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"How do we find hot stocks without getting burned? How do we fatten our portfolios and stay financially healthy? Former hedge-fund manager and longtime Wall Street commentator Jim Cramer explains how to invest wisely in chaotic times, and he does so in plain English in a style that is as much fun as investing is -- or should be, when it's done right. For starters, Cramer recommends devoting a portion of your assets to speculation. Everyone wants to find the big winners that can bring outsized gains, and Cramer explains how to allocate your portfolio so that you can afford to take this kind of risk wisely. He explains why "buy and hold" is a losing philosophy: For Cramer, it's "buy and homework." If you can't spend an hour a week researching each of your stocks, then you should hand off your portfolio to a mutual fund -- and Cramer identifies the very few mutual funds that he'd recommend. Cramer reveals his Ten Commandments of Trading (Commandment #5: Tips are for waiters). He explains why he's not afraid to compare investing to gambling (and tells you which book on gambling you should read to become a better investor). He discloses his Twenty-Five Rules of Investing (Rule #4: Look for broken stocks, not broken companies). Cramer shows how to compare stock prices in a way that you can understand, how to spot market tops and bottoms, how to know when to sell, how to rotate among cyclical stocks to catch the big moves, and much more. Jim Cramer's Real Money is filled with insider advice that really works, information that Cramer himself used to make millions during his fourteen-year career on Wall Street. Written in Cramer's distinctive turbocharged style, this is every investor's guide to what you really must know to make big money in the stock market. "

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a bad book, but do NOT buy the Kindle edition
    Not a bad book as an investment primer, but the most important piece of the book, a graph of Cramer's cyclical strategy for stocks is COMPLETELY ILLEGIBLE on the Kindle. ...more info
  • A very good read and quite helpful
    As someone who has some investment money in the stock market I have a vested interest in learning everything I can about how to invest and how to make money. Using a variety of sources I have kept myself earning money at a rate better than the S&P 500 index. Jim Cramer has been a huge influence and is probably one of the main reasons I have been (modestly) beating the market over the last year since I started watching his shows and reading his books.

    I use plenty of other sources too, Fast Money on CNBC is just as important to me as Cramer's show and I dilligently read everything I can get my hands on when it comes to my money. In the end, Caveat Emptor, I knowingly put my money into the market and I understand the consequences if I screw up.

    There are no easy answers to investing in the stock market, it's a lot of work. Cramer admits that and he warns people they have to put in the effort to do the homework and make the right moves to maximize your opportunities for making money.

    For writing a clear and very readable guide to making investments Cramer deserves a lot of respect. Reading this book has allowed me make smart decisions with my money and it has also allowed me to better understand the strange group psychology of "The Street" and not to get frustrated with its fickleness.

    If you have money in the stock market and if you make control how that moeny is invested than you must learn as much about stock investing as possible from a bunch of different sources to make educated decisions about your investments. Thus why Cramer's books are a necessary read even if you are a skeptic of Jim Cramer's methods. Be skeptical but don't allow skepticism to get between you and learning....more info
  • Investing in a Insane World
    I have had my copy for about a year and am on my third reading; this IS the definitive book for all investors regardless of their market background.
    This copy was bought for a good friend and new investor. BOOYAHHH !!!...more info
  • Great book for learning about trading stocks
    Jim Cramer's book is full of usefull and sound advice about investing in stocks. All his rules make common sense and should be easy for anyone to apply in thier own investing. Discipline is the key, and he stresses that. He didn't become a multi-millionaire and get his own show on CNBC by being a dummy. No one can be right all the time, and Cramer is no exception, but he is right much more than he is wrong. And that is all you need to make alot of money on Wall Street. Dont listen to the Cramer haters out there, THEY KNOW NOTHING!!! and will never come close to duplicating Cramer's investing success....more info
  • Good Book!
    Book was jammed packed full of facts, and was an interesting read. Cramer gives you a little bit of humor along with a good education. You can tell this man went to harvard by some of his big words, just glad i have a college degree. ...more info
  • Showed me the error of my ways
    I have made a lot of poor investment decisions in my time. Believing the buy and hold camp was one of them. This book freed me of a lot of my losses from the Dot Com meltdown, and got me excited about investing again....more info
  • Hey -- It's Jim
    In this poor old world, we all need money to stay alive and care for our loved ones. Jim's books are a great place to start, a terrific review, and a fresh perspective on trading. Whether you trade for a living or just trying to build up that nest egg, Jim's books will help. Just don't get so carried away with money that you forget what it's really all about. ...more info
  • Good investment Advise.
    All I have to say is BOO YAHH!

