Raw Food Detox Diet, The

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If you're looking for the secret to a perfect body, you're going to find it right here. When you apply the principles in this book to your life, you're going to uncover a thinner, younger looking, more beautiful version of your current self and experience the renewed energy of youth. . . . Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. It can be done.

The raw food craze has taken off: Raw restaurants are springing up, and celebrities, models, and other fans are swearing by the benefits of eating "all raw." But what if you-re just curious about raw food and don't want to give up your lifestyle or the foods you love? The good news is, you can have your cake and eat it too! In The Raw Food Detox Diet, top nutritionist Natalia Rose shows you exactly how it's done.

Raw food is a powerful detoxifying agent that can cleanse your body of all the waste that you have accumulated from years of eating processed foods. A diet rich in raw foods can set you on a course toward greater energy, clearer skin, a slimmer figure, and amazing natural health. But detoxifying too quickly will only shock your system. Rose advises you to transition gently, based on your dieting history and individual needs.

Complete the Raw Food Detox questionnaire, and determine your personal Raw Food Transition Number (1 to 5) to find out which suggested menus, recipes, and cleansing methods are just right for you.

At last, here's a diet book that's as fresh and accessible as its food while promising optimal health and weight loss results. Stop counting calories and oversubscribing to fad diet foods, such as soy milk, low-carb products, nutrition bars, and vitamin tablets. Whether you aim to lead an all-raw lifestyle, or are disillusioned with other diets and just want to lose weight while still eating the foods you love, The Raw Food Detox Diet offers all the inspiration -- including more than eighty delicious, simple gourmet recipes! -- and the guidance you'll need to achieve your goals.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great in theory...
    I am glad I checked this book out of the library because this diet just won't pan out in my life. She makes some good points about eating healthy raw foods, but the section most important to me 'Raw on a Budget' tiptoed around the fact that you can't afford the really good raw stuff unless you've got plenty of disposable income, but if you really want to make it work you'll magically find the money. I will take away healthier choices, but going through a head of celery a day for some juice and getting monthly colonics while brushing your body daily is more Hollywood than real life. Mostly this book will just make you feel bad about the food you're going to keep eating because living raw isn't totally viable for average people....more info
  • The Raw Food Detox Diet
    The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight LossA very interesting and well written book. This is a book to live your life by and save it along the way. Try it out you will be amazed at how good you feel. It is very easy to read and has very sound reasoning for it's hypothesis....more info
  • Where's the Science? (Subbed with Splenda)
    I read this book a week ago and have mostly forgotten all the aggravations, but I what I remember most is my desire to tear it up and throw it against the wall. Rose made up a diet for herself that works, and now she is telling the whole world to do the same thing.

    There are a couple of positives (that don't make the book worth buying): It is true that starting the day with a green lemonade such as the one in her book is extremely healthy (or to get greens and green juices into the body daily, at any time, something she does NOT mention). Also, her attempt to list recipes that don't require purchasing whole new sets of tools and dehydrators is admirable, although I personally find most of the recipes uninspired and uninteresting, as well as unappealing to lots of children, despite her claims.

    The things that stand out the most are these: Her intricate food-combining rules exclude wine and coffee, which are considered "neutral." She claims the body processes alcohol as fat, but somehow it's okay to have it with any meal with no regard to her strict combination rules. (Hmm, you think it's because she likes to have wine herself, something she mentions more than once?) I believe salad dressings were neutral, too, but that also doesn't make sense when compared with her food-combining rules. Here's a good explanation, though: SHE'S NOT A SCIENTIST! She has no degree in any kind of nutrition- or science-related anything. She's a "nutritionist," which in most states means taking some correspondence classes or simply calling oneself a nutritionist. If you want to know what to eat, ask someone with a nutrition or food science degree, or RD. (But don't ask an MD, either; they get about 6-12 hours of nutrition training in all of med school.)

    The single-most-alarming issue is her advocacy for Splenda (aka sucralose), which is included in many of her recipes. Any real nutritionist would know that sugar is better for you. This should discredit her entirely, and her publisher should have responsibly rejected this book.

