Dirt Devil 091020V Vibe Bagged Upright

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Product Description

Features: 12-amp upright vacuum with a hose and tools for easy access to all the nooks and crannies. HEPA filtration traps 100% of common allergens. Bagged design saves you from dealing with messy dirt cups. UL listed2-amp upright vacuum with a hose and tools for easy access to all the nooks and crannies. HEPA filtration traps 100% of common allergens. Bagged design saves you from dealing with messy dirt cups. UL listed.

  • Powerful 12 amp Motor with MotorGuard gives you all the power you will need to clean your carpets effectively.
  • Tools on Board with the automatic Hose tools extends your reach for effortless cleaning in the hard to reach areas.
  • The center power path delivers the superior suction needed for all you cleaning needs both on the floor as well as above the floor cleaning.
  • Long 32 foot cord allows you a much larger cleaning reach.
Customer Reviews:
  • OK but not great
    It cleans better than a cannister vacuum, but it had to be repaired within the first 3 weeks....more info
  • great product!
    I have had a dirt devil before, but it was probably more than 10 years old, and it still worked great. So when I moved and gave away the old one, I wanted another dirt devil. Please note that I was looking for just a vacuum, not the fancy carpet shampooers or the steamers with the vacuums. I believe one specialty in an appliance is more stable.

    Anyway, I don't like the bag less vacuums, because of the flying dirt and the pain of allergies when you have to manually empty out the plastic bags. Also, light ones are very flimsy and usually are not powerful enough to get things like hair off the carpet. This was exactly what I was looking for: 12 amps (powerful enough), with bags (I just pop them out when full and throw them out), a very long cord and wheels (so I eve drag it outside to car and vacuum the seats sometimes). Best of all it was half off when I found it at Amazon. For 40$ I couldn't find a better deal. I have had it for almost 6 months, and am very satisfied....more info
  • Cheapest yet excellent vaccum cleaner
    I wanted a basic vaccum cleaner which vaccums the carpet. It is doing its job since six month, nothing to complain about. I bought it for $ 30 from amazon....more info
  • Very Useful
    I didnt get good deal before buying and after buying.... its working very good. ifs its coming again i will ready to buy one more...
    ...more info
  • Worth for every penny spent
    The design of this product has been meticulously done with all the aspects of practical needs kept in mind. You cant expect more than this for a product at this price. Highlights are : floor lights, bag full indicator, transparent suction hoses, central suction hose, spare belt along with in-built belt holder. +++ HPA filter system. what else you need.

    -- Murali Natamai...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    The best vacuum cleaner ever I purchased. Excellent product and I value the 3 years warranty....more info
  • It SUCKS.
    It sucks really HARD. Straight to Goodwill. Had I known we could upload video reviews, I'd have filmed the vacuum in operation before I gave it away.

    I wanted so badly to love this vacuum, but it didn't work for me. It was SO powerful, it grabbed my considerably-weighted 9x11 area rug and wouldn't let go or move. Whether pushing or pulling the vacuum, the rug came with it. When I finally did pull the two apart, the dirt on the rug was still there. Much to my dismay, this occurred repeatedly. No matter which rug depth setting I had it on, it was still a no-go.

    The knob on that depth adjustment, by the way, darned near required a pair of pliers to turn, so if you're arthritic, fergettit.

    Maybe it would work for wall-to-wall anchored carpeting, or maybe I had a faulty vacuum, which is why I gave it the benefit of the doubt - two stars instead of one. I hope the eventual recipient of my purchase gets what everyone else here seems to be getting....more info
  • dirt devil vac
    I am very pleased with my new Dirt Devil vibe bagged upright. Great price. Great Vacuum, it sucks and has everything you need. I looked for a bagged vac because I think the bagless vacuums are so messy. The cup does not hold much so every time you deal with the dirt you just picked up as you empty the cup, yuck. The Dirt Devil has two filters as well as the bag, much cleaner air as you vacuum. Thanks Amazon.com....more info
  • Good vacuum, especially for the price I paid!
    This is the best $29.99 vacuum that I have every purchased! And it's not a bad vacuum at all, got everything we need....more info
  • Supprisingly functional, for the price.
    I grabbed this one for cheap when it was on sale one day, and thats the only way I would buy it. It is not self-propelled so expect a bit of a workout. Other than that, it seems to work so I cant complain. As quickly as vacuums seem to break these days, it didnt make sense to buy a $100+ unit that would only last a year or two.

