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Between your full-length mirror and high-school biology class, you probably think you know a lot about the human body. While it's true that we live in an age when we're as obsessed with our bodies as we are with celebrity hairstyles, the reality is that most of us know very little about what chugs, churns, and thumps throughout this miraculous, scientific, and artistic system of anatomy. Yes, you've owned your skin-covered shell for decades, but you probably know more about your cell-phone plan than you do about your own body. When it comes to your longevity and quality of life, understanding your internal systems gives you the power, authority, and ability to live a healthier, younger, and better life.

You: The Owner's Manual challenges your preconceived notions about how the human body works and ages, then takes you on a tour through all of the highways, back roads, and landmarks inside of you. After taking a quiz that tests your body of knowledge, you'll learn about all of your blood-pumping, food-digesting, and keys-remembering systems and organs.

Just as important, you'll get the facts and advice you need to keep your body running long and strong. You'll find out how diseases start and how they affect your body -- as well as advice on how to prevent and beat conditions that threaten your quality of life. Complete with exercise tips, nutritional guidelines, simple lifestyle changes, and alternative approaches, You: The Owner's Manual gives you an easy, comprehensive, and life-changing how-to plan for fending off the gremlins of aging. To top it off, you'll also get the great-tasting and calorie-saving Owner's Manual Diet -- a thirty-recipe eating plan that's designed with only one goal in mind: to help you live a younger life. Welcome to your body. Why don't you come on in and take a look around?

If there ever was a pair of docs who can make the small intestine seem truly intriguing, here they are. Dr. Mehmet Oz is an alternative-medicine maverick and a cardiologist known to implement acupuncture during open-heart surgery. Dr. Michael Roizen developed the RealAge concept of calculating one's biological, as opposed to chronological, age. Here they've whipped up a witty guide to the workings of the entire body, appropriate not just for those who can't tell their pancreas from their pituitary. Even Cheers¡¯ Cliff Claven types who think they know it all will likely be humbled by the 50-question "body-quotient" quiz that starts off the book.

With much sassy humor (they describe the adrenals as similar in shape to Mr. Potato Head's hat), they give a guided tour of the body's anatomy and major systems (hormonal, nervous, digestive, sensory, etc.) including plenty of fascinating trivia along the way. How often should you get your thyroid level checked? How much gas does the average person produce in a day? And, most important, how many times a year do most people have sex?? Drs. Oz and Roizen know. They also reveal plenty of bizarre (and potentially life-saving) facts such as this: If your earlobe has a prominent vertical wrinkle, it's likely that your arteries are aging faster than they ought to be. If only 8th-grade health class had been this fun.

The docs' main goal in presenting all this info is twofold: first, it's your body, so shouldn't you finally learn how it works? And, second, they want to help teach ways of preserving the body's health and youthfulness. To that end, they've included an "Owner's Manual Diet," a 10-day menu plan designed not for weight loss, but to make you feel "years younger." Its simple recipes are each meant to benefit a certain body system, such as Tomato Bruschetta, packed with the antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to boost immunity. --Erica Jorgensen

Customer Reviews:

  • BOOK
    This book is just tarrific. My opinion is, that everybody should have such book at home. It gives you a comparatively deep wiev inside our organism and helps understand how it (should) works. Also included very helpful advices about foods, vitamines and a way of life to be more healthy and young...more info
  • very readable and informative
    If you are a human, you need to read this book to learn many ways to live healthier....more info
  • Too Many Jokes!
    It's informative - but too many jokes for me.
    I'm not sure why as i really like Dr. Oz - but, if you can get over the constant joking - it's a pretty good book....more info
  • Simple & easy guide to your body - it is not just for dummies, good for even the most "well read folks"
    There is so much information about our body, diseases & fitness on the internet that most of us would think that we do not need to read another book on our bodies, hmm, well think of it again - do you really understand what and how does our arteries get clogged, what might cause cancer, or did you know that exercising more could actually do more harm ...

