Philips Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush (Blue)
Philips Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush (Blue)

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Product Description

Xtreme e3000 makes it easy for preteens and teens to practice good oral care-even with braces and brackets. With its patented sonic technology and 2-minute Smartimer the Sonicare Xtreme creates dynamic fluid action that leads to improved brushing compliance, healthier mouths, and better check-ups.

The Sonicare Extreme e3000 Power Toothbrush is the first sonic, battery-operated toothbrush designed specifically for teens and preteens. Stylish, powerful and portable, the Extreme e3000 delivers all the oral health benefits of other Sonicare toothbrushes, with a special emphasis on improving the brushing habits of younger users. Safe, comfortable, and effective, even for those with braces or brackets, the e3000 encourages healthy oral hygiene habits for life.

The Extreme e3000 for preteens and teens.
#1 Recommended brand by U.S. dental professionals

Better check-ups C Guaranteed!
If you are not completely satisfied, Sonicare will give you a full refund.

Two-minute timer ensures dentist recommended brushing time.

Uses two AA alkaline batteries (included).

Safe for use with braces.

Patented Technology and Dynamic Fluid Action
The e3000 incorporates the insights of dental professionals concerned with improving brushing habits of young people, and it can help make a significant difference in oral health in only a few minutes a day. With results backed by over 85 published studies, Sonicare is a name you can trust to be effective. Like all Sonicare toothbrushes, the e3000 was inspired by dental equipment and creates a fluid and dynamic cleaning action. A series of tiny but powerful waves dislodge plaque that isn't normally reachable by either a manual brush or the oscillating and rotating movements of other power brushes. In fact, the patented technology behind the e3000's cleaning action can actually make it easier to clean plaque below the gum line. The bristles on the e3000 play an important role, too. Their high velocity movement results in direct contact with each tooth to cover more area in less time. These bristles are also designed to be extra gentle on teeth and gums. For added convenience, the e3000 comes with two AA batteries and offers a long battery life of about six weeks, so it's ideal for overnight trips or vacations.

Proven to Deliver Brushing Compliance
Sometimes preteens and teens resisted brushing, either because it's uncomfortable or because it takes too much effort to achieve real results. But the e3000 is teen-tested and approved, and has been proven to encourage teens to continue regular healthy brushing habits. In fact, in clinical tests, subjects brushed measurably longer with the e3000 than with a manual toothbrush. Easy and comfortable to use, thanks to the contoured brush head, the e3000 also features a Smartimer that automatically shuts off after the two-minute dentist recommended brushing time. Most importantly, the e3000 is highly effective; studies show that it removes more plaque than using other toothbrushes. And thanks to Sonicare's no risk, 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, your teen has everything to gain with better dental check-ups.

Improve Overall Health
The e3000 can help make a difference in your teen's health now, while setting a good foundation for later in life. It's vital to start good oral hygiene early, not only to help prevent cavities, but also to maintain overall wellness. In fact, recent studies prove that maintaining healthy teeth and gums has a positive impact on other health considerations. For instance, research shows that there is often a connection between periodontal disease and heart disease, suggesting that consistent oral hygiene at-home care can help prevent health problems down the road.

The e3000 comes with a two-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Sonicare Extreme e3000 power toothbrush and two AA batteries.

  • Patented sonic technology delivers a unique dynamic cleaning action for superior plaque reduction
  • Gentle comfortable, and effective, even for those with braces or brackets
  • High velocity bristle movement results in direct contact with each tooth to cover more area in less time
  • Includes a two-year limited warranty and two AA batteries
  • Battery-operated toothbrush is designed specifically for preteens and teens

Customer Reviews:

  • The other reviews are right...
    It stopped working after 12 days. Sent it back to Amazon for a refund. No real time or money lost, except for the drive to the post office. But all of the other reviews that say this product won't work are correct....more info
  • Fantastic brush, worth twice the price
    I have had my Sonicare e3000 for 17 months, purchased for 30 bucks. I had wanted to check out ultrasonic toothbrushes for years, but they all cost hundreds of dollars and had fussy rechargeable batteries that die, and then you throw away a hundred dollar toothbrush. Had to pass on that, but with a unit available for 30 bucks, I'm in for a test.

    First, to address those who have had problems with water entry: The end with the bristles goes into your mouth. Hope this helps.

