Hoover U8361-900 Windtunnel 2 Surface Command Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Cleans carpet better than ANY other leading brand. Patented WindTunnel??? 2 Technology, located in the floor nozzle, forces the rotating brushes and airflow to work in harmony. It lifts and traps the dirt, so it won't scatter back into your carpet. Dirt ends up in your cleaner, not on your floor. Surface Command??? electronic carpet height adjustment and brush shutoff for hard surfaces -- move from surface to surface without stopping. Simply turn the dial for the desired setting. Real-Time??? tool system with Tag-Along??? grip makes tool use easy with handle that instantly converts to telescopic wand and Tag-Along??? grip to guide the cleaner. Self-cleaning HEPA filter cleans itself every 6 seconds to maintain cleaning power. You never have to touch or replace the filter. the cleaner. Embedded DirtFinder display alerts the user to areas of the carpet that may need more cleaning attention. Pet hair cleaning tool -- powerful suction and rotating brushes easily clean stairs and upholstery. Adjustable handle height -- easy for people of all heights to use comfortably. Brilliant headlight illuminates the cleaning path. Telescoping quick-release wand and super-stretch hose combine for 12-in. of cleaning reach. No bending or stretching. The wand reaches all the way to the floor. Bottom-release dirt cup -- No bags to replace. Simply remove the cup and empty contents into the trash. Automatic bru

  • Windtunnel 2 upright vacuums are the most powerful uprights for carpets
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • Real-Time tool system with Tag-Along grip
  • Pet hair cleaning tool
  • Lifetime belt; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Worst Vaccum ever
    Stay away. This is the Hoover revenge. "When" it works it works very well. Unfortunately this working well only happens after it has been completely cleaned and lasts about 5-10 minutes. The self cleaning Hepa Filter is a lie and someone should have started a class action lawsuit.

    The stepper motor gears on the Hepa Filter have stripped twice. It is very difficult to find spares and the hoover repair centers charge and arm and a leg for repair.

    I bought this based on my good experience with the first windtunnel, however have been very dissapointed with this one. I contacted hoover about the quality and all they did was refer me to a repair center, who by the way wanted to charge me $60 to "clean the unit" - this was after 3 months of use and when the hepa stopped functioning.

    Another problem is the switch over "valve" which switches suction from the brush intake to the removable hose. This continually fails and leaves no suction through the hose and tools
    ...more info
  • May be the worst appliance I have ever bought - AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL
    I started with a self-propelled bagged WindTunnel I. Loved it until it finally wore out. Went to a Dyson. Hated it and replaced within months with a WindTunnel 2. Hated it even more than the Dyson and have now replaced it with a self-propelled bagged WindTunnel I - which is wonderful.

    The "new thing" is awful. Bagless just means major mess. Just about every feature is clunky and difficult to use, and the hose placement is so poor that the hose often just flops around when you vacuum. I don't know what Hoover was thinking with this one. Awful, Awful, Awful....more info
  • Avoid this thing like the plague!
    One the worst vacuums I've ever owned! The "self cleaning" HEPA filter doesn't clean itself and becomes so packed with dirt, hair, etc that it quits workings. When this area gets clogged, it will no longer pick-up. There is a set of plastics gears that control the filter and these become striped due to the build-up of dirt. I tried to repair mine, but after getting it apart, I just took it to recycling bin and went and bought a Bissell "healthy home series"; great so far. I had the Hover for about a year. I hope some lawyer files a class action lawsuit; the internet forums, websites, etc are full of stories just like mine. EVERYONE has the same issue and even when sent out for repair, they only last a short time before they fail again. Do not waste your time or money with this thing regardless of price!!...more info
  • How to fix the filter that isn't spinning.
    This vacuum has a good cleaning system when it works. It seems the problem that I've had along with the problem most other people have is the filter stops spinning and gets clogged. This means the vacuum won't pick up anything and the hose won't work.