    I used to think that I am well read about my body, not until I read this book - some of the most common ailments and body functions are so well explained with diagrams that you will never get this information on the internet - not on wikipedia, not on webmd - you may find lots of information, but not in a way in which we can understand.

    The book may seem silly at times, grouse at times, but a very informative and helpful book if you are planning to be live a healthy life on this planet for a couple of years/decades to come.

    How did this book help me:
    - Understood more about heart diseases & cancer
    - Importance of flavinoids in our diet
    - Importance of drinking good amount of water for many common ailments
    - Controlling stress is a more important than anything else and cannot be stressed enough
    - Exercising more can be bad (limit to 30 mins per day) - alternate between cardio, stretches & weights
    - Importance of deep breathing
    - Free weights are better than machines

    & lots more...more info
  • Terrific!
    This book is just as the seller described -- LIKE NEW!!! Very happy with this purchase....more info
    I am almost finised with one of the finest medical information books I have read and this book is presented just as the author presents himself on the Oprah Show. A very informative presentation of just how our body works, filled with humorous narrative and drawings and tells it like it is. I highly recommend this hardback book to everyone who is interested in the workings of their anatomy and much can be learned from this reading. The great point in the presentation is the book is written in laymans terms and you would not have to be a graduate of Harvard to understand its contents.

    Brenda Hausafus...more info
  • So Comprehensive, I Sold My Other Books on EBAY!
    First of all, let me say that I have been unhealthy for 15 years. I'm only 33 so that's sad and ridiculous. I bought this book after seeing it on the Oprah show. I'm the definition of skeptical but I thought what the hay. After reading this book, I took the first step of calling my doctor and setting up a blood serum test. The tests were frightening. Where do I begin?

    I had diabetes, was anemic, had a serious Vitamin D deficiency (only 17) , high blood pressure (143/93) , elevated liver enzymes (92) (fatty) liver and was 126 lbs. overweight. I just cried. I immediately began some of the suggestions in the book and followed the diet offered in the back of the book. I replaced my bacon and eggs in the morning with steel-cut oatmeal, milk and fruit. I haven't eaten red meat in three months. I only drink milk, decaf coffee, water, and occasionally a diet soda. I eat nuts everyday and fish at least three times a week. I feel like a new person. So the results? I started doing all this on Jan. 4 (My New Years's Resolution). I'm 33 lbs. lighter, off ALL my medications, I'm no longer anemic, Vitamin D deficient, and I'm down from a size 22/24 to an 18.

    I personally wrote Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen because I have never been able to understand how what I eat and supplements I take affect my body. This book is so SIMPLE and I love the whimsy illustrations and simple explanations. I finally understand what to look for in a multivitamin, what my liver does, why Omega-3 is SO important, and foods that repair and restore the body.

    I'm a changed person FOREVER and I'm not looking back!!!...more info
  • Heath for Dummies
    Health for dummies. Fun and quick reading. But, before you buy the book. Look through the 50 question quiz. If you are interested in the questions and were not able to answer them, then go ahead and buy.

    Look at the menus at the back of the book. If you are not interested in changing your diet, you might look elsewhere.

    Look at Page 127-139 for an excercise plan: Very basic

    Page 173 simplistic smoking cessation plan

    Interesting points
    1) Take half an aspirin with warm water for the rest of your life.
    2) Ideal blood pressure: 115/76
    2a) Systolic Pressure exerted when the heart contracts
    2b) Diastolic: Pressure in arteries when the heart is at rest
    3) HDL should be at least greater than 40
    4) Should be maximum heart rate: Exercise hard 3 mintues. Heart rate should be 80-90% of 220 - age.
    5) Recovery time after 2 minutes:Heartbeat should be 80% or drop by 66 or more beats
    6) Definition of clinical depression is sadness for more than 2 weeks
    7) Enamel and bone are the first and second hardest thing in your body
    8) 650 muscles in the body
    9) Pneumonia: Old man's friend
    10) 26 feet of tubing
    11) Most active muscles are in your eyes. 2 million working parts
    12) caruncle: reddish pink fleshy substance on the inside corner of your eye. remnant of the reptilian eye.

