The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon's Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness

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After Steven Scott flunked out of six jobs in his first four years after college, his best friend, Gary Smalley, offered one simple suggestion that would transform his life: study a chapter in Proverbs every day. Two years later, using the amazing strategies he gleaned from Solomon, Scott started a small company with a partner. Within six months their business was making over a million dollars a week. In the years since they have built more than a dozen multimillion-dollar companies. In addition, by applying the wisdom of Proverbs to his personal life, Scott restored his relationship with his estranged wife.

In this life-changing book, Scott reveals Solomon’s hidden treasures–often-overlooked wisdom for achieving breakthrough success in one’s work, health, marriage, and relationship with God. Readers will discover how to…
,master life’s most important skill
,achieve extraordinary success in business, finance, and marriage
,resolve and win any conflict
,overcome the most destructive force in relationships
,prevent the single greatest cause of financial loss

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived powerfully and practically equips readers to apply Solomon’s inspired wisdom to accomplish their business, relational, and spiritual purposes.

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dynamic Wisdom
    This book definitely changes your perspective and causes you to reposition yourself concerning the promises and principles of God....more info
  • Great Read
    Steve Scott is a great writer and uses his skills to impart lessons from Solomon regarding wealth accumulation. As in his book, Millionaire's Notebook, Scott uses his vast marketing knowledge and solid success to present sound advice for those striving to achieve wealth.

    I recommend you also read "The richest Man in Babylon," by George Clason, and "The 17 Principles of Creating Wealth," by Phillip Collinsworth....more info
  • Lessons from the book of Proverbs
    Steven K. Scott has written an interesting book that uses the book of proverbs to illustrate his points. I really enjoyed the book, and although I felt that he sometimes tended to stretch his interpretation of bible passages to fit his point, I found the general messages very clear to understand.

    The book of Proverbs does have incredible, time tested information that can change your life and Scott does an excellent job aligning them into a logical order and helping the reader understand the meaning of the many metaphors and parables.

    Reading this book has lead me to read the book of Proverbs more often for answers and inspiration. Salomon, in Proverbs, discusses extensively such topics as diligence and slothfulness, and Scott does a pretty good job covering them in his book. Proverbs is an excellent book and The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is a great introduction to it.
    ...more info
  • Richest Man - King Solomon
    Would recommend for everyone 'working up the ladder', not happy with a relationship, or if you are happy and already a success, you should buy for your children or grandchildren. A common sense, well written guide for secrets to success, wealth and happiness. ...more info
  • Great Book, Life Changing
    This is a wonderful book! It will make a difference in your life if you apply some of the principles discussed in this book. A quick read as well. Worth reading....more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    What a title but more importantly what a book.

    Steve Scott has been through it all it seems. He lost 6 jobs in 4 years out of college, 2 from failed business ventures and went from loser to winner, went from making 18,000 to 7 million a year by following the principles in the book of proverbs.

    The thing I like about the book is that he gives powerful examples on how you can focus on how you approach the life of your business and the business of your life.

    I've gone through it half way and already I know that I can use the wisdom of the proverbs and from the specific way Scott tells you how you can use each principle in your own life to make great strides in business and personal affairs.

    They say the difference between those who succeed and those who fail lies in the difference in their habits. Well, the difference in the habits lies in the pages of this book. A very useful book and very timely wisdom.

    ...more info
  • The amazing wisdom of King Solomon
    This book illustrates how the wisdom of King Solomon from the book of Proverbs can help an individual live a successful life. The amazing wisdom of King Solomon is very relevant, useful and timeless for people in all walks of life. A great companion to this book is Living on the Ragged Edge. This book illustrates the wisdom of King Solomon from the book of Ecclesiastes. Following King Solomon's wisdom from 3,000 years ago will help you to grow spiritually, increase your wisdom and help you to live a prosperous life.