    OK, perhaps sarcasm isn't what's called for here. Look, it's incredibly simple to prevent water from entering the battery compartment or the switch, without modifying anything. Working backwards:

    1. When you're done, rinse the head like you would any other toothbrush, pointing downward so water doesn't rain down the unit. Then turn it on and let it shake all the water off the bristles. If there's water all over the outside of the unit, well you're very likely standing in a bathroom, next to a towel. Wipe it off.

    2. Don't use it in the shower or with sopping wet hands. I really can't imagine how else people are getting them wet enough to be a problem.

    3. When it's time to change the batteries, unscrew the brush, rinse the heck out of it, set it aside to dry, take a paper towel and wipe out the top of the unit where the the brush mounts. Then take the battery cover off, remove the batteries, and make sure there's no water there. Use a paper towel to dry it up if it is damp, and just let it dry out before putting your fresh batteries in.

    Done. If you simply spend 5 seconds letting the brush shake the water out of itself and briefly dry the thing off before you set it down on the counter, this will NOT be a problem.

    Now then, for some personal info I'd rather not share, but is important to the review. I haven't been great at brushing throughout life. It's difficult to get everywhere decently, takes too long to do it right, and even when I did everything right, every time - Three months after a checkup I'd still have scaly scummy stuff on my teeth that wouldn't come off, and I could count on a new cavity or two every other checkup.

    The VERY FIRST TIME I used this brush, it took off five months of tartar. And I mean took it all off, *bing*, done. You know that nice smooth feeling when you run your tongue across your teeth, that only happens for a few days after the hygienist comes at you with the steel hooks? That happened after one brushing, and happens every day now.

    The unit is easy to use, the head is smallish so it'll get everywhere you need it to, and if you're tired or your arms hurt or you're just plain lazy, it couldn't be much better than to just stand there moving very little and get clean teeth from a machine that actually works.

    If you don't like the idea of having to buy a bunch of batteries to feed into the beast, buy four AA rechargeables and a charger, and swap the two sets out once a week to keep from ever having to deal with the thing slowing down on you. For a total of about fifty bucks for toothbrush, batteries and charger, you've got an ultrasonic that's just as good as the $150 dollar ones, and easier to store and keep charged.

    I'm already getting long-winded, so I'll just sum up:

    I have a mouth FULL of very expensive, painfully-installed metal. Five full crowns, and as many fillings as I have teeth. If this brush was in my bathroom when I was 20, I would have perhaps a filling or three instead. My teeth are better, my gums are better, and it's a heck of a lot easier than when I was poking around in my mouth with the manually-operated Oral-B brushes my dentist gave away for free.

    It's also better than any electric I've ever used, and better than any spiffy manual toothbrush with weirdo bristles that allegedly go here and there but still don't get your teeth clean.

    Even if this thing died once a year and had to be replaced, it would still be a bargain, because it would cost less than one drill and fill of a new cavity.

    ...more info
  • i loved it, but now it's dead
    Please believe the reviews that say this thing dies pretty soon after purchase.
    I bought this last August, and I absolutely loved it! I thought it worked really well, was so cute and a great bargain. Simply said, a great purchase. Now- the following March- the thing is dead. It has been working on and off for a couple of weeks now but, if I hit the side, it would start working again.

    Today it finally croaked. Now I have to look for a new toothbrush. ...more info
  • Delecate, But Good
    I used to have a Sonicare a long time ago. You know, the VERY expensive plug-in one. Yes, it worked like a dream (just like they say). My DDS could tell the difference. But having another thing to plug-in in our tiny bathroom was a hassle and after about a year the charger was mucked up beyond control. Most embarrassing! Years went by and new dental problems arose. After going through the joys of a root plaining, I was looking for a new Sonicare. I saw this one and loved that it was battery operated and had a smaller head. I didn't need all the bells and whistles on the other models. Just the auto-timer.

    The first one that came died in 2 days. WAHHH! Amazon kicked butt and sent us a replacement right away. We've had the new one for a month now and it's still going strong. I think the first one was just defective.

    It does go through batteries pretty quick, so I highly suggest you get re-chargeable batteries. My DDS noticed a difference within the month. It's totally worth it, and a great price! It ends up being cheaper than the disposable electric brushes we were using.

    A good family brush for all ages. Easy to use, even for kids....more info
  • After 4 months I'm convinced this IS a great choice.
    I bought mine - and after a few weeks - 4 more for my family. High frequency vibrations work so much better than hand brushing or cheaper ($8) reciprocating brushes. I really never knew how clean my teeth could feel.

