! I know rabbits don't chew cud. I know the Catholic Religion did what the bible said not to do. Add to, because the bible clearly says nothing should be added to or taken away... Because they added the Apocryphal... Nothing against Catholics mind you, just stating facts. I know that there are so many "Christian" dominations it's no wonder they can't get along, nor that Christians and Muslims can't get along...

    Not verbatim but from memory...

    Lift a branch, and you will find me...
    Move a rock, and I am there...

    This book rekindles hope...

    And that I commend because the WORLD DAMN SURE NEEDS IT!

    All the biblical scholars that think they know or have figured out the bible need to realize one thing...


    For decades the bible was printed in Latin and only those that knew Latin were allowed to say to others what it said...

    Or more precisely, what they Thought it said! And let's get real, was it what they thought it said? Or what would benefit them if the people believed what they said they thought it said?

    People were executed for trying to translate the bible...

    They wanted to keep...


    I won't even mention the Crusades!
    Which a Pope Publicly apologized for!!!

    All you experts on the bible have probably never even read the Teachings of Emanuel and if so, aren't questioning why it was excluded from the bible and if you are, aren't questioning why the DEAD SEA SCROLLS were excluded from the bible...

    To me...


    No doubt the greatest book ever written...

    But, I also think that it was altered to fit the political agendas of different times...

    What happens when you give something to man and it has power?

    Power corrupts...

    Not just now...

    And if someone shows up on my door spouting things that they think are not refutable they certainly don't have my ear!

    I'm digging his message...

    And for those of you that prefer to feel... It isn't what you see in the bible...


    You have your eyes

    And others have their eyes...

    More wars have been fought in the name of religion which I DON'T believe in anyway for any other reason through out the history of the world...
    And perhaps because of people...

    That think the words in a book, no matter how Holy they think it might be...

    Rate killing in the name of...

    I love this book and it is something I will continue to return to, to improve my mind set in the area of positive thinking, supported by biblical doctrine...

    For all you scholars... Who would prefer a book that doesn't teach encouragement and empowerment and actually living a life worthy of living...

    And also allowing a person the possibility of being in a position of perhaps giving to those less fortunate because of it...

    Maintain your beliefs...

    But I will always wonder...

    Why there are those with so many riches aligning the inner walls of their churches...
    That one artifact if sold...
    Could feed a country for a few weeks..

    Chase von
    The Last Panther


    When I say that perhaps parts were changed to fit political agendas, there are those of you that might want to argue with that... Very well...
    Explain the Apocryphal...

    And here's another one to chew on...

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone...

    With all the negative reviews I've seen here on a positive book....

    I truly didn't know there were that many living Saints...

    Your Chance to Hear The Last Panther Speak...more info
  • Extremely Helpful & Encouraging, Despite Minor Flaws
    What an inspiring and uplifting book! I don't condemn the critical reviewers of this publication, but I do pray for them. For far too long the gospel has been hijacked by the merchants of doom - as if fire, brimstone and damnation were the sum total of the message (you think there's fundamentalism in the USA? You should visit Northern Ireland!). Granted, the Scripture has dire warnings (2 Thess 1:8-9) for those who wantonly reject God's gracious offer of redemption through Christ's all-sufficient sacrifice. But what about his "great and precious promises" (2 Peter 1:4) for those who respond? Osteen's message is not that a daily river of material blessings should flow to each believer. There are 5 chapters in a row dealing with generosity! However, St. John said there's nothing negative about God (1 John 1:5) and St. Paul says we should focus on the positive (Php 4:8). Osteen certainly does. He knows the Christian life is not an easy life, but it's a GOOD life - hence his title. You might say "Oh, but the Christian life should be a daily struggle as we each take up our cross". Jesus said in this life we'd have many troubles - and Osteen deals with that topic - but our Lord and Master also assures us he has overcome the world! In other words, there's divine power available to you if you really want to overcome. Osteen challenges you to tap into that divine power. And why not? For a believer "The Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you" (Romans 8:11). Not your next door neighbour, YOU! Exciting, isn't it? The word "joy" appears 70 times in the NT alone. The word "hell" appears 14 times in the entire Bible!

    But the book is not without flaws. Tithing is an exclusively OT doctrine. Out of my monthly nett salary, the landlady pockets $2,400 (my home is 4 metres wide). That's about 80%. Were I to donate half of what's left I'd either starve or freeze to death! Osteen's notion that "you can't afford NOT to tithe" is thoroughly unscriptural. Paul never said we're to give some portion of what we EARN. The Greek word "euodwtai" in 1 Cor 16:2 translates literally as "prosperity" (what economists call "discretionary income"), and no specific percentage is named. You will search the NT in vain for any injunction on Christians to tithe their earnings - gross or nett.