    Also recommended: The Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living Basic Course, Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised, The Winning Attitude: Your Pathway to Personal Success, Think and Grow Rich: The Personal Study Edition....more info
  • King Solomon Secrets
    This is the greatest book ever. It is so inspirational, and teaches all of us to be grateful for what we have. I bought this book for many of my friends as a Christmas gift. What a great gift idea.
    Kandice...more info
    by Steven K. Scott
    ...more info
  • Well worth the read
    I am the President of a marketing firm and read lots of books on business ideas, principles, management, self help etc. In fact, we have company wide book club, where we buy a book and distribute it for everyone to read and discuss in a very casual and informative manner. This book will be our next selection. Everyone wants success, wealth and happiness. This book puts these concepts in context and uses practical stories and thoughts to convey meaning. Wonderful read.
    I also sent relevant excepts to my kids.
    You won't be disappointed by reading, studying and referencing this book on a on going basis....more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon's Sec...
    AAA+ Excellent book for insight and practical ways to make wise business decisions and for life in general. definitely an interesting read, a must have reference for your library to mediate from time to time. save yourself the trouble and order enough for your business partners also, because you'll want them on the same page as you are going to be and you won't want to give your book up. I made the mistake of only ordering one copy first and had to re-order more for the rest of my partners in my business. Sincerely, Mark in Maryland ...more info
  • A challenge with a promise.
    After praying about what career advice to give his friend, Gary Smaller offered his friend Steve Scott a challenge in which he promised that if Steve would follow the advice, he would not only be successful, but would be a millionaire in 5 years. The challenge was to read a chapter of the proverbs every day. Since there are 31 chapters in proverbs, and most months have 31 days, he was instructed to read the chapter that corresponded to the day of the month. Steve took the advice and made good on the promise his friend gave him.

    The book is based on the principals/lessons/advice from the Proverbs. It explores the meanings of certain passages and shows how to derive benefit from them. Steve shares some of his own experiences throughout.

    Solomon was the wisest, richest man that ever was or will be. Seems like someone worth listening to and studying doesn't it?

    This is a book that can make a positive difference in your life....more info
  • the richest man who ever lived
    This is a valuable book to any one who is considering a business venture, or partnering with any one for any reason. It's about relationships and who to partner with in life. It is a wonderful tool and is based on the best selling book in history, the bible. Taken from king Solomon's book of Proverbs, Steven Scott reveals how to be successful in any race.
    I have given numerous copies away and I am about to order a case from Amazon to make sure I can always give a copy to anyone I think would benenfit. Great Reading....more info
  • The richest man in who ever lived
    Fantastically insightful. Every proverb discussed is explained through powerful stories and real life experiences.
    Each and everyone of us can attain greatness and this books shows you how and also more importantly why.
    This book is a must for all who wish to gain a greater deapth and understanding of how to incorporate the laws of success. ...more info
  • Biblical Wisdom
    An excellent book for gaining understanding of biblical wisdom. Should not be read as a get rich quick book, but rather a help to focus our thoughts toward biblical wisdom. Wisdom for leading a more successful life in obedience to God. Blessing may follow, but not necessarily financial....more info
  • Powerful, Inspiration and Life Changing
    What a wonderful strategy Scott took when writing this book, use something that has been tested over time and tie it to the most tested and often times wrought with failure things of all time, success. Using the Book of Proverbs from the Bible, Scott has taken success from the masters and put it to good use.

    Filled with powerful examples that will change your path if you take them to heart, this book is filled with insight and solutions. Not just a bunch of words put on a page to make a buck, this offer packs a powerful punch using Solomon's own life's wisdom to teach about the keys to happiness, success and prosperity.

    Scott gives you a guideline to use and build your life upon. ...more info
  • Financial Planning, Relationship Advice and Proverbs
    This book covers many areas and for each gives great advice. It will help you to get rich by telling you all the things you've heard before like "be focused and diligent" succinctly and providing examples of how to do it and what the results have been. If you want to know how to improve relationships with coworkers, family members etc. the same advice works and if you just want to know more about Solomon and Proverbs this book is for you. ...more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    I recommend this book highly. It has given me a better insight of Proverbs and a closer walk with the Lord....more info
  • Great Book
    Great Book that discusses the benefit of not going alone but having other like minded individuals around you. Backs a lot of his thoughts/facts with scripture from the book of Proverbs. I actually read the book about a year ago and am currently re-reading it. Great book, great, easy, quick read....more info
  • The secret is the follow thru
    This is based on the Book of Proverbs from the Bible, so the information is good...obviously, but like any of these self help tapes, books, etc, the secret is sticking with it...I even bought the extra Journal but haven't completed it yet. Setting Goals is a GOOD THING...always has been always will just have to do it...if you do, you probably don't need this book anyway....more info
  • He that walks with wise men shall be wise... - Proverbs 13:20
    Well my title says it, I really do believe I have found a good bedtime book that I won't mind reading two or three times to let it all sink in. I overheard the author on talking about his book. He explained how reading the Book of Proverbs changed his life on the morning show, and I really got interested in finding out what the book was all about. Now, I am really starting to look more into my life and how I can change my life now that I am almost done with the book and with college. I am dieing to know more about King Soloman though I will tell you that.

