Hoover U5507-900 Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Take the hassle out of cleaning with this powerful upright vacuum that features Widepath cleaning and adjustable settings to meet the needs of different floor types. The retractable cord makes storage easy and maintains a neat appearance. Deluxe furniture guard protects baseboards and table legs from bumps and dents Bagless Technology with E-Z Empty Bottom Release Dirt Cup Pet hair cleaning tool - Easily removes pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstery Air flow indicator - Signals full cup condition and filter cleaning time Powerful 12 amp motor thoroughly clean carpets, bare floors, stairs and more Brilliant headlight - Illuminates cleaning path Full complement of tools on board - Includes long crevice wand and combination dusting brush & uphostery tool Widepath cleaning covers an expansive width with each pass, saving you time and energy Unit Dimensions - Height 44 x Width 15 x Depth 13 inches Unit Weight - 18 pounds

  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner with powerful 12 amp motor
  • 14-1/2-inch-wide cleaning path; 7 height settings; air-flow indicator; HEPA filter
  • Headlight; 24-foot auto-rewind cord; stretch hose for extended reach
  • Crevice wand, dusting brush/upholstery tool, and pet-hair tool included
  • Measures 13 by 15 by 44 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • great price for a great item
    We needed a new vacuum so we were searching on the internet when we came upon this vacuum, first I thought it would be cheap, but it was a hoover, plus our old vacuum was a windtunnel thats back wheel broke off , it was 12 years old and worked fine other than that. well we got it real fast and it was easy to put together, I started to vacuum my bedroom and couldnt believe the dirt and dust this thing was sucking up, I had to dump out the container after I vacuumed this one room! Then I went on to the next room ,a 5x9 wool rug this was also dirty beyond my believe It got rid of the loose pile and made the rug look new again! every rug I did looked new again! I would recommend this vacuum , also the accessories work great. So for the price this isnt bad!!...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price.
    Good: I was amazed at how much this thing picked up for a sub-$100 cleaner. We vacuumed with our Kenmore(over 5 years old, it worked well when it was new) and then immediately with this Hoover. Just doing a 10'x10' bedroom filled the canister twice. The powered attachment cleaned our couches extremely thoroughly. The vacuum was better than I thought it would be on tile and hardwood floors, but there was room for some improvement.

    Bad: A fairly heavy vacuum. Our old one was a canister, so I was used to a lighter weight. I can still handle it easily, as can my fiance, but a couple pounds lighter would make going up and down stairs more convenient. Also, as previously mentioned, you have to be careful where you set the main cleaner when you use the tools, as it will keep spinning and can damage a rug.

    Verdict: Fantastic buy for under $100. I'm giving five stars because I feel it deserves about a 4.5 and is currently at a 4.1....more info
  • powerful and easy to remove waste
    I really like this vacuum. I was impressed with it's pick-up power, the bag was full of all sorts of disgusting items when I was finished, things my other bagless vacuum used to miss. It was really easy to remove the waste, and having the release on the bottom made sure that I didn't make a huge mess which was really nice. The cord retrieval button is a really nice feature as well. As long as you have the cord relatively untangled to begin with, all you do it push the cord button and it gathers back inside the vacuum. I have to keep my vacuum in a pretty packed closet, so storing the cord inside the machine helps me from getting things tangled up and a big mess.

    The only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 is the fact that it is pretty heavy, so if weight doesn't bother you, then this is a great vacuum at a really good price. ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    Best vacuum for the price. Best Buy!
    You won't be disappointed with this Hoover Vacuum....more info
  • Great Buy
    I recently bought this vacuum cleaner and I'm pleasantly suprised. I had another Hoover Windtunnel model and loved it til I beat the life out of it. Very impressed with the suction power of this vacuum. I was truly amazed. I like the auto cord feature...just don't press it to0 fast or you'll be whacking the thing into your walls. Only negative is that the cord is shorter than my windtunnels cord. I was so used to the areas that I could reach from each plug. All and all it's a GREAT BUY for the money!...more info
  • Wow, just....WOW!
    I guess there's a difference between the Elite Rewind, and the Deluxe Elite Rewind. Either that, or everyone gets a lemon from time to time. I guess I just got a great model. I've seen other people bash this vacuum left and right saying that it falls apart after a few months and becomes unreliable. I've owned my vacuum for almost a year now, and can say that it works just as great as the first time I used it. Haven't had any clog or belt problems like everyone else seems to have.

    Cleaning: I don't own any pets, but I do live in a 2 bedroom apartment living with 3 other people, so pretty much every place in my apartment is considered "high traffic". This vacuum not only has great suction, but the brush roller actually fluffs the carpets and leaves them feeling new. The hand tools work great. The "pet hair attachment" works fantastic as a couch cleaning tool. Our living room also doubles as our dining room, so crumbs are inevitable. If anyone has kids, I'm sure they'll appreciate this feature.

    Functionality: The rewind feature is by far my favorite thing about this vacuum. Like the other reviewer stated, it does retract the chord at a rather startling pace, but can be slowed if you just push it down half way rather than all the way. Emptying the canister is also a joy. I have allergies that are triggered relatively easily, so the dirt release feature from the bottom is a godsend. It doesn't plume up a cloud of dust and it just falls out like warm butter. The chord is a little short, but its perfect for my apartment. I can just plug it in to the outlet in my hallway and reach just about everywhere. I'm sure larger households would require a little more maneuvering. This vacuum is quite possibly one of the quietest for the price. I only have 2 other vacuum's to compare it too, but it's certainly the quietest of the 3. Same with maneuverability. It glides on my carpet and hard floors very easily. I think it may be self propelled because it barely requires any pushing at all.

    Maintenance: Cleaning the filter is pretty simple. All you have to do is twist off the collector inside the canister and rinse off the filter with warm water and let it dry overnight. You can take a toothbrush to the filter and scrape off the dust to keep it dry, but I prefer rinsing it off and letting it dry overnight so I can be sure its 100% clean and dust free. Same principle applies to the canister. Just rinse it out and let it drip dry over a paper towel and you'll be set. I can't give any input on the internal maintenance of this vacuum, as I've never had to clean out the hoses or replace a belt. I guess I'm lucky in that aspect.

    Overall for the price, I don't think it gets any better than the Deluxe Elite Rewind from Hoover. The ease of upkeep and functionality of this vacuum definitely deserves a 5 star rating. Again, I'm sure there are lemons out there, and not all of them are manufactured as solid as the one I purchased. If you do get a well constructed one, you won't want to use anything else....more info
  • Disappointed
    I must dissent from the enthusiastic reviews. I have used it for the first time and with instruction book open. Despite emptying the bag, cleaning the filter, checking hose connection, etc., I cannot get the restricted yellow air flow indicator to go away. The only step left, according to the instruction booklet, is to disassemble the bottom and remove the agitator. This is too complicated for me--and should not be necessary the first time the product is used. It is also hard to "realign arrows" (there is only 1) and replace the filter cap. This feels cheap and probably will break fairly soon. Hoover wants me to spend on a toll call to speak to someone. This is the first time I have gotten a larger appliance through Amazon and I doubt if I can really repack it. The nearest Hoover Service Center is far away. This is one time I regret not going to a local store--I could then dump it and ask for my money back....more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum
    I love this vacuum cleaner. It has sucked up more dirt than anything I have ever owned. The cord rewind is awesome. Keeps everything out of the way during storage. Easy to empty and there is no dust boiling up during usage. Highly recommend this item....more info
  • Great Vacuum - Great Deal!
    This is an excellent vacuum at a bargain price. It is shipped in one box, and is very easy to assemble. For me, that's saying something as I am not exactly what you might call "handy". It probably takes longer to remove it from the box than it does to put it together!

    The vacuum itself has automatic cord rewind, though I wish the cord were a little longer. It has great suction, and a very fast beater bar. Our carpets looked fantastic after the first use. The unit is bagless, with a lifetime HEPA filter that is very easy to remove and clean. The canister comes on and off easily for quick emptying.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Pretty good value for the money
    I have researched so many vacuum cleaners and finally settled for this one. I bought this a month ago and pretty happy with its performance so far. I haven't used all its features yet but it sucks up the dirt pretty well. Overall, I am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Awesome Hoover U5507-900 Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum
    I have had this upright vacuum for about a year and it has been a great buy. with 2 cats and a couple of dogs (that don't shed) it has held up and as been extremely strong and durable. Easy to empty, easy to set carpet levels and the retractable electric cord is a great plus. It is amazing!!!!!...more info
  • Dream Vacuum!
    My last vacuum I owned before this, was a Bissell bagless. I hated that thing with a passion. The dust would fly out of the canister all over the vacuum, the filter was a pain in the butt. Also, you would have to dump it out every two minutes, or you would face the rath of flying hair and dust.

    Which lead me in the search to find the perfect vacuum. I wanted a Dyson at the time. The price for it didn't seem to justify getting one by the reviews on here. I decided on the Hoover due to the reviews on here.

    I am so HAPPY I got it! I bought it at Targ*t for [...] at the beginning of this year. The suction power hasn't lost its monster suction, at all! All of the adjustments are easy to manipulate, and the power hose never seems to clog. I can also vacuum my 1200 sq ft home before I have to dump it out. You can see all of the gross hair it picks up easily in the clear canister. The lifetime HEPA filter is awesome. I never have to mess with it. For me, no hair flies out of it. I have a Persian, and a Pomeranian. My home is VERY clean, thanks to this product! It's my holy grail of vacuums! ...more info
  • keep a screwdriver handy
    Only problem i have experienced in a year of use is just the cord automatic rewind. It will, from time to time, get stuck and not release nor except cord into the winder. simply removing the 5 screws and cover will fix the problem. it is easy to do and fix, and since i have only done it twice i would say that this isnt worth not getting the vacuum....more info
  • dont go bagless
    The vacuum has great suction but I hate emptying the dirt container. Disposing of the dirt is extremely messy and has become tedious after one week. I would not recommend a bagless vacuum to anyone....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Read the reviews and found this to be the best deal. Was not disappointed. Great on floors and upholstery. ...more info
  • good vacuum, cord is low and gets in the way
    This is a great vacuum as far as cleaning goes. The handheld attachment is fantastic for vacuuming pet hair off couches and beds. I used to use my vacuum and lint rollers; now I can do it all with just this vacuum. The E-Z Empty Bottom Release Dirt Cup is really great... you don't have to touch all the dirty stuff you just vacuumed up. The retractable cord is a nice feature.

    My only complaints are that the cord is attached to the vacuum at too low a point, meaning that if you don't constantly hold up the cord, you'll run over it while vacuuming, and that you have to fully pull the cord out from its storage place before you begin or you'll pull the cord out from the wall socket when trying to vacuum rather than out from the vacuum....more info
  • Solid Vacuum
    My wife and I did a good deal of online research and shopping for a vacuum. It was hard to miss the overwhelmingly positive reviews that this vacuum had. Many other vacuums seemed to be a bit more risky to purchase. We felt confident (based solely on customer reviews) that this vacuum would do all of what everyone said it does. We've now had the vacuum for just over a month and we love it. The disposal process for the dirt, etc. is as easy as we expected....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum!!!!
    This is the best vacuum I have ever used, and the price is great. I vacuum my carpet very often and the amount of dust that it still pulls out of the carpet is amazing. I like that you can see the dust in the clear container, it makes you feel like you have really thoroughly cleaned your carpets. I would recommend this to anyone. ...more info
    Have used the Hoover Elite Rewind 3 times and it works fine so far. Strong pickup and beats the rug well. What I particularly like is the weight which if I recall was 15.5 lbs. Much lighter than my last Bissell vacuum and that makes it much easier to clean the stairs. I have tried many other methods to clean the carpeted stairs including the extension beater which hooks onto your hose but lets face it, nothing can clean as well as the vacuum itself if you can get it to each step and this Hoover is light enough to do so. I also like the fact that you do not need to replace filters which can be costly as my last Bissell vacuum needed. The cord does properly rewind easily. So far so good....more info
  • Great Machine!!
    This vacume is quiet and effecient, I love it. It is easy to push and the
    hand held upholstry brush also works great. I also love the auto rewind cord. The canister is easy to empty as well. I made the right choice and
    the reviews were part of why I picked it. I have a small house, and no pets, so I can't attest to this vacume handling big hairy houses, but it works great for me! And I am a fussy person about having a clean house....more info
  • Great Vacuum - hard to push!
    I just bought the Rewind this morning after our old Eureka Boss wide track stopping sucking. Both are 20 pounds, so there's no weight issue for me - I'm used to pushing around something heavy. But for some reason, the Rewind seems harder to push. Partially, it might be the handle, it's not as "grippable" as the old Boss, so that might be the problem. I only live in a 600 sq ft apartment and only about 500 ft of it are carpet. It did manage to suck up dirt that filled the canister 1/3 up. (although I also don't vacuum as consistantly as I should!) I also own a cat, and it did grab a lot of hair so that's a major plus. Of course, the cord rewind feature is the best of all! And, the fact that it's red is awesome, I love that color. The bottom empty canister is nice, although you'll obviously get dirt flying when you empty it.
    All in all, definately worth the price I think, and when I can afford it I will get a Dyson next!...more info
  • This vacuum SUCKS!!! ...literally :)
    I've had several vacuums that cant pick up anything! I was so frustrated with them. Then I finally listened to my mom about doing something (getting the vacuum). BOY am I glad I wasn't hardheaded. This thing sucks up everything! My carpet looks brand new. And it is easy to dispose the trash, too. I finally have a quality vac, at a great price. Ahhhhh... ...more info
  • Broken belt first time used
    I was so pleased with the quick and free delivery of this Hoover. The first time I used it though I was so disappointed to find that it was so heavy to push. I then realized that the belt was broken. It took me almost a week to find a store with the replacement belt. Otherwise, the suction works really well and I love the way this unit can be emptied. ...more info
  • Broke after a short time
    I loved this vacuum at first with the auto-rewind. Auto-rewind is a must with my next vacuum. Unfortunately, this vacuum broke after only using it a handful of times. It got all clogged up. My dad tried to fix it to no avail. It's going in the trash.......more info
  • fuzzfree
    I have newer carpet in my military housing home. And since it isn't the best of carpets we get alot of fuzz from it, even five months later. Our old vacuum, which was small, just wasn't cutting it so I decided to look for one on Amazon. When the vacuum came my husband and I were both happily suprised at the features. The dirt cup is great with a very clean release and we love the cord rewind feature too. Over all we're very happy with the purchase!...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    This is very good vacuum and does a great job picking up cat hair. I have only two minor issues with it. The cord is too short but I love the auto retract feature, and the vacuum is a little heavy. Even with these two small issues I would buy this vacuum again....more info
  • This vacuum does a great job but lacks any extras
    We have been amazed at the power of the Hoover Elite. It actually has more sucking power than the Dyson we had for 8 years prior to this one. However, we miss all of the "extras" we had become accustomed to with our Dyson. The cord is much shorter so it requires plugging in to two to three outlets before the job is finished, the hose for cleaning upholstery is also short so it is harder to reach items high up, the handle of the vacuum is shorter than we were used to so for taller people it is a little uncomfortable and although it has an allergen filter, it seems to kick up a lot of dust while vacuuming. Overall, it does the job well but it's a Camry, not a Cadillac....more info
    This is my first time purchasing a vacuum cleaner. I looked at quite a few different ones, I really wanted the Dyson but I didn't want to spend that much money so I was looking for something in a good price range that is a really good vacuum and low and behold I found this one! I read the reviews for a few but the reviews for this vacuum seemed to be more positive so I purchased and am thankful that I did! This is a GREAT vacuum it sucks up EVERYTHING!! and the clear container lets you see just how much your sucking up. Some people said they don't like emptying because it gets all over the place but I haven't had a problem emptying it yet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the auto-rewind feature for the cord and the best thing of all is that it is so LIGHT!! I was wondering if it was really 20lbs like the box says. Needless to say I'm happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend to others!...more info
  • Easy to use, love it!
    My boyfriend has had this vacuum cleaner for over a year, and I love it! (I'm the one who uses it). With other vacuums I find I won't do it very often because its so hard to get it out (bulky, heavy), untangle the cord, ect. But with this vacuum I found it easy! Pick it up, grab the cord, and plug into the wall. I love that the power switch is also near the bottom so I can easily turn on/off with my foot. I also like that the area that collects the dirt is clear so I can see how much dirt I pick up each time. I have a cat, and I have to say it really picks up her hair very well. We have a one bedroom apartment, and one time I filled the whole thing with cat hair! I am slightly allergic to my cat, and I really found this vacuum (especially for the price) did everything I needed. I like to use some Febreeze Allergen Reducer too, after I vacuum. ...more info
  • quality vac
    The retractable cord caught my attention (I have back problems, so winding that cord was difficult). It manuvers easily, and the bagless feature is a very clean alternative to those messy bags....more info
  • The best vacuum I've ever owned!
    I bought this vacuum in December 2006 and didn't expect much from it as I've purchased quite a few vacuums in my lifetime and never was completely satisfied with any of them. I always paid under $100 so it's probably my fault. So I thought.

    At the time of purchase, it was under $100 but it had so many good reviews I thought I'd try it, mostly because of the cord rewind feature. I HATE rewinding cords. Just step on the button, hold the plug end with one hand and that baby is wound up in maybe 5 seconds. You do have to hold the plug on the cord with the other hand or be in danger of "cord lash" from the cord whipping around your ankle. Never has happened to me yet as I had been warned already from one of the reviewers here. It's a long thick cord, too. You only need to plug it in once for an average-sized to large room.

    It blows my mind every time I use it. The suction is still amazingly strong and makes my carpet look like new each time I use it. It's powerful. I rate it a 10 for suction. It has large wheels which make it easy to roll around and maneuver. It's heavy but very manageable, even for me. I'm less than 5 feet tall and more weak than strong.

    The dust catcher is also a 10. So simple to detach and empty without dust flying all over the place. The whole process also takes around 5 seconds or so. My hands stay clean. Love it.

    Did I mention the rewind cord feature is a 10?

    Where has this vacuum been all my life? After using it the first time I told myself if it broke in under a year, I'd purchase the same product. It's a pleasure to use and put away. My friend used it while here and wanted one for herself.

    BTW, Amazon ships this free via FedEx or whatever. Love it. The first one I returned because the box looked damaged. The vacuum itself is not packed inside another outer box but shipped in its original Hoover container. Amazon delivered my new one before picking up my "damaged" one. That's what I call service.

    UPDATE 11/21/2008

    My vacuum just "stopped working" right in the middle of my vacuuming. I couldn't see any belt so thought the thing was just broken. I didn't know whether I should take it to the repair shop or just replace it. On a whim, I unscrewed all five screws at the bottom to see if something got stuck. I then saw the broken belt.

    If you order this vacuum, be sure to order replacement belts at the same time. The belt is very thin and I don't think the local stores carry replacement belts for this model.

    Belts can ordered thru the Amazon site or directly from Hoover site: Belt Model 38528-040 or its replacement equivalent. ...more info
  • Not a good Design
    Mine is still working but every once ina while ... i have to remove the two screws at the back of the vaccum where the hand held fits in and then clean the path at the bottom of the vaccum. What ever it sucks gets collected there little by little since it has to go a long way to reach the container(around the hand held chord). Further when u use it for suction like the spacer bags...forget it... it has no sucktion when u use the hand held.

    ...more info
  • piece of junk!!!!
    This product has great features, slick design and really was pretty darn powerful for the first month or so that we used it. Then the suction kept getting worse and worse until finally after only FOUR months of owing this product it wont suck at all. I went in and cleaned everything out and made sure that there was no blockages etc but it still won't pick up.

    After struggling with this for a while my wife was talking to one of her friends who also purchased this vacuum. She also had the same problem. Their version worked for eight or nine months before it finally stoped working.

    It's horrible having a product stop working after you've disposed of the receipt, the box and the warranty information.

    I'll never buy another Hoover product again!!!!...more info
  • Completely Worthless - Who's Writing These Reviews?
    This vacuum has caused so many problems that I truly believe most of these other glowing reviews are fake. Like some of the other more realistic reviews said, this worked ok maybe one time. After that, the hose clogs every single time. It will clog where the hose enters the canister, it will clog in the middle of the hose, it will clog near the roller at the bottom - all due to poor design. Pet hair that is easily swept up by other vacuums gets caught in the folds of the hose and quickly creates a clog. I've replaced the belt multiple times and it loves to overheat and shut off. Also, like another reviewer noted, the cord on mine got chewed up by the rewind and needed electrical tape, which wouldn't be so bad in itself if the vacuum actually worked. I will probably never buy another Hoover again. (Now it's time for all the Hoover operatives to try to bury this review with more spectacular reviews about how this piece of crap vacuum will clean your rug, fix your marriage, and bring about world peace.)...more info
  • I'm surprised
    I purchase the vacuum yesterday after obsessing over my options for two weeks. We have mainly hardwood floors in the house, but where we have carpet we need to vacuum every other day. We have 3 cats and a dog. All of them short hair, but all of them shedding as it's summer. I had a Hoover Wind Tunnel bagged vacuum that died on me (with sparks and everything!). I had it for 6 years and it worked great. I obsessed about what to buy. Do I get another Hoover? Do I go for broke and get a Dyson? Do I follow Consumer Reports and get a Kenmore? AHHHHHH! Too many choices. Sears had this one on sale for $99. I hesitated and visited it 3 times before purchasing one. The one I got was blue. I was told it was because it was sold by Sears?! I couldn't find anything to back up or contradict the statement. I put it together myself (simple to do as there was only one screw). My son was very impressed. I plugged it in and started in on our busiest family area carpet. I had to empty the dirt collection cup twice! It took much less time to clean than with my old vacuum. I usually had to go over and over the same area to get all the hair. This one did it in the first of second pass. It picked up carpet fibers but I felt as though they were fibers that my old one missed.

    1. Short cord - had to move the plug twice to get one large room clean
    2. Hand tools fall off - why bother with the on board holders if they won't keep them on?
    3. Hose too short to use on stairs and difficult to use on furniture without the machine falling over

    1. Price :-)
    2. Cleans carpet well
    3. Easy to empty collection cup
    4. Easy to move up and down stairs (light weight)
    5. No bags

    Bottom Line: I would buy this vacuum again. It's kinda fun to watch it pick up stuff. I would be happier if there was an option for a longer hose and the tools stayed on board better, but absolutely $99 worth of happy.
    ...more info
  • Do not spend your money on this vacuum
    This is the first time i've had a Hoover that did not last more than 10 years at least. I use the vacuum twice a month on two area rugs, and that has been probable why they always lasted so long. When i received this vacuum the first time around had to return it because it did not work. This should've been enough warning not to get the same item again, but i was sold on the vacuum being bagless, the power, the retractable cord etc.,etc,etc.

    Well, one year and two days after the warranty expired it died, so it figures i used it about 24 times. I went online and followed all cleaning instructions, checking for any obstructions and still will not work. Tried to contact a Hoover service center, and was told that i had to bring the unit to their place and pay for any repairs (something between $25-$100)!!!!