    --MS/RD student, SF

    P.S. If you are looking for a DIET, check out The False Fat Diet. If you are looking for a good raw food recipe book, go for Living Cuisine, for complex and wonderful, or Raw Food for Busy People, for less inspired and less tasty but very simple....more info
  • Refreshing Common Sense
    I really enjoyed this book even though a lot of it was reiterating things I've always known - fresh vegetables and fruits are healthy for you, and make you feel amazing. However, it was very smart of the author to include meals that help you progress to eating more raw meals gradually, since cold turkey diets set people up for failure so often! I thought it was very helpful the way the digestive process was described, and it was very readable. I'm definitely recommending this read to some of my friends!...more info
  • A Down to Earth Perspective on Eating Healthy & Weight Loss
    I have been on a search for information about eating healthfully as well as the best way to lose weight. I had 40 extra pounds to lose and the more I read the more I realized I did NOT want to sign up for some fad diet. I was interested in something for the long term: long term weight loss and long term health benefits. This is it!
    I am actually on Natalia's Detox For Women program right now, I'm halfway through week two and I am already 8 pounds lighter. After I finish the detox (two weeks left) I will transition back to the guidelines outlined in this book and I know it will be great.
    Her food choices make sense. The main idea behind it all is proper food combining. It's not about going completely raw, it's about moderation and healthy sensible choices.
    I would definitely reccomend this book to anyone looking to start their journey towards sustained weight loss and vibrant health. ...more info
  • An excellent 'how to' entry point.
    What I really enjoyed about this book is that it understands the key fact about most human beings - even with the best of intentions 100% is a hard thing.

    That's where this book is ideal for people looking to transition to the raw food lifestyle. Because it does not ram 100% compliance down your throat it makes it an easier book to work with.

    The way it is written is warm and friendly and encourages you to try more raw food in your diet while respecting where you are today.

    A good all-round book for a wide audience. ...more info
  • The Raw Food Detox Diet.
    This book was fantastic and very easy to read and understand. I loved it and am following the ideas set out in the book.I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to lose weight and understand about good health....more info
  • A Mix of Good and Bad Advice
    This book has a really unusual mix of advice - some good, some bad - so if you decide to buy it, read it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    The author really shines in advising you how to make the transition to a more or entirely raw food lifestyle, and her recipes are tailored to raw food for busy people. Because of this, they place little emphasis on sprouting and dehydrating. A common frustration for people trying to get into raw food is leafing through their raw "cook" book for a recipe for dinner, only to find that they needed to sprout something 3 days ago, or dehydrate something for 12 - 24 hours in a dehydrator - not useful if it's 7PM and you're hungry NOW. If you continue to pursue a raw food lifestyle, you'll learn to adapt to this mode of food preparation, but at first it can be a real barrier. These recipes focus on quick preparations, and so sidestep these common pitfalls.

    The author is not so great at explaining the detoxification process, and she makes some pretty dramatic claims (implicitly and explicitly) without any citations to back them up. She appears to be a believer in the idea that mucoid plaque builds up in the intestines, and that soy is poison; however she doesn't explain how she arrives at these conclusions, and she doesn't point the reader to any source to find out more. Consequently as a health guide, I find those claims dubious at best.

    Her recommendations for monthly colonics and/or regular enemas strike me as reckless and quite possibly antagonistic to the process of truly detoxifying your body. Improperly administered colonics and enemas can introduce foreign bacteria and toxins directly into your colon, and make you sick. If you have any disorders of the intestinal tract, such as diverticulitis, colitis, ileitis, crohn's disease, ibs, or intestinal permeability ("leaky gut") you will definitely want to talk to your physician before starting any type of colon therapy. If you don't suffer from any such ailments, consider whether your money might be better invested in a really good juicer or a vitamix! ;) Even the food combination rules are questionable at best, so read them with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    There are other examples of just plain bad advice in the text. The author suggests that you won't need to be concerned about hydration or sunscreen on a raw food diet, for example. If you're trying to detoxify your system, you would do well to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. Proper hydration will help you eliminate toxins and help you regulate your appetite, and since your skin is your body's largest eliminative organ, you should protect it! An EXCELLENT guide to the detoxification process is "Internal Cleansing" by Linda Berry. It describes sources of toxicity, and provides a very holistic approach to eliminating toxins from your food, environment and body.