    I took the vacuum apart today and figured out how to fix it.
    1. Take all the screws out of the top part of the vacuum to pull the white and orange( or other color i guess on different models).
    2. Clean out all the gunk in the filter and around it with a flathead screwdriver. It helps to have another vacuum to suck up the the gunk from the filter if you have another vacuum.
    3. On the right side of the filter is the motor to spin the filter. It should still work. The reason the filter stops spinning in the first place is that gunk gets built up on the sides of the filter creating too much friction and it breaks a piece connecting the motor to the filter. Take the outer part of the motor enclosure off. There seems to be screws holding it in place but its just one latch. You only need to pry it open enough to get the big white gear out. This gear connects to the filter. Once you get it out, if you look closely at it, you see that what used to be a rectangular shape has turned into a circular one. Fill this hole up half way with some super glue ( I used gorilla glue) and put it back in place.
    4.Put the vacuum back together and wait a few hours.

    Hope this helps. It worked for me.

    A Penn State Student...more info
  • Piece of trash
    The Hover windtunel 2 is a piece of trash and a total waste of money. The so called self cleaning filter does not work and soon is so full of trash that the machine quits. It completley looses suction. just try to get the filter out to clean it, you have to take the whole thing apart and then you can't get the filter clean. Buy this only if you have more money than good sence....more info
  • Stupid Me!
    I always (almost, anyway) check the web for product reviews. Our other hoovers were great. This one is awful! Filter clogged after the third use. Local hoover repair shop was rude and not helpful. Had to use dust buster and compressed air to clean it. Still the filter wouldn't turn. And what a mess. Must empty the container outside. I can fix anything...except this piece of junk. I am embarrassed that I bought this vacuum. Please don't tell my buddies....more info
    Received my vacuum in record time reference that it was free shipping. Also Kirby came around trying to sell me a vacuum. My Hoover still picked up just as much stuff and cost a heck of a lot less. To empty the cup is a little messy, but does a great job otherwise. ...more info
  • Hoover U8361-900 WindTunnel 2 Vacuum
    If there was less than 1 star this Vaccum would receive it. Paid $380 when this vaccum came out. The Filter that spins clogs up big time if you have pets or any traffic in your house. The filter stopped working in weeks of having the machine. Called Hoover & offered to give them back the vac to a similar and far less expensive hoover I have upstairs. They refused.SO I had warranty work done on it. The bagless con job is exactly what it is a con. When you empty the container even after 1 use you get a cloud of dirt/dust in the air. When you remove the container from the vac, dust falls from the filter into the air & back on the rug. Then your hands get dirty from handling the container. I have a 15 yr. old Hoover upstairs that runs circles around this. The upstairs vac is stamped made in usa, the new vac made in china. That explains it all. I was so pissed off I dontated this to the Salvation Army. My family has done business for decades. No more. I think this is a bigger piece of junk than one dirt devil I once owned. That speaks volumes....more info
  • Gold but only plated!!!
    This vacuum has all the bells & whistles, however the imbedded faults outweigh the positive aspects. The HEPA filter began clogging after the third use. Dust & dirt drops and scatters when the canister is removed. The canister screen must be cleaned during every waste dump. It's heavier than the cleaner we replaced. I'm within 30 days of the original purchase date and I am definitely returning. This vacuum is like going from HDTV to B&W. I will never try a Hoover again....more info
  • The worst I have seen
    The hepa filter stopped working in less then a month, looses suction quickly because it cloggs, a mess too dump the bagless canister, there is nothing I can say "good" about this vacuum. I hate it. ...more info
  • Dont Buy this Vacuum!!!
    I have own this vacuum for almost a year now and it has been in the shop to be repaired 3 times. The HEPA filter is completely clogged and Hoover will not replace since it is not covered by warrantee. The reason is t clogged is because the mechanism that is supposed to rotate it to clean it out has broken twice. Recently it would just not power up, so back to the shop again. Although when it works it does do a nice job on the carpets I would say use the money to by a Dyson it might be expensive but money well spent. This machine is poorly constructed and very heavy and difficult to handle. I own a 2700 sqft house that is half carpet, with 2 dogs and 2 kids. It gets used regularly but by no means daily. I cannot stress enough how horrible this experience had been. Please use sense and do not buy this vacuum. ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time...Get A Dyson - They Work!
    I got this bc it was $100 less than the dyson and bc the lady suggested it at the store. The only nice thing about this vacuum is the appearance. The first 2 to 3 times it sucked real well and I was happy, but that all changed! Having a baby who is crawling I wanted my carpets clean. I dunno what it is but that dyson really does work! I should've just got it to start with... Hope this helps. I see other reviews stating the same so I doubt it was a fluke....more info
    Windtunnel design is seriously flawed. Hepa filter jams and can't be cleaned. THe gear box that drives the Hepa will shear, and then the Hepa will not self clean. AVOID THE WINDTUNNEL 2!!!!!!!...more info
  • Amazing Cleaning Machine
    My review covers the Windtunnel 2 Complete model, which has a few more "extras"...but don't add to the overall performance of the "Surface Command" model.