    Bottom line, i threw it in the garbage and went back to the bagged machines again....more info
  • Stopped working - DON'T BUY!!!
    I loved this vacuum for the first couple of months. The suction was incredible & the automatic cord rewind was great. That all changed after a couple of months when it wouldn't pick up anything. I wasted hours trying to get the thing to work again & finally just threw it in the garbage. It happened suddenly w/o warning. Now I'm looking for a new vacuum, but it seems like every other vacuum on Amazon has a lot of bad reviews too with people claiming their new vacuums died on them also. I don't know if I should go for the ridiculously priced Dyson or another lower priced upright, comparable to the one I'm writing this review about. I guess they really don't make things the way they used to......more info
  • Wonderful!!!!
    So very happy with this vacuum. I agree it's a bit heavy making it hard to push, and the attachment tube is very stiff. With that said, I would still buy this vacuum again. It's not too loud and it has wonderful suction power. The brush attachment is an added bonus. The brush collects all the dog hair off the couch cushions. Also, the front end is low enough to fit under the kitchen cabinets without having to get down on the floor....more info
  • Great vac, for the price
    I have a small 700 square foot apartment with shag carpet and linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen. I was torn between this and a Dyson, but ultimately the $[...] price difference decided me.


    * Very light for a full sized vac.
    * Easy to push over carpet.
    * Quick and easy to assemble.
    * The dirt collection cup opens from the bottom. Just lower it over a trash can, press the button, give a few shakes, and everything falls out with no muss or fuss. A few wipes with a rag is all it takes to clean.
    * The attachments stay firmly in place.
    * The cord rewind really works. I always hated winding the cord on my old vacuum, and I never could seem to get it so the plug would clip onto the cord once it was wound.
    * Quiet for a full sized vacuum. Won't disturb the neighbors much, but it still freaked out my cat.
    * Really sucks! Does a great job of pulling up the pet hair. My first run through the living room I think I got enough hair to make a whole new cat.


    * The hose is a bit short, and it doesn't come with any extenders, just the pet hair remover, brush, and crevice tool.
    * The pet hair removal tool takes a few passes to get all the hair off furniture.
    * Make sure you pick up loose cords from other things because it will suck them up.
    * It doesn't put itself away when you're done?

    So far I haven't had any problems, but I'm not worried about reliability issues, since I bought mine from Costco. I paid less than the price on Amazon, and if it ever has problems, Costco will exchange or replace it for free....more info
  • Time will tell: not reliable!
    Beware! I would have written a glowing 5-star review had I posted one within the first couple of months of my purchase in January 2007. I loved this vacuum! I delighted in seeing all the stuff it picked up. It has great suction and I felt my carpets were truly deep-cleaned every time I vacuumed. I loved the bagless feature, the ease of empyting, the retractable cord, and various other features. But within the first few months the retractable cord got stuck about 2 feet out and would not budge. Since it was still under warranty, I didn't want to mess with it myself and risk voiding the warranty, so I just used an extension cord until I could find a "convenient" time to get to a service center. Eventually, I realized it would never be a convenient time to get to a service center, so I removed a few screws and was able to fix the cord mechanism. But a few months later I had a similar problem with the cord. Again, I unscrewed it and fixed it. A few months later, same problem. This time after I "fixed" it the cord no longer retracted fully--seems like the spring mechanism had lost some tension. I can live with the cord problems, but just last week, only 18 months after my purchase and approximately weekly normal use, the vacuum made a horrible noise and after unscrewing the bottom it became clear that the plastic that holds the agitator brush in place had broken or melted on one side, plus another plastic piece holding the height adjusting wheels was snapped. This does not look fixable to me, and of course it is no longer under warranty. 18 months! My last vacuum, which this one replaced, lasted 24 years with never a problem! They just don't build things to last anymore, I guess. ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY A HOOVER elite rewind


  • Stopped Working
    I wonder if the same people who gave this vacumn high ratings would give the same rating after six months. Mine worked well for about six months and stopped working this past weekend. I had it cleaned out thoroughly and replaced the belt, but the power would not come on. My first thought was that the built-in Thermal Protector shut it down because of overheating. It should then reset itself after 30 minutes. Well...it's been two days....

    I would think that you would want your vacumn works longer than six months. If so, please consider another product that is not made by Hoover. Good Luck if you decided to give this a try because of other reviews.

    ...more info
  • Sexy, sports car red! It works for Ferrari, why not you?
    RED! Shiny! Metallic!

    Breathe, now, Kyle, it's just a vacuum.

    Really, we just wanted something that worked.

    After a scathing review against the "Bissell Pet Hair Eraser," (which we determined was a relatively worthless vacuum) we thought it best to at least make a positive stand to the one that won.

    Yep, while the Pet Hair Eraser dazzled us with plastic crap, cute stories and useless suction, we weren't going to be snooty and shell out $500 clams for a Dyson, which in and of itself, gets mediocre reviews.

    I had liked the Hoover Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless since I thought I was going to get killer sound from hooking up my MP3 player. You know, out of those speakers on the side. I thought rockin' the cleaning routine was a bonus.

    Sadly, those two odd circular features on either side are a lifetime HEPA filter, and a cord rewinder.

    Cord rewinder?! Hold the phone. You mean I don't have to do the lasso-over-the-plastic-hook anymore? Nifty. Better than speakers!


    * Lightweight
    * Smaller "footprint," (great for storage)
    * Great container capacity for filth
    * Great agitator, good suction.
    * Good filtration system (so far...)
    * Solid canister design; seals well.
    * CORD RETRACTION! *cheers* No really, it works.
    * Nice accessories, brush removable on one of them.
    * Easy to push around on variable surfaces.
    * Height-adjustment seems to work.
    * Plastic framework solid.
    * Very easy to assemble.
    * Sexiest red vacuum paint job ever devised.


    * Skeptical about the "lifetime" HEPA filtration.
    * Accessory hose narrower than competitors.
    * Has no cute pet stories.
    * Light is practically useless.
    * Not available in shock blue, pink, green or yellow, because come on, that red is sexy.

    So far the performance, promises, functionality, design, ease of use, all that jazz, is up to par. I mean, in a world of terrible vacuums at ALL price points, it's just up to us, the meek consumers, to test them out and rave and/or rant about them. This one passes for price, productivity and color pleasing. At least for me.

    This one shouldn't disappoint you, so if my words mean anything, and you're the hesitant type, just get it. As of this writing, it's one of the better cheaper bagless vacuums out there.

    KW...more info
  • not a good choice for pet owners
    I bought this one year ago and it seems to have been nothing but trouble. Broken belt, blocked hose, now not working at all. This would probably be okay for light duty, but it is not a good choice if you own a long haired dog/cat as the hair fills the bag quickly, blocks the hose etc. ...more info
  • This Vacuum SUCKS! See ya later Dyson!
    I just moved into an apartment and have been vacuum shopping for about 2 weeks. I borrowed a Dyson DC07 from friends and used that to clean the apartment when I first moved in. I finally decided on the Hoover Elite Rewind after reading the reviews and looking at several vacuums at local stores. I didn't purchase it at Amazon, I found it on sale elsewhere.

    I vacuumed a room with the Dyson yesterday and it picked up some dirt. I received the Hoover Elite today and just put it together and decided to try it out in the room I vacuumed yesterday. This vacuum sucks, in a good way. I was amazed at the amount of dirt it picked up that the Dyson missed. I guess the ads for the Dyson are wrong. It picked up so much dirt that it was like I never vacuumed the room and then dumped dirt on the carpet. I only vacuumed a 10x4 foot part of the room and it picked up at least 2 cups of dirt. I was truly impressed...

    I only gave this vacuum 4 out of 5 stars since there is no way to turn off the beater when doing hard floors or using the wand. Also when you get close to a transition from carpet to hard floors, it spits dirt onto the floor. So you'll have to vacuum those floors as well......more info
  • Powerful machine with only minor drawbacks
    Pros: Powerful motor, not incredibly noisy like most other vacuums, bagless container makes dumping dirt easy, and the auto-rewind power cord is awesome.

    Cons: Often leaves dirt behind when shut off or on hard surfaces, though the amount isn't much. Also, the small hole leading from the container to the suction hose gets clogged, but again not a very big deal. I would still recoment this vaccum, especially due to the competitive price....more info
  • Good value
    I bought this vacuum a little over a year ago, and use it about once a week to vacuum my 1 bedroom apartment. I don't have animals or kids, so I can't say how well it does on big messes or fur, but for my needs it's just about perfect. The canister dirt release is excellent, much better than my last vacuum. I also love the fact that the cord retracts, though it is somewhat of a pain because it's low to the ground so you have to hold it up as you vacuum. The variable brush means you can use it on bare floors as well - I usually make a pass through my kitchen while I get the rest of the house. It also has this little "hand vac" attachment that is good for cleaning hard to reach places, like under the couch or under a dresser. Overall, I like the vacuum and would recommend it to others. I think it's a good value - I paid about $90 for it and find it to be well worth it. ...more info
  • Worthless warranty -
    I bought this vacuum 4 months ago and it was used once a week. After 4 months the motor made a horrifying noise. I checked to make sure the belt was not broken and examined the vacuum for blockages. Everything looked shipshape. I contacted Hoover for service and even though I live in a major metropolitan area, the closest "authorized hoover repair" is an hour drive round trip. This was after contacting 2 other "authorized repair services who were no longer accepting residential repairs. I was also told I could ship it for repair but they would only pay one way for shipping. I am writing this review to spare potential purchasers the hard lesson that I learned. Moral of the story: Make sure you buy a vacuum where the warranty allows you to service the vacuum locally. ...more info
  • good, not great
    Read a lot of reviews and this one got the highest number of positive reviews. This review is written after one , initial use. It is very maneuverable, does a great job sucking up the dirt and is not overly noisy. However, it does not have a shutdown feature for if something big, like the carpet, gets sucked up. Therefore, we have ruined one throw rug- it ate it pretty thoroughly (granted, I had assigned the job to a teenager, but still...). I like the bagless feature and the hand power tool. Another disappointment was the length of the cord for the crevice tool- the reach is very limited- ceiling height, but you have to keep dragging the machine around with you as it has minimal stretch to it. It is also larger than I expected- so it takes up quite a bit of storage space. Overall it is good, but not great. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum clean
    This is the best vacuum cleaner I ever had. Absolutely loved this product and I strongly recommend it....more info
  • This thing sucks
    And sucks and sucks. I bought it to replace a Eureka that I've had for about two years and wow. I filled up the cup, which is larger than my last vacuum, emptied it, and went right back to work. It has great suction and I'm pulling up a lot of deep down dirt. The tools work well and are quick to get to....more info
    I love it!! Its a great vacuum for a great price. I vacuumed a black area rug when I first got it and the rug looked completely like new....more info
  • It's okay
    I just bought this vacuum after reading tons of reviews on others.
    I ended up in Target going back and forth between the Dyson slim and this one. I just could not get myself to spend the money on the Dyson.
    I liked the fact that this one was much lighter than most of the others.
    I also really liked the retractable cord! I currently have central vac in my home but hate the lack of suction in the wand to I decided to have a regular vac as well.
    First thoughts after using this vacuum:
    Spinning brush is noisy. If the brush is set to low, it makes a lot of noise- so you have to have the height adjusted just right.
    Love how the attachments are attached. They don't fall off and they are easy to use. Very much a flaw that the brush keeps spinning when you use attachments. I don't use them much so this won't effect me to much but I think no matter which model you have (for SAFETY sake) the brush should stop spinning on all models- not just the more expensive ones!
    BIG problem is how low they made the cord come out. You have to totally hold it up so as not to run it over as you vacuum. Kinda a pain! The retractable cord is great though- to bad they didn't have it come out a little higher and out of the way.
    Suction seems good- except on the fuzz of my large area rug. And watch out so you don't suck up the cord!
    Weight is good and I can move it around without a problem.
    Nice light on the front.
    I found the canister easy to empty. I take it outside to do it because as always, with canisters, dust does tend to fly around while dumping it.
    Overall it's okay for a vacuum. I took off two stars for the cord being easy to run over and the brush spinning while using attachments.
    They could improve these problems for the safety of the comsumer.
    I think it will get the job done for me.
    Good Luck! :-)...more info
  • Broke after one year
    I know that companies design (very cleverly) products to go bad after a certain amount of time, and sure enough, this Hoover did just that after 1 year and 9 days. The motor overheated once last month (waited an hour and it reset) and then it just stopped sucking up anything soon thereafter (probably around 20% of what it once was capable of). Now it's time to move on to another brand... (MADE IN CHINA anyone?!)

    There should be a Class Action set up for us against ALL companies (& their products) with ANY parts made in China. Times have changed....more info
  • Great cleaning power
    Though a bit heavy to handle, this vacuum did what others couldn't! It's so powerful that it picks up the smallest particles, leaving your carpets visibly clean. The dirt cup is very convenient also. I love the fact that it's clear, so you can actually see how many dirt and particles you just vacuumed....more info
  • Works great!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago, and it has so much more suction power than my old one. The automatic rewind feature is wonderful, and the vacuum cleaner in general is easy to use and navigate. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Was great until it broke!
    This was a great vacuum for the price, but all-of-a-sudden it stopped working :(

    I'm very disappointed considering it's only a year old!! Also, we don't vacuum up anything weird, so there's really no excuse for this.

    I would recommend buying something different. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    When I first purchased this vacuum I was very impressed with the ability it had to suck up pet hair. I have a cat and a dog and it seemed to work wonderfully at getting the hair out of the carpets. However, 9 months later the vacuum has become a piece of junk. It simply blows the dirt it "sucks up" right out the back side of the vacuum and back all over the area just vacuumed. I am not the only person experiencing this, I had recommend the vacuum to a friend that told me the other day he ended up so mad that he threw it out into his yard and went back to his 20 year old Kirby. And his machine is only about 6 months old. Since both of these units were purchased through Amazon, there seems to be no recourse on any type of return warranty coverage. The only thing that sucks with this vacuum is the fact that I paid $90 bucks for it!...more info
  • bad investment
    The only good thing about this product is the retractable cord. It is a terrible vacuum. Would have sent it back except it cost too much to mail. Please do not buy!!!!!!!!! (You will be sorry)...more info
  • So far so good
    Very maneuverable with strong suction. One thing we would have liked is a longer extension wand so we don't need to bend over to apply the crevice tool to the floors. I haven't found one even as an extra cost accessory. This is a problem for us older folks with bad backs. A previous reviewer couldn't find the "powered hand tool", and we also thought it was missing until we lifted each of the styrofoam packing bricks and found it on the far side of one of them....more info
  • The Worst Vacuum Ever
    this vacuum only picks up dirt when using the detached pieces. going over carpet it only pushes the dust and dirt. the proof s in the bagless container...there is nothing in it after vacuuming 15 minutes. you get what you pay for. dont expect much for sub $100. returning it at amazon is a pain...otherwise i would have done it already...dont buy it...more info
  • Hoover vacuum cleaner
    The vaccum does a great job, but I had a part missing which was a hand held cleanning item. I sent an e-mail to get the item, but have heard nothing. I still would like to have the item, but do not know how to go about getting it. I did get the holder for the item missing, so please advice what I need to do. Thanks...more info
  • Strong vacuum
    I like this vacuum and the convenience of not having to use bags. It works very well. I also like the retractable cord. The item arived without the screws that lock in the upper part (the tail) of the vacuum, so please check contents carefully....more info
  • Now our primary vacuum
    The old Kenmore finally died (13 years), so this was to replace it and serve as the basement rec room unit. We had a newer Kenmore on the first floor, and a dirt cheap Dirt Devil on the second floor. After a couple of weeks, we loved the features on the Hoover so much we made it our primary unit on the first floor and demoted the Dirt Devil to the basement. All the controls are operated by foot, cleaning the canister is a snap, and the retractable cord is great; vacuuming has become much less of a chore now.

    The only negative is that the beater bar doesn't have a shut off option; I always worry about burning carpet or scuffing the hardwood. ...more info
  • great suction......but......
    The suction on this vacuum is great, and I was so excited about the auto rewind feature on the power cord. But after a few winds, the cord winder gave out on me and its just become cumbersome. so if the auto rewind feature is a selling point for you, rethink that. However, if you want a pretty good suction for the money, its a keeper....more info
  • Vaccums ok, nice and wide, died of lack of suction, spits things everywhere
    This started having no suction 5 days before the warranty ran out - lucky me! So I rushed to a service center (30 min drive), then the guy says that it wouldn't be covered under warranty because its probably because there is a clog somewhere. And it would cost $90 to fix - more than a new one!

    He said all bagless vacs will die of lack of suction after not too long.

    Oh well, I did my part to try and save it from a landfill...

    Anyways, this did a great job on carpet while it lasted. Hardwood floors it would just shoot the dust and rocks behind it. On carpeted stairs I could feel it shooting the rocks on my feet, and would always have to sweep the entryway after vaccuming the stairs....more info
  • Love love love
    So far I think I've had this vacuum for about a month and it qualifies! It was the best vacuum that I could find that was in my price range and suction is great. I also love the fact that the power cord automatically goes back by a push of a button. ...more info
  • Picks up what Oreck left behind!
    I was thoroughly impressed with the cleaning power of this vacuum - especially for the price! I have a commercial Oreck Dual Stack (very expensive - about 300-400) and I wanted something smaller, more practical, lighter and easier to maintain. The vacuum picked up WAY more dirt after I vacuumed with my Oreck. I was amazed at how much was in the canister from one small area I tested. Truly great power for the price!

    I had to be very careful after discovering how strong this thing is though - it sucked up a sock that fell on the floor and nearly overheated. I was also trying to vacuum a small area rug and it got a corner stuck in it and quickly burned the rubber backing to shreds! You must make sure there are no things lying around ... or it will DEFINITELY pick them up! The attachment hose is also surprisingly short and makes it difficult to really move around without the vacuum being close.

    Overall - this vacuum rocks! I am actually happier with this than the Oreck (especially because it picked up tons of dirt that the Oreck left behind). I would buy this for the price - no bags, no filters to replace...absolutely awesome! Great attachment tools and easy empty bucket. My first bagless, and I am quite happy with it!...more info
  • Missing Pieces
    I love the vaccuum, however, it was missing the powered hand tool. Have been fighting to get a new one ever since...every customer service representative wants to pass the buck to the next person....more info
  • Comment from a Professional Cleaner
    I have spent hundreds of dollars on supposedly commercial/industrial vacuum cleaners. I had the Hoover for a while and it was in storage and frankly I forgot all about it. Recently, I started using it and I must say I am very impressed. This vacuum has great suction, it's reliable and it's a no mess/no fuss empty. The rewinding cord is an added value. It also leaves the "just vacuumed" patterns in the carpet which adds to the professionalism of a "clean". I am sold out for it. It's a great value and works just as hard as those other brands that I dumped hundreds of dollars into and are now sitting in the side lines. ...more info
    This vacuum is the worst product I have ever seen. After only a week of use I started having problems with the power switch. Then another week it kept burning up belts. The brush cylinder finally worrelled out the plastic at one end and is shot. Three weeks it lasted. I will never by another Hoover vacuum. ...more info
  • vac
    wife love it thant all I can ask for thank you for very fast shipment...more info
  • On my nerves!!
    I really liked this vacuum at first. I have only used it three times, and now it makes me mad. Some dust flies out the side, and it doesn't pick up little things as good as my old one. It also seems to pick dirt up and then re-deposit it on the next run across. Frustrating!!!! ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I had an Oreck....thought it was doing the job until two things happened....Stanley Steamer came in and when they were leaving remarked they picked up a lot of hair. At that time we had 1 Boston Terrier, and one light colored cat....but then another stray kitten found its' way into my heart and home....she has dark fur, and I began to notice that the Oreck was not picking it up......out went the Oreck and in came this Hoover vacuum. I will never go without it......the suction is wonderful...powerful.....I can see it getting the dark pet hair up.....I can also see all the pet hair in the cannister.....it is easy to manuver.....the automatic cord retractor is wonderful....the cannister is easy to empty....no filters to buy.....we are moving back to California into a two story, and I'm buying one more to keep upstairs....guess that's the best recommendation I can give it! ...more info
  • Carpets are clean!
    This was my first bagless vacuum and after using it for a few weeks now, I will never go back. At first I was concerned a bagless would be messy to empty, but due to the easy drop out the bottom design, the dirt just falls right into the trash bag and I am ready for the next cleaning job. And as simple a function as the auto-rewind is, it is a real time saver when it comes time to put the vacuum back in storage.

    I bought this vacuum based on the positive reviews and Amazan customers did not let me down. I am glad to add another positive review for the vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Makes vacuuming fun again
    I didn't know that which vacuum I owned would make a difference to how much we vacuum, but it does. This vacuum is so much more powerful than the 5 year old one we had. The cord rewind makes putting away so easy that it always gets put away. All the family loves using it, is it because you see the dirt you are vacuuming up? I highly recommend it....more info
  • Powerful
    This vacuum is so great that my 7 year old likes to use it. She thinks it is fun to see how much dirt is can pick up. It is easy to use and simple to empty. I got this at a great price and found out that it is worth much more than I paid....more info
  • Looked like I found somebody's missing cat!
    I ran my old vacuum around my living room just prior to my new vacuum's arrival. When this one arrived, I immediately ran the vacuum over the areas that I had already vacuumed. We have three cats, so we vacuum often. After the quick vacuuming with the new one, the canister looked as though I had found a fourth cat! It was absolutely amazing that there could have been so much hair where it looked like there was none. The carpet is plush, so it's not like it was a long shag where it could have been hiding. Am looking forward to a thorough vacuuming this weekend - furniture and all - I'm sure I'll be equally amazed....more info
  • Powerful little vacuum cleaner
    This cleaner does a great job vacuuming up pet hair. I have a color-block area rug in my kitchen and two accent rugs that seem to really attract the dog's hair. This little cleaner works better than others I've tried at vacuuming up the pet hair. I also love the easy-to-empty dirt cup and the retractable cord. I'm very pleased with this purchase and would recommend this item to anyone....more info
  • Hoover U5507-900
    This model is lightweight but vacuums well. I did not have any problems with tipping. It is quiet, for a vacuum cleaner, and easy to empty. It occasionally accumulates hair/lint in the upper part of the canister requiring one to remove the top to fully empty the canister. Simply twist off the top then the hair falls to the bottom of the canister, then line up the tabs for the top and canister and twist back on. Simple to do when needed.

    For the price it is a well designed vacuum. The rewinding cord is very handy, shorter than my previous vacuum, a Dyson DC17, but way more convenient. It handles running over cords very well and I can vacuum area rugs easily without sucking them up. ...more info
  • Heavy, bulky, yet delicate.
    I found the thing as heavy as any machine I've ever used, but was pleased, at first, with the pick up, and lack of having to deal with shopping for the appropriate bag replacements. On the third use, however, I ran over a computer cord and when I pulled it out, usually nothing major, the rolling brush stopped rolling, and the sucking action was reduced to almost nothing. This thing is much too heavy and bulky to be so darn delicate. I am currently waiting for a replacement, and will live with my mistake, but certainly wouldn't recommend it, especially for a woman. ...more info
  • wow!
    I thought my old vacuum did a great job--I just couldn't stand replacing the messy bag. I used this vacuum for my weekly cleaning. The canister needed emptying before I even reached the bedrooms. It was easy to put together and easy to empty. I am very pleased. ...more info
  • No more messy cord
    Initially I had an old Westinghouse Cordless Upright that used batter packs and was bagless but I paid around $400 for it. It choked on carpet often and required the filters to be cleaned every other vacuuming.