    If you think you may be heading toward an eating disorder (anorexia/bulimia), or if you already have one, you'd do well to consult with a counselor or medical practitioner before making a switch to ANY structured eating plan, since it's possible to go overboard with the food rules and use them as an excuse to deprive yourself of nutrition. Especially if your body has already been compromised by malnutrition and/or abuse of laxatives, work with a nutritionist, naturopath or physician who is familiar with eating disorders and can help you develop a healthy and lasting lifestyle change.

    If you want to make a lasting change to any aspect of your life, take your time, be gentle with yourself, focus on the process, and pay attention to triggers that cause you to lapse back into unwanted behavior patterns. You'll also want to pay careful attention if you find yourself getting too fixated or rigid with your diet. This book does a good job of gently guiding you through the behavior change as long as you're careful to avoid some of the bad advice served up along the way....more info
  • Informative
    An excellent foray into this lifestyle. A lot of information and goal setting for every level of participation, casual or full tilt, you can find recipies, product references and sources in here....more info
  • The Raw Food Detox Diet
    I love this book. It's written very well and is easy to understand. Anyone can follow this diet in some form or another!...more info
  • Awesome!
    I found this book really helpful as a person who has transitioned from a Vegetarian to a Vegan to now a Raw Vegan over the past few months (you do not have to be a Vegetarian to follow this book). The details on food combining are great for weight loss and the green drinks are amazing, they will give you more energy than a double shot at Starbucks! Even if you are not interested in weightloss; the principles this book is founded upon will provide you with optimal health..If you are still eating processed, packaged, chemical laden, carcinogenic food, grab this book ASAP it will save your life. I am disgusted by the way I used to eat (and was thinking it was healthy..frozen meals, dead food..gross!). ...more info
  • not for everyone
    The Raw Food Detox Diet; While this book has a wealth of information it is useless for persons not living in LARGE metropolitan areas. The menu items are impossible to find in other areas. I live in rural Nevada, 140 from a city of any size. Could find none of the name brands mentioned or vegetables named in the book in my area. But do get it if you want a good reference guide to sensible eating....more info
  • Great book for beginners to the Raw Foods way of eating
    I just purchased this book and read the entire thing in one sitting. I'm new to following a Raw Food Diet. I've been on it for about 3 weeks (at about 90% raw) and have noticeable weight loss results. I'm actually surprised I havent done this a long time ago because I love fresh fruits and veggies and could eat them all day long - which I am now. :)

    Anyway, back to the book, I really bought this for recipes as the ones I found online were not very appealing to me and I was running out of ideas. I found this book to have a lot of good recipes and enough to add some variety to my diet for a while. I especially like the salad dressing recipes.

    I also liked the food combining info. I was not aware of this and had not been following this logic however, I am going to give it a try as well.

    Overall I found the writing style easy to read and fun with lots of examples of what she is talking about etc, like I said, I read the entire thing in one sitting. My only complaint about this book is that the title makes it a bit misleading. There is a LOT of talk of cooked foods in here. I was not expecting this. I appreciate the fact that this book is giving readers a way to ease into a raw food lifestyle by including cooked foods so you arent going cold turkey however, there is so much mention of cooked foods in here that are allowed on the diet (if you so chose to incorporate them) that this doesnt strike me as real a "Raw foods diet" at all. I would think for hardcore Raw Foodists, this book would not be useful at all. I found my own diet that I am following to be much more hardcore than this book and I am new to the whole thing!

    Like I said, I liked the book, I got a lot of good info out of it I just found the title to be misleading and would not recommend this book to anyone who has been following a hardcore raw food diet as I dont think they would get much out of it other than a few of the recipes. I think I would change the title to "Raw Food Light" as I found this to be a light version of the real thing. Having said that, I found her ideas and plans much easier for someone to follow and to make a lifestyle change they would stick to because it isnt so extreme.

    ...more info
  • Eat and feel GOOD!
    If you want to feel bettetr and look good this is the book for you.
    It explains the why and how and is easy to follow. Simple daily menus you can follow. Easy to use reipes. AND best of all the weight drops of too. A new healthy eating plan that you can follow even when going out for a meal. Eat and feel great!! I do!The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss...more info
  • Perfect diet for some, not for all
    This book is everything you need to know about eating a mostly raw diet. I love all of the "real life scenarios" in the book-- this is a lifestyle I could easily follow for, well, life! I have been vegetarian for a few years and a vegan for over two. I have always eaten light during the day, and love Ms Rose's approach to doing so. Vegetables are neutral so you can have them w/fruit, it just takes longer to digest. Also, for as long as I've been vegetarian, I've followed the rules of food combining (which were first recommended to me by my nutritionist/naturopath who does have a legit degree-- I agree with some who say Natalia's credentials are lacking). It works well for me to avoid combining starch and proteins especially.