    This unit does the absolute best job of cleaning carpets of ANY vacuum cleaner I've ever used (including the way over-priced Dysons).

    Hoover did a fantastic job alinging the brushes with the suction system to work in tandem for superior cleaning effectiveness.

    Yes, there is a problem with the HEPA filter releasing trapped dirt when removing the dirt cup. I give the Windtunnel 2 Surface Command only 4 stars because of this, which I consider a small overall price to pay for the remarkable cleaning performance. I would much rather deal with the small "mess" made by the filter / dirt cup than to pay $400 - $550 for the Dyson cleaners. If you empty out the dirt cup, you never need to worry about "the never loses suction" hype in the Dyson commercials / ads.

    With the Hoover Windtunnel 2 Surface Command, you will be amazed at how new you carpets / rugs look...every time you vacuum!...more info
  • Deep down, you know this is the wrong vacuum cleaner
    I haven't had this vacuum for even 6 months, and it no longer works. The "self-cleaning" HEPA filter doesn't, and when it becomes packed with dirt and dust, the entire vacuum loses suction. Then when you go to empty the clear canister, blobs of dirt fall onto the floor and the base of the vacuum.

    I paid around $280 for this vacuum because I have allergies, and a dog, and this was supposed to be top of the line. This is a top of the line disgrace to the Hoover Company.
    ...more info
  • Hoover does suck
    Even though the reviews had a poor rating for the Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 I ordered it because it was on sale through Amazon for less than $150 including shipping and I have always had Hoover vaccuums and mostly had good luck with them.

    When it was delivered I set it up - no problem - and tried it on a dirty spot. I seemed to work great - for about 3 minutes and then just died.

    After a lot of trouble locating a place I could send it for warrenty work I found out that even though the "repair" would be "free" it was going to cost me almost what I paid for the vaccuum for shipping and "handling". Plus they couldn't give me any estimate of how soon it would be repaired except "more than 3 weeks" and that they had lots of problems with this model and getting repair parts was a problem.

    As I need a vaccuum I can't wait 3 weeks +++ and with all the other difficulties, including wasting a full day trying to get Hoover to stand behind the product, this one went in the trash (litrally) and I will not buy any more Hoover products although I have been using them for 40 years.

    The Kenmore I replaced it with is doing just great....more info
  • Not totally satisfied
    The product is good but at the same time not so great. While using the product, it causes to spit out a lot of dust through the entire house. My son has started to have regular and on-going sniffles and it caused me to have a real bad sinus infection. The cup that holds all of the dust while vacumming doesnt secure all of the dust that's being sucked up. Instead, it releases a lot of dust in the air which caused the entire house to have dust while in use.

    In the beginning, I was totally excited to purchase this product but now, I'm regretting it. I'm not totally satisfied with what the product could do for me. It's just stored the closet now and not being used....more info
  • bad bad bad don't loose your money
    I had this vacuum for less than a year and broke 4 times at the end Hoover recognized it was bad, so they gave a different and new vacuum. Now I am happy without it. ...more info
  • Vacumming
    This product is okay. I enjoy it but it isnt anthing specail just another vacuum with a fancy name!...more info
  • great price great performance
    per all the other reviews, yes its a heavy bugger, but since we don't have stairs, thats not much of an issue. i think we can use a little more exercise anyway. amazing how much junk it gets up. it does take a little cleaning of the cup and filter area when you dump it, but thats pretty minor compared to the effectiveness of the cleaning. really like the magnets to hold the hose in tight (no extra hose looped around the handle, or hanging in the closet). hose really stretches out for long reach. seems much more solid so far, than some of the others we considered. wish the on/off was near the handle though....more info
  • Dont buy this -- nothing but problems
    I bought this vacuum 11 months ago. At first, it was great. After about 2-3 months, the problems started. The spinning Hepa filter gets jammed with dirt/hair and stops spinning. Then it packs full of dirt and loses suction. Without suction, its worthless.

