Hoover F7452900 SteamVac All Terrain 12 Amp Carpet and Hard-Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

Hoover Steam Vac, 12A All Terrain Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner, Heated Cleaning, 6 Spin Scrub Removable Brushes, Spin Scrub Powered Hand Tool, Auto Rinse Feature, 8' Attachment Hose, 30' Power Cord.

  • All Terrain carpet and hard-surface cleaner with 12 amp motor
  • Dual V technology ensures equal suction across full width of nozzle
  • SpinScrub brushes; heated cleaning; automatic detergent mixing; auto rinse
  • Hard-floor package includes squeegee, SpinScrub brushes, and soft wheels
  • Measures 19 by 13-1/4 by 44 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • the Hoover breakdown
    Hoover Steam Cleaner F7452-900 - After two months of use:

    The 1/4" plastic drive shaft broke on the green carpet brush and the shaft on the white floor brush twisted 45 degrees rendering both useless. After 11 weeks at Best Buy neither are said to be covered by the five year service contract and as a favor Best Buy said they purchased a replacement carpet brush for us. The floor brush was not available nor would be available. We expect a very short life on the replacement. ...more info
  • Really cleans carpet but is flimsy
    I've used the 7452-900 for over two years and have pretty much broken every exterior part on it. Solution reservoir came off and is held on by Gorilla tape. Clean water res. has a crack in top from falling out of the machine while in use and hitting ground while full of water. Valve on solution res. is broken, hole is plugged with a rag. Bottom chord hook broke off. Dirty water res. handle broke of. Bearing inside seized. I was able to free it and grease it to make it work once more. So! this thing is made of cheap plastic parts which WILL break.

    Having said all this I am looking for a new one.....What? Why? It cleans carpet well. I had my carpets professionally cleaned right before I bought this cleaner and I got so mad at the poor job they did I borrowed a friends Hoover and cleaned my carpets to my expectations.

    But I am very mechanically able to do work-a-rounds when something fails. I would not recommend this to someone who doesn't have a mechanical clue.

    We have had a Eureka Sanitair vacuum cleaner for twenty five years and I just put a new motor in it. Now that's quality. That old vac absolutely
    kicks, Come on Hoover!!...more info
  • More water, more extraction
    I own both a Bissell Pro-Heat and the Hoover SteamVac All Terrain. I've had the Pro-Heat for years, but a control dial broke and I began searching for a new steam cleaner.

    I use the steam cleaner for carpets and don't use it for linoleum or tile etc. I originally chose the SteamVac All Terrain for the option of using it on hard floors, but it hasn't come up yet (It's been about one year now, and the hard floors are still being done by hand).

    The Hoover is better than the Pro-Heat for this reason: it puts more water on the carpet - and it takes more water out. I cleaned carpets professionally for a few years - and no machine is as effective as the commercial units, but the Hoover SteamVac does a reasonable job. Although putting more water in the carpet means that I have to fill it more often - that is the point of cleaning. More water out means more dirt out and reduced drying time. My carpets dry in easily half the time compared to using the Bissell.

    On top of that, the Hoover is easier to clean. The brushes pop out and everything comes apart much better that the Bissell.

    The only draw-back is the upholstery attachment. On the Bissell, the attachment is always connected - you just turn a dial (the broken one) to switch between floors and upholstery wand). With the Hoover, you have to connect the hose and plug it in to the unit. You then unplug it when finished to use the cleaner as an upright.

    This doesn't sound so bad, except I use the upholstery wand often on little tough spots when needed. It's not convenient to clean an area, notice a slight spot, attach the wand, scrub, take the wand off, and continue - but overall the cleaning is superior.

    Finally, as an owner of steam cleaners for more than 10 years, I'd like to say that I have been using commercial carpet cleaner (available at most home improvement stores) for about $7 per gallon - instead of $15 for a quart of regular cleaning solution. In the Hoover, I fill the detergent container about 1/8 full and top off with water. I clean the carpets (about 1100 square feet) about once every two months and have only used about $5 of cleaning solution in the past year. I've had no ill effects from this on any machine I've ever used. Detergent does nothing more than suspend dirt in the water. More detergent is only needed if it's capacity to suspend dirt has been reached. Otherwise, your just putting more soap in the carpet and you'll have to rinse it more.

    ...more info
  • You can have mine!!!
    We'v had this Hoover for about 2 years and Im ready to junk it. After the first 3 or 4 cleanings, I thought the unit worked rather well, but then the problems started. First the scrubber wheels stoped spining. The brush drive uses plain steel gear pins that rusted due to the fact they are directly exposed to the fluids entering the machine! After cleaning and relubing these parts, it was working again. Then the leaking started. I replaced the rubber O-ring seals and it still leaked. I called Hoover and they mailed me a new water bucket and bucket base that had been slightly redesigned, It only driped slightly at first and now with about 4 uses, it litteraly has water running out of it!!!! This is without a dout, the worst possible design for fluid transmission in and out of a machine. Other than that, it cleans great!...more info
  • Carpet Cleaner
    This carpet cleaner works great on rug, stairs, and hard floor. It saved me $1000's from hiring a pro and the results were like a pro....more info
  • Love this Steam Vac
    Although this isn't really a steam-vac (you have to add your own hot water), I am amazed at how clean my carpets are after using this machine. I have two great danes, two cats, two children and they all like to hang out in my bedroom. The problem is, I have light colored carpets and every week there is accumulated dirt, dog urine (one of the danes is a puppy), and all kinds of stuff from them chewing their bones. This machine works!!! It gets everything out and also dries very, very quickly. The first time I got this machine I cleaned it with the Hoover Ultra Carpet and Upholstery Detergent. The tank was sooo dirty it was gross. There was a thick layer of dirt at the bottom of the dirty water tank. I did a second pass with natures miracle a week later and more dirt came up. It is an amazing machine with a very strong suction and gentile brush heads. The cost of this machine covers the cost of getting someone out here to clean my carpets professionally. I know feel I can go longer between professional cleanings....more info
  • a little disappointed
    I've had this machine a little less than a month, and have used it several times. Today I tried the hard floor mode for the first time. I bought this because my elderly dog has developed diabetes, and is drinking like a horse, and letting it all go inside. (again, like a horse). I need to mop 2 or 3 times a day, with puddle pick-up in between. I need to shampoo the rugs at least once a week. Part of my disappointment in the machine is the lack of suction on our area rugs, which are the only kind we have at this house. We are in a very humid environment, and they take 2 days to dry here, even with air conditioning. With my last Hoover steam vac, I had a way of tipping the machine forward, while the handle was locked in the upright position, and applying downward/forward pressure to get it to suck up a lot more water. Part of the reason I bought a new one, was I was hoping for better suction. I can't even do this maneuver with this machine. I don't know why, but it doesn't work. So, I get wet rugs for 2 days. The automatic cleaning solution mixer sounded nice, but it isn't for me. If I were not having to go back and forth between the 2 uses, carpet and hard floor, so often, it would be ok, but then why buy a dual use machine? I have to empty the remaining cleaning solution back into the bottle by holding the whole tank upside-down, and with the large, oddly shaped hole, most of it spills. It would be nice if there were a solution that cleaned carpets and floors. Maybe someone will invent one, which would solve that problem for me, or anyone else who doesn't intend to use the whole tank of solution before needing the other kind in there. Its impossible to guess how much you need, so a lot is wasted. It is not cheap, either.
    So, after spending an arm and a leg of this cleaner, I find that I was probably better off with the old one. I do like the spin-scrub hand tool, however. As far as the hard floor cleaner part goes, it is sanitary, in that you aren't re-applying dirty water and swishing it around. However, the machine spits water in every direction on the hard surface, and you find yourself having to go over the same areas multiple times to dry them, as they get re-wetted contantly from the back-spray. Along the edges, and under cabinets in the kitchen, the vacuum doesn't pick up the water, so you basically need to go around with a mop again anyhow. Add all of that up to filling and emptying tanks a few times per task, cleaning and drying the thing afterwards, with all of it laying around dripping, making you re-clean the bathtub, etc.... It turns out to be a lot more laborious and time consuming than whipping out a mop and bucket. If you don't have huge puddles to suck up all of the time, I would skip this machine. Get a swiffer mop for $20. This machine was a good idea that still needs quite a bit of fine tuning. Hoover needs to go "back to the drawing board" on this one. Don't waste your time and money!!...more info
  • Great cleaner, breaks easy
    We are acutally on our second one of these. Granted they do a great job cleaning your floors and carpets (however tiled or hardwood floors you may need to wipe up excess water) and they are pretty easy to use. The major problem we have with ours is that they arent necessarily built to last, our first one we had for maybe 3 years and the part that spins the brushes broke so we ended up buying the newer version, now our second one just did the same thing. Also we have gone through a few tanks between the two units because the thin plastic breaks easy. If we dont get it fixed and decide on a new steamer it probably wont be the Hoover again, at about $300 I want it to last a long time. If you dont plan on using it much it may last longer but with animals and a 2 year old I need something I can use pretty often....more info
  • The SteamVac that doesn't
    A few years ago we had the small Hoover floor cleaner and thought it did a pretty good job except for grout and hard stains. I started looking at steam cleaners for the really hard stains and the grout. But, most have very small water reservoirs and that was another thing we wanted to change. We were in a department store and spotted the Hoover SteamVac. Just what we wanted, large reservoir, hard floor and carpet and Steam. We didn't see anything on the box about the steam, but the salesperson was pretty sure it produced steam, because of the name. Brought it home read the literature, filled it with hot water, used it a few times but didn't see any steam, went back to the book. Finally called Hoover help line and was informed that "SteamVac" was just a trade name and has nothing to do with the production of steam or steam cleaning. A hammer may hammer, a steam iron will steam, but the Hoover SteamVac doesn't have anything to do with STEAM. We kept it anywas primarily because it was a 70 mile one way trip to return it, and since owning it I have come to HATE IT. It leaks all over from just about everything, the cleaning fluid container has fallen off twice, trying to take anything off to clean is difficult, and since there is no downward tension on the brushs cleaning grout or anything that is stuck on the floor is out of the question. It is awkward and extremely loud and cannot clean near the baseboard, leaving a dirty half inch margin around the room. It does not maintain the hot water, blows hot air on the floor, thats about as close as it gets to heat or steam. I did own it, it went on the curb today after the brushs stopped working and yes I did clean the filter. We own many Hoover products and up until this one have been happy with each one, which is one of the reasons we trusted the "SteamVac" to mean just that....more info
  • Cleans very well....
    I borrowed this from my sister to clean my carpets, couches and kitchen floor. It is heavy and I worked up a significant sweat when operating it. It does get messy but what do you expect? It's a steam cleaner! It did a good job on my 20+ year old couches to get out newer stains and general grime. My carpets are only 6 months old but are off white so they were starting to look dingy. The Hoover sucked out a lot of junk and they look like the day I bought them. It is very loud and I ended up with a mild headache after using it. The smaller attachment is nice and the bigger "carpet buster" or whatever was useless. I just went over the same spot again and again with the regular unit instead . I have two cats so it sucked up vomit stains very well. (I pretreated these). On the kitchen floor (which is sloped) I admit that it was like a big puddle so I just stood on top of two towels and pushed them around while I was operating the machine. It got my kitchen floor really nice and clean too.

    I would recommend!...more info
  • Great Product - Lots of Little Features
    I bought this for my wife recently as was very pleased, she is a carpet cleaning fanatic and loves these things. The other reviews cover the product well but there are a few things that stood out.

    -The separate tank for the cleaning solution. It automatically mixes the solution as well has a switch to turn off the solution allowing for a 'rinse' function that allows for using water only. Keeps you from getting the 'crunchy' carpet feeling (after it dries) if you dont rinse the solution out of the carpet after the first pass.

    -Works significantly better than our previous version. We cleaned our problem areas a week ago and our last unit died. We re-cleaned the same areas with the new unit and were shocked at the amount of funk left behind by the previous unit (not the same model).

    -It is heavy, but compared to the big Red rental ones you have to use to get the same results, this one is much more manageable. If you do a large room, plan on having a backache.

    Overall, I recomend this unit with no heistations....more info
  • Hoover all terrain carpet cleaner
    I borrowed a friend's Hoover carpet cleaner--the all terrain model. It was easy to use, did a better job than the commerical company that I had used before. Since I was so pleased with the product, I purchased one for myself....more info
  • Great cleaner with some minor flaws
    I decided to buy this product after figuring that it would pay for itself in a year or so. We have two small children, so a clean carpet is important to us and difficult to maintain!

    The cleaner came in a large box and was very simple to put together, only requiring a mid-size Phillips screwdriver to assemble. The unit comes with a sample of Hoover carpet cleaner, which smells nice, but the bottle is only sufficient to clean a small bedroom (maybe). So buy a large bottle before getting started.