    Their is one downside to this book. After reading most of this book I now feel obligated to read The Book of Proverbs for myself which I believe both volumes is over 1400 pages. But after reading this commentary on what the author found important from the Book of Proverbs it really makes you want to look back at the full source and see what you have been missing out of the Book of Proverbs by Bruce Waltke. Anyways I am a 22 year old college student and I would recommend this book as a stocking stuffer or a gift to somebody who is relatively young, or somebody who is lost in life. If you are older you will probaly realize that you have found most of this stuff out on your own. However, this is a great self-improvement book and I am glad I bought it today. Hope I have been some help! ...more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven Scott
    It is a simple explanation of the Book of Proverbs on every day living.
    We bought one for each of our six children.

    ...more info
  • Valuable for Teaching
    Excellent book, and very practical. I have tried to adopt some of the proverbs highlighted in Scott's book so I know by 52 years experience in marriage and in the workplace that they work. Besides reminders to me of good principles, the main value of the book has been to pass on as gifts to my four children and to be the basis for teaching the elderly in our local nursing/assisted living/rehab home. I teach there every other week, and I have used material from Scott's book, one principle per lesson. Those being taught seem to enjoy and receive it. I wholeheartedly recommend buying this book.

    Bob Jamison
    author/teacher/while retired...more info
  • Words of Wisdom
    Though Mr. Scott's interpretation of Proverbs may be questioned by some theologians, he has masterfully captured Solomon's wisdom. Beyond that, he has done an excellent job of making this a practical workbook that allows you to begin to master and use the wisdom. It just amazes me that such wisdom has existed for millenniums and how practical the book of Proverbs is thousands of years later. This book will show you how to create a step by step plan to create the future you want, how to deal with criticism, how to seek out and garner the wisdom of others, how to resolve conflict and how to surround yourself with good counsel plus much more. ...more info
  • Distilled Wisdom of Solomon
    This is one of the best books ever. What better person to take life lessons from than the wisest man who ever lived. Scott boils down the teachings of Solomon into everyday language and gives examples of how they apply to daily life.

    Although, drawn from the Biblical book of Proverbs it is not a preachy book. Truth is truth, no matter what the source, and you can benefit from this book wheather you are "religious" or not.

    Much of it may seem like common sense as you read, but how common is "common sense" and how diligently do we use it even when we know it? Like an athlete in the middle of some strenuous exercise who may need to be reminded to "Breathe!" by a coach, sometimes we in the midst of our busy lives need to be coached to do things that should be self evident, but often are not.

    The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is a book about discipline and relationships and how to make improvements in both. A perfect gift for the young or not so young graduate. A great bedside book and a book that would also be be a wonderful "pass-it-on book" to share with friends.

    ...more info
  • It's far too pathetic...
    If author would make it at least a little more "down to earth", and remove those unnecessary pathetic rumblings, like "or you use what Solomon says, or die", or you listen those secrets of secrets of centuries wisdom of wisdom's or fail miserably. And all the way so. Yes THAT pathetic, sometimes ridiculously pathetic.
    Okay, we accept and we are ready to listen but hey - why author thinks, that we are that hard minded, that at every advice he cites, need pathetically threat us in a way "just imagine what will be if you DON'T!". When you are in middle of book, this becomes so annoying... It reminded me a tea - when you add 1 sugar cube it's OK, when you add 2 - little bit sweet, but OK, but when you go in SUCH pathetic overkill as this author does - all what you want is grab a new book to get this sweet taste out of mouth.
    Maybe, maybe that's because I already have a lot of inspiration literature, and if this would be my first such kind of book, i would also be very happy. In my very humble opinion, classical Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised or great written Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! or any of Brian Tracey, Steven Covey's or Dan Kennedy books will be just fit for inspiration and mental power.
    By the way. Check the headline of the "most helpful" review there. FINALLY! Aaarrgh.... notice the tone and headlines. The book just fits to such headlines. Not for everyone though....more info
  • Want to see changes in your life? Read this one.
    After reading this book, I wanted to tell my 23 yr old so many things that could help re-direct his thought patterns where better decisions could be made. As a family we are now studying this book together and watching the heart change in each of us.