    This unit has a very long power cord, as all vacuums should, and seems to work fairly well on my standard carpet. The attachments are limited, but again this is a very inexpensive unit. It is not terribly heavy and has a handle for easy lifting. The HEPA filter is a plus. Overall, it's a good vaccum for the price....more info
  • What a sucker!!!
    This is the least expensive vacuum I've ever purchased...But, it works better than its more expensive relatives...I was pretty surprised.This little vacuum actually vacuums quite well..What else could I ask for? It's cheap and works well....(Both on hard floors and rugs...)
    ...more info
  • Can't go Wrong.
    You can't go wrong with picking up this vacuum for $30. There's not much to it. The vacuum is super cheap and works as it should. Works well on both carpet and hardwood floor. There is an adjustment knob for carpet length with a good range between very low to high settings. Suction from the hose is also very powerful. Do not hesitate in picking one up and saving yourself the extra $50 you would normally pay for this type of unit....more info
  • Great for the price
    I read the reviews and when this item went on sale I decided to pick it up as I was in need of a vacuum. It does the job fine and combined with free shipping was an excellent value. So far so good with this one. ...more info
  • Worth dollars spent
    Quite easy to assemble. It does the cleaning jobs well. Only drawback, it is bulky and loud....more info
  • this vaccum is great
    this vaccum run real good. i like that it has the hose to clean the chair and other thing. i love this product and i reccomend it....more info
  • Product is good
    I used it very few times, but still good enough to buy if you don't mind its sound....more info
  • Great buy
    This is a great buy for $30.00. I bought as a second unit for my upstairs but its performance is so good I replaced my other unit with this one. .
    Great product for the price. ...more info
  • Better than expensive bagless
    I had purchased a bagless Hoover EmPower unit on here for my small apartment. It didn't take long for me to begin to hate it. Even with the small size of my apartment, the dirt cup would have to be emptied about every vacuuming.

    I'd have to do it outside. Dust everywhere, sneezing, coughing, dirty hands, dirty balcony. It was enough to make me never want to vacuum.

    Then I thought perhaps it was time to upgrade to a bagged vacuum. This bagless fad is awful. It is becoming nearly impossible to find a bagged vacuum in a retail store anymore. When I saw this for so cheap on Amazon with free shipping, I figured it was worth a shot.

    I sold my 1-year old Hoover on craigslist for the same price that I bought this one, making it essentially a free trade. So far, I'm significantly happier with it.

    * Amazing suction. Better than the Hoover that was 2x the cost
    * Motor/fan are a stage after the filtration, so they are protected from debris & damage.
    * Great cost
    * Hepa filter seems to work better than Hoover. Don't smell dust at all.
    * No dusty mess to deal with after you vacuum!

    * I'm not crazy about the color. Not terribly masculine. Luckily this thing stays closeted.
    * Hose seems like its going to not stay in place once it stretches some more.
    * Hose isn't the most flexible or stretchy.
    * Bags are rather small. Certainly not enormous like my mom's old Kirby. Looks like vacuum manufactures are taking the razor-blade/print cartridge business model. Either way, bags are still cheap.