    BEFORE you fill it with water, make sure you get a good feel for how the tanks go in, particularly the clean water. It doesn't "click" in place. You have to place it just so and then lift the handle up to lock it into place. Not the best design, as if you don't get it just right, you can quickly drain the tank all over your floor. Putting the tank in place is a kind of zen experience, you just have to get a feel for it. The dirty water tank is much simpler, however it took me a few minutes to figure out that the lid does not "click" into place, but rather just sits on top of the tank and is held in place by the handle. Unfortunately, this means that if you tip the tank or are not careful with it when carrying it, you'll spill the contents.

    The machine is very easy to use and does a terrific job of cleaning the carpet and extracting most of the water. My carpet was dry to the touch in four hours. However, the machine does not track in a straight line very well when pulling it backwards, likely because of the rotating brushes. It isn't very quiet either. The machine did a great job of cleaning my high traffic paths and returned my cheap carpet to near new condition.

    Cleaning the unit isn't too bad; I've certainly seen worse. It'll take you about ten minutes to clean it, so this unit isn't very suitable for small jobs -- get a Spot Bot or something for that. To get the rotating brushes out to clean them, you'll have to remove the suction nozzle in order to get a grip on the brush head.

    The machine comes with two brush heads: one for carpet, one for hard floors. There is no place for the extra brush head on the tool caddy which is a glaring oversight on an otherwise well-designed machine.

    Overall, I recommend this product. It cleans very well, is pretty easy to use and works as advertised. Just learn how to put the tanks on correctly and you'll avoid any leaks....more info
  • Did Lots of Research first
    I had a Bissell carpet cleaner and was moderately satisfied until one day (after two years) it just quit working in the middle of a job -- the motor stopped.

    I took my Bissell to a vacuum repair shop. The repairman said that a model without a heater is better for two reasons:

    1) The power it takes to heat water detracts from the power needed for suction. So, you lose some suction power if your model heats water.
    2) Heaters can be stopped-up by hardwater deposits.

    After finding it would take $80 to fix our machine, my husband and I decided to get a new model. In researching our options, I "fell in love" with the Hooever Agility. After reading about 150 reviews, I couldn't wait to get one that would be so effective! After checking several stores to buy one (with no success), I tried to get one online. When Amazon said it was unavailable, my worst thought turned out to be true...it has been discontinued.

    A Hoover service center guy recommended I get a Hoover Dual V - said it would have 3x the suction of the (great but discontinued) Agility. I found out there are several models with this "Dual V" motor system - one is the All-terrain. I found out that model numbers that start with 74__ are the wider Dual-V models (14 inch - like the Widepath and All-Terrain.) The models with 72___ are the narrow 11 inch Dual V wide models. They have a few different features, but the same basic motor design. I ended up getting the All-Terrain.

    I was a bit worried about all of the reviews saying the Dual V models leak and break. A Hoover repair center told me that there was an older tank system that has been replaced. I asked if all of the stores sell the newer models or if some might still be selling the older tank design. The service center guy didn't know. I asked how I could tell the difference between the old tank and the new. He said that the old solution tank is blue or green and has a black lid. It has been replaced by a clear solution tank with a grey lid (directly attached to the fresh water container.)

    While shopping, I saw several floor models with the old tank system. When I bought my Hoover All-Terrain, the box picture showed the old tank. I asked the store if I could open the box to check the tank. Even though the picture on the box showed the old tank, the tank in the box was the clear one with gray lid!! I was so happy. I took it home and used it that night.

    The trickiest part of assembly was the tool caddy on the back. Also seating the clean water tank. Definitely try this out with a dry empty tank -- it will be cumbersome and heavy with tank of water in it. I was able to secure it by pulling the tank handle upwards till it latched properly. (Those with leaky new tanks might just need to adjust the way they are latching the tank on.)

    So far my experience has been great. I look forward to using it on my kitchen floor tomorrow! For those who say it leaves too much water on a hard floor -- try the "Spill Pick-up" setting -- a review I read recommended this. I'm a bit afraid to try the hand tool. My Bissell one leaked badly. I hope this Hoover All-Terrain one works better. So far with carpets, I really like it! It does use a lot of soap though. I guess I might dilute that a bit.

    So far, the All-Terrain is the one for me! ...more info
  • Perfect home rug cleaner
    This Hoover Steam Vac works justg a advertised. What a breeze. And it thoroughly cleaned our rugs in short order. We highly recommend the All Terrain steam vac....more info
  • Works great and mostly easy to clean after use
    I have had this machine for somewhere between 2 and 3 years and it is an absolute pleasure to use (well, as much as carpet cleaning CAN be pleasurable!) compared to the Bissell that I previously used.

    The suction is excellent and when you are finished the carpets are only damp, much unlike that old Bissell which didn't suck well at all and left my carpets wet for a very long time.

    Another huge advantage I have enjoyed is that it is easy to remove the components that need to be cleaned. Don't need any tools like I did with my afore-mentioned Bissell.

    It cleans well and I have been very pleased with it except for the fact that there was no place to put the dry floor brush set onboard and now I cannot find it. That is the only basic improvement that would help me.

    I also agree about the carpet brushes being a hassle to clean. It is very tedious picking out the carpet matter by hand. Sometimes I take a stiff brush to it and just brush vigorously across the entire piece and that helps get a lot of it out. For that reason, and the absence of a place to put the other brush set onboard, I have deducted one star. Otherwise it's a winner!

    EDITED TO ADD - I have a bird, so I cannot use those commercial carpet cleaner solutions. I use a solution of Orange TKO and it works great, plus it doesn't add any toxicity to the environment in my house....more info
  • I've had over a year with no problems
    I normally don't write reviews after I just purchase a product, as over time my review might change with my experiences. So, I waited. I bought this last April, '07, for use in our rental condo and our home. We have a Huskie/white shepard mix dog with a TON of white hair, laying all over our rugs all day (except when she's outside romping in the grass, dirt, etc.)and I was tired of my husband's old Hoover cleaner that he had when we got married in '04. I searched, read all the reviews I could find (several from Amazon), and made my purchase. I've never been happier. I LOVE this machine! I also bought a dyson slimline vacuum and the pair is the best I've ever worked with.

    Best things about the hoover: It really cleans the carpets! Also, not having to mix the detergent straight in with the water. An ex of mine had a roommate who was a carpet cleaner. He said that the best way to clean carpets was not with detergent, but with water as it wouldn't harm the fibers as much as detergent. So, I love having the option to use detergent for a first cycle of cleaning, and use only water after that. I couldn't do that before with the old Hoover. This machine picks up water much better than my old one, so that the carpets are much dryer to start, after the wash, and complete their drying much more quickly.

    I've had my carpets professionally cleaned twice. The last time I had to have the guy redo the high-traffic areas because they were still dirty when he was done. For the amount of money I spent for that, I decided home cleaning would do at least as good, I could control my time better, and I'd save a lot of money. I was right.

    I've read some comments about the Hoover leaking. The Hoover does let a little water out occasionally, when you stop using it, as did the last one. However, it's very little and I don't care about it. I checked it last time and it was about 4 drops of water. I believe that could be from the fact that it sits on a lever meant to allow water to move from the tank through the system. I roll it from the living room (or whatever room) to the kitchen with no spills, then take the tank off, still with no spills. It's only occasionally that a leak will occur. Small price to pay for what I get in return, extremely clean carpets (better than the 2 professional cleaners that I paid hundreds for) that dry fast, and the machine cleans up very easily.

    I have, after 1 year, no cons for this machine. It has more than paid for itself already.Particularly when you count in the deep cleaning I gave our condo carpets before our new tenants moved in last year. They were dirty from the owner moving out, who didn't care, and after using the Hoover they looked new again. I haven't used the hard floor component so can't comment on that. We have travertine tile floors through much of the house so I might, at some point, try it.

    The hoover gets used about every 2-3 months, for 4 rooms: living room, office, guest room, and master bedroom with closets....more info
    We had been considering this shampooer for some time, but after reading some of the reviews, I was kind of hesitant. However, after not finding anything else that we wanted, we decided to give the Hoover a try. We just received it about two weeks ago. My husband used it for the first time today, and we were both VERY IMPRESSED with the job it does; the cleaning results were totally amazing! The only negative I would say about it is that unless you are one of those muscle bound body building women that look like they just walked into a massive hornets nest and got stung 5000 times, this machine will not be easy for you to handle. It is built like a military tank. It is very heavy to lift or push. I tried it, and had a heck of a time trying to move it. Other than that however, I would highly recommend this machine as long as you either have a man available to shampoo your rugs, or you happen to be a very strong physically fit woman.
    We used this machine on a badly soiled carpet that has been soiled over the years by elderly pets with little bladder control, and housetraining many puppies. The other cleaners we've used on this carpet did a minimal job at best. Some of the stains are over 15 years old, yet when we used this machine on them, they actually took out pretty much all of the stain. They are hardly visible anymore, and after maybe another cleaning or two, I believe they will be gone completely. For a machine to get out 15 year old stains that well, I would definitely give this cleaner 10 stars. This machine was also used on a very light blue carpet that was very heavily soiled from 15 years of tracking in mud, etc. We used a Kirby on that rug with poor results, but the Hoover machine cleaned that carpet leaving no visible stains at all! That carpet looks brand new again. I would say to use the detergent that is recommended as well. Another aspect of this cleaner is that it lifts the carpets fibers up as it cleans, getting around each fiber for a thorough cleaning.
    I had read all of the reviews before purchasing this machine and many of them said that the assembly was very hard; and that the instructions were not easy to understand. I am not sure why some people had such a hard time with this part, as my husband had not one bit of trouble understanding them, and assembling the machine. The container holding the water was very easy to maneuver and to place on the machine. Neither one of us is experienced in putting shampooers or vacuums together,either. He had this Hoover machine put together in less than 10 minutes. I was surprised at that because in the past when he is assembling things, I usually hear a string of profanity, lol. But not with this particular item.
    As far as cleaning hard floor surfaces, I cannot comment there as we didn't try it on anything but carpets. There is only one small area in our home that has tile flooring and that just requires a broom and a damp mop to clean.
    In the other reviews, there were statements about the noise of this cleaner. To tell you the truth, it does not seem all THAT loud to us; our "Infinity" vacuum cleaner is twice as loud as the Hoover steam cleaner, and even though this probably won't mean anything to anyone else, "Andy" my Sheltie, didn't freak out at the noise. He hates loud noises and will bark his fool head off when we run the vacuum cleaner, use an electric knife, or when I blow dry my hair. My blow dryer is actually LOUDER than the Hoover steam cleaner...and when I'm using it, he will actually come after me, sputtering and snapping like a maniac, lol. But truthfully, he didn't bat an eyelash at the sound of the Hoover steam cleaner as it was being used. The noise it makes isn't any different than any other cleaner.
    In conclusion, I would highly recommend this cleaner if you want a really good, solidly built machine. This IS a HEAVY DUTY STEAM CLEANER. The cleaning results are like that of a professional steam cleaning; truly phenomenal, and very impressive!!! ...more info
  • Hoover All Terrain SteamVac - Great When It Works
    I did the usual web research on SteamVac reviews and product ratings before deciding on the Hoover All Terrain. I had previously had two Bissells, one older hose-type and one heated self-contained and had some issue with each, so I was excited about getting the Hoover. It arrived in perfect condition with all of the documentation and accessories. After thoroughly reading the instructions (I am not an engineer) and assembling it I enthusiastically launched into my first room. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was dampened (no pun intended) within 3 minutes of turning it on. I smelled a burnt odor and then noticed that the brushes were no longer turning. I tried removing and reinstalling them to no avail. I ended up dropping it off at a Hoover service center and ten days later they had it repaired. Apparently the bearings of the brush turbine had seized and destroyed the turbine. The service center replaced the complete turbine and promised me that they put some heavy duty lubricant on the bearings this time. This time it performed flawlessly, doing an excellent job of cleaner. I will echo the fact that the water reservoir didn't last long, but it is simple and easy to refill. That inconvenience was more than made up for by the ease of handling and excellent cleaning results. A good design initially suffering from poor assembly/quality control. ...more info
  • Does a great job, BUT...
    The first time I used this machine, I was impressed. It did a great job of getting old dirt out of our light beige carpet, including the stairs. I had no problem with leaking and no difficulty assembling the water tanks. The carpets were barely damp after shampooing.

    However, the second time I used this SteamVac, the detergent bottle fell off. After calling the helpline, I learned that the bottle cannot simply be reinserted by the consumer; the clean water tank (to which the detergent bottle attaches) must be replaced. That is a huge design flaw.

    Also, I've noticed that it's very difficult to get the brushes clean; lint from the carpet is almost impossible to remove. Yes, I vacuumed the carpets very well before use, but there was still a lot of lint, which is now tangled in the brushes. It will take a lot of time and effort to clear them.