    ...more info
  • Informative, but bad jokes ad nauseam
    While highly informative and easy to read (we're talking 5th-grade reading level), all of the books in the YOU series are written in an inappropriately jocular style. The attempts to be funny are well-intentioned -- the authors are simply trying to maintain the reader's interest in what can be, to most people, a very dull topic -- but it gets old after the first chapter. Every other sentence contains some societally-relevant jab at Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez. (In all seriousness, if you like that sort of humor, you'll probably really enjoy reading this book.) In my opinion, this made for an irritating and tedious read.

    The target audience for the YOU series is obviously the Baby Boomers, and, equally obviously, it has helped a great number of people; just read the multitude of reviews below. However, if you're a Gen. Xer/Yer and just want to learn a little about the human body (damn that college TA who gave you an F in Anatomy & Physiology!), I suggest you look elsewhere.

    My second gripe is that the authors incorrectly assume that all readers are positively addicted to junk food. And -- surprise, surprise -- they constantly make jokes alluding to this, in the vein of "While you're chomping away on your fourth pack of Twinkies, your body is processing...." This actually gets pretty offensive, and it continues through the book's entirety.

    However, on a positive note, the diagrams and cartoons, while on the juvenile side, are easy to understand and help simplify some extremely complex processes. I did learn quite a bit from this book, depite the fact that I had to read it in small doses to avoid chucking it at the wall out of sheer irritation.

    Bottom line: The YOU series is highly informative, but the never-ending attempts at societal humor make it an abrasive read....more info
  • You: The Owner's Manual
    This book is very informative. It takes the human body and breaks it down so anyone can understand it. I have learned a great deal about my body and the abuse I do to it. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Oh, and I love the humor too!...more info
  • A new beginning at 45
    I am 45 years old. I was diagnosed with osteopenia three years ago. I was scared. I followed my doctor's advice by adding more calcium in my diet including supplements and doing more exercises. I was so motivated I stuck with the diet and exercise regiment all the way through. Just this May, I missed my period and I have alway been regular (28-30 days). My first thought was, could this be the onset of menopause which could mean more bone loss for me. I had not had another bone scan since the first one I had three years ago. I did not want to know. I figured as long as I was doing my best to stay healthy and live longer, that was my measure for success. I was four days past my period due date. I was told to rule out pregnancy before anything else. I bought a home test kit and was shocked to see a positive line. I did another test thinking it was a mistake, but it showed the same line again. I am going on my fifth month of pregnancy. My genetic testing for the first trimester came out negative for Down Syn, Tri 13 & 18. Blood test and fetus measurements passed and my age equivalent is that of a 34 year old. We are very happy although we didn't plan it. We have one biological son who is 11 years old. Always wanted another one, tried adoption but decided not to go thru it. I am an older mother but this just proves that thru simple changes in our lifestyle, we can make leaps and bounds in our lives like we never imagined. This book has helped me significantly. Through my religious faith and following the guidelines of the YOU books, I know I can have a happier, longer life along side my family. ...more info
  • A very comprehensive audio CD about how he human body functions and how to protect your health and slow down aging
    I am no medical expert. However, I have been reading and researching about the human body, health and diseases for many years to educate myself on the topic. This audio CD titled You the Owner's Manual by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz and Dr Michael F. Roizen is one of the best sources, like their later book that I had read titled : You Staying Young.