    So, you get what you pay for. But if you just need it for a little apartment like me, this is the best deal. Period. Hopefully Dirt Devil can add something to hold the hose in place. It hasn't been a problem yet, but I expect it will become one....more info
  • It doesn't get any better than this
    I needed a vacuum cleaner for a very long time. I did research on many sites and found that the best rated vacuum cleaners were too expensive.
    When I saw this one for $30 I had to buy it. I received the vacuum cleaner within two days which was astounding given the fact that I had used the free shipping option which takes 7-10 days. I was amazed by how well the vacuum cleaner worked. The suction is so good that you see the lines in your carpet. The accessories allow you to clean in hard to reach places and the cord is long enough that you can move from one room to the other. You get a lot more than what you pay for with this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Excellent value
    Better than the Sears 'less than $100' vacuums I usually get. Great suction; easy to use. A steal at $30. Uses bags, but after owning a bag-less for a few years I'm happy to use a bag model... much less dust! The hepa filters seem to work nicely as the room smells great and is dust free after vacuuming. I definately recommend this for most households/apartments that can't spend a few hundred dollars for a decent vacuum. I might have to get another one just to stock up although, it should last quite awhile as the build seems solid....more info
  • Very strong
    This vancum has a very strong engine, more than 1200w I remmember. However,it is a litter big for me, coz I only live in a small room.I prefer a small one which I can take it everywhere. If you have a big room, have one. Nice price, nice brand. ...more info
  • Very good vacuum, GREAT DEAL
    It's hard to admit to even a teensy complaint when you got a $90 vacuum for $30 and it arrived THE NEXT DAY. FOR FREE. But... yes, it is very heavy/hard to maneuver and noisy. And as someone else said, the long cord--while great for using the vacuum over large areas--requires a lot of babysitting while you're vacuuming. However, it works well and shows up pretty much fully assembled.

    Here's where it loses a star: 1) The weight... women, especially small ones, be warned. 2) Instructions are worthless. Like there's a dial for different carpet thicknesses, but no explanation of what the settings mean. They're just lines. I gave up setting it on one line, moving vacuum to see what happens... trying the next line, moving vacuum to see what happens... etc. And there's nothing in the instructions to explain it (unless I'm a total idiot, which I'm not ruling out).

    But all in all, I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Great cheap vacuum
    Its much better than my $70 vacuum bagless from walmart. I have a large dog and i ran it and the bag isnt near full yet..the bagless would be full every 5 min.
    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Upright
    This vacuum exceeded my expectations. It was extremely reasonably priced so I figured I was going to get what I paid for, but not in this case. Great for around the house and office. Considering the fact that this Dirt Devil requires physical activity I truly do enjoy using it. My personal motto: When the urge to do housework hits hard, sit down until it passes!...more info
  • Good product at a GREAT price.
    The vaccuum works very well. We purchased it as an upstairs vaccuum because the price was so amazing. Piece of cake to assemble, does a nice job and no more hauling up and down stairs....more info
  • great sweeper so far
    Only had it for about a month now. Seems like a great sweeper for the money considering my Hoover Savvy sweeper that cost me almost $200 kept breaking. A little hard to sweep a throw rug with because like most sweepers where you can push down on the handle to lift the front of the sweeper so it doesn't suck up the rug, this one you have to almost lower the handle to the floor to lift up the front. But maybe that's why there are several height settings. Definitely a good sweeper for under $30.00...more info
  • Great Product!
    I usually don't get excited about appliances, but this vacuum is da bomb! It even reaches my ceiling fan!...more info
  • Inexpensive, but heavy
    It's one of those that does the job and inexpensive. However, very heavy to take it around. Recommended only for strong people with big muscles....more info
  • Better Than They Said
    I've had this vacuum for a few weeks now, and it's a Keeper. Some other reviewers mentioned a design flaw that makes running over the cord common. I experienced the same thing the first time I vacuumed, but I figured I could always just grasp the cord in the fingers holding the handle of the machine. I guess the joke's on all of us who didn't bother to read the manual... there is actually a clip build right into the handle assembly that is made to hold the cord! So, with that detail "handled" (forgive the pun), let's talk about function. This machine has very powerful suction, decent attachments and the blessing of a HEPA filter. It is solidly constructed. Nothing feels like it's in danger of breaking when I use it. After my previous Oreck machine, it feels like it weighs a ton and is comparatively hard to move around. But it cleans so much better that it's worth the work. The headlight looks cool, but doesn't do much to illuminate the floor. The motor is among the loudest of machines I've owned, but not THE loudest, and not painful, even to my musician's ears. I do like a vacuum that leaves a completely smooth track when it's pulled back, and this one leaves lines, but the floor still looks nice. I read the other reviews before I purchased, and even at full price I'd report that this machine is better than they said. With the discount offered on the day I bought it, it's a steal. ...more info
  • Good machine for the price
    This is an amazingly good vacuum for the price. Because it has a bag, it is good for people with allergies....more info
  • Good Buy
    This works well on carpet and wooden flooring. It will be very nice, if the vacuum pipe is longer size....more info
  • Great bargain
    Have had many more expensive vacuum cleaners that do not match up to this machine. powerful motor with terrific cleaning . Service from Amazon amazing, first was damaged in transit Amazon paid for return and new one arrived in a week in perfect condition. Happy, happy, happy!!...more info
  • A great Vacuum under $100
    we just bought this vacuum at the right time judging our shift to a new apartment. Cleaned really well the old home where carpets really dirty and there were many unused areas with accumulated dirt on it. And back the new home, where the carpets are new, but had some dirt toppings. It was easier to get them off, especially we liked the adjustments for the floor hight. Sound: ask the next room mate 'did you hear anything?'. An absolute calm operation!!! good.. So works well as thought, and we got in a discount, so a great vacuum under $100[we got much below this price].