    I feel the manufacturer description of this product contains faulty information. It states that the SteamVac applies heat right where it's needed. The Vac itself does not apply heat...the heat comes only from the hot water which you pour into the clean water tank.

    Considering I paid $229 for this machine, which I've used twice (once without detergent), and I already need to purchase a replacement part, I would not purchase it again. Too bad, because it really did a great job of cleaning the carpets....more info
  • Careful with quality control
    Bought the Hoover F7452900 All Terrain cleaner. It seemed to do a nice job on the living room and dining room carpets, though I thought perhaps it used a lot of fluids.

    When I went to do the stairs, I used up the whole clean water/soap reservoirs in just two rungs! That's when I discovered the unit had a MAJOR leak somewhere inside. The carpet on the stair landing, where the cleaner was sitting while I used the hose attachment was super saturated with cleaning solution! No wonder it used so much fluid doing the living room and dining room.

    Since the unit was only two days old, I went back to the store and exchanged it for a new one. The new one works as it is supposed to and does a great job.

    I recommend that if you buy one, test it out for leaks in your garage. The detergent is too darn expensive to waste. Just fill up the detergent and clean water tank, install in the unit and let is sit for an hour. Then plug in the hose attachment and wait another hour. If it leaks, exchange it right away. The "out of box" quality seems inconsistent for an appliance this expensive....more info
  • Very Disappointing!!
    The steam vac doesn't clean well, it's very heavy, and to call it a steam vac is a misnomer. I can clean my hard floors better by hand. I was excited about getting this product for my hard floors and area rugs. It did such a bad job on my hard floors that I didn't even try it on my rugs. So, maybe it works on rugs, but it doesn't work on hard surfaces....more info
  • Hoover is the best!
    I used this steam vac on a carpet that was never cleaned for 8 years, it showed a huge difference, also vac easy to clean....more info
  • This Hoover stops working properly after 5 minutes!
    I purchased this Hoover after reading several reviews on several websites. Immediately after getting this item I read the lengthy manual and began cleaning. Within minutes the scrub brushes stopped turning. I cleaned the lint filter and rinsed the brushes but they wouldn't work. I exchanged it for a new one and the same thing happened. I did not want to take a chance on a third machine. Also, it doesn't produce steam. You just add hot water. It was a major letdown. For now I continue to use my old Bissell until I need a replacement....more info
  • So glad we bought this....
    First of all we have 4 dogs right now ( still have my parents girl) and 3 cats....

    so the need for a carpet cleaner is pretty apparant lol....
    we had a lil simple steam cleaner carpet cleaner thing but it just wasnt cutting the mustard so to say....stuff was still smelling icky after cleaning up...(we have a dog who has seizures and when she has them she urinates and cant control it and we also have a cat who is I think just partially blind or he is just spiteful and sometimes goes in places that SEEM like litter boxes but are not like vents on the floor the doggies sleeping mats etc...)

    So we decided to get a good carpet cleaner thinger...

    now mind you we have vaccumed at least 3 times in 2 days and AND cleaned the carpet with our old carpet cleaner completely over 3 times....and rinsed it and we used super hot water too...

    ok so I brought home the new hoover...(its a steam vac all terrain) I got a great deal on it it was on a great sale at kohls and then on top of that kohls takes bed bath and beyond coupons and I had a 20% off coupon from there so got another good chunk off with that...ok so anyway! I bring it home bf and I put it together and im like ok I gotta try this thing out...

    Im thinking ok it shouldnt be TOO bad I mean we shampooed/cleaned the carpets THREE times in the last 2 days and we JUst vaccumed today and we vaccumed yesterday as well...

    so i load it up with super hot water and the cleaner they included (it mixes it for you so no measuring or anything super nice) and OMG it was GROSS! lol it was mud brown! icky icky icky! Im so glad I have this dam thing now...im gonna go get a GIGANTIC bottle of carpet cleaner and do the bedroom tomorrow I think... This one has spinning brushes on it and has an upholstery attachment with spinning brushes as well...it also cleans hard floor surfaces and has a squegee you can attach and different brushes for that...

    I have to say it was kinda expensive but I knew we needed to spend the money and omg it was SOOO worth it....I cant recommend it enough.

    The only things I find misleading are #1 it says Steam Vac and alludes to heated cleaning but there is NO heater in the unit to keep the water hot, #2 the brushes in the upholstery head are powered by water and not by electricty Its really hard to get things to work properly when your own strength can stop it :-s...
    ...more info
  • Great
    This is great easy to use all the time. I use mine about 1 every 2 weeks. Yes its not the same as a big rental but the convienience of it being in the closet outweighs that. The only reason not 5 stars is that the brush asemble broke. My fault though I guess. It is designed with a shere pin that is non replaceable if something gets lodged in the head. I wish you could just buy the pin not the whole brush assembaly. But otherwise I love it....more info
  • Easy to use
    This cleaner is very easy to use and works well - It is a little heavy to move around but only when full of water (and if the tanks were smaller you'd have to keep refilling - so better to be heavy than have to refill every few mins. and I guess you could fill it half way if it was a big deal). The biggests downside is the brushes underneath. They are round spinners and the are are turned by one of the brushes so I'm waiting for that to break and the rotating brushes to stop working. Best part about the machine is the suction - it has a strong suction and leaves the carpet fairly dry. ...more info
    I am not normally a consumer who leaves reviews...however I feel compelled to warn anyone considering purchasing this product. At first, it worked great, `when it works' it actually does a good job cleaning. The problem is the `when'. After just a few months, the drive that makes the brushes spin went bad. I had to take it in and get parts replaced. Then the nozzles went bad on the solution tank...spilling the entire contents of water and soap on my hardwood floors. Even though I immediately suctioned up all the water, there was so much that I have a large area of my floors that were warped. I had to replace the entire water and solution tank. Then the very next time I went to use it...the brushes were not working again! This thing is such a hassle to keep replacing parts to keep it working. I will never purchase a Hoover product again! I wish I could give it zero stars....more info
  • I bought this for my cream colored carpet
    i bought this for my cream colored carpet, which it maintains exceedlingly well, i first moved in my apartment on a day with sleet and snow and the movers tracked slushy boxes and feet until the cream colored carpet was a nasty dark grey, it got rid of that damage quickly carpet was back to cream colored with a night's cleaning, the carpet is not really wet to walk on when you are finished and dries in only a couple hours so you can live in it, then i also use it for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom linoleum floors, but its much more. the washer overflowed last night and it sucked up everybit of overflowing water from the floor with limited wear and tear on me then cleaned the wet carpet when it was done, for anybody with carpet to clean and appliances that will always have the last word, its a highly recommended expense to have in case of the worst happening which it ALWAYS does. Even the maitenece man wants one for his house. i love this Hoover! ...more info
  • Junk
    Look elsewhere

    SteamVac name is misleading....there is no "steam" involved at all. Description mentions "heated" cleaning. The unit doesn't even have the ability to heat water. You must use hot tap water.

    Clean water tank leaks badly....
    ...more info
  • Hoover SteamVac All Terrain
    I read the reviews on this machine before purchasing it and was a bit hesitant about actually buying it. I've had it for several weeks now and have used it on my kitchen floor every few days, and on my carpet 3 times.(I do home day care). This machine is awesome. It's a bit heavy and loud but any steam cleaner would be. It only takes me a few minutes to get it ready and in no time my floors are clean. I have an old tank style and rarely used it because it took forever to get it ready. ...more info
  • The Best Home Carpet Cleaner Ever
    After doing some research on home carpet cleaners I decided to go with the Hoover All Terrain. It is the best cleaner ever, it is very easy to use and the cleaning is great, I mean it cleans so good I cleaned everything in the house, my sofa, the carpet, even took it and cleaned my car. I will say on the down side, it really doesn't put out STEAM, just a stream of hot water, but I have to say the end result is just GREAT. I even convinced a couple of friends to buy one. And they are happy with there purchase also
    GREAT BUY ...more info
  • What I have been waiting for all of my life, my cleaning life!!!!!!!
    First, the power button is on the handle!!!!!!!!!!!! That alone is awesome. I have pet stains that I have to go over repeatedly and it was a pain to have to use my foot to constantly turn my old one on and off. (I like to put alot of solution on the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes). And I don't know that the lady was talking about with the leaking when the water tank is not placed correctly, the handle of the tank snaps into place easily!!! It just has to be straight, but the handle will only snap when it is straight, so I had no problem. It cleaned my carpet very well and the recovery tank is easy to empty, no more spongy filter to clean. I really love cleaning my carpet and I find any excuse that I can to do it. The only drawback, and it is a minor one, is that if you are cleaning a spot that has a substance with a smell (for instance puppy urine), while you are using the cleaner the smell permeates the room. I guess because the cleaner is getting it out of the carpet. A little odor neutralizer afterwards is called for. Yes, this cleaner is a bit heavy, but it IS A HEAVY DUTY CLEANER!!!! It is not meant to be light duty but made for the heavily soiled carpet. The rinse only option is great for making sure that all of the detergent is out of the carpet. Again, I love my cleaner. If you have puppies that are being potty trained or kids running through all the time, you will love it too....more info
  • second defective machine
    This is the second machine I received and both machines brushes quit working when working with it for the second time of use. Please send for a pickup....more info
  • Be sure and buy some ear plugs
    This machine works well but is so loud that you had better wear ear plugs if you don't want some serious hearing loss. That is no joke....more info
  • Cheap Materials Poor Design
    The cleaner is constructed using cheap plastic parts almost entirely that break or jam easily. The solution and water delivery system consists of two plastic dowel-like parts in a cheap metal coil that jam or pop out easily, leaking water and expensive solution all over your floors. It's cleaning ability is inferior to earlier models. Overall a very poor investment....more info
  • Great Cleaner
    I bought this unit as a replacement for a Bissell that I had in the repair shop more times than I can remember and it was never right. This unit did an exceptional job on my vinyl floors and my carpets. I found this it considerably easier to use than the Bissell. The Auto-Rinse feature works much better than I anticipated and saves a LOT of time compared to the Bissell - you wash on the forward stroke and the unit rinses on the pull stroke. Then you do two "dry" strokes to suck up the water. My carpets were dry in a few hours. I did not have any of the problems with the tanks reported by other users and I found the noise of the unit to be about the same as the Bissell. I found it challenging to remove the brushes but found it much easier if I removed the plastic cover first (the directions are not very clear on how to do this...). For hard floors, using the squeegee is a must otherwise you will have pools of water. I did not like the detergent tank as I did both vinyl floors and carpet and wanted to use the recommended detergent for each so i had to gauge how much to use to run it out. The unit did seem to use a LOT of detergent and I guess that is why they want you to use their brand because it is dilute enough and other brands may be too concentrated. I don't understand how they can call it a SteamVac - I don't think it heats the water as you have to use hot water. In spite of that it cleaned well, so I guess I don't miss the built-in heater.

    It did a fantastic job on my vinyl floors, cleaning better than I could ever get done before. I was also pleased with the carpet cleaning. I really like the fact that this unit did not leave carpet balls all over like the Bissell did. I bought my unit from Lowes with a two-year extended warranty so if it ever has a problem, I take it back to Lowes and they get it fixed....more info
  • Great for hardwood floors and area rugs.....with three pets, no less!
    We initially started out with the Floormate spin scrub, which is for hardwood floors only. My husband then brought this home from the hardware store, and we had so much fun using it! It's exciting to see how much dirt it picks up. We have two labs and a cat, so our house is never that clean. My husband cleaned one area rug over five times, and he was STILL getting dirt out......of a rug I just used the Rug Doctor on a few months ago.

    For Carpets:
    Gets a ton of dirt out. Does not leave the carpets very wet at all.

    For Hardwood Floors:
    Also works fabulous. Works better than mopping for getting dried on stains out (such as dog puke).

    Benefits: Easy to fill and empty.

    Drawbacks: Have two different cleaning solutions for hardwood floors vs. carpet. Very loud. Heavy. Have to vacuum before you use this.

    Overall, we LOVE our steamvac. It is amazing to see how much dirt it picks up. For both carpets and floor, the water it picks up is always dirty, with a lot of sediment in the bottom of the collection container. Our house will be much cleaner now!

    ...more info
  • Easy to use
    First of all it arrived in a timely manner. It was a week before I unpacked and used this machine. I was pleased about how easy it is to use, but best of all it did a great job. I recommend it highly. ...more info
  • heating unit worked poorly and didn't last
    Thinking of getting this one. Bought the Hoover V2 heated shampooer, 3 yrs ago, and was happy with it, despite problems: 1) the heating unit worked wonderfully the first time I used it; then an electrical or burnt rubber smell each time I used it. I cleaned w/o heat for some time, but had to wait the carpet to dry. Eventually, I realized I was getting a little heat, perhaps from the heat generated by the motor, but only felt it on the backstroke. I learned to always finishing the cleaned area with backstrokes. It helped, but I never did shampoo upholstery or mattresses, because of the drying time needed.