    I had read reviews about poor durability of this model and took the chance figuring I could return it if I needed to. The seal around the bottom is an o-ring, which I assume is a design upgrade from earlier versions. Whether improved or not, after 4 months, I see NO evidence of any battery contact corrosion. Yes, I do take off the brush to clean the top bit every week or two, no issue. I've never had to clean the battery compartment.

    In general, it's a clever design with the brush driven by magnetic force from a spinning motor sealed in the handle. I don't see this relatively inexpensive hygiene tool as a "cheapie". For reasons explained below, I prefer it to the more expensive options. After 4 months, the original brush is still in good shape, so if I buy a new pair of heads every 9 months or so, it's not very expensive when you figure these brushes are much gentler to your gums than manual brushing. I'll still have my teeth when I'm 90!

    This model uses AA batteries, which I prefer to the more expensive models that have their special batteries built in. With AA batts, I don't need a power cord sitting on the sink or vanity. My strategy is to buy a good set of 4 rechargeable batteries and a charger for under $20. Get Duracell, Rayovac, or Eveready. For rechargeable batteries, off-brands are really a poor bet IMO - though I haven't tested them all. With the right batteries, you'll save $$ over the long term AND know you're contributing a smidge less to hazardous waste from constantly buying and tossing conventional batteries. I wouldn't bother with the "hybrid" precharged/ slow discharge rechargeables. The hybrids are only an advantage in things that are seldom used, and are a disadvantage in often used tools/ toys. The "normal" rechargeable batteries hold 1.5 x the charge of the hybrids, and will last typically over a month when brushing twice a day. If you look for brand name rechargeables that are rated for 2500 mAH or more, you have the right ones. Also, if you can find a digital camera that uses AA batts, you have one common energy currency. On a long trip, you can carry a few extra alkaline AAs and never be left "down" for need of batteries.

    ...more info
  • This Product should be Recalled - It will break in no time!
    AS many other reviews stated, the unit is not built to last.
    The snap on plastic bottom in the battery compartment will break even with the utmost care. Water and humidity will get in and zap out the circuitry - as well as shorting out the batteries. The battery cantacts are consructed of such soft metal that the pressure of the battery itself will stretch the contacts so they no longer make a connection to the batteries.
    My unit lasted a bit longer than some I've read here - 3 months.
    I liked the concept of not being stuck with a rechargeable unit which has batteries that cannot be replaced - unfortunatley this unit will need to be replaced many times over the rechargeable units (which have more power in the brush strokes than this unit).
    From all these reviews it is obvious that this is a defectivly designed unit, and should be recalled, discontinued, or perfected....more info
  • Brushes teeth real well, while it lasts.
    I've been using Sonicare products since 2002 and even if the other makers improve I'm most likely staying with Philips.
    I was glad to find out they have made a battery-operated toothbrush, because (and if you're reading this you probably have the same reason) I travel alot to Europe where they don't have 110V outlets to recharge your electric toothbrush.

    I was a bit cautious since some other reviewers noted the quality control problems with this product, but upon receiving the Xtreme e3000 couldn't have been happier -- the toothbrush looked very well made, worked equally as great as any other Sonicare product I've used (before the built-in batteries in them all had died out) and I didn't see any water leaking into battery compartment or plastic cracking.

    Oh, the alkaline batteries last a long time, but I've been using rechargeables in there just fine.

    It didn't last long tho, I'm about 6 months into using this toothbrush and now it's dead. There's no sign of water leaking of any defects on the case, I have tried a set of fresh batteries all to no avail -- the unit is just dead.

    I'm sure Philips will replace the dead unit, but I have a mixed feelings about it now as I have never been let down by the Philips products before....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I've had 3 of these and none of them lasted more than a month. DON'T purchase this toothbrush!...more info
  • Philips skipped the Quality Assurance step...
    I've had a regular plug in Sonicaire unit for four years and was excited to lose the cord, I've moved and the outlet in my new bathroom was not in the best place. First and foremost, my biggest concern was that this battery operated unit would not be powerful enough. It actually feels more powerful. I also love that you can use the larger brush heads from the other model.