    ...more info
  • Founder of Jet Blue Was RIGHT
    The founder of Jet Blue called this book "Truly Amazing", and that is an understatement. When he interviewed that author a couple of weeks ago, Larry King called this book a terrific read. He was also right--but for me this book is a terrific resource--one that I've used a dozen times for my marriage and my work since I bought it in May. I wasn't going to write a review until I read ks'review. He obviously hasn't even read the book, because Scott explain's Solomon's failure in the first chapter of this book. Solomon fell because he became arrogant and set aside the very wisdom he revealed in Proverbs. I HATE it when someone writes a "review" before they even read the book. If he had read the book he would have realized that doing so is one of the attributes of a FOOL according to Solomon. This book isn't about Solomon, it's about the incredible solutions to all of life's problems he gives in Proverbs. I just bought my tenth copy to give to a friend whose marriage is in trouble, and i KNOW they will find the answers in this wonderful book. ...more info
  • Riches Come in Many Forms..Bradord P. Miller. Author, "Lessons From Rocky"
    Scott has tackled a big source of "Life Information" and condensed it down to a readable functional book on How to Live Your Life Better. Riches are not all measured in Dollars $$$ but rather in the quality of our lives and the relationships that we have. My personal opinion is that we all waste too much time on things that mean nothing. Being smart in life isn't a given, but armed with the information in this book will help you to be smarter than you are today. Give it a try!
    Bradford P. Miller, Author, "Lessons From Rocky" [...]...more info
  • Inspiring Book
    This book really encouraged me to become more diligent in looking into the wise words of Solomon. Even if you are not religious, there is a great amount of insight and inspiration you will take away from this book. It not only focuses on money, but relationships and how our actions affect everything. I highly recommend you purchse this book and read it over and over....more info
  • the richest man who ever lived
    This is a good book that every business man should read. Its a easy read...more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    Book was in great condition and was received unbelievably fast....more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    This is a great book, full of true wisdom. The author's life experiences are very interesting and the wisdom he used, should be applied to all our lives.

    This book was delivered in a timely manner....more info
  • Finally - The Greatest Wisdom Interpreted for Our Lives Today
    I love this book. Though I could stop there and say nothing, I really want to try and persuade you of its value as I believe it will have a tremendous impact on your thinking - it sure did have an impact on mine.

    I found it interesting, first of all, that Gary Smalley wrote about how he encouraged Steven Scott (the author) to read through Proverbs one chapter per day and doubling up on short months so he would read through it 12 times per year. I've been doing this for about 9-10 months and it has really had an impact on me. There are so many great insights in the Proverbs. However, I discovered many new ways of thinking about the Proverbs as I read through this book (one night - that's all it took; however, I plan to read it again while taking notes now).

    The concept that Proverbs itself teaches us (Proverbs 2:4) to contemplate the Proverbs more deeply to find the greater treasure was a complete oversight on my part. After seeing this, from Steven Scott's book, I realized that I had been doing the right thing by reading the Proverbs over-and-over again; however, I also gained the insight that I needed to meditate upon the individual Proverbs more closely as well.

    A favorite verse of mine, for years, has been Proverbs 22:29, "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean (common) men." Diligence, to me, has always meant to work effectively (efficiently doing the right things) and this was confirmed by this book. In addition, new insights were discovered like the four steps taught by Solomon for achieving diligence in your life. They are:

    1) Wake Up to Reality
    2) Define Your Visions
    3) Effectively Partner
    4) Pursue Wisdom; Build Your Life upon It

    This is just a drop in the bucket of what the book has to offer. I hope this review helps you make your decision.

    Tom Carpenter...more info
  • Life lesson for all
    I bought this book for myself and find myself continually purchasing for my friends and family. This book holds life lessons that all should follow. It is quick and easy reading. ...more info
  • Disappointing.
    I could have written this book. It's full of cliches and doesn't really provide any guidance for how to go about changing bad habitats. I was bored after the first chapter. If you want to read a great book that actually accomplishes what this author couldn't, read Stephen Covey's 7 Habitats of Highly Successful People. It'll blow you away! ...more info
  • Just read Proverbs
    The book is redundant and contradictory of itself. First the author says he didn't follow Proverbs as a young man then he says because of following Proverbs as a young man things went his way. I commend the author's efforts and I believe to some degree he does live by The Good Book, but honestly I think we all know what the author wants you to do, and what the Man Upstairs wants you to do. I now read Proverbs daily. It is a wonderful thing to do and I've recommended it to many. Rather than buy this book go download Proverbs and start reading. If you are looking for a book that will take you about 3 hours to read that will ultimately tell you to read Proverbs about 100 times then read this book. Thank you for your time....more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    I am an avid reader reading at least one book each week. This is one of the most inspirational books that I have ever read. Although it is a small book, it is filled with great wisdom that has helped me be a better employer, husband, father and person. The tips on communication, diligence, and vision mapping should be used by everyone wanting to achieve success. I have purchased over 50 of these books to give to my key employees, my children, and many friends. A 5+...more info
  • Fantastic book
    I happened upon this book in the library. I was feeling not so good about any aspect of my life. I do not believe that is was coincidental that I found this book. After reading the first 2 chapters i rush out to buy it.And, by word of my mouth I know that he has sold a few copies. This book helped me to make some much needed changes in my life. If you "work" the book and apply his suggestions you will make changes in your life. ...more info
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
    This book, in conjunction with the Bible, is life changing!!