    2) about an inch of the corner on the cover that suctions up the dirty water broke the very first time I used it, but that didn't affect the cleaning and suctioning at all that I could tell.

    3) I eventually put it, and my dual canister Hoover Windtunnel vacuum,HOOVER COMPANY U8181900 BAGLESS/BAGGED UPRIGHT VACUUM into Sears warantee program for maintenance and repair, and they replaced the broken parts, including the heating unit which they said was not working. Vacuum came back more damaged and dirty and the shampooer had new damage; Sears picked them up and I lost both machines for 1 yr now! Avoid trap of Sears ext Warrantee. If already have it, refuse their replacements, or no mfr warantee; get store credit instead. Pay $1 over store credit to get orig. mfr's warrantee, and then get out of Sears Repair fast! ...more info
  • Great SteamVac!
    Product arrived very quickly from Amazon and with all pieces/attachments in the box. I used the SteamVac a few days after it arrived, and it is much easier to use than the Bissell we recently threw in the trash, and it seems to clean the carpets much better too. I was impressed at how much dirt this SteamVac sucked out of our carpets. We had recently had our carpets cleaned, approximately 1 1/2 months prior to using this SteamVac, and it was able to get a large amount of dirt and grime out of the carpets despite the fact that the carpets didn't look dirty.

    The only issue is that it does tend to leak when you are putting the water resevior back on the machine and when you take the water collection container out of the machine to empty. It also takes quite a few fill-ups to clean a room if you take your time and use the auto-rinse feature for each pass over the carpet.

    Overall, it works extremely well, much better than my 5 year old Bissell ever did, and it seems well made. Just make sure to clean it well after each use to ensure it operates properly in the future. ...more info
  • No good if you have dogs
    This is the second one I have owned. If you have a dog with medium or long hair, don't buy a Hoover SteamVac like this. The hair quickly lodges between the circular brushes. Soon thereafter, the brushes will stop turning. The brush unit is attached to the vac by a cheap plastic pin. Twice this pin has sheared off resulting in the entire brush unit needing to be replaced. The only way to prevent this is to remove the brush unit regularly and clean it which both difficult and disgusting. Also, I do vacuum the carpet before I use this unit. But as many dog owners know, hair can get lodged in carpets and needs a deep clean to get out. For our next unit we will be buying a Rug Doctor or a Bissel Proheat....more info
  • Does a great job!
    I've used it on carpeting, tile flooring, and carpeted stairs. It did a great job. The wand for cleaning stairs doesn't have the same suction power as the main unit, but it did a great job getting the stairs clean. It took them a little longer to dry (overnight), which is not a problem. Cleaning tile flooring worked well too, and the rinse feature is very useful here. Much less wear and tear on my back using this maching versus a traditional mop. The squeegee picks up much of the water. If you continue to go over it repeatedly, you can probably get all of the water up, but I chose to use a towel to get the remaining water. The attachments are very easy to switch out. The unit is easy to take apart to clean. I highly recommend this machine. ...more info
  • Hoover vs Bissell
    Which is best the Bissell 9500 or the Hoover All Terrain SteamVac F7452900, they are both priced about the same. To find out I read all the reviews on both Amazon and Best Buy and here is my analysis.

    Both units have their plusses but on Amazon 68% of the reviewers gave the Bissell the highest five star rating while those reviewing the Hoover only 49% gave it a five star rating. Clearly on Amazon the Bissell is favored.

    On the Best Buy web site they ask " would you recommend this product to a friend." In the case of the Bissell 90% said yes but in the case of the Hoover only 55% said yes. So The Bissell is again a winner. The next question is why are people dissatisfied with the Hoover and the answer is that they often leak and the components easily break.

    Next question, where is the best place to buy a Bissell 9500 and that answer is Best Buy who at this writing has them on sale for $254.99 with free shipping....more info
  • MAJOR quality issues with parts
    Being one of those people who thoroughly reviews these types of items both through the web and people I know, AND also always willing to spend the extra money to theoretically ensure quality, I was very disappointed with this SteamVac. Initially it was fabulous. Then, after a few months of use (granted high use from having 2 dogs & lots of carpet), parts began to break. First the hand held stairs attachment. Then the main tank sprung a leak via a crack across the bottom where the plastic was thin. I have tried various types of caulk & super glue to fix it as buying a new one only after a few months of use seemed ludicrous, but that has not really worked. It is now essentially useless until I find and purchase a new tank - a feat in and of itself. WHEN it was working it was great, though not as good on hard floors as units intended specifically for them. Likely would not buy again if I had it to do over again....more info
  • Great Value, Easy to use
    We purchased this Hoover after 2 Bissel units failed after only being used 4 or 5 times each. Although they cleaned OK for the money they were delicate and were a pain to use and clean. Were were determined to never buy another current Bissel system and were skeptical that any non-commercial product would be worth the money. Well the Hoover worked better than we expected...it was easier to use and much easier to clean up. Half the work of cleaning carpets with non-commercial products is cleaning them thoroughly after use so they won't deteriorate or clog up and fail subsequently. The Hoover brush and tank system is easy to clean and if you are careful to pretreat the carpet according to directions first it comes very close to the more expensive rental units...and is right there when you need it. Our carpet was in great need of cleaning in some high traffic areas and the Hoover did as good as the Rug Doctor rental we had a few weeks earlier. Hopefully it doesn't self destruct after several uses, like the Bissel trash we have bought twice in the last six years. One of them was in for warranty repair and had the motor replaced after 9 months and it failed again due to water getting into the motor compartment and rusting the electrical components and both of them had problems with valves and the handle latch that locks them in upright position. The repairman warned us that Bissell's were very sensitive to dispensing too much water during the rinse cycle which would overflow into the internal compartments and could not be expected to last very long. UPDATE *** AFTER 6 MONTHS (3 USES) THE MAIN PLASTIC HOUSING OF THE HOOVER CRACKED WHERE THE WATER TANK CONNECTS...IT HAS BEEN BABIED BUT IS STILL A FRAGILE PRODUCT LIKE THE BISSEL OTHERWISE IT CLEANS WELL. I INTEND TO HAVE IT REPAIRED UNDER WARRANTY. STAND BY FOR MORE....more info
  • great product
    have 2 teenage kids that think cleaning a spill is putting paper towel over it and leaving it for the maid (me)needless to say what the carpet looked like. After reading many reviews my main concern was the tanks breaking for some people, but after buying it i was real happy on the job it did, almost brought back the carpet to like new condition and it was really bad from many spills pop juices coffee if only i can find a product that will get the coffee stains up i will be completely satisfied heard rumors about white vinegar gonna try that next as for the tank problem i can see what people were complaining about but if u are careful it shouldn't be a issue,would definitly recommend to family and friends...more info
  • Love It!
    I've owned this steam carpet cleaner for 2 months now and I'm very happy with it. I have a new puppy and one older dog, both with bladder control issues, so I've been getting my carpet professionally cleaned for quite some time. (I've got 2 "good" dogs and 2 grown sons who drag dirt into the house too!) Plus, I've been doing battle on my own in between the pro cleanings with a mini-cleaner (Hoover) and a big Bissell. Neither ever did half the job this Hoover All-Terrain does! The suction is great and leaves the carpet nearly dry after you've cleaned. The cleaning job it performs on the dirtiest of carpet, even in high-traffic areas, is wonderful. (As good as the professional companies.) I do use their cleaning fluid and I like that too. I was a bit freaked out to spend so much on a unit that no one had written anything about, but honestly, I couldn't recommend this more highly. I love this machine!...more info
  • Worked better than expected
    We previously had the Bissell steam vac until we wore it out.

    This unit has performed better than expected. We did read the other reviews and took note of the issues. About the only issue we would agree with is the weight...but what do you expect....dump about 1.5 gallons of water in it and it's going to be heavy. We have had no issues with leaks or installing the tanks...maybe we are just a bit more mechanically inclined that other people.

    The big difference we see between this unit and the Bissell is how much water it uses...a lot more...but after seeing how much dirt it pulls out...that is ok.

    So, if you want to call it a complaint, then it would be how often you have to empty and refill the unit....but then again, it's pulling out a lot of dirt. What we find works well is to make the first few passes over the carpet using just the rinse. This pulls up a LOT of dirt. Then we use the cleaning solution followed by a lot more rinsing....in fact, we keep rinsing until the waste water starts to look clear.

    Have not tried it on tile floors but it does do a good job on wood floors...

    We are very glad we bought this unit. Worth the money....more info
  • How did I do floors without it
    Best floor to floor staem vac ever the only thing is don't loan it out to anyone ever they won't want to give it back ...more info
  • Hoover Hell
    I purchased the predecessor to this model 3 years ago. I've used it less than 15 times. Just past the 1 year warranty I had to replace the fresh water tank ($50) because of a leak. A few months later the trigger to spray water from hose end attachments broke spraying water everywhere. You must purchase an entire new hose for $35. The little plastic trigger is the only thing on the entire hose that broke...and it's removable. Why do I have to replace the entire hose for a plastic piece the size of a dime? The trigger broke again yesterday (I got about 3 uses out of this replacement one). Looks like I'll have to order another $35 hose. If you do buy one of these make sure you don't store the unit with either the fresh or waste water tanks installed. Keeping the tanks installed in storage warps the gasket and makes them leak. Overall I wouldn't recommend these cleaners. Pay for a professional or rent a cleaner....more info
  • fantastic
    thi is the best steam vac !!!!!!!thang you amazon good product good shiping fast ...more info
  • What a lemon! Stay away!!!
    I have never bought a worse piece of stuff in my life (except for VW Jetta but that's another story). After about 3 uses the water tank seals were broken (just like many of the other users noted). That piece of plastic (you have to replace the entire tank) costs about $50-60. And the new tank is again worth for about 2-3 uses before it starts leaking too. It is a very bad design, the way you have to insert that tank on the base that is simply wrong. There is no way that tank seals could last even if they were made of titanium.
    Second, the unit is very difficult to maintain. You can't easily disassemble the brushes without breaking the clear plastic cover. Then after a while the thing starts leaking from the bottom. I can't figure out what's wrong with the thing but you can guess - EVERYTHING. I don't have much experience with other steamers but this one is really bad. And for the price $250-300 they could have built something better. This is not the best Hoover product. This is steamer is a dark spot on Hoover's resume that not even a Hoover SteamVac All Terrain featured here can lift......more info
  • Five stars with reservation.
    I purchased this machine about a year ago. I was astonished at how much
    chocolate colored liquid was in the recovery tanks, even after several
    carpet cleanings! I, too, had problems with the clean water tank leaking, but it was just recently. The tanks are really flimsy around the bottom seal. Hoover should have offered a free replacement to all purchasers. Hopefully, the newer models have the new tanks with the detergent holder as part of the tank unit; do reference the replacement tanks and see if the machine that you are considering has it.

    I have just purchased the new clean water tank which is much more solid in design. It will cost between 40-55, on average, to replace it. The deal that I got on Amazon with free shipping was about $100. off regular prices so I am still ahead, even with having to replace this part.

    To me it is well worth it. In the absense of my replacement tank I had
    been using the old sponge mop. My floors were not really clean after. The grout was not clean and the dogs added to the mess after rainy days.

    The new tank eases into the machine quite nicely and much better than the old clean water tank. I had to make sure that the old tank was aligned perfectly; sometimes it took several tries.

    A few months had lapsed since cleaning my carpets due to replacing the tank. Upon cleaning, the amount of dirt pulled out of my champagne colored carpets is astonishing. Vacuuming just isn't sufficient, although the carpets "look alright and clean" after vacuuming. The hard floor cleaning components work very well on my kitchen tile and grout floors, as well.

    I suppose results depend on various floors. My white tiles look and smell terrific upon completion. I do have to get under the cabinet edges by hand due to the overhang on my cabinets. The machine will not
    fit under them.

    I use the deep cleaning detergent for my carpets. The large size is convenient and I prefer the scent over the regular one.

    I definately prefer life with the all-terrain than without it. I really, really like the results that the machine yields for my circumstances. No professional service, rented unit or other cleaners have given the same results. I do agree with others about some flimsy parts; one of the hooks that the cord stores around broke off soon after purchase.