    If your looking here you already know Cramer is King.

    Respectfully, Dennis Lloyd...more info
  • Mad Man? Not really, more a Market Genius
    Not much value on my side reviewing this book for the hundreds time. What's the take away?
    I've been investing in stocks for nearly 20 years, with at least so much success that I keep with it, more or less. The difference is now I get why stocks move or don't (at least much more than I did before). And this book (and his show) is key to that. Awesome guiding priciples, rules of thumb, and market insights.
    It's a fun book to read, if you have a certain level of interest in the business world, which is kind if key, of course. Many good laughs! I love his style (which I'm sure many might find offensive or so). But heck, it works for me. I bought both his other books as well. It's so good. The return on this "investment" can't be calculated. Hope this helps! :-)...more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I just recently graduated from college and started working. I caught the money making bug. I am brand new to investing and had no idea even where to begin. My dad is a huge advocate of Cramer's so I decided to buy the book. I was not dissappointed! A must buy for anybody new to the game. Very fun, fast read! I'm excited to put this new knowledge to work. I thought I'd be done with homework after college however I have a feeling that this homework will be much more fun!...more info
  • Great Book To Learn From
    Before reading this book I knew nothing about stock market investing. This book has so much info that I feel it is not a one time read but rather a reference book. Many terms are clearly defined and many situations in the market are clearly explained. For the first time in my life, I understand how basic options work. There is far too much for me to cover in a review. If you want to learn about the stock market, this is the book for you....more info
  • Important Read
    This book contains valuable information for managing your money and the do's and don'ts for investing....more info
  • Good for basic advice, but don't listen to his picks
    This is an interesting book to learn basics of the market. However, Jim Cramer has lost me and others in my family a ton of money. On his show he recommended Cheasepeake Energy, Encana etc. We all bought many of his stocks and years later have lost our shirts. Therefore, I say buy low and sell high and looks at the fundamentals. I think Cramer is a phony. He recommends stocks then doesn't speak about them when they tank. Therefore, why doesn't he take the advice he gives in his book. Or doesn't it work....more info
  • Listening to a Wall Street Shill-Or how my money evaporated...
    Cramer is so embedded in the corrupt Wall Street system that he's pretty much giving advice that is counter to common sense. Beware folks! When common sense goes out the window, market crashes are looming on the horizon. Cramer was embedded in the Wall Street lunacy that produced derivatives that made billionaires out of the few and paupers out of millions. The one thing that history shows that Cramer's advice is good for is as a guide as to what not to do.

    He has tried at every turn to prop up the market and keep this shell game that we now have happening, going. It's like he was vested in the very system he was reporting on, covering his pals on Wall Street. ...more info
  • Not a typical investment book
    Jim's approach to investing is in some ways unorthodox and will at times seem contrary to all other investing books you may have read. The key to getting this book is understanding that Jim is giving you a shotgun approach to investing. He's giving you about 20 different tools to use in different market environments and different trading styles. Many people will employ, at most, half of the strategies depending on their risk tolerance and their time to invest in doing the homework.

    A lot of what Jim tries to teach in the book is an understanding of market forces, market cycles, how the big guys play in the market, and how the individual must understand all these in order to navigate the market's waters. He also tries to teach you how to do your homework. This is key to his approach. Without your homework you might as well park your money in mutual funds.

    For me this is a great primer to investing but it's not the only book you should be reading. The classic Peter Lynch books are a good place to start reading further. I would also recommend perusing the many investment sites like [...] (Jim founded and still owns this site), [...] are just a few of the more well known sites.