    I have had this vacuum in the repairshop 6 times for this same problem. Thankfully there is a 12 month warranty so I havent had to pay to get it repaired. Unfortunately, my warranty is about to run out. The last time I was in, repair shop told me that I need to use another vacuum to clean this one out periodically. Am I supposed to borrow my neighbor's vacuum to clean mine? What a crock....

    Several times, I have called Hoover's main number in Ohio to complain. When I do get to talk to someone, they are NOT helpful. They only tell me to take the thing to the local service center. I have had Hoovers all my life (this is my 4th Hoover). After this experience, I will NEVER buy one again. ...more info
  • Good but what a mess
    I searched Consumers Reports a few times, looked at a few other review websites and it looked like this was the one. I have a lab, which was the the deciding factor in my purchase. The Hover does it's job well, but............It is a MESS when it comes time to empty the container. Make sure you do it outside because dirt comes from every little place inside the cleaner. If I was going to buy another vacume, I would probably go with the bagged version....more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel 2 Surface Command
    The attachmet was broken within two weeks. Impossible to get anyone from Hoover to help me! The vacuum also clogs very easy and is difficult to clean out. I have always owned Hoover Vacuums but this model is a looser....more info
  • Buy something else!
    This vacuum has great suction--this is the only good thing I have to say. It is VERY noisy and heavy. It took me quite awhile to assemble and in the process I broke the hose clip and couldn't get a screw in tight enough. When I was finally able to try it out, I was very impressed/horrified by the amount of dirt it got out of my carpet. When I went to empty the canister because the filter was getting clogged, I noticed a lot of dirt on the outside of the canister. I figured I did not install it correcty so I cleaned it up and tried again. Same thing happened and the dirt was all compacted around the spinning filter. I took it back and bought a Dyson--still not perfect but a lot better....more info
  • 7 weeks in the shop, still not fixed, please dont buy this one!
    Bought this vac at Christmas 2006, used it through March 07, and liked the way it sucked up dirt. The bagless design could be better but I don't have any real issues with that. However, machine quit working right in the middle of vacuuming one day; it just died. Would not power on at all. Took it to the actual Hoover retailer, not a dealer. Its been there ever since. June is tomorrow.

    That's 7 weeks with no vac. No explanation other than "cant get the part" - circuit board apparently suffered a failure. It's extremely disappointing. Especially for the price, and from a company that has made vacs for 100 years!

    After 30 years + with my last vac(which still works by the way) and making the plunge to a "modern" HEPA filtered-bagless unit, having this experience with Hoover has left me quite depressed. Will not buy another Hoover product ever. Please save your money and get something better....more info
  • Great Deal
    Consumer Reports gave this a rating of 69, the best of all vacuums they rated. With no tax or shipping from Amazon, the price was $253. This was by far the best price for this model that I found, and I searched both stores, discount clubs, and the internet. Vacuums have one purpose - to suck up the dirt. This one is by far the best I've seen. Between talcum powder, cat hair, and Los Angeles soot settling from the air, the carpets are cleaner than I could get them with other vacuum cleaners I've had. I also have asthma and allergies, and when I turn on the fan or the air conditioner I am no longer sneezing or wheezing since there is no longer dust and dirt being stirred up from the carpet. I got the bagless model, a little higher price than the one with the bags, but I didn't want the endless search for the bags or the cost for the next 10 or 20 years. I dump the dirt in the wastebasket, get a clear sense of how much crud has come out of the carpet and what it is, rinse out the built-in, plastic filter and the plastic "bag" container, and then let it air-dry on the counter. Unit seems heavy, but seems to be a heavy-duty workhorse. Has all the extra accessories that are convenient to use. This cleans up the dirt right next to the walls as well. All in all, it's a great vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Ugh - should always read reviews first!
    I just bought this vacuum cleaner today, and after not liking it I decided to check out some of the reviews. Why I didn't do that earlier, I don't know. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning this vacuum cleaner.

