Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin with 25 mg Theanine - For Stress Relief and a Sounder Sleep - 300 Tablets

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Melatonin is a metabolic hormone made in the pineal gland, retina, and intestines. Melatonin is released into the blood stream by the pineal gland (which resides in the brain) to set your bodys biological clock and initiate sleep. Darkness stimulates the pineal gland and causes it to produce more melatonin. Day light stops your bodys production of melatonin. Melatonin helps to promote healthy sleep patterns.* Melatonin also protects cells from free radical damage, and directs the release of growth and sex hormones.* Vitamin B6 plays an important role in brain chemistry and nervous system function.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • NOTE: packaged in white bottle.
  • Melatonin Plus Theamine for sleep support and stress relief.
  • Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the human brain believed to maintain regular sleeping patterns.
  • L-Theanine, a natural compound found in green tea, is added for its calming and stress relief properties.
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • Slept like a baby
    I bought this product to combat jetlag on a trip to Europe. I had no jetlag. You might also want to consider purchasing a sublingual lozenge form if you want to get to sleep quicker....more info
  • Be Careful!
    I bought this stuff at costco 'cause I have a hard time sleeping when on vacation. I tried a full tablet the first night and it worked pretty well. I felt kinda out of it the second day but I chalked it up to chance. After taking another the next night, I woke up and felt very sick. I must be really sensitive or somethin'... Anyways. I have cut down my dosage to 1/8th of a tablet and for no more than three days in a row with a week break. With this rate a bottle will last me a couple of years.

    Pros: Cheap!
    Works well.
    Makes you sleep longer and deeper.
    Vivid dreams.

    Cons: Vivid dreams (I personally dream very vividly the WHOLE night if I take one of these)
    Nausea(if you take too much)

    Overall if you have trouble sleeping this will make a great alternative to help you sleep well....more info
  • Sound sleep
    I was to the point of moving into our guest room because of my husbands snoring, especially loud and more disturbing after he had a very busy day and in conjunction with his apnea I would lay there awake and constantly rock him when he stopped breathing. Neither of us getting much sound sleep. My friend gave me a bottle of Schiff and suggested I take it so I wouldn't hear his snoring. Well, I gave him a tablet when I took mine because it says for stress relief. He went to sleep and I read awhile, I kept reaching over just to make sure he was still breathing he was sleeping so peacefully. That was about 3 months ago. He still has a bad day ever so often but these things have worked for him and me. We take one tablet each every night, and there's no loud snoring around here. ...more info
  • nathan
    I would just like to say that this is an excellent product. I tried this product over a year ago and does exactly what it says. I take 1-2 tablets about 20 minutes before I go to bed and I sleep soundly the whole night. I recently started working 3rd shift and it was hard for me to sleep during the day the first few weeks. However, when I began taking this I immediatly began falling to sleep faster and sleeping so much sounder than ever before. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to sleep much better and still feel alert when they wake up....more info
  • Works for me
    I have had trouble sleeping all my life due to over active thought process. I could not stop thinking about things and it would interfere with my sleep. I tried other over the counter sleep aids which leave me groggy in the morning as I usually do not get a full 8 hours of sleep during the week.

    I tried these tablets and immediately noticed a change in my sleeping patterns. My sleep felt more satisfactory in the morning, as if I had slept for much longer than before. I felt no groggy after affects, and have no trouble falling asleep while taking it. I also have a significant increase in dreams I can recall.

    I intend to continue taking the product as I am 100% satisfied with the results....more info
  • My son has been taking it for year
    My son has severe sleep issues due to migraines. I started giving him two right before bed and he sleeps the entire night and says he is rested. Its great...more info
  • A Great Sleep Supplement
    This product really helps me achieve 8 hours of sleep every night, which I had been struggling with for quite some time. I bought it knowing that it was only a supplement, and that it would not put me to sleep, but aid in the process. It does exactly as it says (although I sometimes have to take two). It relaxes me, and I find myself yawning profusely about a half hour after taking it. I rarely wake up groggy. This is the first melatonin product that I have tried and will be the only one unless I have a future problem with it, which I do not see happening....more info
  • Hey, This One Works?
    I've tried some "alternative" meds; but not a fan. Huh? This was an impulse and desperate purchase; but it works, at least for me.