    BUT, this lifestyle, diet, whatever you call it, isn't for everyone. I wouldn't ever try to push this on anyone who eats a diet of mainly meat, dairy and processed junk or fast food. I used to eat junk/fast food here and there before becoming vegetarian, but it was very easy for me to give it up. Some of these reviews say that this diet advocates meat, dairy & eggs. But truly, it only does in sparse amounts. The "dairy" is RAW goat cheese which is far better for you than dairy, and the meat is only fish. The author says she ate fish occasionally but now has given it up because she felt as if it wasn't contributing to her "life force energy" anymore (this is in her 2nd book I think), which does make sense. Fish is the best "meat" you can have, if you do eat meat. As far as eggs go, she mainly suggests them as a transition food. I am vegan and don't care for eggs, so I ignored this. BUT all of the other foods -- raw or sprouted breads, almond butter, avocado, etc. are very, very good for you! I am not a big fan of her using so much olive oil; it should only be used sparingly and not daily.
    My favorite part of the book is the concept of "light to heavy"! I have always eaten this way, even before veganism or whatnot--light breakfast, light/medium lunch and a larger dinner (salad, soup, entree). I have noticed that drinking lots of juice and fruit/veg during the day is highly beneficial and doesn't weigh you down. Don't take this as "starving"--it isn't. Plus, in the higher stages, you can still eat other raw foods (like the salads, soups, lara bars etc--and on level 5 you eat toast with avocado for breakfast I believe). Level 1 or 2 isn't for everyone, and it doesn't have to be. Plus, you can eat chocolate and desserts...who can disagree with that?

    Another thing I like is the concept of not counting calories, fat grams, etc. If you're eating healthy (as long as you're not overeating) it's unnecessary.

    I wish there was more research to back-up her claims on soy being "poison". I like soy, and I only eat natural sources of it (not soy "meat" and whatnot) like tofu, edamame, etc. I have never had any problems with this, so I refuse to give up soy products. This diet definitely provides enough fat, carbs and vitamins--but what about protein? Green vegetables do have some, but there is no way you can get an adequate amount from plant foods (excluding legumes) and some raw goat cheese and the occasional piece of fish.

    I would recommend this for anyone who's willing to give it a go, but make sure you get enough nutrients overall (the only concern should really be protein, though). And if you're trying to lose weight, you still should include some exercise (or at least for overall health). And don't listen to the claims of other reviewers--she does suggest finding the raw foods and products on her website, but you buy them from other sources (so she is NOT just trying to "make a profit" off of it). You can find juicers for pretty cheap, even really nice ones for a reasonable price. Give it a shot. She knows what she's talking about (for the most part) and gives good advice on how to live a better, healthier life overall....more info
    This is one of the best books on Raw food I have ever purchased. If you are a just learning about raw foods Natalia makes the transition easy! Don't let the word DETOX scare you away! It is more than a detox plan it is a plan for life. If you are new to the raw food movement and you are looking for a comprehensive and simple place to start I urge you to buy this book! ...more info
  • raw food detox
    The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss very informative...more info
  • The Raw Food detox Diet
    Love the book...received it in only 3 days