    Unlike God "whose every word is flawless" (Pr 30:5), it's by fallible human beings that most books are written (and reviewed!!!). Overall, Your Best Life Now is an excellent book. Read it, then buy more copies to give your friends at Christmas!...more info
  • Must Read For Saved Christians and Optimists
    When this book was originally published, I would frequently pass it by and turn up my nose. My thought was "Here's another televangelist trying to make more money." After the book had been out for a year or two, I feel that I was led by God to check out this book while at the library. After reading the first page, I was excited. It allowed me not only grow in my faith, but to learn more about God and to see God in a new way. This book is founded on biblical principles. I can truly attest that it works! If you have even a 'mustard seed of faith,' I highly recommend you read this book. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Your best life Now Audio
    I would rather read the book. The tone of the audio is not what I expected but it is o.k. if you don't have time to read.
    ...more info
  • I never believed.
    I have never believed in God. I personally have never felt that it really spoke to me in my practical every day life, Until I watched Joel speak. His advice reaches everyone, even non-belivers.. Isn't that what religious groups try to achieve? To spread the word and faith in God.. Joel's presentation (the positive aspect) reaches me. I've seen many other preachers threaten me with Hell and damnation, but I've never seen one tell me the good parts. He makes me think I can actually live up to what the bible says I should.. Thanks to Joel I have a real life guide on how to improve myself, my relationships, and how to put God in my everyday life. ...more info
  • Got Your Attention???
    Jimmy Swaggard. Ted Haggard. Tammy & Jim Baker. All these people used God's name in their sermons. Not Mr. Osteen. Where will you put your money? If you have the horrible need, go to the library and read this book. There are ways to make your life better without making someone who does not recognize God, a richer person. ...more info
  • I wish I could give it zero stars
    This book literally makes me nauseous. It is such a horrendous corruption of the Gospel that I don't even know what to say about it.

    In a nutshell: you cannot believe a word of this book if you have ever read the Bible

    Those who believe the ideas put forth in this book will have to ask themselves why missionaries and the persecuted church are being so unbiblical by not living their "best life now"...more info
  • Awsome and very inspirational
    I love this book and read it over and over. It's so inspirational and make you think about how beautiful life truly is. It shows you how to be a better and more positive person and if you really think about it, it works....more info
  • A lovely book!!
    Beautiful written book! Just as powerful as Prayercatcher by Kathy Lasseter! Both of these books changed my life!...more info
  • Cotton candy message from a false teacher
    A lot of people like Joel Osteen's message. I suspect most of those people would rather read his book than the Bible. I agree with one pastor who said that he would not have any problem if Joel Osteen was an inspirational speaker. The problem is that he claims to be a "pastor" who claims to be teaching the word of God. More troubling is the fact that Mr. Osteen never attended Bible college and admitted to his reluctance in taking over his father's ministry. He also admitted that he just "told stories" in his sermons.

    "Prosperity theology" is the teaching that an "authentic" religious belief and behaviour in a person will result in their material prosperity. That is, the doctrine holds that material prosperity, health and success in one's personal life, is to be expected as external evidence of God's favor." Wikipedia.

    Notwithstanding what others might think, "Prosperity gospel" is not biblical. An "alter call" doesn't make a gospel biblical either. The Chruch of Satan does that too.

    I am wary to listen to a "pastor" who doesn't have the credentials, who doesn't believe in preaching the gospel or who's not being moved by the Holy Spirit to speak. Jesus warned, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matt 7:13-23. Mr. Osteen emphasizes on your life now. He gives a lot of "tips" on how to improve your lives. The emphasis is on "us," not Jesus Christ and his gospel, but on the person. God is being displaced by the human being. This is precisely the message of the New Age Movement. The Bible, however, warns about loving our lives, "He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal."

    But Mr. Osteen's emergence (e.g. "The Emerging Chruch") should not be a surprise. Other preachers have come out of the woodwork to preach a gospel OTHER THAN what the Bible preaches. "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:8. "A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear." 2 Timothy 4:3.