    Now the downside, as others have pointed out, the battery compartment allows water to get in and then it stops running. This happened after my FIRST time using it so I can't imagine that Philips put any kind of testing in to this product. All they would have needed to do is, um, well, had a tester brush their teeth with water once or twice. The first few days I was opening it and drying the batteries off and ready to return it. Until I read a review that suggested putting vaseline around the O ring. This did the trick and I will be keeping the toothbrush. FYI: I purchased on 9/15/08 at Target. so the reader who commented in July that the problem might be fixed, they must have gotten lucky!

    Also just wanted to comment for the reviewer who stated that "everyone" knows that you need to put vaseline to make something waterproof. I consider myself fairly intelligent and am a college graduate and didn't know this; however I do have three waterproof electonic items that never have this issue. I'm thinking Philips can figure out a way to make it work too. Or at a minimum put a note in their directions....more info
  • Great way to get Sonicare quality
    This is a great way to get Sonicare quality and benefits of for very little money and in an attractive package. It was - of all things - an Xmas present for my 10 yr old daughter, and she loves it. It makes brushing a little more thrilling, matches her bathroom decor, and I feel she's getting her teeth cleaner than using a manual toothbrush.

    Good product, great price. Go for it....more info
  • Fantastic, especially for travellers
    This toothbrush is awesome. I have used other battery powered toothbrushes from crest and colgate but this is in it's own class. The sonicare technology from the much more expensive rechargeable versions is apparent. This toothbrush cleans your teeth like no other battery powered toothbrush I have come across and for $30 its a complete steal....more info
  • Last same amount of time as the rechargeable
    I purchased an original Sonicare that lasted about one year, so I decided to try cheaper e3000 with replaceable batteries. This one last almost the exact same amount of time. Both the e3000 and rechargeable Sonicare I had worked pretty much the same. I just purchased my second e3000....more info
  • Brush your teeth, it's the law. But not with this
    Let's do the math... what would you say if I told you that, if you paid three times as much, you could buy a quality Sonicare toothbrush Philips HX7361 Sonicare Elite e7300 Power Toothbrush that lasted 20 times as long and never needed a battery? Or, if you paid about twice as much you could buy another quality Sonicare toothbrush Philips Sonicare Advance 4100 Sonic Power Toothbrush that lasted probably 10 times as long and, it too, never needed another battery?

    I rest my case.

    We bought 2 of these for the kids. One of them stopped working after a couple of days. Amazon sent us a replacement. Then, both of them stopped working a few weeks later. Eventually, we bought our kids some good quality Sonicares and they never failed.

    My personal Sonicare experience:

    - My first one, the 'original', lasted some 6 years.
    - I bought an Elite 3 years ago in December and it's almost as good as new today (minor wear on the rubberized sides).
    - I bought the kids their Elites about one year ago and they are as good as new.

    Go with the Elite and be happy or buy these and you are likely to be sorry....more info
  • Sonicare battery operated toothbrush
    I now understand why this item is no longer sold in stores that once carried it. It doesn't work! I was able to use the toothbrush for about a week, then it would start and stop frequently. It appears the batteries are getting wet, and that halts the operation. I purchased one of these toothbrushes last year, and it worked fine....more info
  • Sonicare with battery
    This is my second Sonicare, the first one rechargeable, this one much cheaper and also will last longer as the batteries can be changed.
    It has 2 years warranty and give the same quality of brushing as the previous one much more expensive, so I recommend it highly.

    Dr. Bijan Ghaznavi...more info
  • Seems Like a Good Toothbrush to Me... 3.5 Stars!
    This is a nice toothbrush for a first timer like myself. Strong brush power comes from the two double A batteries, although it is very noisy. It seems to suck tons of power, so only use fresh batteries, but I use rechargeables now to keep costs down. I don't get it wet, except for the bristles, so I haven't got any water or corrosion inside the battery compartment like others have complained about. When I rinse the bristles I angle the toothbrush down so all the water runs off it into the sink (I can't believe how many people complain about battery compartment water damage). I've used it for about 6 months now with no problem. I used a coupon to buy ($20) it so if it breaks I won't be too concerned. I'm going to make sure to keep it dry though to avoid any future battery problems. Seems fairly decent so far......more info
  • To all those complaining about water corrosion and such
    I have had this toothbrush for over a year now. I did have the same issues that many who gave it a 1 star did. It stopped working due to water penetrating the switch area from standing the unit on the counter after use. At times, it would only run for a few secs. I rectified this situation rather easily by just not standing the brush after use. Just lay it on its back and water won't run down from the brush into the switch/battery compartment.
    Also, rinse the brush head thoroughly after use, unscrew the brushhead and clean under there periodically as well. It has given me NO problems since I've stopped standing the brush up on the counter.