    I was in the market for a new vacuum and found this.

    The main selling point with this vacuum was the cord retraction feature. This vacuum works great!

    Actually about two months in the vacuum's hose lost suction. I kept trying to troubleshoot by cleaning the filters, resetting the bucket, etc to no avail. I looked at the bucket connection and noticed when I pushed on the bucket the hose regained suction so I figured it must be a hose issue. I ended up buying a new hose, connected it and it didn't solve the problem. So upon further examination I noticed the bucket while snapping perfectly into the vacuum was not aligned properly after about a min adjusting it the suction returned to the hose. I made an $11 mistake!

    Nonetheless this vacuum is a performer! The hose/brush attachment uses the suction to rotate the brush roller on the attachment providing more cleaning power! Bear in mind I only used this in an apartment and I've had it for 5 months but it works great!...more info
  • Don't buy this
    I worked great in the livingroom for about 1 month. On the bedroom rug it would bog down and if I spent much time vacuuming it there would be a burnt rubber smell. Now after one month the motor is shot.
    Now it is time for a new vacuum and this time I'll pay more attention to all the bad reviews I should have read to begin with....more info
  • Not the best buy
    Consumer Reports Jan. 08 gave this cleaner a score of 50 out of 100. Other cleaners rated as high as 75. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I've had this vacuum for almost a year now and use it almost every day (I have two long-haired cats). It works well on hard and soft surfaces, as well as furniture when using the attachments. It sucks big time, literally! I like the retractable cord, you just push a button and it retracts into the vacuum by itself. The dust container is clear, making it easy to determine when it needs to be emptied. Emptying the dust is as easy as pushing a button to release it, pushing another button to drop the bottom lid out of it, then closing the lid. You don't even have to get your hands dirty. I definitely recommend this for the price....more info
  • Excellent Vaccuum for the Price
    I bought this vaccum with coupons with my amazon cards rewards and plus they gave me extra off for applying for a credit card so it was a awsome deal. This vaccum is good and plus its automatic rewind cord is a excellent feature. The power is great. It picks up everything and anything. The attachments are a plus. Cant beat the price and quality.
    love it....more info
  • Gives me 'piece-of-mind'
    I have owned this vacuum for one year now and I am very impressed with the results I have gotten with it. After our old early 90's hand-me-down Hoover went out I bought a Eureka Altima. The thing worked real good for about 3 months then started smelling hot and making strange noises while in use. Couldn't figure out the problem - belt was fine. I unscrued the hood to find the brackets which hold the brushtoll in place were melted. Others have experienced similar results. Now I know the problem... it's a peice of s**t! Luckily the store I bought it from has a better return policy than the product itself. I got my money back and bought this Hoover instead.
    Like I said, I have been pleased. I get a sick pleasure out of examining all the dirt and fibers this vacuum pulls up. It gives me piece of mind to know that all that junk is no longer lying on the carpet surface being kicked-up and breathed-in by my family. After seeing what this thing sucks up after just a few days, I can definatly believe the claims that are made linking carpets and asthsma, especially in children.

    I do have one tip: at some point you might begin to notice your Hoover doesn't have the suction it once did. You may first notice this in the handheld device. Don't panic. Your vacuum does not "suck", well it does, but not in the bad way. You only need to do a better job of cleaning out the inner filter. When you go to dump the dirt canister, 'unlock the yellow basket filter and remove the inner round filter. I removed the ultra-fine caked-on dirt with one of the vacuum's own attachment - the brush with the stiff stationary bristles. The process takes <5 minutes. Then when you turn on, watch out! Obviously the better care you give this machine the longer and more efficiently it will serve you. ...more info
  • The Best bagless vacuum I've owned to date!
    I bought this vacuum as a replacement for a Eureka that broke down and died after only 7 months of use. I paid the difference in the price of the two vacuums for this, as I had a warranty that was transferred to this vacuum......bonus!! (Just in case) I have been thoroughly impressed by the suction power and the dirt it picks up.....so far it is the best bagless upright I have owned and it was priced under 90 bucks at my local appliance warehouse (but I only paid 24 hehehe)
    I have only owned it a month, but so far so good!...more info
  • Better than expected
    This is a great vacuum, its quiet, and has great power. It's pulled things out of the carpet that my older vacuum has left behind for who knows how long. There are many attachments that are well placed and the auto plug rewind was what really made this vacuum my choice. Of course its great that its bag-less and has a rinsable hepafilter that never needs replacing. Its a slight bit heavier then I'm used to but, its well worth it and the low price you can't go wrong with it!

    Best vacuum i've purchased in a long time (I have 2 others from QVC and HSN)...more info
  • Excellent suction but it eats itself
    The vacuum is very powerful so much that it gnawed its own power cord. I had to re-tape the power cord so that I escaped from an electric shock.
    One has to extremely careful while using this equipment. It cleans up the carpet/floor very well. I liked few things about this m/c.
    - Multiple adjustments from bare floors to extra thick carpets
    - Excellent suction and easy removal of dust.
    - Attachments are very useful to clean sofa.
    - Retractable cord
    - Very cheap

    What I did not like
    - Rubber belt which easily heats up when you pick up pieces of big paper/cloth. The stink is so nastly when the belt gets heated up.
    - Suction is powerful, so much it is unforgiving when you vacuum accidentally on its power cord.

    Otherwise, it is an excellent vacuum cleaner. I would have rated easily 5 except for the above serious caveats....more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner works great on carpet to pick up anything. The cord rewind feature is super but the cord is moderate in length. You do need to empty the dirt container regularly... Overall great!...more info
  • Very good vacuum
    I have used this vacuum for about 5 months now and it works great. Much better than bissel and other vaccuums I have owned before. It is easy to empty and clean....more info
  • no reason to complain yet
    I've had this vacuum for a few weeks and used it 3 or 4 times. It does seem to pick up more dirt than you think you even have in your house. Went together easily, works fine, the small spinning brush attachment was nice for the carpet stairs. If I could change something I would make the hose stretch easier so your arms don't get tired when holding the vacuum and stretching out the hose to do the stairs. When using attachments, the bottom brush is still spinning, but it lifts up high enough that it doesn't bother my floors, which include regular carpet, office-type carpet, and vinyl. So far I've just been keeping it on the lowest brush height setting for all three types of floors, although I might try moving it up for the regular carpet because that will probably put less strain on the machine to spin the brush. Some people said it was messy to empty the cup, but as long as you hold it over a good sized barrel and aren't doing a hoola dance at the same time you won't spill any dirt out on the floor. It hasn't been long enough to see if this vacuum stands the test of time yet, but so far I think it's a good vacuum and I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Very reliable vac
    It's amazing what can be sucked up with this vac. We have a Shepherd/Hound and this Vac has no problems picking up dog hair off HW floors and rugs....more info
  • Needed a vacum...
    Who would of thought vacuums would cost so much at the store. It was was cheaper to buy it online. good vacuum, except for when you try to use the extension for some reason it blows back dust... i think i just haven't found out how to use it yet though... ...more info
  • guy's point of view
    Its relatively quiet, I can here the tv while my wife is cleaning the whole house and I sit around like a bum.

    The retractable cord is cool because winding those things up is a pain in the ***.

    The hose thing could be a little longer

    Otherwise, is sucks up crap. What more do you want. For [...] bucks it seems to be worth it....more info
  • awesome vacuum
    This vacuum is very lightweight which I love! The retractable cord keeps everything neat and contained. it has alot of power. I have pets and I have had to replace vacuums often and they were always getting clogged with feathers and hair! This vacuum is soo easy to clean I do it after each run. It does take one or two times to catch on how to get the cannister off and back together with cleanings but it gets easier. I love this vacuum so much I recommended it to my mom and she loves hers as well!This is a great bargain !...more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner is great
    This product works great and is as efficient as many vacuums much more
    expensive. It was shipped immediately and arrived no more than two days
    after I ordered it and I paid no shipping charges. This was a great buying
    experience all the way. I recommend this entirely. Ellen Byers...more info
  • Just another bagless wonder
    In theory it looks great, with the innovation of emptying the dirt cup from the bottom to avoid the mess. But in practice, unfortunately, it doesn't pan out - much of the dirt remains in the cup after emptying, trapped in the upper chamber by the filter. Just try to clean out the filter area without creating a mess. And after emptying, you can barely see into the cup area anymore, unless you wash it each time....more info
  • what a sucker!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner on sale over the internet and was attracted by its bagless dirt collection canister and the long power cord with its automatic cord rewind feature. It's a good and powerful vacuum and picks up dirt great. the revolving brush head is strong and can be over-enthusiastic - be careful that you don't let it run over cords and other bits of string - I did and the rubber band that rotates the brushhead broke but no worries - the spare parts were cheap and we got them easily on the spot at the local Target store and replaced them ourselves without any fuss. The only thing I dislike is the short hose for vacuuming upholstery- I feel that the hose ought to be longer for greater reach. But this is just my opinion and the other features like the easy emptying of the dust canister straight into a bin makes up for its shortcomings. ...more info
  • Hoover
    Hoover U5507-900 Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Received the item in a timely fashion. It works well and the ease of emptying the dirt receptacle is a good feature. The retractable power cord is also an excellent feature. Time will tell about the overall value of this purchase....more info
  • Filter is only drawback
    I've had this vacuum for over 6 mo. and I loved almost everything about it ... until the first time I tried to "clean" the lifetime HEPA filter. This is my first bagless and I agree its a breeze to empty. But then you're in for a surprise the first time you unscrew the little cannister inside the larger chamber to access the filter. A wad of ultra fine dust plopped right onto my slipper while a small cloud plumed all over me and my garage. But this was only the start. The first time I "tapped" the filter to clean it, a dustcloud to rival Mt. St. Helen's erupted all over me. I removed myself to the yard for the remainder of the procedure, tapping the filter against a tree trunk. The amount of fine dust trapped in that filter was enormous. All the flowers below my tree were caked in gray. I was covered. BUT, at least I got the filter clean. Only now it's wintertime and I just don't feel like getting dust all over my winter coats, which are too hard to launder. So I'd love to just buy a replacement filter. Is there such a thing?
    I still give this vacuum 4 stars because it is so wonderful in all other regards (well OK, would it kill them to provide just one extension arm?), and I'd be forever pleased if I could just find an i...more info
  • Great Vac for the Price
    This is my first upright vacuum ever. Second time bag-less. This Hoover upright was a gift. I used one at a neighbors home & loved it. Then I got it for my birthday the next week! Heavier than I thought it would be - for a petite 100 pound female. (upper body strength will be required more often). Heavy means quality -- I hope. Assembly was super easy. Attachments are sufficient. Cord keeper is awesome. Sucking power is pretty good on my purple shag carpet. I am diggin it so far!...more info
  • Super quality
    Very convenient. Easy to clean the collected dust. Picks up all dust very well. Great looks and very convenient. Power cord feature is super....more info
  • hoover bagless
    Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright It is good product for the mony it dus its joob...more info
  • What's the fuss?
    I read many of the reviews - good and bad - and decided to buy one of these. I paid $89.99 at Costco; this item lists for $139.99 on Hoover's website. I have nothing bad to say about this machine at this point, and don't understand some of the complaints that I've read.

    Out of the box, the handle is attached with one screw (provided); there is one flexible rubber hose that easily plugs into two fittings. That's it - assembly complete. Plug and run. It was amusing to watch the dirt/carpet lint float about in a swirling motion in the clear cannister. (I need to get out more, huh?)

    The cord does exit the machine at the bottom because of the rewind mechanism; I was cautious not to run over it while cleaning. However, then I saw a small clip on the upper handle that is obviously meant to be used to keep the cord up and away from harm's way. If you don't use the clip, then running over the cord is very likely. That's why some reviews have mentioned a burning rubber smell, I imagine.

    Next, the dirt chamber/cannister could not be easier to remove and empty. Push one button and the chamber can be lifted out; then, flip one lever and the bottom opens on the chamber to release the dirty contents (over a trashcan.)

    Additionally, the motor is very quiet, I think. It is not the loud vacuum noise that older vacs usually have. Its suction power is great, and the attachments are stored in a stealth way about the handle. All of the buttons are yellow and easily seen; the on/off switch (which is foot operated) is larger than any ordinary button I've ever seen, and is easy to use. I wouldn't be surprised that if I read the instruction manual I'll discover some other neat things that I need to know.

    So, what's the fuss that I've seen in some reviews? I just don't see the same faults. I'm sure it will take a little time to get fully used to a new machine, but I am very happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Lite weight vacuum
    It isn't as noisy as some Hoover inexpensive models. Its lite. You are not exhausted after vacuuming. It has very powerful attachments. ...more info
  • The Clean Sweep
    It was amazing what this vacuum picked up. It's a little heavy but does a heck of job.
    There should be a place for the cord to rest while in use; I carry it in my left hand otherwise it gets caught under the vacuum.
    Just one feature that's a little short and that's the hose and attachment. They could be a lot longer for clearing away those ceiling cobwebs. I prefer the vacuum to a dust mop.
    However for the price, it's a real good buy. ...more info
  • good vac for the price
    flawless, great vac. the only problem i dont care for is when vacuming you have to hold the cord up to the handle so it doesnt get ran over. Hoover should run the cord up through to the top of the handle, or make a cord clip or something, since this model is a retractable cord model...more info
  • So far, so good, but I have had vacuums that with use loose suction. Time will tell with this model.
    So far, good suction. Broken belt the first 10 minutes, but probably faulty belt. The company sent me a replacement upon my phone call. Finding belts locally was difficult. I had to order some on line to keep on hand. I've had one hose plug-up from the great suction, but hose couldn't handle the deluge. It was easy, though, to unplug. Replacement of the belt was typically the same as all machines. I LOVE the way the bagless canister opens. My others were very messy. This one I just insert in garbage can and let her go. Virtually no raised dust from the dump. Overall, so far I'm pleased with the product. For how long, time will tell, as with all other's I've had in the past, all from various manufacturers. ...more info
  • Concious design
    I got this one from Amazon. Two things I would like to highlight about this vacuume. The power cord rewinding is excellent feature. Just press button and rewinds smothly dissapears in the enclosed case.
    Second one is the emtying the trash. I love the way the designed the contained. Just press the button and remove the trash can. It is very easy and intutive.
    It canbe still improved on the following: Length of the power cord, design of vacume pipe attachment (sometimes it comes out easily), It took a while to find out how to attach the hose to vacume....more info
  • Love this upright!
    This machine is awesome. It cleans so very well. It was very easy to put together and picks up so much!! The auto cord rewind is an awesome feature. Great vacuum. The only negative I would say is that it is heavy to move from downstairs to upstairs. Other than that, I love this upright....more info
  • Hoover U55607-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    This vacuum works great. It works so much better then expensive ones that I bought.The suction is awesome. It's not to heavy. Would recomend it to anyone who has athritis, because of how you can adjust the handle....more info
  • Works great !!!!
    I have had this vac about 6 months now and really like it.The other Hoover models I have had were the self propelled Wind Tunnels.The last one I had never was as good as the first so when it started to bite the dust I decided I would try something else.This vac is light weight and easy to use.I like the fact that it is bagless.I have 3 long haired cats, and it picks up the cat hair no problem.The hand tools work great.A great vac @ a great price....more info
  • Belt broke twice in a row!!
    Purchased at a store not Amazon. We loved this vaccum at first, good suction, cool rewind feature, good looks, and pretty lightweight compared to our Riccar. You might actually say it sucks a little bit too good because the very first 2 times used, the belt broke because it sucked up things unintentionally and stinky smoke poured out of it which remained in the house for hours!! Once it was a shoe string, and another time a table cloth. At first I blamed myself for vaccuming too close to these items, but one big negative is where the on/off button is located: in the middle of the back of the vaccum so by the time you tilt it forward,(which is counter intuative in a situation like that) to find the button and step on it, it's too late...you're in for a belt repair. Also the agitator brush does not turn off on floor setting (major flaw imho), and you have to bend over or stoop down and push on it hard to turn it to switch to floors. Also noticed when you switch to hand tool and after turning off, stuff that didn't make it to canister pours out. Not very comforting when you go to turn on the vaccum and you find a pile of dirt under it!

    This vaccum appears to have good suction but I don't think it has a very good deep into the roots kind of a suction, the power is more in the agitator brush than anything else. I can tell this because it does not leave as dark of a carpet path and fluff up my thick pile carpet compared to my 12 year old Riccar. It just beats the heck out of the top surface which I imagin can't be too good for your carpets.

    Overall I don't hate it, but don't love it either. I'd say save your money and get a Riccar or a Sears vaccum which are repairable, and will last for years. This vaccum was just supposed to be a light weight, extra vaccum for the upstairs but turned out to be disappointing for these reasons in addition to the possiblity that it will probably not last more than a couple of years due to the fact that it's not worth repairing if and when it breaks....more info
  • Do not buy
    Should give 0 stars or even negative. Doesn't clean well at all. Didn't pick up even half the dirt that my old vaccum (which was also Hoover) used to pick. Had to return it....more info
  • Look else where for your vaccum
    The unit works very well at begining. My wife ordered the second one based on the first one. So we have actually two of these Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless vaccums at our house(one for each floor). Both units broke belt once within 6 months of use. No biggie. I took out 5 screws at bottom of each unit and replace belt for each unit. Now one of unit develop the suction issue. It simply won't pick up any thing anymore. I finally realized after took it apart that there is a filter inside of canister that is completely clogged up. I don't think it is washable. I will need to replace the filter for each unit. Folks. You save money on bags but this one will get you on the filters (around $5 each) and probably last you 6 months of less. I have hardwood floors/tiles at my house. I have no pet but 3 kids. I suggest look else where for a good vaccum. ...more info
  • Great for Pet Hair Removal.
    Our rugs were COVERED with per hair. Our previous vacuum cleaner was unable to remove the matted hair from the carpets. This hoover removed all the pet hair and made the carpets look BRAND NEW. I am very pleased. Another great feature about this specific vacuum is the fact that you do not have to unwind and wrap the power cord. There is an automatic roll out. Simply plug in the power cord to the outlet and it will pull out as much cord as it needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ...more info
  • so far so good
    So far so good, I've had this vac a few days and been really shocked at how much it picked up. Prior to this, had a Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propel for the last seven years, really great vac, but just kinda was slowly dying on me!! This one is ligher, which is nice. ...more info
  • I love it! And for only a fraction of the cost of a high-end Dyson!
    If you've ever been fortunate enough to have had a high-end $500 Dyson Animal, there's pretty much no going back ever again. When circumstances led me to part with my Dyson, I looked for a replacement with all the same functions: bagless, HEPA filter, hose - all the important basic stuff. And this had it all! Same features, same ease of use, but at only 1/5th of the cost! The only difference seemed to be the power: the suction in a Dyson is almost hurricane-like. This one, while still respectable, isn't as strong. It's lightweight, and medium duty in terms of cleaning power. I've been very happy with my purchase and would recommend this highly to others who're thinking of taking the plunge for a quality vacuum at an affordable price....more info
  • I hate it
    Within a week, it needed to be taken apart because the hoses were clogged. After about 4 months, the suction was very poor, and it had to be taken apart to clear the hoses before each use (I am not talking about emptying the canister and cleaning the filter - I did this before each use anyway)

    Now, after 6 months of use, it is going back to the store (under extended warranty) It does not work at all, only blows dust and dirt around....more info
  • This vacuum is GREAT
    Wanted to say it "sucks" but not in the slang sense! It has tremendous suction power, is easy to handle, lots of on-board tools, it's what I've been looking for. I am giving away a Eureka stick vac, only a year old, that's the opposite of this one. It was so loud I had to wear ear protectors when using it! And it had lousy suction. This one Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright isn't silent, but it's bearable. Emptying it is easy. The cord reel is a nice touch too. Handy. It's only its first day but it's a keeper!!

    ...more info
  • Great vaccuum!
    Great vaccuum. I love that the cord is self-wrapping...but that means, I guess, that it has to be short...I have to change the cord to every room I vaccuum.
    It's very easy to empty, though and light to push. Would definitely recommend!...more info
  • Value for the money
    I bought this vaccumcleaner which really is good, and value for money. It cleans the carpet very good. And also good on tough floors too....more info
  • Nice Bagless Vacum
    We had used a canister vacuum for years. It was starting to short out at the power head. After looking around the wife decided on this model. When it arrived, it was simple to put togther and start using. It is nice to see what it is picking up. We question what our old vacuum was picking up after seeing what this one did. Lots of power, light and easy to use. Was the right choice for us for sure. If I had to complain about one thing, was the belt broke on the power head already but it was a $3 part to fix. We really enjoy this product and like its features and usefulness....more info
  • As a gift
    I bought this for my Mom as an early Christmas gift and she says it works great. The only bad thing is with the automatic cord winder, you will get hurt if you do not pay attention to it. ...more info
  • Really picks up
    Has great suction. This is much lighter in weight than my previous vacuum (Phantom), so it is not as hard to push around. The cannister is easy to empty. Like the lightning fast auto rewind of the cord. I have 2 complaints: One is the handle on the hose. When I disengage the hose to use the tools, the handle that you hold on to hurts my hand because it is made of hard plastic with sharp edges. Maybe it should be made of softer material and more rounded to be ergonomically correct. Two: the hose should have an extension so you are not in a bent over position when trying to use the tools. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum For A Low Price
    This vacuum cleaner was a new design from scratch and was build with the goal of building an excellent vacuum cleaner at a new lower affordable price point. They hit a winner with this one. We bought this vacuum cleaner to be a supplemental vacuum to get into tight places. Surprise, my wife replaced her name brand vacuum cleaner with this one. She was so impressed with this vacuum cleaner that she also bought one for her daughter.
    Goes to show you that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a real good vacuum cleaner.

    ...more info
  • Well worth the $$$ but.....
    The suction/pick up power is very good. I absolutely LOVE the rewind cord feature. It is lighter than my old windtunnel, but the cord is shorter. I'm getting use to the shorter cord and the emptying feature is nice. I just wish you didn't have to periodically take out the filter and bang it to clean it out. Overall for the money, great suction, and rewindable cord you can't go wrong....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner, all that I needed.
    I've got an apartment with wooly carpet in the living room, short carpet in the bedroom, and tile in the kitchen. This vacuum adjusted noticeably well to the different heights, it was pretty sweet. The clean-up is also very simple: just put it in a plastic bag and dump it upside down, and it's done!

    One thing was that the dust sometimes ends up caught above the canister, so you need to pick at a dust ball or two to get it to come down into the canister so that you can properly empty it. No big deal. MUCH better than bagged vacuums.