    Changed my life..I see better & feel 20 years younger...more info
  • Life Changing
    This book helped me to understand how to dramatically change my eating habits and to focus on more intake of fruits and raw vegetables (also, other raw foods, such as raw nuts, raw cheese, whole grains, etc). I lost 15 pounds in the first 2 months and am continuing to lose a little each week. You'll need a good juicer to maintain the raw style. Also, I mix a little meat (lean) with this program, which is perfectly acceptable....more info
  • Excellent value for money
    This little book was recommended to me by a trusted friend and it has proved to be one of my best buys. I too would recommend it to anyone trying to lose a little weight painlessly and stay healthy at the same time. The green lemonade recipe is easy to follow and provides the simplest way to obtain your "5-a-day" and get those anti-oxidents into your system every morning. ...more info
  • Unreliable
    I guess I have a problem with hypocrisy. Yes, we're all hypocrites at times. But when it comes to a published and greatly esteemed book spouting out a hypocritical statement in the first 30 pages of its 243, I tend to put up my guard. I was a little shocked that Natalia Rose said "cows milk was designed for baby cows - not humans!" and then goes on to encourage the consumption of goat and sheep milk products. Okay, so baby goats and lambs aren't entitled to a little of mama's milk? Vegans, this book isn't for you. The only part of this book that I believe is valuable is the food-combining information....more info
  • Amazing!
    I decided to read this book after counting my carbs and walking 4 miles a day didn't even MOVE the scale.
    I'm no vegan and happen to HATE salads so I thought this would be a bust for me. But willing to try anything ONCE I started doing all of the suggestions. (minus the juicing since my juicer won't be here for another week) Even without the benefit of green lemonade, and while eating what I wanted (Including meat) for dinner..I'm losing about 5 lbs every 3 days.
    I'm a believer!
    I also read Carol Alts book on the subject. She is a meat eating raw foodie as well.
    I lost weight, I look loads younger than my 40 years and I can keep up with my toddler. What more could I ask for?...more info
  • Goes against what all other dieticians say
    Natalia Rose has an unhealthy obsession with poo, plus she thinks you can gobble down tons of avocados and coconuts (both teaming with calories and fat) and still loose weight! She also wants you to skip breakfast--one of the key things every other dietitian tells you NOT to do! This "diet" left me feeling light-headed and nauseous. I need real food, not juice and water. This book is for crazy people. ...more info
    This book is a great read. It is full of information. This Author is so realistic and down to earth. She gives you a wealth of information but also understands that everybody is at different places in life and it doesn't have to be "All" or "Nothing". I would highly recommend this book even if you don't want to "go raw".
    ...more info
  • Not a vegetarian yet......
    I bought this book because it seemed to me that the Hallelujah Diet was just a little too cold turkey (no pun intended)into the raw food vegetarian lifestyle. This book rightly explains that to not make this a somewhat gradual change could have some really uncomfortable effects as our bodies need time to transition from our old ways of eating. I like that the book gives tips and recipes for whatever level you're at. The author has some really strange theories on how to maintain proper bodily functions which I mostly disagree with but aside from that, it is a helpful book....more info
  • Awesome book
    This book is great. After a friend let my boyfriend and I borrow it we just had to own it. Although we haven't gone completely "raw" yet, we learned alot and it's great having this book on hand to reference....more info
  • Great DETOX book.
    Great book and great seller. Would gladly purchase from this seller again.

    Thanks so much....more info
  • The Raw Food Detox Diet
    Another "best" book ever. Great information to become the healthiest ever. I couldn't put it down. I also bought several copies to give to friends and family. Good health is everything. What good is money if you don't have your health?...more info
  • Loved it.
    This is a great book for changing the way you eat a little bit at a time. The section on families is filled with great advice. I've lost 20 lbs in four months and after the initial shock of eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables, it's easy. I crave my fruit smoothie in the morning and raw salad at lunch. Then I eat a healthy dinner. The recipes in it are excellent. I've made the Peace in the Middle East salad to bring to parties and people love it. The dressings are great too. The only thing I'm not into are the colonics she mentions. I'm not ready for that one. Other than that, I recommend this for anyone who wants to change their diet and lifestyle forever....more info
  • Great information!
    I love this book! It's my new Bible for health and healing. I am not new to healthy eating, but this just ramped it up a notch. ...more info
  • well written and laid out
    The book is one of the best I have read on the subject. The best part is the quiz to determine where you should start and specific recipies for your level of detox. Anyone can do it....more info
  • Great for women but also for men too!
    I enjoyed this book immensely because as a beginning raw foodist, I had a lot to learn. The author makes it easy to understand the basics and gives several excellent suggestions for detoxing to take place.

    She takes care to let the reader know that it's a one day at a time thing and not to fret if the person falls off the wagon or doesn't become 100 percent raw. She gives easy to use recipes that any novice can put together in a hurry.

    I'm in my second reading of the book because I enjoyed it so much. I've promoted the book at my blog and several of my readers have purchased a copy for themselves.