    A suggestion, so keeping 4 stars: the manual for use/assembly really few sheet of papers. Recommend to be like a hardcover book,to preserve....more info
  • very good for home use
    I have been using since 1 month. I have used it 3 times and it looks good
    I got it for $40, which I think its good choice for the paid price...more info
  • Great Vaccum!
    It's very powerful and effective vaccum. It's also quiet and not very noisy. It's better than other vaccums priced above 100 dollars.

    One thing there is a hook at the top close to the handle, you need to attach the power cord to it, so that the wire is coming from the top not from the bottom (not sure it was mentioned in its users guide)....more info
  • Product as expected
    Not fancy, but as described/promised. Suction well, powerful. Given the sale price paid, definitely a good buy....more info
  • Great Deal!
    I just got this yesterday...for $30.00 you can't go wrong!! It works great!! At first it smelled like it was burning..but that was only during the first use..after that it works great!! Yes it is loud..but for the price you can't go wrong! Free shipping..it doesn't get any better than that!...more info
  • The best vacuum for its price
    I got this vacuum from amazon for $40 only and was very satisfied. I agree that it is not a fancy and high-end one but I don't need that kind of stuff after all----I just want a simple, good performance vacuum with a modest price. This one well fits my needs. The motor was quiet compared to its class. It also carries 3 years warranty....more info
  • Great for the price...
    Dirt Devil 091020V Vibe Bagged Upright

    I have to say, I love this vacuum so far. It has great suction--which at times is almost a problem. I've had the attachments pulled off of the end of the hose because the suction held the piece so tightly to the surface I was cleaning. I really like being able to (very easily) change the bags rather than emptying the cannister of my old bagless vac. It is also fairly light, and easy to carry when I need to, using the cup/handle on the front of the machine.

    I do wish they had included a floor attachment for non-carpeted floors, but this seems to work well on hard floors. Just too bulky for some places. The only problem I have with it is the positioning of the cord. Where it is attached to the vacuum, I think, is too low. I get it tangled up in my feet a lot--well, I did. Now, I just bring the cord up over the upper hook that you wind the cord up on while I'm working. It makes it easier to keep in my left hand while I vacuum with my right, without tripping over it all the time. To me, this isn't a real "problem."

    Just to put it all in perspective, I used to clean professionally, so I have some machines to compare this to. I also have 4 cats, and, believe me, this vacuum does a great job keeping up with them.