    5 stars for being a reasonably priced, powerful and simple vacuum cleaner. The cord windup is pretty neat too. Just don't do it by accident......more info
  • Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    I love this vacuum cleaner. Its quieter than most, easy to push. Sucks the animal hair up well. The only thing I don't like is the length of the hose for the tools. Just not long enough and I find I have to use vacuum in odd positions to reach what I need to clean with it. Otherwise its wonderful. Still the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had. If it weren't for the hose being short I would have given it an easy 5 stars. I highly recommend this. I did alot of research before settling on this particular vacuum. Hope I can save others the time. Buy this one folks, you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Love this vacuum cleaner
    - Easy to use with little effort despite non-self-propelled
    - Powerful suction
    - See results through clear plastic canister
    - easy to empty the canister
    - Doesn't get hot like some vacuum cleaner
    - Retractable cord is one main reason we bought this vacuum cleaner
    - Love the color scheme
    - Our 30 year old self-propelled Hoover with retractable cord brush bearing had just broken beyond repair but the motor still runs and pull vacuum!
    - We wonder when is Hoover going to build a car?...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great value for money. I love the suction and retractable chord feature.
    I also love the bagless option and have recommended it to two friends who have bought it and loved it absolutely.
    With the free shipping and special price option, it is a no-brainer.
    ...more info
  • Worse Instead of Better
    I ordered this from Amazon based on the good reviews and free shipping, but I've now boxed it back up to return it because it is junk. It runs, the brush spins, it even gets suction, but all the while it is spraying dirt all over your living room. Where did all this sandy dirt come from? My rug was dirtier after vacuuming than before, and when I turned it off, a pile of sand was left where it stood.

    Lesson learned: even if it costs a bit more, always buy something this big and heavy at a store, so you can return it if it's a dud....more info
  • buy a Dyson
    worked for about a month, now it barely picks up anything. If I could have rated it a 0, I would have. My advice, spend a bit more and buy a better product....more info
  • Awsome!
    Bought this for my daughters who don't like to clean! They say it has unbelievable suction and very easy to use. At least now their floors are clean! Thanks for super fast shipping and a great product....more info
  • Don't order from Allergy Be Gone company!!!
    We purchased this vacuum cleaner and it came broken. It say's not to contact them but Hoover to see if it could be fixed through them first. They couldn't fix it as the parts came broken. I have tried over three hours on hold to get through to this company and they have NEVER ONCE answered the phone. I would NEVER EVER buy from the company and am now skeptical of purchasing from Amazon, which I have used many times in the past. What a horrible vendor. Allergy Be Gone must be a scam company selling broken/returned products and that is how they got the price....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!!
    Great vaccum and especially for the money. I paid $77 and feel that I deffinately got my monies worth! The power is amazing!! I used it in my room and was disgusted by the filth that my cheapo walmart vaccum was NOT picking up!! I have been thru several Bissels and after trying this one out, I now see what I've been missing.

    I am giving this 5 stars because the only fault it has is the hose could have been longer to reach places better. Overall, I am very please with this purchase and would highly reccommend it to anyone....more info
  • Love it
    This replaced our $600 Dyson vacum that only lasted 2 years. It is lighter, has an automatic cord rewind, and works nearly as well for about 10% of the cost. A great machine for the money and it shipeed in ONE day!...more info
  • Good light-weight work horse.
    When I first opened it up, it looked a little cheap, and it was a very bright red. But after using it, I love it. I don't need a large vaccuum with lots of bells and whistles. I just need something that gets the job done. It has the just the right amount of features and is much lighter than other vaccuums I've tried. The retractable cord is great, I always hated rolling up those long cords before. It's also very easy to clean. Love the vaccuum and its a great price!...more info
  • Awesome cord rewind feature
    Once you have it, you'll never go back. Very powerful and useful attachments. Long cord and easy to use no mess canister with HEPA....more info
  • Not impressed
    I was so please with this vaccuum when I first bought it. I have a golden retriever and a long haired chihuahua and it sucked up the hair very well. The bad thing was though that I had to change the bucket like 5 times everytime I vacuumed just one room. I have had this vaccuum about 5 months now and I swear it wont pick up anything! I have tried it on every setting and it rolls up little balls ofhair and wont suck anything up. I am very unhappy with this vacuum, dont waste your money. !!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum was promptly delivered, easily assembled and works as advertised. What more can you ask for?...more info
  • Clean, Great Suction, just a little heavy
    Overall, I am very happy with this vacuum and its great price. It has great suction and it is very easy to clean. Just make sure you dump the dust into a bag that you can tie immediately if not there may be dust everywhere. I really like the automatic cord rewind option. It saves you time & the extra effort if winding up the cord. The hose attachments are also great. The only negative thing is that it is slightly heavier than I was expecting....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    I purchased this to replace a Bissell Bagless vac. I am extremely pleased with this vacuum cleaner. It's light, has a lifetime hepa filter and a handy cord winder. The powered hand tool works great on furniture. I hope the person that engineered the hand tool got a big raise. It's powered by the suction of the wand and works perfectly. The Bissell I owned worked ok but had numerous filters that had to be cleaned often. This Hoover doesn't have the multiple filters and has better suction. The only complaint I have is the cord length. It's slightly shorter than most but the cord winding feature outweighs the length. Just keep an eye on the price. It fluctuates widely day to day from a low of $77 to $100 on this site....more info
  • Excellent Hoover Product
    All facets of the Hoover Upright bagless vacuum met expectations. The bagless container is removed easily, the power cord recoils with ease and it cleans very well. I ordered it on Sunday night with the free super savings shipping and it arrived that Thursday. Another good Amazon purchase!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!
    The Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Vacuum is FABULOUS. Great price, sucks the heck out of dust, dirt, cat hair, paperclips, etc. I love it. I have had many vacuums and this is what I have been looking for. Attachment to use on furniture, stairs, etc. Soooo easy to empty the container. Never have to touch the dirt, as a little push of a handle and the dirt falls out of the bottom and into the trash. I have oriental rugs and the wool sheds terribly, but this vacuum really vacuums it well. Different levels for carpets and floors. Foot button for on/off and handle. The vacuum really cleans it and is very easy to use. It has only one screw to fasten the handle and a couple little snap-on tool holders....took me less than 5 minutes. FABULOUS PRODUCT!!

    I ordered it on a Wednesday on Amazon and it arrived on Friday afternoon. LOVE IT!!

    ...more info
  • Powerful vaccuum, but capacity is too small for pet households
    This vacuum is very good at picking up dirt, dust, even pet dander from carpeting or bare floors alike. It sucks in anything and everything, and the convenience of not having to deal with bags is a big plus...

    ...BUT the capacity is way too small for my household. It sucks up the pet dander right quick, but the container is full within two minutes or less. The convenience factor of the bag-less design goes right out the window when you have to empty it multiple times in a single vacuuming session.

    If you've got a pristine household with no pets and you only ever vacuum a little bit of dirt at a time, I can recommend this vacuum very highly. For those of us who live in a dirtier world, the capacity is just too small to be practical....more info
  • worked once
    i bought this 5 months ago -- it worked just fine out of the box ... the 2nd time i used it, it wouldn't pick up even a dried piece of a leaf, i could only get any pickup using the hose which is a back breaking process ... i've tried every setting on carpet and area rugs ... have finally decided it is a total waste of money. Folks - I so recommend you not purchase this....more info
  • Very dissatisfied!!!!
    This vacuum has a very short hose and you cannot use it to clean anything other than floors. The attachments would work fine if the hose was long enough so that the vacuum didn't have to be within two (2) feet of where you are trying to clean; the vacuum then falls over when you try to pull it close enough to do a good job of removing dust from walls or furniture. I would not purchase this vacuum again!...more info
  • You get what you pay for....
    Hello, when i first purchased this vacuum i was very pleased with it, i gave it 5 stars. My excitment for this product ended very quickly. The first 4 to 5 months the vacuum worked great, but after that it totally fell apart. Some of the problems.....

    1. The tubes constantly get clogged. i have to clean the tubes after almost every use. This involves unscrewing the bottom and getting something that can reach into the tube.

    2. Cheap plastic that held the brushes that spin broke off

    3. The belts are very difficult to find. I went to three different places to get them and couldn't find them. The belt that the vacuum comes with has a size on it. When purchasing that size it doesn't seem to fit. I eventually called hoover who couldn't tell me what belt would work on this vacuum.

    4. The vacuum requires constant maintance, it gets very annoying after awhile when all you want to do is vacuum the floor.

    The bottom line is "you get what you pay for". The vacuum will work great for awhile but will eventually fall apart. If $100 and six months of use is good for you then by all means purchase this vacuum. If you want more then i suggest looking elsewhere....more info
  • Better off saving your money towards a better vacuum...
    At first, my husband and I loved this vacuum. We have a lab puppy and live in an apartment where there is sandy soil. We had heard this model was particuarlly good for those of use who suffer from sesaonal and dust/mold allergies and for those of us who have a pet that sheds. For the first month, this vacuum picked up everything; but then its suction started to diminish. I took it apart to get a few clogs out. However, there must have been a clog that I couldn't reach, because the vacuum still would not pick up much of anything and continued to over heat when used. In the process of reaching the clog, I could not get the plate on the bottom of the head to reattach correctly. After all of this frustration (and having the service hotline, after having been disconnected by their system 3 times, tell me that they could not tell me how to fix it), I took vacuum into the local Hoover Service Center. The gentleman that worked there really could not help us, and we wound up going back 3 different times in 2 weeks trying to get this vacuum to go back to full capacity. Due to the recent restrutering, they do not have exact instructions on how to fix this particular model, and the diagram in the owners manual was not detailed enough to be helpful when reassembling it after looking for the clogs. Any needed parts have to be ordered, and may not come in before six weeks, as this model is not typically carried in Hoover stores. We bought a Dirt Devil Canister model and are much happier with it.

    If you are considering buying this product, here are a few things you should consider that are not listed in the product description:

    1.) It's true that the vacuum has a life-long hepa filter; however, the yellow filter in the canister periodically needs replacing. We burnd through one filter in 6 weeks just cleaning up dog hair from our one lab.
    2.) Dirt clings to the canister and any area the canister may have touched. You can wipe the canister down and still not clean up all the dirt and dust.
    3.) Getting help servicing this vacume is very frustrating, and parts are not readily stocked. Hoover service centers do not have much information on this vacume due the fact that it is newer and that they are going through a restructuring, and systems are being reestablished.
    4.) When using the auxiliary tools, the brush does not turn off. This can wear out your carpet and rugs.
    5.) The pet hair removal tool is nice, but does not work as well as the information would lead you to believe.
    6.) The vacume comes with a one year warranty, but if they can't fix it, you have to wait for them to send you a new vacume. If the vacume breaks right before the holidays, like it did to us, you may find yourself with no other cleaning recourse.

    All said and done, I would give this vacume a better rating if the Hoover company provided better customer service and support and if we had only needed a vacume to do basic cleaning. However, that was not the case.
    ...more info
  • Absolute Junk
    This vacuum is compete junk. After owning it less than it for a month my wife and I had it into the Hoover service center 4 times. The store technician said, in not so many words, that it was complete junk and they have nothing but problems with them. So when I asked about the warranty that I had officially registered through their website, the manager told me that the company had been restructured and that I should just purchase a better model. So when I ask to return the deffective product and get credit towards a better model, he informed me that the only credit would go towards the standard retail price and since they were already having a holiday sale, the credit he could giive me would not benefit me at all. I would recommend avoiding this model and Hoover's all togethr if possible. Their warranty is worthless and their service centers basically told us that since the product was junk to begin with, there isn't much that they could do for us....more info
  • So Far So Good
    This sweeper is pretty good! It does at times spit stuff out but definitly not as much as other vacuums. It doesnt do it every time and overall i'd recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Great suction
    My previous vac I thought was doing a decent job until it broke down and I got this one. The price was great (less than $100) and cleaning the carpet has just become a lot better. The power of suction is awesome, cleaning the cannister is quick, rewind feature and the lamp is a bonus.

    Downsides - A little heavier than I thought, floor adjustment knob needs to be adjusted when moving from carpet to bare floor. ...more info
  • Extremely dirty to empty, nearly impossible to reassemble
    It looks like it should be easy to empty, just push the bar to open the bottom and the dirty falls out... not. All the dirt collects at the top and is tucked around the filter. You have to reach all the way in to pull all the dirt out, ick. Or you can remove the filter from the top and empty the basket, actually easier to get the dirt out this way, but then try to get the thing reassembled. It takes about 20 minutes each time and doesn't get easier as times goes by. It's so frustrating, I'm considering taking it back for that reason alone. Also the basket is really small, so you must empty it often. I have to empty every time I just vacuum my kitchen floors. It doesn't hold much more than a hand vac. The roller brushes continue to turn even when you remove the hose to use it with tools, like on bare floors, so you risk scratching your floors. I thought the brush would stop turning when the setting was on bare floors, but it doesn't. I like that the cord winds with the touch of a button. It's not difficult to safely wind the hose without letting it get away from you. It does have really good suction. It's a little smaller than any other upright I've ever had, but it isn't lighter in weight and it doesn't lie flat, so it's not easy to get under coffee tables or sofas. It is really inexpensive and the suction is as good as any $400 vacuum, so if you're short on funds, this is a great vacuum, just be prepared to work a little harder using it....more info
  • Very good suction....
    I have had this vacuum for several weeks and so far I am pleased. It really gets up the dirt. I wish the plastic pieces worked better..... VERY hard to change the adjustment for carpet height. The cord could be longer but I attached an extension cord and the hose could be longer too. Overall, I like it....more info
  • Great vacuum... but with a small problem
    My wife and I got this vacuum a few months ago, and we love it! Great value, great suction, decent features.

    But there's a minor flaw that we discovered. When you detach the wand/extension hose, you're also detaching the hose that is used when you vacuum normally. In other words, the hose that dirt travels through when vacuuming normally is the same hose that you detach to use the extension. What this means is that when you use the extension, whatever is underneath the unit (whether carpet, hair, or dust) sometimes gets sucked up... and without a tube to route it into the dirt bin, it flies into the air and back into the vicinity that you're vacuuming.

    Admittedly, it's not a major flaw; it's more of a nuisance, as I have to be careful of what is underneath the vacuum when I use the extension. Otherwise it's a great vacuum for the price, and the house always feels noticeably cleaner after we've used this vacuum....more info
  • Good vacuum
    This is a very good vacuum for the money. It is strong, convenient, and really gets the dirt out of carpet or off bare floors. If there is an achille's heel, it has to be the belt. It breaks very easily. They are not very expensive and they are easily found, but the 2 dollars apiece could add up over time. Other than the belt problem, my wife loves this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • bagless vacuum
    Best vacuum I've used. Just remember to keep after the filters, it should last a very long time. Love the clear dirt container, makes it easy to maintain....more info
  • Excellent!
    The Hoover Elite Rewind is excellent! After using a Dirt Devil for so long, I was simply amazed what this picked up, it was like I hadn't vacuumed in 6 months, but really I had. Easy to use & move around, lightweight, cord rewinds, easy to empty container. It's a keeper!! ...more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner for the price
    I really like this Hoover Upright Elite. The chord rewind is really convenient & the ease of emptying the dirt cup is just great! I was also pleasantly suprised at how quiet this vacuum is compared to my old Dirt Devil. The only thing I miss is there is no edge cleaner on this model but that wouldn't stop me from repurchasing this vacuum. Overall - great vacuum for the price!...more info
  • I love this vacuum cleaner!
    I am thrilled with the Hoover 900 Elite Bagless Vacuum! It's actually fun to clean when I can see the amount of debris I'm picking up with this vacuum! The deep cleaning action is so strong that the container fills quickly making me realize how much my old vacuum missed. With two dogs I'm always cleaning up dog hair, and now I don't have to worry about letting my grandbaby crawl on the rug because I know it's deep-down clean after using my new Hoover. I highly recommend this great vacuum; it has surpassed my expectations....more info
  • Great value vacuum for the money.
    We purchased this about one month ago. It has great suction, is easy to push, and easy to dump. Picks up a lot more than the Dirt Devil upright self-propelled unit we had before. We go through at least one vacuum a year and this unit is the best so far.

    Cons are the cord is too short and even though it claims not to need filters there is a filter that needs to be cleaned occassionally, but it does blow out with compressed air so won't need replacing.

    Overall this vacuum is a great unit and I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Hoover 5507-900 Elite Rewind Upright
    This vacuum could be a nice product. I will never know because the BELT buned out the first day. ...more info
  • Wonderful as per price
    This vacuum is wonderful compared to price. Lil heavy for wife but cleans well and rewind feature is awesome..love it......more info
  • Seems Pretty Good
    The wife loves a clean home, and this little guy appears to make her happy. Not to mention, it is much quieter than any other vacuum we have ever owned. The cord storage feature is a nice touch....more info
  • My daughter loves it
    I bought this for my daughter who moved into a new apartment with new carpeting. Lots of new fuzz for her to vaccuum up and the machine worked well for her. Well priced....more info
  • Hoover U5507-900
    This is a great vacuum with plenty of power and extras. The only problem lies in emptying the vacuum. It makes a mess and should be done outside....more info
  • Disappointed!
    At first I loved this vacuum! Over a period of 6 months, my love affair with this machine has dwindled. What I don't like:
    There is NO carrying handle. You schlep it up and down stairs by grabbing the handle on the dust compartment. Really stupid idea.
    The base of the dust compartment is next to impossible to twist back onto it's cover after cleaning the filter. At first, no problems, the more use it gets, the more difficult.
    The cord is too short and I've been slapped with it while it's rewinding. Ouch.
    The hose it too short. It won't reach to the top of my staircase (9 steps). The handle on the hose is very awkward to use and the mini beater attachment is a waste on carpeted steps. The attachments fall off the unit very easily.
    The bottom dust release is a joke. Junk collects around the yellow filter at the TOP and you have to stick your hand all the way up inside to pull it out.
    It spews dirt out when using it on hardwood floors. Really frustrating. I have to go back over the floors with a swiffer afterward. You can't imagine all the junk that's left behind!
    I have to wonder if the brilliant engineers that design vacuums actually use them. Do these companies even bother to test their products anymore?
    Other than those complaints, it's not the worst vac. It's easy to use and relatively lightweight.
    ...more info
  • Vacuums well but loud
    This is a pretty decent upright. Its a little loud and I use it on the floor setting even for carpets as the suction is really good. The hose attachment is not very useful. The hose is not long enough and the upright part keeps falling over since I pull the hose to try to get to corners. Otherwise, ok average vacuum with good HEPA filter and easy cleaning....more info
  • I wouldn't buy this vacuum.
    I bought this vacuum a month ago and returned it today. At first I liked it for many of the reasons listed here, cord rewind, filter, good suction. But the reality is it spews dirt all over your house when you use the hose feature. I read the manual to ensure I was using the feature correctly, and still, spewing. Also, the hose is short which means you don't have a lot of range from the unit and you end up bending over most of the time. The vacuum does not work on hard floors as it just "pushes" the dirt. The profile of the vacuum makes it hard to get under furniture. And, it's not self propelled so one really has to push. I found using this vacuum a tug-o-war and a work out, and not in a good way. I have no problem exerting myself but this vacuum would have been a problem for my mother with a bad back. I'd rather get my workouts at the beach!...more info
  • holy moley
    This vacuum might not be the greatest vacuum to grace the 21st century
    but it HAS to at least be on the top 10 list. It's was fun cleaning
    the floors with it the first day I got it. I have two dogs both very large with VERY large amounts of dog hair shedding everyday. The Hoover
    just keeps cleaning up after them with no problem. The fact that I dont
    have to buy bags and the hepa filter doesnt need to be replaced will be
    a great savings but the fantastic job it does on old carpets, new carpets
    and bare floors would be worth many times what I paid....more info
  • Unexpected emissions
    If sensitivity to dust emissions is a concern, I would not recommend this vacuum. Though the HEPA filter provides a great barrier and protection from emissions when using the floor vacuum, using the extension wand bypasses the filter and expells dust, dirt and hair back into the room. Since the floor beater brush runs continuously, when the extension wand is removed for use, unfiltered dust is expelled through the bottom hose coming from the floor beater brush. I'm not too keen on dust that can be scattered when dumping the bagless canister, but some cautions can be taken to reduce the emissions back into the room when emptying the canister.
    After researching Consumer Reports and the useful owner comments in Amazon (thanks to all), I thought this Hoover Elite Rewind would be a good value. Well, the capability for the price is reasonable, but the result is not what I expected nor what I will settle for. I notified Hoover of my reason for return and have accepted that I will need to spend more money for an upright, HEPA filtered vacuum that has a separate beater shut-off. In fact, I even found a Bissel Healthy Home (5770) model that employs a shut-off valve from the floor hose as soon as the extension wand is pulled out for use. An exceptionally smart design feature that I will spend $250 for...to get the results I want and need....more info
  • NOT Dyson technology
    This was posted on a forum I read:
    cycloneman said:
    The Hoover Elite Rewind is a cool idea in a vacuum cleaner. But it does not use Dyson technology. It does, in fact, use a filter. It's behind the yellow screen at the top of the clear bin. This pleated filter catches all the fine dust before the air enters the motor. It's VERY important that the operator remove and clean this pleated filter each time the clear bin is emptied. The instruction manual states to remove the pleated filter and tap it on the inside of a trash can until the dirt stops falling from the filter. Then, you can rinse the filter with the sprayer at the kitchen sink, with warm water. Do not use soap, and do not brush the filter. Dry thoroughly (at least 12 hours) then replace the filter in the cleaner. IF the filter is clean, the vacuum will have great suction. When the filter gets dirty (after one or two uses) the suction is very much reduced by the dirt blocking the filter's pores. Air MUST flow through the filter to have good suction. By rinsing the filter often and not allowing the pleats to become full of dust, the Hoover will continue to pick up dirt well. There is a thermostat attached to the little G.S.-built motor that powers the Hoover Rewind, so if the filter gets dirty, the cleaner will shut down until the thermostat resets.

    The Hepa filter on the exhaust end of the Hoover should be rinsed once ever six months - but is NOT the same filter that I refer to in the above paragraph. The Hepa filter takes carbon particles created by the motor's contact brushes. That's why the Hepa exhaust filters turn gray - from the graphite particles coming off the motor's contact brushes.

    ...more info
  • CAREFUL this vac will damage your rugs !!! !!! PLEASE READ
    hi. prettty good vac for the money, but the beater bar does not turn off when you are using the tools, if you leave it in one spot for too long, it will damage your rug(s). So move it to hardwood floors or lay it down. I called Hoover to inquire why they would make such a huge blunder when designing this product, and the customer service rep told me that the higher priced hoover models have this feature, and that I get what i paid for. Very very rude ! I have a Dyson also, which was way way WAY overpriced, broken, and does not have a height adjustment, which will damage antique oriental rugs....more info
  • So far so good
    We have had this for 3 months now and it still does a great job as a vacuum. As previous posts have noted, it would be nice if the hose was longer so you could get to the hard to reach places easier.