    If anyone is still experiencing problems with intermittent power, just rinse the unit thorougly, lay the brush down on its back, and let it dry. You'll find that the unit will be fully functional again.
    Great product! For $25, I've no complaints at all. And from what I can see, it's no different from the rechargeable ones other than the fact that you must replace the AA batteries every couple months....more info
  • Half the cost, but more convenient than a regular Sonicare
    Pros: half the cost of a Sonicare w/charger, less bulky
    Cons: None so far

    First of all, I should state that I have owned this product for over a year, and I am still giving it five stars.

    Here's why: I had a Sonicare Advance for about three years and it worked well during that time, but at the end of those three years I had to keep it in the charger at all times or it would die in the middle of brushing. I was sick of lugging around the bulky charger any time I traveled, so when I saw the AA-battery model at Target for $40 I scooped it up.

    Now instead of having to rely on an internal battery and a charger, I just keep four rechargeable AAs that I swap out when one pair dies. This isn't something I have to do very often--a pair of AAs lasts about a month (that's with two two-minute brushings a day). I have also not had any water damage, so the brush still works as great as my old Sonicare ever did. I do try not to get water on the brush and dry the entire unit whenever I finish using it. In addition, I take it apart once every two or three months and swab the O-ring with alcohol to keep it clean. This seems to be all of the maintenance needed to keep it in top condition.

    So, if you want a good Sonicare brush that takes up less space and is easier to travel with, I highly recommend this model. I recommend cleaning it once in a while and trying to keep water out of the insides. I acknowledge this might not help if you get a bad unit (as many reviewers seem to have gotten), but mine has been great and I figure it can't hurt!

    UPDATE: I have now owned it for a year-and-a-half and it still goes a month on two AA rechargeables. Even though I stopped doing the maintenance described above it's still working like new....more info
  • It is Junk
    This was a waste of money. Yes it was powerful and good toothbrush for about a week. But it isn't waterproof so it stopped working. I can't believe they make toothbrushes such as this and not make them waterproof. It hasn't worked since the first week. Don't buy this item. Listen to the reviews. It will not work for longer than a month! It's junk!!...more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    I received this as a gift for Christmas. It worked great for the first few weeks, and my teeth were noticeably cleaner. However, it then would start shutting off before the 2 min interval was up. The intervals got shorter and shorter. Then, after another week, it died all together. Don't waste your money on this cheap Sonicare, just buy the more expensive ones that are better made....more info
  • Engineered to fail
    This product is good while it lasts; it'll clean your teeth better than almost anything out there (unless you have tartar, then you'll need something with a bit more power) and stimulate your gums. However, having autopsied this model, I am convinced that it was engineered to fail under typical conditions after a time, perhaps to motivate the purchase of a more expensive model, which will itself become useless when the irreplaceable batteries go out.

    The first one I bought lasted a year, and even that long only after I learned that you have to plug the two holes in the back of the battery compartment to prevent the corrosion from taking place. By the end, batteries were lasting one week tops, at 2x use per day. I also learned that you have to hit it against hard objects when it won't turn on and sometimes then it'll go. You also need to scrape off any rust from the battery contacts occasionally.

    Knowing these quirks, I bought another one and immediately plugged up the holes in the back and put tape around the battery cap. However, it has now lasted only a month. There's no rust or corrosion to speak of, however, it just doesn't turn on anymore.

    Today I autopsied the first sonicare to see why it had failed (the new one is still on warranty). In taking it apart, it's clear that most of your money goes into buying a tank-like shell around the $1 worth of electronics. This would be a good thing, if there were not two gaping holes in the battery cap that let water in anyway and the shoddy rubber seal. After taking it apart, it's clear why the corrosion so quickly leads the failure. They protect everything on the circuit-board from corrosion by putting glue over it, except the battery contacts, and the contacts and wires that lead to the solenoid coil (that makes the brush vibrate). The contacts that lead to the solenoid and the battery contacts are also strategically located next to each other on the circuit board, so they can corrode together quickly using any moisture from the adjacent battery-terminal holes, while the non-essentials like the timer are located on the other side of the board and completely sealed off from the ambient air by glue. This also explains why hitting it sometimes allows it to start; you're shaking some of the corrosion loose.