    I do recommend it, obviously....more info
  • Best book ever!!
    Best book ever for those interested in taking charge of getting your body back into a life-sustaining mode. People who don't like the book are either not ready for the concepts or haven't read it clearly and understood it. Food combining is crucial and Natalia takes it to a level that no one else has or is afraid to because it may not have scientific proof by all the debunkers out there. As we know, science isn't always the best tool to gauge something by. Remember when they thought the world was flat? hmmm....By far, the best book I ever read. I absolutely LOVE the recipes and found it so easy to transition into the combining of foods. ...more info
  • The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose
    I was very disappointed in this book. The title is deceiving. I am a vegan and thought this book was for health. Meat, eggs, cheese and lots of oil are not healthy for you. These products are full of cholesterol and artery clogging fats. She discourages the eating of legumes and soy products. May I suggest that this author and others that are interested in health read the China Study by T. Colin Campbell,PhD and Diet for a New America by John Robbins...more info
  • Finally a diet that you an actually live with
    I'm a guy and have a I have a chronic stomach illness (IBS).

    Before starting this book, I was trying to balance my doctor's and acupuncturist's advice, with a yo-yo diet of junk food (ice cream sandwiches are my kryptonite) to healthy and no real direction.

    Then my girlfriend recommended this book. The short story is that I have lost 26 pounds and many of my symptoms have gone away (even though I still can't have balsamic vinegar or too much ginger).

    The book is easy to read and offers a 14 day plan for all levels of raw food. However, you don't HAVE TO follow the meal plan if you don't want to - it's about making the right choices. The tone is empathetic to how hard this diet can be and does everything to ease you in gradually.

    The recipes are delicious and aren't there as your limitations, but to teach you how to cook raw. The Carrot/sweet potato bisque soup is one of my favorites and after a week of eating it for lunch some odd skin problems I had went away.

    The downside is that it's really geared towards women. If you're guy, just stick through it. Also, yes, she doesn't advocate eating meat. However, I have balanced my love of meat into my diet and reduced my portions of protein and upped my veggies with proper combining and healthy ingredients.