    Value for your money....more info
  • Does not last
    I have had this product for 4 months and it needs to be repaired because the motor sounds at least 3 times louder when in use. The suction seems about the same, but who can vacuum with the noise...It was a good vacuum cleaner before this, but was never outstanding....more info
  • nice vacuum
    I bought this for the RV & have used it several times! So far its working excellent! I think the cord is a little short becase it otherewise would not fit into the rewind wheel. The RV is 45 ft long so I plug it into a receptacle in the middle & can reach pretty much the whoe thing. I do reccomend this cleaner especailly for an rv or boat or apt.......still do prefer my Dyson animal for my kind of large house tho....more info
  • Outstanding vacuum for the price!
    I haven't used a Dyson yet so I can't fairly compare the two, but this little Hoover really sucks a lot of dirt for about 1/4 of the price of a one. I particularly like the way the canister is emptied; just push one button to release the canister, then push a little lever when you want to empty it out. No fuss, no mess. The attachments are great, but one thing that is NOT so nice is that the hose is pretty short; not a big deal but Hoover, if you're reading this, make it longer next time. You end up toting the vacuum right next to you all the time if you want to use the hose with an attachment. The cord retractor is GREAT as well... I used to get so tired of coiling up the cord on my last vac. All in all I highly recommend this vac if you don't have the six figure income required to "invest" in a Dyson....more info
  • Best vacume for the money honey.
    I love this vacume! It has great features like pressing one button to retract the cord. And that it is bagless and gets great traction. Several different attachments that are nice. Decent cord length and easy to use. The vacume does tip over easier than some others I have owned so be for warned. But all in all it is still a great vacume....more info
  • Good vac but..
    I liked the vacuum cleaner when it arrived. I loved the retracting cord and I wonder why everyone doesn't do it. It seems light weight and easy to use. I also like the way the cannister is designed.
    The belt that runs the floor brush broke 35 days into it. Now I can't return it to Amazon and Hoover doesn't cover the belt under warranty.
    I now tend to agree with the other reviews that say that it is poorly built and the customer service is poor as well.

    update: I bought a $5 belt and put it in and it seems to be working fine now. It makes more noise than when I bought it, but works. i give it a **** now....more info
  • vac's great but just try to find parts
    This vacuum is all that it's advertised to be -- lightweight, versatile and a terrific cleaner. But NOBODY seems to carry parts for it. Even the Hoover site shows the final filter as being "out of stock" and I think that really means they never stock it. Why not? Aren't there enough of these vacuums out there now to warrant selling the parts? If I can't find the filter now, when the vac is fairly current, what will the availability of parts be in a year or two? Love the vac but I'm irritated that service after the sale is non-existent....more info
  • The cons are more than made up for period BUY IT .
    I will list the cons first . I have used it plus read all 186 reviews .

    1 Nobody touched on this but its a pass through motor . The empro has a seperate chamber so particles never go near the motor itself . Every vacuum i have had is a pass through but you run the risk of siezing the motor if you go over glass or nails . But who in their right mind does .

    Some people had a hard time getting another belt . Their $4.99 from Hoover plus shipping and you can find them cheaper buy one for when it goes .

    IF you need more extension just go get a hose peice at a vacuum shop and add on . Hoover has some 10 foot extensions that make it 20 ft . Some think its too short .

    The big thing that makes me mad is that the brush turns when you use the attachement thus you can rough or burn up fabric if it sits too long on one place . Dont set it up on a velour chair . If I was going to do heavy cleaning with the wand I would set it on a cheap throw rug . This is agreevating .

    Be very careful holding the cord when your rewind letting it go slowly into the rewind housing . Just common sense great feature if it broke no big deal just hang the cord over the machine when done .

    Cord could be longer 10 foot would of been so cool even 20 more but I can do my 1200 square foot house with 5 plug changes its ok about 22 foot useable .

    you do get a little scatter around the machine when using the tools its ok just vacuum the area before you move the machine is a pleasure

    The good

    Pics up very well great suction and brush .

    empties easily a little more work to clean the in chamber filter but worth it . You drop the crud from a swith at the top and a bottom door opens . You close then unscrew the top and shake the filter out and whipe it with a tooth brush if real bad . This thing sucks up dust like you wont believe . The hepa needs brushing out about every 3-6 months . I empty the chamber each time I use it and clean the filter . Take it out to the can in the attached garage it take 3-5 minutes tops .

    Hose atachment needs absolutely nothing to turn on you just lift the handle to the upright position and its on grab and use . Just remember that darn brush spins and is rough on the spot where its at grrr .

    It has a foot on and off switch which is fine thats seperate . A switch on the cord reel you push when taking out or rewinding . Tools are great a wand and a brush .

    Assembly was intuitive for me took 5 minutes with on phillips screw for the nandle dont go down from the top put it in from the back side going forward to mate the parts then set the screw firm but not to tight .

    Headlight is great and its very , very quiet . ITs fine on wieght not a ultralight but overall for a full tooled vacuum it comes in lighter for a solid full service vacuum .

    Hoover parts are everywhere as are service centers it has a 1 year warranty .

    I like it the Empro is the replacement but not as upscale this was a top machine but has a few rough edges its a toss up which way to go . I bought this on sale very please plus I really like that darn rewind it makes it a complete toss up whether to buy the newer Empro or this . I say buy this while its around you can get the empro later for your next vacuum . This could last years in a house with no pets and is perfect in a house with them as they destoy machines and this is dirt cheap for what you get and it is as good as anything my OREK or a Dyson period . I like it better . ...more info
  • Fantastic Vaccuum!! I love it!
    The greatest vaccuum I have ever had. The cord wrapping up with the touch of a button is the best idea for a vaccuum. It cleans hard surfaces as well as carpet really well. ...more info
  • Very nice vacuum
    The manual and its operation are a little confusing but it's the best vacuum cleaner I've owned. I would have given it 4.5 if I could have....more info
  • Hoover u5507-900
    This has proved to be one of the best vacuum cleaners I have used. My neighbor has one of the really expensive Dyson vacs; so I borrowed it and vaccum the house first with it then went behind it with the Hoover U5507-900 and I was able to fill up the canister even after the Dyson had been used. It has great power and the attachment for cleaning couches is very useful and suprisingly strong. The only flaw that I have found is the cord is not as long as I would have liked....more info
  • Worst purchase ever!
    I am very disappointed with this purchase. I had read great reviews before buying this vacuum cleaner and when I brought it home I initially loved it. However, it has been 8 months now and it is broken. The suction is hit and miss. Most of the time, the vacuum shoots out dust and pet hair instead of sucking it up. I have already replaced the belt once and taken it apart multiple times to fix the suction to no avail. I would never recommend this vacuum to anyone. ...more info
  • Updated Feedback
    I have updated my feedback for this product because the container cap fall off while I was removing the dust from the container. The part of the plastic connection that holds the cap was broken (opened it only a few times). Although I was able to close the container now, I am afarid to open it the next time. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    For the price, this is a great vacuum. It is extremely good at picking up pet hair! However, buyers should be aware that this is made from a cheap plastic and does not appear as if it will take much abuse. However, if you hold the cord when rewinding and make sure to adjust for the different size levels of carpet, it works wonderfully. Great price for a very good vacuum....more info
  • Great Value
    First, this vacuum vacuums well; it has great suction power. If you vacuum carpet that looks perfectly clean, you'll be surprised at how much debris this thing will find and pick up. Second, for the price I paid, this is a fantastic value (assuming this vacuum lasts for a few years).

    This is a fantastic design. It maneuvers and gets into tight spaces. The collection cannister is easy to empty without getting your hands dirty/dusty.

    The rotating brush attachment is great. I used it to vacuum a white couch and was very happy with how clean this vacuum got it. It almost looked like I got the couch cleaned.

    The retractable cord is a convenient feature.

    And for and added bonus, this thing looks as good as it works. With its yellow accents, it looks like a Ferrari vacuum cleaner.

    RELIABILITY UPDATE (January 8, 2008): I've had this vacuum cleaner for about 9 months now. It still works great. No problems. (Caveat: I only vacuum twice a month). I wonder if all the broken belts I'm reading about are because the unit's height setting is too low. If you can hear the motor laboring or if the bristles are fraying... probably.

    ...more info
  • Hoover Elite Vacuum
    This vacuum is good. I like the floor/carpet option dial for cleaning because it lowers the vacuum head so that if you want to vacuum the bare floor it will pick up all the dirt. The on/off switch, lower the vacuum switch and the cord rewind switch are all accessible by foot, which is very nice. The only issue I do have with this vacuum is where the plug is located. I love the concept of having an automatic plug rewind; however, it is located towards the bottom of the vacuum that you have to make sure that you hold the cord up nhigh enough. If not, you will then constantly be vacuuming over it....more info
  • overall good vacuum
    Now used it for 3-4 months. Overall good vacuum.

    Great suction power.
    Retractable cable worked fine.
    Light weight and no bags feature worked best.
    Looks like it sucks some fibres from the carpet, but I guess it is true with all the vacuums.

    The only reason I gave it 3 stars is if you leave it turned ON for couple of seconds on a tile floor, it will it leave hair and dust particles behind....more info
  • very pleased
    I read an article about over priced vaccuums as I was looking to purchase a unit. I was prepared to spend $500 for a unit. I found the hoover by accident. All the reviews were positive and I bought it. I have been very happy with this purchase. The suction and the attachments are great and easy. ...more info
  • If you're gonna vacuum might as well enjoy it
    First, I am a big fan of the bagless vacuums. I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing how much dirt and hair I pick up each time I vacuum. Having a Border Collie and a three year old there is always dirt to pick up and this vacuum works wonderfully. It's light weight and easy to use. I especially like the separate tool used for upholstery,it has it's own rotating brush. The only downfall I see is that the retractable cord is not long enough. I find myself having to switch outlets many more times than I ever had to before. For me it can be very frustrating to be in the middle of vacuuming a room and have to stop because the cord doesn't reach quite far enough. Overall, I would suggest this vacuum it's a great deal ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I Ever Owned
    This vacuum is amazing. I used to hate to vacuum and I have 3 cats. My vacuum before this one used bags and one day it started smoking and died, so I bought this one. I admit I was a little worried because the price was fairly cheap. So I thought it was too good to be true. I was wrong. I am now addicted to vacuuming and I have no problems with it. The suction is great it picks up a lot of animal hair, it is not heavy, and it is the best vacuum I ever purchased. I highly recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Reliable and easy to use
    We are very pleased to have this new vacuum. It's very easy to assemble after it arrived. The machine has a lot of power and is quiet when you vacuum the floor when compared to my old vacuum. We have been using it for 2 months without problem. The power cord storage is very convenient and the attachment with the machine is very useful. ...more info
  • Mine did not last even one year
    I liked the vacuum at first, easy to empty and use. I only have a rugs on my hard floor in the bedrooms and the living room, so it did not get used like someone who had carpets throughout the house. It began to overheat and would shut off. I have only had it about 6 months. Not worth the $$ I paid.

    Unhappy in Texas...more info
  • Hoover Rewind Bagless Upright
    I was so excited to get this vacuum but when I used it I was a little disappointed. The base is so wide and thick it will not go between things or under the edge of your sofa very easily. It also does not have the suction my last vacuum had. It you have a wide open area I think you would be fine with this, but if you live in a smaller space and have lots of furniture around I don't think you will be happy with this. It is very easy to empty and I do like the attachments. The thing I do love is the retractable cord! This is one of the reasons I chose this machine over others! Depending on your space this machine may work for you. ...more info
  • Best Bagless 4 the Buck !!!
    Purchased just a few months ago. My wife couldn't be more pleased. After a good deal of shopping/research we settled on this model. And so far haven't been dissapointed. Good power and traps dust well. Really easy to use, and the retractable cord is wonderful. We clean up after two adults, two kids, a big dog, and a rabbitt. So it gets a workout....more info
    I bought this vacuum a little over a year ago and loved it AT FIRST! Eventually, the plastic pieces that hold the brush into place melted and started throwing everything off balance. I went through several belts that broke before I realized what the problem was. I ordered the replacement agitator brush assembly from Hoover over 3 months ago! Initially they said that the part was on backorder, then they sent me the brush for the hand tool, not the vacuum itself. After talking to their coporate office, they said they'd get me the correct part right away. After calling repeated times, they finally sent me the part over a month after that! GUESS WHAT...the brush is an inch too long and won't even fit into my vacuum!!! Now I am just giving up and looking for a brand new vaccuum, NOT from this company. This has been the worst experience with a vacuum and customer service that I have EVER had!! I even had to get the BBB involved in order to get my part, which ended up being wrong, shipped to me!!!...more info
  • Great suction
    Good vacuum. Great suction and very easy to clean. It vacuums by itself, and you just have to guide it....more info
  • great vacuum, good value
    Just used this vacuum for the first time last night, so I can't vouch for its longevity -- but was definitely impressed with the amount of suction and the noise level, which was surprisingly low. I got two canisters full of dirt out of the upstairs carpet! The carpet is fairly new (installed in November) so a lot of it was just fuzz, but the old vacuum wasn't sucking up that much of it anymore.
    The cord retraction feature is wonderful and emptying the canister is so much easier than the last vacuum I had. You just have to take it off and then press down to pop open the bottom over the trash can, and everything falls right out.
    I got this for $90 shipped at another site (it was the deal of the day) and I feel like it was worth every penny....more info
  • Worked Well for a While
    I've had this vacuum for about 4 months now and it started out great. The sucking power of it continues to be phenomenal (and a little disgusting--it finds dirt that you never would have thought would be there). The canister is great and easy to clean and the attachments are a lifesaver when it comes to pet hair. My only problem has been within the last week. The rotary brush at the base of the vacuum has stopped working; everytime I start the vacuum the brush gets stuck on the carpet (and I don't have very thick carpeting). After a few minutes of trying to use it like this the vacuum became very hot and actually shut off from overheating. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy a new one (different brand) or get this fixed. Like I said, other than this very recent problem it has been a wonderful piece of equipment....more info
  • Very happy...but one small issue...
    This vacuum is wonderful. I waited about a month before writing this review, because it always seems that after the first three or four uses a vacuum just doesn't "suck" quite as it did when it was new. It is still doing the same job it did on day one.

    The onboard tools on this vacuum are not only great, but are very easy to use and maneuver. This is the first vacuum I have purchased where I actually do use the tools. And, of course, the "rewind" feature is nice.

    The only reason I did not and cannot give this vacuum a perfect five is that this filter is not quite what I thought it was. I did a lot of research and the description of this vacuum does not make clear that there is an outer filter (plastic) that never needs to be replaced. But, there is another filter within the plastic one and is like any other washable filter you find on other vacumms. So if you are looking for a filter that you do not have to clean in between the crevices, and requires no mess or "fabric" you need to keep looking. I must say the plastic filter does help a lot in keeping a large majority of the dust off of the internal filter, but cleaning that microscopic dust is still a messy, and inconvenient chore.

    ...more info
  • 4 of 5 stars only because 5 would mean PERFECTION to me
    I bought this vaccum from Costco for about $89.00. I say this vacuum works great for me because: 1) it's easy to operate, 2) I actually ENJOY vacuuming now because I can see how well it works, 3) it's super easy to dump out the dirt, and 4) for the price, I think it's a great deal. I give it 4 out of 5 stars only because there are a few things about it that could be better: 1) it could have a longer hose, 2) it could have a longer cord, and 3) it'd be nice if it were easier and less messy when cleaning out the filter.--You do need to do this every so often. Read the instructions that came with the vacuum. But, for me the pros are what really matters, and they outweigh the cons. And for the price, I'm not complaining. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a vacuum in this price range.

    UPDATE: I already reviewed this vacuum once before when I first got it, and I just wanted to say that it's been OVER A YEAR later and the vacuum is still going strong. I've been vacuuming my house once a week for the past year, and am amazed at how much dirt, hair, lint, etc., this thing picks up. For $100 bucks, I have no complaints. Even IF it were to break down tomorrow, I'd feel like I got my money's worth. Again, make sure you clean out the filter every so often....more info
  • Best Hoover yet...
    My first brand new vacuum - unusual to say at age 46, but I've always inherited my mom's cast-offs (always Hoover) which have always lasted for years. This vacuum is primo. Suction is great and the auto rewind cord is awesome. I like the on/off switch being foot controlled (toe controlled) - it's just well designed and easy to handle. I think the folks who were burning up belts just needed to adjust the "carpet height" knob - it is pretty sensitive. I experimented starting with the highest (least pull) and ended up at 3 for my carpeted rooms and area rugs. You just can't go wrong here. I recently repaired a friend's Dyson (dog chewed the plug off the end) and was amazed at how cheap and flimsy it felt compared to this new Hoover (or any of the other Hoover's I've owned). Hard to believe folks would pay upwards of $400 for a vacuum when you can get something like the Hoover Elite for $100.
    ...more info
  • Inexpensive and better then Dyson (read below)
    So I had a chance to purchase a Dyson Slim (but extremely heavy) for almost 45% off. But I didn't why? IT DOESN'T HAVE A CORD RETRACTOR!! Come on, a vacuum almost $500 and no cord retractor?

    This is an excellent powerful vacuum cleaner. It picks up everything, it's inexpensive and best of all it has a built-in cord retractor. Push a button and voila!

    The bagless feature is good. Not the best and can be a little messy, but the key to this is don't empty it when it's completely full. Do it after using is 3 or 4 times. It's easy enough.
    ...more info
  • Good product for the price
    This vacuum works well and has a lot of suction. I always seem to vacuum up something I don't mean to and the belt breaks. I really like the attachment on the front of the vacuum. It removes all that nasty pet hair very well. Only downside to this vacuum, like others said, the cord is pretty short and it only has one extension attachment. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone wanting a new vacuum. ...more info
  • Clunky but strong
    The only complaints: this is SO heavy and awkward. They made it sound like 23 pounds is lightweight, but it is a real hassle to get up and down stairs, even with the handle. And the other thing, the hose is way too stiff and thick, so you feel like you have to argue with it to use the attachments. The little spinning brush did a fabulous job on furniture, but you have to get used to that dang, inflexible, too-industrial hose. Other than that, this is the best vac I have ever had (and it is my 8th in my 55 years). The cord rewind is awesome - way quick so you have no excuse to skip vacuuming. The motor is very powerful thus the vac is extreeemely efficient. Just think twice about the weight and the clunkiness of the hose. Those two factors made it a 4, otherwise it is a 5. Good price on Amazon....more info
  • Worked well... once
    I bought this vacuum at Sams Club, not Amazon, but wanted to share my frustration. The first time I used it it worked great-- sucked up all the substantial pet hair on the floor like magic. The canister is easy to empty and doesn't have a filter to clog like my prvious Hoover. So far, so good. However, the next time I try to vacuum, I notice there is no suction... detaching the extension hose revealed that the hose was clogged. I wasn't to perturbed, cleaned it out, and kept vacuuming. I realize that this will happen occasionally with any vacuum, only since that day the hose has clogged EVERY TIME I VACUUM. That's right-- every single time. I have better things to do that clean the hair clots out of my vacuum all the time and decided to say goodbye to cheap vacuums (my previous chaepie Hoover burned out the motor after 6 months)... I just bought a Dyson....more info
  • Great suction
    My Hoover Elite is the best vacuum I've ever had. I'm still picking up stuff from my carpet that must have been in it for years - it's disgusting. I love being able to empty the see thru cup to actually observe what has been picked up and I'm amazed at the amount of cat and people hair I harbor in my house until I fire up the Hoover Elite. The on board attachments are convenient and varied. thanks so much!...more info
  • This vacuum
    I love it, it is convenient to carry and easy to empty. I definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Great power and performance for the price
    I own this vacuum and even purchased one for my mom. It is lightweight, easy to manuever, has great suction and is easy to empty the dirt cup. The first time I used it I could not believe what came out of my carpet even though I had already used my old vacuum on it. Definitely a great buy for the price. I use it daily and just the other day it turned off while I was using it and I immediately thought it broke, but after reading the manual I saw that it has a feature that turns the vacuum off if it gets too hot from having been on too long (I was doing the stairs!). All I had to do was leave it off for 30 mins and it was fine. I have owned mine for four months now and besides a torn belt I have had no problems. The belt is no big deal; I got two for $2.13 at WalMart. This is without a doubt a great buy!...more info
  • great for the price
    I have two long haired cats and a daycare business, so I vacuum a lot. I love the rewind feature and it gets all of the hair out of the rug and off of the hardwood floors. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
    I love my new Hoover Elite Rewind. It picked up the equivalent of 3/4 bag
    of dirt using it on carpet I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum. The
    rewind feature is great, and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend it
    to anyone. It's a great vacuum for a great price....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    It does a great job in picking up what the eyes don't see. My daughter who does the vacuuming was really impressed with the performance. Outperforms pricier models; and I would recommend without hesitation....more info
  • Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    I am delighted with this vaccum cleaner!! We have 6 cats that live with us and after the first vaccum around the house, I was amazed at all the hair that was collected. The air even felt fresher! Can't say enough good things about this vaccum cleaner. I highly recommend it...more info
  • B C Stewart
    I love this Vacuum. I read several reviews on [...] and was going to test another vacuum in the store when the salesman suggested I test this vacuum. This one was actually less expensive than the one I initially looked at and worked just as well. It is loud and a bit on the heavy side but has incredible suction power. I have used several times in one day and it has picked up more dog hair than I think is currently on my dog.

    My mother was visiting my house the first day I received the vacuum and by that evening I had purchased another vacuum for her home. The deal on [...] is awesome and I suggest it to anyone in the market for a vacuum that does not want to pay an arm and a leg for one. ...more info
  • As good as Dyson - at a quarter of the price!
    My mother owns a Dyson vacuum, which she bought to ensure quality. I don't have $400 or $500 to spend on a Dyson, but I was still really concerned about buying a quality vacuum. I did a lot of research, and after reading everyone else's reviews about this vacuum, I decided I would gamble $95 on what seemed to be a great buy.

    Was it ever! I've only had it a day and it's already outperforming my old Bissell Featherweight. I just vacuumed yesterday with the Bissell, and the Hoover Elite Rewind sucked up another huge dustball this evening when I tested it out. I am also highly pleased with the assortment of the attachments and ease of assembly. I think the Hoover might weigh a teensy bit more than 18 pounds, but I could use the exercise and it's not even a factor because it performs so well. It has different settings for different floors, great sucking power, and it isn't even that loud. The "new vacuum" smell of packaging and plastic wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and went away after a few minutes - I'm really sensitive to smells, so it was a big concern, but one that was alleviated pronto!

    Can't beat this Hoover's replacement HEPA filters for life, a long retractable cord, good looks, a very helpful booklet (included in the box), and huge power for under $100!

    One note: pick up EVERYTHING that might get sucked up - socks, shorts, pillows, blankets, pets' tails, baby booties, etc. This thing really pulls stuff in!