    The switch is also of questionable design, being nothing more than a paper-thin piece of plastic with some kind ring on it that's slightly more conductive than the plastic.

    If the replacement that I get out of the warranty fails, I think I'll try a cybersonic or an oral-b; hopefully their teams of engineers weren't paid to make something less reliable than a politician.

    Why can't they make a sonic toothbrush with no batteries, that plugs into the wall, and lasts a lifetime? Or just quit making these to fail so readily?...more info
  • Cost doesn't end with just buying the toothbrush...
    You'll be putting new batteries in this toothbrush every 2 weeks. However, if you don't mind buying stock in batteries, this is a great product....more info
  • xtreme y the best !!!
    I have been looking to purchase a sonicare since using my boyfriends sonicare, exceot in my apartment I do not have a socket to plug the thing in, I have been using the Oral-B battery operated ones for ages, when I saw this option, OMG I had to try it, how bad could it be? even if it was as good as the Oral-B I still needed a new toothbrush to take to work,

    I have since bought another, so I have one at work one at home, they are marvelous, my mouth feels like I just stepped out of the dental office, amazing brush, easy to work with, when you put in the batteries, make sure to look at the bottom of the barrel the +/- signs are at the very bottom and are kindda hard to read, so you need to be careful and not accidently fry the brush, I will write another review after I use this for some time but even if the brush only last a year for 30 bucks? u kidding me? I love it, ...more info
  • No way!!!
    I bought this toothbrush three months ago and I have had so many problems with it stopping and starting. The batteries exploding and making this really digusting and probably quite toxic mess(battery acid and all). Save your money on this one. It was a nice idea, but no where near worth the 30.00 bucks....more info
  • Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush (Blue)
    Looks & works similar to the more expensive models. Actually, I prefer Battery operated model, it'll live much longer....more info
  • Compared both models, e3000 a bomb (not "the" bomb, but "a" bomb)
    Too many reviews;
    I'll do this one in Haiku!
    Let's dive into it.

    Saw all prior views
    of Sonicare customers
    Amazon provides.

    Key to the debate:
    whether cheaper is better,
    or price wins the day.

    Higher on dollars --
    e7300 ("e seventy-three hundred") --
    link given below.
    Philips Sonicare Elite e7300 Power Toothbrush

    Then there is this brush.
    Cheaper, with features to match
    (save only a few).

    We bought both brushes,
    one each for my wife and me.

    Used both Sonicares.
    Brushed ev'ry night, she and I.
    Same treatment, same care.

    Endlessly we sparred.
    Three months later, here we are.
    One emerged victor.

    Three months was too much --
    for the cheaper brush was crushed.
    Suddenly it died.

    No water damage,
    no mishandling, no neglect.
    It just died -- kaput!

    Here is my advice:
    for relability
    shun the cheaper brush.

    Yet consider this:
    THAT costs three times more than THIS.
    It should give you pause.

    Seems the math is thus:
    THREE times failed before we must
    declare one the best.

    For is this not true:
    fail three times before I do
    end up losing out?

    The price of one though
    more reliable, cannot
    beat the other's cost.