    You will likely run across people who say Jim is just trying to make money for his big hedge fund buddies, or Jim knows full well that you can't make any money using his ideas - he just wants to sell more books, or you can't make money like Jim unless you are a day trader. Ignore these people. You CAN make money in the market and you can do well at it but it won't happen over night. You have to keep learning, keep on reading about and watching the markets and above all don't give up. ...more info
  • Cramer's Insane Investing Ideas
    Cramer is the type of guy who loves to be the center of attention and loves to hear himself lecture other people on how to invest in a volatile market. Problem is that this guy has made so many poor stock picks since his show went on the air that most people now just laugh at him. This clown will one day tell his viewers to pick up shares in company X and then next week tell them to sell it. He flip-flops on so many companies that I really believe he is Insane like the title of the book suggests. He often tells his viewers that he used to run a hedge fund. I can't imagine how much money he lost for his clients....more info
  • Inconsistent and difficult to read
    On one page he says your first loss is your best loss. Yet on another page he tells people not to sell in a panic. He detests the buy and hold strategy. Yet he claims to be a bottom fisher. Stocks that hit bottom take a while to come back. Profiting from them requires a buy and hold strategy. The writing is difficult to read. The entire book is crammed with weird stuff....more info
  • The best place to start (or continue)
    I've read all of Jimmy's books, all great, but this one seems to be his best all-in-one market "how-to". His writing is as engaging as it is informative and out of the multitude of stock market how-to's out there, (and believe me, I've read a ton and most won't get you anywhere but confused) Jimmy, William O'Neill and Ken Fisher give you the best advice I've found on bound paper, hardcover or paperback.

    Still, if you're not willing to do the sometimes hair-pulling, nerve-wracking work involved in managing a portfolio of stocks yourself, (the best asset class available to you as an investor) going at it half-heartedly, you're likely to end up writing a one-star review on your laptop whilst sitting on your dirty linoleum floor like a sad clown sipping bad scotch after you've read it and plowed a bunch of your IRA money into a Mad Money tip that dropped ten points the following week, just like some of the other one-star reviewers here.

    "Real Money" will help you decide if you want a crack at owning stocks as an individual and may very well give you a bunch of insight if you already do. Though this book wasn't the one that got me into stocks, it is the one that got me to do it with more passion.
    ...more info
  • Fundamental investing in a layman's language
    Booya Jim!! This is a great book about investing using a fundamental approach. What is great is that the basics of investing are explained in a layman's language. You have to read chapter 5 to get a basic 101 on business cycles and how to exploit the cycle in buying and selling stocks.

    I can list all the chapters and what they tell you about or list all the rules Jim explains - but that is rote repetition. Read chapter 4 about basics of evaluation. Jim does a wonderful job about comparing apples to apples e.g., Walgreen to RiteAid and goes into depth why he thinks what should be bought. This lesson alone is worth the price of the book for an investor starting out. Another good lesson is to evaluate the current value of a stock.

    Of course, you can attend some expensive classes and get uncompreshensible instructions in an university, but for the price of the book, the value of the lessons here cannot be beaten.

    In addition to business cycles, Jim gives some great insights e.g., he states that it is stupid to consider investing and trading as a dichotomy. How true! His famous buy-and-homework approach is like hearing a great 101 lesson from a Professor who also knows the real world. I haven't made any money in buying and holding. My emotions eventually have gotten hold of me. Instead, you need to know when to buy and when to sell. There are separate chapters on predicting tops and bottoms of both the market and individual stocks - again, wonderful reads.

    In addition there are 40 rules about investing. Some gems are "I don't care what you paid for the stock, would you buy it now?" question to paraphrase. He gives a lot of credit to the Goddess, now his wife!

    All in all, a great book and a must-have book in your investing library. I read the book almost two times so that I could reinforce the lessons, especially about valuation and business cycles. My style of investing, which has been pretty successful, is both a combination of fundamental and technical factors, while Jim's is more fundamental. But the fundamental 101s in the book is useful and should be a must background for anyone wanting to put their hard-earned money on the fire in the stock market.
    ...more info
  • Finally, it explained it
    I really like this book. It gave good intro just how to start evaluating stocks even if you have't studied economics. Cramer says it like it is, and gives great advice on how to trade, what your mistakes will be and how to avoid them. He also draws from his own experience in a very illustrative way.

