Omron Sprague Rappaport & Sphymomanometer Combo Pack Fanny Pack, Burgundy

List Price: $65.00

Our Price: $35.02

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  • Color-matched Sprague-Rappaport-type stethoscope with accessory kit
  • No-stop pin manometer gauge with 20 year calibration warranty
  • Color-matched nylon cuff latex inflation system
  • Includes: stainless steel bandage scissors, reusable pen light, tape measure, and stethoscope name tag in a color coordinated fanny pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Value for the money
    A very good set for the money (1 replacement included), got this for my wife (she's the Doc). Although the pictured light pen is plastic, the one received was stainless steel....more info
  • Good price with good results
    It works good. It seems very acurate and you can hear clearly. And also has a very good price.
    The only thing that I personally don't like, it's the double tube in the stethoscope. But that doesn't affect the sound, just make it a little bit harder to hadle.
    Good price and good results. I recommend it. ...more info
  • reliable
    i am not crazy about the color but no one can walk off with it. This cuff was better than the ones they had us using at clinical. relaible, easy, the screw works great and I wont use anything but my own. Get a better stethescope . you are worth it. ...more info
  • Great value for easy to use set!
    For the value. this cannot be beat. The set includes everything I needed for class...tape measure, pen light, cuff, and stethoscope. The fanny pack is something I don't ever plan on wearing, but is great to carry all the items with me to school...and I can fit some pocket references inside as well. Although not the best quality (and the fact I would prefer a single tube Littman type stethoscope) for the purposes I need them for at school, this set is more than sufficient!...more info
  • It works fine, but...
    The sphymomanometer works great. The acoustics of the stethoscope are also great. My only complaints are with the bulkiness of the dual tubes, and that the ear pieces are hard as rocks. If it had softer tips I'd bump the rating higher. For the price, I'd still recommend it....more info
    This was a gift for my friend who is in nursing school. She loved that it was purple and had so many other items she needed, and would have had to buy separately. I loved the price ! For the money it far surpassed any other kit with comparable items. I would definitely recommend this to a nursing or medical student !

    Maureen Durkin...more info
  • Good product low price
    You pay for what you get. This pack brings good quality for low price. It's definitely not the best but it's reliable enough for a good start....more info
  • You won't regret buying this, really!
    What an awesome wonderful great deal!!! This seller should receive 10 stars!!! The product is great! I love the stethoscope. It is so much better than the one we have in class. You will not go wrong this this combo. The colors are great as well!...more info
  • Value for the money
    A very good set for the money (1 replacement included), got this for my wife (she's the Doc). Although the pictured light pen is plastic, the one received was stainless steel....more info
  • It's great!
    I like this kit very much and my colleague are going to purchase it when they saw mine....more info
  • medical devices
    this item was described very well and it apears that it is of good quality. my daughter uses it in her paramedics classes....more info
  • Great Value and Great product
    I am very pleased with this purchase. It is a great value at the price I paid. Omron still stands up to its good name in my book and the savings was phenomenal. ...more info
  • Great package for the price, good quality!
    This was a great buy. The Omron sphygmomanometers are nearly $30 alone, so it makes sense to spend about $5 more for all the extras you get in this package. The BP cuff is very good quality (though I think it may be reading a bit high), and comes with a lifetime warranty in case the gauge needs to be tuned. The steth it came with is decent - I had a Littmann Lightweight stethoscope that I much prefer and definitely recommend. The penlight went out after using it three times, but I can probably replace the battery. I prefer the white penlights as the pupil gauges are easier to read anyway, so I'm not worried about that. (The one that comes with the package is silver metal with black print.) Good bandage scissors and standard measuring tape. Definitely won't be wearing the fanny pack anytime soon, but it is nice to have something to pack everything in when you need to carry everything along. Package arrived quickly - no complaints!...more info
  • Gives you the stuff but doesn't tell you how to use it.
    Frankly speaking I am not sure how to rate it. And here is why: There is not a shred of instruction as to how to use it. If it is being sold as a
    use-it-yourself, like the digital ones then that is a serious mistake. Even if I knew how to use it, I could not put the cuff on by myself. I needed my wife to help me put it properly.

    Now the reason I bought this is that I am simply tired of my digital ones going out of callibration and giving me very inaccurate results. I started getting lower pressure at the doctors office than at home. Next time I took it to the doctors office and it read higher about 30points (sys). I am on the fourth or fifth digital one. So I wanted a manual one with direct measurement.

    But without instructions an without a self-help cuff, its use is limited to healthcare professionals.

    By the way it comes with a little flash light. Presumably for checking your iris. Well they don't give you a mirror ! ! !. Kinda difficult to see your own eyes.

    Oh it also comes with a pair of blunt sissors. I don't know about others but I am not very good at do-it-yourself surgery....more info
  • Functional, Unique, and Cute
    These products work well, much better than the ones you will find in most class/clinical settings, and they are super cute. The pack that comes with them is very useful, and no one can walk off with your equipment since the colors are unique and noticable. I would recomend this to medical/nursing students, CNAs, and home healthcare workers....more info
  • Great Product for Clinicals and CNA/SRNA
    I got this because i needed the blood pressure cuff and it seemed the best choice and well it was...i was really satisfied with the product in came with everything i needed and more to get me through my class and clinicals

    i would recommend getting this but if you're actually going into the RN program buy a better stethoscope this one is just your basic ordinary stethoscope ...more info


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