    I suspect it's different strokes for different folks (under the tongue makes no difference for me) and this was my stroke of luck. Doesn't last long; but it gets me there.

    Note that I say, "me." I'm not going to make any claims for you....more info
  • Did Nothing For Me
    Took one pill before bed at midnight ,and fell asleep about 2hrs later.Was back up at 4:30am.Couldn't go bak to sleep,so I thought I'd write this reveiw.Now I'm a big guy,about 280.Mabye my weight has something to do with it.I'll try 2 pills tonight and see what happens.I'll let you know...more info
  • Lifesaver!
    Schiff's Melatonin Plus with L-Theanine and Vitamin B6 is the ONLY Melatonin that I will ever use! I let it melt under my tongue for faster effect. I only need a half a pill each night!

    It's the combination of these three things that does the trick, trust me!

    If I was to take something on a desert island, THIS would be one of them!

    Oh and btw: Sam's has a 300-count bottle for around 5-6 bucks!:) ...more info
  • Good Sleep less irritable
    Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin with 25 mg Theanine - For Stress Relief and a Sounder Sleep - 300 Tablets

    This is my personal favorite Melatonin. It seems to work for me better than any other melatonin product that I've tried. Must be the L-Theanine that it has. I let it melt in my mouth for faster results. You have to be really ready to go asleep, say like in 30 minutes or less. It doesn't leave you groggy in the mourning if you take it this way. Just a quicker more restful sleep. It's available at Sam's Club, also. It , also helps to take with 100mg of 5-HTP.

    Gunner September, 2008

    ...more info
  • Didn't seem to work as good as other Melantonin products
    Didn't seem to work as good as other Melantonin products. In fact, didn't seem to work at all. My husband has taken Melantonin for years and he felt that this was almost like not taking it at all. I had thought that since it sounded like it was stronger/longer that it would really work-

    Didn't for us though but might for someone else-...more info
  • No Help From This Product
    Melatonin always works for me but for some odd reason this one would not. I chewed up two and there was no effect even later when I tried more at different times of the night other nights and still nothing. Even when I fell asleep I didn't sleep good as usual when I take my normal kind of melatonin in liquid form. I guess this works for some people given the reviews so odds are its gonna be this way for a lot of people where it works or it doesn't and not much in between. Melatonin is still great but I guess I will just stick with the liquid form. I have no idea why this kind would not work for me but it simply wouldn't so hence my rating....more info
  • Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin with 25 mg Theanine
    As a sleep aid this formulation was no better than Melatonin alone. Further, I am not convinced that Melatonin is efficacious as a sleep aid. The only effective OTC sleep aid I have found is Doxylamine Succinate. Unfortunately, a 25 mg tablet will leave you groggy in the morning. I suggest trying half a tablet first....more info
  • The real stuff
    Been using it for 5 years - it helps a lot without the hangover of sleeping pills. ...more info
  • A Godsend
    I guess my body must underproduce melatonin. I struggled with insomnia for years. Awful. This one pill has cured it. It may not work for everyone, but for me, it truly was a silver bullet!

    ...more info
    I had been taking Ambien but found myself hooked to it and very groggy in the morning. I tried to sleep without the Ambien but could not do it. It's terrible when you can't fall asleep and you know you have a full day of work ahead. Anyway, my mother picked this bottle up at Costco and she gave it to me. It sat in my cabinet for about 2 months because I don't like taking stuff that is not FDA approved. However, one day, I decided to try and boy does this little thing REALLY WORK! I rarely have dreams but I dreamt all night long. I'm generally a very light sleeper but this little pill made me feel like I got some really DEEP sleep. Anyway, for the skeptics, I say you give it a try, it works wonders. Great stuff, I highly recommend! Thanks SCHIFF!...more info


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