    I studied economics, yet this book gave me a better hands on approach than all the theory in the world could have done on this topic...more info
  • Good book if you are know a little bit
    The book is a great read. It helps to understand how stock prices go up and down. It explains why you should invest, when should you take risks, speculation is fine. Some of the chapters can be confusing at times. It starts pretty simple and gets into some deep ideas. I highly recommend it to investors who are interested in the highly volatile stock market....more info
  • Super Read
    Awesome Read! I've read a few investment books, but this one is the best! I've been out of the market for a bit, my old way to investing had not produced what I thought it could. Jim has turned me around and retaught what all the professors in college could not. Super fast read, and I could not thank Jim enought for sharing is expertise. I feel like a new and better invester....Homework, Homework, Homework...the Key to succuess.
    Five Stars******...more info
  • Every investor should listen.............
    I have listened to both this books and yes I am a follower of his show. I've been an active investor for 25+ years and in college I majored in corporate finance/fundamental corporate analysis. I find this book extremely useful in driving home the type of analysis and research we should all do in picking which stocks to invest in.

    At times he goes a little too quickly in his explanations but the joy of having it on CD is that you can listen to in over and over during your mindnumbing commute.

    I do not agree with his recommendation that you should invest in only 5-10 stocks whic his far too few but htat being disregarded this book is a must for all investors. I guarentee that you will reduce the chances of losing money if you follow his suggestions.

    Oh............if you find him too iritating on TV don't worry he has toned it down on the CD.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, learning a lot
    Jim Cramer's "Real Money" is a great book. I am learning a lot from the book and from Jim's TV show "Mad Money". You will get more out of the show if you read the book first....more info
  • The Book!!!
    Great book to learn and understand the basics and the not so basics of the markets, highly recomended...more info
  • Cramers Insane World
    After reviewing "Cramer's Real Money" my wife and I started to put this trader's guidebook method to work.

    I am happy to report that from last January until April we had a twenty four percent gain. We researched and searched and purchased and sold stocks that we felt comfortable with. Not bad for beginners. We now call Cramer a stock guru.

    After gaining our trust in Cramer we started watching Mad Money on MSNBC. We watched and learned. Every now and again Cramer would make stock pick suggestions. Saying things like boy if you can get this stock for under xxx amount then "that is a gift". Buy Buy Buy.

    So we thought this stock trading guru has helped us make money with his trading guidebook why not take his advice from Mad Money and trade those "gift stocks" that he gets so excited about.

    Well I can say that the stock guru is our leader no more. Since Cramer's guidebook clearly states "tips are for waiters" we feel foolish. The twenty four percent we gained is now less than one percent. If we would have not believed the tips from the stock guru himself and we would have just continued with the traders guidebook methods we would have been much better off.

    It is hard for us to believe that this man's reckless "GIFT" stock picks are from the same person that wrote the book. From what I have been reading online there are many that consider Cramer very reckless with total disregard for his own books methodology.