    I guess people buy his books because Mr. Osteen tells them what they want to hear and not what they NEED to hear. That explains why his book was in the New York Times best seller list and 20,000 people attend his Lakewood services. What he preaches is pleasing to the ears of the many. Now, I understand why 2,000 years ago they crucified Jesus. They did not want to listen to what he had to say because it wasn't "pleasing" to their ears. It wasn't pleasing to people's ears then and it isn't pleasing to people's ears now. Hence, the need to listen to Mr. Osteen's more pleasing "gospel." Nevermind that it's not the truth.

    I pray that people wake up. Otherwise, Mr. Osteen's message will lull them into thinking that all roads lead to peace and prosperity. That "God wants us to be prosperous, healthy and to reach our fullest potential." It's not about us, Mr. Osteen. It's about Jesus. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12.

    If God wants us rich and healthy, then there would be no sick, poor Christians. If that is what Jesus intended, he would not have saved the thief on his right hand in Luke 23 who was obviously poor. If that is what God wants, he would have saved the rich man and not Lazarus (the poor man) from damnation in Matthew 13:1. If God wants us to be rich and healthy, then why would he allow Job to become sick and lose all his wealth? If God wants us to be healthy, he would not have allowed King David to become sick, decrepit in his old age as a consequence of his sins. "God is no respecter of persons." Rom. 2: 11. God may be a loving God, but he is also just.

    Why would God want us to be rich and warn us about the folly of wealth? "For the love of money is the root of all evil" 1 Tim 6:10. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36. "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Matt 19:24. It would not make sense for God to make us rich people and make it harder for us to enter His kingdom. I'd rather be poor and sick in "life now" and enter heaven than be rich and healthy in "life now" and enter hell. Sixty to eighty years of a prosperous and healthy life in this world does not compare to eternity in heaven...or hell.

    Jesus came to save people's souls, not to save their pocketbooks. It is a very important topic. Important enough for Jesus to talk about it 1308 times in the Bible. Cardiologist Dr. Maurice Rawlings, in his book, "To Hell and Back," compiled the accounts of patients who have exeprienced clinincal death, saw hell and were resucitated to tell about what it is like in hell. There's a youtube video on this book:

    It is very unfortunate that Mr. Osteen forgot to tell people that there is a hell....which from what the Bible describes is not a very "pleasant" place.

    ...more info
  • your best life now cd.
    Item came in on time and in excellent condition. I would use this person again....more info
  • Lakewood live is better
    Don't get me wrong, I love this book and Joel knows how to bring a message across, but listening to him read a book is nothing like listening to him speak live from Lakewood! However, this book has merit all of its own. Joel speaks of giving and part of giving brings you, the giver, abundance. He tells us that if we take care of others, then God will take care of us and in the same amount. So, if we want good things, we must do good things. So many think and believe that Joel just wants to make us believe that we can have anything and although that's true, he means it through faith and good deeds and if you're not sure of his message, this book is for you. I enjoyed it and it has helped me through my times of need and I must admit, I have had many times of need.

    I am the author of:

    One Boy's Struggle: A Memoir: Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD

    Bryan...more info
  • great inspirational book
    A great read, especially for a Christian reader. Fast shipping and arrived in very good condition due to good packaging. ...more info
  • Small steps to a healthy life
    It's hard for some people to understand that Joel Osteen spreads words of hope and encouragement. Many people are "hurting" so much and are so used to being "beat down" that suspicion arises when God speaks good words through humans like Joel. If a person is able to read the book, a small amount each day, and feel the little details deep in your heart - your life begins to change. Those around you will change because of the hope and encouragement you pass onto them. No one is saying that Joel's books should replace the Bible. If you listen to his sermons you know at the end of each and everyone one of them, he asks you to find a Bible based church in your area and attend. He's not a demon, he doesn't write or preach about conviction and damnation. What he does is offer the encouragement and hope of a better life through Jesus Christ, God, and Holy Spirit...all in one. Call it what you like but Joel and his books offer new beginnings, better days, and hope in our future through steps that everyone, no matter your individual situation, can succeed. I am a better person for reading and following the help that Joel passes in his books and sermons. I get up each day wanting to be a better person and learning how I can do that. People around me, those I know and those I don't, need my encouragement and receive it freely. I can't help but think that they too pass it on...this world can be a more gentle and loving place to live but it takes each of us giving. It's hard for some people to think that can be true. It was hard when Jesus tried to preach the same message 2,000 years ago. We're just slow learners I guess.
    Try reading the book. Don't disect it...don't worry about the little things..."did he say Jesus?...did he quote the Bible enough?...did he do this or that..." Just read it. Listen to your heart and be open to God moving in your life.
    Life is good! Enjoy your Blessings.
    ...more info
  • An Absolute Must Read!
    Over the last few years (this year in particular), my soul has been on a search for something. As a result, I've read so many books I could not even begin to list them all. To make a long story short, this book is by far on #1 on my list and as I've said--that would speak volumes to you if you saw my collection. Joel is down to earth & the real deal. He speaks with such sincerity when he does sermons, and in this book. While on this spiritual quest, a lot of the books I've read were related to manifesting-the most well known book being "The Secret". While I thought this book had some good things to say, I later found myself still feeling a void in the way this information was presented. "Your Best Life Now" filled the void and explained everything in such a way that made complete sense to me. This book really will enable you to live your best life now, and I can say that confidently after reading nearly every similar book out there. To Joel: Add this to your file that you read for inspiration and a quick pick me up--You are a wonderful person and you are the perfect example of the words you preach. You don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You and your life are proof of everything you speak of in this book. My favorite book of all time--one I would give to friends, family, my future children, or a stranger on the street. Truly life transforming. Congratulations!...more info
  • Excellent
    After watching Joel's sermons on television, I decided to purchase one of his many books ... well I bought two. This one is truly exceptional. I find myself reading and occassionally laughing out loudly as we are all well aware of Joel's sense of humour. My only regret is that I didn't purchase this title sooner as it is an excellent motivational source.