    Overall, I think I got a fantastic deal--I'm very happy with it, and if the price drops again, I may just pick up another to keep as a spare....more info
  • LOVE this vacuum!!!
    Thank goodness for Amazon and its reviews!! I purchased this vacuum based on the reviews here and I couldn't be happier! I have gone through 2 (Yes, 2!) bagless vacuums within the past year and a half. I hate bagless vacuums!! I have two young children with allergies, and I have sinus issues myself. I got to where I would put off vacuuming as long as possible with my previous bagless vacuums, because I absolutely hated the mess and most of all, hated having to constantly replace filters because they would get clogged so often. After vacuuming just one room in our apartment, the bagless vacuum(s) would get clogged and lose suction. I no longer have that problem thanks to this Dirt Devil bagged vacuum! And replacing the bags is a breeze! I used to go out my front door (and wave hello to my neighbors) when I emptied the filthy, nasty cups on the bagless vacuums. Now, I slide the bag off, toss it in the (kitchen, not outside!) garbage, and there's no mess whatsoever! Love it, love it, love it. Will NOT go back to bagless!!...more info
  • Excellent vaccum from excellent store(Amazon)
    I purchased this product for $30. As already stated by one of the reviewer, this vacuum will try to suck the dust from a distance. We can see the duct getting dragged into the cleaner.
    I was using Bissel vacuum stick for cleaning., but when i used this on area rug, it almost collect 250gms of dust with hairs...etc. We literally got amazed by the performance.

    About extension wand and tools enable easy access to all the nooks and corners.

    the suction power enhanced based on the center power path. The suction is happening on center path , which most of the vacuum uses a big route to collect the dust to dust bag.

    It has a long 32 feet long power cord, which is very easy to reach two three room at once. If this vacuum is provided with auto cord wind option, it will be excellent ++

    Hepa filtration traps 100% of the dust and common allergens in home

    Another good option is about Edge Cleaning Bristles, which is easy to clean the all the corners. Brush keeps rotating and cleans the corner with ease

    To summarize, it is the best deal to have this vacuum from best seller "Amazon"

    I dont have any option to rate beyond 5 Star!!!!
    ...more info
  • Love Love Love This Vacuum!!!
    I purchased this vacuum after owning a messy bagless Bissell vacuum. I couldn't take the disgusting mess of a bagless anymore and HATED the rude Bissell customer service.

    Once I began searching for a new vacuum, I initially looked at vacuums in the $100-$300 range thinking, the more expensive, the better. Right? The expensive ones all had so so reviews. I read the great reviews of the less expensive Dirt Devil Vibe and decided to give it a try. Was I pleasantly surprised!

    I would easily pay $100+ for this vacuum. It is soooo powerful, not too loud, and works well on both carpet and hard surfaces. I was amazed how well it sucks up dirt in corners and against walls. I rarely even need to use the hose in places that I always have with other vacuums. The cord extra long and the vacuum handle had a nice comfortable grip. I honestly can't say anything negative about this vacuum. I am even considering buying a second for if and when this one dies! It is a great vacuum! Can't say enough!

    ...more info
  • best vacuum for price
    this is a really good vacuum.....probably the best for price. It has powerful suction.i am living in a two bedroom apartment and it is perfect for me.i cant vacuum the area rugs in my house with this one bcoz they get sucked in the vacuum ( it has a good suction power) so i use the hose with the upholstery cleaner to do the job. although it might be possible that i am not using the right setting. anyways i am very happy with this purchase
    ...more info
  • What a deal
    This is a second vacuum for our home and we use it downstairs rather than lugging the heavy Hoover power drive up and down.