    I hope to review again some time later to show how it's holding up, but I'm a happy girl right now!...more info
  • Great
    I love this vacuum. We used it after our old vacuum, and I couldn't believe all the cat hair we picked up! An entire cat! ...more info
  • So far, So good.
    Just got this vacuum a couple weeks ago. Target had it on sale with a $20 instant gift card with purchase. Decided to go and get it since it got great reviews here on Amazon, and our crappy Bissel needed replacing. Immediately after using it the first time, the canister was full of dirt that the Bissel wasn't picking up! And it's the quietest vacuum I've ever owned. Very user friendly. I recommend it!...more info
  • Excellent Product!
    This vacuum cleaner is fantastic! It is so easy to use, the cord rewinder is WONDERFUL, and the sucking is strong. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Terrific Unit
    I had an earlier model of the Hoover Elite for almost twenty years and purchased this updated model. The noise output has greatly improved along with other new conveniences. This is a terrific vacuum and I'm looking forward to years of worry free results....more info
  • this thing sucks
    i have had this for about 2 months now, and this thing works like a charm. i actually enjoy using it, its very light weight, and not as loud as most vacuums. under a hundred dollars shipped is a steal for the hoover, were getting one for a family member that buys a new vacuum every year...more info
  • This vacuum is fantastic!
    I purchased the Hoover Elite Rewind three weeks ago and absolutely love it! I have two dogs and a cat so pet hair is always an issue. With this vacuum the problem is gone. I am always amazed at the amount of dirt and hair that this vacuum removes from my carpet and floor. I find emptying the dirt canister easy and cleaning the hepa filter is simple. I no longer mind using the vacuum and find myself doing so every day just to see how much dirt and hair I pick up. This is a winner!...more info
  • AWESOME VAC!!!!!!!!!!
    This Vacuum is Awesome. This is the first bagless we have owned, but it is far better than ANY of the Vacs we have had. Great suction power. Easy to use. Not too heavy. Easy to clean. Lifetime filters. We wanted one with a HEPA filter, cause our kids have allergies. It works Great. The CORD REWIND thing is the best part. I can't believe all vacuums don't have this. Attachments are cool. Hose could be longer, but longer ones clog easier, this one doesn't. Highly recommended!

    Allergy-Be-Gone was a great seller to work with, with super fast shipping. Amazon had the lowest price available for this Vac. Next lowest (Lowes) was $10 more....more info
  • This thing totally sucks!!!
    The bright red plastic screams "pick up your #^&*$ feet! I'm trying to clean up you filthy monkey!" And it's the easiest 'no bag' vacuum I've ever used. I have a lot of hardwood floor and this vacuum works great on the hardwood, which was my first concern. Very sturdy and lightweight. Love it....more info
  • WOW! Just Amazing for the price!
    Forget the $300+ Dyson and other overpriced vacuums. This little sucker (pun intended) does a fantastic job without breaking the bank. I have three dogs - two of them long haired - plus two cats and this thing picks up pet hair like you would not believe!! It's simply unreal how much dirt and hair is in the canister after every cleaning. The auto cord rewind is a very nice feature, and the motor is quieter than any other vacuum I've ever owned. Also, no problem with dust emissions spewing into the air everytime I turn it on like my previous Fusion. All in all I couldn't be happier with this product. Don't hesitate - just buy it!...more info
  • works fine, but...
    when I am vacuuming, if I hit the wall's base molding (white) with the front edge of the vac, it leaves a black mark on it. To work around that, I tapped up the front edge, but I think Hoover should use a different non-marking material for the front edge.
    Other than that, it really "sucks" and I love it!...more info
  • A Negative Star Product Beware of Hoover products.
    This vacuum has to be made in China. I think Hoover is in China. I have NEVER broken a vacuum cleaner belt - I am 62. Now I have broken 3 since the beginning of April. I called Hoover at their 800# what a joke. (They never answered my email initially.) The first person I talked to attempted to send me to someone 20 miles from me - they would keep the vacuum - they had no belts either - I would have to go back. That would make 80 miles - the excuse was they had to make money. I guess warranty work doesn't make "money". Second call to the 800# I was told they would send me a belt (I've already bought 2 for $4.99) Well so far two weeks later there is no belt and stores have none either. To order from the order sheet it says parts take 4-6 weeks. This is not Amazon's problem, this is a Hoover quality problem - a "lack" of quality problem. Shame, shame, shame on HOOVER...more info
  • This Item Rocks
    This item rocks. If you have kids or pets this item is a must. I recived it in 24 hours so as always amazon shipping rocks. ...more info
  • SO far so good
    I've only had this vacuum for about two months and everything has been running smoothly. I was amazed by the suction power it has. I think that for that price it is an awesome buy. My apartment is only 500 sq ft, so the U5507 is perfect for my needs. I use it 2-3 times a week and I always pick up a lot of dust. It is easy to empty thanks to the detachable canister. The retractable hose is my favorite feature since I hate winding up the cord...overall I'm very pleased so far....more info
  • Worth My Money
    This is a nice vacuum, light enough for petite people. I like the cord Rewind function. The design is nice, but the plastic looks cheap. I gave it 4 stars because it does not have a function to stop the brush when you don't need it. When you use the hose, the vacuum is on upright position and the brush still spin and the cord could have been longer....more info
  • So far, so good....
    I've only been using this vacuum for about 2 months, but so far I love it. I love the rewind feature for the cord, as that was one of my least favorite things with my older vacuums... trying to wind that cord back up and unwinding it the next use. The collection cup empties with ease and doesn't make a mess in the process. I can't say anything bad about it. ...more info
  • Great vaccum at a great price
    This is my first bagless vacuum and I'm amazed at it's suction power not only for dust, hair and lint but it really lifts the nap of the rug making it look and feel like new. The cannister holds a lot and I can do the whole house twice before emptying it. It's easy to empty, relatively quiet and overall a great vacuum for the money. Best of all, the attachments from my old Hoover fit (really do need the soft brush). So why pay more when this vacuum can do it all. The only reason I withheld the fifth star is because the on/off button is not conveniently located and the machine must be completely upright to activate it with your foot. ...more info
  • It's a vacuum cleaner!
    Great vacuum cleaner for the price. No expensive filters to buy, along with the pain of changing the filters. It cleans the carpet and wood flooring without spending $400 for a different brand (e.g. Dyson)....more info
  • Tornado vacuum
    This vacuum could pull the knots off trees! Our almost new Eureka was not doing what we wanted it to do. We spent time reading reviews and decided on the Hoover U5507 Elite. My wife ran the vacuum over the rugs and carpets and within minutes the chamber was PACKED. Hello Hoover!.... good-by Eureka. I honestly can't believe the absolute difference. You won't either. Amazing...... And for a guy to profess to that means something! ...more info
  • If A Vacuum Can Make You Feel Dirty .... Then It's Done It's Job
    everytime i vacuum with this, im in 'awww'. amazed by what it picks up.
    sometimes ill use it every 2 days just to see what has built up.
    and it makes you feel dirty cause it picks up, just that much.
    if the dust, dirt, allergies are there .... THIS VACUUM WILL FIND THEM....more info
  • Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    The Hoover has very good suction and is light and easy to use. we were amazed at the ease of operation. We especially like the cord reel. We have never had an upright that worked this well. My wife used to clean houses for a living, and she says that the hoover works better than the industrial strength upright that she used then. The only downfall is cleaning the filter. when the filter gets clogged up, you have to remove it from the vaccum and manually brush it and tap it clean. While doing this job, you are exposed to the finest silt and dust that gets cought in it. Not a pleasant job, especially since I usally get stuck with it. Hence the 4 stars....more info
  • vroom
    excellent vacuum. Love the retractable cord thingy. Great sunction and pretty light. Great price too...more info
  • Couldn't be Happier
    This vacuum cleaner is the most amazing value. It picked up so much material from my office carpet that we had to empty the unit twice. We've had it for almost a month and have no complaints...more info
  • LOVE it!
    Wow, well first let me start by saying I was extremely satisfied with my ordering experience with Amazon. I ordered this on a Wednesday afternoon, for $79.00, and it arrived on Friday morning. I didn't even have to pay for shipping. It arrived in perfect condition.

    To the vacuum:
    Love it! I took it out of the box and didn't even need to read the instructions to put it together. It vacuums my carpet and linoleum floor very well, definitely up to my standards (and I'm a clean-freak). It's extremely easy to empty the container that holds the dirt, and it clicks back in as easily as it comes out. I like the appearance, that it doesn't look so bulky as some of the other models nowadays. It is also surprisingly quiet. When I went to use the upholstery cleaner, it sucked so hard I thought my couch would come apart. Well not seriously, but it has the strongest suction of any attatchment I've ever used.

    I love this vacuum and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Not satisfied with this vacuum
    It blows things out after it sucks them in. The hose is too short and the cord rewind got broken at the third time I use it. The plastic looks cheap too. ...more info
  • Excellent
    My expectations were not only met, they were exceeded with this product. It has all the functionality I could ask for. In addition, it is fairly light weight and extremely versatile. This item replaced for me one of the very first versions of the Hoover Wind-Tunnel which was purchased 15+ years ago. I'm impressed with power and ease of use. ...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum - Hoover
    We brought this because of the reviews we read and they were right, it is a great vacuum and it is a bonus that it has a HEPA filter. We recently moved into a new apartment and my husband got very bad sinus in the new apartment, I think they may have had a cat there previously. Although the carpet looked clean I used the new Hoover on it and wow there was so much cat hair and dust it was amazing what it picked up and suddenly my husband no longer had sinus. It is easy to empty, the only down side is it is a bit heavy to push. It was also a great price on Amazon....more info
  • Wow
    This Bissell out performs all others. Bissell out did a $400+ vacumn! A drawback - it gets caught into tassels which surrounds the carpet - it overheats the belt - I gave the $400+ to Good Will....more info
  • vacuum review
    Great vacuum in a small package. Used this twice so far and smiled a lot. I could not believe how much dirt was in my carpet. Easy to clean out. Highly recommend....more info
  • works as advertised
    For the price, it is a great bargain. not too heavy and the cable cord management function makes winding cable a thing of the past. it is fun to push down the big yellow button and see the cable get 'sucked' in. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the money
    I will make this short and sweat. We looked at several other vacuums and read several reviews. This vacuum is what you are looking for if you are trying to get a good bagless upright that gets the job done. I love the retractable cord and also the easy to empty mess free canister. I'm very happy with the vacuum. The sucking power is great. It sucked up one of my curtains when I got too close to it so be careful. This is a really good product....more info
  • Bagless under $100
    My wife and I bought this just before our wedding as we needed a vacuum. We currently live in an older house that had that "older house" smell...musty, dank...this vacuum removed that smell...and lots of ground in filth that was in the carpet. The carpets not only smell better but I can actually see that they are cleaner. Cleanup is a breeze - press a button, detach the canister, hold over your trash can, and depress the lever. The placement of the on/off switch and rewind aren't the greatest but very minor in comparison to the cleaning this thing does....more info
  • Great for the cost!
    At the time of arrival, we had four double coated dogs (ranging from 25 - 90 lbs) and it was the beginning of peak shedding season, six cats (one long hair) and several caged pets plus two kids. Dust and hair abound. The amount of pet hair, dust, cage litter, spilled critter food, etc., this machine sucks up compared to our old vac is great! We use this on wood floors, tile, area rugs (braided and non) and wall to wall.

    We have been using the Elite for a couple months now and are quite impressed. It gets used daily.

    It is light, maneuvers easier than our old Progressive, easy to empty and far less dust. It is also significantly cheaper than the Dyson. It sucks up hair, dirt, bark mulch, cat food, cat litter, wood shavings, etc very nicely and efficiently.

    As with all retracting cord vacs, do NOT let the cord fly in - you need to hold the cord and guide it or you can break it (we have owned different retracting cord vacs over the years). But this cords retracts nicely.

    The only drawbacks are I would prefer a longer cord. 24' is not quite enough but it is not a major issue unless you have very few outlets in your home or very large rooms. Also, this is mainly plastic (nice and light) but do not drop it or it may crack. The vac does not like to go over a sculpted area rug (it gets hung up when pushed but pulls over it well). Beater bar does not stop when you are using the hand held unit so be careful of what surface you leave it on! But I can overlook these issues when I see how well it cleans compared to my last two vacs!

    But for the cost, I am very impressed with this machine and would buy it again.

    ...more info
  • priced right
    The power windup cord took some getting used to. It's on the floor on this model. It took 2 or 3 uses to adjust to this feature. The rewind cord feature, and position of this feature are just fine now. Ease of emptying the cup is great. The power brush attachment is great for tight spaces. Good suction on this product. Great price. Change is good!
    ...more info
  • Work very good, and take care the belt
    I brought this vaccum from amazon server weeks ago. I am satisfy this performance :To clean the dirty is very good. Generally the belt works well except your vaccum is blocked by some stuff(e.g. something like socks), in this case the enginering are still working to try to load the belt , as you know the belt will be hoted very much, then smell very bad.

    That is why some other buyer complain that the belt is easy to break down.
    We need often check and clean our vaccum excpecial for the module of belt transfer....more info
  • hoover vac
    I have had this vac for almost 2 weeks now and I just love it. For the price you can not go wrong. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 boys and this vac picks up everything. I was tired of going thru bags left and right so I decided I wanted baggless. After reading many reviews I decided to spend less for this--I wanted to try a dyson--I am so glad I did!!! One reviewer said they had a dyson and liked this better-so that made my decision easier. The caniser releases from the bottom with ease and the attachments are great-the one has so much power it's actually scary. To empty the filter is a little messy and I do it outside-but for the price this is a super vac--did I mention I love the cord that rewinds! I keep my vac out so this is a big plus....more info
  • Tracys
    This was a great purchase. It works on what it was purchased for, area rugs. Assembly was quick and I'm very satisfied, especially with the price and delivery....more info
  • Great Vacuum, Great Price
    I did research for a vacuum cleaner that cleaned well and was affordable. I found both in this product. It was easy to assemble, the attachments are a great addition (my son has asthma and allergies and the attachments help keep the dust down) the suction is terrific and the retractable cord is a nice plus. I have cleaned almost every room in my apartment and it never seemed so clean. I've always liked Hoover products and this one does not disappoint....more info
  • best vacuum i ever owned
    I haven't vacuumed my place in weeks then tried this vacuum and picked up a liter worth of dust from two rooms alone. This hoover is amazing, the suction power is unbelievable. As an asthmatic with a dog, I can definately tell the differece by breathing better....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This Hoover is replacing a Fantom I have had for about ten years. The machine has an easy empty option, 24in.rewinding cord, life-time hepa filter and an attached turbo brush. It has cleaned well and not much strain on the arm. So far it has proven to be a great vacuum....more info
  • Great Product
    The filters trap so much that my other vacuum was missing and I love the automatic rewind cord. It is so convenient. the only complaint I have is that I was reading reviews on the product before I bought it and decided on this vacuum because I read that the filters were washable. My manual says just to brush them off with one of the tools and the manufacturer said they don't recommend washing. But the brushing seems to be working so far. The vacuum was worth every penny!...more info
  • A Red Lemon -- Where's the Suctions?
    I was very disappointed in this Hoover. My last vaccum was a hoover and I loved it because it was more powerful than this and lasted seven years.
    The suction is very light and I have to go over the entire room over and over to pick up light dust. After empting the vaccum, the suction became worse. I became so discussed that I just bought another vaccum with more power and now I am happy, however, I paid more -- so I guess you pay for what you get.

    I would not recommend this vaccum to anyone....more info
  • Horrible vacuum. Do not buy.
    We bought our first Hoover and are so disappointed with the product. It worked twice. The first time it was absolutely incredible. A little loud, but I can deal with the noise. It picked everything up great. A week later, I vacuumed the house again. Granted there is nothing special with our carpet. Just a plain carpet, I turned it on, began vacuming. After about 5 minutes I began to smell burning. It was coming from the vacuum. We contacted Amazon , who are absolutely wonderful with their return policy, and acquired another one since everyone gave it amazing reviews. Again, the first time, it was amazing. The second time I used it, the turning carpet brush part underneath the vacuum just stopped turning and it no longer sunctioned. Do not buy!!! I will never buy anything from Hoover again. Two vacuums in a row broke? No good....more info
  • the best hoover yet
    this vacuum was the best no bags no filters easy dump cup buy this vacuum....more info
  • Awesome
    This vacuum cleaner is awesome. It does an excellent job of cleaning and is true value for money. It's the best vacuum cleaner I have come across for this price....more info
  • Confirmed - Good deal
    I read all the reviews. I'm a confirmed neat freak. My previous vac was a Shark and similar style. It was horrible and barely had any suction. I was nervous about buying this because of the low price but reviews were pretty good. I live in an apartment with only one area rug so I don't need a heavy duty vac. I have no pets.

    Here is my opinion on this Vac:

    This vac works as advertised. Very good suction, easy to install, easy to run, a little bulky, the cord recoil is great, the plastic is cheap, not very noisey, good attachments.

    Keep in mind I don't have a pet so I'm not trying to pull hair from the rug but overall the suction is really good. I don't think it's the best suction but it definitely does the job.

    The base of the vac is pretty big which I don't like because my space is smaller but some people who have largers spaces might like this. There are different levels that the base can adjust to for deeper or more shallow cleaning such as hard wood floors vs shag rugs. I'm not sure if this is important or does the job better but it seems like it would make sense.

    Attachments are all locked into place so they don't fall all over the place by accident. My previous vac kept loosing the attachments and it was a real hassle.

    Overall, my feeling is that Hoover has been doing vacuums so long that they have the formula pretty much nailed with designing these things. Although the plastic feels cheap, the product does everything as advertised and then some for a pretty cheap price.

    I'm totally satisfied and happy I read most of the reviews. ...more info
  • Good vacuum!
    This is a very nice vacuum. Comes with 3 attachments, which work very well. Very powerful - even got dried play-doh off my carpet, which had been there for months with my old vacuum. I couldn't even scrape it off, but it's gone now! The canister empties easily, although be sure to check the filter, too - mine got clogged up pretty quickly. But it's easy to clean out. My only complaint - a too-short cord. It's kind of a pain, even for my smallish rooms. But I like it....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    This was a really great purchase. The vacuum works as well as advertised in my opinion and even entertains the kids.(Who knew spinning dust was such fun?) It's also eye-opening to actually be able to gauge just how much dust is in each room. Vacuuming is much more productive with this Hoover machine even though it's still not my favorite thing to do. You won't regret having this simple to use, lightweight vac....more info
  • Terrific value
    Works great. We love the automatic cord rewind. Easy to empty. It looks like it is built solidly. Picks up cat hair on our carpets. Princess Leia styling and loud colors but overall a great product....more info
  • Great so far
    I have been using this vacuum for a few weeks now and am more impressed than I ever expected to be for this price. I have several pets in my home, and am allergic to dust mites, so I vacuum about every other day. My old vacuum (a Eureka bag-less I had for years) was finally giving out, and I decided to try this Hoover. I am glad I did!

    Here are the pros:
    1. effective: I vacuumed with my old vacuum, then went over it with this one and picked up a whole lot more. It seems great at picking up pet hair. The attachments seem pretty good so far, too.

    2. agile: it's lightweight, moves easily, and fits into fairly tight spaces. The cord is nice and long, too, which I love.

    3. easy: the canister is super-easy to remove, empty, and replace, and it is much more mess-free than others I've seen or used. Also, the cord retractor is great. Buttons are well-located and easy to depress.

    4. quiet: I don't know if my old vacuum was especially loud, but this one is much quieter and less irritating/painful to the ears.

    Here are a few (minor) cons:
    1. design details: while I like the overall design, I would have liked an easy way to keep from running over the cord. I also would have liked a handle on the back like my old vacuum, which was handy if I had to carry it up or down stairs.

    2. canister fills up too quickly: okay, this is nitpicking. I'm happy the vacuum is picking up so much stuff, but I have to empty the canister pretty frequently since it's not all that big.

    Overall, I'm thrilled with the performance, especially at this price!! I'll be interested to see how long this vacuum lasts. It feels flimsier than my last one, but probably only because it weighs less. Anyway, you can't go wrong at this price.

    ...more info
  • so far so good!
    I love the power of this Hoover. The power cable is a little shorter than I would like, but I love the push of a button power cable rewind. I problem with vacuums before is the durability so I hope this will last more thatn 2 years. Good value for the money. A little heavier than some models, but not a big deal!...more info
  • Does its Job on Carpets
    Pros: Powerful; long attachment rod; lifetime HEPA; bottom-eject waste disposal; not too heavy; auto cord wind-up (sometimes in need of an extra tug or two, but still reliable).

    Cons: Tubing too short; main vacuum head keeps spinning while upright (tore up my memory foam slippers when I rolled over it); kicks up a film of excess dust around the body when left standing.

    It's a compact, efficient, little monster when it comes to sucking up dust! I was impressed when my ceiling fan gathered so much dust that dust bunnies started sprinkling down one afternoon. I attached the attachment rod and went at each blade. It left no dust out of its path upon contact. My ceiling fan looks almost new! But of course, my memory foam slippers were chewed up in the process. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Bought this vacuum for my son's first apartment. Works great, even better than my Orek. To top it all off I got a much better price on Amazon than anywhere else along with free shipping....more info
  • Nice reasonably priced vacuum
    I've had the Hoover Elite U5507-900 for about 2 months so far. It's a nice vacuum for the unbeatable price. Other reviewers have mentioned an annoyance with the power cord coming out of the bottom of the vacuum, but there is a "clip" on the handle intended for the cord, and once clipped the cord is nicely out of the way. I find the vacuum easy to push and maneuver around my 1400 sq foot single story home. The power-paw type feature is nice if you use it correctly. What drives the power brush is mere velocity driven by the suction in the attached hose, so a light touch on furniture or out of the way carpet areas will give you good results - too much pressure will stop the suction and thus stop the brush from rolling. The hose is a bit short and tight, the vacuum's only flaw in my view. It only reaches a few feet without pulling the entire vacuum over. Not a big deal for a home with no stairs, but would be more problematic for a stairway as you'd really have to do one step at a time, then move the vacuum up a step to continue. The dust cup emptying is fine, yes it's a dusty job, but worth it to me not to have to purchase bags. It's also easy and convenient because there is a latch that allows the dust to fall out the bottom of the dust cup and it's "mostly" hands free. If the dust cup gets overfull, you do have to stick your hand up inside to dislodge furballs and so on. Not a big deal, it's only dirt! The vacuum is relatively quiet, as vacuums go. The cord is long enough for my home and I can do a whole room before I have to relocate the cord. For large homes it may be too short. The auto rewind is heaven! Wish all vacuums had it. The vacuum is an attractive red color, made of what seems to be durable plastic, but time will tell. The vacuum does not tip completely flat for getting under beds and low tables, but the power paw attachment can get under things to do a quick cleanup. I have 3 pets, including two long-haired cats who are shedding like mad. The vacuum is doing a nice job so far of picking up loads of pet hair, and it hasn't clogged up and spit out lines of unswept hair as I vacuum yet. Most of my other vacuums have had this irritating problem, but this one is performing well so far. Overall I'm pleased at what I got for the money and I recommend this vacuum. I would have given it 5 stars if it had features such as self-propelled, a longer hose, and had it gone flat for reaching under beds. For what I want though - which is picking up pet fur, I am satisfied. You can't beat the reasonable cost of this vacuum!...more info
  • Hoover Elite review
    I have used the Hoover Elite Rewind for about 2 months and am very impressed with it's overall cleaning ability. The minor issues that are brought up ie: short cord, dusty cannister etc. are just that, MINOR. I paid $79.95 for this vac. and I think you would be hard pressed to find a better machine for the money. It works better on dog hair than my $600 Filter Queen that I now only keep for it's superior cleaning of my hardwood floors. Overall I am very happy with the machine....more info
  • Perfect for small places...
    Bought this vacuum because I needed something small but powerful (and bagless)for our two-bedroom condo. Partly carpet, and the rest is hardwood floor, so it is great that this vacuum has that option too. Shopped around for quite awhile, glad I chose this one. The rewind cord is an added bonus! Really like it....more info
  • Hoover U5507 Elite rewind
    For the price this is a great vacuum. I like the fact that the filter is reuseable and permanent. But at the same time, it needs to be cleaned fairly frequently for it not to clog. I clean it every other use, which seems to take about 10 minutes, time consuming as oppose to my previous vacuum use and put away. The pull out hose is a little awkward and heavy to use, it doesn't extend as easily as one would think. The cord rewind is a plus, but stay clear of the plug as it rewinds, gotten hit a few times and it wasn't fun. All in all, a fairly decent vacuum for the money....more info
  • Shocking
    The savings of $20 to $30 in acquiring the cleaner along with the fast shipping was great. My previous cleaner was also a Hoover so I was not expecting such shocking results. After running it for the first time, I was amazed that the collection cannister was almost full. I also like the auto electric cord retriever and the permanent filter ($savings). Granted, I've only had it for a few weeks but so far I am very happy with the cleaner.

