Zone Meals in Seconds
Zone Meals in Seconds

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Stay happily in the Zone with these
fresh, flavorful, and satisfying meals!

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the incredible weight loss and health benefits of living in the Zone. Zone Meals in Seconds makes it easier than ever for you to stay in the Zone.

For almost fifteen years, Barry and Lynn Sears have maintained a completely Zone-friendly kitchen for their family. As a working mother, Lynn has had to battle the vending machines and fast-food frenzies of the average workday. Zone Meals in Seconds combines her hard-won wisdom and experience with Barry's Zone expertise and medical knowledge. This family-friendly book has everything -- from quick and easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes and snack tips, to mix-and-match lunches for kids and tasty slow-cooker dishes you can throw together in the morning and enjoy when you come home at night. You'll find hundreds of convenient and delicious ways to experience the incredible benefits of the Zone lifestyle.

Customer Reviews:

  • It's true!
    Lots of meal recipes for eating healthy with minimal preparation time. I recommend this book to all my friends. It is especially good for single people because lots of recipes are for one person. There are also chapters on slow-cooker recipes and Zone meals for kids. It's a five-star all the way....more info
  • Excellent reference
    Easy to read and comprehend the basics of "ZONE" for living healthy and sugar free. All of the recipes I have made are delicious, and use products that are readily available in the supermarket. I cook a few meals on the weekend, and then have a lovely meal prepared when I get home from work....more info
  • zone meals in seconds
    This book is helpful to any one using The Zone way of eating. The recipes are good....more info
  • Well...I'm not sure about seconds....
    ...because each recipe I've looked at so far all take at least an hour for prep time and cook time. And I'm not talking about all the ingredients your meant to compile...I'm sure the author means well, but these recipes are fairly complicated, and I am an accomplished cook. I can see where they would turn off someone who is not too keen in the kitchen. Also, each recipe is for four servings! What to do if I'm the only one on the diet?
    Luckily, I also bought ZonePerfect by Kristi Walker. Her recipes are for one and even come with pictures! Hooray!...more info
  • Wrong Title
    First of all, I would like to say that The Zone Diet has changed my life! I have clearer focus, and can think better, sleep better, and I'm happier. I bought this book thinking it would help me cook faster meals. Lynn Sears understands the dilemma, but the book doesn't really address how to eat quick Zone meals, and they are VERY expensive. So far I haven't been able to make one recipe because I can't afford ALL of the ingredients! However, the ideas, the advice about eating out, and everything except the recipes is extremely helpful. Borrow the book from someone first....more info
  • Zone Meals in Seconds
    Great Diet, easy to follow. No counting calories just portion control. Feel great, eat well for the rest of your life....more info
  • Zone Meals in Seconds
    Always a kitchen staple especially if your following his meal plans.
    Somethings have to be bought at the supermarket and in order to follow
    his program....more info
  • Zone Diet Meals
    I absolutely love this book. I highly recommend for all of those new to the zone. The recipes are really easy to make and you will enjoy eating these meals and snacks....more info
  • Zone diet book
    I would have to say that this book is good but if you want recipies for the diet find another book. there are a limited number of recipies in general and if you are a pickey eater or don't like a certain type of food i would reccommend getting another zone book. ...more info
  • Zone in Seconds--yeah right!
    The title of this book is a bit mis-leading. Many of the recipes call for many, many ingredients and the prep time is off. For example, one recipe says 20 min. prep time. But after you read it, it says to put something in the fridge for several hours. Making a lifestyle change like the Zone is hard enough without adding the frustration of buying sooo many ingredients and putting together complicated recipes. Plus, chicken and Salmon are about the only ingredients as meats. Where's pork or turkey?...more info
  • zone meals works
    I found this book extremely helpful. Honestly, if you just read it you may not want to try this life changing meal plan, the portions read like they are very small and it seems like a lot of work. I stuck it out and am very pleased with my results! And 3oz of chicken is a LOT more than it sounds like!! However; if you're used to consuming two big macs at a time this is not what you're looking for!! This truly is a life altering meal plan and I have been very pleased....more info
  • This Works
    Few books prompt me to want to TELL THE WORLD because it may make a big difference in the quality of life of anyone who reads it. This is the first time that I have tried the Zone diet and fish oil supplements so it was all news to me and makes sense. I don't usually buy recipe books but this is more of a guide to balanced eating using raw foods, canned/frozen food, and even restaurant visits. The authors seem to realize that I don't have the time or talent to deal with exotic food preparation. Rather than a long list of food to avoid, this book explains which foods are good, better, and best along with balanced quantities.

    Don't underestimate the health effects of the right food if you are currently in pain or taking any medications this book could change your life! A high cholesterol report and watching Morgan Spurlock's movie, Super Size Me, prompted me to pursue some changes in my diet. In the month since entering the Zone I have discontinued Sudafed use (after years on it) and my husband is off of glucosamine and pain free. Plus, we are not hungry, have energy, and sleep better than before. This book ended the confusion I felt about what to eat. I found it very helpful....more info
  • try it
    I was looking for ideas for feeding my family and keeping all of us in the zone. this is it. Also has good discriptions (what they are, where to find them) of some basic ingredients that are used a lot in the zone. Good info to help get your kitchen stocked. Yummy recipes....more info
  • Meals that you have time too cook
    I purchased this book in paperback and have used it so much that I now have it in hardcover. Some of the recipes needed tweaking, but several of them are fine just as they are. Many of the recipes are made for convenience: they use canned vegggies, perdue short-cuts chicken, etc. If you cannot quite deal with using canned or frozen veggies, etc., this book would not be for you. I found that the recipes enhanced the ingredients with the spices, so I was actually able to make a "cassoulet" with canned carrots and enjoy it. Some of the recipes are not as fast as you might think, but overall, I have been happy to try to make fast and healthy meals with this book. ...more info
  • Good information - but you need to be a culinary expert
    This book, as always, has great nutritional and scientific information about the Zone Diet, and your health. The forward by Lynn Sears is great. Throughout the book, she also breaks down how you can allot your blocks for each meal by male and female ratios, which simplifies meal time and shows you how you can mix and match foods to fit your likes and needs. However, these recipes are far from "meals in seconds," which is why I only gave it three stars. The dinners especially are extremely tricky and time-consuming. I've been researching Zone recipes for a while, and I don't believe that a quick and easy Zone recipe exists (unless you've comitted them all to memory and are a professional chef). I love the diet because I feel great, but don't be tricked by the title of this book. Be prepared to spend money on the extra ingredients you'll need for these dishes and the time it ACTUALLY takes to make one of these meals successfully....more info


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