    I have given 3 copies away between both orders and each recipient is so blessed.

    Do you have any discount, other than saving shipping costs which is nice, if you buy more than 2 books of the same title at the same time?...more info
  • This book lives up to its claims
    God certainly has written down for us in Proverbs the wisdom for successful living. Yet it is not the ticket to the exalted American Dream that so many hope to find there. God's message has been pounded and twisted yet once again so that we might fulfil our dream instead of His. Decide that you want to serve God, pray to Him to receive His message and then read His book. 2 Peter 1:3...more info
  • Finances by the Wisest Man
    Great Book Sucess based on biblical principles We read it on a trip as a couple--enjoyed it!...more info
  • Great Service and product quality
    The book got here very quickly and was in excellent condition. Everything I was promised!...more info
  • The Proverbs Finally Understood
    Naturally not all of the Proverbs were mentioned in this book; yet nonetheless, this book contains true wisdom one how to live one's life to achieve anything he or she desires. There is not a single soul who will not benefit or learn something from this book that will help them live a most fulfilled life.

    Finally, a book that draws essential verses of Proverbs from the Bible, and presents it in a non-religious form. ...more info
  • The wisdom of proverbs
    I picked up this book because which one of us couldnt use some advice from the richest man in world history, King Solomon. Solomon if alive today would make those on the Forbes list look like average millionaires in comparison to his wealth. The Book of Proverbs is the recorded secerets of Solomon and how he lived such a amazing life.
    In this book, Marketing expert Steven Scott shares with us his observations from the book of proverbs and how he has used them to transform his life from a life of increasing failure to one of increasing favor. I liked this book, it wasnt the greatest I have ever read but it was good and it is a book I would likely referance again from time to time. that being said it did introduce me to a concept that I am applying to my life and an very much being enlightened by and that is the practice of reading a chapter from proverbs every day. This practice so far has been an amazing experiance and has already helped me in my day to day routine.
    This book is a good read for those needing an introduction to Proverbs and for theone who needs some guidance in translating that scripture, but it does lead to something greater in reading Proverbs daily for yourself. ...more info
  • True Wealth
    The book is very good. The part about how
    to handle criticism is superb. My college
    age son read it and bought his best friend
    a copy as a gift for graduation. They are both
    ambitious young men who are eager to succeed.
    Now, they are equipped to do just that!...more info
  • A terrific read and incredible resource
    I've now read the book cover to cover twice,and am constantly using it as a resource anytime I face a problem that confounds me. I was just reordering more copies (have now given them out to every member of my family) when I read Carol's review. She obviously hasn't read the book OR the Proverbs. Scott quickly points out that Solomon became arrogant and ignored his own advice to lose everything he valued. Scott's book focuses on Solomon's laws of living that are just as powerful and consistant as the physical laws that govern the universe. The book is NOT just about money. It's about dealing with every important area of one's life, - relationships, work, communication, partnering, anger, greed, pride, and on and on. The genius of this book is that Scott has catagorized the Proverbs to create incredible pictures that show us how to deal with every problem and opportunity we'll ever face. That's why it's endorsed by people like Hugh Downs, Joan Lunden, The CEO of Jet Blue, and Amway founder Rich DeVoss. It's also endorsed by religious leaders like Ruth Graham, David Jeremiah, Gary Smalley & Jerry Falwell(who called it one of the best books he's ever read.) I wish people like Carol would READ a book before they offer such a baseless review. ...more info
  • Wise Counsel We Forget
    This is a wonderful book that makes reading and understanding the wise counsel of King Solomon easy and pleasurable. It helped me understand past circumstances and how I could have better handled them. This book provokes self examintion as well as examintion of circumstances and people who have crossed our life's path. It reminded me of principles my father taught me that had been forgotten in the midst of hurried living. Reading of Steven's experiences when following King Solomon's counsel and when he didn't is inspirational. One sad thought, though; people who need to read and follow the guidance found in this book to become better citizens of planet earth will probably never read it. However, Steven gives guidance for dealing with those people....more info
  • Mark's opinion
    Excellent revelation of the truths contained in the book of Proverbs,
    Save reading the word but get to the facts simply by reading this book; the author has spent many years extracting the truth and wisdom of the wisest and richest man who ever lived, take a short cut and read it in days and extract its message....more info


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