    Anybody interested in protecting his / her health or that of the loved ones and anybody who wants to learn about the human body would greatly benefit from listening to this CD carefully from time to time. High school students who need to learn about the human body as part of their science / biology courses would also find the CD quite useful. Latest top quality information about the subject comes from two top medical authorities : Dr. Mehmet C. Oz and Dr. Michael F. Roizen. It covers all the relevant parts of the body by first clearly explaining how that part of the body functions, how it interacts with the rest of the body, the most common related diseases, their reasons, how they affect aging and how to minimize the risk of getting those diseases in the form of action plans. They emphasize that even though inherited unfavorable genetic factors may have a negative effect on health the inheritor is not doomed : he / she can overcome the bad genetic factors by adopting the right lifestyle explained in this CD.

    Of course the doctors warn that each person should consult his / her physician before applying the advice to his / her particular situation. For example to do or not to do hormone replacement therapy is something to be decided on an individual basis between the person and his / her doctor. In the CD the doctors describe most possible alternatives. Another example is should you take aspirin as a protective measure from heart stroke and cancer also depends on your particular circumstances that must be decided by consulting your physician.

    The CD is enjoyable to listen to and easy to understand particularly because the doctors talk briefly switching turns. Thus the listener is not obliged to listen to the same voice throughout the CD. A single voice can be tiring and boring to listen to sometimes in other CD's even when the speaker is a very good speaker.

    You don't need to be ill to benefit from the advice in the CD, you may just want to maintain your present good health throughout your life . Although I was already healthy when I read the book You the Owner's Manual two years ago before I lsitened to the CD recently, I have been applying the various advice since then, I realized what I as doing wrong, made the necessary corrections and benefitted from them. Now, having also listened to the audiobook in CD form I found some other things I need to correct in my attitude to protect my health and slow down aging ( I am a 50 year old man ) and will certainly apply them as well. For example I need to protect my ears from the loud music at the fitness saloon where I regularly work out.

    In conclusion, if you are interested in the human body and in protecting your health this is one of the best sources you would be able to find. Obviously, you would need to apply the advice given, consulting your physician first if necessary
    ...more info
  • YOUuuuuuuuuuuu
    Nice twist of humor makes it easy to read! EXTREMELY informative with normal average people words, thus does not discurage reader to stop reading. A+...more info
  • You: The Owner's Manual
    Great stuff, easy read. Very informative. I read it and then my Mom read it....more info
  • Delaying or Reversing the Aging Process
    What is your BQ (Body Quotient; analogue of the IQ: Intelligence Quotient)? The authors provide the test questions (and later answers) which test the reader's ability to distinguish facts from misconceptions about the human body. Then they follow up each of these questions with explanatory text.

    There are chapters in this book dealing with the systems of the body. This includes discussion of such things as macular degeneration and sexual health. Did you know that many heart attacks are asymptomatic?

    In common with low-carb diets, the authors advocate the virtual elimination of sugar, corn syrup, and refined-flour products from the diet. Ditto for trans-fats and saturated fats. Some good "brain foods" include olive oil, nuts, fish, and real cocoa. Twenty minutes of sustained exercise a day is sufficiently beneficial, provided that it is intense enough to noticeably elevate the breathing rate or to make the exerciser break out in a sweat.

    Oddly enough, the authors claim that the embryonic human heart goes through the stages of the heart of a fish, amphibian, reptile, and mammal during development. This theory, called the Embryonic Recapitulation Theory, or simply "Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny" has been rejected over a century ago. Any purported similarity of the embryonic human heart to that of a fish, etc., is superficial and coincidental.
    ...more info
  • Great Reference Manual for Beginners
    Great reference book giving a simplified overview about how are bodies work and what we can do to optimize our health. One warning though, I tried reading this book from start to finish in a couple days. Probably not a good idea because I wasn't able to retain too much shortly after finishing the book. The book is essentially a simplified health reference book.