    Good vacuum for the price. It has decent suction and cleans well. The tools that come with it and the hose are a bit chintzy, but as to cleaning floors, it does what is supposed to do and I'm pleased it is a bagged type. (I cannot imagine why people like the bagless, messy vacuums.)...more info
  • Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner was a very pleasant surprise. Since it was so inexpensive ($60), I wasn't expecting a vacuum with so much suction. It is much more powerful than my Hoover and cost half as much. There are two negatives I can easily live with: 1) the cord comes out of the vacuum very low to the floor and can easily get run over with the vacuum; and 2) when using the hose extension attachment, it falls off easily and is a bit of a nuisance. I particularly like one feature, which is that the attachments are used when the handle is in the upright position, and the down position is for carpet vacuuming. In other words, no manual setting is necessary. ...more info
  • Strong vacuum for $39
    Like Shiva, I read the reviews**, was mildly excited enough to order a vacuum. Afterall, for Amazon's $39, this is comparatively like buying "disposable" razor blades.

    We purchased it to place in the fully carpeted basement of our 4 story home as an appliance our housemates could use. It replaces a Eureka Optima.

    For a $39 vacuum cleaner, it provides a strong 12 amp motor, easy access to replace vacuum bags (which are available for a very reasonable price on Amazon), and has a HEPA exhaust air filter that appears easy to replace. I need to say I've decided I like replacing bags much better than bagless air filters which is always a filthy process.

    Having a cord more than 30 feet long means we can plug it in in one central place and reach nearly every inch of our floor. It weighs about 20 pounds or so and seems to move about easily enough it you have the height adjustment set correctly.

    It appears to do a reasonable job cleaning carpets but I didn't think much of it on our hardwood, plus there is not a standard hardwood floor attachment included with this product.

    Disadvantages: the hose and attachments are only mediocre and are smaller than usual, plus you'll need to stoop down to change the height adjustment dial by hand--it's a little stiff. Just about every part above the powerhead is made out of plastic including the wheels. The motor is fairly loud.

    I think this is a great vacuum for places like rental properties or where you know people that care less than you do will beat the thing to death. For $39 I'm confident you will get your money out of it, and then go buy another.

    **I was a little suspicious of the flurry of ***** reviews appearing within weeks of each other. Does someone get paid to do that?

    see Dirt Devil Type U Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 10-Pack...more info
  • Great value for under $50 - delivered
    Under-$50 for a 12-amp bagged upright with a HEPA filter, and this VIBE was up and running after a simple process (attaching handle to body with one screw). Though there is no way to turn off the brush, the machine worked well on my hardwood floor. Suction is great -- I stopped the vacuum an inch away from debris and I can see the debris getting sucked into the vacuum (on hard floor). A 3-setting (midpoint) works both for hardwood floor and persian carpets. Bagged is much easier/cleaner for disposing the vacuumed debris. I'd like it better if it were 2 pounds lighter, but the extra-long cord made up for this. For under-$50, full power 12-amp bagged upright with HEPA, this is a good value. The included bag will fill up fast, so be sure to order the 10 bags (which still puts you under $50, delivered)....more info
  • Just Ok.... Great for the price
    After seeing whole bunch for +ve review I got excited and bought this vacuum asap. For the price I wud have given it 5 star but the vacuum will not pull/move (itself) the unit ahead when on carpet (due to the power of spinning brush, which other vacuums do).

