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' From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Zone, comes a groundbreaking look at how inflammation is the silent source of almost all disease - and how to stop it using the Zone dietary plan and fish oil supplements. The Anti-Inflammation Diet provides convincing evidence that shows the deleterious effects of long-term inflammation -- and specific plans to combat it. Whatever your health concern, you'll learn that we are only now beginning to understand the mechanisms that make us sick. And most important, you'll have a clear blueprint toward health that starts with the Zone.

Customer Reviews:

  • So far it's been very helpful
    I listened to the audiobook and the next day I started with the zone diet and the extra-refined fish oil, after 2 weeks I definitely feel better. I would really recommend this to others....more info
  • Life-changing book
    I did NOT want to read this book or do anything it said. My doctor recommended it and highly suggested it. He told me to try it for ONE month. It has been about three months and I feel great. Great book - follow what it says and it will change the way you feel and thus change your life....more info
  • The Anti-inflammation Zone
    The best of Dr. Barry Sears Zone books - all of his books are great, but this is a must read for everyone who is serious about getting well thru what we eat. As a pharmacist for almost 30 years, I have learned that nutrition is the most important way to getting well - as medications are not the answers for long term health issues. We are seeing great results for our family already - thanks to Dr. Sears!!!...more info
  • Beneficial Information
    Much of what Dr. Sears writes in this book I have already been doing. But I exercise more than he suggests, I have been eating some foods on his "Unfavorable Carbohydrates" list and, I have not been taking as large a dose of fish oil as he recommends. But, I am seventy years old, have brought my weight down from 180 to 145 pounds, my blood pressure down from 150/90 to 118/64, and the results from my most recent blood test show cholesterol at 140 w/HDL at 51. Triglycerides were very low, and l tested perfect in all other parameters.

    Best of all, I feel thirty - not seventy. That is except for the pain in my neck. At sixteen I was a passenger in an automobile which hit another head on. The car rolled over three times and I was thrown clear but broke my neck. It has been a painful distraction, growing in intensity as I age, every since. So, guess what? Yes I increased my dose of fish oil to levels Dr. Sears recommends (6 or 7 grams) and most of the pain is already gone after only a few days. And I think the extra fish oil may have been responsible for the few extra points of lowered blood pressure and slight improvement of cognition.

    Because both of my parents suffered from Alzheimer's, I plan to look more carefully at Dr. Sears' dietary recommendations. He certainly is supported by a lot of research - as listed in this book and as backed up by even newer research studies.

    ...more info
  • The Anti Inflamation Zone
    This book was recommended to me by a person who has similar indications as I have regarding Menieurre's disease. He told me he was advised by a trusted medical doctor to read the book and feel s he has benefited from the guidance provided in the book.

    After only a short period I feel I am also learning and will realize medical beneits from the advce provided in this book....more info
  • There are some good ideas in this book, but Sears' sloppy argumentation is a burden on the reader
    My chiropractor gave me this book to read after I complained that working out wasn't ceasing my back spasms. He wanted me to start a core workout program rather than continue with a bodybuilding workout program (after a month, the former has greatly reduced my back pain and increased strength in my back and legs), and he also thought I wasn't eating right. I began the core program immediately and started reading Dr. Sears' book, initially in earnest.

    I don't think Dr. Sears is wrong about the significance of all kinds of inflammation as well as the health benefits of taking purified, high-dose fish oil. Like a good theorist, he compiles the work of many, many previous researchers and concludes an untested theory that truly deserves a massive study to confirm Sears' contentions. All of that is fine.

    But I now understand why my doctor gave me the book while mentioning some reservations about its content. First and foremost, this is probably the most repetitive book I have ever read. In fact, I did not read every word, or even every chapter. I felt insulted when I would read the same ideas in every chapter, often the same sentences and phrasing. The exercise section is pathetic and possibly dangerous if you have a bad back. Don't bother reading it. The week's worth of meals is also weak, yet the exercise and meal sections together total 100 pages. Notes and appendices comprise another 100 pages. Discounting those sections, Sears leaves only 200 pages to explain what his book is about. And he's not going to make it pleasant. What's funny about repetition in a book is that it actually confuses the reader, because each time a concept is repeated, something new is added to it so that it becomes foreign again. Sears truly needs an editor.

    That being said, the essence of his ideas is interesting, but I imagine there are not more than 100 pages of text worth reading here. In a nutshell, Sears believes you should take high-dose fish oil (make sure it's pure, like Eskimo-3, or a similarly reputable brand); avoid grains, rice, and pasta; eat small portions of protein at most meals; eat fruits and veggies; avoid sugar and juices; and avoid egg yolks, butter, vegetable oil, and a few other "bad" oils. That's it. Now if you really want to know why you should eat this way for the rest of your life, you'll have to read his book. Although it takes him a few hundred pages to get it out, the reasons for this diet and for taking fish oil are in there....more info
  • A Must Read
    This book changed my eating habits for ever and I thought I already had good eating habits! For the first time in my life, I no longer have feelings of hypoglicemia and I lost, slowly but surely, 11lbs in 3 months, without feeling hungry. This is more a way of eating long-term than a diet. I started running at about the same time I bought this book, I am currently training for a half marathon and I find this way of eating very compatible with an active lifestyle. Since I do not eat meat, I also bought the Soy Zone....more info
  • If you have Arthritis- Read this Book
    I was lucky enough to find an internist who recommended this book to me when I went to him with symptoms of cold intolerance, fatigue, swollen and inflamed joints, thyroid disorder and a host of other symptoms. In the meantime, while awaiting the results of the tests, he advised me to read this book as it would explain inflammation in the body.

    Previously I had been diagnosed with arthritis and treated for symtoms and became progressively worse. Within two weeks of implementing the changes outlined in this book; both diet changes and adding 5 grams of enteric-coated fish oil per day I had significant reduction in the swelling and inflammation.

    To understand how inflammation works on the body and to reduce a host of symptoms and beliefs associated with Alzheimers, etc. this book is a valuable tool for self-enlightment. Many physicians today don't take the time to treat underlying causes of illnesses before they progress to more serious problems for the patient. Read this book and Help Yourself. It won't do any harm and may do you a world of good....more info
  • it works
    within two weeks i was walking better and feeling better than i have in years thanks dr sears...more info
  • Sears, food for thought
    I use Sears as one of my sources for nutrition. "Use" in the sense of academic information and of food source. His theories are appealing as are his supplements, Zone Bars, Olive oil, and fish oil. Sears is persuasive. His book is valuable to me.
    ...more info
  • awesome book!
    this is a GREAT book. i use it with all my clients(i'm a sports nutritionist). only days after using the diet and supplements that this diet explains, i started (and still do) feeling better than i ever have, in every way that i can think of. i'm turning 35 & after about 3 weeks of following this book i am down to about the same weight i was 12-15 years ago. I also have read & am using Toxic Fat by Barry Sears....more info
  • Everyone should read this boo
    The book is very powerful and everyone should read it. This lifestyle will help reverse what ever is going on with your life. EXCELLENT...more info


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