    Overall, a good buy, would recommend it. ...more info
  • Not that great
    Amazing what gets on the top ten listYou: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty...more info
  • Tried to be a little too funny
    I liked this book, but ended up skipping over a lot of the parts that were supposed to be funny. I would have liked the pictures to be labeled correctly, not with funny made up names for body parts....more info
  • Everyone Should Read This Book
    Everyone is always looking for the quick cure, or the fountain of youth. You won't find that in this book but you will find more than enough information to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. This book gives you the tools you need to improve and extend your quality of life. The best part is the information is so interesting (and in layman's terms) you never get bored... ever! Everyone at work got a daily dose of health education and was amazed at some of the facts. If I was to recommend one book for health and life style changes... it would be this. I believe everyone could learn something from reading this book!...more info
  • You :The Owner's Manuel
    This was very informative. Helpful info on your body & how to live healthier. Would definately recommend this....more info
  • For everyone
    This book is the perfect overview of the things going on within our bodies. From the simple things that could save a Doctors visit to the more complex... yet all described in terms that anyone could understand. As my brother tells me when it comes to Dr. Oz, I drank the kool-aid... the man is unbelievable... and this book will answer so many questions for anyone who is not a Doctor!...more info
  • Health manual
    YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger I chose this book because it is written by Dr.Oz and his associate. Dr Oz has been on Oprah Numerous times and is a great authority on the issues of health and the body. The price was great and the book looks new. I saved quite a bit of money with this purchase....more info
  • A Good Guide To Your Body And Health
    Anybody concerned with their health should read this book. You are basically what you eat - so you should consider your diet very carefully. For me the most interesting part of the book is the one related with the artery clogging and blood tension. The writing style is very funny and very accessible to anyone. Recommended!...more info
  • You, the Owner's Manual
    I find " You, the Owner's Manual" to be a valuable tool for us ordinary folks. It explains the human body in the simplest terms so that I can really understand how our amazing bodies work. I would recommend it to anyone and have.
    ...more info
  • Funny Funny Funny
    Oh my gosh, I couldn't put this book down. It was so informative yet funny too. There were a few subject areas that I thought would have been expanded on and others that I was suprised weren't addressed at all, but those that were addressed were done well. Very entertaining....more info
  • YOU have the power.
    This, to me, is the best book of the You series by Drs. Roizen and Oz. I have read and re-read this book, underlined, turned down the pages and have taken notes from this so very informative book. The You books have had a major impact upon my health - you should see me now!...more info
  • Health 101
    Great refresher course and good reference book. Sort of a body owner's manual. Nice to have on the shelf. ...more info
  • Love the Sense of Humor
    I love this book. The Doctors write with such a great sense of humor. They make learning fun. It is a great reference book, and I will keep it on my bookshelf for a very long time. ...more info
  • Good book, but I find it ironic...
    ...that Dr. Oz himself looks about 7-8 years older than his actual age. (The shoe polish in his hair doesn't help.) He may be younger inside, but with his puffy bags under his eyes, and his droopy eyelids, he looks a lot older than 47.

    Nevertheless, the book is full of information which should be especially helpful for those who have relied on theier doctors to solve their health issues, rather than taking some personal accountability and responsibility for their diet and lifestyle choices. ...more info
  • Gift for older child...
    This was another gift for an older child. Instead of endless trinkets,
    clothes that will probably be graciously received, but returned, I decided to go in this direction instead. The Oz, et al, books are greatly appreciated and the sound advice is followed. As parents when our children were growing up, we did not have this information to share. How wonderful of the authors to allow us to bring these gifts of sound health practices to our families. I only wish that we had the books sooner! ...more info
  • Interesting and informative
    Never have I come across such a "medical" book that is so interesting to read and downright informative! I come away actually having learned from this book. ...more info
  • Very Informative
    I learned so much from this book. I tell everybody about it. I now understand how what you do and what you eat affects your body. I am taking the advice from this book to better my health and to live longer....more info
  • What do you really know about your body?
    We live in a society that is obsessed with health and body image, yet most of us know very little about how the ole' system works. Even those who think they know a lot (myself included) have a lot to learn from this wonderful book. From your immune system to how your body processes the nutrients you put inside it, You: The Owners Manual is a real eye opener and a great book for the health conscious....more info
  • Anatomy and physiology for dummies
    In short, just a very fun and informative book with several worthy goals. For one, it educates your average person in the inner workings of the human body. It does this quite entertainingly through frequent quizzes, trivia, facts, and interesting pictures- for instance the authors use a lot of elf cartoon. Corny, but fun.