    Friend, it's up to you.
    Buy the best or try for two;
    Less than three duds wins!...more info
  • When it worked it was great
    Mine stopped working after a year :(
    I have bought altogether for my family and friends about 5 of these, three of which stopped working after various times.
    One recovered after it was dried out - I guess somehow a bit of moisture got inside, two however did not. I tried to keep mine dry since the beginning but... Philips - what the hell ! ? I would highly recommend it since I like everything about it (especially the fact that it is battery powered so you can travel with it easily to Europe etc.) except if it lasted....more info
  • Excellent Brush at an Excellent Price
    I bought this product to use exclusively for travel. I found that it works as well as the rechargeable version, and have been extremely pleased with it, It comes apart so it is easy to store, and it uses regular AAA batteries....more info
  • Fantastic feeling!
    A very effective replacement for hand-brushing. It really works! I have not been required to replace battery or brush yet, but I would consider that these are normal maintenance items. It is a very convenient tool, and I will probably use rechargeable batteries eventually. I can just throw it into my travel bag oand go. No base station or charger, no cords, etc. I like that, too....more info
  • Worked great, then the batteries cost more than the toothbrush.
    Worked great for 10 months, than the batteries had to be changed every two weeks. Also the batteries would leak every now and then. But when it worked, it did work well. The automatic timer is a great feature....more info
  • Nice while it lasted
    I really enjoyed this toothbrush for the eight months it worked. The other day, I couldn't get it to turn on at all. I installed new batteries, no luck. Cleaned out all the ins and outs, still no luck. I'm a bit heart-broken....more info
  • great item at a great price
    I like this for the cost, and the fact that I can just put new batteries in it. Based on what my dentist tells me my teeth are cleaner and my gums are in better shape. Worth buying...more info
    I bought one for me and one for my husband. My husbands stopped working after about a week. I returned it and Amazon was great about refunding my money. However, mine stopped working after a month and a half. I now have to fight Sonicare for the refund. A battle I most likely will not win. It is a defective product. DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this one. ...more info
  • Great while it works
    This toothbrush is wonderful, when it is working. Unfortunately, serious design flaws allow moisture to enter the battery compartment and corrode the battery contacts. This is mildly annoying, at first, because you can usually get it going by tapping the toothbrush on the counter top. Eventually, after a month or two, the battery contact will be so corroded that no amount of tapping will help and you have to go in with something abrasive (like sandpaper) to clean up the battery contact. You would be better off with one of the rechargeable models that have sealed handles....more info
  • Protect your heart.
    I like this product because it's much cheaper than its counterparts and does the same job according to the myriad of reviews I read before purchasing it.

    I power it with recyclable batteries so it's good for the environment and my budget. I feel certain that it has helped me keep the dental doctor away, and maybe even the internist since there's that correlation between dental health and heart health.

    Don't forget to floss everyday too - brushing can't get the ever important crevices so matter what the tool....more info
  • The best sonicare deal there is
    A pointer for new owners - rub some petroleum jelly on the black o-ring in the battery cap. That'll keep the ring from leaking, and lubricate it against tearing.

    I held out for a long time with an older Sonicare, one with the fat neck and sealed rechargeable batteries. I liked the old one, up until 12 hours wasn't enough to charge between uses. The older model would grow crud under the cap where the brush screws on, the new design LOOKS like it should be worse, but, surprisingly, it stays clean. The slender neck is nicer to work around in your mouth, and it keeps the slobber down.

    I love being able to use my own batteries to run this, it's easier to throw a new set of rechargeables at it every week or two than to fight over the bathroom outlet. Without the batteries glued tight, I expect this to last longer than the 2-3 years of other models. ...more info
  • Make sure to shake off moisture after use
    I bought this despite seeing all the negative reviews regarding water leaking into the battery compartment. That was over 3 months ago and I've been using it daily, even bringing it with me during my trips. I think most of those folks complaining are probably just standing them up while wet. I just lie it flat on its back (horizonal) after I've shaken the water off and towel dried the head a little bit. I've had to replace the batteries after 2 months and yes, I did notice that the brushing action does diminish over time as the battery runs down. Don't let the battery run all the way down since you'll be compromising your dental health at that point.
    My teeth does feel cleaner and my dentist confirms this as well. Don't forget to floss since this is not a replacement for that. ...more info
  • Absolute Garbage
    My old Sonicare died after and few years and I had tried using several different brush types, manual and powered, attempting to find a cheap replacement. After a less than stellar annual check-up, I decided to just buy another Sonicare.

    I saw this model and could not believe how little it cost. My old one was over a hundred dollars. It worked great too. I saw no difference other than the lack of the quadpacer timer thing. Unfortunately, it died in less than two weeks. And no, it was not the batteries, the thing is just dead.

    I suggest you buy a rechargable 4100 for forty or fifty dollars. I have been using one for a few months now with no issues. It has the great cleaning action of a Sonicare at a reasonable price. Same as with the cheap battery powered model, the brush turns off after two minutes but does not have the quadpacer or any other fancy features....more info
  • Makes mouths happy!
    I use my PHilips Sonicare 3 times daily and I love it. It is much easier than the standard toothbrush, and leaves your teeth feeling great!
    ...more info
  • Improved Model
    I read some of the reviews before buying this Xtreme e3000. Phillips must have made improvements because I have used it over a month now and no wear or corrosion evident. I consider it a good value compared to the other more pricey models....more info


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