    So buy the book but do not take TIPS even if the TIPS come down from the stock guru himself.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great book for investing. It is good for beginners as well as if you have experience in the stock market. Jim does a great job of explaining how he values his stocks. ...more info
  • Believe it or not, Cramer can make you a better investor.
    Having read several investment books, this book is a much needed shot in the arm in that it opens the doors to the type of independent thinking that the mutual fund industry doesn't want individual investors to engage in. Cramer's book encourages readers to move beyond what may be an effective but somewhat restrictive investment philosophy, and utilize several strategic approaches to building wealth in stocks. I never could have guessed that Cramer could do so much to help me see investing in a different light and ultimately help me understand investing much better. ...more info
  • James Cramer's Read Money :Sane Investing In An Insane World
    Jim Cramer's books and tv programs provide expert help to every investor; however, as a small investor on a fixed income with small investment money available at 77 woman, I have to be very cautious with my money. I am confidence in anything that he says. If he makes a mistake, he steps up to the plate and says,"I called it wrong, let's do something about it."
    His writing and TV program are not only an inspiration to me, but have given me the confidence to influence my grandchildren to learn from Jim as I have done.
    Thanks a million,
    Love ya, Jim,
    Peggy Wildman
    Dallas,Texas 75205...more info
  • Practical Advice for an Insane World
    I was interested in this book because I wanted to learn from Cramer's experience. He'll be the first to tell you that he has made a lot of money in the market, but has also lost a lot of money in the market, and has tried to learn from it in the process. Given that I do not have much money to invest in equities, I was mostly interested in gleaming insights into what moves the market and learn what investing tips I could from Cramer. I have a busy life and am unable to keep up the research and time commitment required to make a living day trading. But I thought, hey, the more money I can make the better, right? And what I found in this book was entertaining and presented well. The advice is practical and the stories memorable. I am far from ready to quit my job, but I do feel that I understand the market better now, and for that, the book was well worth it....more info
  • Very Useful
    This book does a tremendous job explaining how to make money. Great read, good tips, excellent read....more info
  • An educating novel
    First of all, I tend to be bullish on anything that people recommend to me. My dad recommended this and I liked it. I learned a lot. My education has been primarily in sciences, and I didn't know much about anything financial. I read this book a week ago, and I can already tell my understanding has increased when I read articles in the Wall Street Journal. I think he gives brilliant insight into the stock market. Someone is always making money, whether the market is up or down, and Cramer reveals rules on how they do it. I have read other books on personal success, and most are purely motivational. This book is a technical piece on how to actually operate. I heard Cramer say on his show, that this book was a manual he gave to employees at his hedge fund, and I believe it. One thing that really sticks out is his insistence on homework. He does not even propose that managing stocks is an easy way to make money. He states, don't do it unless you can spend at least five hours a week. He also acknowledges, that in order spend this time, one must love it. I love learning about businesses, learning about economics cycles, learning how Fed decisions affect stocks and different sectors. If you have a love for learning, this book gives you avenues to pursue. This is a great introduction....more info
  • Mostly basic info with a couple of hidden gems

    Most information in the book is basic in nature for the beginner. I will however point to a couple of things I picked up and thought were useful.
    One important quote from the book that I think every investor should pay attention to is
    "Fundamentals of a company play only a part in what moves the stock up or down, ie there is little relation between the health of a company and that of the stock" . With average holding time of an investor of 12 -18 months this is more true than ever. This is why technical analysis and other factors enter into the equation in a big way.
    Another concept that I was able to translate into profitable trades is the following. To identify stocks that are game breakers set to explode you need to pay attention to the following: 40% management,30% fundamentals, 15% technicals, 15% special factors.
    What I found most applicable to short term trading are these special factors. A stock between $1 and $15 with low float and low capitalization .The high demand with low float create sort of a short squeeze ie more demand than there is float supply. This is one version of a short squeeze where investors are buying into a company with low float and there are not enough shares to go around. Plan to get out when the volume starts becoming so high that the stock found a level where everyone wants to get out. This usually happens after splits and secondary offerings.
    By reading some other books that are more technically oriented I was able to translate this idea into a money making trading approach by focusing on a different type short squeezes.The one where the stock has a high volume of shorted shares but the technicals of the stock are strong. When the shorts try to cover there are just not enough holders willing to sell, the price gets bid up to tempt holders to sell and the stock takes off.
    ...more info
  • Simply the best
    The how's, why's, and wherefores of how the market REALLY works. A "must" read; even if you don't agree, you have to give him his due. Been there and done that - what else can you say?...more info
  • Outstanding book! Booyah indeed!
    Real Money is a great title for this book. Here Cramer tells in a very readable, enjoyable way how he trained people to work at his hedge fund. I had read a few "beginner books" that mostly explained in general terms how the market operates and how to invest in that usual ultra-conservative way barely better than the bond market. But Real Money shows with some rigor how to go about finding and researching winners.