    Additionally, the book also gives one many helpful tips on how to keep their body running smoother. Since there is a lot of medical information, I really would like to have seen a reference section though at the end of the book. That being said, however, it is a pretty informative and amusing read and should enhance the well-being of many- especially middle-agers like me who want to learn more about how their bodies work so they can keep it running smoothly in the years to come.
    ...more info
  • You :The Owners Manual CD
    I really like Dr Oz, and his TV show is very informative. I like listening to him talk rather than read the book. I can listen to it @ work or in my car. Everything is in "layman's terms"...more info
  • Great chance to meet Dr. Oz: He really knows what he's talking about
    I've read this book and it has really changed my outlook on my body. You really need to get to know how your system works in order to get the best from it. Through this book, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen helped to give me a thorough understanding of the human body. I am a huge fan of their work and am so excited to be attending one of their five special health care workshops this summer. These workshops will offer education on the human body and better weight and health management. The name if the tour is "It's all about you" and that's the frame of mind I'm in right now. I am ready to put myself and my health at the center of my life. I hope you can join me in getting to learn from and possibly meet Dr. Oz.

    [...]...more info
  • What a book!
    This is a must have for anyone interested in learning more about your boady and how it works. Helps to know about diet, medicines, etc. If you want to live longer it is a must read. Loved it!...more info
  • An amazing guide to great health
    This book is something you can read cover to cover OR just flip open any section you're curious about and read away! I bought it to take on a ladies weekend. We were all flipping through it and reading the 'factoids' out loud, commenting on the fun delivery of the book and just learning how to continue to support our overall health. This book is one that everyone should have by their nightstand....more info
  • Gift for a friend
    I bought this for a friend's birthday and almost kept it for myself. The information is accessible, fun to read, understandable, well illustrated, and non-stuffy. You know how when you talk to a doctor, they answer in language you can't understand? Well, this book is nothing like that. It's got great, sensible information for anyone. It's really a "Personal Health for Dummies." I used to work at a hospital, and I still learned a lot from the book. ...more info
  • I learned so much by reading this book!
    I love this book. I have read most of it cover to cover, and I have about 3 chapters left and I feel like already I am making smarter diet and fitness decisions. It has motivated me in that I think about what I put into my body and what I do to excercise....I cannot wait to start the YOU on a Diet book.....I bought it and am going to read it next. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys learning and wants to improve their quality of life by simply learning what your body needs to operate at its best. ...more info
  • YOU NEED TO GET "YOU....."
    YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger
    This book is absolutely fantastic for those of us who want to know more about our bodies, but get bogged down with rhetoric and super-scientific detail. I just wish this format were in books about politics, history, science, etc.

    I had looked at this book at a friend's house and as soon as mine arrived, I was hooked. I knew that I could pick it up any time and read something interesting about the body.

    It is written with humor and the understanding that I am not a complete Bozo....excellent for those of us in the middle who really want to know more about nutrition and exactly what our body parts do for us. The book even begins with a pretty in-depth quiz of what we THINK we know already. I was surprised at some of the misconceptions I have carried around for years.

    This is a fun read that can be read cover-to-cover or in small doses. It doesn't matter. It's just a cool book!!!

    PS - Be prepared to loan it to friends. That's how I found the book, and already I have loaned it to 2 people. Now THEY have the book as well!! :-)...more info
  • Fantastic resource
    I believe anyone should consult their physician prior to following the advice laid out in this book. Only you and your physician can really be sure what's in this book will work for you. However, I still view this as a must buy for the general public. It is very informative, full of great advice, and is an easy read. This book is full of great advice on just about every aspect of your body. A great book to have around the house, and one that could change your life for the better.
    ...more info


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