UNIVERSAL POWER GROUP 86052 Ionized Air Purifier

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Product Description

UNIVERSAL POWER GROUP 86052 Ionized Air Purifier Reduces, eliminates and filters odors, dust, smoke and other pollutants in automobile, boat or RV by actively producing negative ions and releasing them into the air to destroy positively charged odors;Plugs into a 12V DC power cigarette lighter or accessory outlet;No filter required; Removes moisture and naturally sanitizes the air; Quiet and simple operation Ionized Air Purifier

  • ?1 Flashlight Requires 2 D Batteries; 1 Flashlight Requires 1 Aa Batteries & 2 Flashlights Require 2 Aa Batteries
  • ?Plugs Into A 12V Dc Power Cigarette Lighter Or Accessory Outlet
  • ?No Filter Required
  • Removes Moisture & Naturally Sanitizes The Air
  • Quiet & Simple Operation