    I had actually bought and read his newer book, Mad Money, before purchasing this one. It was such a great book that I had to read Real Money, and I'm so glad I did. Although Cramer does update a few of his methods a bit in Mad Money, they are still built on the basics of Real Money. It might be better to read them in order, but I didn't lose anything by reading them in reverse.

    Cramer's methods are very logical and they work. My husband and I really studied both books, and now we never miss his nightly show "Mad Money" on CNBC. Since we began this, we have made at least three times as much money as we did using the Morningstar type of stock-picking. More important, we have not had any big losses because of Cramer's "buy and homework" rule, which requires spending one hour per week for each stock held.

    Cramer's anecdotes are downright funny, and his analogies help to simplify more complex subjects such as shorting and trading options. He is not a purely growth invester nor just a trader. He applies both growth and value investing methods and differentiates between an investment and a trade. There is nothing reckless about Cramer's system.

    Real Money is a fantastic book. If I had to pick one thing in it that has had the greatest value for us, it would be how to research sectors and stocks in a logical, systematic way both before and after picking a stock. In short, (or long), I heartily recommend Real Money. Or in other words, BOOYAH! ...more info
  • Read for entertainment - not info
    His first book "Confessions of a Street Addict" was thoughtful and interesting. This book reads almost like one of his TV shows. He "co-wrote" this one and it feels like he just sat down with his assistants and let it rip in his usual stream of consciousness style for a couple hours. The book seems hardly edited from that. Meaningless digressions , backtracking, repetition -- all left in here.
    If you're a fan of the show, you've heard ALL of this on the show (repeatedly). If you're not, you won't get anything from this book. I was hoping for a more coherent and deep window onto how Jim Cramer views the current markets. Not what I got....more info
  • MAD MONEY!!!!!!!!!
    This book is a must for the avid investor or anyone looking to get involved in the stock market. This book keeps you reading because you know Cramer can help you make millions in the stock market. Cramer also keeps you interested by using a creative styling of writing that is not normally seen in the stock market, He grabs your attention with phrases like "I want you to be rich" and "my goal is to make you rich". I don't know a person on Earth who wouldn't read this book after hearing that the whole point of Cramer's book is to make you rich. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to make money in the stock market because it is the best available that will teach you how to get rich for the stock market. ...more info
  • SkeeDaddy
    Jim's insite into stock investing is very broadfield. He gets right to the point in getting you to educate yourself so that you can do a better job in evaluating your actions....more info
  • At Least His BOOK Is QUIET....
    Really, I figured what could it hurt to read & listen. Tried all his ideas, watched his picks on TV etc. Set up HIS ideal portfolios on my trading page where I trade stocks. After 2 years what are the results? Cramer's picks as well as Vectorvest picks got CREAMED compared to MY own idiotic attempts at making money long term as well as short term.
    So, do what you like, but if ever in San Diego & you want this book? You can have mine for FREE. Do however pay attention to his common sense "get out of debt" strategy. ...more info
  • not for leisure
    When I first checked this book out, I found it too boring and abstract to hold my interest...mainly because of the chapters about how the market works and how hedge fund managers trade. But then I revisited the book and spent some time with these chapters and realized the value of the information and also realized I had learned alot since I first approached the book which made it more interesting to me the second time around. Now Cramer insists he is a bottoms-up investor/trader, but this book has alot of top-down strategy in it. As far as the stock rules, well yeah they are common sense, but forcing yourself to follow them is a a whole 'nother story. Common sense can deviate when put into actual practice, otherwise we'd all be thin and beautiful, right? His strategy is like a diet, it requires willpower to be successful. This book may be beyond the beginner and unhelpful for advanced investors, but it is great if you know a little more than the average person walking down the street. Like Suze Ormond states, alot of people spend time in denial or hiding from their money situations. ...more info
  • Self promotion
    This book gives not much other than Mr. Cramer's self-promotion. It is almost as bad as the TV program that I had once seen (Big Money). If someone tells you which stocks to buy and which to sell, you need to run away from that person as fast as possible. I suspect that he must have his own interest to promote some stocks. Usually his interest will be opposite to yours. When all the gullible followers are buying, he is quietly selling. There is nothing sane in Mr. Cramer's book. And yes, the world must be insane to have this book so high on the list of bestsellers. For some good rading I suggest Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel
    ...more info
  • Straight to the point
    This book gives you a down to earth look on investing your money. Simple rules and principles give you food for thought and make you think your own way of investing. Jim Cramer has strong opinions and easy to understand view on how to make the best of the continually changing markets. This is a great book. It's easy to read and gives you ideas how to manage your own stocks. It encourages you to take active role on investing and stock buying and holding. This is good advice for all who own stocks, whether it is for trading or for the long run. It makes you think the markets as a whole too and how to react to different situations, which investors regularly face if they stay on the business for years. The ideas give you good look on the market especially now that the stocks are turning more volatile....more info
  • Great Book for any Investor.
    I am just starting to dabble in the stock market so I'm trying to learn as much as I can right now.