    I have yet to get the hang of the stair attachment. The spray seems to go in a direction other than that which I am targeting. It does a good job overall, though.
    ...more info
    IF YOU HAVE POROUS CEREMIC TILES DO NOT BUY. We got this product to clean our downstairs which is made of ceremic tiles. Even thou this product is called a "SteamVac" it does heat the water and it uses NO steam. The water is only as hot as you place into the container. It also lacks the scubbing power to get tile clean that might be a little bit porous. This product did make a bit of difference on the floor but as I said but with our tiles being porous it left so many places uncleaned. This product was easy to use I will admit but that does not make up for the fact that I wasted so much time trying to get my tiles clean with no real results. We have not tried this on carpet as so many people have stated that it works well on yet but not sure we will try. So if you have carpet maybe give this a try but as I said if you have any type of tile that might be slightly porous, RUN the other way and find something better. Thanks for listening....more info
  • Easy To Use Hoover Steam Vac
    This steam vac is easy to operate and handle. I was happy with the way it cleaned the carpet and how simple it was to clean up afterward. All the compartments pop off with ease and with just a rinse, your finished! ...more info
  • Buy it NOW!
    You use it twice - and it pays for itself when compared to hiring professional carpet cleaners to come to your home.

    This is an amazing cleaner. Our carpets have never looked better! I only wish we would have gotten it sooner.

    Not quite sure why people say the water tank is difficult to remove... no problems here! Easy to use and it does a marvelous job. Buy it now!...more info
  • Great Cleaner!!
    This is a great cleaner. It does a great job on the carpets and did very well on our tile and hardwood floors. I am a happy customer! It's very easy to use and no leaks at all. I like the fact that you don't have to mix the cleaning solution with the water. It does it for you. Very easy to operate. Don't go cheap. Spend a little extra and get this unit. I have 2 boys, 2 dogs and 3 cats and this keeps my carpets clean and fresh. No more rug doctor which did a mediocre job at best. ...more info
  • IT BROKE after 3 months!
    It broke after a few months! The brushes stopped turning. repair guy said 4170 to fix. he said he gets these in all the time and they are made of cheap plastic parts. he recommened not getting another one because they need constant repairs. It worked great while it was working. now if they could just make them to last more than a few months!For some reason I can't change my star rating. otherwise it would be 1 star....more info
  • Outstanding Unit
    I purchased this about a month ago and we have a new puppy that is now potty trained but it took over a month to do so. We bought the maching to take care of stains left behind by cleaners used to clean the mistakes the puppy did. This machine took out stains that have been in the carpet since we bought the house and we have an off white carpet so everyting shows. I am extremely impressed with this device and would recommend it to any of my friends....more info
  • Hoover f7452900 SteamVac All terrain At great PRICE!!
    Hoover F7452900 was one of my best buy this year. I am really impressed with this product and my carpet looks brand new again. I love the six spinning brushes they really work.

    James...more info
  • WOW!
    We bought a puppy. Our carpet went into shock. My Bissel could not keep up with the stains, so I decided to try a commercial cleaner from the local hardware store. I was extremely impressed with the cleaning I got, but the machine, which was a type of upright was very difficult to manuver. I decided to look for a new cleaner, so I went online for reviews to find out what cleaner was the best. The consesus seemed to be in favor of Hoovers, so I went to Amazon to look for a Hoover. I read the evaluations for the different Hoovers. It was clear that the All-Terrain had a lot of people who liked it. I was impressed, particularly with the reviewer who said that the All-Terrain removed the gray path down the hallway. I have that path, and the same gray shadow in front of the furniture--could never get rid of it.
    What made the All-Terrain particularly attractive to me was the fact that Amazon was offering free shipping, which made it cheaper than it was at my local Sears.
    I bought it. It arrived before Amazon said it would be shipped! I put it together, filled it with the soap and water and let 'er rip. It is a heavy machine, but much more manuverable than the commercial machine. The suction is impressive. It was a real treat to watch the dirty water come out of the carpet. My Bissel would pick up only about 20% of the water out of my burber; the All-Terrain seemed to get about 70%.
    I did not have any problems with solution/water as some people mentioned. I put 5 ounces of cleaner in the soap dispenser and 1 gallon water in the tank, and they both emptied at the same time. I learned from the Bissel to do all my tank changing on the kitchen floor in case there was any leaking.
    I appreciated the convenient placement of the on/off switch and the long cord. Like some reviewers, it took me a couple attempts to figure out how to lock the clean water tank in place. It is easy to clean up the tanks after use. It is easy to put everything back in place.
    It took me an hour from filling to putting away and I was left with an amazingly dry, clean carpet. By morning I was impressed with the fresh look to the carpet.
    I next used the machine to clean the seats of my husband's pick-up. Even he took a turn and impressed with how much dirt was removed from the seats.
    I have not used the All-Terrain on my hard floors. That is not what I bought it for.
    I am extremely satisfied with the All-Terrain's performance on my carpet and upholstery. It is a pleasure to use a product that does such a good job with relative ease. I have recommended it to my friends....more info
  • Does a good job, but water tank broke after just a few uses
    I am very pleased with this product overall. It does a great job of keeping my carpets clean. It has worked great every time as expected except for the two complaints below about this machine.

    First, the water tank broke after just a few uses. The three pieces it is made out of just came apart. The tank is poorly designed/assembled and thus doesn't hold together. The tank does not require replacement...I have since permanently fixed it by sticking it back together with some epoxy. No big deal for anyone who is handy in the slightest amount.

    Second it the hand attachment. It really doesn't work that well at all. The water/soap sprayer is in the wrong position to be effective/efficient when cleaning stairs. The suction from the hand tool is almost worthless so you basically have to let whatever you are cleaning air dry for a long time....more info
  • Pleasant Surprise
    I had some very set in stains and this Hoover did the job fabulously! I did not experience the problems other reviews mention. It was a concern of mine upon purchase however, I had heard so many wonderful things about this particular Hoover. I figured I would retur it if I wasn't satisfied and this is one cleaner NOT going back!...more info
  • Great Carpet Cleaner ~ Worth the Price~
    My husband is the carpet cleaner in the household, he loves this machine over the other 3 we have owned. Our old machine broke and we borrowed our neighbors and then my husband just had to have one. We went to best buy (where my neighbor bought his) and priced it out. Needless to say I did not want to spend $319.00 for a carpet cleaner. Came home and looked here and found it for $279.00 with free shipping. Have not tried the hard floor cleaning yet. ...more info
  • Great Cleaner, but some design flaws.
    I have given this machine 3 stars, because when it is working well, it is one of the best home extractor units out there! The machine has nice features, like the rinse feature. You can just rinse the carpets without shampoo. The parts that I see break frequently are the Shampoo tank itself, and the part the tank connects to on the base of the machine. I can't even tell you how many shampoo tanks we have sold for this machine. It is designed in a way that the normal consumer will break 6-10. Be carefull when reattaching the shampoo tank after refilling with water/shampoo. ...more info
  • Don't hesitate like I did!
    I know many of you probably feel just like I did when I read all the reviews on here. You see a good one, then a bad one and your mind starts to play tricks on you. Well, I too had those feelings until one day I said forget it, and i went to Best Buy and purchased this steam Vac.

    I have 2 siberian huskies that have literally KILLED my white carpets. I have brown spots, yellow spots, water spots, and other miscellaneous stains.

    Assembly is easy, but EVERYONE should read the manual and educate themselves on maintenance and proper use. Don't try to be a hero and run and gun. Educate yourself in its uses.

    Once I set it up I was amazed by how easy it was to use. You pull the trigger and get the carpet nice and wet, then SLOWLY you pull back in forth in a nice motion until you see no more water being sucked into the dirty container. WOW! I'd say about 95% of all my stains are gone.

    My girlfriend came over tonight and was amazed by how well the VAC cleaned.


    (and get an extended warranty if you can)

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Hoover All Terrain SteamVac
    Although I purchased this SteamVac and the cleaner mainly for our carpet cleaning, it also has capability for Hardwood floor cleaning. The price was good and the SteamVac is handy. The separate water/cleaner/collection tank made it easy for use. I may had to recharge these tanks mutiple times but it was not bad compared to the other products (with smaller tank capacity)....more info
  • Hope You Don't Need Parts
    This is a great steam-vac. It does a great job, easy to use, and the other reviewiers have covered the high points pretty well.

    On the other hand, the thing that is driving me nuts is trying to buy replacement parts. All I need are the two clips that hold the receiver tank on the unit's base. My girlfriend managed to break them and now the receiver unit doesn't seal as well and the unit doesn't clean as well either due to lack of suction, minor leakage, etc.

    I've tried Hoover. I've tried the other stores that sell them. You can't just buy parts for the damn thing. So people should just know - if something breaks and it is out of warranty, you may just be buying a new unit as opposed to buying a few dollars worth of plastic.

    With that one caveat, it is a great cleaner. Just don't break anything and don't let anyone else break anything....more info
  • All Terrain does it all
    I am very pleased with my Hoover Steam Vac All Terrain Model. I had some seriously soiled carpets and the Hoover handled it well. All parts worked well and I had no leak problems or other difficulties. It dealt with pet hair with little difficulty. Although frequent cleaning of the take up path was needed, it was to be expected given the conditions. I would stongly recommend this machine. ...more info
  • Hoover cleaner
    I just love this machine! It does a wonderful job and is easy to use!

    My only complaint is that the machine is misnamed. "SteamVac" is a misleading name. It does no steam, nor is it a vacuum cleaner. It is a shampooer. But with this machine, why would anyone use a vacuum cleaner? This is just as easy to use and does so much more than a vacuum cleaner does!...more info
  • Fantastic product! Great job on carpet, pleasantly surprised on tile.
    I have previously used the Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner to clean the inevitable stains associated with cats and potty training little boys from my Berber carpet. A friend has that cleaner, so I borrowed it on several occasions before finally deciding to get one of my own. Just before I was ready to buy, Good Housekeeping ran a review on the Hoover SteamVac so I looked it up on Amazon. I read the reviews and decided to take my chances with it.

    I am amazed at the difference in the two machines. The Bissell used to shear off fibers from the carpet and leave a nasty trail of what looks like hairballs behind as I worked. The clean and dirty tanks are in the same unit which is clever, but almost impossible to clean.

    The Hoover has two tanks - one for clean hot water with a compartment for the cleaning solution, and one for the dirty water. Both water tanks hold a gallon. I had no problems loading the clean tank or removing the dirty tank. No dripping of dirty water, no puddles on the rug or the kitchen floor when changing tanks.

    Like I said before, I've cleaned my entire house several times with the Bissell machine, but I was amazed at the almost muddy water that came out of the carpet. It was as if I'd never cleaned the floors before. The dirty tank is easy to rinse out and reattach. The trick is to "recline" the machine so the clean tank is laying on the ground attached to the handle. Unsnap the clips and the dirty tank comes right off with no problem at all. Clean it out, snap the lid back on and clip it back into place and then you can stand the handle back up and deal with the clean tank.

    The suction on this machine is amazing. It used to take hours and hours for the carpet to dry when I used the Bissell. I'd have to turn the fans on high and let them go overnight to have dry carpets in the morning. Two hours after cleaning the carpet (2 cleaning/rinse passes plus a rinsing only pass) and the floors were nearly dry.

    I tested the Hoover on my kitchen tile. I hate ceramic tile. I will never have it in another house, but I'm stuck with it for now. I usually use the Vapor Clean II steam/pressure cleaner on the tile, but decided to give the Hoover a try since it came with the cleaning solution for the job. I wouldn't want to use it every time I clean the kitchen floor, but for a quick cleaning before company comes it'll do the trick. Again, I did not have any puddle problems. If you release the trigger just before you finish your pull stroke you won't have any puddling to speak of. The Hoover does a great job sucking up the water on the tile and even gets the water from the grout. It doesn't do a great job on grout because that's not what it's designed to do. I'll stick to my VaporClean and the special brush I have for that.

    I'm also happy with the amount of cleaner used. The Bissell goes through cleaning solution at a much faster rate than the Hoover does. I like that, since leaving soap on the fibers is just going to make the floor get dirty faster.

    The only things I'm not thrilled with:

    The cleaning solution dispenser is integrated with the clean water tank. I wish it came with a spout or something attached so that pouring out leftover solution wasn't so messy. I know I could leave the solution in there between uses, but I have already had to pour out leftover carpet solution to switch to the hard surface cleaner - then I had to put the hard surface cleaner back in the bottle to switch back for more carpet work. Some sort of retractable spout or a reversable plug with a spout attached would be great.

    The hose attachment is kind of flimsy. I've had the whole hose assembly fall off several times as I was changing tanks. It's not a huge deal, but it's annoying to the point that I'm considering taking that part off and storing it separately until I need to use the hand tools.

    Buy this cleaner - you won't be disappointed!