    What I have recognised though is that some of the messages in this book, other pastors/motivational speakers would have borrowed from, which attests to how good the content is.

    Like some of the other reviewers, I wouldn't give too much detail about the content but take it from me, it is worth buying. I am going to buy a few more copies to give to my relatives and friends. I dare not lend my copy to anyone....more info
  • Natsayers - Please read Rev. Peale's Power of Positive Thinking
    The book is wonderful, postive and uplifting. It reminded me very much of the books that Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a minister, wrote in the 1950's. Rev. Peale was considered the most influential spiritual writer of his generation. Today, Joel's books are just what Jesus would have ordered. Too bad you Christian folks don't follow Christ's teachings....more info
  • The Man Is a Con
    I have actually been through a long period of spiritual chaos. I have owned this book in the past. I also owned many other books that are of this kind. This book is actually useless. The best thing to do in times of turmoil is to keep things SIMPLY. That is the best solution. Think in a positive way but not to the extreme end that is advocated in all these self improvement books which are actually self DESTRUCTION books.
    For those who question my opinion, I have been severely depressed for over 6 years. I stop being depressed back in 2003. I am currently a psychology major. REAL psychology books are VERY different from these SHAM books.
    I hope my review have helped someone. If you have books like this, you should throw them away.
    ...more info
  • For those of us who really believe - this is a must read!
    A wonderful uplifting read. You can hear Joel's voice as you read. I would compare this book to Norman Vincent Peale's motional books with the addition statement that this comes with a fresher touch and breath of God's Love given through his servant Joel. Definitely inspirational and a must read for all of God's children - that means everyone, those who consider themselves Christians and especially everyone who considers themselves something or nothing else. ...more info
  • Love this book
    Went through a bit of a crisis. Reading this book helped me regain focus, control, and a healthy perspective on life. I really recommend this book....more info
  • just what I needed at the right time
    The sheer number of reviews over this book, whatever the rating may be is telling of the book's impact.
    This book jumped out at me while I was browsing in a book store. I was not even in the market for any type of Christian book. The words are very healing to my soul, particularly at a difficult time in my life where I have been struggling with big issues. What I like are the clear and uplifting interpretations that Osteen offers. I think uplifting is the most important part. The fact that the book lays out the message in a clear and simple manner is why I was not able to put it down. Don't mistake simplicity for lack of depth. There is plenty of that here if you do a serious examination of your own life in the context of what he's saying.
    I like that the book reaches me at a "feeling" level, and that is why it is powerful. It touched a knowing and a truth deep inside that I had hidden away for a long time. My guess is that those who are angered by this book, need to go deep into the anger to see what they really are covering up in their hearts. For those who wish to study on their own, there is a reference to Biblical passages at the end of the book, listed by book and verse.
    I'm glad that Osteen has the courage to deliver his message, both in the media and in print amidst the furor and the criticism by those who would still like to burn others at the stake for not thinking the way they do....more info
  • Faith and a Future
    If you read this book and act on the author's suggestions, you'll feel better about things, your life, yourself, and your future. Osteen, leader of the non-denominational Lakewood Church in Houston, has been unfairly criticized by the media who portray him as some sort of huckster. It's obvious he profits from his ministry, but read the book and you'll understand why. Osteen's approach is gentle, positive, and uplifting. His teachings have greatly enriched the practice of my own faith, Roman Catholicism, and helped me to discover the treasures contained in Holy Scripture. There is also a book of devotionals based on this book. The chapters are brief enough to fit into a busy day, and both books offer a jumping off point to a more faith filled life. If you tend toward pessimism, you will greatly benefit from this book. If your spiritual life feels stale, this one's for you. If God is simply some vague unknown concept, He won't be after this book. A friend gave me Osteen's first two books nearly three years ago, and I found them to be life-changing . I keep them close by for those difficult times when I need a some encouragement....more info
  • Inspiring
    Absolutely inspiring! So wonderful to read a book with a positive out look on life. So good to read of hope and faith during these times of such negative broadcasting and politicing....more info
  • AWESOME reading experience
    I wish I had enough money to by this as a Christmas gift for all of my friends and families. It was an AWESOME reading experience. It is rare that I read and struggle to put a book down. I plan on purchasing the study guide so that I can absorb the principles even more....more info
  • Inspired and Inspiring
    When it comes to manifesting your heart's desires, this is one of just a handful of currently-published books that identifies and names the true source of an abundant life as God. But what I like best about this book is the masterful way that Joel Osteen tells you what part you have to play in the process -- from affirming your worth, to choosing your thoughts, to recognizing the power of giving. Joel's conversational style makes this book a joy to read, and you will find his many wonderful stories and wise suggestions helpful. No matter what you "think" your current circumstances are, this book is bound to uplift and inspire you. I recommend it.