    4 star from me as it's not much to the hype as reported, plastics look cheap and it's a damm simple construction....more info
  • I concur with other good reviews.
    Fantastic product, especially for the price. Quiet, powerful, nice long cord and hose. Good solid machine. Only negative for those who have physical limitations it is a little heavy (19 lbs), but no worse than most higher end vacuums. We've bought 2 of these so far!...more info
  • Great for the price!
    I actually stopped vacuuming to enter this review! For $40.00 (with free shipping!) this is a great vacuum. It has amazing suction--especially on rugs. I was able to move seamlessly to my hardwood floors and it does a good job. I agree with previous reviewers that it does throw up some dirt, but my old vacuum did too, and didn't have anywhere near the suction of this one. It is a bit heavy, fine for me, but possibly more than some finer boned folk would want to heft around. And the cord is a little obnoxious (it anchors low on the unit, so I often run over it). Not a major minus, though--I just hold it up more carefully. More plusses: it has a HEPA filter that you change once a year. The instructions were very simple and it feels like I'll be able to maintain the vacuum easily. Overall, I am very very pleased and feel like I got an outstanding deal! ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never written an online product review but this vacuum is fantastic!!! I received it about 3 weeks ago and came back to buy another for my upstairs. It is a bargain too - I paid $20 more for it in January - so I am ordering an extra one to give away. It has super powerful suction. The cord is very long too. My favorite is the upholstry tool; it has these teeth that work great on the stairs, especially getting up dog hair. I haven't had to change the bag yet. I have gone through 3 bagless vacuums in the last year. I was having to dump the cannister on the bagless and clean the filter everytime I used it. Yuck, so messy. I will NEVER buy another bagless. I can't say anything bad about this machine, except that it may seem a little heavy to some folks. It is definitely not self-propelled. But, that is a very minor issue to me, given the performance of this vacuum. Like the other reviewers, I love it, love it, love it!! ...more info
  • the best for the money
    i love love love this vacuum so much i just purchased a second one so that whenever this one might break i have a replacement. with free shipping you can not beat the price....more info
  • The Best !!!!!!!
    This vaccum is just the best!!!, really powerfull and yet quiet!, works wonders on carpet and wood floors. I'm sooo glad that I got one. Just great. =) A++++++++++++++++...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    Love, love, love this vacuum. I was in a situation of needing an in-between, yet dependable vacuum --- my current house has lots of carpet, but I'll be moving into a new house in a couple of months, and it has very little carpet. I needed a new vacuum NOW, but I wanted one that would fit the bill for both house needs and still not cost an arm and a leg. I've had 2 bagless - hated the nasty dirt every time they had to be emptied - and they always lost suction, even the more expensive models. So, I was in the market this time for a bagged vacuum. After reading the reviews on this one, I decided that for the price and free shipping, it was definitely worth a shot. SO GLAD I PURCHASED THIS VACUUM. It has great suction and picks up way more on my carpet than my bagless vacuums did. It even does great on hard floors, which I don't even think it's technically advertised to do (I had just read some other reviewers saying it did great on their hard floors, so I had hoped I'd find the same); it doesn't throw the debris around like most vacuums with roller brushes. I love the position of the carry handle - I can carry it up and down the stairs while simultaneously toting my 21 pound son in the other arm. It's also weighted well enough and light enough that I can vacuum the whole house while holding my son when needed. Also, the tools are well placed and easy to use. I've had vacuums where the tools constantly fell off or where the whole vacuum tipped over whenever you were using the hose - not so in either case with this vacuum. All in all an excellent buy. This is the happiest I've been with a vacuum since I started buying my own 10 years ago, and I think it's an excellent value for the money spent! Would buy again....more info
  • Great Vac. Lightwieght, Bagged and great price
    I like this vac so much I bought a second one just for when this one dies. I owned the old style Dirt Devil Featherlite and really like it a lot, lightweight, simple but worked great, although it was loud. I like a bagged vac and something thats not to big and hard to use. When the the old Dirt Devil Featherlight finally died we went and bought the new Featherlite vac and it was junk, don't waste your money. This Dirt Devil Vibe was just what I was looking for. It is light, bagged and surprisingly quiet compared to my old one. It has a center dirt path meaning the dirt doesnt have to go up, around and through the whole hose attachment to get in the bag. Most all new vacuums go all through the hose and that zaps the suction and makes it easier to clog. It's easy to push and easy to carry unlike many of the others I looked at. I bought a Kenmore at sears for $170 which I promptly took back...big, bulky, so hard to push and didn't have the suction this one has. Comes with hepa filter and spare belt that stores right on the unit. They recommend replacing the two filters once a year. It's about 13" wide which makes it easier for me to get around the furniture. This vacuum is a bargain and I got the free shipping too. You can find some more reviews on it at Target.com.

    Don't forget to buy the ten pack of U bags for 7.99 with free shipping when you order....more info