    ...more info
  • Versatle easy to use machine
    Easy to use and I like the fact that the solution is not mixed with the water because it is not wasted if you don't use it all. Works great on my textured tile floor which I previously had to scrub with a brush....more info
  • Very Good at Cleaning
    +Good Cleaning
    +Easy to Assemble
    +Good Instructions
    +Easy to operate.
    -Noisy, more so on hard floors.
    -Not as good at cleaning hard floors as it is carpet.
    -When cleaning hard floors, the water has a tendency to be pushed out either side of the unit, so must go over a few times to pick up all water.
    -Before turning off the unit, leave it running for 20 seconds or so to make sure that all the water is out of the nozzle. That way, water won't be left behind on the floor. More of a problem on hard floors.
    -Comes with small solution bottles.
    -No place to store extra brushes on tool caddy.
    ?Mine didn't come with the scrub module hand tool. I think it was suppose to. I'll update the review once I find out for sure.
    ?It would be nice if it came with the spin scrubber tool. ...more info
  • No probs thus far, only have owned for 2 1/2 months though
    No problems so far. I have read about the leaking intake valve, and have noticed that the clean water tank is very hard to get into place. I have yet to try it out on bare floors, but if there are any problems I'll adjust my rating for this item....more info
  • Good value - does the job
    I just bought mine at Lowes for the $299 here and saved shipping.

    I wanted a device that worked almost as good as a Rug Doctor, but not built like a heavy sherman tank and not cost near $600. The $299 price point was about as high as I would go before renting. I didn't need something that I can pass onto my grandchildren, but I didn't want a Bissle either. (I've owned two from Bissle and both had some major design flaw that rendered the thing useless way before the expected life span, and other reviewers concur). That pretty much leaves this Hoover. I've had Hoover vacuums over the years and I've always considered them decent and "get what you pay for" machines.

    I brought this Steam Vac home yesterday and just finished giving it a thorough break in. My carpets are nicely clean, and dry. Better than when the pros came out, I might add, because I can give as much or little attention to my own carpets on my own time.

    This works very well, about as good as a rug doctor in my opinion, but slower. The Rug Doctor is a little quicker because it has a slightly more agressive motorized brush. I'm ok with that because this is half the price. This also works on tile/hardwoods and has an interchangable brush for this; I'm not sure if the rug doctor is suited for hard floors.

    The suction is very good, and does an excellent job, perhaps even better than the Rug Doctor at sucking up the wet. And you can really see how much crud is coming out of your carpets as the clean water comes back dirty. Those results speak for themselves.

    My only complaint is how the 1 gallon clean water resevoir runs out. I think I spend about as much time refilling this as I do actually cleaning the carpet. I suppose the only way they could have fixed this would be to drastically increasing the size (and weight) of the machine, so I suppose that's the compromise you get for having a more lightweight, nimble machine.

    I also recommend a can of "Spot Shot", a WD40 product that is amazing for removing spots. This teamed up nicely with the Steam Vac and there wasn't a stain or a spot that I couldn't get clean....more info
  • Definitely buy this machine!!!!
    After reading numerous reviews on this machine I had mixed feelings about buying this particular model. The ones that particularly scared me were the ones about the clean water tank breaking easily. What prompted me to buy this was all of the glowing comments on how well it did on cleaning.
    I have very light carpets, 3 dogs and 4 kids...you do the math. My carpets were filthy and I thought they would never come clean. I had one spot that I have gotten down on hands and knees on several occassions to scrub but was unable to get it out no matter how much scrubbing I did.
    I couldn't wait to get my machine put together when it came so I could see what it would do to the spot for HE**.
    After the first pass with this machine I was truly amazed at it's cleaning capabilities. I couldn't wait to get the rest of the floor cleaned! Just like all the other reviews I have read my carpet looked new again. It didn't take long for the carpet to dry either. If this machine breaks, I will go out a buy a new one asap. I have never owned a carpet cleaner and have always rented one. Rug Doctor can't compete on any level with this one. I am complete ecstatic. I can't wait to try it out on my tile floors to see if it works as well on them. My recommendation is to buy this machine and buy it now. The price that I got it for from Amazon saved me over $100!! My only concern is the clean water tank breaking. I plan on being very gentle with it so as to avoid this problem. ...more info
  • Does the job pretty good.
    I bought this vac Dec 2006 from Amazon. After I use a dry vac, I fill hot water and add detergent and start my cleaning. You can see the carpet is as good as new in a few minutes. You can also see the dirty water collecting in the reservoir to see what the vac has removed from your carpet!
    I would say you recover the cost in 1 or 2 uses. This vac is good for removing dust. But if you have to remove coffee or orange juice stains, you have to use a carpet spray like oxyclean and then use this vac. I bought this model as you get the attachments for the hardwood floors too. Although I dont think the vac is good at sucking water from hard floors. With carpet the very little water it leaves behind will dry in a few hours. But on hard floors it will take a long time to dry unless you mop it.
    In all an excellent buy....more info
  • The BEST carpet cleaner on the market and EASIEST to clean!
    The Good:

    This carpet cleaner cleans better than any Bissell. I have light carpet, black cats, and I exercise a lot on it. There were black stains on the carpet, plus I get pet accidents on the carpet. I owned Bissell and it did very little for that black track on the carpet. You know the daily track from the entryway to the stairs, the living room to the kitchen, and anywhere to the kitchen? That was extremely gray and black. My carpet is a creamy off white color.

    It took little effort to get that black track out. I just did it last night, and that was not the first time I have cleaned it with this machine, and it always turns out great, with the black spots, black dirt, and black tracks gone!

    They are all gone!

    The Comparison:

    I have owned a Bissell before with this apartment, and it did not clean as well. I would have to go over and over and over and OVER the spots. And the black track to the kitchen? It was still there, not as bad, but, still there, still dark, still awful.

    Now for CLEANING the machine:

    Cleaning is pretty easy. The tank can completely come out and there are parts in it that can be taken off and cleaned. This is the easiest carpet cleaner to clean, ever.

    There are many parts that can be unsnapped and removed to clean, as opposed to the Bissell which does not.

    You can undo the bottom top part where the carpet cleaner sucks everything in and run that under hot water in your sink, and all the hair and junk will come out.

    The Bissell was impossible to clean!

    Finally, I took a Lysol wipe to the bottom of the machine and pretty much after washing the tank out, unhooking the bottom rollers (again, you can't do this with Bissell) and putting them under hot water), the machine is clean again.

    The Recommendation:

    Buy this machine, it's the best on the market currently. My carpet looks as new as when I moved in a year ago.

    One cautionary note:

    I can not review the regular carpetless floor cleaning with this review as I have Pergo in the kitchen (yeah, I know, ridiculous move by the interior architect of the bldg.).

    However, if you have any carpet in your home THIS IS the machine to get! It's the BEST on the market. I bought mine at Circuit City btw.

    ...more info
    Disregard what the bad reviews say. This is a very nice steam cleaner. I had just purchased this over the weekend and love it. It's easy to use, easy to clean. By far better than my bissell! ...more info
  • Very happy with this cleaner
    Didn't know what to expect with the mixed reviews and all, but bought it anyway. I am really happy with it. The containers are not as cheap as some are making them out to be, you just need to take care of them just like anything else. This cleaner did a very good job on our carpet, and was very easy to use. The only thing I didn't like about it was that when I am done cleaning, the cleaner will leak a little bit of dirty water back onto my carpet from where the brushes are. So, I just parked it on my lenoleum kitchen floor when I was ready to empty the tank and add water, then I wiped up the mess when I was done. Overall it did a very good job, and I am pleased with the product. Amazon by the way had an excellent price on it....more info
  • Frustration Included
    This SteamVac is nothing more than an over-priced piece of plastic. I recently purchased one and after using it a couple of times discovered that there was a part missing from the box. I went to the Hoover website to try to get the missing part and all I got was an email telling me to call them (no toll free number). After calling Hoover they told me that they don't have the part to ship out (the manufacturer doesn't have the part to ship out?!). I was told that to get part I would have to get one from a local Hoover service center and when I asked if I was going to have to pay for the part the customer service person couldn't answer that question. The SteamVac was a pain to assemble. Getting the clean and dirty water tanks on and off are tricky and very easy to spill water in the process. If you have berber carpet don't bother buying this. The onboard attachments are placed awkwardly and fall off easily. Bad design and cheaply made. I will never buy another Hoover again....more info
  • Excellent Hoover Steam Vac Product!
    I only used this twice but am very impressed so far on it's feautures and ease of use. This vac does such an efficient job sucking up the wet, the cleaned area on the carpet dried quickly. The spots clean good enough so you can't tell there were spots were previously there. Overall, a decent product and a lot better than getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing. Great for parents who have little kids....more info
  • Arrived broken
    The first time I took it out of the box and tried to use it, it wouldn't work. Water spilled out all over from the hoses in the handle. I have just spent an hour trying to find a repair shop to fix my new machine. Presently it is just a heavy unusable thing in the way. Very frustrating for something that costs so much!...more info
  • A great purchase
    I researched many different steam vacs before settling on this one. I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. Three months prior to using this steam vac, we had a commercial company come and steam clean our carpets. I was amazed at the amount of dirt and grime the Hoover steam vac was able to pull out of our carpets just a short time after having them professionally cleaned! This is great for those that have pets too. We have 2 cats who like to toss their dinner on occassion -- the small brush attachment works very well for issues like that. The only complaint is that the water tank is difficult to get back on the machine without leaking water or chemical down the side of the machine. It takes some getting used to, but once you figure out how to get it on and off, you lose less water and chemical. ...more info
  • Hoover Steam Vac All Terrain
    I used my All Terrain Steam Vac for the first time two nights ago in our 5th-Wheel. I cannot believe how dirty our carpets were. The family takes off their shoes at the door, but the grey water tank was nearly black upon completion.
    I was so excited about the end result of the 5th-wheel, I used the machine in our master bedroom, of our two-year old home, the next morning. Again, we have a "no-shoes" house and our bedroom is upstairs away from heavy foot traffic. The All Terrain sucked up a lot of dirt, and my bedroom carpet looks new again.
    I did not have problems putting the machine together, and I didn't have any difficulties putting the water/solution tank on the machine. The system is very straight forward and created no mess.
    I have already recommended this item to my mother-in-law and my neighbor who just got a puppy.
    This is my 2nd Hoover Steam Vac. I loved the first one I purchased nine years ago, and I love this one...especially over the Bissel (which I owed between the two Hoovers).
    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Cleaning MAchine
    I purchased this item to replace a much older version of the Hoover cleaner. I have two dogs and occasionally have to clean up after them. It does a super job on carpet. I have also used it on hardwood floors - removed grime that mopping never did and the floor shinned like new. No complaints, no leaks, but make sure you set the water container into it's brackets properly or it will leak....more info
  • my wife calls it the 2 minute wonder!
    excellent product. cuts cleaning time by from 4.5 hours to 1.5 hours... i still have energy after cleaning the entire house to do other stuff>>
    Great invention....more info
  • Good Overall Performance-But Does NOT Steam
    I have had no problem with leaks or the Hoover's ability to clean stains from the carpets in my house. It does NOT steam as it's name implies; the hot water that YOU put in the tank is the only heated water that get applied to the floor. There is NO heating element in the Hoover that could convert water to steam. Misleading-yes, but a good overall performer....more info
  • The ultimalte Hoover
    This hoover sucks with the best of em. My rug never looked this clean....more info
  • Love this machine!
    I have finished using this steam cleaner on my entire house and I am very pleased. I pulled an embarrassing amount of dirt out of my carpets. I would recommend using the rinse cycle in addition to the cleaning because I still pulled up a lot of dirty water after rinsing. My carpets were only slightly damp when finished. Don't expect this machine to work miracles on tile and grout, however. It cleaned better than mopping would but still left grime that is hard to clean. I had no problem with leaking or using too much soap as I have read in other reviews. It is well worth the money, but I don't expect it to last forever because there are so many plastic parts....more info
  • Does exactly what it says.
    The Hoover All Terrain steam vac does a wonderful job. Not only does the brushes clean real well, but the vacuum gets most of the water back out of the carpet. The drying time is minimal....more info
  • Hoover All Terrain Steam Vac
    This product is awesome!! I've bought other Hoover steam vac's in the past but this one blows the others right out of the water. I see where other user's have complained about the tank leaking but as long as you attach it properly this will not happen. I would definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • hoover steamvac
    aside from the extremly loud motor while in operation this steamvac does a fabulous job.i experienced no leaking and feel that persons who did ,did not have the water tank on securely. recommend this machine for its cleaning power. put up with the loud motor and you have a fantastic machine....more info
  • Good....at first
    We purchased the All Terrain about six months ago. The instructions are very well written and assembly was easy. I fired it up for the first time and it cleaned the carpets beautifully. I thought we had a real winner. After that initial use the problems began to creep up. Starting with the second use, the clean water tank began leaking around the seal at a fairly significant rate. I probably should have returned the unit, but I didn't, and now regret it because it is now totally out of commission. The brushes are connected to the unit via a drive shaft that is less than 1/4" thick plastic. On our cleaner this shaft sheered off and is stuck in the unit. Only at this point did I do any serious research about the All Terrain on the Internet and realized that these two issues are very common with these units and apparently dealing with Hoover for repair can be a nightmare. Caveat Emptor...more info
  • best cleaner ever
    This is the best carpet cleaner I've ever used. My off-white carpet looks brand new and the auto-rinse feature is fabulous! It arrived less than a week after I purchased it and in perfect shape. Wonderful buy....more info
  • Good Hard Floor Cleaner... but...
    I rated this a 4 because overall I think it's a good machine for the money. I bought this cleaner mainly because I have nearly 550 sq ft of ceramic tile in a newly purchased home that had disgustingly dirty floors. I contacted a local professional company and they wanted nearly $500 to clean and seal my floors... So, I figured for that money I could do it myself!