    JAB...more info
  • great machine
    I bought it because the reviews were excellent and the vacuum is truly amazing, it is very silent, cleans great and I love the retractable cable. The tool to clean the the pet hair is awesome, it really picks up all the hair from my cat

    I am very happy with it and two of my frinds are buying it because they like they way it cleans

    Also the color is beautiful!...more info
  • Gret Vac.. Low Cost
    Great vac for the price. My wife seems to vac constantly, we have a dog and it is always amazing how much this vac picks up. The filter can get pretty clogged, but with a good cleaning it picks up like new again. We paid $86 for it, I have seen it at Lowes for $89. Very happy with it....more info
  • If a guy loves a vacuum, it must be good.
    Pros: Cleaning efficiency (carpet and hard floors), Bagless, weight, design, cord rewind, lifetime HEPA-filter, pathing light, cleaning attachments, received it two days after i ordered it.

    CONS: The black rubber edging around the bottom is bogus. I have off-white painted walls and if you touch them w/ the edge of the vacuum, the result are black marks. Also, this thing is so powerful that if you leave it running in one spot on a surface that might melt, a foam/rubber gym mat for example, it might start melting it.

    Also note that the container is clear, so you can see how much crap you're picking up. I emptied mine after the first 900 sq feet i vacuumed-- not because the container was full, but because of how much dust, hair, carpet fuzz, and other crap it picked up. This Hoover is mind-blowingly cool....more info
  • Value for money
    I was looking for a vaccum cleaner which is economical and effectivily cleans . This product perfectly fits what I wanted. It has a powerful motor having good suction. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a basic vaccum cleaner within 75$. I recieved it within 2 day of ordering(standard shipping), this was impressive....more info
  • Compares with the expensive vacuums
    I have 2 much more expensive well-known vacuums and this vacuum, at a fraction of the price, does a better job and has some nicer features. Great suction and the the stair brush is a great plus. If it had a longer cord it would be perfect. The rewind makes life easier and a longer cord would have made it a 5 and with 8 cats that's really saying something....more info
  • I was living in dustland until I got this great vaccum cleaner
    I bought this hoover product from Amazon because of the other reviews, well all they were right,First It's really cheap compared with other brands and places you'd got the same for the double or even triple price. It's beautiful and easy to assembly, and the best, once you use it you'll see all hidden dust and debris under your carpet and you were living with it without knowing it was there, I was shock when I saw the filter and the compartment full of dust and particles, I can't believe I'd vaccumed the day before with my old vaccum cleaner. ...more info
  • You think your house is clean?
    Wow! What a vacuum! My husband and I just bought this vacuum for $99.99 at Best Buy (we used a gift certificate from a boss, so it didn't cost us a penny), the other day. I researched a boatload of vacuums, because ours was a scandal (as my mother-in-law fondly referred to it), so we needed something good. We'd narrowed it down to 3, including this one. The selling point for me was the washable filters (no expensive semi-annual filter purchases to consider) and the rewindable cord, plus all the attachments. There is something similar to the "Power Paw" which is a feature of other vacuums, however, the attachment on the Hoover does not rotate at the brush like it does on other brands/models. I didn't find this to be a problem.

    When the rep. asked if I wanted the additional warranty, my gut reaction was to say "no", but then she asked me to consider:
    1. She does not get commission/awards for selling the warranty.
    2. The ext. warranty is $20 (gift certificate = costs me nothing).
    3. If the vacuum loses suction in 3.89 years (or if I just think it does), I can bring it in and get $100 toward my newer, shinier vacuum.
    Enh...no skin off my nose, I guess. Sure! (Mark calendar for 3.89 years down the road when vacuum "loses suction".)

    The real test: We brought the vacuum home. My husband assembled it - by default, that means it was exceedingly simple to assemble (husband is a lover, not a fighter - he does not deal well with machinery). We thought our carpets were pretty clean. We didn't think this because we are such cleaning machines...we thought this because his mother (who IS a cleaning machine) cleans our house with HER vacuum cleaner, because she thinks ours is/was a waste of space. (Hey, I can't argue with that.) What came out of our carpet would make Pigpen jealous. Honestly, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I would believe that someone from Best Buy planted that dirt. I could NOT believe that so much dirt came out of what appeared to be a clean carpet!

    My mother-in-law didn't believe me. Afterall, she'd cleaned those carpets herself, right? They must be perfect. So, I gave her the reigns and let her give it a try in a different room. She was disgusted...and convinced. She went out that day and bought the same vacuum.

    Oh, and let's talk about cat hair. The first room that we vacuumed was a room that the cat does not enter. We did that because we didn't want skewed results. Our next challenge was to vacuum the cat's favorite spot. It didn't look too bad - sure, there was a little cat hair, but nothing that you wouldn't expect to find in a pet's favorite spot. What came out of that spot was unbelievable. Add some eyes and teeth to it, and we could have had a whole new pet!

    Emptying the canister is a cinch (once you figure out how to do it properly). One bit of advice - use a trashcan with a large mouth. I used a petite, designer bathroom trashcan the first time, and I made a big, fat mess. From now on, it's the kitchen trashcan for me.

    I am preaching the gospel of the Hoover Elite Rewind! For a mere c-note, you can't go wrong. My husband and I really look forward to vacuuming now. Sick, we know.

    If I were going to go looking for flaws, I would say that the vacuum has tipped on me while using the crevice cleaner. Perhaps it's not as flexible as it could be. The vacuum is also a little heavy at 23 lbs., but hey...for this kind of suction...I'll work out!

    Interestingly, we bought our last vacuum online, and I wonder if that's where the problems came into play. Part of me wonders if online product sits in storehouses and wastes away until someone purchases it. With this product, however, I don't think it's been on the market long enough to peter out in a storehouse somewhere. I'd feel safe buying it online, but I will say, given my last vacuum experience, I'm glad to have that extended warranty...just in case.

    So, there you have it. It's my new joy in life - to have a husband who has a fascination with the vacuum cleaner, and to get some kind of twisted joy out of vacuuming. As another reviewer stated, you will wonder how you could even place your feet on your carpet before you had this vacuum. You think your carpets are clean? Think again, June Cleaver!
    ...more info
  • Very Happy
    The vacuum works great! My only observation for improvement would be a slightly longer cord. But I'd rather have the automatic rewind if that's the trade off. I didn't even buy it for that, but even my kids were impressed!...more info
  • Works great
    I love this vacuum it picks up everything. The first time I used it, it picked up stuff I didn't even know was on the carpet. Only draw back it is not light, but it's worth it. I would reccommend it highly....more info
  • Great Suction power
    The first time I used this machine, I was shocked at the amount of 'stuff' that appeared in the see-thru container. I had no idea my carpet could even hold that much junk. Great Suction on this machine....more info
  • All I'd hoped for and MORE!
    This is a superb vacuum, the best I've ever owned. It bought it at a terrific price, it was a snap to assemble and is a total pleasure to use. The first time I tried it, the vacuum pulled out an astounding amount of dirt and hair from my supposedly "clean" carpets. I couldn't believe it and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wish I could give it 10 stars!...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I have had this vacuum for about a month and I love it. I have a white cat whose fur I am constantly sweeping up and this vacuum works great. I especially love the pet hair attachment and how powerful it is. I will definately recommend it to anyone who wants a great vacuum but doesn't want to or can't afford to pay a great deal of money for it. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Great product. excellent suction. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Great rewind facility. Power brush was missing though....more info
  • GREAT...at first.
    I bought this vacuum at a local Costco after reading the reviews online. It was great--for a week until the belt broke after a dodgy incident with a throw rug that I'd rather not go into. I returned it and got another one and this one did an amazing job--for one and half months. Almost two months later the suction is poor, it spits back out dirt, and generally seems malevolent. We have two cats, one dog, one toddler, and one pregnant wife in this house and quite frankly I need more peace of mind in my household products....more info
  • Excellent!
    Had it for a month now and it's excellent! Paid $57 and it was a steal!...more info
  • So far - very good
    Haven't had the vac long but so far it has very good suction and light weight when using. The cord rewind is a plus also....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    This vacuum works great and comes at an excellent price. We use it on carpet and wood floors and it cleans pet hair really well. The hand tools are also great for getting under furniture and in tight spaces. Highly recommended....more info
  • Absolutely terrific vacuum
    I have used this vacuum only on carpet, as I bought it for my finished basement.

    Suction is very powerful, it is quiet, and the dirt cup is so easy to empty. The cup is designed so that you push a lever, and it empties from the bottom - very clever and so easy and clean. It is a large dirt cup so it holds a lot.

    Other nice features include a very long cord, and great looks! The most important thing is suction, and this baby is POWERFUL!! It's amazing what this thing picks up.

    Overall, extremely pleased with this vacuum!!...more info
  • wife loves vacuuming; wifeloves this vacuum!
    We had to get rid of a Bissel that had become a bit of a virago.

    I would have said, "Buy the Dyson!" ('cause it looks cool), but the wife is frugal. So we got this one at a good price here at Amazon.

    This vacuum, according to my wife, is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. She says it empties easily, has excellent power and is relatively quiet. We would not have paid extra for the rewinder, but she loves that, too, and will probably look for that feature in the future.

    Highly recommended by someone who, thank god, loves to vacuum!...more info
  • It made my marriage better..........
    Every time I turn it on I can't beleive how quiet it is. My only complant is that the cord is shorter then I am used to. But I guess it needs to be for the automatic rewind. This feature is a must, since my husband always griped at me for not coiling up the cord properly. One less argument for us!

    It sucks great, is easy to clean, quiet, and light weight. The best vacume I ever had!...more info
  • Best Bang for your Buck
    I was looking for something to keep my mid-sized apartment cleaned, as I am a pretty big neat-freak. This was the perfect buy. The automatic cord-retractor is a great feature, although it wasn't the feature that made me choose to purchase this model, it is definitely something I'm glad it has. It's not too loud, nor too heavy. It's got a very easy to use bagless garbage collection bucket. Limits the amount of dust you put back onto your floor after cleaning it the first time. I love this product and am super happy I got it and at such a great price!...more info
  • Good-bye dog hair
    I searched around for a while for a reasonable priced vaccum. I have only 1 real rug but man was it covered in dog hair, i used to be able ot rake it off with my One Sweep, now that I have this vac there is almost none left even after a day or two of not vaccuming. I am so happy i bought this vac!...more info
  • Elite Rewind Bagless
    I love this Hoover I have a long hair dog that has killed 10 vacuums. This one has sucked up so much dirt that my Carpet looks new again. I love the Pet attachment my Chairs looks great. The one touch Cord rewind is great too. I can see this Lasting me a long time. I love how you can take the Hose off and see if there is anything caught in it with out having to take everything apart and still not seeing anything. I would buy this again in a heart beat. Also my sister is also going to get one she has the same problem with pet hair that I do....more info
  • This Vacuume SUCKS Please read
    we have 2 pugs and the number one problem is all the hair they produce. we were looking for a vacumm we could clean ever time , all parts, to make sure the suction is perfect cause we have had nothing but problems keeping the house clean in an easy fashion. we have used this for 2 weeks now and WOW i mean wow it does a great job sucking up pet hair and being able to clean eveerything including the filters makes the dog smell go away and the pet hair as well theis machine pick it up like it was nothing. For the price this is better than the best.
    ...more info
  • The retractable cord broke on the first use
    I followed the directions - I held the cord and guided it in while I steppeed on the retract button. The next time I tried to plug it in, the cord wouldnt stay out - it was off the track and kept retracting, making the vacuum unusable. There were stickers all over the box and brochure tht said to call Hoover if you have a problem and not to return the item. So, I called hoover - they said they would fix it, but not replace it. Well, I didnt spend $90 to get a vacuum that needed repair after the first use. Luckily, Amazon has better customer service than Hoover. I returned it. ...more info
  • 2nd one ok so far
    I got this vacuum yesterday, put it together turned it on and it started to smoke up like the belt was on fire, took it back to the store but since I purchased online, there was a little bit of a hassle returning, the replacement one is ok so far, great suction, tools, and the cord rewind is pretty awesome. ...more info
  • Great working Vacume
    Best vacume i have ever purchased....the attachments are great. The self storing cord is wonderfulllllll. I won't ever have another vacume without it......It is quiet,lightweight and a great value. I can't think of a bad thing so say about this product. ...more info
    This is the second bagless vacuum cleaner and is far superior to the other model. Best features are start, rewind cord and naturally the beater can be operated with foot.

    It has real good suction, lightweight and colorful, if you happen to care.

    Amazon refused to commit to two day delivery, though I have primer and a previous customer pointed out in a review that the Hoover had been received within three days.

    Despite Amazon declining to promised delivery within three days, it arrived in three days. ...more info
  • Great in the house
    Lacks power if you want to use it in your car. As an upright super....more info
  • Awesome!
    Just used it for the first time and this is superb performance and a great value. I was shocked to see how much dog hair it picked up off what I thought was a pretty clean carpet. It was like a tumbleweed in a tornado. At first I was skeptical about its suction because it was so quiet. Easy to use, empty container and get access to filter. Love the rewind cord. Accessory hose is a little clumsy but fine. The only con is that the placement of the cord on the lower right makes it easy to run over unless you hold it across your body in your left hand; makes me think a "left-hander" designed this as it would be better suited to carry the cord in your right hand. I can't believe anyone would spend hundreds of dollars on a vacuum when this product is available. ...more info
  • Great Product at a Great Price
    We have had this unit for around TWO months now, it works great. Our last vacuum was a Hoover and it lasted us around EIGHT years. The power behind this vacuuum is awesome. We would definitely recommend this to all. ...more info
  • Awesome Hoover product
    This is one of the best vacuum I had bought so far. I had gone thru several vacuums due to my wifes allergy. This vacuum is nicely design and little effort is needed to push this guy around. Great idea to install a washerable HEPA filter, eliviated my wifes allergy issues indoor....more info
  • nice bagless
    this hoover is great light wieght very clean bagless and i love the cord storage nolger you need to warp the cors on the vac this hoover does it for you...more info
  • Works Great!
    This works so much better than my last vacuum! I couldn't believe how much more dirt/dust it picked up. And it smells so clean when you are finished using it unlike my old one which cleaned the floor a little but left behind a dirty/dusty smell in the air. I have no complaints for this vacuum so far. I haven't cleaned the filter yet but the dirt release container is very easy to use and saves lots of time and money not having to buy new bags all the time. ...more info
  • This vacuum meets my needs
    I needed a new upright vacuum, but didn't want to spend a fortune for one of those pricey, fancy-schmancy jobs. I looked at several reviews of this one, and after much thought ordered it. The arrival time didn't take long, and I had it put together in no time (I'm female, and somewhat
    handicapped too). It's much lighter (18 lbs.) than my Eureka The Boss 4-D upright vacuum (26 or 28 lbs.), has good suction, but doesn't groom the carpet quite as much as the Eureka does. The Hoover also has a pet hair brush that works great, has a washable filter, doesn't require bags, the dirt empties from the bottom of the container, and I loooove the retractable cord! All in all, for the price, it does a good job and doesn't break your back & shoulder when using it. ...more info
  • Chill man....I don't need a title.
    I'll keep it simple..........
    Here's what I like: The variety of attachments and the way they connect to the vaccuum when not in use. The retractable cord in very convenient.
    The east empty container is nice.

    Here's what I don't like: The suction is not as powerful as I thought it was going to be from reading other reviews. It was recommended by "allergy be gone"......but it won't suck up all of the dog hair on my rug unless I go over it 20 times.

    that's all.............more info
  • Heck of a sweeper
    Did my research and found this one - for the price it can't be beat. Love the cord rewind, lifetime Hepa and the easy dump container. Can't go wrong with a Hoover and this one is great!...more info
  • Hoover Upright
    This wind tunnel upright is great. The only problem is the cord is too short....more info
  • All The Functionality, Plus More!
    This vacuum cleaner is the best I have ever used!

    Its bagless and has powerful suction and I was amazed at how much it picked up when I thought the carpet "looked" clean! The attachments work well all fit well onto the cleaner. They do not fall off when you use the machine! Everything was easy to attach. The canister is very easy to empty.

    And the "More" bit? Well, thats the rewind functionality! I wasn't expecting it to be so powerful, but this is great!...more info
  • Loves this Hoover
    This Hoover does everything we have expected. This is a powerful vacuum and it's bagless....more info
  • Best Vacuum ever owned
    I searched well before I bought a vacuum cleaner, being as though I have had bad experiences in the past. Even after spending money on a reputable brand, I was disappointed with my Sears Kenmore vacuum. However, this Hoover is by far the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It is picking up dirt and dust in my carpet that I am sure has been there for quite some time. My Kenmore was sure missing a lot of dirt! This vacuum is easy to use, easy to clean, and works amazingly well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone....more info
  • GREAT Product-GREAT price!!
    I have to start by saying how much I LOVE AMAZON!! Thank you for the continuous exceptional customer service and prices! This vacuum is AWESOME, the price is great, and the shipping is FAST. I highly recommend this product and this store!! I do my homeowrk and shop around, and this is a superior product at a fantastic price!! ...more info
  • i like it!
    I have had this vacuum for a couple of months and couldn't be more pleased. It really gets the dirt and mostly dust my house seems to accumulate! Easy to empty canistar and I love the fact that the filters can be cleaned instead of buying new ones! ...more info
  • The best vacuum I've purchased
    I read most of the reviews on this product before purchasing. I was hopeful that it would be as good as everyone said it was, and I wasn't disappointed! The sucking power is excellent, it maneuvers easily, not too heavy, and came mostly assembled in the box. The bonus of the retractable cord is awesome! ...more info
  • Suction ok, not hermetic seal
    Good, affordable bagless vac. Suction is powerful, but the seal is not hermetic---when vacuuming, dust comes out from the vac. For those who can't afford a Dyson---get it....more info
  • Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    Great product, great price! I liked it so much I bought my mother one. She's the queen of clean and is now raving to her neighbors. Be sure to empty the canister filter over a trash can otherwise the fine dust will go everywhere. I'm fine with the weight but it could be a little much for an older person (my mother) if you need to go up and down a bunch of steps....more info
  • nice vacuum
    Nice vacuum, and quiet. Don't know how you could beat it for the price. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    No more bags, Quiet, powerful, automatic cord rewind, everything we wanted in a new upright at a good price. You'll like it. ...more info
  • Luv it!
    This vacuum was the answer to my prayers! Of course it has the power you expect from a Hoover so the best feature for me is the rewinding cord. I have a cat who likes to chew on powercords. Not the small cords on things like lamps and clocks, but the thick cords on vacuum cleaners and computers and such. He can't find the cord on this vacuum and it drives him nuts!...more info
  • You have to dust afterwards!
    I hate this vacuum...let me take a minute to vent. Because the extension hose is how the dirt gets into the canister when vacuuming, as soon as you take the extension hose out, dust flies everywhere. The vacuum itself is constantly covered in dust. And, the brush doesn't stop spinning when you're using the hose, so wherever the vacuum is sitting while you are using the hose is getting beat up by the constant spinning. It actually ripped through the upholstry of a chair when I had to prop the vacuum up to reach to the top of my drapes with the hose. Which leads me to the short hose. You can't reach anywhere high.

    I really do hate this vacuum. It is by far the worst performing vacuum I have ever had. It's full of commonsense problems! Come on Hoover, you can do better.

    I think I spend more time cleaning up after this vacuum than I actually do vacuuming. ...more info
  • Almost...
    cord is too short, almost 10 feet shorter than my other Hoover upright, the canister empties, but do it early and often, and be ready for a dusty mess as you empty it. The cord is often a pain since it connects at the base of the machine. has good suck power, attachments are nice, leaves "streaks" in my carpet as I vacuum, the grate for the brushes gets in the way and leaves little lines/streaks...

    Almost there, the engineering is not quite what I thought it was when I opened the box....more info
  • it SUCKS! in a good way...
    we have 3 vacuums in our house and none of them get the job done. i kept one for the attachments, one for the fact that it's light and easy to use and one for "dirty" jobs like vacuuming our unfinished basement. but none of them did ALL the things i needed a vacuum to do.

    i did some research, like most people, before i bought this vacuum. i was impressed with the ratings and reviews i read here on [...]. it's also priced over $[...] cheaper than target! i didn't want to spend more than $[...] and i really felt i could get the vacuum i wanted for that price.

    i've had it about a week now and have given it a decent "maiden voyage". it's certainly quieter than my last vacuum, but not lighter. it's not too heavy though; it weighs about what you'd think a vacuum of that size weighs. one reviewer said it didn't have a handle, which is untrue - it's located on top of the clear canister.

    the hoover is easy to push and man, does it have great suction! i really have no preference of bagless vs. bagged vacuums (each have their benefits), but it's neat that you can see the dust collection and know when it's time to empty.

    my only complaint is this: all my floors in my house are non-carpet. 80% of my house is hardwood and the other is linoleum. i obviously use the low/hard surface setting and the bristles from the roller still brush the floor, making the chore of vacuuming a little louder than if it's just sitting upright. i am also worried the bristles might be ever-so-slightly scratching my floors. those bristles are pretty stiff. i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

    i used the attachments this evening and they are so easy to use! the suction, again, is awesome. i didn't even expect it to suck up all the stuff it did. i swear, i want to vacuum everything in my house now!

    overall, this is a great value. the bristles scraping the floor is something i am concerned about, but i'll have to wait awhile to see if that is indeed an issue. other than that, a great vacuum with everything i needed and nothing i didn't.

    * that retractable cord thinigie is awesome! watch out though - it can whip your hand! it's that fast!
    * great suction
    * love the light!
    * easy to push around the room
    * attachments are perfect and easy to use
    * fairly quiet
    * easy to see dust to empty

    * bristles hit hardwood/linoleum floors. may scratch floors. not sure yet. bristles also add to noise factor when on low/hard surface setting. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I purchased this vacuum for a second vacuum (first is a dyson). I love my dyson but needed something for my upstairs. I bought it after reading such good reviews, and for the fact that it has lifetime filters and is easy to empty like the Dyson (I just didn't want to drop another $350 for something as boring as a vacuum).

    I have been so pleased with this vacuum. With the exception of the short cord (24 feet is just not long enough), I am thrilled. I like the carpet setting, which Dyson doesn't have--it makes such nice lines on my carpet when I'm done. I haven't used the attachments much but they are comparable to my Dyson as well. I love the auto rewind cord, and it is easy to empty. It's not particularly lightweight, so if you want to schlep it up and down stairs you may want to consider that.