    I echo all other reviews that say it sucks up dirt fabulously. I loved the hand tool! But I laughed when reading the other reviewers who got out another vacuum to clean up after this one. That's exactly what I just did. Pet hair got clogged up by the rotating filter and fine dust fell down when I removed the dirt cup. What a mess. ...more info
  • I really wanted to like this
    I have owed Hoovers for years. When the old one started burning through belts, I found the WT II with the lifetime belt. "Brilliant!" I thought. I thought wrong. This vacuum is clumbsy, roles poorly on any surface, and the gaskets don't seal well so all of the superfine dust falls behind the collection box instead of in it. The plastic hook that holds the hose broke first time out. For $300, it should work better. I should have spent $400 for the Dyson-- anyone I know with one loves it....more info
  • Repairs taking over 3 months
    We bought this model Nov. of 2006. It quit in Feb 07, and Hoover doesn't have part available to repair it, says it could be May before we get it back.(They say it's the on-off switch, it won't turn on) They are very sorry and extended our warranty for a year. I've owned Hoovers for 25 years but will never buy another one. Before it quit I did like the extending wand. It was a mess each time you emptied it, and we had to empty it every time we vacuumed or it plugged up....more info
  • ignored the negative reviews. wanted it so bad!
    I saw this item in Consumer Reports. Checked it out on Hoovers web-site and had to get it. self cleaning filter! bagless!lifetime belt! super cool handle that detatches and becomes wand!by far the best features of all vacuums.i read the reviews at Amazon about the messiness and more importantly the self cleaning filter breaking almost immediatly and i was concerned so I called a Hoover sales/service center. They assured me that that glitch was on earlier production models and had been corrected. i bought it and wow!! that baby could clean a carpet!! i loved all of the features! i even celebrated when the cleaning lady didn't show up so i could use the vacuum!! less than 1 week later the rotating filter started jamming---rendering the machine useless. couldn't get anyone at Hoover to pick up the phone. Returned to Amazon and am getting the Hoover electronic bagless canister that, at last count, had over 180 reviews--most of them positive. Shame on Hoover!!!!!!!...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel II
    The windtunnel II is a poorly constructed vacuum. It is less than six months old and the motor for the HEPA filter had to be replaced. It is very messy when you have to empty the tank. Dust and dirt collect around the hepa filter and falls down when you are emptying the tank.
    ...more info
  • Sucks Better then any other Brand!
    Just like it says on the box, the title says it all!. This thing will suck the curtains off the wall and then some. If you have animals, with allot of hair...you'll never see it again. It gets deep into the pile, and makes are carpets look new. They look like they just got shampooed! It is also the easiest upright i have ever used. The HANDLE is DETACHABLE, and will come out and there you go, a wand that can reach around the floor, and up the ceilings. There is no more attaching of other wands to make it long enough to do that! The only part that I don't like is that it is messy to empty, but, it gets rid of all of the mess after ward. I love it!...more info
  • I can' belive it's a hoover
    This is the most poorly designed machine I have ever seen. It is continually clogging both filters and the hepa filter becomes filled with dirt quickly causing loss of all suction. I replaced it with the dyson dc17, which is awesome. Do not buy this vacuum....more info
  • Moving filter clogs
    My first use of this vacuum was great but after using it for a few months I found the self cleaning filtration system to be a big headache. The filter moves round and round to clean itself but pulls up debris and dog hair into the filter. The filter clogs and stop moving and has to be manually cleaned after every use. The vaccum dose such a great job cleaning that the filter cant handel the dirt. It is very messy to empty the canister and continually clean out the filter. The filter is a permanate part and you have to bring your cleaner to hoover to get it serviced.

