Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5-1/2-Cup Electric Rice Cooker with Porridge/Soup Cooker and Steamer

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Product Description

For the health-conscious set, a good quality steamer is one of the best investments you could ever make. This Rice Cooker with Porridge/Soup Function also comes with a steamer for healthily steaming vegetables without any fat involved! It features easy-to-use one-touch controls, a 2-Menu Selection, which allows you to choose to cook a variety of dishes like rice, porridge and soups. In addition, it comes with a keep-warm function, which automatically keeps rice warm and yummy after cooking! The nonstick inner pot and removable steam vent and dew collector are easy to clean. It includes a measuring cup, spatula, spatula holder and instruction manual.

  • 5-1/2-cup electric rice cooker with porridge/soup cooker and steamer
  • Single-switch operation; nonstick inner pot; keep-warm function
  • Specially designed lid prevents boiling over; steam vent and dew collector
  • Measuring cup, spatula, spatula holder, and instructions included
  • Measures 9-13/16 by 9-1/16 by 9-7/16 inches; 90-day parts-and-labor warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • non-stick coating peel off after 6 month
    I don't like this rice cooker because the inner pot's non-stick coating peel off after 6 month, and there's no way to replace it. My last Panasonic rice cooker's non-stick coating lasted 5 years. ...more info
  • Cooks well a pain to clean
    This product is too dificult to clean in comparison to the cheap but effective simpler rice cookers. Since the lid is attached and there are many nooks and crannies to clean including a rubber gasket,cleanup is a pain...more info
  • Making super tasting rice
    I am very happy with my Sanyo rice cooker. It took me a while to learn how much water to use. Now that I know, everything is working out fine. I also like how easy it is to clean.

    Thanks for the great service
    Gary Covert...more info
  • Great little machine.
    Very easy to use while you are preparing the rest of your meal. Trouble free operation is the key word here....more info
  • Convenient, wish it had a Stainless pot
    I don't understand the "hard to clean" complaints. I have used it 30-40 times and have done nothing more than a wipe down. The pot is so easy to clean it is disconcerting. Recent data I reviewed did not look good about these non-stick coatings - so I wish I could get a Stainless steel insert for it.
    If buying again, I would make stainless a priority. Until then, this sanyo works great. no other complaints at all....more info
  • Nice job.
    Spattered a bit, but did a good job of making rice. Porridge? Do they mean oatmeal? What about cooking macaroni and cheese--no info for that in booklet. Have not tried it for soup....more info
  • Best buy... ever
    I do a lot of cooking, especially Asian (Indian and Japanese mainly) and this rice cooker is a wonderful help. It makes perfect rice for sushi and served with curries and it's so easy to clean. If you're looking for a rice cooker, then this is the one to buy: affordable and made to last....more info
  • Perfect rice every time
    My first rice cooker and I couldn't be happier. Not only does it make perfect rice every time, it is the easiest thing to clean. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to make the water level makers on the inner pot a little easier to read - I need to use a flashlight. But a great product at a great price....more info
  • Sanyo rice cooker
    We liked the perfectly cooked rice at our daughter's house in Southeast Asia, and were disappointed in an American rice cooker we tried at home. The new Sanyo has been great, though, and now we can enjoy rice again.Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer, White with Stainless Accent...more info
  • Sanyo 5 Cup Rice Cooker
    Works great on brown rice. Non-stick pan really is non-stick. Main problem is the lack of an on-off switch (at least I can't find it). It's a little bulky, too. But I'd buy another. ...more info
  • Okay
    I had really high hopes for this, me being asian myself. I used to use some of the older models of Tiger that was sold at the typical Asian Supermarket. Those are very expensive though. This cooks rice very well. The only thing is that I don't think it has proper ventilation and the rice starts getting soggy after only being warmed for an hour or so. I will keep looking for a better one, otherwise just drop the big bucks for the ones at the local grocery store, sigh....more info
  • Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5 1/2 cup rice cooker
    Excellent results and value for someone not needing to cook for a large family or group. The pictures online do not do this little cooker justice. It looks much better in person (less clunky) than how it is photographed online....more info
  • Don't like this at all...
    I bought this because it was recommended by Cook's Illustrated and I've had excellent results from most of their recommendations. Not so with this one. I have major issues with the unit's cleanability. The lid is hinged and is not removable for easy cleaning. The inside of the lid had a scale on it after cooking and I was hesitant to clean it thoroughly because it seemed to be something of a mystery substance and I was afraid that I would scratch it. There is a trough that catches condensation and is also difficult to clean. Likewise with the extremely flimsy gasket. The unit took longer to clean properly than it did to make the rice, and I prefer the old Aroma rice cooker that I bought this to replace....more info
  • Great steamer/rice cooker!
    Very easy to use...and a good size. Only negative is cleaning the back and top 'valve' area. ...more info
  • as advertised
    This is a really nice product and can't be beat for the money. I did a lot of reasearch and this was listed as a top model over all other brands but one and some of them were three times or more the money. Defintiely worth it. ...more info
  • Making super tasting rice
    I am very happy with my Sanyo rice cooker. It took me a while to learn how much water to use. Now that I know, everything is working out fine. I also like how easy it is to clean.

    Thanks for the great service
    Gary Covert...more info
  • defective after 1 month
    Cooked rice fine for the first month then suddenly burned out for no apparent reason. I didn't even have a chance to try out the porridge/soup cooker and steamer functions. Now I will have to ship it back to Sanyo for a replacement unit. ...more info
  • Does eveything well
    This is one of those appliances you buy and it does just what it is supposed to do. It is simple, but excellent....more info
  • Not Good
    Too Expensive. 5- 1/2 cups are not true, you can barely make 3.5 cups. Every time you cook, you need to clean outlet also, that sucks. I don't recommend this product. You can do better with 1/3 rd of money what you spend on this product....more info
  • It is good now
    I had an issue for the older one and replaced it. The new one works fine....more info
  • One-touch!
    We received this model as a gift from dear friends -- after having cooked rice for decades in a covered saucepan on the range. This is terrific! Just put in the rice, salt and water, press down on the start button, and wait for the cook light to go off. It takes about 20 minutes, just like on the range top, and produces perfect rice -- plus no more guessing, no more checking (and no more occasional overcooked rice as I must admit to when I used the old way in the past). ...more info
  • Perfect Cooker
    This is one of the best electrical items that I have in my home. It cooks steel oatmeal as well as rice. All these cooked perfectly. It is a breeze to clean and is small and portable. I loved it so much I bought one for my married daughter in Minneapolis. AND she loves it too. I use it at least 2-3 times a week. ...more info


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