    It was fairly easy to put together out of the box, although I will say that setting up for the hard floor cleaner took me a little extra time. I have not yet used this cleaner for carpets so I am only speaking to the hard floor portion of this machine.

    I tried "Swiffering" my floors but that left dirt in my grout and some grime on the tiles... then I tried an older model Floormate (that I already own) and it did an okay job but just didn't have the power to get the deep down dirt left by the previous owner... (I don't think she EVER cleaned her tiles!)

    Anyway, this cleaner did a fabulous job on my hard floors BUT it did take me a long time, lots of trips to the sink to empty dirty water, get clean water and lots of cleaner (they don't give you enough floor cleaner in the box... at least for the size of my job so buy extra before hand if you have anything larger than a 100 sq ft or so!!).

    There are some drawbacks as mentioned by another user... it is VERY loud. I'm sure the fact I was using it in a large, tiled area didn't help! It does leave puddles if you don't go over every single inch of the floor where you laid down the cleaning solution... but you can overcome that if you switch the mode to spill clean up mode. If you just set the cleaner in Auto mode... then you get the solution with cleaner when you press the button followed by a rinse on subsequent passes... which is probably why you have puddles. So, I just switched the machine between auto mode for cleaning to spill pickup which is basically a wet-vac mode... and voile...no puddles. It took me some time to figure that out...

    It also doesn't get really close to the edge of the walls... BUT it has an on board attachment that you can use if you feel the desire to get that up close and personal with your floorboards!

    Overall I liked this machine... Now I know why the professionals charge SO much for this type of job but since I purchased this big guy, I can do it myself over and over... after this first job... it has paid for itself!!!
    ...more info
  • My carpet is so clean :)
    I bought this after reading many reviews. Other than only have a 1 gallon tank, the reviews were good. Now I understand why. When I got the machine I found it easy to assemble. Then when I used it I found that I was having fun seeing all that dirt come up from my carpets (sick I know) as my carpets had not been cleaned in almost 2 years. They were dirty, especially in the high traffic areas. This machine did a great job of cleaning it all....more info
  • Wow!!!
    This is the first cleaner I have owned. If I had known how easy it could be I would have purchased a cleaner long ago. My carpet looks like new except for a couple of stains that I should have pretreated. I had no leaks. Some have complained of the weight of the maching but I thought it was just right. Too light and it might not do the job. I would recommend to my friends....more info
  • Impressive, almost perfect
    OK, this review is being written after cleaning the plush carpet in the hallway, den, and master bedroom with the Hoover Steam Vac All Terrain for the first time. It is very impressive. Removed many carpet stains (we have two active dogs who race in and out at will, so much for obedience training). The only stain not removed was a 2001 Merlot, spilled a month ago by yours truly...another reason to stick with Chardonnay. Probably woulda cleaned the stain a month ago if I had had the Steam Vac. Everything dried in less than an hour...I ran the furnace at 75 with two windows cracked to take out the humidity. Outdoors temp was 55.

    Downsides: I always felt lucky when the clean water tank popped into place. It has no positive locks, but depends on a snapping motion. The waste water tank is at least held in place with positive locks that are idiot proof...I yanked the full waste water tank off the machine without loosening the locks first. They ripped out of their seats with no damage and very easily were reattached. I had no problem carrying the waste water tank by the handle and do not underrstand the issue with it cited by earlier reviewers. Another complaint is the clean water tank does dribble. You can watch it leaking on both sides but as the carpet is wet anyway, not that important. Oh yeah, the filter screen by the brushes is next to impossible to remove. You'll get your exercise trying to get that sucker out.

    So, if the above problems (none serious) were resolved this would be a 5-star machine. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a friend. It did its job well.

    ...more info
  • Hoover Delivers!
    This is the second carpet cleaner that I've purchased in the last four years. The first one was a Bissell ProHeat piece of junk that lasted in my house for exactly two hours. After our puppy threw up all over the living room for the second time this month, I knew it was time to give carpet cleaners another try.

    The power and suction that this machine has is amazing. While it was disturbing to watch the filthy water being sucked into the recovery tank, it was also reassuring that it was doing what it was supposed to do.

    The clean tank with water and detergent does empty fairly quickly so I'm glad that it was clear plastic as well. I don't mind buying truck loads of detergent as long as it does it's job.

    Now on to the actual cleaning. WOW! My carpets have never looked so good. When we moved into this house, we had the expectation that we would remove and replace all of the existing carpets. That is no longer a priority of mine. Even professional cleaners haven't had such a good result and I wonder if maybe they weren't slow or careful enough?? Anyway, high traffic areas and pet oops are now indistinguishable from the rest of the carpet.

    Assembly should have been easier but the directions were poor. They used technical terms for the pieces that I wasn't yet familiar with and the illustrations weren't great. In the beginning I was frustrated and a little concerned that I had made another carpet cleaner error.

    However, once I used good judgement instead of the directions, it all went together just fine.

    The machine is fairly heavy and "industrial" feeling even though it's all plastic. I'm sure that my nine year old could manage back and forth, but it's too heavy for her to go around things if the room isn't emptied out.

    Despite the initial assemby issues, I'm very glad I chose the Hooever Steam Vac All Terrain. I'm even going to get another one for my Mom!

    ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY THIS - The Carpet Cleaning is okay, but the Hard Surface Cleaning is disappointing
    Background: We have a lot of tiled flooring, carpet in the bedrooms and dining room, and I was looking to find something that could clean the carpets well AND get our hard flooring clean, including the grout lines.

    The Good:

    All the parts were in the box and arrived in good condition. There are two screws and nuts that need to be installed to attach the handle, and Hoover kindly included an extra nut in the hardware bag. Good thing, too, as I promptly dropped and lost one nut when I was installing the handle.

    The carpet cleaning function worked pretty well, once I figured out all the mechanics behind this device. The carpets in the bedrooms look noticeably nicer than when I started, and the dirty water tank was testimony that the carpets had grime and dirt that needed to be extracted.

    The Bad:

    There is a lot bad with this unit. First off, it's very heavy and very loud. Carefully consider who is going to use this unit to ensure that person is physically strong enough to lug a heavy cleaner like this around the house.

    Installing the clean water tank was a terrible experience. I read, re-read and re-read again the instruction manual, and still I had water dripping everywhere and I lost ONE-HALF of the cleaning solution that was spilled onto the floor, because if you don't align the tank just right, water and cleaning solution spill everywhere, causing a big, big mess. (Here's a hint if you do buy this unit, which I DO NOT recommend: install the clean water tank firstly, and THEN add the cleaning solution to the clean water tank -- it's not real easy to do that given where the cap opening is located, but it may save you spilling expensive cleaning solution unnecessarily). Finally, I came up with my own way of installing the clean water tank so it won't spill: approach the cleaner from behind, lean over the handle (I can do that, I'm tall), hold the clean water tank with both hands and install it onto the cleaner while your body prevents the cleaner from moving around. Even still, installing the clean water tank is an error-prone design. Once you get the hang of it, it's probably okay, but it's not a fun learning process.

    Removing and replacing the scrub brushes is somewhat difficult because there is no easy way to grasp the brushes and pull them out. The instructions for removing the suctioning cover that fits over the top of the cleaner base is really confusing. Tip: you remove this clear plastic piece from the narrow top firstly, not from the wide bottom (the instructions and picture make this point impossible to decipher correctly).

    The Ugly:

    I bought this unit particularly so it could clean tile grout. At least one other remover noted that this unit did well on her grout. Well, I'm here to report that this cleaner does a TERRIBLE job at cleaning grout, and it doesn't even do a good job cleaning the tile floor, for that matter. In fact, there is no way for this unit to clean grout, because the brushes rotate horizontally across the floor -- to clean grout, you'd need brushes to rotate in a circle vertically, so the brush bristles can work themselves in the lower recesses of the grout lines.

    Unless you're VERY CAREFUL, you'll have pools of water on your tile floor that didn't get sucked up. You'll be fondly thinking of how easy -- and quick! -- it was to just use a pail and mop to clean your tile floor, rather than lugging this very heavy, hard to use, tedious to clean floor cleaner.

    DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT! Don't buy an iRobot Scooba to clean your hard floor surfaces, either (I tried that one, too, with unacceptable results). Although this unit did well cleaning carpets, buy the less expensive Hoover model that ONLY cleans carpets. You'll save money that way, but be prepared for the same frustrations with leaky clean water tanks, hard-to-remove bristles, and a very heavy unit. It may be worth those deficiencies, though, to get your carpets cleaned a few times a year. ...more info
  • Hoover Hits A Homerun
    This is the third carpet cleaner we have had over the years and this one is, by far, the best. The waste tank doesn't leak some previous ones we had did and the power is awesome. It was a sound investment with an indoor pet....more info
  • Outstanding Machine!
    This machine is the best. I have 2 kids with white carpet and my carpet looks brand new again, not only does my carpet look great it also got all the dirt out of the grooves of my tile, I have really rough light tile that is hard to get clean, and this machine did a fantastic job. I have no complaints. I have had no trouble with the tank leaking or the plastic breaking. (Of coarse you cannot be rough on the tanks they are plastic.) I would recommend this machine to my family and friends. I love it!...more info
  • Pleased Customer
    The Hoover Vac All Terrain does its job! Works very well on hard floors and carpets. Only downside is the hand held tools. Although they do their job I don't understand why you can't use the rinse only cycle. The scrubbing part is good but getting the dirty water up takes a little muscle. But on the whole I'm very pleased with the product....more info
  • Don't ignore the leaks!
    We initially loved this machine. We have a new mastiff puppy and have used this machine many times in the few months that we have had it. I will say that it does do an excellent job of pulling water back out of the carpets. Last night we did a quick spot less than an hour before the in laws came over and the carpet was dry on their arrival. HOWEVER, in the first week the clean tank began leaking when placing it back on the base. Just a little bit at first and since we liked the machine so much, I ignored it. Now, every time you put the clean tank back on the unit, water pours down the back of the machine. I have tried every little way I can think of to put the tank on to keep it from leaking (including following the manual's directions for those who claim operator error) and nothing has helped. Thankfully, we can return the cleaner without a problem, but what do you know, the store where we purchased it is no longer carrying it. Huge disappointment. ...more info
  • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
    We purchased this carpet cleaner after a lot of research and because we have two boys. This carpet cleaner is AMAZING. It works very well and we have not had any problems with it leaking. We have light beige carpeting in the two year old's room (note to future parents - this is NOT a good idea), and last night, after Thanksgiving dinner, he threw up dinner, which included a lot of red Jello and Cranberries, on the carpet. After getting the two year old cleaned up and the bedding removed, we got out the Hoover and started cleaning the spots. The spot has now been on the carpet for 30 to 45 minutes. After about 10 minutes with the Hoover, you cannot see any of the spot, even when you know exactly where to look. My wife and I are very impressed with carpet cleaner, and after last night, VERY glad we bought it....more info
  • Great Steam Cleaner
    I owned a Bissell steam cleaner for two years,& only got fives uses out of it. After that huge dissapointment, I researched Hoover steam cleaners & based on my results, I ended up buying one . I love this machine.

    I've had my steam cleaner for almost two months now, and it does a great job cleaning the carpets, I use it every other week. I have five dogs & two cats, and the carpets look great. It does an amazing job getting all the dirt out of the carpets. I was also surprised by how quickly the carpets dried. A half an hour was the fastest drying time, I used really hot water(not boiling).

    It also did a nice job on the bare floors. After the water was sucked up,the floors were totally dry.....impressive.

    Cleaning this steam cleaner is a breeze. The simplicity of it all just makes me appreciate this machine even more.

    The brushes pop out making it easier to get out all the carpet fibers ect. The front snaps on & off making it easier to maintain. The double canisters are also a good idea.

    I've used the hose once with the spin attachment, & that really didn't impress me much. And wow, could Hoover make it any heavier. I have to wear gloves while using it because I started to get calluses.

    With all said and done,I think there are so many good qualities that I'm willing to over look a few flaws.