    I am going to purchase the bagged version and replace this one....more info
  • A complete waste of money
    I have no idea what Hoover's engineers were thinking when they came up with this rotating HEPA filter concept...the filter stopped rotating after the second use and requires EXTENSIVE cleaning after every vacuuming session, or the suction drops to almost nothing. You have to manually rotate the filter after each use to dislodge a ton of fine dust that plugs the filter, and usually makes a huge mess that has to be cleaned up with another vacuum while this one is disassembled. I'd love to take it back for a refund, but it's too late now. The first and last Hoover product I ever buy........more info
  • Really cleans
    This vacuum really pulls up the dirt and hair. The powered hand attachment is also great. But just like everyone else, emptying it is a real problem. In fact, I usually have to revacuum a bit after emptying the dirt cup.

    I gave it 4 stars because I'm all about the suction. I can deal with inconvenient emptying for superior cleaning....more info
  • Sucks great but, sucks
    Giving 2 stars on the suction alone. Hepa filter doesn't self-clean/turn after one use. A lot of dirt falls out from the hepa filter when removing the dirt box or collects behind the the dirt box if you don't pay very close attention to aligning it just right. I really liked how much dirt this thing pulls out of the carpet but it's heavy and dirt just falls out, a lot of dirt, when emptying the dirt box. I'm returning and not getting another after reading the other reviews in here that sound just like my experience....more info
  • What was Hoover thinking? Messy!
    The vacuum has great suction. However, suction is the only good quality about this vacuum.

    I purchased this vacuum at Sears and got a good discount during their vacuum sale. But I have gone through 3 of these vacuums and have returned or plan on returning each one. The 1st vacuum got so much dirt stuck behind and in the hepa filter, the vacuum started making a sound like it was going to break. The 2nd vacuum had a handle that was assembled badly so with each forward and backward pass the handle felt like it was going to come off.

    This vacuum is hard to push. You have to put the carpet setting at close to high for low carpeting. On hard surfaces the vacuum is hard to push too!

    This vacuum has a large dust cup with 2 sections. The small compartment in the back of the dust cup is (1" high X 5" wide X 6" deep) for the dirt. The large front section collects the hair, crumbs and other larger things you pick up off the floor in your home, however dirt and fine particulate dust is what I collect in my vacuum, and Hoover only gives you that little compartment for the dirt so it gets caught in the vacuum behind the hepa filter. You spend more time cleaning out the vacuum than you do vacuuming your carpet. Today I had to pick up the vacuum and shake it over the trash can to get most of the dirt out from behind the hepa filter. Even my husband noticed that this vacuum takes too much time to empty and clean out. Yes lots of dirt falls onto the vacuum when you remove the dust cup and is messy to clean up.

    I have tried Kenmore, Eureka, and Fantom in the past. I plan on returning the 3rd vacuum once I get my Dyson I purchased from HSN....more info
  • Consider another make or model.
    The only downfall to this vacuum is it's very heavy and not self propelled. With paying over $300, you would think it should be a standard thing on this model. Also, with the previous review it is a little messy when you are emptying the canister and dirt does fall behind the cup. I think it's a bit overpriced. You are paying for the look of the cleaner and not the features. ...more info
  • Cleans great, Messy to empty
    I returned this vacuum after a week and a half. I was impressed with how well it deep cleaned my carpets, but it was way too messy to empty the dust cup. After vacuuming both floors of my house, so much dirt collected behind the hepa filter that the filter stopped rotating. The visible part of the dust cup that collects larger particles wasn't very full. When I removed the dust cup a large amount of dirt fell from behind the hepa filter and made a mess all over the vacuum cleaner. I had to get my old vacuum to clean up the mess. I had to turn the vacuum on and off four times and empty the dust cup each time to remove all of the dirt that was lodged behind the hepa filter. I had to clean up the mess with my old vacuum each time after removing the dust cup.

    I may have had a defective vacuum. but I decided not to take another chance. Best Buy wasn't happy about taking my vacuum back. I don't blame them, I sure it's hard reselling a used vacuum. I didn't want to deal with returning another one.

    If I buy bagless again, it will more than likely be a Dyson but I'm leaning towards buying one with a bag. The bagless revolution seems to be a lot of hype....more info