    This book is very easy to understand and a very fast read. Being a really big fan of Cramer already this was a 'no-brainer', and although he is very educated he really translates his thoughts and advice in an easy to understand way.

    I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the stock market....more info
  • be a better investor or a better client
    Can one book make you an expert money manager? I don't think so, but as Cramer writes, "You have to learn to be either a better investor or a better client; there is no other choice." So in that context, this book offers great insights and lessons learned from his career as a hedge fund manager.

    For those who want to manage their own portfolio, Cramer prescribes a "buy and homework" style, rather than buy and hold because companies can lose their edge due to new competition, regulatory changes, etc. He says you need a minimum of five stocks in different industries to be diversified, and you need to spend an hour per week per stock doing your homework.

    For those who don't have the time or the inclination to do the homework, he recommends some mutual funds on pages 198-201. Most mutual fund managers underperform the index funds, and Cramer provides some reasons why.

    Cramer is a good writer, with a refreshingly candid style. I also enjoyed his previous book You Got Screwed, which opened my eyes to the conflicts of interest which abound in the financial industry....more info
  • Solid Book. Probably worth 4.5 stars.
    This was a solid read with new thoughts on stock investing in general. I enjoyed reading it and definitely learned some stuff. This is probably about the 10th investing book I have finished over the past couple of years and is worth the read. ...more info
  • Real Money
    This book was highly educational. I felt that Jim Cramer truly wants the average joe to have a better life and make some money in the stock market....more info
    Jims REAL MONEY Sane Investing in an Insane world is a great book. As in any review there are pro's and Con's.....The Pro's are that there is invaluable advice that he offers, For instance he tells you to do you Homework 1 hour per week...This is extremely important as he says know your stocks and know why u bought them? This is because jim tells you to buy stocks depending on the federal reserve rates and GDP. He analyzes which stocks to own depending on where the federal interest rates are as described on page 115. He tells u to own secular stocks when interest rates are at its peak & own retail,banks etc when interest rates are low as to intice consumer spending. The Cons ARe that Jim explains how to evaluate P/E by his equation EXM=P...However he tries to explain the growth rate and a few other technical analysis with-out providing Elementary abc insights, where he uses his "wall-street Gibberish" For Instance He says Dont buy stocks with High Earnings Multiples But Jim Leaves this out,=(He explains that to get earnings you would need to divide the outstanding shares divided by the revenue, OK fine. What is ambiquous and missing is that as the price of the stock increases The multiple increases because as the earnings stays the same U are know dividing earnings into a bigger stock price so obviously the multiple will increase. He doe not explain that as new earnings are announced and the company reports larger earnings, that if the stock price is high and U are now dividing a larger earning into a high stock price that the earnings will decrease? Or that if the company reports smaller earnings than the previous quarter with a high stock price that the earnings will still increase due to dividing a high stock price into smaller earnings that would increase the multiple. There are some technical analysis that he could explain in simpler elementary examples. Also he does not explain in great detail the how to derive growth rate. Also everyone wonders if there is a conspiracy going on with him mentioning certain stocks to buy so his hedgefund buddies that are losing money would be able to recover by the majority buying into his stock picks on his tv show? BuY The Book Learn the fundamentals and U should gain some very inspiring knowledge on how to learn different approaches to picking stocks......more info


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