    I'm glad I bought this,it's expensive but worth it. I've always heard "Hoover" was the best, and now I'm experiencing it for myself....more info
  • The Best Hoover SteamVac yet
    As always, Hoover is top-of-the-line. This version cleans better than the previous models and the buttons and foot release lever are more accessible. The only suggestion that could be made is the waste tank handle, which could be improved with the next model. When one goes to lift the tank, it tilts forward, with nothing holding the lid on. But this has no bearing on performance, which is outstanding. Splurge on the model! It's worth every penny....more info
  • Enjoying it!
    So far so good! I am impressed at how well it cleans and drys the carpets. It has been wonderful for my matted down carpet areas. I did find if you didn't push the top water contatiner in right, it did leak, but once I had it in right, it didn't. I would recommend this to anyone! Only 4 stars because a little loud and a little heavy....more info
  • Works great - with none of the problems reported
    I love this machine. I have experienced no leaking probems - you do have to seat the water tank correctly however. No problems with the brushes either. The machine cleans thoroughly and leaves my carpet drier than the Rug Doctor rental machine ever did. It works great on my hard suface floors as well - leaving them dry and spotless. My only problem is that my daughter borrows the Hoover all the time to clean up after her puppy so I'm constantly having to retrieve it from her...more info
  • Continually breaking
    Cleans carpets pretty well when it works - which is not very often. Cheap plastic parts keep breaking. Most importantly, the six plastic brushes are all gear-driven from one of the brushes that has an elongated square shaft. That shaft shears off at its base - it is not strong enough to drive all the brushes on moderately thick carpets. The brush set has been replaced three times already. Basic design flaw that could be remedied with a steel shaft....more info
  • Carpets OK - Hard Floor Forget it

    On carpet its pretty OK. Hoover could make it self propelled as its heavy for this old lady to push around.

    On hard floor -- for get it. Its the great mud machine. It dosen't scrub well, it dosen't pick up the water well, it does make some nice mud that it leaves all over your floor.

    Also the squeege thing likes to fall off. I wanted to purchase one machine to do carpets and tile floors. That was a mistake. I will have to buy a machine just for the tile floors.

    The good news is a got a pretty good carpet cleaner, and its building up my arm strength -- who needs a gym when I have this Hoover carpet cleaner.

    PS I love me new Hoover wind tunnel self power vac. I haven't jamed it yet and I have messey pets.
    ...more info
  • Bought it and Love it
    The only problem with the leaking that many are complaining about is operator error. It is very important to seat the clean water and detergent tank into the handle as described in the users manual. Failure to do so will result in leaks. For those still having a problem try laying the handle down/horizontal when installing the clean water tank. It is hard not to get the correct seating when the handle is horizontal to the floor.

    Everyone testifies to the cleaning performance and I echo their praises. The work was very easy and the effort resulted in every bit as good a cleaning job that professional cleaning service could have provided... pet stains and all!...more info
  • Hoover F7452-900 Review/Comment
    I just bought this machine last weekend and used it on the entire house (5 rooms and a hallway). My home is only 3 years old, so the carpet is in good shape, and this machine really works well. I emptied the reservoir about 6 or 7 times (it will clean a standard room on about one tank). Each time I emptied, the water was very dark & dirty. Afterwards, the carpet felt nice & soft to the feet, and looked much better. I would recommend this machine for ease of use, and low maintenance. It was not the cheapest on the market, but so far, it was well worth the money paid, and hopefully it will pay for itself over time....more info
  • Leaks like a kid with a runny nose!
    I purchased the All Terrain after much research. I read reviews about the previous model in which several users had issues with broken and leaking clean water tanks. Since this was a new model, I had hoped -- a wrongly bet -- that Hoover would have addressed such issues. I even found an email posted by a Hoover representative assuring that "yes, the All Terrain will have a new tank".

    After using the All Terrain for about an hour, the detergent tank began to drip. Upon further inspection I noticed that the caps do not seal on either the detergent tank OR the clean water tank (which began to also leak). Ironically, printed on each cap are the words "CLOSE TIGHTLY". Yet when attempting to do so, the caps, which are made out of a flexible plastic, simply 'pop' off when tightened. This is a fundamental design flaw and I am disappointed that Hoover let this model out with such a blunder, particularly after the issues with the previous model. A simple and more durable bayonet type cap would have easily fixed the problem.

    Like so many other corporations, Hoover is accepting mediocrity over quality. Stay away if you value your well earned time and money. Hoover should be ashamed of themselves for allowing customers to shell out $300 to test their faulty products, causing only frustration and a waste of valuable time....more info
  • Great Vaccum
    I just cant understand why people are so dumb. It is very user friendly and well designed and it works just as expected.

    * Its simple to assemble
    * Excellent suction power resulting quick dry of carpet
    it took less than an hour to completely dry
    * If you think that the cleaning liquid is running out too
    fast just make it 50/50 with water
    * Use the trigger generously then only you will feel the
    difference in cleaning
    * Dont use boiling water but hot water is OK
    * I never thought there was so much dirt in my carpet until
    I started emptying the dirty water
    * I almost got 70-80% water back into the dirt container
    * But when used on stair case with attachment you may get may
    be 40-50 % because it depends on how hard you can squeeze
    * I used to pay 150 for professional cleaner every year for my
    Family+Living Rooms
    * If you worry too much about what happens after two years
    just buy the extended warranty
    * I got the unit with 4year plan for 300 from BBY and they had
    promo - I got a Black and Decker car vac plus Hoover
    cleaning supplies free
    * I got my money back in just one use. I love this machine and
    I am always waiting for my kids to spill some juice or food
    so that I can start using the vac.......
  • Don't buy a Hoover!
    The first time I used my steam vac it worked great. The next day I tried to use it on another room. As soon as I put the clean water tank on, the water leaked all over the floor until the tank was empty. I contacted Hoover and they seemed very helpful and sent me a new clean water tank and said this would fix the problem. When I finally received the new tank I tried it and it did not fix the problem. I contacted Hoover again and they said to take it to a warranty center. The problem with this is that the nearest center just went out of business. They want me to take it 2 hours away. I live in a city 300,000+ and I think it is ridiculus that Hoover does not have another store to do warranty work. They basicly told me I was out of luck. Great customer service....more info
  • Whats with Hoover????
    Whats with Hoover now days? My aunt has a hoover steam vac and it has lasted her 9 years now and I just bought mine today and was useing it when the brushes just stopped rotating.I did everything the instruction book said to do and they still want work.I was loveing the machine until that happened.I only used it for about 45 minutes when it broke.I did my research and the consumer reports state that this machine is the next best thing to stanley steamers.I would have agreed if it hadn't broke right away.I must add that everyone else has complained about water leaking and I did not have any problems with leaking,but I would have to agree with the other customer that said theirs used too much cleaner cause in 45 minutes I went threw a whole 16 ounce bottle.also I must add the suction on this machine was great I just hate it that it broke so soon. I will be returning it first thing tommorow.I don't know if I will buy another like this or not.If I do I will write another review.I am disapointed with hoover....more info
  • Works Great!
    So i've been looking for a steam cleaner for over a week,reading reviews on any steam cleaner that has a review to try to choose one that will work for my family. With all the negative feedback on the Hoover I was disappointed and thought about changing brands. I had a hoover spin scrub and it has worked wonderfully for over 5yrs but with bringing up and down the stairs and my son letting it pound on the stairs the front plate broke off. Although i could get it repaired, honestly i felt it was a good excuse to get myself a new one and chose to give my old one to charity.
    Of all the reviews i have read, the one that i felt had any true meaningful information was a gentleman that was an engineer that said that the plastic on the tank was too brittle. Armed with this information, i did go to my local Hoover store to see what they had in stock. I was ready to purchase another spinscub or to have mine repaired.
    I purchased the All-terrain steamvac after talking to the rep. She did not dispute that the tanks plastic is more brittle and should be able to withstand a little more abuse, however, she also said that all of the people that have come into the store to have the tanks replaced, have abused it in some way. The plastic is not made for EXTREMELY hot water, so if your tap water is extremely hot, then fill the tank with some cooler water. the hotter temp. will crack the tank. She said her hot water heater is set so high that when you run only hot water it is too hot to touch. and she mixes her water with cold to get the temp. right. The other scenerio she explained is people dropping the tank when it is full of water. In all the years i can't remember ever dropping the tank so i wasn't concerned about that. And the last scenerio she explained that one woman had her teenager using the machine and had shoved the tank into place and it cracked somehow.
    i tried replacing the tank myself in the store and it seemed pretty simple. so i bought it.
    i have only had it for a few days but have already cleaned with it. and i love it.something must be wrong with the other reviewer's machine because i filled mine with 16oz. of cleaner and have cleaned my formal living room, formal dining, family room, guest room, stairs and basement , probably close to 1500sq. ft. and still have over half of the solution in it.
    The new design is much better than the spinscrub. The hose for the hand attachments attaches in the front so it won't crack at the base like in the older models. I like that the cleaning solution is in a separate container so when you run out of clean water or the clean water gets cold, you can just refill the water side without having to waste cleaning solution or needing to measure out solution every time you need to fill the tank.
    The rinse button is nice when you've sprayed down a stain in the carpet and it gets too soapy, then just flip the button and it only dispenses water.
    The people I talked to at the hoover store say that most of the repairs with the valves involve the solution that is used. Oxy-clean eats at the rubber and then they don't seal properly. Never put oxy-clean into the tank. It is fine to use the spray oxy on the carpet but not the powder stuff.
    i have to say that it cleans great. My dog barfed some green stuff on my carpet a week ago and since i haven't had anything to clean it up with, it has just sat in the carpet. Well the stain is gone and it sat in the carpet for a week!
    The dirty water tank is always coming up with dirt and stuff. The dirt stains in my carpet from my dogs/kids are gone and the carpet looks great. I am very happy with it. I will buy the extended 3yr warrenty on the machine. For 50bucks it will protect my investment in case i change my mind about it in a few months!
    But I recommend for anyone go to your local shop. I read a lot of the reviews with women bitching about the tank not fitting into the bathroom sink or the cord not being long enough. Personally, I don't want a small tank that fits in my sink. I have too much carpet to clean and the smaller the tank, the more I have to refill it. We've all had those days when nothing is going our way. Just relax. Get a grip! It's just a steam cleaner and our country is at war!!! Hope this was helpful!...more info
  • Too Soon To Tell If it's Great or Not
    After our Bissell Pro-Heat failed and would not spray (the internal 120v Heater unit clogged up from our hard well water), we had to find a new unit. Since the Bissell had ended up in the garbage after only a few years usage, we thought it was time to try a Hoover.

    Believe it or not, I did a lot of advance research on the other Hoover models, and I expected this brand new model to be different.

    Pros: it cleans the carpet really, really well. As good as a professional carpet cleaner unit. The manual is easy to follow and the unit assembles easily and is easy to use. It is an attractive looking machine, with a great color and lots of cool features.

    The Cons: 1). The darn thing leaked right out of the box. Day one. When you insert the clean water/cleaner solution tank, the valve flaps on the bottom of this tank do not readily mate up to the matching recaptacles. When my wife started using it, water and cleaner were going everywhere. I figured out the trick to this problem: lower the handle flat and insert the tank from a horizontal position. Then there will be no leaking and you can ensure that the tank handle is properly snapped into place (properly seated) before you raise the handle - VOILA, no leaking.

    But, the manual was written by someone who probably never used the machine in practice. It shows you snapping the tank in place vertically, which is impossible to do without major leakage.

    2). It goes through cleaning solution way too fast. Hoover should take a look at the size of the opening on the cleaning tank portion as it may be too large. We used up the 16 oz. bottle of solution cleaning two small bedrooms on day one. This is pretty ridiculous. We will have to stop and go to the store and buy more cleaning solution without having cleaned the carpet in our small 3 BR house. (And we only have carpet in the bedrooms!) Plan ahead and get a gallon of cleaning solution.

    3). Everything I have read about the previous model (see comments for Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V with SpinScrub Hand Tool) seem to also be true for this model. This leaves me fearful that we will encounter similar problems soon, which could include: tank handle failure, tank valve failure, rotor failure, rusting parts, loose power cord, motor failure, etc. Worst of all, dreadful customer service appears to be the norm for Hoover, according to comments posted for ALL other similar Hoover Steamvac machines.

    4). Several customers owning other similar Steamvac machines (do read those comments), report major failures after a few months or a year of use, right after the warranty expires. If we keep this unit, and do not return it right off, we will likely purchase the extended 2 yr. warranty for $39.95, even though we do not usually do so, just to be sure this does not happen to us.

    If I had it to do over, I would have bought a 2nd Bissell or another machine, given that the tank leaks are still an issue on this new design.

    I would also warn those who are on well water to use distilled water in their carpet machines, to prevent premature failure, no matter what brand you buy. Your machine will last longer if you do not use hard water....more info