    All in all, a great vacuum, especially for the money. I gave it four stars and not five because it is heavy, and the cord is very short. Incidentally, I bought mine from the big discount club store and paid a bit more than it is listed here at amazon.com, and it has since gotten even cheaper....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I did a lot of research before buying this vacuum. I have a golden retriever that is an all-year-round shedder and long haired domestic cat. There is a fur epidemic in my home. I truly needed something to tackle the job without a sweat. I looked at the Dyson Animal, but couldn't bring myself to spend over $500 for it. So, after reading all the reviews for the Hoover Elite, I gave in. Afterall, for under 100 dollars I could at least try it out...and I am so HAPPY that I did.

    I just vacuumed my living room with it and it is so impressive. The suction is amazing. I love that you don't have to get your hands dirty when it comes to emptying the cannister filled with dirt. It's so light compared to my Bissel (that broke after two years) and the retracting cord is a major plus for me. I'm one of those people that always got the cord tangled and all curled up because of the way I would wrap it up. This is a major time savor. There are no extensions for the hose but that's ok. I'm a short person (5'2) and so far I'm totally in love with this vacuum and OH did I mention that it's quiet...OH YEAH it's quiet...Big bonus since I'm due to deliver my fist baby boy this April. Very Satisfied Customer!...more info
  • Worse vacuum
    I would give this vacuum zero stars if I could. I just spent 30 minutes to get the 5 screws out to change the belt that broke after only 2weeks of use. I'm frustrated with grease all over my hands from changing the belt.

    I returned my first one because the belt broke several times in a short period of time. I stupidly brought a second (thought the first was a lemon); I will be returning this one as well. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!
    I was fed up with my old vacuum--it really sucked--no, wait, that was the problem--it stopped sucking! When I found myself stopping to pick up threads and fuzz from the rug, I knew it was time to kick that old one to the curb! I did my homework and took the plunge on this machine. I can't tell you how shocked I was at the amount of dirt and dust that came out of my rugs! I vacuum regularly, have no pets, no kids and we all take our shoes off at the door--but you'd think I hadn't cleaned in years! It was almost embarassing! I had used the powder rug freshner years ago and it was still down there, deep under the pile--not anymore! I love this machine. The price was right, it is easy to use, doesn't make a lot of noise and cleans like a dream! Don't hesitate if you need a new machine!...more info
  • The honeymoon is over...
    Take a couple of stars away from that scale, I was starry eyed during the first two weeks of ownership. I've had this thing a month now and the filter and hose became incredibly clogged. And it didn't stop sucking...it just spewed everything into the air through the hose adapter! My husband had to take the whole thing apart and use the air compressor to clean out the filter, then pound the hose out to unclog all of the compressed dust and hair inside. I guess if you don't have a furry dog, a furry cat, 3 long haired girls and dust in the house it would be a fine machine, but I'm not into doing that routine once a month. This puppy's going back from whence it came. No more playing - I just brought home a Dyson. ...more info
  • Hoover U5507-900 Elite Rewind Bagless Upright
    I love this vacuum. I checked all the reviews (everywhere)first and this one was rated better than most of the others, including the very expensive ones. It does a great job on the carpet and floors and the rewind feature is wonderful. I was very hesitant about getting a bagless, but after using this one I will never go back to bags. The dirt compartment is surprisingly large and it is amazing to see how much "stuff" you are picking up. It is very easy to empty ... not at all messy like I expected. I also like the fact that the attachments are all right there in their special slots ... very easy to access and use. The only reason for withholding 5 stars is I haven't owned it long enough to make a judgment long-term. ...more info
  • happy I bought it !!!
    For the money I paid for it, I am very happy : I like how it works, the suction is strong enough, attachments are useful, I like that it does not need a bag and that the canister is transparent, in case it gets a toy or something I can retrieve it right away. It is not light because it is pretty powerful, but not as heavy as not to be able to carry it on the stairs. Also, Amazon delivered it free of charge and in 2 days.Very happy with my purchase and I recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Extremely pleased!
    I was looking for a new vacuum for my apartment, so I did some research and read a lot of reviews about many different vacuums. After much hemming and hawing over which one would suit me, I decided upon this one and I was pleasantly surprised! This vacuum has really nice suction and it doesn't seem to lose that the longer the vacuuming session runs; it also really fluffs up the carpet. I have a dog and she does shed. This vacuum does a really good job at picking up the hair. I have been able to use the pet attachment tool and that works pretty well. Animal hair is stubborn anyway, so I needed a little patience to suck it all up and get those little hairs that were entwined with the fabric fibers. I am glad that I purchased this vacuum. One caution though, when you use the hose, the main agitator still runs. So, be careful what your vacuum is sitting on or you will have a worn spot on your carpet if you let the vacuum sit in one place for too long....more info
  • Superb Performance
    Having two different Eureka Optima's break within a six month period, I figured it was a sign to maybe try a different make and model. Then I saw this Hoover and figured I'd give it a try. I'll admit I was a little unsure at first because it was a little too big, especially for my apartment. But wow, was I surprised by it's performance and features. Setup was a breeze, took five minutes and a phillips screwdriver. The retractable cord is an awesome feature, but by far my favorite feature has to be how you release the dust cup. It's just common sense, but took forever for someone to realize "Hmmm, let's make it easy and prevent dirt going everywhere by having the cup release from the BOTTOM!" And you can do so one handed, with the flick of your thumb. Storage is the same as my old Optima, it's just a little taller, but I can tell this badboy is going to be around for a long long time. Five stars all the ways! ...more info
  • It Sucks! In a good way :)
    I read the reviews and finally decided to go for it and get a decent vacuum, and it works great! The attachment hose is super powerful and the vacuum itself works much better than our old vacuum, plus it's lighter and quieter. Cleaning out the dirt is simple to do, and you don't have to get your hands dirty to empty it. There's even a sensor to tell you when you need to dust off the filter! I'm very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend this vacuum to other buyers....more info
  • Simply the best

    Not an expert but for $90 you can get that back in lifetime by not buying filters. It is very powerful so beware on carpet length setup. Navigates easy, quite, lighted, auto-rewind, lifetime HEPA, less weight.

    Only issue i have is it would not bend on to floor to go deep down the beds....more info
  • WOW!!!
    Light weight, easy to handle and very sucky.
    Most important, it is very quiet!

    Great sucker!...more info
  • Doing awful job
    After second attempt it stopped sucking... I am very unhappy with the product....more info
  • BEST VACUUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I admit the rewind feature is what really peaked my interest. I Absolutely LOVE this feature! The pet tool is WONDERFUL. I used it immediately on my sofas. WOW! The pet hair it sucked up from my Toy Fox Terrier Mutt was amazing. The ease of cleaning the canister is priceless. I had another bagless that took a surgeon to clean it plus there was a mess to clean up after you finished. I have been using this vacuum for about 2 months and love it each time. I used a Dyson ($$$) at my brother's house and hated it. It was so complicating. I just wanted to plug it in and push the ON switch. It would not work right (Dyson) & I know it cost my brother a fortune. The hose feature was amazingly complicating too AND I had to wind the cord up when I was done. I have told my friends about the Hoover. It's crazy because I am not a "clean freak" but I truly vacuum alot more often because of this vacuum. My best friend ended up asking her mother to get her this vacuum for Christmas. She LOVES it too. LOL Her 13 yo son thought the vacuum was "Cool!" due to the rewind feature. The hose is not as long as some others-(Like other people reviewed) but it works great for me. I don't have extremely high ceilings in my home and can clean my ceiling fans with no problem. I say this vacuum is THE ONE! Don't waste your money on those higher priced ones. Hoover is a name that has been around and one that can be trusted and the REWIND feature is the icing on the cake....more info
  • Best Vacuum ever!
    What more can I say about this powerful vacuum. I have been using this for the last month and I just love the way it handles. The auto rewind cord is so handy and it picks up so beautifully. The canister is easy to empty. The vacuum handles quite well (nice & light) and has a handle which makes it easy to carry from room to room. Not a real noisy vacuum either. You do have to keep check on the canister as when to empty and occasionally check the filter for cleaning. Even though the filter never needs to be changed you do have to brush it off from time to time with the included brush. No big deal. A great vacuum with all the perks!...more info
  • Surprised and impressed.
    I vacuum every day and my very old bagged Windtunnel needed major service that I didn't feel was worth the money. I researched this vacuum and read all of the reviews before I decided to buy it (Consumer Reports hasn't reviewed it yet). I wanted a bagless because of the ease of emptying and no bags or filters required. Even after reading the reviews, I was pretty skeptical of a $100 vacuum.

    This vac is worth the money and it cleans very well to excellent on carpet. It has a lot of suction, the mechanical upholstery tool is an added bonus, and it takes one screw to assemble. Someone mentioned that they were tripping over the cord because it's at the bottom. There is a clip on the handle to hook the cord, so that fixes that problem. My old Windtunnel wands fit this model, so extra wands are probably a universal fit. This vac is also much quieter than my expensive Windtunnel.

    I vacuumed my carpet first with my Windtunnel and then went over it with this vac. I was really surprised at how much actual dirt it picked up. I mean really surprised since my Windtunnel has a dirtfinder feature. I then vacuumed the hard kitchen floor and it does an OK job. I used the upholstery and stair tool and was very impressed with that also. There is a lot of suction through the hose which is sometimes lost on cheaper uprights but not this one.

    All in all, for the money, I don't think you can go wrong. It empties from the bottom like a Dyson, it cleans carpet better than most, you never have to replace the filters including the HEPA, and it's easy to use and operate. If you place it side by side with a Dyson, it's nearly identical in being plastic, bagless features are the same, and Consumer Reports only gives the Dyson vacs very good ratings on carpet, not excellent. This vacuum is very basic with a few features, but for the price, you can't go wrong. It's also guaranteed for one full year. I think you'll be very happy with it....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I have been a person that has gone through about 3 $50 dollar vacuums in the last 8 years. I needed yet another, and wanted a dyson at first but just couldnt force myself to pay $500 for it. I searched and searched for a vacuum that would be better than the ones I have owned and I found the reviews for this one the best at my budget of under $200. I love this vacuum. I was amazed at how much it picked up that my other vacuum didnt (it croaked a week before recieving this one). I actually had about a 1/4 inch of just straight up dirt in the bottom of the canister after using it for the first time in just my living room...gross! I am sold, and for under $100 I feel like I got a great deal! ...more info
  • Buyer beware
    The only good feature of this item is the self reel cord. This product is one of if not the worst vacuum I've ever owned. ...more info
  • Wow!
    Does this sweeper ever pick upm the dirt. Can't believe my house was so dirty....more info
  • this is a really good vacuum!
    i got this vacuum a week ago and have been really impressed with its performance so far. my carpets look really clean, and i'm amazed with how much junk it sucked up. i have long hair, and it used to get all tangled up in the brushes of my old vacuum. i was particularly impressed with the amount of hair that made it past the brushes and into the canister on this model. that's good, because it means i won't have to spend lots of time cleaning out the brushes! but i think my favorite thing about this vacuum is the cord rewinder! it's awesome. this vacuum is a great value for the price....more info
  • good product
    I like everything about the hoover u5507-900 except the short cord.The auto rewind is great, just need a little more cord in there....more info
  • fabulous vacuum
    This is a great vacuum... It was almost kind of gross what we saw it sucking up after we vacuumed with our old one!! Terrific value for the money!...more info
  • Easy to use
    Easy to put together, Easy to use, Easy to clean. Glides nicely and picks up the dust as well as visible 'crud' on carpets. Has good suction power. No cord to have to wind on machine. My teenage sons are willingly using the new power tool. The machine itself is not light if needed to be picked up, ie. taking to a second floor....more info
  • hoover does it again
    The hoover U5507-900 is a darn good machine. It is easy to use and especially easy to empty. The only reason I did not give it the full 5 stars is because the power cor is about 4 feet to short. My previous Hoover had a cord long enough to reach in any direction I need without changing outlets. The new one comes up short in this respect. Otherwise for the money , it can't be beat. Why spend $ 400+ for the D model, when for under a hundred you can get the same benifits....more info
  • Vacuum sucks - but that's good
    This vacuum does what you want a vacuum to do - suck up dirt. Forget the frills, this vacuum has stong suction for getting dirt out of the carpet, plain and simple. Hose attachments are easy to use, since the hose is built in, not a separate item, but the hose is short and so springy that the vacuum tips over if you try to reach very far.

    It's easy to empty the dirt canister and it uses a permanent filter (other bagless vacs need pricey replacement filters). But be aware, cleaning the filter is a messy job involving a lot (because it holds so much dust) of whacking on a hard surface. I do it on the basement floor and then use a dust pan to sweep up the pile. I think it would be worse trying to do it directly into a trash can.

    The cord rewind is convenient too, but not the reason to buy....more info
  • An OK Upright
    My old vaccum was an upright with a bag. It was made mostly from metal and was lighter than this bagless upright, which is all plastic. Granted this vaccum has all of the attachments connected to it, which probably increases the weight. The suction is very good, even better than my old Hoover bagged upright. It does not not have the beater bars that were on my old Hoover. I think if you are considering this upright, first test one in person. The weight may or may not be an issue. ...more info
  • loving it!!
    I just got this vacuum and I am loving it. Now, I own a Hoover Steamvac which I just used YESTERDAY and when I got my new Elite vacuum it pulled up so much dirt and dust and cat hair I was amazed! I promptly vacuumed all of my rooms again just to see the yucky junk that would come up. I have 4 cats and a toddler and am amazed to see the dirt that came out of our freshly steamvac'd carpets.
    I like the there are no bags and that you can see all the dirt and debris. Plus the beater bar fluffs up the carpet nicely.
    I have owned many other vacuums but this is by far the best I've owned....more info
  • Almost perfect
    Let me 1st say I gave this 4 stars because it's only flaw is where the cord comes out, at the bottom of the machine. My old one with a retractable cord had the cord come out near the top, so you didn't trip on it and run over it, the Hoover would be perfect if it had done the cord this way too!
    BUT...I am AMAZED at the sucking power of my new Hoover and you will be too! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and NEVER have I gotten the results as I have from this Hoover Elite. The pet attachment works great on both my couch and my hard to clean, pet hair attractor velvet drapes. You will be thanking yourself for years for buying this and you will save so much money as the pricy models are not half as good....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price
    I have had the Hoover Windtunnel for 8 years and have loved it, just didn't like having to buy bags all the time and didn't like the idea of vacuuming with all that dirt still in the bag. Ordered the Hoover Elite Rewind and I was so happy to have it delivered right to my door. It vacuums up all that dirt and dust and then you get to empty it out into the garbage and start fresh the next time. I took it all apart and washed it out, let it dry and put it all back together. Love the ease of it all. Love the extra long nozzle tool! The kids even like to vacuum so that they can see the dirt swirling around. ...more info
  • Belt Problems
    It works well but we've had the carpet agitator belt break twice now and that turning out to be very annoying. This is in a period of 1 month over cleaning my room 4 times. ...more info
  • wow!
    For the price I think this Hoover is fantastic. This vacume has gone where no vacume has gone before in my house. Sure you can pay a whole lot more for another that may have a little more suction but you'll probably damage something you like with it. The auto wind cord is absolutely the best. I also like the special handle to carry it at a more comfortable height since I am short! I really, really, really, like it and my house is without a doubt deep cleaned....more info
  • I own a DYSON
    And I like this vac better. My kids got the Dyson for me last year for Christmas and for the money they spent, I was just not that impressed with it. Yes, it sucks, but I like beater bar action that "fluffs" the carpet. The Dyson won't fit under the toe space under my cabinets, this does. The Dyson won't fit under a coffee table, this does. I consider myself sort of a vacuum cleaner expert. With a three story home and a German Shepherd, I own several.
    I vacuumed my hallway with the Dyson and then I vacuumed the same place with this Hoover. For all the Dyson's suction, this little red Hoover pulled a whole lot of stuff out of my carpet that the Dyson left behind. So, there you go. The pet brush is impressive too, but the hose is too short to make it up my whole staircase. I rigged an extension hose I found on the Internet but it would be nice if Hoover offered one to fit this vacuum. AND NO FILTERS TO BUY...EVER. ...more info
  • This vacuum "sucks" :-)
    I LOVE my Elite! It is absolutely amazing. Both light and flexible, it picks up even miniscule particles of dust. I have used it on both my carpet and linoleum floors and it is awesome. With three cats I have a lot of cat hair and the Elite picks it up and doesn't leave a trace. The tool attachments are great, too. They work fantastic on stairs and furniture. The rewind feature is soooooo cool. Just *zip!* and the cord is put away and doesn't risk the chance of unraveling. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Excellent Value
    This vacumn replaced my $450 Signature. Can't believe the difference! I will never own a expensive vacumn again. The bagless is messy to clean, but i suppose most bagless are. The cord was not 24'as stated, it was 22'. The quality of plastic was better than my old expensive vacumn. Cleaned my carpets and bare floors completely. Smell is gone from my house. Retractable cord is great! My old vacumn attachments worked on this model. Picked up hair and lint too! Can't believe the amount of dirt that came out of my house. This was only $100 bucks, if it only lasts a year i would still buy another one. ...more info
  • So far it's great
    I researched tons of vacuums before purchasing this one. I wanted the best I could get for around $100. This is the first time I've owned a bagless vacuum and I was a bit concerned that it would be messy to empty it. Turns out not to be a problem. Everything detaches easily. If you were to open it over the garbage and shake it out, then some of the dust will fly around cause of the shaking. I just set it in a plastic bag, open, and lift it up and everything comes out mess free in the bag. The automatic cord rewind thing was not a selling point for me when I purchased it, but now I don't ever want to own a vacuum without it - it's so convenient. I gave it four stars only because it is a little bit heavy, but not too much to be a problem for me....more info
  • Cheaply made
    It vacuumed well enough, but the cord retractor kept jamming and had to be taken apart. The little rotating brush attachment is activated only by suction and quickly gets fouled with hair. You can easily spend a half hour picking stuff out of it. We ended up returning it....more info
  • Good deal, good vacuum, I like it
    This machine really sucks up the dust well. I love being able to take it apart and clean up the two filters. One of which is the lifetime HEPA filter that is going to save me money. A previous reviewer said that dirt falls out of the hose when you switch to the accessories -- that was not my experience at all.
    It is really neat watching the big ball of lint form as you vacuum carpet. And the little accessory with its own power brush is super for stairways. As for drawbacks, I would agree that it would be nice to have an extension wand. And on another point, be cautious when rewinding the power cord, I got whacked on my ankle because I did not hold onto the plug like the instructions advise....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum when my Bissell was in the shop for the second time in three months! I chose this over the Hoover EmPower, which is recommended by Consumer Reports. (When I saw the EmPower though, I didn't like that the Hepa filter is in the dirt cup, and the plastic body felt cheap. It's also a pain to remove the hose to use attachments!)

    *Pretty easy to push, even when on a low carpet setting.
    *It holds a lot of dirt and fur.
    *It has a lifetime Hepa filter.
    *There is a primary filter, which prolongs the life of the Hepa filter.
    *The cord is on a ratchet, so you don't have to wrap it around and around every time you use it!
    *There is an easy release mechanism on the dirt cup so you can empty it without getting your hands dirty. However, it's still easy to take apart if you want to clean it out thoroughly.
    *When you start your vacuuming with a clean dirt cup, you can see proof that you are really accomplishing something!
    *The attachments are very easy to use, and transitioning from floor to attachments is simple.

    CONS (What do you expect for under $100?):
    *The cord isn't all that long, so I do have to use three outlets to get three areas of my house. (But just how much would fit on a ratchet reel? Winding a long cord manually is more time consuming than moving the plug to another outlet!)
    *The primary filter, which looks like a small Hepa filter, needs to be banged on a rock or something to remove fine dust. (In Arizona, that's a lot!) It doesn't say it's washable, but I hosed it off one day and made it white again with no visible damage!
    *The only extension wand is also the crevice tool; I'd prefer to have a large bore tube extension in addition to the crevice tool.
    *The crevice tool likes to fall off sometimes while I'm vacuuming.
    *As with ALL bagless vacuums, the dirt cup should be emptied in an outside garbage can because dirt WILL fly around to some degree. If that's not convenient for you, you should probably stick with bagged vacuums.
    *I tried it on a bare floor near the cats' litter box, and just got my ankles sand blasted. Better to use attachments on bare floor, since the beater brush can't be disabled.

    So now I have a Bissell CleanView Deluxe and a Hoover Elite Rewind. Despite minor drawbacks, I find the Hoover so convenient to use that I've been vacuuming daily since I got it! This makes my home cleaner - and even fresher smelling! This vacuum was very reasonably priced, and I really feel I got a great deal for the money....more info
  • More for your buck......
    This vacuum is one of the best vacuums I have used for its price and its efficiency. I have done my research and tried many different vacuums, but I never felt my house feel cleaner than it has with this vacuum. You can actually feel the freshness of the house when you finish. ...more info
  • we don't need no stinking wands!
    This vacuum is great. yes, the rewind feature is awesome but also the sheer sucking power of this vac will have you wonder why you ever sat on your carpet without cleaning it with this sucker fist.

    Great features:
    clear canister so all the dirt-a-phobes can see all the filth they are sucking up
    canister has a thumb release so your hands don't have to get near the dust
    super easy assebly
    on off power switch at the base of the vac so you can turn it on with a toe
    lightweight for a strong vac
    snappy red color
    no bags and a lifetime hepa filter
    3 levels of adjustment for bare floors, burbers and longer thick carpets

    Oh yeah and it doesn't cost a lot and you do get an attachment for pet hair that works great on just about anything..lampshades etc....more info
  • Hoover Rewind Elite U5507-900
    I reviewed a million vacuums before purchasing this one, probably would've chosen a different one if doing it again. This vacuum is heavy if you do a lot of stairs. It's good on hardwoods but some debris gets scattered by the beater bar. A great vacuum if you have carpet only. Unfortunately within the first few times I used the rewind feature it failed to rewind the last few feet of the cord. Also one of the attachments that clamps to the front of the vacuum continues to fall out during use....more info
  • Rewind cord is Lifesaver. No extension wand. Spits out remaining dirt when switching...
    I simply bought this vacuum because of few reasons:
    1. Its Hoover
    2. Its REWIND feature which I was looking for. I hate winding the cord after vacuuming.
    3. Its red.
    4. All this for the price!!

    I would keep this vacuum if it had 2 things:
    1. Extension wands. At least a way to buy separately. I looked on Hoover website and couldnt find a wand I could buy.
    2. A lid for the place where the vacuum hose is disconnected to switch from floor mode to wall/accesory mode.

    Although the hose stretches, some extension wands would have been really nice. And whenevr I take off the hose to use the accesory mode, it spits out the dirt remaining in the bottom part which didnt make it to the dirt canister. Very very annoying.

    I'm afraid, I have to return it and sacrifice the REWIND feature. Every vacuum cleaner should have the REWIND feature. Why not?? Its so simple. Just works like a measuring tape. If every measuring tape can have one why not every vacuum?...more info