    Steven Lane Taylor, author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide For Living Life In The Divine Flow...more info
  • Good self help for Christians
    This is an excellent self help book for christians and maybe some non christians. I reccomend it, I have read it myself and I actually bought this one for a friend in need. She loves it!...more info
  • Excellent Book!!
    Don't believe the negative reviews. It's obvious they missed the point. God wants us to reach our full potentials. God needs people like Joel Osteen, Ophra Winfrey, and Tony Robbins to inspire us. There's a low percentage of people in today's world that actually are willing to do whatever it takes to become really rich in a positive way. God needs those people to help contribute and give their money away to the less fortunate people in America and other countries. Joel Osteen is trying to get more people to reach their full potentials, so God can use us to help others. Making money isn't the only way I'm talking about. We can also volunteer, and help teach our gifts to other people. Joel Osteen is also reaching people that don't know God and probably people that never read the bible. It takes no guts and leadership skills to criticizes. Maybe you need to read this book again. ...more info
  • Praise God!
    This is one of the most interesting books I have ever picked up. It is full of important, life-changing suggestions and advice; written in an easy to read, sometimes humorous style. Joel Osteen is a great teacher, I felt a sense of sadness when I finished it! It has made a difference in my life, in dealing with a very negative father of whom I am caregiver and love tremendously. It has also given me a push in the direction I had (by the grace of God) found myself headed, straight for the positive. What is beautiful is Joel Osteen is can have Your Best Life Now, but it takes effort;it takes faith and commitment....more info
  • Great book!
    What did I think about this book? I think this book was great. I learned so much from Pastor Olsteen. I learned that life doesn't have to be so heavy because we have God who walks alongside with us, constantly leading and guiding us. AND, the best part, we are never alone. I learned how to pray with this book (how to talk with God) and how to declare blessings over my family. I often felt my prayers were going out unanswered into some holding tank, but this book showed me where they were actually going and why. It wasn't that God wasn't answering my prayers, He was holding them until the right time. I learned so many things with this book, too many to mention. I found this book to be an easy read, yet so rich in information and examples. The thing that helped me the MOST was the little sample prayers such as: "God, I thank you for your favor, your favor is causing..." Some people are not eloquent when addressing God. Joel tells us to remember God in the good times and the bad. However, another best part is he tells us where WE fit in, and that we are not alone, ever. After reading this book. My brother met him at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo, Joel was walking around with his two children and my brother went up to him and they both prayed together. My brother said, that Joel has a very approachable personality and is a very humble person with a great heart who only wants to help people find God. And to that Joel, I thank you for helping me find God. I do not attend Lakewood Church neither am I Christian but I still found God. Now when I look back, I think the message was for me. I finally understand and my journey continues. Thank you....more info


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