    Anyway, I can't say enough good things about the book and have been succesfully using the diet for 6 months with no wear and tear to my psyche. ...more info
  • Excellent guidelines for the new raw foodist !
    I have yet to completely finish the book but the first half is pretty good. I like her approach and the reasons behind her explanations, and her modified guidelines for stages of transition to a raw food diet. I enjoy Natalia's blog quite a bit so her book is an extension of her ideas and theories on nutrition. So far, I do recommend the book and the recipes....more info
  • Great Book -- Realistic Methods
    This is a very good book for someone interested in going All Raw or Mostly Raw, or even for someone interested in incorporating more raw foods into their diet. The recipes are easy to prepare and do not require a dehydrator and many may be made without any machines and you can improvise for the rest. Many books are very black and white and say that you must go all raw. But I found this book to be very inviting and useful. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This book is just fabulous! Aside from all the delicious recipes, the best part is all the great information she provides especially for us newbies to the raw diet. She also offers a guide to the different levels of eating raw so anybody can make this fit their lifestyle. The recipes are also much less complicated than other raw recipe books I've seen because sprouting/soaking and expensive equipment is not necessary. I'm so glad I own this book and will purchase more as gifts for interested friends and family. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Nothing really that revolutionary, but a nice gradual approach
    I borrowed this book from the public library. After reading this book, several other books on nutrition/diet, and web searches and forum discussions, plus trying out her plan up to phase 3 for several weeks, this is my take on it: It certainly encourages you to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, which is a very healthy thing. I'm pretty good with eating fruits only until noon. That's easy and I like it most of the time. However, all the food combining stuff is a pain in the rear, and pretty much unfounded (no scientific basis for it at all). I will say that while I was following this plan, I became very regular. Every morning like clockwork. So that is a plus. I never got to the juicing stage, although I am intrigued by it, and some time within the next year I will probably buy a juicer and try doing veggie juices. The real plus about this book is the gradual approach she encourages. She even allows you may want to just be "raw vegan" for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular dinner with your family (i.e. meat/animal products). In that sense, this is a very doable plan for almost anyone. She doesn't try to insist that you go 100% raw vegan, but that you take from the book what works for you. The recipes seem pretty decent. I made a few of them. I'm not doing this books so closely at the moment, but it has influenced my eating. I eat more fruits and veggies than I did before reading this book and trying out the plan for a few weeks. And I do feel better, too....more info
  • Very Informative
    I learned some interesting things about transitioning to raw, and the importance of sequencing your food intake by anount of time that particular food takes to digest. Very informative....more info
  • Awesome Book- Highly Recommended!
    This book was instrumental in getting my raw food diet off the ground. She helped me understand why the foods I was eating were making me feel so bad and gain so much weight, and her 5-step process of changing to the diet made it really easy.
    I really liked all of the recipes she had in the back of the book. I don't even like vegetables (weird choice of diet, I know) but a lot of the recipes made even ME love them!
    While I know that a lot of people might want to do this for a short amount of time just to lose some weight or get healthy, once you've started it's really easy to do it for life.
    Good luck!...more info
  • Clear, Concise and Extremely Helpful
    Two years ago at the age of 53 I was diagnosed with several health problems. The doctor I was seeing wanted to put me on prescription meds and expensive supplements.
    At that time I began searching for dietary solutions to my problems.
    I made progress with the Right For Your Type lifestyle, but this book answers all the questions and presents the perfect solution for me.
    I had already begun juicing and looking into eating raw, but didn't know how to start.
    This book explains a raw lifestyle clearly and concisely with the reasoning our bodies thrive on it and explains food combining with crystal clarity. It is unfortunate to me that it calls itself a "diet", I find it to be more of a lifestyle and feel I have finally found my way to the correct source for all my dietary and health problems.
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a Type A blood especially, but also anyone who just wants an easy, healthy guide to food consumption. It should be required reading for all families interested in their health...more info
  • Finally something healthy my kid will eat! And no cooking either!
    Yeah! Loved the section for feeding children. This extremely picky boy I feed likes this type of food. I needed other suggestions. He loves soy chips, juice, fruit, nuts, cereal, smoothies, and high protein pancakes and wholesome bread (if I bake it myself, zuchini with protein powder etc.) Loved the additional suggestions. A nice way to think about salad alternatives if you aren't going to go raw foods all the way, you'll still learn something and be healthier for reading this book....more info
  • Awesome, gradual transitions to a Raw Lifestyle
    I love Natalia's book: it differs from other raw recipe and information books because it does not require a 100% immediate transformation to a new way of eating. Natalia offers a gradual and safe program for those interested in making a permanent change to their diet and health program by delineating five coherent and progressively more healthy phases for change.
    Natalia's advice helped me relax and enjoy my eating program, and focus on the my real goal: healthy cells! ...more info
  • Even my 16 month old will drink the Green Lemonade!
    My goal was only to get more fruits and veges into my family, so I'm not to strict about the actual "diet." I do try to make the Green Lemonade every day or every other day and my non vege eating husband pronounced it "not bad" and will drink it, as will my 16 month old son (4 year old daughter has said "no thanks" thus far.) My book is already water and food stained from trying the recipes; my favorite being Guacamole Salad (both kids beg for it when they see it!) and Marinated Portobello Mushrooms. It has inspired me to add almond milk to their cows milk to try to reduce the dairy. It has also caused me to simply buy more fruits and vege and offer them to the kids (and myself.) This is why my son ate almost an entire pint of blueberries the other day and my daughter took 1/2 a cucumber and ate it like it was an apple. My goal to get the family to eat more vegetables has been satisfied with the help of this book!...more info
  • Very Inspirational!
    This is a really well-written book with practical advice for those of us who may not be ready to go 100% raw. I found it very inspirational!...more info
  • Going raw? start here
    This is a good book to start with if you're thinking of going raw. All the basics are here. The author encourages you to start slowly and introduce raw foods gradually into your diet rather than going raw overnight. On this diet, it is so important to food combine properly, which is explained in the book. Also, she includes easily digestible foods that are not raw. I would have given this book 5 stars, but she did not fully explain that apples and lemons can be combined with vegetables, so I think it looks like she is contradicting herself when she includes a recipe with apples, lemon, and greens. Earlier in the book she says that fruit must be eaten alone. Also, she says that avocado is metabolized as a starch, but all other food combining sources say it is a protien. It's okay that she has a differing opinion, but she doesn't state why she thinks so. Read this, get what you can from it, but also do your homework and read from other sources, as well. Gourmet Raw is also good. ...more info


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